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    Just a little Tahiri/Anakin story I made. It is when they meet.

    Luke Skywalker looked around the Jedi Academy smiling. Anakin Solo,

    who was Luke?s nephew had just come. He was named for Luke and Leia?s father. He knew

    people would be afraid of him for that. He sighed. Anakin was not like his sister and brother.

    The twins Jacen and Jaina Solo did not have trouble making friends. Anakin would.

    Most of the Jedi knew that Anakin had been touched with the dark

    side when he was in Leia?s womb. The evil clone Emperor had touched him with the

    dark side. Anakin had overcome it though. Just like Anakin Skywalker did

    at the end. This was different. It seemed that Anakin Solo knew more about

    Anakin Skywalker than Luke and Leia did. Was it possible that Anakin?s spirit visited?

    Anakin at night?

    Anakin Solo shifted again. He knew he wasn?t going to make many

    friends. He was different. He tried to remember all that his grandfather told him.

    He visited him in his dreams. At first he was afraid of him. Then the old man?s kind

    words didn?t have any fear in them. Anakin looked around again. He caught his breath.

    The most interesting Force power went though him. Her?s did.. Their eyes locked. What had


    Tahiri Veila shifted again. She was different. She had been raised

    among the Tuskan Raiders. Tahiri looked around again. Tahiri caught her breath. The most

    Surging Force power went though her. His did. Their eyes locked. What had happened?

    *I think I?ll go talk to him* she thought. She walked toward him. ?Hi,? she said.

    ?Hello,? he said. ?I am Anakin Solo, who are you?? Tahiri laughed, so did Anakin.

    ?Well Anakin Solo I am Tahiri Veila,? she said with a daring grin.

    ?How are you Tahiri Veila?? Anakin asked. ?Fine Anakin Solo,? she said. Then they gasped.

    ?We made a life bond.? Anakin said. ?How?? Tahiri asked.

    *I am not sure* he sent though the Force. Tahiri heard him. ?I didn?t even know I could do that!?

    he cried.

    ?Let?s go see Master Skywalker,? Tahiri said.

    ?Uncle Luke!? Anakin said. ?What is it Anakin?? Mara Jade Skywalker (who just came up asked)

    ?Err,? Tahiri looked at Anakin for help. ?We created a life bond!? He blurted out.

    Mara gasped. Luke searched though the Force. ?It is there all right,? he said.

    A new voice sighed. The spirit of Anakin Skywlaker walked in.

    ?Well young Anakin this is amazing,? He

    said. ?Hello! What is it Father?? Luke

    asked. Luke was surpried, he hadn't seen his

    father since Anakin's birth.

    ?Well in the Old Republic there was a prophecy that someone would bring balance to the Force.

    They said it was I.? Anakin said. ?But as I grew older, well I did bring balance to the Force,

    that?s what the dead Jedi say at least. But I wondered who would bring balance to the New Jedi

    Order? He said. ?Here are Master Yoda?s exect words: ?Leia Skywalker Solo, have three babies

    she will, girl one is, and two boys, one boy love animals and plants, other boy named Anakin! He

    quiet, he is the one who will bring again Balance to the Force. So you see Anakin is the new

    Chosen One.? ?I have to call Leia,? Luke said. ?No need to. Before I came here

    I went to see Leia, Han though was a little surprised to see a dead guy though but I explained


    Years later the bond was as strong as ever. A Jedi Hero Anakin Skywalker was smiling as Anakin Solo and Tahiri kissed for the first time as husbad and wife.
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    That was very nice. Very well done! :)
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