Lit Things you don't want to see in the future EU ever again?

Discussion in 'Literature' started by Slowpokeking, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Slowpokeking Jedi Master

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    My opinion.

    1. No more new romance for Obi Wan, we already got enough. Other characters deserve some.
    2. No more new characters from the Sunrider/Shan/Skywalker/Solo family, especially Skywalker/Solo, we need completely new hero.
    3. No more superweapons.
    4. No more story about Luke Leia and Han, it should be over.
  2. Ghost Chosen One

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    Stories that take place outside the GA, or at least never involve Coruscant.

    Stories where the fate of the GA/Jedi/galaxy is NOT at stake.

    Stories where the Sith are used sparingly and effectively, if at all.
  3. Todd the Jedi Mod and Soliloquist of SWTV

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    I don't want those either, Ghost. ;)
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  4. Force Smuggler Force Ghost

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    No more stories in the Legacy era that heavily involve the Big 3. The earlier eras are fine.
    Plots not wrapped up in a series. Looking at you LOTF and FOTJ.
    No more the GA and galaxy are doomed. Give us some light adventure stories
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  5. TrakNar Jedi Grand Master

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    While I wouldn't put the kibosh on it totally, I would rather see far fewer galaxy-spanning epics in which the entire damn universe is at stake against the latest superweapon, evil alien space science, or extra-galactic race of evil, or Sith, or whatever. It. Gets. Tiring. Stories have more impact when the stakes are smaller and more personal, when it focuses on a few, rather than a cast of thousands.
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  6. Gorefiend Force Ghost

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    Another Traviss book
    Another plotting disaster like FOTJ and LOTJ
    Another game with the utter lack of quality that TFU and EAW so excelled in
    Another MMORPG
    And another Stormtrooper of the Empire in Clone Trooper gear, it only took them a year or so to switch to Mark 2 Clone Trooper gear, can’t take them that much longer to get into real Imperial armor either.
  7. Mifunela Jedi Youngling

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  8. CT-867-5309 Force Ghost

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    I'll have some fun with it, some exaggeration.

    I'll echo Obi-Wan romance, Skywalker/Solo family, the Big 3, Karen Traviss and I'll add the PT era Big 3 while I'm at it.
    • Anything with Darth Maul.
    • Anything by Tim Zahn involving Mara or Thrawn.
    • Thrawn and Mara, period.
    • Anything with Dooku as cookie cutter Sith.
    • Anything with a PT inspired Darth Vader.
    • I-5.
    • Anything remotely related to TFU.
    • Wedge Antilles.
    • Jacen and Anakin Solo. Stay dead. Chewie, too.
    • Characters with one name getting another one, like "Gial" Ackbar.
    • Boba Fett
    • Mandalorians
    • Imperial Commando 2 or any books on clone troopers.
  9. SWpants Jedi Grand Master

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    Agreeing with the Big Three outside the earlier eras.

    - Anyone who's dead just stay dead: Darth Maul, Jacen, Anakin (as much as I love him)...even Boba. The guy's quite old now, People do die...
    - Entire galaxy being threatened by near-complete annihilation
    - Plots like LotF and FotJ
  10. TrakNar Jedi Grand Master

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    Even having Fett finally retire would suffice. Just don't have him still running around with his bad knees and hammer toes. The guy built up a legacy that would make a Mary Sue blush; put him in the Old Bounty Hunter's Home and let him spend the remainder of his golden years swapping tales with Dengar, who brings his kids to visit.
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  11. FatSmel Jedi Knight

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    dude, you're not going to like the new secret novel, starring Herbert Dooku
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  12. Gorefiend Force Ghost

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    The original outline for Agents of Chaos had Boba Fett apparently did have Boba as retired info broker on Ord Mantell instead of Big Bunji
  13. Barriss_Coffee Chosen One

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  14. JediMara77 Jedi Grand Master

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    Anyone from the Skywalker family turning to the dark side.
  15. V-2 Jedi Master

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    OCD levels of adherence to a continuity that I don't care about
    OCD levels of detail regarding military technology
    Phoned-in stories by previously talented authors
    9-volume hardback series'
    Multiple authors working on the same title
    Books/comics based on computer games
    Kevin J Anderson, Stackpole, Alan Dean Foster, Hacks
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  16. The-Eternal-Hero Jedi Knight

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    Any idea can be refreshed with creativity and a good concept.
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  17. The Loyal Imperial Manager Emeritus

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  18. Reveen Jedi Knight

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    * No more revolving authorship, one writer get's to tell one story from beginning to end.
    * No more nine book series. Wheel of Time didn't need ten doorstoppers to tell it's story, so Star Wars probably doesn't either.
    * No more recycling of plotlines from the movies or awkward shout outs to the movies. Don't use the planets in the movies unless you absolutely need to.
    * No more solving conflicts by having the heroes just thug their way through it with force power/political clout/military hardware. It makes the heroes look like smug jerks and the villains look like jobbers.
    * Just as a personal pet peeve, no more aliens species invented just to be stupid cartoons or helpless natives, I really shouldn't be getting the impression that humans and bothans are the only competent species in the galaxy.
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  19. RC-1991 Jedi Master

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    More Denning-lead creative efforts.
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  20. GrandMasterKatarn Jedi Knight

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    Troy Denning
    Smug heroes
    Weak villains
    Saba Sebatyne
    Allston writing Jedi or anything not a starfighter pilot
    Nine book series
    Movie rehashing (some were bad enough the first time round: TPM, AotC, TCW)
    Multi-author revolving series
    Ignoring Continuity
    The Force Unleashed and all its sequels, planned or not planned
    Luke Skywalker
    Obi-Wan being the galaxy's biggest pimp
    Leave Maul, Anakin, Mara, and Jacen dead
    Galaxy in war
  21. SiouxFan Jedi Knight

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    No more Sith--They were meant to be menacing, shadowy characters. Now--they are a joke.
    No more retconning of Vergere or Jacen's journey--she's no more Sith than I am. Until Stover comes out and says: 'Yeah, I totally planned on Jacen becoming a mindless thug.' I'm not buying into the whole 'Jacen was doomed to fall after Traitor,' line of thinking.
  22. The-Eternal-Hero Jedi Knight

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    I know what I'd like to see more of: focus, strong stories, variety of eras & storylines, fun/upbeat/inspirational stories.
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  23. General Immodet Jedi Master

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    For some reason, I never liked the YV. I do not want to see them again.
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  24. Reveen Jedi Knight

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    I almost forgot:

    *No more force user eugenics crap, it's creepy. Powerful force users begetting powerful force users in a pedigree fashion is part of the canon I guess, but howabout we just treat it like midichlorians and not draw attention to it. No more characters worrying about that stuff.

    *No more writing series with the partial purpose of fixing problems in past series, especially if those problems aren't actually problems. If the creative teams are unhappy with elements of stuff they already wrote and published, too bad. Move on and don't bog down newer stories with retconning.

    *No more Lando goddamn Calrissian wasting his life in the background pursuing prospecting ventures alone in the boonies. The guy is kinda like the Tony Stark of Star Wars. If you watched the OT blind and compared Lando and Han, which one do you think would be more likely to move on to greater things? I know my answer.
  25. kataja Jedi Master

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    Second that. And no more Luke Skywalker romances (unless they're pre VOTF).