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The Worst Jedi or Death of a Death Star

Discussion in 'Santa Cruz, CA' started by DarkLordSid, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. DarkLordSid

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    Aug 3, 2004
    Tinkel peeked around the corner at the stormtroopers milling about in front of the detention center. He'd snuck onto the massive new Imperial Battle Station hidden aboard a resource and materials delivery. The shipment, mostly food intended for prisoners and low class workers, was poorly inspected and riddled with vermin, so hiding among the rotting stench of decaying digestibles was an easy means of avoiding detection, still easier for a novice "force disciple". Well, actually he thought of himself as a Jedi, but since no one could "knight" him, he felt a little guilty about assuming such a vaulted title. Also he never actually met a master, never even saw what was left of any of the temples, and had never seen a single line or character of "The Jedi Code". But he'd heard stories from old men who swore they had actually seen a Jedi way back when, and that had to count for something. Tinkel's power was always erratic and hard to manage, yet one day he decided that he was seriously in tune with "the living force" and after listening to a particularly moving but completely inaccurate story that he would dedicate his life to learning its ways. He'd been sneaking around a local starport giving force wedgies to alien tourists when something or someone using the force had called whispered to him. A calm voice in his mind called out to "Come join me and learn the ways of the force". So he jumped into a waiting cargo container and after a short hour in hyperspace here he was, looking for answers, looking for the being that had put out the call for him. He did feel the presence of other force users here. But the hordes of so many frantic troops scurrying about slowed his progress and the tricks he pulled to distract them tired him out and he was forced to rest often. Still, he knew there had to be more to this power than cheating at cards, getting people to finish his homework and take the blame for the senseless pranks he pulled.

    He was just about to walk away from the scene of a flustered repair crew patching a blasted lift wall when he felt what might be described as a "tremor in the force". Suddenly the tenuous connection, that kindly voice in his head was... gone, just gone. Loneliness, sadness and a sense of loss stole over him as he found a tidy closet to hide in while he glowered and sulked. Tired beyond belief from his difficult journey he finally fell into a fitful sleep.

    Later he woke up in the darkened alcove, hungry and cold. He turned on a small torch and then gazed lovingly at his untested homemade light saber on the floor next to him. This knobby and bowed construction the eighth one he'd built; all the others had failed miserably and spectacularly, his parents were still working on repairing the damage to his room from the last one. But this was the first that did not explode when he put in the crystal, it had to be a sign, a symbol of his growth. He had desperately wanted to ask the Jedi how to complete the device, but now that chance seemed to have eluded him. As he levitated it weakly he frowned, thinking that it would probably just turn into another bomb like the last one anyway, maybe it was for the best. At least he'd learned how to mentally turn them on and off from a distance and behind a thick wall in the garage to avoid getting all his hair burned off again. Now he was here, far from home, trying to get off of the station, his chance at getting his prototype weapon functioning delayed.

    Snorting with annoyance, he stuffed the saber into his sleeve, emerged from the compartment and crept about, always sticking to the shadows, looking for food and trying to find an unguarded ship or another container. It was a lot tougher now, so much slave and forced labor was here under watchful eyes. And he heard the mutterings of passing security guards about "being more focused" about keeping people from leaving, particularly after the abrupt departure of some cargo ship they had brought in under a tractor field recently. He was again resting in a small closet pondering what his ne
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