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Time and Star Wars

Discussion in 'Cleveland, OH' started by TheRandomMenace, Aug 29, 2004.

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  1. TheRandomMenace

    TheRandomMenace Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 13, 2002
    Today, I was at work, which is really monotonous, and gives me plenty of time to think about whatever. And it suddenly struck me that Episode III really is coming and the Star Wars movies are going to finally come to an end (as far as we know with this non-disclosure agreement rumor stuff going on).

    Using Star Wars as a reference, I just can't believe how fast the time has passed by. The first time I really encountered Star Wars was during the summer between my eighth grade graduation and the start of my freshman year of high school (1996). Shortly after, the trilogy was on again during the Christmas season, where I really sat down and watched the movies and became a fan. Then the Special Editions came out that January through March.

    Then bam! Time flew by again, and I was ending my junior year in high school when The Phantom Menace came out. I graduated from high school and finished my sophomore year in college, and before I knew it Attack Of The Clones was released in 2002. Now we're 8.5 months from Revenge Of The Sith... I'm just amazed that the last 8 years of my life with Star Wars in them have flown by that fast!

    Feel free to express your awe about the passage of time in here too. I'm sure those of you who were already born when A New Hope have some great stories to tell.
  2. JediKnightPasJoDacle

    JediKnightPasJoDacle Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 16, 2002
    The first time I really encountered Star Wars was when my parents took me to the theater to see Return of the Jedi in 1983, I was just over 1 years old. I loved the OT growing up, I remember very vividly sitting infront of the tv watching Luke getting trained in the swamp. I then REALLY became a geek when I started talking to Eric during art class during my Softmore year of High School, that was 6 years ago (I was 16).

    Eric went to Collage, and I hung out at collage (I was an unofficial student becuase I was only there to hang out at night and didn't pay money or anything). There we learned of the Jedi Knights of Cleveland. Eric joined up with the JKOC on 3/13/02, and at 5:00 PM on 3/16/02 he said "Hey Mullet! Check this site out!" and I was a member by 6:00PM 3/16/02.

    We did the meeting shortly after that, then Episode II came out. Then promptly I left Cleveland for Hollywood on Sept. 3, 2002.

    Now, I'm 22 and the "final" Star Wars movie will be out. Man, I can't believe I've known Random for almost 6 or 7 years! And all of you for over 2 years! Time flies!

    EDIT: This was my 2,500th post. WOW!!! That's too much of a coincidence.
  3. Commander-DWH

    Commander-DWH Manager Emeritus star 4

    Nov 3, 2003
    Being born but a year after RotJ came out, I wasn't exposed to it all that much growing up. I guess, for some reason, my dad didn't think to introduce his three daughters to Star Wars. :p However, when I was 12, my best friend couldn't believe I'd never seen the Star Wars trilogy, so she made me promise to go see one of them in the theatre, and so off to Return of the Jedi I went. An obsession was born.

    It's been a really fast seven years, too. Approaching eight. One of the first things I did after seeing the movies was parody them with my friends, writing the immortal Star Wars scripts, using two local colleges in place of the Rebel Alliance and the Empire. Of course, our gym teacher went to the Empire college, and we always gave her crap about it. Right down to naming all the Darth characters after her. Frighteningly enough, she actually remembers them and us, and I'm happy to report she remembers them fondly. :)

    Eighth grade, Episode I... interesting experience, to say the least. I was doing algebra in those days. Which seems like such child's play, now that I'm doing, oh... linear algebra, which is like, Calc V at everyone else's school but mine. Actually, I was reflecting earlier on how very beat up my Episode I teaser poster is. It's looking a bit battered on the wall there. Probably could've taken better care of it, but it didn't even cross my mind that I'd be taking it to college.

    I'll also never forget our Nazi of a librarian, who let us keep our hoods up in the library after we told her we were being "LIKE JEDIS!!" because AotC was coming out that day. She got all excited, "Is it really today?" Very out of character. But really, really funny.

    I poked around the FanForce boards a couple times like, my freshman year of high school, but Detroit was way too far away to be involved at that age, so I mostly left it alone until I came to college last year and Krash pointed me in the direction of the JKoC boards.

    And now I'm running headlong into the age of 20, the final Star Wars movie (hypothetically) is coming out, and that's kinda weird.

    But my best friend is still the same one who introduced me to the wonderful world of Star Wars in the first place. And Relient K, and Five Iron Frenzy, and all kinds of stuff. So I guess some things never change. :D

    And I really should be sleeping instead of posting, because I've obviously started to ramble. So excuse me while I walk the three feet to my bed and collapse. :p
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