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THIRD SWP Meeting/EB!!!

Discussion in 'Philippines' started by StompboXX, Sep 13, 2002.

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  1. StompboXX

    StompboXX Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 13, 2002
    Star Wars Philippines will be holding its THIRD meeting on Saturday, September 14 at 2 PM. The venue will be at Central Comics Headquarters Comic Shop, 3rd level FBR Building, along Katipunan Road (a short walk away from Ateneo Gate 3). Look for the person who looks like Jango Fett. :)
  2. jedi_ginny

    jedi_ginny Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 25, 2002
    Hey! We had fun at the THIRD SWP Assembly! It was cool meeting new people...

    SWP welcomes newbies Miao and May Anne! Thanks for attending, and for making the whole afternoon fun. :D

    Here's a report on what took place during the meeting:

    We have an update on the supposed Collectors' Convention that SWP is going to take part in. The event has been postponed indefinitely, according to the organizers, unless someone can suggest a very good venue for it. If you have any ideas, please post them at the group or in the forums. :D

    For the SWP website, right now, we have a redirector URL in use.

    For now, if you use this URL, it will bring you back to the Yahoogroups homepage. Webmaster Adrian is starting work on the site, though, so if you have ideas as to what we should put in there, please please please post them. :D We also talked about pooling together funds to buy webspace and a domain name, but we've decided for now to just go with the domain name and use a free hosting service first. For now. This will be an issue that will be tackled again in future assemblies.

    Another issue that came up is promoting the group. Member Laurice has printed out business cards containing the group's website URL and e-mail address. We put up a copy of this card at Central Comic HQ's bulletin boards so that people will have a chance to see the card and visit out group's page. We also left several copies with the store owners, and they have placed it on their counter for easy access by interested parties. We're also planning to print some posters and flyers which will be distributed to hobby shops and toy stores so that interested SW fans will know about the group.

    We would also want to plan a cool Party on Halloween! If you've got any suggestions, please post them, or please join us in the next Assembly so we can finalize plans. It's gonna be fun! ;)

    Prize Master Cholo also awarded the winner of the SWP Logo Contest! Cool! It's just sad that SWP Filk Contest Winner, Marga, wasn't able to join us. :(

    Member Laurice also received a special prize for the most recruits in an Assembly! Yay!

    The next Assembly is being planned two weeks from now, so please check your calendars and if you have problems with the schedule, please tell us so that we can make adjustments. We would want maximum attendance for the Assembly.

    There you go! If I forgot anything, I'll leave Master Adrian to fill you in on it. ;)

    Hope to see you all next time! :D

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