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  1. Genimay

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    Jun 2, 2005
    OOC:Sorry I've been away for awhile, will not bore you all with the details. But I'm back now and excited to get playing once more. :)

    The Tunnels

    Feeling at some sort of peace after leaving the mindscape, Lera strecthed and stood. Food sounded incredible. In all the excitment Lera had not realized how hungry she was. Not far from where she now stood Roxanna and Brandon were sharing an embrace. Lera ached for someone to hold her like that, gentle and kind. The emotion quickly passed and Lera shook herself and almost laughed. She was being silly. With her past she knew it was honestly hard to make friends and having someone being so close to her was almost out of the question in her mind. Still,it would be less lonely. But she didn't even know if the two were anything more than friends. Afterall, she had hugged both Iori and Karra. Putting the thought in the back of her mind the young mutant wandered over to Bad Boy to get something to eat.

    "Hey, ya need any help?" she asked as she approached.

    If Lera could help pass out food it would keep her mind away from imaging Iori and Karra in danger. And her and Bad Boy had never really talked, mostly due to the fact Lera had been afraid of him but she wasn't anymore. No,she now knew there were much worse things out there than Bad Boy.

    TAG-GM(Bad Boy)
  2. KraytDragon90

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    Apr 1, 2005

    IC: Naloth(Phantom)

    The man chuckled and shook Naloth?s hand. "Well, for one, called me Blink..NOT sir. Makes me feel old." Naloth grinned, he hated calling people sir anyways. Always more convenient when they hated it too. "Well, I cant let you out. Not yet. You still have to recover abit. We're at the underground spot, with the Morlocks... for now." Naloth sighed and slumped back into the bed. He hated just laying around! If only he hadn?t gotten blasted shot? He looked back up at Blink when he noticed him glancing around. Always a good sign, or at least he hoped it was. "Buuuut, if you really want to help out, you can help us out here in the Infirmary. We got plenty to do around here, and frankly, we could use the help. But, only if your up to it. Not like we can really go anyplace at the moment." Naloth half jumped out of bed and grinned from ear to ear. ?I?m up for anything, si--um Blink. Unless?.unless of course it involves getting shot again. That wasn?t fun.? Sure, he was tired, but sleep was overrated.

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    Nov 10, 2006
    ok, so greyjedi informed me that you all don't know french- makes sense because i don't either (all of the french is compliments of my sister.) so, i've reposted my last update in english.

    Mads and Emke Haumann
    Haumann apartment

    Mads watched Strega as she glided out of the apartment. He was still riled up from her passionate speak and suddenly she wanted to go shopping! Mads never understood women. Luckily, Emke wasn?t like most women. Mads turned to his wife hoping they might pick up where the left off. But Emke seemed distracted.

    ?What?s wrong??Mads asked as Emke slid off the couch and began pacing the room. She was obviously bothered by something.

    ?I cannot do this anymore.? Emke rubbed her eyebrow distractedly. ?I hate not knowing what I am. I hate living in fear of being discovered. I am afraid of what they might do to me when they find out I am an unregistered mutant.?[/i]

    Mads had no idea what he might say to ease Emke?s worries. It was frightening to think of what might happen if they were discovered as unregistered mutants. Mads stood up and walked to Emke, but she held her hand out in front of her.

    ?Stop. Please, don?t come near me.? She looked as if she were about to cry. ?I am so confused. I love you but I hate being here. I hate that everything is so confusing now! I just? I need to be alone. Just for a moment.?[/i]

    Mads stood open mouthed as his wife dissolved before his eyes. He frantically called her name and tried to clutch at the space she had once occupied. There was only air. Mads stood in the center of their living room, but he felt completely lost.

    TAG: mosrael_the_waker (hehe, I?ve never tagged myself), greyjedi

  4. Rilwen_Shadowflame

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    Mar 27, 2005
    IC: Erin Mathews

    "Actually, there is, I'm happy enough to inform you. We can make arrangements as soon as we are settled here. However, if it's an emergency, we can make it one of our top priorities. Is that O.K. with you?"

    Erin relaxed slightly and smiled. "Thanks. I just...don't want them worrying about me. Not with all the crazy stuff they'll hear on the news."

    Soon, the mindscape was dissolved, and they were returned to the drearier reality. Probably just as well, though. Xavier had mentioned food, and Erin had been slightly puzzled and amused by the question of what good a meal eaten in an imaginary landscape would do anyone.

    They were being offered real food now. Erin joined the others standing around, waiting for the food to be shown. She was hungry, truly, but hadn't really noticed until now.

    Tag: Greyjedi, others
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    Sep 7, 2002
    Temporary Infirmary, Underground, Morlocks hideout

    Blink laughed softly, as Naloth half jumped out of bed and grinned from ear to ear. He wasn't kidding, oviously. ?I?m up for anything, si--um Blink. Unless?.unless of course it involves getting shot again. That wasn?t fun.? . "Dude, Im not THAT much older than you..." Blink stated, as he offered Naloth a grin. And no, I dont plan on getting you shot again...unless its with a hypo. But I think, you're pretty much tired of those too."

    Blink, laughed. "First, lets get you some grub. Then you can help me feed the other patients. I dont think my partner is going to wake up for a few hours. Let's get you in some proper gear." With a gesture, Blink turned around, and began to head for the makeshift meal area for the infirmary. Time to start passing out food. There were bound to be plenty of hungry and tired folks. Maybe after a good nights sleep, things will look better.

  6. Darph_Nader

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    Aug 17, 2005
    OOC: Well, I'm back. Sorry I didn't have this done sooner, but the Indians games took up most of my free time of late, along with school. I'd go on about Sunday night, but I'd get banned. :p


    ..."How are you feeling?"

    Elana's senses had dulled somewhat from the massive "transformation attack," but they were slowly returning. She blinked her eyes, trying to clear her vision.

    "Yeah," she managed to say, her voice a bit shakey. "I think I am now."

    She propped herself up on her elbows, and looked at herself again. She gave a slight chuckle.

    "Jack was telling me earlier I should've turned green, so I guess that had something to do with it."

    MacTaggert gave a warm smile, and after advising Elana to rest, moved on.

    Elana lay back down, and stared at the ceiling. A lot had gone on during the past day, but she had been unconscious for most of it. When Jack came by, she'd have a lot to ask him... where was Jack anyway?

    --- --- --- ---
    Meeting Room...

    The dreamscape began to fade away, to be replaced by the bleak setting of the cave. Most of the students rose and went to get some food, but Jack wanted to check up on Elana.

    He rose from his seat, pulled his baseball cap down over his eyes, and headed over to the makeshift infirmary.

    --- --- --- ---

    Jack strode into the Infirmary, where the staff was bustling about, attending to the various injuries that had been acquired during the skirmish at the Institute.

    He looked around the space, scanning the patients for Elana. His eyes rested on a young woman who looked like Elana... but was green. Jack smirked, and approached the young woman.

    "Excuse me... do you know an Elana Warner?"

    Elana smiled. "I am she," she spoke dramatically.

    Jack pulled a stool over, and sat down. "So, how you feeling?"

    "Pretty good."

    Jack shifted in his seat. "There's something I've gotta tell you."

    Elana sat up, swinging her legs over the side of the cot. "I'm listening."

    "What do you remember from what happened at the Institute?"

    Elana's brow furrowed. "I remember changing so we could get to the boathouse... I remember jumping..." She thought hard on it, then shook her head. "I don't remember anything after that."

    Jack nodded. "One of the MCU guys shot you with some pulse thing. It knocked you out."

    "That explains why I don't know where we are," Elana interrupted.

    "Yeah...." Jack regathered his thoughts. "When he did that, uh... something happened."

    Elana became noticeably nervous.

    "That Indian... he took a look at you, and um... something's wrong."

    Worry and confusion overtook Elana's features. "What?"

    "There's some organ attached to your brain... Eagle's Breath had some name for it, I just couldn't remember it. But, it's what causes your changes. When that guy shot you, it was damaged."

    "Damaged?" Fear was slowly becoming evident in her voice.

    Jack nodded reluctantly. "Yeah. He gave you some stuff on the way over here, and said it'd fix the problem... he just didn't specify when."

    Elana lay back down again,a nd stared blankly at the ceiling. That explained her transformation moments ago. "But what am I going to do before it's fixed?"

    Jack slowly shrugged. "I dunno. We'll have to see."

    Millions of thoughts ran through Elana's mind. Her chief concern was how this damage was going to affect her transformations. It wasn't something she enjoyed, not to mention having to get used to different body shapes and sizes. Well, at least my clothes are made to endure the wear and tear, she thought. At least.

    Jack stood up, and put the stool back where he'd found it. "They've got a grub line going. I'll get you somethin'."

    As Jack turned to leave, he saw Alice out of the corner of his eye. He walked towards her, and stopped a few paces away. After his encouter with the window a few days ago, he wasn't taking any chances...

    "Hey Alice. How you doing?"

  7. Jerdu_Slmor

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    Apr 20, 2007
    IC: Animan

    Now still your tongue and follow, or choose your fate and take your chances here in the tunnels. The choice is yours."
    hearing this Animan was convinced it wasn't their fault, he maybe was upset but not that upset. As he trods along he speaks once again, "sorry about what I said earlier I was just upset about seeing him die, I have seen to many deaths in the short time I have lived. But I truly am sorry I blamed you thanks you for coming along or I too would be dead."

    tag: GJ
  8. KraytDragon90

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    Apr 1, 2005
    IC: Naloth/Phantom

    "Dude, Im not THAT much older than you...And no, I dont plan on getting you shot again...unless its with a hypo. But I think, you're pretty much tired of those too." Naloth laughed lightly and shook his head clear. "First, lets get you some grub. Then you can help me feed the other patients. I dont think my partner is going to wake up for a few hours. Let's get you in some proper gear." He grinned and walked after Blink. Food had to be in the doctor?s orders too right? Sleep, food, and meds, wasn?t that the typical order? He might as well shoot for two out of three. ?So, proper gear includes clothes or some weird gizmos out of Star Trek?? He chuckled at his slightly psychotic humor and frowned lightly. ?Two questions, what happened to the AI, Jocasta? And what?s your power??

    TAG: Blink

    OOC: For future reference, how old is Blink?
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    May 21, 2007

    "Why don't you get yourself something and I'll go save you a place to sit over there." She pointed to a brighter area than were they stood now.

    Brandon nodded and started to leave but before he did, Roxanne leaned toward him and pecked him on the cheek. Brandon smiled, his feelings for this girl were overwhelming, but he couldn't tell her now, not with the absence of her brother still looming. So he made his way where the provisions were being handed out. Being as Brandon was dehydrated he grabbed 2 bottles of water, one for him, and one for Roxy(if she wanted it). Brandon had to hydrate himself or else his powers would be useless. The air, although full of moisture, was very close, and not exactly ideal for his powers.

    Brandon quickly took the 2 water bottles, and made his way back to where Hourglass was sitting. Brandon was still a little weary from the battle with the MCU's and sentinels. It seemed like every move he made caused him pain or aching soreness.

    He sat right next to Roxanne, pulled a band from his wrist to bring his brown hair back into a ponytail, and gave her the other water bottle. Brandon then, without hesitation, put his arm around Roxy, and leaned his head back.

    "I wasn't all that hungry, but if I didn't hydrate myself soon, I wouldn't be able to make any more Ice Roses for you," Brandon said with all the smoothness that he had left.

    Tag:Roxanne, GJ, any

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    Aug 17, 2005
    OOC: I hate to do a post just for the sake of OOC, but...

    Where is everybody? :confused: Not like I should talk, but still.

    [hl=black]D_N[/hl] :cool:
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    Apr 1, 2005
    OOC: Kriff if I know. I hate to think this thread would die after so long...
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    Apr 29, 2002
    Not dead, mes amies, not without fighting the good fight. ;)

    Pre-Holiday Season RL has been brutal, but this weekend is looking good. See you then true believers. :-B

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    Apr 29, 2002
    NYC Underground. Morlock Tunnels, Xavier Camp

    All Students and faculty

    John Storm II, the son of the Legendary Human Torch, former Leader of the New fantastic Four and current Co-Leader of the Xavier Institute, was feeling quite pleased with the result of their impromptu "meal time". The need for food and rest was finally being met and he could see an almost immediate improvement in the general mood of nearly everyone.

    Whether human or mutant, nourishment was a critical necessity to one's well-being, and one that worked wonders to those feeling downcast. At the moment John was very glad that the faculty had had the foresight to load foodstuffs to the X-jet in case of emergency. There was no way of knowing they would need them so soon.

    As it was, everyone seemed to be feeling alot better after their meal.

    John smiled as Lera approached.

    "Hey, ya need any help?" She asked.

    "Sure thing." Bad Boy said, looking a bit surprised, but content. He smiled at Lera then quickly side glanced at John.

    "Well, you could bring some food to the folks in the infirmary, then you should eat something if you haven't already." John stated simply.

    "I'll set your portion aside." Bad Boy put in with a wink. He then set her meal aside and gathered several trays to be delivered to the infirmary.

    "If you need help carrying those, don't hesitate to grab someone from the line." Bad Boy suggested with a mild chuckle as he handed Lera a stack of warm food trays. "Gotta get some of these youngmen to pull their weight 'round this place now and then. Ladies seem to be ontop of things."

    Bad Boy gave Lera a charming smile, then turned to serve the next person on the line.

    John smiled as he gave out a food tray, then looked over to the side. A slight twinge of concern came over his face as he saw Xavier open his eyes and move away from Elaine.

    Erik felt John's gaze as soon as he had opened his eyes. The concern etched on the man's face was understandable, but presently unwarranted. Erik sent his colleague a telepathic message to ease any anxious feelings.

    //Don't look so worried my friend. I'm committing a portion of my concious mind to monitor Elaine's situation. I'll know immediately if her condition changes, but at the moment, I am needed at the entrance. We have incoming visitors.//

    With that mental communication, Erik gave John a nod, then turned towards the entrance of their camp.

    Wordlessly, Sage joined Erik at the camp's entrance and there, they both stood as if waiting for something or someone to arrive.

    Meanwhile, small groups of students were gathered together enjoying their meals. Eagle's Breath was joined by Six and The Magician.

    Frosbite held Roxanne, Naloth conversed with Blink, Hawk was visiting Alice in the infirmary, and so on and on. Some students sought solitude as they had much on their minds to contemplate or were simply too new to the Institute to know anyone on a personal level at this point in time.

    Whatever the case, the small interlude was to soon come to an end.

    An ominous breeze rushed through the camp from the darkened entrance. Those who had presence of mind to notice and looked over, would see a faint lightglow, grow brighter. Both Erik and Sage moved to one side, five figures. A glowing woman, shrouded in white light, carrying a familiar figure, limply cradled in her arms. She was flanked by two men. A large male carryig a harpoon-like weapon, and another more feral looking companion. Trailing behind him was a young man, who they'd might have seen earlier in the midst of their camp. For those who remembered him, he was known as Animan.

    "I am sorry..." The woman said as she extinguished her light. Erik noded his head solwmly and took Jayson's body from her and held him in his own arms.

    "He was attacked by a Nagai. The was too powerful for him. We didn't find them
  14. Jerdu_Slmor

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    Apr 20, 2007

    Ic: Animan

    When his saviors left he thanked them and said he would never forget what they had done for him and he apologized once more for being so rude to them at first. As the man now holding Jaysons body called him over he sensed he was not up to anything suspicious and seemed trustworthy so he followed.

    Tag: Gj anyone
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    Aug 9, 2003
    Roxanne Moore "Hourglass
    Morlock Tunnels-Xavier's HQ

    Brandon returned carrying two water bottles. Roxanne watched him pull his hair back as she took the water bottle from him. She couldn't help but smile, he was quite cute... and the pony tail always got her. Now, to be the man of her dreams, he needed a long sword and a trusty steed covered in his family's crest. Chuckling softly, she thought about how it would be hot if all men had swords again.

    Roxanne was brought out of her thoughts as his arm wrapped around her With a sigh, she leaned in against his shoulder and wrapped her arms around him.

    "I wasn't all that hungry, but if I didn't hydrate myself soon, I wouldn't be able to make any more Ice Roses for you," Brandon said with all the smoothness that he had left.

    She laughed softly. "Yes, it would be a shame... especially since my old one is probably destroyed with the rest of the mansion... or melted in the 'heat' of battle."

    Roxanne couldn't help but laugh at herself. That would've been something Jayson would've said on a daily basis. He had even tried to joke while laying in a hospital bed after seriously being injured during one of his freshman football games. Both of their parents, their little sister Erin, and Roxanne had been sitting around the room, worried about his condition, and he woke up and muttered something about "Erin could've been hit harder than that, wusses."

    She always worried about Jayson, yet he had never stopped to worry about himself. Why couldn't you have just followed us, stupid! she yelled mentally at Jayson, as if he could hear her. She could almost hear his reply 'Don't worry about me, my favorite twin.'

    "I'm your only twin..." Roxanne said out loud, barely audible, her lips turned in a smile. As she realized that she was still in the cave, holding tight to Brandon, her eyes caught a glimpse of everyone else?s... they were looking towards the entrance behind her. Quickly, Roxanne pulled away from Brandon and twisted to see what they were looking like.

    Xavier was only a good 50 yards away from were Roxanne sat, yet there was a look on his face that every fine detail would be etched in her memory. In his arms was a limp, swollen body... with shaggy red hair and a black t-shirt that said rock in white in the corner.

    Jayson has that...

    She blinked a few times, yet the red hair did not change nor did the t-shirt. Time was stopped around her (and not by her doing.) Her mind reeled as she tried to force her legs into action.

    "No." She croaked softly, her whole body beginning to shake. Her eyes were large, blue orbs and her smile slowly faded into a deep frown. As she got up, a nearby blanket floated over to Xavier and Jayson and covered his grotesque form.

    "OH GOD, NO! NO!!!" She screamed in terror, scrambling to her feet. Roxanne could only see the Professor as she dashed across the cave. "JAYSON!"

    Her voice echoed throughout the cave and she nearly plowed over two or three of the other students as she rushed to Jayson's side. Tears began to roll down either cheek as she reached Xavier and the body. A disfigured arm hung limply from under the blanket, yet Roxanne knew it was his... she just did. Her stomach betrayed her and she suddenly found herself on her knees vomiting what little filled it. Her sobs became agonizing wails and she could no longer see past the watery tears.

    "Noo-ooo-oo." She sobbed, her body shaking violently. "Oh god..."

    TAG: Brandon, Xavier, everyone.
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    Apr 25, 2005
    Alice Sota- Tetsuo/Malice

    Alice somehow knew that Hawk was behind her before he spoke, it was a simple "how are you doing" but that meant more to her than anything.

    She turned, brushing her long white hair over her shoulders, and smiled softly at her closest friend.

    "Just a little out of it I guess..."

    She looked into his eyes, and saw that he was a bit uncomfortable around her... she could feel it too.

    Alice took a half step back, closing her eyes, and rubbed her temples with one hand. She had heard about the sudden development of powers, but nothing quite like this.

    She made a mental note to see Xavier when he had a few free moments... Somehow, she thought he picked up on it...

    TAG- GJ, D_N, anyone in infirmary
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    Apr 22, 2004
    ooc: Very limited time so sorry for the short post.

    IC: Kay "Catalyst" Swan


    Kay was standing with her father when the doors opened. She paid little attention to them and continued her conversation. It was only when she heard Roxanne scream that she turned around. The first thing that caught her eye was the vivid red hair that only hours ago had brushed up against her skin, that only moments ago she had stroked lovingly... that only days ago had adorned the boy whom she made love to. That charming, handsome man now lay limp in the arms of a stranger, his body now lacking the vivacity and life she had come close to loving. Had she loved him? She didn't know, but she was sure that given time she would have, and is that certainty not the same as love? This sight hit her with profound clarity, she did not stare, or scream... or even cry. She stood, staring at the body and all she felt was emptiness. Like something that she took for granted and never really knew was there had suddenly been ripped out and only then do you realise how much you needed it.

    It was her father who reacted audibly, his gasp took her out of her trance-like state and plunged her back into the cold, harsh world. That brought the pain and shivers that are like the icy lake on a winters day that you jump into just to feel alive. His hands forcibly turning her from the horrific sight felt like they were clasping someone else's arms and she was merely an observer, looking down from some separate plane of existence. She was easily led across the room to a rock, her mind now absent, a ghost in the shell that was her body.

    Her father sat her on the rock and took a hip flask from his pocket. After taking a long swig he held it out to her. She looked at it for a moment and then shook her head.

    They sat in silence for a moment.

    Then another.

    Then one more.

    "Did you love him?" Harold finally said taking another swig from the flask.

    "I don't think I'll ever know." Kay said after a minute, her voice harsh and cracking.

    They sat in silence for a moment more.

    Then another.

    Then one more.

    "But now..." Kay stared, staring at the floor. "... my child is going to grow up without a father."

    "Oh Kay...." Harold said as his daughter sank into his arms, tears rolling down her face.

    They said in silence, with only the sounds of her sobs, for a moment more.

    Then another.

    Then one more.

    tag: No one.

    ooc: OOOOOooooo! The plot thickens!
  18. Jerdu_Slmor

    Jerdu_Slmor Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 20, 2007
    Ic: Animan
    As the girl had begun to cry Jerdu looked at the guy she was leaning on a minute ago and gestured him towards her trying to relay the message to comfort her. As he did so he himself kneeled beside her and speaking softly he uttered I am sorry. I wasn't strong enough I am sorry.
  19. chanbill5390

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    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Chandler Billings(Six)

    "They'll stop at nothing to wipe us out, won't they." Chandler said with a tone of finality. "If this is what they are capable of we need to use the proper counter measures to fight back with." he added, his fury beginning to shown on his face, an energy build up forming. Becoming slightly light headed, he sat down and held his head in his hands. "I need to learn to control myself better, I nearly cut a gash in the floor." he said as he lifted his eyes to the ceiling. "We can't keep this up, if these monsters will go to such extremes, I hate to say it, but the only possible counter would be either surrender or open war." he added to the Magician. "The only problem is we have no idea of what to do until we get information on the governments activities." he said looking down at his interlocked fingers.

    TAG: GM
  20. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Eagle's Breath

    With a quirked eyebrow he listened without reply to Chandlers reply, nor did he duck the return of the snowball letting it hit him smack on. He merely let himself dimensionally ripple from the top to the bottom, which adequetly describes the view of a 'nothinng' ripple that went down his body letting the snow fall to the ground. With a slight nod he muttered, "Saves on the dry cleaning bill." After retrieving some substanance from the line, certainly nothing to moon over, the young lad began to speak again.

    In a mock serious tone he began his reply, "I disagree young slush swinger, if death was their wish they wouldn't have tried so hard to capture. There goal is greater and filled with more ambishion beffitting the romance between the conquistidor's and the physical city of El Derado or the one in particular and the fountain of youth. And in this there actions are known and your questions answered. For to destroy, that is easy for an ego with position, as most men could destroy so and nearly just as well; the greater goal is..." he waved his hand between the two mutants waiting for their reply. Hopefully they were up to this simple mental finish the thought and feel better game from finishing the insight on ones own.

    Maybe the Professor would have time for one of those sessions he had mentioned soon, he thought absentmindedly as he waited hearing the scream he through his 'dinner party' and onto the developing scene. As the body was taken away he shook his head, looks like the meeting will have to wait a bit longer as he took a bite of odd tasting food. He never had become quiet acquainted with these peoples way of cooking food so blandly, he had grown used to preparing his own food that he caught in his travels or eating a nice spicy dish that was more his mainstay. Still he tried valiently and failingly to disguse his tastebuds reaction ot the meal.

    TAG: Chanbill5390, Magician/GM
  21. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Six, Eagle's Breath, The Magician, ( Hourglass, Kay )

    Morlock Tunnels, xavier Camp

    "There, there, Six, just breathe it out." Robert said to his new friend as he patted his back lightly. Robert could sympathize with Chandler's frustration. He felt on the edge of losing all self composure during their 'forced eviction' from the Mansion by the MCU. They'd been forced to take refuge in the city's underground tunnels, to be more specific the Morlock Tunnels, where outcast and disenfranchised mutants lived. The irony of their situation did not escape Robert, but to have survived the MCU raid on the Institute just to die here in the morlock tunnels....something about that troubled Robert quite deepley and silently vexed the core of his being.

    It just wasn't fair.

    Despite the present situation, Robert understood what Eagle's Breath was trying to do. In his own way, his mentor was trying to lighten the mood.

    "....If death was their wish they wouldn't have tried so hard to capture us. Their goal is greater and filled with more ambition beffitting the romance between the conquistador's and the physical city of El Dorado or the one in particular and the fountain of youth. And in this their actions are known and your questions answered. For to destroy, that is easy...too easy for an ego with position, as most men could destroy so and nearly just as well; the greater goal is..."

    Robert realized he was holding his breath as he waited for Eagle's Breath to finish his sentence, but at once it became clear to him that his Mentor was being 'a wise teacher' once again.

    "You had no intention of telling us the answer, did you?" Robert accused his mentor in a playful tone. "I always fall for it when you do that, darn it!"

    Robert gave a little laugh, but it quickly vanished as he heard Roxanne weeping not to far from them. How could they appear so aloof at a time like this? It seemed almost callous. It was true that Robert did not really know Jayson, but he knew Roxanne.

    Shaking his head, Robert rose from his seat, his expression one of heartfelt sorrow. "If you'll excuse me for a moment." he said to both Eagle's Breath and Chadler. Then, without another word, he made his way towards Roxanne and the gathering crowd around her. Robert tried to fight the tears coming to his eyes and only half succeeded. Silently, he formed the line behind several other students who were waiting to share a word of support with Roxanne. Robert had to give 'props' to Brandon. It was now his job to be the pillar of strength for Roxanne during her time of need.

    Once it was his turn to speak to Roxanne, Robert let the tears come. Her loss was so real and so palpable. Her loss was their loss as well. They had lost a brother to the Tunnels. A situation that would have never happened if it were not for the Mutant Registration Act. Perhaps Six was right. Maybe open war was the answer.....but Robert did not focus on these thoughts now.

    The Magician opened his arms and simply embraced Roxanne, holding her for a long moment. He cried with her as words failed him. Only after he let go, did he speak.

    "I'm sorry for your loss...for it is our loss as well. We shall always remember him." Robert said, with a sad smile. He then gave Roxanne a kiss in the forehead before walking away. As he strode, he wiped the tears from his eyes, and quite by accident noticed Kay. She was being comforted by her father.

    'Oh, that's right.' Robert thought, suddenly remembering. 'She's carrying Jayson's unborn child.'

    Robert suddenly found it hard to keep the thought that the MCU had authored all this misery out of his head. It took a great deal of control to taper off the sudden surge of anger at their situation. He knew that he could ill-afford to act rashly. Not only would Professor Xavier and his Mentor disapprive, but the consequences would probably be worse than anything he could imagine. With a great sigh of momentary resignation, Robert went over to kay a
  22. mosrael_the_waker

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    Nov 10, 2006
    Emke Haumann
    Above NYC

    It felt like years since Emke had allowed herself to fall apart. Vaporization had become almost a religious experience for Emke during her adolescence. During these awkward years she had come to find a spiritual connection with nature and with God through her ability. There were few times when Emke felt more at peace than when letting go of all her doubts and frustrations, letting every part of her being relax to its fullest extent.

    Now high above the bustling streets, her particles strewn for miles, Emke felt more in tune with her entire self than she had since she left Mons to join the ballet company. As balanced as she felt now, Emke knew this serenity would waver once she pulled herself together and returned to the world below.

    A gentle breeze stirred Emke?s hovering molecules. Memories of elation and sheet joy rippled through her as she recalled the rush of traveling on air currents. Emke knew exactly where to go.

  23. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Rejoing the Xmen, heading to Infirmary

    Kara watched the guards, and continued to follow Devil Dog until they reached an area. Soon, she saw a familiar face. Sage was standing not too far away. Kara smiled, happy to be back with the others once more. She had been worried, as this was the longes that Iori had been unconscious near Kara. She wanted him to wake up.

    "I'm glad to see you all are safe." Sage intoned at an emerging trio. Karra offered a smile.

    "Thank you for your assistance." Sage said directly to the somber faced Morlock.

    "I do my duty." Devil Dog responded responded curtly, as Sage nodded. Karra moved up quickly carrying Iori, as she looked back and her subway companion. She gave him a huge greatful smile, as she nodded to him."Thanks for guiding us back.." she added, before she turned to the sounds of Sage's voice.

    "Give him here." Sage said as she took Iori from Karra's hands. "I'll attend to him. Get something to eat. I'll be in the Infirmary when you're finished." Karra reluctantly gave Iori to Sage, as she looked around. Karra noticed there were some other people nearby, but she was more worried about Iori. But she still took the time to thank Devil Dog at the same time.

    Sage offered him something to eat, but he excused himself, saying that he had to go. And without another word, Devil Dog simply turned and returned to the Tunnels. Karra gave a small wave, and then turned to follow Sage. She was not going to grab anything to eat, until she was sure Iori was ok.

    Suddenly, motion, and a scream, filled the area. "OH GOD, NO! NO!!!" the voice screamed in terror. Karra quickly turned her head, to see what was going on. It was Roxanne, and she was running towards the Professor. Was he...carrying someone? She moved slightly as Roxanne cried out "JAYSON!"
    Her voice echoed throughout the cave and she nearly plowed over two or three of the other students as she rushed to Jayson's side. Tears began to roll down either cheek as she reached Xavier and the body. Roxanne suddenly went down on her knees vomiting. Karra's eyes went wide as she heard Roxanne's sobs turn into agonizing wails. "Noo-ooo-oo." Roxanne sobbed, her body shaking violently. "Oh god..."

    Karra could see something else going on as well, and she bit her lip hard, as she thought to herself, that it could easily be Iori. She turned her head, her eyes turning hard, to keep from watering, as she quickly followed Sage, who was already heading towards what she guessed was the infirmary.

    As she followed behind Sage, Karra tried to push the scene she had just witnessed out of her mind. She didnt know what she would do, if Iori was hurt... or worse. As she thought about it, she wondered about Lera. She hoped she had made it ok. And she hopped they had not lost too many students. As Sage layed Iori down on a cot, Karra stood back, out of the way, and silent. She quietly watched as Sage worked on Iori. She quickly found herself a chair, and waited.

    Professor N'dare, Blink and Aurora
    Makeshift Infirmary

    N'dare was catching up on some much needed rest, when he received the mental call from Erik. He groaned softly, as he sat up, rubbing his temples. Even when they managed to get most of the students here, this was no safe place. They had been warned. But unfortunately, someone had to test that theory. And they had lost.

    With a grunt, N'dare stood, and after one last check, he made his way to the main part of the infirmary. Whoever was awake there, would already know what was going on. He walked with a stride, as he made his way throught to corridor.

    Meanwhile, Blink was with Naloth, taking him to get a meal. Naloth laughed lightly and shook his head clear. ?So, proper gear includes clothes or some weird gizmos out of Star Trek?? Blink chuckled. "A litttle of both, actually." he replied, as they turned into another area. This had a small meal area set up, and the smell of meat and stew could be smelled coming f
  24. mosrael_the_waker

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    Nov 10, 2006
    Edmund Descoteaux
    Mons, Belgium

    Edmund breathed a sigh of relief as he turned the lock on the doors and pulled the finely laced curtains across the window of le P√Ętisserie Descoteaux. It was four o?clock and he had been working for 12 hours. This was not unusual; however, he had created 200 unique cupcakes for a local wedding in addition to maintaining his usual supply of breakfast pastries, crepes, and other sweet delicacies. Dieu merci! Edmund did not know what he would do if he had to bake the town?s bread as well.

    When he finally reached the top of the back stairwell?he could hardly remember doing so?Edmund realized the door was locked. He had no keys, because he never locked the door. This was a small ville near Mons, there was no need to lock doors. While this setback might perturb anyone else as tired as Edmund, he remained unfazed. After all, Edmund didn?t need doors. He merely passed through the thick oak door and into the warm quarters above his bakery.

    Edmund stopped once he had passed in to the other side of the oak wood. For a moment, he thought he saw his wife at the stove but he soon realized it was his daughter. With her thick waves curls pulled back in a loose bun and rosy cheeks, Emke was most certainly her mother?s daughter.

    ?Emke?? Edmund asked, just to be sure.

    ?Papa!? Emke was gone in a flash as she vaporized and pulled herself together in an embrace with her father, where she emotionally dissolved. ?You do not know how I have missed you!?

    ?J'aussi,? Edmund held his child until her sobs turned to sniffles then held her at arm?s length, ?We have much to talk about, no??

    Emke nodded quietly as her father dried her tears.


    [color=indigo]thought you might enjoy a picture of Edmund:[/color]


    [color=indigo]eric bana is my hero[/color] :8}
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    IC: Eagle's Breath

    As Robert exused himself with the weeping of those missing the departed he gave a slight nod and continued eating. He did not know her either one that was in need of consoling, they were just added names like he who lied still as though he slept in a peaceful dream unending. They were but phantoms that haunted the hollow portions of his mind, names without substance just shadows that stretched into the past and future as though the two were interchangable. In a way they were as where they once were dust that was reconsumed several times to form the beginings of their vessels and yet again their vessels would turn to dust when that light that is contained within departs as its last ties are severed as though the cares of this world had become too much for it to cling to.

    In a way he longed for that touch that would make him loss touch, then finally all the phantoms that swam within the cage of his mind and body would no longer be the phatoms of the night within this daylight, but fellows solid in the realm of the spirit.

    Slowly standing he nodded to Chandler and walked and phased over to where the body was being carried away and spoke plainly in a loud voice. "Another tear, another passing of a light. Good luck to you who fly's beyond the sky's to a realm unreachable of hunts and games unending filled with joy, turn not back lest you be tempted to stay for those you love and leave behind to mourn your passing too soon." Then leaning in whispered "Turn back and live if you whish to influence your child for good, stay back and continue on to end your pain."

    Rising moved back to the assembled mourners, he looked and nodded to both ladies who lives this lad had ment so much "He's at peace." and turned to return to his table as a single tear fell from his eyes to fall from the tip of his nose. For the adding of another scene and shadow that had found it's end within his mind and time.

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