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    Apologies for the super-late reply - I've been back online for a while, but hadn't realized I'd been tagged ...

    Incidentally, I also just realized that there's a scene that takes place in World of Warcraft. That's awesome. :D

    IC: Nat Tavoris

    Xavier Camp, Morlock Tunnels

    Breakfast was a quiet affair for Nat. Most of her fellow students still seemed shell-shocked by what had happened yesterday, a feeling which Nat knew all too well - she and her brother had left their parent's house under similar circumstances. Even so, she couldn't think of anything to say, really. Everything will be all right was unhelpful; Is there anything I can do? a given, seeing as she was in the same situation they were.

    Once everyone had eaten, the professors began addressing the assembled mutants. Mostly mutants, Nat thought with a twist of her mouth. She did her best to match the names to faces as they were called out, not an easy task when both were only half-familiar at best. After the briefing, Nat rose with the rest and turned to leave, a plan to explore half-forming in her mind -

    " - Nat Tavoris please come see me," Professor Xavier's voice called out. "I have a far less risky, but just as important mission for you two."

    Blinking, Nat turned back around and went over to where Xavier was standing. "You wanted to see me, Professor?" she asked, once she had his attention.

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    Jaya Marxx (Ravenhawk)

      New York Public Library Annex

      Jaya deserved an Oscar. It was amazing how she was suddenly able to contain all the anxiety inside of her and act as calm as casual as she did when inwardly she probably wanted to scream. Somehow, it seemed that the fates were on her side. At first it looked like all the computers were being used, after a man had walked out angrily once he had looked at his watch, a woman got up from one of the terminals, making it available. The clerk at the desk smiled at Jaya and told her that she could go ahead and use the now available computer. From his smile and the look he gave her, he seemed to like her.

      In the same casual manner, Jaya smiled and gingerly made it to the computer. She logged on and hit the web browser. Only an incredible determination kept her from looking over her shoulder and checking if she was being watched. Instead, she took out her compact and looked behind her in that manner, even if it was a bit cliche'.

      She didn't want to be caught at all so any type of measure would have to do. She took a deep breath.

      /Here goes nothin'.../

      Jaya quickly typed the web address she recalled.


      The welcome screen came on, but it was all black, except for the blinking cursor. Withou hesitatio, she entered the password. B-A-M-F

      The black screen slowly faded and the computer screen blinked several times. Then a familiar symbol slowly came into view. It was the sigil the students always identified with Jocasta.

      The words 'WELCOME' appeared as they were typed at the bottom of the screen.

      A big smile came over Jaya's face as she looked at the screen. She knew that she took a big step forward in finding her mutant friends at the Xaviers Institute. The site was used for info and anyone wanting to contact certain members at Xaviers. She just had to look around and find what she needed. Some words were like codes just in case this site had been discovered by the MCU.

      She was still a bit nervous and looked at her compact to see if anyone was behind her. There appeared to be no one so far. She glanced at some links until she found exactly what she wanted.

      In the link she discovered there was information for contact. She clicked on it and an email address box appeared with the contact info in the header. She had to be discreet but still decipherable for the other side to understand. She quickly started to type, with every so often looking in to her compact.

      "Gifted one (RH) requests directions and info."

      It was simple and direct, yet not too informative. She hoped she would get a response soon, she didn't want to be here longer than she needed to be.

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    Daniel swore as his friend changed before his eyes, an instant of terror piercing him through as the alien figure changed before him. He stared at the man dumbly as he spoke, thought erased by the sheer strangeness that had suddenly filled an already frightful night. Mask stepped back from the pool of light, his tattoes making him seem like some dark, ethereal fae as he stared back from the shadows. Daniel remained rooted to the spot for a moment more before he snatched up his bag, shouldering it as he glanced furtively about the street, his mind filling every shadowed alley and window with armoured and armed police, the feeling that filled him as he realised that the police were indeed his enemy now a further blow to the already shaken foundations upon which he had buildt his life.

    Mask turned, striding swiftly from the open street so that Daniel was forced to hurry to keep up with him. He struggled with his bag, finding himself out of breath from the adrenaline that flowed through him. "Um, where exactly are we going, uh, Mask? I... how can the, uh, Morlocks help me? I mean, I, it's not that I don't need your help but..." He stumbled over his words even as he stumbled over his feet, following a strange man through a strange part of the city. "I mean, can you guys get me back to England? I just need to get home and I'll not trouble you again."
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    IC: Eagle's Breath

    As the plans were laid out he nodded as he began calculating how close to being flush with the door or if it would have to be a couple feet back due to the field, and whether to use the mysts again or to travel more in style over a few snowpatches by the seaside. When Jack asked his question and got his answer. It was a bit much for him to contain as he fell backward to lie on the ground an arm around his ribs and one clamped tightly over his mouth as his body heaved silently from the humor from his own memories of having been put in similar situations to Jack.

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    OOC: I guess I could post now. :p

    IC: Kristin Matthews (Phantom) --- Entrance to Morlock Tunnels:

    Turning quickly and ducking into a small alley way Kristin attempted to catch her breath. The city was on alert, looking for any and all Mutants, from what she had heard. For what seemed like hours she had been on the move trying to stay out of sight of any and all patrol officers. She knew, full well, she was not safe yet.

    It was here she would find one of the few entrances to the Morlock Tunnels. Returning from her younger brother's funeral back home, Kristin had been warned by an old, toothless, man. Homeless by the looks of him who resided in a nook within a building face. His image was implanted in her mind. His shallow, sunken face, his toothless grin, and his eerie message. "Stay safe. Times have changed. The time is coming." Yes, she could have taken him as a loony if it wasn't for the quick colour shift in the man's eyes. Yes, he was a Mutant, and he was giving her a warning message.

    All that mattered now was that she was here, at the entrance to the tunnels. As the sun set Kristin knew she needed to get indoors and made her way to the main entrance via sewer lid in the back of the alley. She was greeted by security of the Mutants own. They interrogated her and ran her through mundane screening before finally letting her pass.

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    IC: Erin Mathews

    Erin was glad to be in Ireland. Matter of fact, she was simply glad to be out of America. The place was weird, hostile, and she'd always despised its politics. Ireland was more familiar...and didn't have monstrous robotic things attacking. The strike on Xavier's had scared Erin badly. They wouldn't care that she wasn't an American. They'd just lock her up. Like those Guantanamo Bay people, or worse...

    She was unused to being treated as though being a mutant made her in any way less than other people. Sure, there were taunts and all, but not actual laws passed to confine them. The young Australian hoped that her friends were making some headway getting proper legal protection for mutants back home. It wouldn't be too hard, surely. Hell, her home country had permitted refugees whose lives were endangered by being homosexual in countries like Pakistan...so why not mutants? It was still something suitable for granting refuge...and for preventing discrimination.

    McTaggert had pointed out where his lab was, and they were heading that way. The only thing dampening Erin's enjoyment was the fact that there was clearly risk involved...again.

    "I'm guessing this might be more difficult than we thought..."

    "What is it?" Erin kept her voice quiet. She lowered her mental shields slightly, searching for any emotional disturbances that might correspond to a threat. It did reveal to her, also, that some group members were most certainly getting tense.

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    IC: Alastor

    "What is it?" said the young woman with what, to Alastor, sounded like an Australian accent.

    "I wish I knew Exactly. Something near the Lab is altering air currents enough to be picked up by the windage indicators on my scope. And this scope lets me see clearly for near as far as a mile, but even with it I can't see whats causing the disturbances." The young marksmen kneeled back down and started looking through his bag. "I'll see if I have one of my more powerful scopes on me by chance, but more than likely their in my Truck, which is at the Xavier Mansion."

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    Kristin Mathews (Phantom), Daniel Ranson

    Port Authority, New York, Secret Morlock Tunnel Entrance

    Kristin 'interview' had gone 'well enough', all things consider. She bravely stood up to the Morlock guards fierce interrogative style. She'd proven without a measure of a doubt, at least to them, that she was not only a mutant, but one of Xavier's. The problem now was getting someone to guide her back to the Xavier camp, seeing how they were unable to leave their post. The guards absolutely refuse to let Kristin go searching for her teammates' camp on her own as they warned her of the Tunnels many perils, both living and mechanical. Her powers would only delay the inevitable.

    As the Tunnel guards 'dicussed' as to how they would facilitate her journey, Kristion had a moment to appreciate her surrounding.

    She was inside a room just past a restricted area off one of the many subway train stops. Port Authority was a literal maze of steel and train tracks. Even a simple side room like this would be hard to find.

    Interestingly enough, the room had a window, since it appeared to be an abandoned operator post. Perhaps it was used more than half a certury ago, when the railway was first constructed. Now, it appeared that it was all but forgotten.

    The guards payed no attention to Kristin as they tried to reach a suitable solution. Perhaps it was out of sheer coincidence that Kristin turned her head and looked out the window justin time to see two figures walking along the tracks, which were dimly illuminated by sparse underground lights. One of them seemed to be carrying a bag with him.

    "Um, where exactly are we going, uh, Mask? I... how can the, uh, Morlocks help me? I mean, I, it's not that I don't need your help but..." Daniel stumbled over his words even as he stumbled over his feet, following the strange man. "I mean, can you guys get me back to England? I just need to get home and I'll not trouble you again."

    "Of course, of course..." Mask answered a bit too amicably.

    A few clicking sounds echoed through the darkness and Mask motioned for Daniel to halt. He cocked his head sideways, almost as if listening for something. Mask placed a foot on one of the tracks, then after a moment nodded in satisfaction.

    "Train." he said simply, then motioned once again for Daniel to follow him across several tracks within the underground maze of railways. As they neared closer to the far wall, a booth like room became apparent. It looked archaic in design with its idustrial look and cracked window panes, but what was most odd about it was the fact that a light came from inside and there seemed to be people inside it.

    Mask noticed movenets inside, then cursed under his breath.

    One of the three guards with Kristin decided that he would take her since his shift was almost over. The other two were not so keen on that idea, warning him of the penalty of abandoning a post early. It was then that movement outside the booth caught their attention.

    "Someone's coming..."

    Almost immediately two of the guards exited through the old non-existent door while the third remained with Kristin, though his attention seemed to be focused on the developments outside.

    Daniel followed mask and perhaps he saw the man hesitate for a moment, but then again, he could have imagined it. Mask did not change his pace, but his posture did seem to slump a little, and where his hair had been jet black, it was now grey and quite disheveled. Since he was following, Daniel could not see the mutant's face.

    Suddenly from the lit booth infront of them, two men came through the doorway. They wore similar looking dark clothing despite their difference in size, however the look on their faces left no room for misinterpretation. They seemed very serious about something.

    "Who goes there!?" the bigger of the two bellowed as the smaller,yet still impressively fit looking counterpart stepped beside him.

    "Hail Clan Churgen!" Mask voice rang out, but it did not sound like it did just moments ago. Mask's voice and demeano
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    Professor N'dare
    Dublin, Ireland. En Route to Mc Taggert's Lab

    The small procession progressed without incident for most of the journey
    until about the last 200 meters or so. "There, just across that hill,
    you can see the roof of my lab. It's the one with the visible antennas and

    N'dare nodded, but his attentions were drawn elsewhere. The subtle breezes
    had revealed something to Professor N'dare. Six small spherical objects
    floated around Mc Taggert's compound, unseen by the naked eye. Their
    orbit's around the lab building varied in diameter as they patrolled.

    N'dare stopped, and raised his hand.

    "Wait." N'dare turned, and looked towards the others. N'dare heard
    Erin's quite voice. "What is it?" she asked softly. Another person
    in the group, Alastor, was quick to respond to her question, murmoring
    something which didnt make sense. The young man kneeled back down and
    started looking through his bag. "I'll see if I have one of my more
    powerful scopes on me by chance, but more than likely their in my Truck,
    which is at the Xavier Mansion."

    "It's not necessary." N'dare stated, as he gestured for Alastor to
    stand back up. "We have uninvited guests waiting for us it seems."
    He quickly told the others what he sensed near the lab. "If at all
    possible, I rather us get into the lab, without alerting anyone of our
    presence. If I call up any weather right now, being that the weather here
    is clear, I think it will alert them."
    He then turned, and looked
    towards the Magacian. "Can you get us inside the lab without being
    he asked him. N'dare then turned to Dr. McTaggert. "And can
    we get in, without your alarm system giving us away?"
    He asked with a
    smirk. He didnt add his other thought.. 'or frying us.' As he waits for a
    response, he keeps alert, making sure that no other univited guests come
    to visit them, while the quickly look for a way into the mansion.

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    Morlock Tunnels, Xavier Camp

    //"Karra, could you please join me?"// Karra's eyes wavered abit.
    She was getting used to that now, but it was hard not to lose focus on
    what she was doing, whenever he did that. But to hear his voice once more
    in her mind, was rather comforting.

    //OK Professor!// she quickly responded, as she shoveled down the
    rest of her meal.

    "What's wrong?" Iori asked concerned. Karra looked up with a grin. "On nothing. I think the Professor as a job for me and Nat to do.
    Nothing dangerious, just gotta take care of something."[/i] She smiled, as
    she quickly finished her meal. She then got up from the table. She looked
    at Lera and Iori.

    "You guys be good. I'll be back soon!" she said cheerfully, wagging a
    finger like a fussy mom. She then smiled. leaning in close, she gave Iori
    a quick kiss on the forehead. "I'll be back soon as I can." she stated
    softly, before she took off, flying as she headed for the area that Erik
    would be waiting for her. Her face still blushed slightly, but not as bad
    as before. She stopped flying, and continued to quickly walk the rest of
    the way. Soon, she came on the area, where Xavier, and another student,
    were waiting. Karra didnt recognize the other student, a young lady. She must be Nat. Karra offered both of them a smile as Karra walked into the room.

    "You wanted to see me, Professor?" she asked, curious as to what
    this new task was going to be.

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    I have this sinking feeling Nat is going to get a nasty shock when she walks past a Mutant Detection Device and it beeps or whatever. :p

    IC: Nat Tavoris

    Xavier Encampment, Morlock Tunnels

    "Yes, and thank you for such a quick response," Xavier said. "As I mentioned, I have a rather important mission for you and Karra. It would ordinarily seem like something simple, but current events are anything but that of late."

    That ... didn't seem to warrant a reply. Xavier seemed to realize this, for he smiled and went on. "To put it simply, seeing how the MCU may have placed Mutant Detection Devices in public areas, a non-mutant like you is actually a godsend among us. Humans and Mutants working together towards a greater goal. Not such an impossible dream after all, hmm?"

    At that, he gave a small chuckle. Nat shrugged, grinned. "Hope not, sir," she said - but she was really thinking over what he'd said just before that. Mutant Detection Devices? That must have been how they'd tracked Nigel... she wondered how they worked.

    "Once Karra joins us, I'll let you know more about the mission," the Professor concluded. Just as he said that - "You wanted to see me, Professor?"

    Nat turned to see another young woman approach them - that must be Karra. Nat offered her a nod and a small grin, then turned back to the Professor.

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    The bent, aged figure that had become his escort turned, looking back over his shoulder at Daniel to show him lined, haggard features seemingly carved from a lifetime of hardship. But Daniel was not looking at him, instead he stepped forward, looking up into the small room where what he guessed were four mutants watched them, blinking in surprise at the young, sweet faced girl who stood among them, regarding him curiously. "Wait, did they say you're going to Clan Xavier? As in Professor Xavier from the Institute for Higher Learning?" His eyes flicked from guard to guard, searching for the truth on their faces before returning to her among the three dark clothed men, a spark of hope lighting itself in him. "On the news they said the mutants there were all killed. Are you one of them? Can you take me to them? I've been trying to find a way to get in contact with you guys since that bill got to congress."

    Unlike the morlock gangs, or clans as they evidently thought of themselves, Xavier's name was not tarnished by a thousand rumours of crime and violence and he had a great void of trust when it came to the shape shifter who lead him through the tunnels. Why if he meant to bring Daniel to the mutant underground was he hiding his identity from these guards, evidently members of it? He may have been inexperienced at living in this world of shadows and lawlessness but he was not stupid nor was he about to believe this dark figure's too easy assurances of generosity. He made as if to step up into the room and the largest of the guards was in front of him instantly, a hand like a bunch of bananas held out to stop him, a strange rushing sound emenating from it that made it obvious a touch from it would be unpleasant at best.

    At that moment their world was obliterated as the train that Mask had sheperded him away from roared from a tunnel and thundered past a scant few metres away, the noise huge, deafening in the close confines of the tunnel. Daniel crouched, wincing as he jammed his hands over his ears the guards and Mask evidently used to it for they barely winced. He straightened, blinking slowly as he tried to clear the ringing in his ears. He looked back to find the aged Mask staring at him, a raptor's glare in the dark eyes, the sight of them alive with power an alien one in that haggard face and he suddenly felt very glad they had stumbled across these four. He looked back up at them, his eyes flicking between the girl and the largest, "Can I go with you? I'm a mutant, I'm just trying to get away from the act."

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    IC: Animan

    Animan sat there what are you talking about he said I see nothing.

    He then turned into a hawk and used his new eyesite to see if he could spot anything from were he was at. He scanned the place from left to right looking to see if anything was visible.

    Speaking again he said if you want to I can fly over and scout out what it is for us.

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    OOC: This has to be one of my shortest posts... I knew you guys were waiting, so I didn't prolong the wait any longer.


    "So Hawk, how keen is your vision? Can you see the four walkers from here, and if so, perhaps you can see a pattern to their patrol route and tell us which is the best window for us to portal to our location."

    Jack nodded. "I see 'em." He strained to study their movements. The walkers lumbered across the grounds in a rather uniform fashion.

    "They're patrolling it in a pretty standard way," Jack explained. "Each one has a quarter of the mansion to patrol. They're set up so as to cover the one in front of it - so it' be impossible to sneak behind one of them."

    Jack continued watching for several moments. What he saw made him grin.
    "When they turn around, they turn away from the mansion. For a second they're all turned away from the mansion."

    Jack turned to the team. "We'll have to get over there at exactly the right time, and we can't allow for any unneeded slip-ups."

    Jack noticed Eagle's Breath trying to hide his chuckling. "Somethin' funny?" Jack didn't really expect an answer, but he'd said his peace.

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    Merry Christmas!
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    IC: Eagle's Breath

    As he stifled his own humor he satlooking at Hawk, taking a moment to compose himself so he could look at him with a most serious face. "Yes, somehow you remind me of...me" and with that said he clamped down again to control his myrth of their situation getting out in broken parts, "I..am..ready when..you...are."

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    IC: Naloth/Phantom

    Naloth was nervous. There was no other word for it. The lab was being watched, the watchers undoubtedly had guns, and he was going to be shot at. It wouldn?t be so bad if he knew all the facts?.or if he had a gun himself. Maybe he could snag something when they got in the lab?something sci-fi like. He shrugged lightly. He listened to the conversation with all his attention, but something about it was just off. He pondered it for a few moments before he came upon the answer. Why was he here? There didn?t seem to be a point. He could go through walls, but not without being seen. That kind of limited his effectiveness. He smirked unconsciously. His time would come. Until then, he was willing to wait.


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    Jaya Marxx (Ravenhawk)

      New York Public Library Annex

      Jaya's eyes were glued to the monitor waiting for the information to appear upon the screen. It just began to type when she heard some footsteps that sounded as if they were coming towards her.

      "So, is everything Ok here? do you need any help?"

      Her eyes widened with anxiety then she quickly minimized the window right after she caught a glance of the response she was waiting for.

      "Oh no sir, thank you im fine. If I need anything I will make sure to ask you."

      She said gaining most of her composure back and hoping that the nervousness in her voice didn't alarm the man. She smiled back at him hoping that he would finally leave. She didn't want to be too friendly to where he may think her returned smile meant more than just a nice gesture. She turned her head then opened a new window on the monitor which redirected her to the home page of the library site, while the previous window with the information was still minimized at the bottom of her screen.

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    IC: Kristin Matthews (Phantom) -- Entrance to Morlock Tunnels

    Kristin missed half the conversation that the entrance guards carried on as she tried to gather her surroundings. She was inside a room just past a restricted area off one of the many subway train stops. Port Authority was a literal maze of steel and train tracks. Even a simple side room like this would be hard to find.

    Interestingly enough, the room had a window, since it appeared to be an abandoned operator post. Perhaps it was used more than half a certury ago, when the railway was first constructed. Now, it appeared that it was all but forgotten.

    It would be hard for her to grasp her bearings, but she would find them in time. Kristin was pulled from turning wheels in her mind when she heard one of the guards say quickly.

    "Someone's coming..."

    Almost immediately two of the guards disappeared through the old non-existent door while the third remained with Kristin, though his attention seemed to be focused on the developments outside.

    Krisin waited silently and listened, her eyes dodging back and forth at the guard that remained by her side. Unable to see the two men that approached the doorway she heard someone bellow from the darkness, "Who goes there!?".

    In no time a voice called back, "Hail Clan Churgen!"It sounded older than she had expected. Kristin Looked at the guard slightly confused. Had she been gone so long that she didn't know who or what Clan Churgen was? Or was this a clan that had been established since the happenings? She knew full well she would need to be briefed.

    "Hail Churgen!" Both guards responded automatically.

    "Old timer, is all well?" The voice sounded gruffer to Kristin and she figured it must be the bigger of the two guards.

    "Do you require an escort? Some of Shikar's agents seem to be about." The smaller one put in.

    "Oh, I think we'll be fine." The old man responded confidently. "You don't get to be my age around these parts without having a few tricks under your sleeve."

    Kristin became curious and inched closer towards the non-existent door and squinted as her eyes adjusted to what light came from the room where the two guards stood talking with the guests.

    "It will take more than a few 'tricks' to deal with any of them should you encounter them." The smaller muscled guard warned.

    The one that Kristin took immediately as the owner of the older voice looked past the guards and into the booth, as he merely nodded in acknowledgment of the statement that had been spoken.

    He nodded, "I see you've found a newcomer of your own..." His observation was correct.

    "She's to join Clan Xavier..." said the larger guard and the young woman noted the hint of distaste in his tone. After the larger guard spoke all went silent.

    "Well, I must move along. This one will be presented for evaluation."

    Both guards nodded affirmatively.

    "Hail Clan Churgen!" The older man declared aloud and gave a fisted salute to the heart as he smiled.

    Kristin pieced together what little information she could and realized that clans must have been established in her time of absence. Yet, this information was not enough to save her from her state of confusion and she stepped through the non-existent door, folding her hands into her lap.

    Obviously lost within her train of thought (again) Kristin missed the next exchange of words until the ground started to rumble slightly beneath her feet and in no time the train whizzed past on the tracks with a loud scream. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed the younger man fall to the ground, his hands guarding his ears. Blinking she turned away as the train disappeared into the darkness.

    He must have noticed her staring because his eyes flickered between hers and the largest guards and asked, "Can I go with you? I'm a mutant, I'm just trying to get away from the act.".

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    GM Approved.

    Alias: Buzz
    Real Name: Akio Suzuki
    Date of Birth: October 12, 1977
    Gender: Male

    Age: 30
    Height: 6?5?
    Weight: 320
    Eyes: Formerly blue; Gold
    Hair: Formerly blonde; None

    Family: Father Anyo Suzuki: deceased; Mother Trista Suzuki (formerly O?Neil): deceased
    Marital Status: Single
    Species: Mutant
    Nationality: Half Irish/Half Japanese
    Team: None

    Base of Operations: At-large

    Ability: Natural: Immunity to electricity and fire; Suit: Ability to harness electricity to power suit. Enhanced strength, speed, stamina, reflexes and intelligence. Ability to heal minor injuries to body. Can short-circuit close by electrical systems.

    Weaknesses: Suit can be shut down by an EMP. Can suffer major wounds.

    Appearance: Blue-black and golden suit accentuating large muscles. Thin healing matrix on the back of his head.

    Other Special Features: Currents flow all over his body. It gives him the appearance of electrical hair.

    Personality: Slightly depressed. Compassionate. Order-based. Kind and big-hearted. Has many opinions. Makes rash decisions.

    Weapons: Trained in hand-to-hand and fire arm combat.

    History/Background: Akio was born to a rich Japanese businessman and a poor Irish farm girl when his father was visiting Ireland. His father bought a house and took both Akio and his mother in. Akio?s parents were married when Akio was three. He grew up in Ireland to his tenth birthday.

    As a present, Akio?s parent?s took him to Japan. Both his parent?s were killed in a car crash shortly after arriving. Akio barely survived and was taken to a hospital. Akio lost memory of his life before the crash and without any documentation, he was nameless. During a blood test, Akio?s mutant gene was discovered. After more tests it was isolated and named.

    The Japanese government took interest on the mutant child with no history. They took him in and trained him to work in their special forces outfit. Given the codename, Buzz, he excelled at most physical tests and adequately passed the mental exams. To compliment his ability, Buzz was presented with a prototype suit upon graduation. Buzz worked as a special agent. He did whatever the government asked him to do and was sent all around the world.

    When Buzz was nearing his thirtieth year, he was sent to Iraq to rout a terrorist group that had bombed a city train in Japan. He was charged with killing the group?s leaders and he proceeded to complete the task. The last man he was to kill had a family. Buzz entered his home and was about to kill the man when his son ran into the room. Buzz froze in the face of the terrified child and the man pulled a gun on him. Buzz broke the man?s hand and he dropped the gun, but as it hit the ground it fired the shot in the chamber. The bullet hit a gas tank and the entire house exploded.

    Buzz was the only person to survive. When he regained his senses, he fled. He didn?t return to Japan.

    IC: Buzz
    London, England

    Buzz glanced up. After days of wandering and a boat ride, Buzz found himself facing the London Eye. The lights on the outside edge of the wheel were barely visible in the morning sky. The Eye stood gazing down at the pitifu/>
  19. greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master

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    London, England

    Wrapped within his own thoughts, Buzz walked aimlessly through the London's streets. The chilly London wind whipped Buzz?s large coat. Along with a fedora hat and a black suit, the coat kept Buzz?s true attire from being seen. He merely kept a low profile.

    Buzz had been out of action for a long time, as he was to busy keeping himself from detection after fleeing Japan. But tere was only one of Buzz, and he was up against a formidable force.

    Unbeknownst to Buzz and perhpas totally by coincidence, he'd passed by a hidden security camera esconced within a building wall. Today's technological world was an ever changing and evolving entity, and with it, so did electronic survaillance, security and communication industries evolved.

    One hour passed and Buzz's world remained uneventful.

    However, it was shortly past the hour that buzz had picked up a shadow. It always remained out of Buzz's sight as it followed. Keeping itself at a discrete distance, it moved along with the man in the trench coat and fedora, certain that it had not been spotted.

    It waited for the right time to act, for that time would come soon enough.



    Jaya Marxx (RavenHawk)

    New York Public Library Annex

    The young man smiled at Jaya and understood what was left unspoken. His assisstance was not required and his attempts, though friendly, were at the edge possibly being misconstrued as harrasement. With a nod, he turned and returned back to his desk.

    Jaya was now free to continue and open the minimized window that contaimed the information she required to make contact with the hidden Xavier's Academy.

    All she had to do now was get herself to Grand Central Station and find booth T-A27655.

    Tag: TEEG



    World of Warcraft. Darnasus, Questers secret tavern.

    The female night elf accepted the drink sent to her by Oni. She raised the cup and nodded towards her in gratitude before downing the drink. Once she was done, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and got up. The female night elf walked towards Oni' and Aftermath's table. She slowed down but did not stop, as she looked at Oni and mouthed the words thank you, then she looked at Aftermath. Something unspoken seemed to pass between them, but before anything else could transpire, both Aftermath and the night elf female looked behind them and ttowards the far wall. Even Oni's securty seemed to register that something odd had happened.

    "Nariko.....did you sense..."

    Aftermath was going for his sword and Nariko, the female night elf, already had a dagger in hand.

    The female mage at the table rose suddenly, reacting to the Aftermath's alertness.

    "Nightsister? what's going...."

    Oakenfolks words were cut off suddenly by a flash of light as the impossible happened.

    Six elves in red coloured costumes appeared inside the tavern, right before them. They had portaled inside the tavern, something that was literally impossible within the game's standard conventions.

    "BLOOD ELVES!!" Oakenfolk bellowed at the top of his lungs as he drew his two handed Hammer.

    Three Warrior males, two male rogues and a female mage instantly went into action.

    In that second, the entire tavern erupted in chaotic melee, as swords, daggers, hammers and spells starting swinging and flying everywhich way possible.

    Tag: Ktala

    Lazer, NightFall & Spider Girl

    Hell's Kitchen_deserted Alleyway

    "You're hurt. Let me help you, Please...I can heal you." Lazer pleaded softly as she moved close enough for SpiderGirl to recognize. Hopefully, if she didnt see her well enough, she would recognize her voice. Which ws exactly what happened.

    Spider Girl's vision was blurry. She could hardly see where she was going
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    Making a few assumptions about the contents of the list, hope that's ok. :D

    IC: Nat Tavoris

    Xavier Encampment, Morlock Tunnels

    "Nat, meet Karra, Karra meet Nat," the professor said by way of introduction.

    "Hello," Nat said with a small grin. Upon closer inspection, the girl looked eerily familiar, as if they'd met before - then again, they probably had in passing over the last couple of days. That was probably it.

    "I won't keep you as I feel a bit long winded this morning..." Xavier began with a bit of humour. He quickly described what he was after, which turned out to be a shopping trip - Nat bit down her reflexive disdain at being assigned such a mundane task and accepted the datacard with good grace. You asked for this, Nat reminded herself. As a human, she could get herself out of this mess easily enough - but not if she ever wanted to see Nigel again.

    Too, she doubted that a mutant sympathiser, human or no, would be treated kindly by the authorities.

    As the professor continued, Nat tapped through the shopping list, noting which items were flagged as essential. This looked easy enough to get; most of the items were ordinary essentials with a few more exotic things tossed in the mix, but all in all, nothing that two ordinary girls wouldn't be buying. She glanced sideways at Karra - did they look alike enough to pass for sisters? No, probably not, but they shouldn't need a cover story anyway.

    "Is there anything you need to know from me before you go?" Xavier asked.

    I would be fine alone, was Nat's first thought. She wouldn't trip whatever scanners the MCU had running, and she was quite capable of scrounging things by herself - but practically, she wasn't going to manage to carry everything on the shopping list. "Should be fine, Professor," she said instead. Unless Karra could think of anything to ask, they could leave now.

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    IC: Buzz
    London Streets

    Buzz wandered down the street completely immersed in though. He rounded a corner and as he turned he picked up the feeling that he was being watched. Buzz continued walking, but slower. After fifty feet around the edge, the man was there. Buzz was faintly aware of him. Buzz?s suit heightened his senses, and he could hear the soft pitter-patter of the man?s measured footsteps.

    Buzz cursed himself. His plan for hiding had failed, because he had picked up a tail. He needed to get away from, or kill the man following. Buzz shook his head. He was reverting to his old tactics. He had told himself that he wouldn?t kill again. But, maybe he had been wrong before. Maybe his career wasn?t over. This man no doubt, was a trained operative. He therefore would have been on many missions, as they would only send the best after him. Naturally that meant the man was a killer. Buzz smiled at his logic. It was rash and sketchy thinking, but it would serve it?s purposes.

    Buzz sped up a bit and heard the footsteps grow louder. Good. He slowed down, still seemingly wandering aimlessly. The man slowed with him. Buzz kept on a lookout. He glanced ahead of him and saw an opening in the wall. An alleyway. Buzz turned down it. The man would no doubt follow. Buzz stopped at the edge of it.

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    Xavier Encampment, Morlock Tunnels

    Kara was in a great mood, when she walked into the room with Professor Xavier and another young lady that she did not know yet. She smiled at the both of them as she came to stand nearby. The Professor even looked to be in good spirits, as he was smiling when she walked in.

    "Nat, meet Karra, Karra meet Nat." The professor said, gesturing one to the other as he introduced them. "Hi!" Karra chirped softly as she gave a quick wave. "Hello," Nat said with a small grin.

    "I won't keep you as I feel a bit long winded this morning..." Xavier began with a bit of humour. Karra grinned, but stayed silent. He quickly described what he was after, which turned out to be a shopping trip. "Here's a list of supplies we will need." Xavier handed Nat a datacard that showed the list in question. The arrow on the screen pointed down after ten items, indicating that the viewer should scroll down if they wanted to see more. Xavier positioned the card so both Karra and Nat could view it. Karra nodded as she silently looked at the list.

    "The essential items we shall be needing have been highlighted. The rest could be acquired either today or another time. Either way, I'd like you both to go shopping for these items, but I advise you to avoid big and popular places of commerce. We don't need you taking any unecessary risks, as I would not be surprised if they are being monitored by the MCU."

    Karra nodded in understanding.

    "Karra, I'd like you to be Nat's body guard. As a human, she runs no risk of capture, hence shopping duties fall to her. Guarding her and seeing both yourselves safely back here is yours. Should you need back up, don't hesitate to use the security communicator, and should that not be
    possible, you can always send me a message here."
    Xavier tapped the side of his head as he smiled at the two young women.

    "I understand Professor. After the last mission, this hopefully will be much more calmer." she gave a short smile. Bodyguard. Hmmm.

    "I have sent for a guide to escort you to the surface. After that you'll be on your own. I'm counting on you to look out for each other and support one another. If you need to abort the mission, don't hesitate to do so." Karra wondered if it would be Devil Dog once more, or another mutant.

    Xavier paused again and gave a reasuring nod."Is there anything you need to know from me before you go?" "Should be fine Professor," Nat stated quickly. Karra thought for a moment.

    "Professor, I'm guessing we're using cash to pay for this stuff?" She quickly scanned the list again, then looked over at Nat. "I guess we can do multiple trips..so we dont end up trying to lug it all back in one shot." She smiled, and looked back at the Professor. "All we need is the money, and our escort, and I guess we'll be on our way."

    Karra wished that Iori was going with them. Perhaps another time. She turned and looked at Nat.

    "Soo..while we're waiting, how did you end up here...if you dont mind me asking?" she asked in way of small talk while they waited.

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    IC: Animan

    The goal here is not to alert the enemy of our presence. The more ignorant they are of our movements, the better off we are to proceed with our plans. So are we all on the same page on this?"

    "Yea I got it says animan changing back into his human form they will never know I was there. Stealth,recon,hiding not my usual favorite approach but sounds good to me" he said smiling.

    "So how should we go about getting past those weird figures over there. I saw them but could barely make out what they were. How do you suggest we go about sneaking by them things?"

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  24. DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus

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    IC: Nat Tavoris

    Xavier Encampment, Morlock Tunnels

    Karra, as it turned out, did have a question. "Professor, I'm guessing we're using cash to pay for this stuff?" Oh yes ... cash. They could hardly shoplift everything on the list, even if Karra's ability happened to be invisibility or something. And credit cards, if they had any, were traceable.

    "I guess we can do multiple trips.. so we don't end up trying to lug it all back in one shot." Karra continued, looking over at Nat. At Nat's nod, Karra smiled and looked back at the Professor. "All we need is the money, and our escort, and I guess we'll be on our way."

    As the pair waited, Karra turned to look at Nat. "Soo.. while we're waiting, how did you end up here... if you don't mind me asking?" she asked. By her tone, she was just making small talk. Well - Nat generally didn't like talking about it, but it was a good question, and when she thought about it it was surprising that she hadn't been asked that before. She'd certainly had her share of curious looks when it was mentioned she didn't have any powers.

    "It's a bit of a long story." Nat said, though she gave Karra a quick grin to show she didn't mind the question. It would be a long couple of days if they couldn't get along, but it really was a bit of a long story. "The short version is, my missing brother is a mutant and I'm looking for him."

    Obviously, there were more details than that - such as how Nigel had attracted the MCU's attention in the first place, a detail which still gave Nat a guilty squirm when she thought about it.

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    Lazer and NightFall- Hell's Kitchen, deserted Alleyway

    "You're hurt. Let me help you, Please...I can heal you." Lazer pleaded softly as she moved close enough for SpiderGirl to recognize. Hopefully, if she didnt see her well enough, she would recognize her voice. Thankfully, she didnt have to worry, as SpiderGirl gave her a very weak smile, before literally falling into Lazer's arm, slipping into unconciousness before Lazer could even grab her. My God, how had she been walking as she had? It had to be pure will power. As Lazer craddled the badly hurt girl, from somewhere nearby, the sound of a can falling and then rolling on its side was heard. NightFall turned, and gave Lazer a look, as he swiftly moved, the look on his face, saying all that it had to. 'Time to go.' With a nod, Lazer gently held on to SpiderGirl as she took a step back, letting the surrounding shadows envelope them once more. At least NightFall could keep them all safely hidden within the dark relm, until she had finished healing SpiderGirl.

    It was a comforting feeling, as she craddled SpiderGirl, just as NightFall now craddled them all. She could feel his presence all around her. And even she could tell that the stonic NightFall was a bit worried at the horrible condition that SpiderGirl was in. But not for long. As soon as the regular world faded away from them, and NightFall came to rest, is when Lazer went to work. She had kept her healing powers in check, as she held SpiderGirl close, but now with no prying eyes to disturb them in the darkness, she let her powers explode. Her healing light surrounded her body, and poured out into the injured SpiderGirl. NightFall also benefited from the release, as he closed his eyes, drinking in the warm energy, as it pushed back a cold nawing hunger from deep within him. Even though he had seen it many times, he still found it amazing to watch, as Lazer healing light surrounded them all. Lazer concentrated on the most serious of injuries first, keeping herself calm, so that she could heal SpiderGirl quickly. She had done nothing wrong, and was almost killed for it. Lazer held in a small sniffle. Whenever she had need to greatly use her powers, her emotional state would sometimes become a bit more - touchy. And she felt that way now, as she healed the badly injured SpiderGirl. Someone she knew, and respected. She had been unmasked. She wondered by who. Surely not the hunters, or she would be in custody. Maybe that weird man they saw eariler. But being in civilian clothing had probably helped save her. Lazer moved her hands down, seeking to undo the damage done to SpiderGirl, pouring in as much healing energy as she could take.

    NightFall was silent, watching from both afar, and more personal than perhaps anyone else could, when it came to Lazer. He could see her silent agony on her face. She would never mention it, but NightFall knew that whenever she had to heal someone so severely injured, she had to all but lay herself bare. Her raw emotional state tended to peek out at that time. But he never teased her, never poked fun at her, for it was one of the many things that he loved about her. That she was willing to open herself so willingly, in order to save another. It was not something, that he believed that he could do, unless it was Lazer who was in danger. Yet she did it willingly, for strangers and friends alike. At one time, he worried, that her own light would fade, after being exposed to so much darkness, but instead, it seemed to shine even brighter. His own private star. As she worked, be began to plan. They would need a place to rest. SpiderGirl would probably want to get back to her own safe area. And Lazer and he? He did not trust their appartment. Lazer would be dead tired, after such a prolonged healing. He need to find someplace where they could rest quietly, and not be bothered. From dealing with gangs and such, he and Lazer had a few hiding spots. But with this mutant task force, would they be enough? Leaving the city for the moment, seemed to be a good thing to do, e
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