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KC, MO This will be a day long remembered....

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by Tantive4, Aug 13, 2010.

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  1. Tantive4

    Tantive4 Jedi Master

    Jul 18, 2006
    So I am here in Orlando, at Celebration V... which I must say, has a HUGE convention hall, plenty of close hotels, and even more places to eat (and if you have to, other things to do....) Sure it's a resort town down here, but I do think this is a really good spot! The major difference besides the space, would be that the "line" to get in everyday, is INSIDE... very cool...(literally!)

    Ok, so onto my story of my day, and yes, it is quite a story...

    815am. picked up Mr. (& Mrs) Darth Artist to take them to the show (Tantive4 of course is the transportation provider for Darth Artist)
    8:20am Dropped them off at the door to unload, then parked the car.
    8:28am after unloading and walking in the back of the hall, I head up the escalator to the family to assist in the set up process...but my phone rings, it's DA... he say's where you at? You need to come back to the exhibit hall floor... George Lucas is here...! "Where?" I shout into my phone!" He's over by the Tshirts and lego display, I think he's heading out hurry...we've gotten a few pics of him! While talking I have already started running DOWN, the UP escalator...
    I briskly walk to the main entrance to the exhibitor hall (keep in mind, no one else is in besides the event staff, security, and any exhibitor (DA's passes were exhibitor passes, not vip, so the only perk was early entry...which was how this all happened! THANK YOU DARTH ARTIST!!!)
    So I get in the room, and clearly see a small throng of people surrounding what I was sure to be "uncle George"... as I got closer, I could see the grey hair and the "checkered flannel button up shirt. Amazing... I did what I could to get some pics, but being "a little short for a stormtrooper" I had issues getting a clear shot over the crowd. So I acted quickly an moved to where I thought he would go next. I got there, took a few pics, and suddenly, he moved towards my end. Me and another guy thought fast and stuck out our hands... He shook our hands, speakless and awestruck, I simply said..."Thank you George"...

    I found Darth Artist, and shook his hand next, and informed him he just indirectly just shook Lucas's hand... :) To say I was on cloud nine would be an extreme understatement.
    I then had a chance to talk to my current fav. comic book artist and creator, Jan Duresema (spelling?). She works on my the book Star Wars Legacy, which sadly they are ending to work on a new "surprise" SW Comic... She was awesome and signed 2 books for me, and gave me her email to request a copy of her previously sold out "Darth Talon" poster from CIV...very happy me! :)

    Following this, I choose to wait from 10am-230pm for the only Mark Hamil's show of the weekend. The wait was worth it. I sat 7th row center in a sold out 2,200 seat theatre. My only complaint would be it was such a short show...(45 min of talk time) Got good pics and video to share... (if your me, files are big...)
    That took me to mid-afternoon... ate, wondered around...(which is so much fun to do at these things...) and ran into Momma Fett an company. We headed around to see what to do next, and low and behold, Anthony Daniels walks by... we say hello and he headed down a corridor... I quickly through my camera at Momma, and ask to be in a picture with him!

    What a day! I am so geeked out, and having an awesome time... I owe this all to Darth Artist, who convinced me to go to this convention...
    If I get to it I will post some pics later... or just submit a flicker link or something...but probably not until I get back home...

    I hope you all enjoyed my story of probably the best Friday the 13th I will EVER live...


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