Lit Third Essential Guide to Characters (formerly "Who would you want to see . . . ?")

Discussion in 'Literature' started by Dan Wallace, Apr 5, 2010.

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    And aren't comics published 30 years ago by the previous license-holder printed by Dark Horse today, making money for Lucasfilm, today? In the same way books published now are going to make money for Lucasfilm in the future.
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    They might not put the DH comics back into print for the same reason this book isn't being published.
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    DH can't continue reprinting stuff after this year, but that just applies to trades--individual issues are rarely reprinted anyway, and certainly not years later.
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    Hey, @Dan Wallace, since this book's on ice for the foreseeable future, and any eventual release is likely to have a very different character lineup, any chance of getting the full list of all the characters this edition would have profiled?
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    It was actually just a list of all the Jax Pavans.