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NSWRPF Archive Their War, Our World (A Transformers RPG)

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by John_117, Mar 31, 2007.

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  1. John_117

    John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 28, 2006
    The year is 2005, after a millennia in stasis, the race known as the Transformers have awaken on Earth, within the ship, The Ark. In the english language, their factions translate into Autobot and Decepticon. Many years ago a great battle took place in the heavens, but their ship, The Ark, was wounded, and was cast down onto the planet below. Their ship boarded by the enemy, the heroic Autobots fought valiantly, until a large crash struck the ship, and put the Transformers into an endless slumber. But fortunately, The Ark would awaken the heroes, but in their frantic search, the Decepticons were no longer on board, they had escaped.

    The fearless leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, has ordered all Autobots to take on earth-based forms to remain hidden. They are Robots In Disguise. Two years have passed since that day, it is now 2007, and the Autobots have reconed their planet, this Earth. The Decepticons have yet to be found, and the Autobots have vowed to remain on Earth until the dangers of the Decepticons no longer plague these people, with The Ark lost, after a horrific earthquake, which buried The Ark deep beneath the earth, the Autobots are left stranded, no way to contact their home, the planet of Cybertron.

    But, unbeknownest to the Transformers, they are not the first of their kind to set foot on the planet of Earth. Sector Seven, a secret sect within the government, has been dealing with the Transformers since 1982. In their capture is an unknown Transformer, one unlike anything seen before. After nearly breaking out in 2006, and somehow managing to cause a massive earth quake, Sector Seven has raised its awareness of these Non-Biological Extraterrestrials. And sought out to destroy its kind once and for all....


    This Transformers RPG is not set in any continuity, it does not hold the basis of Generation 1, the film, Armada, RID, or any specific canon. Rather, this game will create its own universe, while drawing inspiration from all of the past Transformers legacies. Together we'll create an epic science fiction rpg. I've treated the Transformers differently in this case, like knights or gods. If it's not clear, the game is set in 2007, and The Ark is missing, for now anyway. This will not have any major plot, more like episodes, while the game will take place mostly in L.A. California, except for Sector Seven, which will be based in Washington DC. There will also be times where you will be able to travel to other places as well, given the nature of the story.

    And it wouldn't be Transformers if you couldn't blow stuff up, and you can. Although we start the game as Robots In Disguise, you can reveal yourself at any time and blow crap up, along with destroying anything in your path, but beware, because Sector Seven seeks to destroy you, well, if you're a Transformer.


    Next up, the rules. First off, please PM all character sheets to myself for approval before posting.

    No god-modding, although a Transformer, you can die, remember Optimus and Megatron, and Unicron, even the gods die. You can also be humans in this game, and they can die if they aren't careful. And you can't be any god based Transformers, that means no Primus or Unicron, personally I'd rather you not even mention them, unless like a curse or something. I never did like those guys.

    As I just stated, you are allowed to be human. One of the things I want to capture in this game is the human element, you're allowed to live your life as a human as you see fit. But you can also be a Transformer. You are allowed to be one human and one Transformer. Your human can also work for Sector Seven, if you wish, or they can just be a normal person, or teenager, living their life. Anyways, the set age is 17, no younger but you can be older. In the Transformers case, you can be Autobot or Decepticon, pre-existing characters or fan characters are welcome.

    If you decide to be a Transformer, no mass shifting, if you choose to be a radio, you won't be 30 feet tall, more like six feet, if you're a
  2. John_117

    John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 28, 2006
    -Name: Megatron
    --Faction: Decepticon
    ---Rank: Decepticon Overlord
    ----Robot Mode Appearance: [image=]

    -----Vehicle/Appliance Mode Appearance: [image=]

    ------Weapons: Massive arm cannon, fires heat seeking missiles.

    -------History: Megatron is the dominant overlord of the Decepticon faction. He was once brothers in arms with Optimus Prime, until he became disgusted with the Autobot faction and sought to fight against them. Betraying the Autobots a fair number of soldiers followed him to the Decepticons, branding them all with the menacing sign now associated with his kind.

    Upon discovering the legendary Golden Disk holds the destination of a high energy property, he attacked the Citadel, stealing the Golden Disk and taking the greatest Decepticon warship with him, The Nemesis. After entering Warp-space, Megatron realized he had been followed by The Ark, and its crew, receiving a transmission from its commander, Optimus Prime, to stand down, caused him to engage the enemy.

    Believing to have the Autobots on the run, be prepared a boarding party and battled through the ship, until Optimus suddenly locked the crew away on the bridge, behind blast doors, stasis lock was enabled and put the entire crew to sleep as it crashed on the earth below. Megatron had so desperately wanted the Ark for his own ship, but his arrogance only gave him defeat.

    In 2005 he and his Decepticons were awakened by the ship's sensors, after failing to break down the blast doors that the Autobots hid behind, they fled, seeking The Nemesis. Now it is 2007, and the Decepticons have yet to discover their ship, but have found that the earth houses incredible resources known as Energon, he believes this is what the Golden Disk led to.

    Megatron is egotistical and self-absorbed. He often ends his sentences with a longing "yes". He does not accept failure, not from anyone, not for any reason. He despises the humans and intends to suck the earth dry of its powerful enegry, leaving it a barren world that he will conquer and use as a vessel. He will not take on one of the primitive earth vehicles, instead uses his cybertronian tank.
  3. Obi-Wan21

    Obi-Wan21 Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 27, 2002
    Game Master Approved


    -Name: Optimus Prime

    --Faction: Autobots

    ---Rank: Autobot Commander

    ----Robot Mode Appearance: [image=]

    -----Vehicle Mode Appearance: [image=]

    ------Weapons: Battle rifle

    -------History: Optimus Prime is the heroic leader of the Autobots, he is the acting field commander of the Autobots of The Ark crew. He is a strong, forceful figure, not one to be played with. He is stubborn, and often times arrogant. He fought on Cybertron in the battle of Iacon, leading a full battalion, with Ultra Magnus behind him in battle.

    No matter the cost he will face Megatron, and bring him to justice, on his shoulders is all of Cybertron, he will save his people, and return home. He was placed in charge of The Ark after being given The Matrix of Leadership by the fallen Sentinel Prime.

    After discovering Megatron had broke free, taking The Nemesis with him, Optimus organized a special team chasing after him through Trans-Warp space, they arrived above earth and engaged in a brutal battle.

    The Decepticons boarded The Ark, and fought the Autobots back to main deck, in a last desperate attempt, Optimus closed the blast doors, crashing The Ark to the planet below, locking them all into stasis.

    Now, in 2007, Optimus has organized his team, with the Ark gone, the team has separated, pulling recon for their leader. Optimus searches continuously for Megatron, and recently he has returned to Los Angeles seeking the Autobots.


    -Name: Jack Parker

    --Age: mid-20's

    ---Gender: Male

    ----Appearance: Height is 6'4", thin but firm toned. Caucasian, short brown hair, messy. Blue-gray eyes, stubble on his lower face. Wears a black button up shirt, rolled up sleeves. Blue jeans, black shoes.

    -----Occupation: Sector Seven

    ------Personality: Cocky, egotistical, arrogant, defiant, nerdy, obsessive

    -------History: Jack has always been an incredibly brilliant young man. At 19 he was kicked out of college, which is when he first joined the government, a low level access to computers and monitoring equipment, two years later he was assigned to the field, he was always well versed in gun training and this was simply natural progression.

    The government was so quick to accept him into the fold because he undoubtedly had a handle on computers and tech that few others did at his age, and his field training was just as admirable.

    Not long after he was assigned to the secret sect of Sector Seven, a government agency that dealt with N.B.E. lifeforms, this was his first encounter with a Transformer, the species told nearly thirty feet tall and it was unlike anything he had ever seen before.

    He quickly accepted a field position into Sector Seven and was granted access to all of its seven levels. Despite his charming nature, Jack is quite aggressive, known to go to brutal lengths during interrogation to get what he wants.

    As a man of logic and reason, there's always something more to the puzzle, which is what he believes with these Transformers. Jack is also incredibly nerdy, and these large robotic figures only help to fuel that. He intends to find more of these, because it really is just too cool.
  4. Sabre_11

    Sabre_11 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jun 1, 2005

    -Name: [hl=silver]Hot Rod[/hl]
    --Faction: Autobot
    ---Rank: Tactician, Combat Expert
    ----Robot Mode Appearance:
    -----Vehicle/Appliance Mode Appearance:
    ------Weapons: 6 wrist-blasters (3 on each)
    -------History: Hot Rod is brash and headstrong, with an overwhelming self-confidence that borders on arrogance. He is also one of the more impatient Autobots. Hot Rod is also a quick tactical thinker and great warrior.

    After the Autobots came out of statis, Hot Rod, due to his impatience, was incredibly eager to scour the planet looking for Megatron and the rest of the vile Decepticons.
    Taking the form of a sports car, Hot Rod reconned the planet Earth by attending Car Shows around the world, knowing full well that there were also Decepticons who could transform into automobiles...

    OOC: Wont be able to actually RP for another fortnight or so, just letting you know;)
  5. John_117

    John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 28, 2006
    Alright, we've got a few people.


    Optimus Prime- Obi-Wan21
    Hot Rod- Sabre21



    Megatron- John_117

    That's a good start, got the two big bosses out of the way, and Hot Rod, who I loved as a kid, but we're still ACCEPTING PLAYERS. We need more before we can start. Starscream would be a welcome addition.
  6. Darth_Sabith

    Darth_Sabith Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 17, 2006
    OOC?: did you get my character sheet? If not aproved pm me please
  7. Darth_Sabith

    Darth_Sabith Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 17, 2006
    Transformers character sheet
    -Name:Vector Prime
    --Faction: Autobot
    ---Rank: 2nd in command and scout
    ----Robot Mode Appearance: -----Vehicle/Appliance Mode Appearance: Ancient Cybertronian Spacecraft and stelth bomber
    ------Weapons: He wields the mighty sword Rhisling and ?probability torpedos/bombs,?
    Among the oldest living transformers Vector Prime lead his people for nearly three centries before he decided to past down his leadership to Sentinel Prime. After giving up his role as leader he remained active as a warrior and guidance. He was/is a very skilled warrior who was believed loss when the Ark was burried. He has recently managed awaken in the Ark and dug his way to the surface. Unfortunatly the whole he dug collopsed in on itself. Thus burring the Ark once more. Now he seeks to locate his fellow auto-bots.
  8. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 1, 2000
    And no animals, cars, boats, jets, radios, anything like that is allowed.

    Uh... no cars or jets or radios? You just pretty much eliminated a lot of pre-existing Transformers with that ruling. Bumblebee (VW Beetle), Soundwave (Radio), Starscream (Jet), Optimus Prime (Semi) to name a few...
  9. Obi-Wan21

    Obi-Wan21 Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 27, 2002
    OOC: I think he just meant no animals are allowed. Since people are using vehicles. He just can't type. lol
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