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    IC: Nat Tavoris

    Morlock Tunnels

    As it turned out, Nat wasn't the only one thoroughly impressed by Karra's performance. There was a moment of silent astonishment before rest of them broke out in amazed commentary. Devil Dog, too, abandoned his hiding spot and approached the group, clapping lightly; after a beat, Nat scrambled up to join him.

    Luxxa took charge briskly, saying that she would report the incident so the rest of the Morlocks would be on their guard for any reprisals. The two men seemed to like the idea of another fight, but Luxxa was quick to admonish them. "Don't be so hasty to see battle..." she said. "We see to much of it as is. Friend against friend, brother against brother. I long for peace, but I will defend my people and those less fortunate with my life if necessary."

    Nat found herself nodding along to this. She had done things she wasn't very proud of to survive on the streets, things she'd happily never do again. And yet: she'd do them a hundred times over if it meant finding Nigel safe.

    The two groups parted without any further ado. The rest of the trip was uneventful ... that is, until they reached the surface to find that something was very wrong.

    Nat's first thought was that they couldn't possibly have taken so long to get up that night had fallen. It was a confused couple of seconds before she realized that no, it wasn't nighttime - at least, not natural nighttime. A massive shadow blocked out the skies, blocking out all illumination except for clusters of light streaking over the city. In fact, it was darker than Nat had ever seen the city, for none of the street lights or shop windows were lit.

    A small clump flew above them just then. Nat caught a glimpse of what it was, a quartet of small pod-like things with wings in an X formation. It absurdly reminded her of ships in an old science fiction movie -

    "What in hades is going on?" Devil Dog said in a disbelieving whisper.

    Nat didn't have an answer. A sense of unreality had begun to descend on her: now that the shock had worn off, she was getting a growing sense of deja vu. For some reason, she was sure she'd experienced this before - standing on a street corner with a man and woman on either side, a small island of stillness within the chaos and darkness. The wind whipping her short hair around her face, the smells, the sounds of panic all around - all were so chillingly familiar. It was as if she had been here before, in this exact place and time -

    That was impossible. She knew it was.

    But she couldn't shake the feeling.

    TAG: GJ, Ktala

    As always, feel free to deliver the smackdown if this crosses a line, but I thought it would be a perfect place to drop a hint about Nat's power.. :D
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    Morlock Tunnels

    Karra got rid of the three troublemakers without any problems, and turned around, and then suddenly turned bright read as she realized that EVERYONE was staring in her general direction. The silence was deafening, and Karra felt as if she would melt.. Everyone seemed to be looking at her with expressions of surprise. she was sure her cheeks were going to burst into flames at any moment from the heat she felt.

    "That was...Amazing!" Luxxa said finally, smiling braodly at Karra. Now that the coast was cleared of baddies, Devil Dog approached the group of heroes as he clapped lightly. Nat stepped out a few moments later.

    "I wouldn't have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes." The guide said. "Is everyone in Xavier's Academy this powerful?" He asked, still in awe.

    "Almost everyone..." Godshade interjected, giving Devil Dog a sly smirk and a wink.

    Godshade chuckled and Luxxa joined in. Karra simply rolled her eyes. "It wasnt anything. Just didnt want a fight." she stated softly. She gave a small grin.

    "Well, we better move from here. I'll report the incident so patrols can be fortified against any reprisals, should those three seek to strike back at us." She said in general, then looked to Nat and Devil Dog. "You two seem to be in good hands." she commented with a smile. Karra felt her cheeks
    burn again.

    "Hmph! I'll show e'm next time..." Godshade put in. "Count me in..." Bad Boy chimed. "Don't be so hasty to see battle..." Luxxa admonished. "We see to much of it as is. Friend against friend, brother against brother. I long for peace, but I will defend my people and those less fortunate with my life if necessary." A sad smile came over her face, but she quickly dispelled it.

    Karra would agree with the look. Too bad the mutants had a better perspective on things than most did.

    Luxxa's voice cut into her thoughts, getting them bakc on track once more.

    "Alright, everyone get back to your respective duties. Make your reports and travel safely."

    Devil Dog nodded his good-byes to Luxxa, Godshade and Bad Boy. Then proceeded to lead Karra and Nat to the surface as he promised. The rest of their trip was uneventful, and for that Karra was greatful. She was happy for a nice quiet trip the rest of the way.

    Then, they reached the surface. Although it was suposed to be daylight, the city was plunged in darkness. A massive shadow blotted out the skies. Panic seemed to have overrun the streets, and there were groupings of low flying lights streaking over the city. A small cluster streaked above their position, and they clearly
    could see a quartet of small pod like shapes with wings in "X" formation, colored as black as night. It was the brillinace of their after burners that made them so noticeable.

    "What in hades...." Devil dog said in whisper, his disbelieving eyes and senses reeling from what he was seeing. ".....is going on?"

    Karra turned white, as she watched the scene in front of her. She KNEW what this was. The ships. From here the ship was mammoth. It wasnt supposed to be now, was it? To suddenly show up like this....something else must have happened. Karra spoke, softly at first, but then urgently, and more in control.

    "No shopping today. We go back....NOW. Its too dangerious out here now." Karra paused for a moment.

    She wanted to stay out and see what was going on. But she worried for the others safety. And as much as she hated to bother the professor now, but figured this qualified.

    //Professor. I HOPE you can SEE THIS!//..she sent, letting herself relax, even thought every thought was to leave. She stood still for a few seconds, relaying what she sawn before she shook her head. She then turned to look at Devil Dog. "Hound, we need to get back underground. Anyone up top, is in grave
    danger, cause I dont think that thing is here for our autographs."

    Karra pointed back down. "NOW!" she or
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    IC: Erin Mathews

    Erin stared at the monitors in the room she'd stayed in, trying to make sense of what was going on. She was starting to wish she'd never left home. She shivered, picking up the sense of approaching people...who weren't shown on the monitors.

    "Monitor room, is everyone Ok? are you picking up anything?"

    "The monitors aren't picking up anything, but I am. Over a dozen people, in a state of high agitation." With an effort, she kept her voice calm.

    Then...things started to get even more chaotic. A telepathic message warned the lot of them, and Erin hugged herself, eyes wide. This was bad. This was very bad.

    "I have a secret tunnel here in the lab. If everyone can make it here, I can seal the bulk-head manually, that ought to buy us some time. Everyone! to the LAB!! HURRY!!"

    The young Australian didn't need telling twice. She ran for the lab, joining the others there.

    Tag: McTaggert's lab people
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    OOC: Sorry for the delay. RL kicked in and I was out of town. I'm back now. :)

    IC: Kristin Matthews (Phantom) - Morlock Tunnels:

    It had seemed like hours and Kristin had lost interest in the conversation between the group of mutants long ago. Besides, her body ached from head to toe. The attacker had obviously done some damage and her knees felt very weak, as they trembled slightly. She was winded, this much was true, yet she tried her very best to stay coherent as the fellow mutants conversation continued.

    Finally, Dash began to lead the way and Kristin was more than overjoyed to begin the rest of their trek to the Xavier Camp. Corridors twisted and turned, and eventually she lost herself in a maze of confusing twists and turns. If she was ever to go back, she wouldn't know the way. Throughout their trek Kristin's feet began to drag slightly as all energy left her body. Must be side effects of the attack. She thought to herself as she shook herself out of the beginning stages of feeling faint.

    Upon arriving Kristin could barely open her mouth to greet the fellow mutants at the entrance of Xavier's Camp as the final stages of exhaustion washed over her in a flood of relief and pain. She smiled wryly looking to Dash for instructions.

    Tag: Grey, anyone in Xavier's camp.
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    IC: Nat Tavoris

    The Streets

    It was almost a shock when Karra spoke. "No shopping today. We go back....NOW. Its too dangerous out here now."

    Nat turned to look at her, blinking. Karra's face was pale, almost as she had expected - exactly as she had expected. Why had she expected it? She had no reason to; Karra was a powerful mutant who'd just taken on three others single-handedly.

    Karra's next words were to Devil Dog, and even those were familiar... "Hound, we need to get back underground. Anyone up top, is in grave danger, cause I don't think that thing is here for our autographs."

    Instead of leaving, Nat turned to regard the streets once again. She should move - Karra was right, they were in grave danger. Yet she didn't think ... it didn't feel like trouble was moments away. She didn't remember anything like that. But why should she 'remember' danger? She'd never been here before; she'd definitely never been here during what looked like some bizarre artificial eclipse.

    Oh, she was going crazy.

    "NOW!" Karra, on the other hand, still had her head firmly on her shoulders and was in no mood to lose it. Nat turned and followed her down, still preoccupied with the strange sense of deja vu that had gripped her.

    TAG: Ktala, greyjedi
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    Control Room...

    "Day after day alone on the hill,..."

    The monitors in the control room displayed what had been going on for the past fifteen minutes. Troops were continuing thier survelliance marches around the premises, with the walkers lumbering to and fro across the grounds. Night was beginning to fall, and there seemed to be a bit of serenity around the mansion - aside from the troops.

    "Sees the sun going down,..."

    Naomi hadn't said much since the two had entered the room. Not that there was much to talk about.

    "And the eyes in his head,..."

    Jack continued muttering songs to himself since he'd entered the control room. There wasn't much for him to do except watch the screens, which so far had not shown anything of any real interest.

    "See the world spinning - "

    Eagle's Breath, Six, Naomi, Hawk, Shadowspite. Everyone, please assemble in the danger room.....

    Jack brought his hand to his head as the burning sensation passed. He hated it when people talked to him telepathically. Jack looked over to Naomi, who was already heading for the door.

    --- --- --- ---

    Danger Room...

    Jack was the last one to enter the Danger Room. Standing across from the team was Sage. Not really, though - it was a projected image. She must be busy...

    "I don't really have the words to describe it to you, so I'll just show you." Sage said without preamble. "Things have changed suddenly, and we must adapt to these changes."

    An image of the earth appeared in front of them. Every detail seemed to be accounted for, down to the weather patterns. Something seemed off, though....

    "Keep in mind that this is real time footage," Sage continued. "Jocasta, show an aerial view of each major city in alphabetical order. Begin at 20 kilometer radius and pull back."

    The image changed accordingly, zooming in on each major city. What Jack saw sent shudders down his spine. Giant saucer-like objects floated over the cities, massive in size,with smaller objects swarming around them.

    "There is no other way to say this. Earth is being invaded...."

    Invaded? Little green men? Jack found that hard to believe. But the footage stated otherwise. He'd never believed in aliens - that was just for movies and Star Trek geeks. But flying saucers were undeniably here.

    The footage continued, showing more cities, all with the same gigantic object hovering over them.

    While the others assured Sage and the other members of the team that they could take on these invaders, Jack snorted. They were eager to jump into a battle - without truly knowing their enemy. A fatal flaw.

    Once the others had finished, Jack spoke up. "Sage, how long have these... flying saucers been over the cities?"

    One thing was for sure... this mission had just become a lot more complicated.

    TAG: gj125, Sage's team

    D_N :cool:
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    Things are more than a little crazy on my end right now. There are changes happening that require my full attention, and as a result, my time online has greatly lessened. Besides, this is a good point in the story for a (worthy) EPILOGUE.

    So, yes... even though this chapter of The Xavier Institute for Higher Learning is soon to be wrapped up and brought to a close, that does not necessarily mean the end per se. Another GM might decide to revive a (different or similar ) story. After all, this IS about the X-MEN and mutantkind in general.

    Within the Epilogue, I will likely reveal hints as to where the story was headed. There will also be a chance for you all to react in-character and prep for a possible future instalment. Anywho, it's late, I need sleep and I've got to go to work in the morning. ( what a drag )

    I apologize if this comes as an unpleasant surprise, but at this point it is the best option.

    See ya'll soonish.


    P.S. EPILOGUE in transit
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    I am Erik Magnus Xavier, current leader of The Xavier Institute for Higher Learning and the X-Men. Of late, I've found that I ask myself time and time again, if is this our Eleventh Hour? is our Finest Hour yet to come? Was this great challenge written in the stars....and if so, could we have prevented it?

    Truthfully, I have no answers.

    I feel a nigh unbearable burden has fallen on me and my fellow mutants. We who have dedicated ourselves to improve our way of life, our co-existance with average humans. WE have saved the world on numerous occassions. Selflessly, never asking for reward or recognition, for the very act was reward enough. But now, now we might be facing the very real threat of extinction....and for the first time ever, I'm not confident we can do this alone.

    No, not alone. If Mutants and Humans can't work together to solve this present crisis, then our race as we know it will be lost.

    It all seems so incredible now that I look back on it.

    Four years ago we recieved a visitor from the future. It was late at night, and we were having a faculty meetig in my study. N'Dare, Sage and John Storm, we were all taken by surprised when our visitor appeared. She claimed to be from our future, a not so distant future and what she had to tell us was not very easy to listen to.

    Her name was Roxanne Moore, better known as Hourglass.

    Cleverly enough, Roxanne had waited until after I'd learned about her younger self before 'introducing' herself to us. She figured we'd be more likely to believe her then. And how right she was, for her claims were....how can I say this, uncanny and disturbing.

    According to Roxanne, the Skrulls would inaved the earth and take it over in about four years. Galactus had destroyed the Skrull Throneworld and had made of them a displaced people suffering through their own diaspora. The Skrulls were facing the very possibility of eventual extinction, and were in desperate need of relocation. With very little options of uninhabitted planets, or the ability to overtake any planets with a comparative technologically advanced culture, Earth seemed to be the best choice.

    Thus informed, our goal seemed simple. Prepare a small army of super powered beings to repulse the Skrull Invasion.

    How could we have been so naive. So blind.

    Little did we know, or stopped to consider, what we later learned to be true. The Skrulls were already on earth, secretly infiltrating every level of society and assuming key positions in goverment, law and technological agencies all around the globe. No one could be trusted. Who could we go to with this information, and who would believe us, for we hardly believed it ourselves. My mind probes confirmed that what Roxanne was saying was actually true, incredible as it was. Another hindrance to our progress was the fact that the Skrulls had perfected their way of blending in with human society. They were virtually undetectable.

    And so, this crucible was before us. Seemingly unalterable. We were destined to be conquered and assimilated by skrulls. But Roxanne had more to tell us, much more. A year after the Skrulls officially invaded the earth, The Kree would come to earth, seeking to wipe out the Skrulls from the face of the universe, and earth....mutantkind, humankind, would fall.

    Never before had I felt such a weight upon me. After all that we'd accomplished, after all that we survived. There just had to be a way to avert such an end.

    Thus, we began to plan.

    Hourglass made certain details known to us as she reappeared again for the next few months, though we began to notice that her visits were becoming shorter in length and less frequent. N'dare was the first to notice this as a matter of fact.

    Roxanne did reveal that the Mutant Registration Act was a certain sign that the Skrulls were in key positions in goverment and well into their invasion phase. Subverting Super Powered resistance was key to a swift
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    Epilogue: Alastor (Executioner)
    8 Months since last post...

    It was obvious these, Skrulls had some very advanced Technology, but so did Xavier and his people. Technology and resources, it had been those resources that had kept them safe for years, and it was those resources that were helping Alastor fight for his planet right now. He was in essence, thanks in part to Xavier's resources, and thinks in part to a S.H.I.E.L.D operative that had supplied him, a walking arsenal.

    In addition to his two 45. caliber pistols, Alastor was sporting a IMI Tavor GTAR-21, equipped with a M203 Grenade Launcher. And he was a Man on a mission. It was night, and he was Dressed in black camouflage and his hair was died black for the occasion. He was weighted down, the vest he was wearing was full of ammo for the Tavor and some 40mm Air Burst Rounds. He only had two extra clips for his pistols, but he knew if he got down to having to use the pistols, he was already dead.

    His mission was quite simple, take out the reactor of the Skrulls ship he had been teleported to. There were other missions going on on other ships, each with individuals or groups who had volunteered, because the likely hood of surviving this particular mission, was very low. Exponentially low. Thats why Alastor and several S.H.I.E.L.D members volunteered, because they knew they were the ones best suited for this type of mission.

    The Corridor he was in was empty when he appeared, good, that was the way it was supposed to be. S.H.I.E.L.D had managed to get the security patrol routes of the ships. Alastor had about 1 minute before the Skrulls detected him, and the Reactor room was a 5 minute run from his location. So he started, fast. Behind him, his teammate, a S.H.I.E.L.D member named Matt followed, covering his six.

    Alastor and Matt had become good friends over the past few months, working together, living together, killing together. They were both good at what they did, and they had developed a Brother-like relationship. Brothers-in-Arms. Though Matt wasn't mutant, he could match Alastor with accuracy he was very gifted in the art of 'reaching out and touching someone.' And that was about to come in handy.

    The HUD on Alastor's combat goggles, something S.H.I.E.L.D had given him, showed the mission timer at 00:00:56. Both he and Matt knew it was coming, and didn't even pause when the lights shifted red and an alarm sounded on the ship. They did however Pause when they rounded the corner. It was a single Skrulls, well it had to be, they didn't make Sentinels that small.

    The Skrulls, sentinel thing turned to face them and began to charge, and out of the corner of his eye Alastor saw Matt shift into a grenade firing position. Alastor knew what was coming and shifted into one himself, it was their 1-2 punch, a tactic they'd done time and time again. Matt had AP grenades, Alastor Air burst, and both of them could hit the same point right after the other did.

    Matt's round went off, and made a fist sized hole in the Skrulls, which they had both learned wouldn't normally kill them off. Thats where Alastor came in, his round left the barrel of the launcher and entered the hole perfectly, and detonated. A wave of pressurized air and shrapnel burst out of the Skrulls form the inside, there wasn't any living through it, even for a Sentinel mimicking Skrulls.

    The rest of the run was quiet, the arrival was not. The moment the door opened the rounds went off. 5.56x45mm rounds flew through the air, filling the 7 Skrulls that were in the Reactor room full of lead, a good majority of these shots were head shots, and like humans, they were fatal. Alastor sealed the door, and Matt began to set up. Alastor checked their mission clock 00:04:58. He smiled inwardly, even with that Skrulls, he and Matt had beaten the clock. ?Ready to accept your piece man.? Matt said, and Alastor walked over to where he was setting up and pulled off his backpack. They each carried one half of a device. Separated the devices were mostly harmless, combined, they became a MARK-IV
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    I normally hate posts that are so long they have to be split up into multiple parts, but this appears to be one. [face_blush]

    In my defence, the Nat-Nigel storyline is one I've had in mind since I started my character - there just wasn't time to really explore any of it. Since it began in this game, I feel it's only fitting for it to end in here, too, so I'm gonna try.

    Epilogue: Nat Tavoris

    Part I

    I don't know when the dreams started. Funny, isn't it? My brother Nigel can tell you exactly when he discovered he could make things come alive. In fact, so can I - the first thing he did was barge into my room and excitedly show me how he could make a paper bird fly around on its own. But these dreams - I've had them as long as I can remember. Only I never realized what they were, I thought they were just - you know, dreams. If they occasionally came true, I thought nothing of it.

    What I can remember is the day I realized they were more than just dreams. It was the day after the first attack on the Xavier Institute and the evacuation to the Morlock tunnels. The Professor had sent Karra and I up to the surface on a supply run, but when we got to the surface... it was to discover that the Skrulls were here in force. The invasion ship over the city was large enough to blot out the sun.

    The thing is, I had dreamt of that happening not two days previously. In fact it was why I was awake during the attack in the first place - it was so vivid and dark, more like a nightmare really - anyway - I mean, it was just so weird up there, you know? It matched my dream down to minute detail, down to and including the takeout fliers fluttering about in the wind.

    Karra made sure we didn't stick around, and on the way back I clumsily tried to explain why I'd frozen up there and had to practically shoved back down. I think she understood more than I could say, because once we got back she sent me straight to the Professor.

    Turns out Professor Xavier can sense if you're a mutant or not, if he puts his mind to it, and I'm one. Surprise.

    Those dreams? Real. He started asking me questions about it - can I control what I'm doing in the dreams, do they coincide with what I'm thinking when I fall asleep, what other things had I dreamt about, stuff like that - he was really interested. I couldn't really answer any of his questions either way, but I promised to try and see if I could do all that stuff. Control my dreams, like.

    Over the next month, I made some progress. It's ... hard, I guess, to gauge progress, because it might be a power but they're still dreams. Sometimes I can control what I'm doing in them, and sometimes I can't. Sometimes I can sort of force my dreams down a certain path by focusing on something before I fall asleep, and sometimes I can't. Sometimes I'm not really 'in' the dream at all, just a sort of floating observer. It was - is - more than a little frustrating, but the Professor seemed pleased anyway.

    I did manage to dream-walk myself over to the Xavier's mansion, one night. The present-day Xavier's mansion, too - sometimes it's not clear whether I'm dreaming in the past, present or future, but this was pretty clear - and it was just like we'd left it, Force field and all. It was deserted, the government having given up breaking the field as a lost cause. So when things got hot down in the tunnels, we knew it was safe to move back up there.

    I like to think I had something to do with it, anyway.

    Before he left, I asked Professor Xavier if he could use Cerebro to find my brother. I'd been trying to dream myself to where he is, but every time I try all I get is flashes of something and a pounding headache when I wake up... I don't know why. Anyway, apparently it's not that simple - he can use Cerebro can find people, but in order to do so he's got to know what he's looking for. And the only person around that knows Nigel is me, so first he had read my mind.

    He says it's not that simple, that the mind can't be 'read' like a book, but I still say that
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    OOC:As a player who fazed in and out of this game due to RL, I am pleased to say I had a small part in it, I've grown to favor this story and Frostbite will return if there is to be a X-men 3, thank you to our vigilant and fearless leader (Grey), thanx for letting me come on board


    Personal Log:4 months after Epilogue

    "I think the best way to explain is to recap. I'm Brandon Drake, son of the original X-man known as Iceman, Yeah, dad was real imaginative with his name. I came to the Mansion by way of my aunt, and when I arrived here it was all a little overwhelming, I didn't know who to trust or anything, but I was welcomed to the mansion by the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. This girl being Roxanne Moore, better known as Hourglass, now I'm not sure if that's because she can stop time or its the shape of her.....well I digress, anyway, I became taken aback by her and before long, I fell in love, that's right, Bobby Drakes son has a weakness for Redheads!!!

    To get back on track, I found not just a girl, but close friends who I quickly got in trouble with, I had a very juvenile view back then, and to think it wasn't too long ago! Over the course of time I also found what it is to be an X-men, and evil Mutant by the name of Shadow took control of me via a psychic link and I attacked some fellow X-men. I nearly killed one, luckily my friends helped me and I jumped back into action just in time to help defend the Mansion from the attack of the Sentinels and armored troops. I did all I could to help those who helped me, I had a drive, a purpose now, I wanted to be an X-men, I wanted to know what my father felt, what he spent his whole life doing. I wanted to be the best I could. As fate would have it, we all were pushed out of the mansion. It was from there we sought refuge with the Morlocks.

    Just for the record, whether they aided us or not, I can't stand Morlocks, they hide in fear in there subterranean world outcast from everyone else. They are cowards, but enough on that, so we sought refuge in there realm. It was here that defining moments of our trip took place. I realized that I belonged with the X-men, and I became closer to Roxy then I had ever been. With the untimely death of her brother Jayson I did my best to comfort her. I had no clue during all this that Roxy would later reveal the secrets dealing with the Skrull and all that has transpired since then. Its still a little bit overwhelming. But, we are Xavier's children. We would do anything for him, as he would us. I trust in our leaders, Solar Flare is my buddy, accept his powers are no where near as powerful as mine!!

    I've grown over this whole saga, and I've found a family. My powers have grown stronger as has my heart. I am proud to stand with my fellow X-men, not as just a student, but an true X-men, I hope my dad, wherever he is, is proud of me!

    Now a few questions are still to be answered. Will I end up with the girl of my dreams Roxy? Where do we go from here? Is a war coming? So I will conclude with this.

    My name is Brandon Drake,I am a mutant, I am the son of former X-man Iceman, I followed in his footsteps to become a X-man. I'm 21 years old, I'm in love with a girl who can stop time, the war has indeed started, and I'm sure things will get worse before they get better, they always do. But war is a strange thing, I once heard a wise man say "politicians start wars while everyone else fights them." I think there is some truth to that. But whatever happens, whatever the peril, you can count on the X-men being there!!

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    Professor N'dare

    Calm blue eyes looked out over the area. Most of the students had fallen into simple routines now. And things were relatively quiet. N'dare scanned until he found the one shadow he knew would be there.

    Professor Erik Xavier.

    Even with the warning they had received what seemed like a lifetime ago, it was not enought. Even with a touch of the future, things still did not come out as they had wished. N'dare looked silently at Erik. He had been throght so much. He had the weight of the entire school, if not the entire planet on his shoulders. For he knew what would happen if they failed.

    N'dare slowly blinked. If he could help shoulder the weight from the man, he would. He tired his best, making sure that trival items were taken care of, and safeguarding not only the students, but the Morlocks who sheltered them. Truly, humans and mutants stood at the crossroads. Most did not even realize just how dire the situation was.

    N'dare felt it heavily, as he felt a tie to both the Morlocks and the studens of Xaviers. And now, with the Professor leaving to undertake a dangerous mission, it falls on he and the other teachers of the academy to make sure that Erik's students stay safe. For all of the to join forces, and putting away petty arguments.

    N'dare's eyes turned slightly silver, as he scanned the area. But he did have help, and in that he was thankful. Talented students who could help him safeguard the others. He was determined to make sure, that when the professor returned, he would find his students safe as well. He looked at John and the other teachers. The students looked to them now. And he would use his last breath to make sure that they all stayed safe.

    N'dare turned away, thinking of family. He hoped that they were safe, waiting along with others, until a way could be found to defeat the invaders. Until that day, they would train, and continue to learn more about their enemy. Intel was the most important thing now. Soon, they would have their chance, and the call of the hero would stir them once more.

    But until that call came, N'dare would insure that Xavier's legacy would survive. For they were the new hope.


    She was floating.

    Arms outstretched, hair flying wild, she floated. She gave a deep sigh, as the smell of the water reached her nose. She was not in her beloved space. She was underground. When they had left the mansion, she managed to grab one tiny item that ment the world to her.

    Her star map device..

    In her tiny area, she projected the stars she called home, and closed her eyes, trying to project herself into the heavens. It was too dangerous to fly about now. Only certain quick traps, for she did not want to give away her position. And those sentinals really made such a simple things something no longer obtainable. But she could dream. No, they were NOT going to take that away from her. She tried her best to remain upbeat and positive for the others. And when she was in the light, things didnt seem so bad.

    She reached out, touching a small speck of light as she looked at the stars around her.

    HOME! How she missed it. But she had found something here on her new home, that kept her here. She had friends. A family. And she cared about what would happen to the beings here, if the Skrull took over. But there was something else. She slowly turned her head to the left, and slowly a smile grew on her face, as she saw Iori was floating lazily nearby. He appeared to be in meditation, as he gently floated. She moved closer.She had almost lost him, and she found herself caring very much about what happens to Iori. Little sister, Lera the sparkler she also cared about, but it was Iori who had captured her heart. And as easy as it would be to simply fly off, and keep going, she found herself even more determined to stay. She had learned much from Professor N'dare, a man who seemed much smarter than many around him, in his talents of building things. T.H.U.N.D.E.R. hovered about, his watchful eyes always looking over what he considered his
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    Epilogue: Erin Mathews (Provoque)
    Seven Months Later

    They were running again. Another attack, and another retreat before they could be caught. Back to the Blue Mountains hideout that much of the Australian mutant resistance was based out of. Erin ducked and wove through the trees, along with her companions. The group stopped, looking around warily, then sat on a fallen log to catch their breaths. They'd long since left the pursuit behind, but it was better to keep moving as long as possible, even if they had to rest briefly. Somewhere far behind them was a burnt-out ute, the one they'd been using until they had to continue on foot.

    Erin sighed. This whole thing had dragged on far too long. She'd had such high hopes when they sent her to America. Campaigns. Lobbying. Slogans. Equal rights for mutants, no discrimination. But the Skrulls had attacked, and now the lobby group was a resistance movement, stickers and videos exchanged for weaponry, mostly improvised.

    The worst part wasn't the tarnishing of ideals, however. That was bad enough. All their hopes had been changed to a simple need to survive. Their powers had suddenly needed to be used in ways few of them had ever intended. Most had only wanted to use their powers to help others, not as a method of attack. Now the clever one who knew mixtures so well concocted explosives instead of cakes. The calm soul who'd created gardens now summoned vines to ensnare enemies. Erin herself was now having to use her abilities in aggression, or for tactics.

    No, the worst part was the casualties. The non-material ones like innocence, hope, peace, safety...and the people. What had been that Indian girl's name, the one with the round face and neon-green bead necklaces? Kite? Nobody blamed her for losing her nerve, trying to fly away. She'd been young, not used to fighting. She had been young, and would never get any older. The enemy had shot her down before she could get away, and then kept shooting when she fell, until she was no more than bloodied rags upon the ground, while everyone else watched in horror.

    At least Erin knew a little of the fates of her American friends. Half a coin, on a cord. Bracelet or necklace or anklet, while Erin kept the other half of each coin. They were items to focus on, so her finder abilities could see the people. She'd talked to Professor Xavier about them, given one to him, to Sage, and to a few others. As long as the groups weren't out of touch, they were more effective; even the tiniest thing that could help was a good thing, when dealing with so terrible an enemy. They had to win. They had to, because the alternative was too horrible to think about.

    Erin looked around at the group. Volunteers only; no one was put in harm's way unless they agreed to it. Personally, she was just glad that her family had agreed to go into hiding. They were safer when tucked away where they wouldn't be found. She remembered the event that had changed so much for her; being stalked, having her dreams invaded by a fellow mutant. His hands in her hair as she slipped unwillingly into the nightmares he created. She'd wanted to kill him, the first time she had ever genuinely felt that way about someone. He had been cast out, and Erin had been sent to America to assist Xavier's group. Now, the hair she'd cut short had grown long again, and was tied back in a ponytail. Professor Xavier had helped her to deal with some of her fears. Her hair was her own again, and it no longer felt unsafe to have it long. It served as an outward symbol of sorts; she was recovering.

    If Erin could recover after being harmed, surely Earth could. She would never be quite the same again, but she had been attacked, and she was restoring herself. They would win this, and restore the world as well as they could. It could be done. It would be done. Together, they were strong enough.

    In spite of her worries and fears, in spite of fatigue, feeling an upsurge of hope return...Erin Mathews, known to many as Provoque, smiled.


    OOC: Great game
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    EPILOGUE and Recording saved by Jocasta of Eagle Breath's: A Memoir of Reacquainted Memories

    You know it is a wonderful thing to know ones past again, to remember ones first love. She was a wonderful woman, we were married at an older age, nearly seventeen, never a better woman though others may come close to tying. She went with me and stood by me about four years later when I was banished after causing that Saber Tooth Tiger to vanish. They feared me for that, it was a touch too much for them, and to tell the truth it was for me too as I didn?t know what was happening to me as I started to see things and places that were there or even near. If it were not for her I would have gone mad that first year or the fiftieth after that, we lived long lives and even though she aged I did not. When she fell ill to old age I carried her back to our old village through the ice and snow, she never made it all the way home, but before she passed away on that journey she made me make a promise. Whether she was blessed with foresight or visions of the future that those near death are granted, I agreed to protect our people even though they shunned us and to protect those others blessed like I that might be misunderstood until the day they were accepted by all and to give them a new home until that day dawned.

    I made her funeral pier alone and watched her body leave to rejoin with her spirit, when I finally reached the village they were fighting off an enemy. I protected them without hardly any thought using what I had learned so far in exile and transported them to a new dimensional world, and later I transported mammoths and other beasts to live off of in their new home. I saved many others and many gifted in the same manner until this second world was full of life, I even saved a European colony from Indian attack by doing the same. You may remember them, as they left a note saying they were leaving for a safer spot and an arrow but what they didn?t know was that it was yet near and far the land I took them too.

    Eventually not that long ago I followed in new steps as my nephew gifted with visions and mastery of the mind foretold of an enemy that I would unwittingly bring here from the other world if I continued as I did. So, he blocked my memory and I took up banishment, unknowingly, on Earth the first human and mutant world searching for one to restore my memory and for an enemy threat to pass or reveal itself before aiding again as in the past.

    The enemy is shown now and my mind is my own again, except now I have a student in a Magician. An able fellow that mostly just needs to learn to trust his gift and to not fight the current while living in the river. And a girl, there always is one even if they don?t know it, Elana, also an Xaviar student. I will check in or stay for periods of time just to make she is safe, as anyone that can be as beautiful as she was in that sewer the first time I saw her deserves to be safe and to have the option if she ever should choose to live a simpler life in the world I help create.

    So I am tied to both worlds now, and fight for one by not bringing them into the fray and for the other by guarding those I have grown fond of by joining in the fight against the Skrull. Not to mention I owe I large dept to Xaviar for returning my memory unto me. It might take more than his lifetime to repay but until it is he and his group has my aid and the offer of a new world if they ever decides that their war is lost and it is time to flee for good. If he ever does I hope the Lady of the Light may come as well, a companion that would never die would trully be a welcome friend and rock to cling to as all others pass.

    OOC: I really enjoyed this game, and if it ever continues I look forward to the day and hope that I may once more join in.
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    Jack sat alone in his room in the Xavier Institute.

    It was quiet outside. But it was always quiet anymore. Jack half-wondered what chaos was happening just outside the tranquil cloak engulfing the mansion at times. Jack had become so used to noise and violence, that the silence seemed strange, foreign. The death that had been so prevalent and brutal over the past few weeks now made the peace unbearable.

    His thoughts came to Elana. There was still so much he had to tell her? so much he never said? how much he cared for her? where was she now? Only God and the Skrulls knew. But Jack couldn?t go find her. It would reveal the Institute?s location. Jack would have to stay in the mansion, while any hideous things could be happening to his little sister.

    A knock came to the door, breaking Jack from his thoughts.

    ?Come in,? Jack said gruffly.

    In stepped a woman a bit younger than Jack. She had a most unusual mutation. Her skin was a hue of deep red, with two horns protruding from her forehead, and a tail poking out behind her. She had a slim build, but that belied her immense physical and mental power. Most people simply called her ?Demon.?

    ?I don?t do trick or treat, Jen.?

    The woman sighed. ?That joke was only funny the first time, Jack.?

    ?I could say you?re forgot the goatee and mustache.?

    Jen snorted. ?You?re pretty rude.?

    Jack nodded smugly. ?I know.?

    Jen sat down across from Jack. ? I know I haven?t known you for very long -?

    ?Ten days isn?t even ?a short while.?? Jack interrupted with a smile.

    ?Something?s bothering you. Is it Alice??

    The smile vanished from Jack?s face. He shifted in his seat. ?No.?

    ?Your sister, then??

    Jack shifted again. ?I don?t see where that?s any of your business.?

    ?Jack, something is bothering you.?

    ?No, it?s not.?

    ?What?s not??

    ?Well?it.? Jack sighed, and rose from his seat. He walked over to the window, and leaned against the windowsill.

    ?You can?t imagine how hard it is, being penned up here. She?s out there, somewhere, and I can?t help her.?

    Jen rose from her seat, not sure exactly what to expect.

    ?I was supposed to keep her safe.? Jack?s voice began to tremble. ?I promised them that.?

    Jen was puzzled. ?Who did you promise??

    I took a trip back home a while back. A trip down memory lane.

    The neighborhood was exactly the same as when I had left. The candy store was still running, the same old couple still sat out in front of the barber shop? it was like I?d only been gone a few hours.

    I went to go see my old house. See if my folks were still there. As I walked down the sidewalk on the street were I lived, I saw them. Mom and Dad.

    I was on the opposite side of the street when I stopped in front of the house. Mom and Dad were on the front porch. They looked up to see me standing there. They didn?t recognize me at first, but after a few moments, they stood up from their seats. I could see the smiles on their face.

    It was then that it happened.

    A car sped in between me and my parents. When the car passed by, Mom and Dad weren?t standing.

    I hurried over to them. They?d been shot. Why would someone shoot them? What did they ever do?

    My dad was gone by the time I got to them. Mom was still gasping. I picked her up, and cradled her in my arms. Despite the pain, she had a really happy look in here eyes.

    ?Jack,? she said, faintly, ?You?ve grown so much.?

    She brought her hand up to my cheek. ?We?ve missed you so much, Jack.?

    ?I?ve missed you too, Mom,? I said.

    ?Your dad and I love you very much,? she said. A tear rolled down her face.

    ?I do too,? I said, holding her close.

    ?I want you to do a favor for me,? Mom said. I could barely hear her.


    ?I want you to? you to take care of?her.?

    ?What? Who?s ?her???

    She didn?t answer.

    I didn?t want to believe it at first. Those glassy, lifeless eyes staring up at me. She couldn?t be dead. Mom and Dad had to live forever. They couldn?t die.

    Tears flowed down Jack?s cheeks. ?I found out she meant Elana.?

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    I would like to once again, thank EVERYONE who participated in Xavier's!! You have all made this game a most memorable experience. And thank you Zedd_Vega for the original concept. I must admit that I am intellectually curious as to what course the game would have taken had you remained as GM. Either way, thank you.

    I'd also like to thank Genimay. You are one of the strongest persons I know. *bows*

    Btw, All the closing epilogues were fantastic!! So thank you everyone for such great final posts.

    Last but not least, should there be an X3 in the future, those in the player list would be the first I'd inform. :)

    Oh, and you do know that some of you are talented enough to start your own games by now... so don't hesitate! I encourage it. :D

    In closing, I wish you all a fond farewell and an awesome gaming experience. It's been a great honor to RP with you and a worthwhile learning experience.

    Excelsior true believers! Keep your light shining!

    Game on! [face_peace]

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