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Through Love and Hate

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Pad-Destiny24, Jan 26, 2003.

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  1. Pad-Destiny24

    Pad-Destiny24 Jedi Youngling

    Jan 22, 2003
    Disclaimer: George owns Star Wars, not me, ok.

    Summary: Through Love and Hate you'll always have a place in your heart that'll love him.

    <their thoughts>

    << Communicating in the mind>>

    "Senator Amidala, we are going through a war, how can you not know?"

    "I don't know Senator Organa, i know we are in the middle of the crisis, but didn't i tell each of you they'll just show violence in return, now look, we are in a mess that shouldn't have happened in the first place".

    Senator Amidala gave each memeber a glare of anger as she got up from her seat.

    "Now if you'll excuse me, i must attend other important things"

    And with That Senator Amidala and her Handmaiden Dorme left leaving the Senate to think about what just happened.

    "Is she serious, i mean......she is right, if we didn't agree to this, it would've of been different" Said Bail, trying to agree with it.

    "Well, there is rarely anything to do now, the war has begun" Said a Female by the name Lexi, who also was a Senator of Uyter.

    "Lexi is Right, there is nothing we can do with the violence going on, all this commotion just breaks my heart" Said The Chancellor who looked down with sad eyes.

    "Should we end this meeting Now, Chancellor, you might need it".

    "Yes, Lexi, that's a good idea, next meeting is tomorrow, we must speak more of Amidala's actions and the war.

    < More of Amidala's Actions? That is weird, but she is right, we should have not agreed on this, what had we done> Lexi thought.

    As Lexi got up and went to leave, she heard sobbing near. Lexi went closer to find a weeping Amidala, looking at the sunset. Lexi stood where she was at, behind a bush as she heard the Senator Of Naboo, for once soft and sad.

    "I can't be, i can't, now i'm going to ruin our lives more, first marriage, now a....child"

    Lexi's mouth dropped.< The Senator Married? Now a child?> Lexi was about to walk away but fell causing Padme to jump and look around with a pistol in her small hand. Lexi didn't want the Senator to think she knew so Lexi tried her best crawling away, but the voice of Padme just made her guilty.

    "What do you want, reveal yourself?" Padme expected Anakin to embrace her from behind but all she heard was the light sound of the wind of Coruscant.

    "Now!" Demanded the Senator as she grew impatient, once more she was going to shout, but a female figure revealed herself, with her hands up then dropping them.

    "I'm sorry if i scared you, no harm done at least" Said Lexi fake laughing silently but stopped as Padme looked at her with another glare, then the glare softening.

    "Lexi, don't apologize to me, you have nothing to be sorry for except for making me impatient, but who cares". Padme shrugged her shoulders like if she was talking to herself more than talking to Lexi. "Look if you heard what i say, please don't say anything, my child....well i'm 1 month, guess you didn't notice because it still looks like i have my shape."

    "No, because we just never expected it" Lexi said with a smile on her face.

    "It was never to happen, Lexi, i swear it was like any other day".

    "Like what days, the Senate days?"

    "The free days".

    "Go on, Padme"


    *Ok i am leaving it there, so what do you think of it, i know it's a cliffhanger, but if i least get a few posts saying it's ok, i well continue, ok. Sorry if i keep anyone waiting,til next time bye and SEE YA!*


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