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Mary Themes for Film

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by Fipe_Naz-mero, Jul 15, 2002.

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  1. Fipe_Naz-mero

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    Feb 4, 2002
    Dear Members:
    Here is part of my idea for the film. This scene will involve the Jedi Padawan and the Sith Apprentice in an incredible fight.

    Geen Tobar: Human, Jedi Apprentice
    Hoctumar Marcloon: Human, Sith Apprentice
    Ambassador Proliut Caskassi: Alien (Not decided yet)

    City - Napusoliria
    Planet (Not decided yet)


    The climate had turned humid. The heat caused by it could only mean one thing, rain. The sky was already becoming dark by the clouds forming. Geen Tobar, a Jedi apprentice, walked the street slowly. He looked at the top of the buildings, sensing with the Force, looking for any trace of Hoctumar Marcloon. Hoctumar was a Sith apprentice, responsible for the death of many civilians. Also it was suspected that his Master (Mogook?s Character), was responsible for a plot to kill Ambassador Proliut Caskassi.

    Ambassador Caskassi had been the main supporter of the Free Market Law that reigned in this city of Napusoliria. He had shown interest in this city after the many rumours of intrigue, corruption, crime and unlawfulness that kept citizens on the edge. He had shown strength, knowledge, and character by fighting this government. He had come with the mission of supervising the ongoing process of changing the political leaders.

    Geen Tobar was a young man, short in stature but tall in principles. He had begun the training for Jedi Knight for some years now. But he had declined the final examination because he wanted to learn more about the Force through the tutelage from the academy in Yavin IV. He came from the region or Corellia, but his family was originally from Tatooine. He had black hair, that he kept short. His brown eyes were sincere but serious. He liked to wear goggles to improve his vision and to protect his eyes. He had decided to wear black clothes as part of his leaning process. Black made him to be more comfortable and allow him to camouflage better at night.

    He entered an ally full of wood and metal crates that the market commerce used to import their goods. The ally was dark due to the clouds in the sky. A light rain began to fall as he took three steps into the ally. He opened his senses to the Force. He filled his being with the Light and extended his senses away. But he found what he was looking for. Rain stopped at that precise moment. He had found the Sith Apprentice.

    Hoctumar was sitting in a crate at the other side of the ally. He also wore black clothes, but their capes and materials were different. Hoctumar?s black clothes and cape were made of expensive material. On the other hand, the Jedi Padawan?s were made of humble cheap clothes. Hoctumar stood and bow gently to the Jedi.

    ?Welcome, Jedi. Welcome to the place that will become your tomb.? The Dark Side Apprentice stood tall again and jumped from the crate to the ground. He undid his cape and threw it on top of a crate. He had his lightsaber in his hand and turned it on. He lowered his blade allowing the Jedi to see his face.

    ?What you mean, Hoctumar. I haven?t planned of dying in here now. So you must be mistaken.? Geen removed his gray cape and placed it on top of a metal crate. He unclipped his lightsaber from his belt and pushed the power button. He stood sideways placing his lightsaber in a classic defending position. His green blade was perpendicular to the ground.

    ?And who said you can read the future for that?? Hoctumar walked slowly towards the Jedi. His eyes look upon the Jedi as a predator ready to take on his prey. He moved his blade menacingly sideways in a slow rhythm. Its humming sound masked the sound of the drops falling from the nearby roofs. ?So, prepare to meet the future I have decided for you.?

    ?I make my own future.? The Jedi said as he moved in a circle pattern to allow for a better defense against Hoctumar. He stopped when Hoctumar also stopped. Both men were a couple of meters apart, but their inner beings were already in a close combat. And it happened.

    Hoctumar swung his blade from the right with an incredible strength. Geen
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