Lit The X-Wing novels. How good are the last ones?

Discussion in 'Literature' started by JediMasterKeno, Jan 25, 2013.

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    He didn't really „meet“ the crowd, they were just there, people who would not actually be interested in meeting far off pilots wouldn't even be there, like it usually is the case with any political event. Whilst real political reformers or god forbid demonstrates would be kept away or actually killed, as Adumar just doesn’t seem to be place for open political debate.

    And in feudal kingdoms the King had the support of the people because he usually demonstrated that he was better at killing anyone else who wanted to be King and of course running the country. Just different political rites, not really anymore bizarre then we have seen here on Earth.
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    I like Adumar, but not nearly as much as others, as there's not much to it other than fan service, like Janson's cape, the gunsword duel and the setting that Robimus mentioned.

    It's funny, but nothing more.
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    Wedge's "why I fight" explanation was interesting. And his put-down to the notion that honor consists of killing whenever offended.
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    I've only read Mercy Kill so far, and I thought it was a terrific book.