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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by greyjedi125, Jun 3, 2006.

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    Apr 10, 2003
    OOC: Come talk with James and I.
  2. Pat5451

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    Jul 26, 2005
    Rain(Michael West)
    Back Lawn(I guess)

    [blockquote]Michael was sitting in a chair, excluded from the rest. He didn't really know anyone, and since he was always shy and a bigger spaz than most, he decided to just sit in a chair, away from others. He wasn't trying to be an introvert, or to be weird, he just didn't feel like talking. In fact, all he could do was train his eyes on the flowers and the garden. He felt bad for them, having to be killed in the line of fire. He didn't exactly know what happened, but he could tell that there was a fight.

    As his eyes were trained on the garden, a couple of the flowers started to straighten up, their color slowly returning, and finally they became living once again. He would probably become a gardener or something, or help out with the plants. It was his specialty, taking care of plants, allowing them to grow. He had lived in a Green House for three years of his life, of course he would love plants.

    Shaking his head, he looked around the back lawn, seeing people talk and have conversations. He didn't think highly or lowly of them, he just thought that they were normal. No mutant was the worst or different from everyone, except for their gift. Other than that, it all depended on how they thought of themselves. Michael thought that he was just a normal kid with a special gift, and if anyone thought differently, then so be it. He dismissed the thought from his head, noting that he went into his pessimist mode again, same as always. Looking at the downside of things.[/blockquote]

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    Apr 29, 2002
    OOC: No one is being ignored. Especially not by this GM. If you've placed your character in a static situation, then be patient and wait for the update. If your character is interacting with another, then realistic interaction is expected, all within the scene provided.

    And thank you for the 2 cents, ( places monies in an 'X' shaped piggy bank ;) ). It is appreciated. The scene in question will be GMed accordingly. No worries. EVERYONE is doing a great job so far, and I'm currently working on an update for those who have posted. Great stuff!! Can't wait for the rest of the folks to jump in.
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    May 26, 2005
    IC: Jaya Marxx(RavenHawk)
    Location: Central Park

    The raven hawk arrives in the big apple a bit weary from her journey but nonetheless very eager to start her investigation. She went to several places but had no luck finding anything out.

    "There must be someone that knows something" Jay thought as she was still in her raven hawk form. She flew to Central Park searching for some kind of clue. New York was such a large place Jaya had no idea where to search next.

    As she was flying through she happened to notice a tall young man with blonde shaggy hair. He was talking to himself and what he said caught the raven hawk's eye.

    "Its not all bad," "I still have my power."
    How could anyone see mutation as an evolution? A gift even. "Right, if I was so gifted why am I broke and lonely?"
    The man said not expecting anyone to hear him.

    The raven hawk screeched at the man and then transformed in to her human form.

    "It is a gift at least that was what I was always told by my mother" Jaya said to the man with the shaggy blonde hair. She nodded toward him and introduced herself.

    "Hi I'm RavenHawk but you can call me Raven" Jaya said not wanting to reveal her true name. She didn't know if she could trust this man, but he was a mutant just like her. She never met another mutant before besides her mother who has been dead for years now. The man intrigued her and she was curious to know if he knew of the place she is searching for. Before she asked him she waited for his response.

    TAG: D1,GM

    OOC: I didn't see D1's post at first since my character is in the vicinity i figured it's best to meet up with him.
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    Dec 13, 2003
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    Apr 22, 2004
    ic: Kay Swan
    Institute Garden

    Kay noticed a boy sitting on his own at the back of the group. She wandered over and sat in the row in front of him.
    "You're the boy that likes plants arn't you?" She asked thinking of no better way to put it. "I'm Kay, Catalyst. Nice to meet you."

    tag: Rain
  7. DarthTK42-Wan-

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    Aug 14, 2003
    Semaj Adair "Angledust"
    St. Luke's ICU, St. Louis, MO

    The room was in chaos, nurses were running around trying to tend to his wounds. Blood spattered all over the floor, more blood than it seemed possible to bleed. The heart moniter was going crazy the beeps completly nonsensical and irregular. Even the docters hadn't seen anything like this or at least no one living like this. But, the questions on everyone's mind were "How did he get like this?" and, "How did he walk himself here in this condition?"

    Semaj was lying on the bed, his entire upper body covered with gashes and holes; dried blood on his body. His shirt, which now looked like a dogs chew toy was cast aside. Somehow, the nurses had managed to stop the bleeding. Even as he lay there, the nurses couldn't figure out how he was alive, it was no surprise to them he was unconscious.

    At that moment something Semaj's brain clicked; his eyes suddenly jerked open. He went into a panicked frenzy ripping the IV and blood tranfer tubes out of his arms. He needed to get out of there before they found out who and what he was, but the door was blocked. Outside stood two police officers.

    Now he remembered; those four guys in the alley he must have at least beaten them into nothing if not killed them. But, he couldn't stop himself even after they went down. It didn't make sense to him, how could he be a mutant, after all that was the only reasonable explanation for how he took all four of them unarmed when three of them had knives, and the fourth a gun.

    He needed to leave, the nurses were trying to get him to lay back down. He didn't have much time before somone told the cops. He looked around the room spotten the window and ran.

    The cops entered the room right as he broke through the glass, the shards cut into him everywhere, the cuts and blood meant nothing he needed to get back to the bridge, then he would gather up whatever belongings he had, which thankfully was not much, he was wearing his only pair of pants and shoes; the cuts had only been to his upper body the nurse had bothered taking his pants and shoes off yet. All he had stashed below the bridge was his other Zildjian shirt, and a couple of bucks. After that he knew a museum he could hide out in for acouple of days, he had made friends with the night guard long ago, it was a good place to lie low, and he liked looking at the Japanese exhibit, especially the two folded steel katanas.


    It was night and he found his usual spot in the Japanese exhibit, right where the sun would be as soon as it came up, long enough before the museum opened to let him hide until the first customers came. But he couldn't stay here forever, he needed to find a place to go, preferably a permanent one, but he couldn't think of where.

  8. LeiaHair

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    Aug 9, 2003
    Roxanne Moore ?Hourglass?, Jayson Moore ?Plasma?
    Xavier Institute for Higher Learning

    Roxanne sat in her room, looking out the window, her red hair pulled up in a pony tail and the sun warming her pale skin. She was wearing a black tank top and blue jeans. Everyone was gathered outside. Roxanne was beside herself. She hated being by herself? yet, she couldn?t stand to be amongst the other students. Not after what had happened.

    It was her fault Xavier was now in a coma.

    It could be worse. She thought. He could be dead.

    Yet, the images she saw flashed in her mind. Images that made her realize that it was worse. And that was also her fault. Because of the laws of nature she had broken within that moment of decision. The moment when she had decided to go back and change the past in order to save Xavier. A moment which would cost her, and her friends, dearly.

    A chain of events had been triggered, and soon, the end would come about.

    "I have good news for you... He's alive. Erik... is alive. Roxanne, you managed to save Professor Xavier. You did good."

    Roxanne shook her head gently. "You don't understand... that's why I'm upset." She swallowed hard and closed her eyes. "I saw it... the end. And... it's my fault. It's all my fault. By... by... by," she started to sob again. No! she thought as she forced herself to stop. "By changing the past to save him... I broke so many laws... of, well... nature... and nature is known for it's vengeance."

    John started to say something, but Roxanne stopped him by squeezing his hand, which she just realized was in hers. "We can't stop it. It's coming." She looked down, ashamed. A whisper bearly escaped her mouth. "And it's my fault."

    There was a moment of silence then as John held her hand, both trying to find words of comfort and a way to understand what she really meant.

    "Slow down a bit..." he finally said, gently? "What's coming....and how is it your fault. Help me understand what you mean."

    John looked at Roxanne, trying to read her face for clues as he listened carefully. He did not possess the gift of telepathy, but all that was required of him at the moment was basic human empathy.

    Roxanne didn?t know how to explain what was going on, or how? all she knew is that this last battle had only been a first taste of death that the Mutants under the protection of Xavier would have. Not only that, but other mutants and non mutants would suffer greatly from this as well.

    With no way of showing John her thoughts, Roxanne felt lost. How could she make him see? How could she show him the images which haunted her now, and would until that last moment of time.

    Then, it hit her.
    Once she had been able to see other people?s timelines? What kept her from taking John Storm into this other reality and allow him to view this vision of the end from her timeline?

    The only problem was that she wasn?t sure how she had gotten into this other universe, and she was quite weak. Only doing it once, she didn?t know if it would take up more energy.

    And the last time she had viewed a timeline, it had wiped out the little girl?s timeline, killing her as if she had never been. How did she know it would happen to her? Would she even remember what happened if he just viewed this one timeline?

    She had to risk it.

    ?John, don?t get carried away with what is about to happen. If you do, you will kill me.? She said softly, as she focused on the room about her. Slowly her eyes fluttered, then opened wide. They were standing in a room, each object with timelines floating off them like silver threads. John?s timelines where there, but hidden, for he was now seeing what she saw. In the refection of the glass, Roxanne could see her own timelines floating elegantly in the air from her fingertips and hair. Hers were much different of those she had seen before. They were gold and shimmered like the sun. Not only that, but there were many which floated off towards other people; people she had used her powers on? such as Joh
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    Apr 9, 2005
    IC: Jeff "Hax" Helsmuth
    Xavier's Mansion: Lawn

    Jeff headed off to the massive courtyard. He grabbed a seat and sat down, bored. He popped open a DS and began playing Dawn of Sorrow, but he decided he'd rather look around at his new classmates. He saw one sitting by himself, playing with a PSP. Time for a little fun, he thought. People weren't his strong suit, but machines were. He transformed himself and flew off for the PSP.

    With what Jeff imagined would feel like one of those annoying static electric shocks you sometimes get from car doors or computer monitors, he endered the PSP and rearranged the pixels into a rough approximation of his face. From the tiny mono speaker, emitted Jeff's voice, "Hi. Name's Jeff...don't worry, I saved your game. So, whaddaya do, y'know, what's your mutation?"

    Tag: Grant Webber

    {ooc: GJ125,are we gonna get a Brotherhood post soon?)
  10. Master_Kast7

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    May 12, 2004
    OOC: I'm going to change my alias from Kast to N/A. I'll pick up an alias when I join the X-Men team getting the name from them. I would also like to change my characters age from 27 to 23. Would you like me to update my sheet for that, greyjedi125?

    ~IC: Geoff Evenson~
    ~Xavier Institue for Higher Learning; Exterior Gates~

    [blockquote]Geoff drove up alongside the Xavier Manson's driveway on his motorcycle. He stopped in his tracks, looking directly at the mansion. He had never been to a place so large. And this mansion was suppose to be a school for mutants. This was surely the largest school he had ever seen even in his dreams. He didn't know there were this many mutants in the world even.

    He kicked the kickstand down on his motorcycle and took his helmut off. He started to walk across the lawn of the mansion carrying his helmut with him. There were several groups of mutants on the lawn chatting. It looked like they were getting ready for a meeting of some sort. He was not informed there was a meeting he was just told to come to the mansion because they would welcome him with open arms.

    As he continuted to walk across the lawn a young man caught his eye. He was standing at the gate speeking into an intercom. 'A new student. Excellent I am not the only one.' he thought to himself. He walked up to the young man who looked to be in his teens.

    "Hey, are you new here?"[/blockquote]

    ~TAG: Zedd, anybody else that wishes to carry a converstaion~
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    Apr 29, 2006
    IC: Miyu Sato (Toga Haburi)

    Tokyo City Airport

    The stars lit up the darkness, twinkling, like fireflies on a glistening lake. Bright, illuminous Airport lights lingered in the background. The moon was unseen though, its place taken by such beauty. Boisterous tremors thundered through Terminal 5, an aircraft landing nearby. Her quest would continue.

    Miyu researched Mutant Evolution: the pros and cons, the varied Mutant powers, Mutant potential and training and the recognisation of Mutant Evolution as a disease. Miyu had never understood her power and capability but proceeded to utilise what she could control to her advantage in life. These conquests had taken her over the globe, mainly to New York, Moscow and close by in Beijing. She now awaited her flight to Boston in hope of discovering what she had only recently been aware of, the Brotherhood.

    The flight journey lasted a short while; Miyu napped for the majority, the plane interior and loss of view had bored her. She was no stranger to jetlag and was not affected by it anymore.

    Mutant power was sensed as the plane boarded. Miyu did not know how to take this. Was a Mutant awaiting my arrival? This was, however, not paranoia; she knew how to handle a Mutant, especailly when the Mutant sensing wasn't the strongest she had come across.

    All that was heard from Miyu as she departed from her transport, apart from the clicking of her Marc Jacob stilettos, was the musc blearing from her ears. She is a fan of J-Rock, and spends her time working listening to it at the same time. 'Gackt's' voice was booming down the small stairwell, off of the plane. Miyu strafed her eyes across the Boston International Terminal, searching for a figure which could possibly represent that of a Mutant. She could tell Mutant activity was even closer...

    Tag: Plaga
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    Dec 13, 2003
    Pierce Pearson

    Xavier Institue for Higher Learning; Exterior Gates

    [blockquote]The nerdy fifteen-year old turned around and adjusted his glasses with his index finger. Pierce gave a squinty look to the man who had addressed him and scrunched up his nose before he spoke.

    "Yeah, I'm enrolled for the new semester." Pierce sniffed, taking a puff from his inhaler. "Are you here for classes too?" The young man asked with a futher nasally tone in his voice. He was a nerd in every sense, from his pocket protector down to his argyle socks.

    "My name's Pierce. What's yours?" The kid asked, hoping to make a new friend at this school. He would need them if he was to avoid being bullied by the other students.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Master_Kast7, anyone
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    Aug 17, 2005
    OOC: Sorry for the gigantic post... I really got into it.


    When you're a mutant, life is never easy. Humans live in fear of you, they despise you, hate you. Sure, there are a few humans who like mutants, but those are few. Too few.


    Two mutants, one named Jack Warner, and his sister, Elana Warner, had just gone through something to justify those claims. Their adventure was filled with drive-by shootings, hold-ups, chases across three states, and a rather unpleasant afternoon in the local sewer system. Even now, the stench of the filth in those tunnels was just finally wearing off of Jack and Elana.

    The Xavier Institute for Higher Learning had become their home. Jack, who had gone through violent physical transformation to gain his mutant abilities, had wandered the Yukon Territory for over five years before following a group of mutants to te Institute. Elana, on the other hand, was pursued by the MoMA through a state park, and there discovered her powers of shapeshifting - but it came with a price. Her transformations caused her unbearable pain - the more complicated the change, the more pain she felt.

    Now, brother and sister were both emotionally devestated by the loss of their parents.

    In their room, the two sat, talking. Jack, on his bed which had the sheets tossed carelessly aside, and Elana sat on the chair which was next to his desk.

    "They're gone," Elana said, her often repeated line during the conversation.

    "Listen to me, please," Jack said, fighting back his emotions, although they were evident even in his words, "We'll see them again someday, alright? But I know they wouldn't want you sitting around crying for them."

    "I know, but..." Elana began to cry once again.

    "Okay, look at it this way - if Mom and Dad knew you had your mutant powers, would they want you to be crying over them, or moving on with life, getting to be able to use your powers for the good cause?"

    Elana wiped a tear from her eye. "They'd want me to be moving on."

    "Exactly. I know it's not easy to move on. I'm having trouble too."

    "No you're not," Elana muttered.

    "What do you mean by that?" Jack inquired.

    "You only cried for a minute in the car after we left home, and that was it."

    Jack thought for a moment on how to respond. "If you told Alice that, she'd think you were lying."

    "Who's -"

    "Just forget who Alice is for a minute. Now," Jack repositioned himself on the bed. "I've never been one to display emotions. I just can't, for some reason. The mutant attack on Paris a while back, did you hear about that?"

    "Yeah," Elana nodded her head.

    "Well, I knew someone who was there - and he was killed. Part of a group I was traveling with when I was up north. Why he was there, I dunno... But it was like I shoved into the closet or something... I didn't show any feelings at all. Sometimes, not letting your feelings show can be worse than being nasty to someone - in all aspects."

    The wheels began to spin in the back of Elana's head. I'll have to remember what he says when the name Alice comes up, she thought.

    The two stayed in their dorms for a long while, talking. Once their conversation had ended, Jack pulled out his keyboard.

    "You play?" Elana asked upon seeing the instrument.

    "Yeah," Jack said as he pulled out a songbook. On its cover was the title "Schindler's List." Flipping it open a certain song, he began playing.

    The song was sad, filled with emotion. Jack played it passionately, like an expert.

    When the song ended, he looked over at Elana. "A mutant's life isn't wine and roses, y'know."

    "Yeah, I know that," she replied, "But I'll do my best with it."

    Jack walked over to her, and placed his hand on his shoulder. "You go get something to eat - I'm gonna take a stroll."

    Elana stood up, and walked out of the room, his brother following.

    A week ago...

    Jack sat in his room, relaxing after a work-out in the gym. He flipped through his latest comic book, enjoying it thoro
  14. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Xavier Mansion - Rooftop

    Karra was going insane. It was several weeks now after the main attack that had done so much damage. Some things were more easy to repair than others. Professor N'dare was almost a ghost, he was so busy lately. She had worked with him, putting up the new security systems, but since then, the other professors were busy. It seemed as if the event had driven the mutants out of the sewers, so to speak. The mansion was flooded with new students. New students, new psychos, new whatever!! She had barely gotten used to the older students. And what was worse of all, less access to the starroom was driving her insane.

    She begged, and pleaded to be allowed to build a treehouse outside. But of course, for security issues, they nixed that idea. When she threated staying outside of earths orbit, Professor N'dare thought up a compromise. She could have a room in the attic. Usually full of gear, and a few of the flyers who liked being near the top Karra found herself a perfect spot there. It was quiet, and what was best, was that she could look up and see the stars every night. She fixed up her room, wanting to show it to Iori once she had a chance.

    Some of the older students had not taken the attack well. John was just as frazzled as N'dare. Iori was busy too, but she made sure she caught up with him every day, if only to say hi and goodnight, evey day. Hermes, spent most of his time high above the mansion. Even now, she could see him coming in for a landing. She decided to great him, and gently rose up in the air, to stand on the roof. She waved at Hermes, giving a small smile as he came in for a landing.

    TAG:DVC, GreyJedi, Any

    Professor N'dare
    Xavier Mansion, In his study

    N'dare sat, quietly resting. He had just gotten back to the mansion. Between the Congress going insane over the Mutant Registration Act, placating the President, helping John with the huge influx of new students, setting up the new defensives and warning equipment, and checking on all those still healing and recovering from the attacks, N'dare found prescious little time for himself.

    He had also paid a visit to some old friends, the Mutants who lived in the sewer systems of the city, the Morlocks. He had wanted to find out what had happened to the Brotherhood, that had suddenly made them so poweful. He quickly found out a few things. Because of the Brotherhood, the group had to move from their old location. They merely wished to be left alone, and were tired of the Brotherhood's 'recruitment' practices. He had a long talk with the current leader of the Morlocks, before he came back to the mansion.

    And then, there was that curious little bracelet, that N'dare had taken from Ogre. Scans of that device, showed it not of earthly orgin. How had Ogre/Gregory gotten ahold of it? It was a disturbing development. He reported to John his findings of both the strange bracelett, and his talk with the other mutants. Later he and Sage would have another talk.

    Perhaps, it was time to talk with Gregory.

    TAG: GreyJedi, Master_Vickey
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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Eagle's Breath

    He stood there on the outskirts of the group of young that had asymbled on the lawn.

    He couldn't help but remember when he had come here a couple of weeks ago. He hadn't even grabbed the girls hand. He had planned on watching them leave before doing his own disapearing act through the dimensions, but the shadows had engolfed him even though he hadn't followed the womens instructions.

    "Why did I stay." he muttered softly to himself, "Maybe I just finally need another break after all this searching again."

    Although this place does have potential to become a miniature version of what I seek, perhapes that will satisfy for a few years while I rest. Slowly he exhaled as he continued to servey the many faces around the grounds.

    TAG: GM, Any, All, None:p
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    Nov 12, 2004
    IC: Hermes
    Comming in for a landing -- X mansion Roof

    Hermes surveyed his surroundings as he slowly spiraled down for a landing.

    There, a group of students where gathered on the lawn...and just off the roof Karra was waving to him...

    She was always so shy. It had taken her right up to the battle itself to really warm up to him, and with all the new students that had been arriving, plus the limiting of starroom use, she had taken up a new hidding place on the roof.

    Hermes folded his wings for a short while, dropping a ways before opening them again and finishing a decent to the roof, or rather just above it where Karra hovered waving.

    He beat his wings to stop, and hovered with her for a moment before finishing a short drop to the roof.

    "So Karra," he said upon her touchdown, "Why aren't you down there with the others?" he asked, jerking his head towards the group on the lawn.

    Tag: Karra
  17. Graarwaar

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    Jun 4, 2006
    IC: Kevin McDass

    Kevin walked trying to avoid people until he saw someone playing a PSP, ever since he was a kid Kevin had hated electronics and people who walked around with them. "Go and have a conversation with a real person," he had always thought. Kevin silently walked over to the kid and stole the game.

    He looked at the screen and was surprised to find a picture of another kid. Kevin looked at him and threatend to turn the game off, saying "what happens if i shut it off." Kevin hoped he wouldnt realzie that he wouldn't.

    TAG: Grant Webber or Hax
  18. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Xavier Mansion Roof

    Karra watched as Hermes came closer towards the mansion. She watched as he flew so gracefully, folding his wings for a short while, dropping a ways before opening them again and finishing a decent to the roof, or rather just above it where Karra hovered waving. He beat his wings to stop, and hovered with her for a moment before finishing a short drop to the roof.

    Even though she could fly herself, she loved watching the huge wings work their magic. "So Karra," Hermes said upon touchdown, "Why aren't you down there with the others?" he asked, jerking his head towards the group on the lawn.

    Karra frowned, as she looked out over the group. "I am NOT a newbie." she said, before giving a heavy sigh, and turning back to look at Hermes. "I already have had enough 'incidences' today with abilities gone wrong. Since I got my new room, I decided to finish fixing it up, before classes started back up. Everyone else is so busy, lately." She smiled, as she sat down on a small bench. "Besides, since Professor N'dare has been so busy, I keep an eye on the new defense stuff too. Gives me something else to think of." She gave another small sigh, as she shruged her shoulders.

    Tag: Hermes
  19. Havok187

    Havok187 Jedi Youngling

    May 8, 2005
    **GM Approved**

    Alias: Déjà Vu
    Real Name: Jason Michael Grey
    Date of Birth: August 3, 1987
    Gender: Male

    Age: 19
    Height: 6?0
    Weight: 190 lbs
    Eyes: Grey
    Hair: Short brown hair

    Family: Michael Grey (Father), Vickie Grey (Mother)
    Marital Status: Single
    Species: Mutant
    Nationality: Caucasian and Asian
    Team: X-Men

    Base of Operations: Mobile

    Ability: Photographic Reflexes: Jason has the ability to perfectly copy one?s movement just by watching them. This has caused him to become a very capable fighter. This ability is completely dependent on sight, and restricted to physical motions. He has become increasingly skilled with a bo staff as he has watched several instruction tapes and martial arts matches.

    Gravitakinesis/Gyrokinesis: The ability to manipulate and generate gravitons and control gravitational interactions. So far Jason can only use this power to fly or to cause objects to either move away or toward him.

    Eyes can automatically adjust to see in extremely bright or dark environments.

    Appearance: [link=]Jason?s Appearance[/link]

    Other Special Features: Very skilled in hand to hand and weapon combat.

    Personality: Jason is usually a pretty nice guy. He is very kind and he loves meeting new people. He hates to see people suffer unless of course he?s making them do it.

    Weapons: Bo Staff

    History/Background: Jason was born in a small town right outside of Hong Kong. His father was an American diplomat and his mother was a local at the town he was staying in. The two fell in love and got married. After having Corey they moved to Los Angeles near China Town.

    Jason had a pretty normal childhood up until his 15th birthday party. While Jason was in the basement getting chairs the power suddenly went out. A gun shot rang from upstairs and screams and could be heard from everywhere. Suddenly he heard the basement door creak open and footsteps slowly walk down the steps. The lights in the basement suddenly came on and a masked gunman stood before him. As fear began to overwhelm and consume him Jason caused the gravity around the man to disappear and as he flew into the air the gravity rose increasingly and the man was sent crashing to the floor.

    His parents were very supportive of his powers. His father often had Jason help him with his police work whenever he could. As Jason grew he learned he could copy other people?s movement?s almost instantly just by watching them. But Jason?s mom was more concerned about his powers one day getting out of hand. So she decided to have Jason sent to New York to attend Xavier?s Institute for Higher Learning.

    IC: Jason Grey
    Outside Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters

    It was a beautiful day in upstate New York. The weather was a little chillier than he was used to being from California. Jason's mind began to drift to the reason he was there in the first place. His mom wanted him to be somewhere safe for his kind since L.A. was like a zoo for criminals. From what he had recently heard New York could've been just as bad. Approaching the gates to the address he was given he saw a couple people waiting to get in. I must not be the only new recruit then, he thought.

    "Hi I'm Jason, he said as he approached the two. "You guys new here also?"
  20. Darth_Vaders_cousin

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    Nov 12, 2004
    IC: Hermes

    "You know, you should leave this security stuff to us grown ups and go down there and be a bloody kid. Best years of your life and all's true ya know. After this...your whole world goes to hell in a hand basket." He grinned. She'd seen more in the past months than most adults whould ever see, even in a movie.

    "Really though...Why don't you go down there and make some new friends....worried about your powers still?"

    Tag: karra
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    Feb 8, 2006
    IC: Grant Webber (The Multiplier)

    Giving his thumbs a workout on the PSP as he continued to play Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix, Grant was shocked at how he had forgotten how much the game rocked so hard that it made his neighbor's deaf.

    But suddenly, the game was interrupted and the screen transformed into a man's face with blue eyes and blond hair that curled a bit at the ends. "What the hell!?" Grant said, pulling his head away from the small electronic device.

    "Hi," said the teenager. "Name's Jeff...don't worry, I saved your game. So, whaddaya do, y'know, what's your mutation?"

    Did this man really think that Grant would just impart onto him his ability without seeing him man-to-man, not man-to-pixel? "Why don't you come out of there, then we can talk."

    Tag: Jeff Helsmuth (Hax)


    IC: James Webber (The Anomaly)

    "Could you hold on one moment please?"

    "Sure," said James. He looked around, saw a kid with his arm wrapped around a tree, and chuckled softly. I guess Kristin's the nanny of this place, he thought to himself.

    He looked over at his brother Grant and saw him... talking to his PSP? He knew that his brother kept to himself a lot, but he didn't know that he talked to his own gaming machines. James could only hope that there was a rational purpose.

    Tag: Kristin Matthews (Phantom), anyone else
  22. Pat5451

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    Jul 26, 2005
    Back Lawn

    Noticing that he had been noticed, he quickly snapped back to reality. He smiled at the statement, which was actually true. He was a gardener, kind of odd for a guy, but it was something that he had a nag for. "Yep, plants and animals." he said smiling. He stood up, vines crawling down his arm. He didn't notice it, but the vines soon covered his whole entire right arm. "I am Michael Kerpatrick, but you can call me Rain." he said, replying. He had no clue as to what to do in the school, since he had only gotten there.

    Unknowingly, ice crawled up his left arm. He was nervous, and shy, so his powers started to show. He noticed that his arm tickled, and looked down at his arms. Instantly, the ice melted, well, slowly, not instantly. Instead of the vines retracting, he allowed them to stay there since it wasn't that big of a deal.

    TAG: Kay Swan/Catalyst
  23. Graarwaar

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    Jun 4, 2006
    OCC: Hey Dark-Enigma did u notice that i took the PSp away jw to make sure u dont messup my post
  24. SephyCloneNo15

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    Apr 9, 2005
    IC: Jeff "Hax" Helsmuth
    Grant's PSP

    Why don't you come out of there, then we can talk,"
    the mutant asked.

    Jeff was about to respond, when the PSP was snatched by another student."What happens if i shut it off?"

    "I'd like to see you try," Jeff responded, he willed the power button to be completely usesless right now. The newcomer could press it as hard as he liked, and it wouldn't do much good. Ahh, consumer electronics, he thought, not that he was really familiar with anything beyond the run of the mill stuff, but he could get into most PCs almost as easily as he could possess a toaster. "Now, if you don't mind, I was talking to the owner of this PSP."

    Tag: Grant Webber, Kevin McDass

    (ooc: Graarwaar, I took care of that in my post, just assume yours happens after what he posted. That's what I did)
  25. Graarwaar

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    Jun 4, 2006
    Ic: Graarwaar

    "Maybe ill just destroy it could you still get out then," smirked at the screen. Kevin Brought the PSP above his head like he was going to fling it to the ground, but he paused and waited to see what the Techno-maniac could do.

    Tag Hax
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