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Story [Thor] Mourning Regrets

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Moonspun Dragon, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. Moonspun Dragon

    Moonspun Dragon Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 6, 2011
    Title: Mourning Regrets
    Summary: Frigga asks Odin a question.
    Warnings: None
    Rating: K
    Words: 681
    Characters: Odin, Frigga
    Genres: Angst/Romance
    A/N: Hey. This is basically me asking a question and answering what I think is the answer. I should tell you that I had started writing this before TDW came out. I only finished writing it a few days ago. I apologize that Odin and Frigga are OOC. It was late when I was finishing this. [face_blush] Enjoy. :D

    Mourning Regrets
    It was a few months since Thor returned to Asgard with a bound and muzzled Loki in tow. Almost immediately, Odin had imprisoned Loki for eternity and issued a command that no one was to visit him. No one including his family.
    Thor, Frigga knew, intended to obey his father. She knew he was too hurt and angry with Loki to approach him. For her part, Frigga was disappointed in her youngest, however she was still his mother and she would love him no matter what.
    She wandered down a corridor, which was rarely used now, and stopped in front of an intricately carved door. She hesitated for a moment, then pushed the door open and entered.
    The room inside was clean and orderly. Bookcases that mostly lined the walls were filled with spell- books, adventure books, and small artifacts that the owner had collected on quests. Shelves lined whatever space there was left by the bookcases. The shelves held small daggers and knives, whether they were, also, artifacts, or for actual use, Frigga couldn’t tell. There was a fireplace off to her left with an elaborate mantelpiece. In the center of the mantelpiece was a sword. As her gaze fell on it, Frigga’s heart grew heavy. It had been Loki’s unexpected prize possession.
    Across from the door was a window that opened to a balcony. If the emerald green curtains had been drawn back one could see a part of the garden below and the ocean beyond. To Frigga’s left was a carved four- post bed, neatly made up, with a gold and green patterned comforter, hiding gold colored sheets.
    When Frigga entered the room, she had expected to see Loki’s room empty, but she was mildly surprised to see there was one other occupant. He was sitting on the edge of the bed with his back toward her and his bowed, gazing at something he held in his lap. Frigga silently crossed the room to him. Odin didn’t even raise his head as she sat next to him. They remained silent, each lost in their own thoughts.
    Frigga turned her head slightly and saw what Odin held. It looked like a book. She read the title and couldn’t help the small, sad smile that spread across her face. It had been Loki’s favorite when he had been a small child. She remembered he had always asked either herself, or sometimes Odin to read it to him.
    “Do you…?” Frigga started to ask, but stopped, unsure of how to ask and trailed off instead.
    Odin remained silent. He knew what she was trying to ask, but he waited, allowing her time.
    Frigga reached over and gently touched the sky blue fabric cover, ordering her thoughts. Finally, after a minute of further silence, she asked, quietly, “Do you regret him?” She did not need to elaborate.
    Odin tilted his head in her direction, acknowledging her question, but remained silent. Even though he knew she was going to ask this, it made it no easier to answer. After a few more seconds of silence, he sighed. “I do not regret finding him, or raising him as my own. If I were to be offered to remake that decision, I would not only refuse it, but also have the one who offered it banished from the realm.” He raised his head and met Frigga’s gaze, “However, I do regret the decisions I had made. I regret the man he has become because of those decisions.”
    “You could have not known that this would be the outcome,” Frigga protested. Her voice was still soft, though it now carried a minute edge. Odin read the silent warning it held: Do not lose yourself regretting the past too much. It was enough to for Odin to give his wife a slight reassuring smile. Frigga returned it and rested her head on his shoulder.
    Silence returned to the room as a father mourned the loss of his son’s innocent days and a mother harbored secret hopes that her son would be returned to them.

  2. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Wonderful details and emotions. Candid and heartfelt. =D=
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  3. Mira_Jade

    Mira_Jade The NSWFF Manager With The Cape star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 29, 2004
    This was just heartbreaking and beautiful. [face_love] I loved Frigga's observations and attempts to hold her family together as much as I once again found myself sighing over Odin's handling of the situation. Either way, it was a great oneeshot - I was glad to see more Thor pieces from you. :D =D=
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  4. Moonspun Dragon

    Moonspun Dragon Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 6, 2011
    Thank you so much, Nyota's Heart and Mira_Jade!! :D This really means a lot. :D [:D]

    As a side note, I am writing a tie- in prequel to this. I just have to iron out a few kinks that suddenly sprang up, but, hopefully, I'll have it fully written, typed up, and posted before Easter.

    Thank you so much for your support. :D