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Beyond - Legends Time Spent in Paradise L/M - Update - 10/01 (Completed)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by EmeraldJediFire, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. EmeraldJediFire

    EmeraldJediFire Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 23, 2012
    Yeah, I've had people tell me it doesn't make sense, that it was unnatural, but I have an explanation and she should have... :D
  2. EmeraldJediFire

    EmeraldJediFire Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 23, 2012
    Thanks to everyone so far! :D As I've said before, I will be posting the rest over here; I edited just for you guys because I love you all so much! [face_love][:D] Luke and Mara both deal with inner turmoil.

    @Briannakin, Jedi_Lover, Jade_eyes


    Luke stood under the jet of hot water, scrubbing down his skin and frowning. What was wrong with him? His wife had just offered herself blatantly to him and he turned her down. He sighed, hanging up the sponge.

    "Just great, Skywalker. You keep avoiding her like that and she's going to think something is wrong with her—or you."

    His body was urging him to take a step forward. "Why can't I get my head in the game?" He muttered.

    If you desire her…go after her. Show her. A voice in his head instructed.

    He could feel the heat rising within him as he closed his eyes and leaned against the tile. The shower stall was large; large enough to accommodate two people without it being uncomfortable.

    "Two people…" He murmured.

    Images popped into his head: his wife standing under the water, casting a mischievous look in his direction. She ran her tongue over her lips and crooked her finger, beckoning him nearer.

    Luke swore: something he didn't do that often, but the he couldn't get her out of his head. He tried to focus on something else. No such luck.

    This shower was just a stalling tactic. The longer he stayed in here, the longer he would lose his confidence.

    So, what was he afraid of? Of being with Mara? That was absurd.

    "So, what if my other relationships have failed…that doesn't mean…"

    This wasn't doing him any good. It only made him more frustrated—and angry because his mental state wasn't having an effect on the fact that he did want Mara. His wife was a stunning, strong, and vibrant woman, and she had chosen him. With all his failings, with all his faults, despite his "bad taste in clothes", and his overwhelming "naiveté"—she had chosen him, she wanted him.

    But where was he? Holed up in the shower; alone. It was a nice shower, but it probably would have been nicer if he had his wife with him.

    He sighed and leaned over, turning off the jets. Luke slid open the sliding glass door and stepped out, pulling the towel off
    the nearby rack and wrapping it around his waist. He stood there for a moment then turned his eyes back to the door. He contemplated what he would do. Should be go in there and be a man and make love to his wife just like he wanted to? She wanted it; he could sense her strong desire. He could almost smell it.


    Luke walked over to the mirror and leaned over, staring at himself in it.

    He knew inwardly what he himself wanted, but something was holding him back. He couldn't quite put a finger on it.

    "Ah, kriff!" He swore and slammed his left fist into the wall beside the mirror. He winced as a shot of pain lanced through his arm. He squeezed his eyes tight. "Shavit…" He gritted his teeth and bent over the sink, trying to will the pain away. Why had he done that? It hurt like…argh…Stang!

    After a moment, Luke examined his hand cradling his wrist with his right hand.

    "Why couldn't have been my right hand?" He murmured.

    Mara had already drained a third of the wine bottle, but had stopped scarffing down the found. This wouldn't fulfill her--but she knew what would. Setting her jaw, she made a decision. She was going to take what she wanted, and she would have no lip from him!

    She brushed off the crumbs. Maybe her hurried feelings were due to the wine, but she didn't think she'd drunk enough to make her brain scrambled. No, she knew perfectly well what she was about to do!
    She stalked back into the bedroom and stared at the refresher door briefly. The water was still running. Mara smirked. "Enjoy your shower, Farmboy, because I am about to rock your world."

    Mara walked over to the drawers and pulled them open until she found the one with her undergarments in them. She rifled around in the drawer till she found a negligee set…it was a set because it was a two piece; very rare. It almost resembled a bikini swimsuit. It had the standard bra cups but was pulled down, stopping in the middle of her ribcage. It was almost like a bustier; one that would bare her midriff and was devoid of straps. It had small silken buttons down the front; perfect for easy access but tiny enough to frustrate a horny male.

    The matching panties were small and lacy. They was fringed with a lacy skirt; an extremely short skirt. She grinned examined the pieces, laying them out on top of the dresser. She then dug back in and found some hosiery that had garter straps on them. The tops were done in dyed blue lace.

    Mara then hurried to the closet and found a pair of high-heeled silver shoes. She laid them out and examined the items side by side before eventually before eventually divesting herself of her clothes. She'd have to work fast—which wasn't any big feat because, she was Mara Jade.

    She slipped the hosiery on first; examine her legs prior to pulling them up. Completely smooth. She smirked. Perfect.
    When she was done, she slipped on her underwear then pulled on the bustier-style top. She reached down and attached the garter straps to the panties. Lastly, she plucked the high-heels from the floor and slipped them on, strapping her feet into them.

    Mara stood up, examining herself in the mirror. She turned to the side and placed one hand on her hip, shifting to one leg. She looked dynamite! "Skywalker, I'm going to make you fall to your knees and beg me."

    She didn't hear the shower any longer. Almost time.

    Mara applied the last touches, some lightly sprayer perfume—not too overwhelming. She debated putting makeup on but nixed the idea. Her natural beauty was all she'd need anyhow. It was all she had when Luke asked her to marry him. In fact, she was sure she was dirty. She didn't need artificial enhancement. Her own looks were good enough to snag her Luke Skywalker!

    She fixed her hair with her fingers, pulling some tendrils around her face and brushing the rest aside. She used a brush to lightly tame the more resistant curls. She set down the brush and tossed her mane of red-hair. Mara ran her tongue over her lip suggestively and turned hearing a thump come from the 'fresher. She frowned and started walking toward it.

    Not again. She thought. That man is so accident prone.

    She paused. Something wasn't right. She stretched out with the Force feeling for her husband's presence. She felt a slight sting of pain bleeding through their Force bond.

    "Luke!" She shouted, eyes wide.

    "In a minute, Sweetheart." He called back.

    Mara could hear the barely concealed pain that was in his voice.

    Her husband stepped out of the bathroom. He looked as if he was trying to contain his pain, but was doing a miserable job at it. It was written all over his face.

    "Luke, what happened?"

    She caught sight of his left hand hanging down by his side. It was red and swollen.

    "Luke!" She rushed over to him. "Come, let me look at that." She took his hand gently in hers. "Oh, Luke. What did you do to your hand?" She looked up at him, her eyes filled with concern.

    "Mara, it's nothing…" His eyes remained fixed on her face.

    "My foot it isn't…" Mara grabbed his bicep. "Come…Let's go sit down on the bed."

    Her husband complied, letting himself be tugged along. His gaze swept over her body. His hand was throbbing painfully, but he was so awe-struck by her appearance, he almost couldn't feel it anymore.

    Mara was dressed so erotically, so scintillatingly, so down-right gorgeous it took several swallows of saliva to keep his mouth from being dry, The incredibly short blue skirt show-casing her exceptionally toned thighs. That unclothed expanse of flesh, showing off the curves and contours of her lower back and gentle swaying hips.

    He swallowed hard—and was greeted with a full frontal view when Mara turned around.

    "Sit, Honey."

    He lowered himself down, trying not to miss the bed. It would be humiliating if he missed it entirely and fell on his backside.

    "Now, let me take a look at that." Mara said gently and took his hand in between hers.

    He watched as she gently ghosted her fingers over his entire hand, prodding gently. She would wiggle his fingers, asking him questions. Does this hurt? Do you feel any pain here?

    Luke would answer instinctively, yet his eyes trailed constantly to her body. The front was just as enticing as the back. The skirt still barely covered the tops of her thighs, and he could see a hint of blue panties beneath them as Mara crossed her legs slightly. He looked up at her face for a moment to watch her as she examined his hand. He could almost feel the heat emanating from her; her breasts heaving and peeking out of the top of her strapless, whatever it was.

    "Luke, as much as I'm flattered, eyes on me." Mara said, a smile on her lips. "I'm trying to help you."

    "Sorry, Mara."

    "It's all right." She stroked his face. "I forgive you."

    "So…" He looked down at his hand. "What's the diagnosis, Nurse?"

    Mara arched an eyebrow at the "nurse". "It doesn't seem to be broken. It's just really swollen." She sighed. "Skywalker, you really did a number on your hand. Could you have used your other one? You know the fake one?"

    "I asked myself that actually."

    "What answer did you come up with?"


    "Well, let me help heal you."

    "Mara, you don't..."

    Mara brushed her lips against his knuckles and gently began to lay kisses over his swollen hand. "My poor baby..." She murmured huskily.

    "Mara…" Luke whispered back hoarsely.

    Her lips trailed to his wrist. She kissed the back of it then made her way back to his hand. She laid kisses along the back, paying attention to each knuckle and finger. When she had finished her ministrations, she pulled back.

    "There. How's that?"

    "Oh, Mara…"

    "That's better." She leaned forward, resting one hand on his towel-clad thigh.

    His eyes dipped down to her chest. Her breasts were heaving once more and he could feel his desire erupting once more. As she leaned further toward him, a mischievous light in her eyes, he caught a whiff of a subtle yet sweet perfume. He drew in a breath and shudder and the overpowering sent of her mixed with the perfume.

    And this was it; he was at his limits, so he gave in to his desire….
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    Aug 31, 2004
  4. Jedi_Lover

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    Nov 1, 2004
    Woot! Go Luke! :D Join her and rock her world![face_dancing]
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  5. EmeraldJediFire

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    Feb 23, 2012
    Okay, so there's not bootknocking scene; there's a few things on Mara's mind. Jedi_Lover and Jade_eyes
    He laid his wife out on the bed, her hair splaying around her head on the near-white sheets. She looked like a goddess, staring up through emerald eyes. They were a bit startled at first, but soon relaxed as she realized his intent. He leaned in kissing her soundly yet passionately on the mouth, ravishing it. When he was done kissing her lips, his trailed down over her jaw and down to her neck. She could feel his hot breath on it and instinctively wound her hands around his neck, interlocking her fingers.

    She moaned, arching her body.

    "Oh, Mara..." He whispered and switched over to kissing her exposed throat. He trailed downward and downward until he reached the spot bellow her shoulders. He smiled against her flesh, eying her heaving breasts and the valley in between. That soft creamy skin that was begging to be kissed and
    touched. He could feel his desire rising inside him. "Mara…"

    "Luke." She breathed in return.
    Taking that as encouragement, he continued his mission. He had almost reached that valley when hands stopped him.

    "Wait!" His wife begged off. "Not yet…"

    He lifted his head, eyes filled with confusion.


    "Believe me, darling, I want this. I want this so much. My body is practically burning up. That's how much I want you; how much mine needs yours. I
    need this sense of fulfillment." She put a finger to his lips. "But I need you to answer me first."

    "I don't understand."

    Mara glared at him. "No, you wouldn't would you."

    Luke sighed and pulled away from her. "Does this have to be now?"

    She looked annoyed, pain flashing momentarily in her eyes. "Oh, I don't know, when should we talk about this? I mean, my husband didn't want to sleep with his wife yet suddenly does." There was sarcasm in her voice. "Why should we talk about that before we finally do it?"

    He couldn't bare the pained expression she held, the strain of sadness that was in her voice. He sighed once more. "Mara….It's not you, believe me. It's me."

    "All right…" She tried to hide the frustration and loss she was feeling. "If that's the case…why didn't you tell me that to begin with? I'm your wife."

    Luke nodded, "You're right. I owe you an explanation before we take this further. Without trust and honesty, there can be no love." Luke sat up,
    rearranging his towel.

    Mara smirked slightly.

    "Go on." She urged.

    "I was afraid."

    "Of me?"

    "In a way…" He sat cross-legged now. "I was afraid of disappointing you."

    Mara arched a brow. "How could you possibly disappoint me? How could you think you could?"

    "Well, you know…my relationship track isn't stellar."

    "I know. What does that have to do with us?"

    He held up a hand. "I'm getting to that, Mara. Please be patient with me." He drew in a breath. "As I said, all my relationships…have been pretty bad. They've ended quite badly. Either the woman died or she found some convoluted excuse of why she couldn't be with me—most of them involving my status as a Jedi. As such, they were all very short-lived. I felt a connection with those women, I grew to admire and have affection for them, but they turned out to be nothing more than mere dalliances in the long run. They were brief, but not without feeling." He shook his head. "But they were without passion. I never felt intense emotion for any of those women the way I feel about you—and I believe their feelings for me were at best lukewarm."

    A smiled played along her lips. "Was that a pun?"

    Luke coughed. "Not really." He scratched his head.

    She grinned. "Can we not use it around you? It makes me want to laugh..."

    "Mara, this is a serious moment."

    "Then don't say things that make me want to laugh."

    He shot her a stern look, but she just smirked; not at all phased.

    "Oh, all right. Go on."

    "I could never feel their desire, Mara. I would call my relationships platonic if it weren't for the fact we did share what some would call "heated" kisses—
    but there really wasn't anything there beside the passing attraction. They were relationships that were often formed in the heat of the moment; never
    on the basis of time and understanding. Because I never had time to know them indepthly, we never ever reached that state with eachother.

    "And we never went that far with each other."


    "No…" He shrugged. "There wasn't ever enough time for it to evolve that far."

    Her eyes turned soft. "Not even with…Callista?"

    He shook his head.

    "Oh, Luke…"

    "It's all right. It's in the past." He gave her a sad smile. "Callista was more in love with the idea of who I was, than myself. She had these backwards notions about Jedi. I think she was still running on the Old Order's mandates and viewpoints. She often saw me as something untouchable, something no female could possibly measure up to. I think, Callista often saw me in a godlike status more than anything. She and I well…there was nothing more than kissing and holding hands—nothing past that.

    "When I would attempt to encourage more intimate relations she would shrink away. Then…she left me." He laughed derisively. "I think that was the blanket the broke the bantha's back. All my failed relationships didn't matter at the time, because I had found her, and then she went and took that and flushed it down the commode. I think, that's what truly did it for me.

    "When I didn't find her after searching for a year, I couldn't help but start wallowing in self-pity. All the women I'd ever "loved" wanted nothing to do with me. They didn't want my love, my companionship; they didn't want me. They didn't want that deep connection of body and soul nor a family or children. I just wasn't good enough in the long run.

    "So, you see…It's so hard to think differently." He locked eyes with her. "To think a woman wants…no desires to be with me and only me. That she wants something more than a passing fancy; something more deep and meaningful—in all ways." He reached over and took Mara's hand within his. "I guess, I felt overwhelmed….and even scared. I don't want you to shy away from me, Mara. I don't think I could take it."

    "Farmboy, I don't think that's possible." She grinned, laying a hand along his shoulder. "You're very impressive."

    He sighed, hanging his head. "Mara, I'm serious."

    "So am I."

    He gave her a pointed glare.

    "All right, Luke. I'll be serious." She reached over to take his hand in hers, caressing it. "I'm sorry you've felt that way, Honey. I'm sorry that kriffin' bodysnatcher and the rest made you feel so inadequate" She grinned. "'Cause you are far from inadequate..."

    Luke turned slightly red and coughed.

    She smiled wryly. "Oh, Skywalker, you are so adorable. What am I going to do with you?"

    "Well…" His eyes trailed to the center of the bed. "I can think of one thing you probably want to do."

    "Only one?" She raised a brow suggestively.
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    OK, here's a sweet equation for you Emerald. Squee + Huggles = SQUGGLES!!!!!!!!! That's my word for off the chain mush! :D :D ^:)^ The only one who could write Luke more edibly is ginchy and that is a fact. [face_love] !!! [face_dancing] That was very delicious besides being very insightful. :) (Thanks for vaporizing me.)
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    Nov 1, 2004
    Very nice...and Luke didn't bootknock with Callista...even nicer.
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    Feb 23, 2012
    Okay the next chapter was M rated (not this one) and if I tried to cut it all out it would be extremely short and lacking in the feeling I gave it.
    So before you read this chapter here are your two options:
    1) you can go to the link: (then continue on to this chapter)
    2) You skip over it entirely and treat it as a fade to black moment
    I think you'll go for one lol, but its your choice.

    Jade_eyes Thanks, I thought a little introspection was necessary; Luke's still a farmboy at heart after all.
    JL, caliista and Luke..not in my universe that heartbreaking bodysnatcher! [face_laugh]

    Thank you Jedi_Lover and Jade_eyes

    After their passionate bout of love-making, the newlyweds remained in each other's embrace. Mara had her arm draped over her husband's chest, possessively stroking his chest. Luke shuddered.


    "No. Your touch...It makes my skin tingle."

    She propped herself up, grinning. "And that's a good thing, right?"

    "Very good." He agreed and laid a gentle kiss on her upturned mouth.


    She then proceeded to run her hand down his side, over his ribcage to his hip. She switched her gaze back to his face ; an amused flash of green assessing him.

    "You're playing with fire, Mara…" Luke warned.

    "That's fine with me, Skywalker." She was grinning and suddenly yelped as her husband gave her a pinch on her rear. "Luke!"

    "That's better."

    Mara's eyes narrowed.

    "Do you like your hand where it is?" She asked.


    "Then don't do that again."

    He smiled. "Yes, Ma'am."

    "I mean it."

    "I know."

    She scowled. "I hate that."

    "Hate what?"

    "That patronizing tone you have right now."

    He wound his arms around her body. "Oh, I wouldn't dream of acting patronizing toward you, my love. I'm well aware what you're capable of after all." There was a glint in his eye.

    "Good. Now, I'm starving. How about you?"

    "Oh? Still hungry?"


    "Darling, I know what you do when you're frustrated. You either destroy something or eat—and since there's no destruction around us…I assume you had a snack."

    Mara rolled off, presenting him with her back. "Just keep talking and you're going to wind up in deep poodo."

    Luke smirked. "Well, if you're trying to punishing me, you're going about it the wrong way."

    His wife turned her chin over her shoulder. A cascade of red hair spilled over it, her dazzling green eyes gauging him, and lips pouting slightly as she looked at him amused."You're lucky I have a thing for that Farmboy personality of yours, or else I'd really be taking you seriously." She got up out of bed. "You're too much of a farmboy to be a total pervert."

    He gave her a pathetic look and drummed his fingers on the space she'd previously been occupying. Mara saw this and grinned, shaking her head, red curls bouncing around.

    "I'm serious. I'm hungry. Haven't you heard that exercising burns calories?" She smiled suggestively.

    "Oh, all right…" He flopped onto his back. "You go order, I'll wait."

    "Such a gentleman" She quipped sarcastically. "Maybe, I'll show up to the door just like this."

    That got him. Luke sat up and got out of bed, scooping the towel up from the floor and wrapped it about his waist once more.

    "That'll teach you to be lazy."

    "That was cruel, Mara." He murmured and walked over to the closet to get out his robe.

    He took the terry cloth blue robe out of the closet and handed Mara her red shimmersilk one. She looked at the proffered robe and frowned.

    "Spoilsport." She muttered before shrugging it on and belting it in place.

    Luke tightened the belt to his robe and sat down in front of the terminal. "Call me selfish, but I just want to keep you to myself, is that so wrong?"

    "That's a first; Skywalker not wanting to share."

    "My wife is a different matter."

    He was getting ready to key the comm channel that linked directly to the staff. Mara stood off camera and rubbed her foot along Luke's, smiling.


    "What? Does this distract you? I thought Jedi Masters had more concentration then that."

    "Usually but you're testing it."

    His wife gracefully walked over and began to massage his shoulders. Her robe was partially open at the top, her breasts pushing against his back. Luke swore, feeling his temperature beginning to rise all over again. He could feel his face heating and feared the worst. Sensing this, Mara swung and around to sit in his lap, her hands skating along his chest and arms. "So, does this do anything for you?"


    She put a finger to his lips.

    "Unless the next word is, yes. I don't want to hear you utter another word."

    He gave her a pointed look. "I thought you were hungry." Luke said.

    She then leaned back, pulling away.

    "I said, not a word. Now, you get nothing."

    "Am I interrupting something?" A fluid Hapan voice asked.

    Mara let out a holler of alarm; she had accidentally laid her elbow on the button. Startled, she almost fell off her husband's lap, landing on the floor-but Luke caught her just in time. He pulled her body tightly to his.

    The woman raised her brow, staring at the pair. "Maybe, we should continue at a later date?"

    "No," Luke coughed. "Now's fine…"

    "Good..." Her eyes turned to Mara. "What will you have?"

    Mara did her best to straighten up and look dignified after she'd been caught lounging suggestively in her husband's lap. She made a shooing motion.

    "I'll handle this, Dear."

    Luke vacated the seat with a nod.

    "Sorry about that." She sat back, back straight in a commanding way. "My husband and I are quite famished. A little dinner if it's not too much trouble?"

    "Not at all, Mistress Jade." If the woman was feeling anything, she wasn't showing it. "Anything in particular?"

    "Whatever's good today."

    "We have a fish dinner that is simply divine for this time of year. Or perhaps some wild boar?"

    "That sounds good. The boar. I'm not a fish person." She paused as if in thought. "Could you…throw in some wine with that?"

    "Of course."

    "And make that order a double. Luke's appetite is pretty big at the moment."

    "Of course. Expect it shortly."

    The comm then winked off.

    "I cannot believe that you just did that." Luke muttered, shaking his head.

    Mara sent him a devilish yet confused look. "What?"

    "Luke's appetite is pretty big at the moment?" He raised a brow. "Really, Mara?"

    Her eyes widened. "You're not hungry?"

    He sighed as if he had just given up.

    "I'm sorry, Baby." She got up and started over. "I forgot how modest you are—not that that would be obvious, given what we just did. Now, where were we?" Mara moved toward him gracefully. "Oh, yes…I was seeing if I could get your…engine going again." She pursed her lips in thought. "I hear a man needs thirty minutes to recover, but I'd like to challenge that assertion. Care to put my theory to the test?"

    Luke slid a look to the chrono on the bedside table.

    He smiled. Sure, don't see anything better to do to pass the time."
    They had just finished their second round and their third when the door chime went off. Mara lay on her back, staring up at the ceiling, feeling quite boneless at the moment. She turned her head, eyes radiating love, and smiled. "See. I knew you could do it.."

    Luke was breathing heavily.

    "Luke? Honey?"

    He waved his hand. "Can we….stop for the night? I don't think I have enough in me for anything more."

    "Sure. You deserve a rest."

    "Thanks." Luke responded dryly. "Do I also get a treat?"

    She reached over and smacked him on his stomach. "No one likes a smart-mouthed Jedi."

    "Then feed me and maybe I'll become less moody."

    The door chime sounded then.

    "Ah, speak of the devil." Mara got up and started to walk over to the door, sans clothes.

    "Wait, you can't!" Her husband protested.

    She picked up her robe by her finger.

    "I wasn't going to greet them nude—thought that would have been interesting."

    He frowned.

    "What? Not good enough?"

    "At least put something on under it."

    She frowned in return. "Oh, all right." She conceded; that look was so pathetic. "I'll put some underwear on. Happy, Mr. Sensitive?"

    She walked back over to the chest of drawers and plucked a pair of silken black panties from the drawer and slipped them on.

    "Thank you." Seeing his wife's displeased look he sighed. " I'm just looking out for you, Mara. What if the robe opened?"

    Mara smiled. "I know." She walked over and gave him a kiss. "Now, I should go get that food now."

    He gave her posterior a swat as she turned.

    She flashed a smile at him and made her way out of the bedroom. Mara mused to herself as she made her way to the front door.

    Her husband meant well. He was an earnest and kind man. It was apparent he loved her very much and he was just looking out for her modesty. She couldn't fault him for that, for it probably had a lot to do with his upbringing. He had once told her all about his aunt; how she taught him to give a woman deference and to always treat them respectfully. It was no wonder he treated
    her so. Luke didn't know how to act any other way.

    And that was probably compounded since she was his wife.

    "Oh, Farmboy…" She murmured, reaching the door finally.

    Mara keyed the access panel and the door slid open, revealing a young Hapan male. He had a cover cart in front of him—and was obviously taken aback by her appearance, for he gaped at her quite noticeably.

    She smirked inwardly.

    "Ah, dinner. Great."

    "Yes, Mistress." The young male mumbled.

    Typical; for the Hapans to send a male to do the servant work.

    "Come in..." She stood aside.

    "Yes, Mistress." He murmured more clearly this time.

    "Just Mara." She responded. "None of this mistress business." Although, it was quite appealing.

    "I couldn't do that."


    The male was trying to avert his eyes. "Where would you like me to put this?"

    "The bedroom please."

    Luke interjected: "That won't be necessary. The diningroom will be fine." He gave Mara a chastising look. To which she responded by simply smiling disarmingly.

    The young man nodded and wordless pushed the cart over to the table. He unloaded the dishes, placing them onto the table. Next, he brought up a bucket of chilled wine.

    When he was done, he turned to Mara. "Will that be all, Mistress….Mara."

    "No, that's all. Now, if you would."

    "Of course." He bowed sharply and left.

    Still, decked out in his robe, a white undershirt and grey briefs donned on underneath, Luke shook his head.

    "You're…horrible, Mara." Luke said, unable to contain the humor he'd been stifling.

    "This whole society's hierarchy bothers me is all." Mara explained nonchalantly. "Now, are you going to join me for dinner or are we going to talk about the Hapans?"

    "You know, Mrs. Skywalker, I'm starting to think you did that to get back at me for insisting you put on something." He made his way to the dining-room table.

    "Now, why would I do that?"

    "Because you're trying to test me."

    "Am I?" She eyed a bowl of berries sitting in middle of the table and picked one up. Mara put it up to her mouth and bit into it. She then ran her tongue over her lips seductively, licking the juice up. "I guess you'll have to find out.
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    Oh, you did decide to edit it down. Nice! Mara is definitely a tease. Good to see them having fun. I like honeymoon stories a lot. This is fun!
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    I agree, Jedi_Lover and ginchy, Mara is indeed a tease.

    @Hazel, and think how much fun *grins* they would have had if they had gotten their act together sooner.

    @Jade_eyes, and that is why Mara matches Luke on every possible level.

    @Briannakin, thanks!
    Let's try it this way: Hazel, Jade_eyes, Briannakin
    Luke and Mara settled down to eat, still dressed in their underclothes and robes. Luke had dimmed the lights to enhance to the romantic setting.

    "Twenty points." She commented as Luke courteously pulled out her chair.


    Mara smiled thoughtfully. "I can see how hard your aunt Beru must've worked, to bring you up the way she did."

    He returned the smile. "It is obvious, isn't it?"

    She laid her hand on his before he retreated to his side of the table.

    "She did a good job."

    His eyes met her, smiling gently. "She'd be glad to hear that." He brought up her hand to his lips and kissed her palm. "Let's eat, shall we?"

    "Yes. " She retracted her hand slowly. 'I am starved."

    "I thought I was the starved one."

    She shrugged. "That was then, this is now. Sit down—or I'll start without you."

    "Sitting." Luke took a seat across from her and picked up his fork. "This certainly does look good…"

    "Mmm..." Mara had already taken a bite out of the boar on her plate.

    "I take it was good?"

    His wife cut the piece of meat and offered a bite to him. "Here."

    "Mara, I have my…"

    "Just a taste."

    "Just a taste." He agreed, and took a bite, chewing the meat slowly. Once he was done, he said, "You're right that is good." Luke set to work on his own meal.

    "Better than good. This is Imperial Palace quality."


    She nodded. "The Hapans certainly are culinary artists, I can say that for them."

    Luke was now eating part of his boar, mixing it up with some nearby greens. When he had sampled enough of his food, he eyed the wine and reached over to pluck it out of the bucket.

    "Wine?" He offered.

    Mara picked up her glass. "Yes, that'd be nice."

    To Luke's surprise, the bottle didn't take much effort to open; it must've been taken care of prior to being brought to the guest house. He poured the wine into his wife's outstretched glass, then filled his own before placing the bottle back in the bucket.

    He sat down and picked up his own glass.

    Luke stared into her vibrant green eyes, reveling in her utter beauty before speaking. "Here's to…forever."

    Mara's eyes misted over. "Forever."

    They clinked glasses before taking a sip.

    "I meant it you know…" She said, as the meal had progressed further.

    "What?" Luke took another sip of wine.

    "I like…how you are…how she taught you to be…your aunt Beru." She ran a finger over the rim of her wine glass. "It made you the man you are now;
    the man I fell in love with—whom I love."


    "Tell me about her."


    "Tell me about your Aunt Beru."

    "Are you sure?"

    "Yes, I only know a little."

    He nodded.

    "Well, I grew up on Tatooine."

    "Yes, Dear, it's hard to forget. It left…quite an impression on me."

    He gave her a playful look of rebuke. "May I continue?"

    "Of course, Honey.."

    He shook his head. "As I was saying, I grew up on Tatooine. It was a hellish place to me and there was very little I could do when I wasn't helping my uncle, so when I did try to have a little bit of fun and Uncle Owen came down hard on me, I never could understand him. I always thought he was too hard on me and was being unfair. I was…a stubborn, self-centered teenager-too much of a teenager for me to understand that he was trying to protect me. And because of that I often sought my Aunt Beru for protection. She was a kind and gentle woman, had this resilience about her. She was a good wife to my uncle when I think back on it, but she wasn't a push over. She often stood up to Uncle Owen on my behalf, and sometimes I could hear them arguing. I often felt bad about that. She should have never had to argue with her own husband because of me."

    "She was standing up for you, Luke, you were a child." A sad look entered Mara's eyes.

    Luke reached out to cover her hand with his. "I know. I could have had someone like her—could have known her."

    "It would have been nice, but…you can't turn back time, Farmboy. I lived my life—lived through it; all the hell he gave me. I survived."

    "Compared to what you went through, it makes me feel ashamed I ever thought I was being wronged. I could have had it much worse; I could have been dead or a slave to Palpatine."

    "But you weren't, you had your aunt and uncle, and they loved you very much. I can tell by the way you talk about them. I don't begrudge you the life you had, I'm grateful. I'm grateful to your aunt Beru—and your uncle Owen." She played with his fingers. "Before you, I never met very many beings that treated me with such kindness and respect that you did."

    "How would have I treated you otherwise?" Luke said, not expecting her to answer. "I could only treat you the way she had taught me. They both taught me a lot. My aunt taught me how to respect people; my uncle taught me other things. He taught me things advertently and inadvertently. He taught me how to be grateful for what and how to appreciate a hard day's work; the simpler things in life that most beings take for granted.

    "Of course, I didn't notice that until much later; after they had died, after Endor. I'm grateful to both of them as well."

    "So am I." She lifted her glass. "To Owen and Beru Lars."

    "To Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru."
    "Mm. Now, that was filling." Mara announced, taking up her wine glass.

    "I'll second that."

    They had just finished their meal and now all they were left with was desert. They sat sipping the wine, staring at each other in the dim light.

    "Desert?" He offered.

    She shook her head. "I couldn't eat a bite more. That meal was too rich—and that cake looks like sin. It'll be murder on my figure."

    "And a very beautiful figure it is." Luke said, eyes slightly downcast.

    "Why Skywalker…you are becoming quite the little flatterer, aren't you."

    He raised his head. "It's true. You're a very beautiful woman, Mara."

    "Now, I know that's not the only reason you married me."

    "No," Luke replied. "I married you because you're strong, clever,and fierce." He paused. "Of course being beautiful is always a plus. It's not the defining reason though."

    "I know. I was just giving you a hard time." She got up. "C'mon, Farmboy, I feel like…relaxing."

    He followed suit. "Relaxing?"

    "Yes," She turned back to walk over to him, and putting a hand on his chest, whispered in his ear. "Good old b-a-t-h."

    Luke pulled back, blinking. "Bath?"

    Mara raised an eyebrow, amused. "Of course, bath. What else did you think I meant?" '

    "Well….I thought…"


    "You made it sound like you wanted to…"

    Mara smirked. "Oh, so you thought you were going to get "lucky" again tonight, huh? Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you darling, but I want a bath." She reached up and moved both hands to his shoulders. "But…I wouldn't mind having someone scrub my back."

    He smiled. "I'd like that."

    "Good because I feel a bit…dirty."


    She slapped his arm. "I'm serious. I stink."

    "Ouch. I think I should be insulted."

    "Darling," She reached down and took his hand, giving it a squeeze. "It was wonderful, but I do need a bath. Please don't take it personally."

    He smiled. "All right, I'll go draw you a bath."

    "Thank you."
    Mara lay down on the bed, a datapad in hand as she listened to the running water. She could hear Luke within the refresher,singing quietly to himself while he worked to fill up the deep tub. She smiled. The man wouldn't win any awards and he wouldn't make it famous, but his voice wasn't that bad.

    At the beginning of their relationship, Luke's endless droning on about Jedi training and endless platitudes had bored her so much she'd seriously wanted to plug him. Now, she was beginning to see him differently; he wasn't the man she used to hate or even partly despise. Oh, his talk of the Jedi Order and its tenements still drove her crazy sometimes, but he also spoke of many other things that pleased her.

    There was something in the timbre of his voice that made her feel completely at ease. It made her feel...warm and loved.

    Stang…should've filled it up before hand… Mara thought.

    She could only read over this passage so many times.

    "Luke!" She hollered, not wanting to be bored by herself.

    "Yes, Sweetheart." He called back.

    "Come. Out. Now."

    Mara heard the shuffling and watched as the fresher door slid open. "Yes, Dear."

    "Come here and keep me company. I'm sure you'd much rather look at me than the water."

    "Well, you have a point..." He walked over nonchalantly and kissed her.
    Luke pulled away mid-kiss.

    She grabbed his arm. "Where are you going?"

    "I've got to check the tub—unless you want it to overflow."

    "Oh, all right. Go."

    "I'll be back if it isn't."

    "I'll be waiting then."

    Mara watched him disappear back into the refresh, hoping he didn't take a fascination with the water again. She smiled slightly.

    Her husband and the subject of water was always an interesting topic.


    The door slid open moments later. "It's ready."

    Mara sat up, "Good. I was starting to think you'd fallen in." She got up and made her way past her husband, undoing the tie on her robe with one hand and catching Luke's wrist with the other. "Come on, Farmboy, you're going to be my refresher attendant for the evening…" Her words trailed off.

    Luke grinned.

    "Oh, Luke…" Mara breathed, taking in the sight.

    Much like the dining room, her husband had dimmed the overhead lights severely. The only lights were those of many red candles place strategically around the bathtub and its nearby countertops.

    She turned toward him with a grin. "You're trying to score some serious points, aren't you?"

    "I have no idea what you're referring to, love. I only wish to please you."

    "You're trying too hard, Luke. That's already been done..."

    Luke smiled slowly.

    "Once again I was not referring to that. That's only one of the ways you've pleased me."

    "One?" Luke repeated.

    "Don't push it, Farmboy." She continued on inward and upon reaching the giant tub, she stripped off her clothing before descending into it.
    Mara lowered herself gently into the tub, feeling the heat of her husband's sharp blue gaze upon her. She gave her husband an appreciative glance and crooked her finger, beckoning him closer. When she confirmed he was heading her way, she rested her head against the tub, eyelids half drawn.

    "Mmm, this feels heavenly," She ran her hand over one of her arms. "I can feel it washing everything away." Mara sank lower her hair brushing the water.

    The water was still pouring into the tub.

    "I didn't want you to wait." He explained, stepping closer to the tub.

    Luke then crouched down and picked up a bottle of scented bath oil and began to add it to the water under the running faucet.

    She watched him intently, taking into account the dedicated way he would carefully pour the oil into the water, the way his lips were pursed slightly, his brow furrowed in concentration as if this was a highly important task.

    Mara cracked a smile.

    He was adorable when he was trying to please her.

    She sniffed. "Red blossom oil?"


    "Nice choice," Mara reached over to grab a luffa, dousing it with a good amount of body wash, and started to scrub her arm.

    "I thought you might like it." He got up from his place along the side of the tub and walked over behind her. He stripped off his robe and sat down
    behind her cross-legged wearing only his briefs.

    He laid his hands gently on her shoulders and began to rub them.

    "You're supposed to be scrubbing my back, not rubbing my shoulders." Just the same, she wiggled them appreciatively.

    "Just trying to keep occupied."

    "Well," She stopped her scrubbing temporarily. "You're distracting me."

    "And that's a bad thing."

    "I'm trying to bathe." She sniped back as she switched to her right arm.

    Luke chuckled. "Guess I had that coming."

    "It was a pretty sorry excuse for not wanting to make love to your wife."

    "I already told you why."

    Mara lifted her leg and began to lather it. "Yes, I know."

    He stared lovingly upon her. "Oddly enough I don't think I'm bored anymore."

    "Easily amused, hmm?"

    "No, just terribly in love with my wife."
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    Note: This is the second to the last written chapter. Please enjoy!

    Glad I could appease you with this romantic kind of Valentine's Day chapter. I do love the dinner scene..I like many dinner scenes I do...and the bath scene is a particular favorite of mine. *sighs* ah, l'amour.

    @Briannakin, @Hazel, @Jade_eyes, Jedi_Lover, ginchy
    Once Mara had thoroughly scrubbed her arms and legs, she handed the luffa back to her husband so he would be able to scrub her back.

    "Hand me that gel will you?" He asked, indicating the bath gel.

    Mara passed it back to Luke and he applied a liberal amount it. When he was sastified with the amount, he began to carefully rub her back and shoulders with it. He scrubbed in wide circular motions, one hand poised on her shoulder.

    His wife practically purred. "Mmmm."

    "Feel good?"

    "What do you think?" She lifted her foot out of the tub, curling and uncurling her toes.

    "I think I'm having a profound effect on you." He dragged the luffa downward, toward her lower back.

    Mara arched slightly. "Don't." She gasped.

    "Shhh," He leaned over, whispering in her ear. "Don't move." His breath was hot on her ears.

    She turned her head to openly glare at him. "You are doing that on purpose."

    Luke gave an innocent look. "Who me?"

    "Yes, you. And if you don't cut it out, you can't join me in the tub next time." She threatened.

    Luke brought the luffa back up to scrub at her upper back and between the shouldes blades.

    "Well," His voice was soft. "Can't let that happen, can we?"

    "Good thinking."

    Luke switched over to her shoulders. Mara reached back and lifted up her hair so he could wash her neck. As he applied the luffa, he eyed the sleek column of her neck, noting the way her skin gave up a milky white sheen.

    "Luke? Luke? Luke?" His name was being repeated over and over again.


    "I lost you there for a moment." She commented softly.

    "There's…" Luke swallowed thickly. "A lot to get lost in."

    "I see." She held out her hand. "Hand me the luffa."

    He frowned. "What for?"

    "Cause I won't get any bathing done with you scrubbing me." She chuckled softly.

    "And that's a bad thing?

    "Not usually." She turned around and laid on her belly, arms folded on the lip of the tub with her breasts pressed against the tub backing. "Tell you what, why don't you get us that champagne and bring over the desert. Then after that you can get me my robe and I'll let you help me get dressed."

    He smiled slowly, his eyes held such adoration.

    Mara reached a hand up and cupped his cheek and whispered, "I love you so."

    Their gazes were locked on each other and the rest of the world was shut out. Luke reached up and placed his hand over hers, brushing aside a tendril of red-hair from her forehead with the other. After awhile, Mara dropped her hand down to his shoulder. "Now," She leaned up and kissed him. "Let's have some of that champagne."

    "Right." Luke nodded and got to his feet. "Be right back, love."

    Mara turned around and slipped back into a seated position. "I'll be waiting. Don't take too long." She watched him disappear beyond the refresher threshold.

    Mara smiled. The man was absolutely besotted with her. It was a nice feeling, to know she was so loved by him. She'd never felt like this before about anyone. Nor had she'd anyone that felt about her the way Luke did.

    She smiled and leaned over, reaching for the bottle of lavender shampoo. After dousing her hair with water, she started to wash it, rubbing the shampoo into a generous lather. She then rinsed the suds from her hair when she was done and lay against the back of the tub. Mara stretched contentedly, her feet dropped up on one side of the tub as she waited for her husband to return.

    She frowned. What was keeping him so long?

    The door opened and Mara could hear the score of soft music floating through.

    'Oh, my love, my darling,
    I've hungered for your touch
    A long, lonely time'

    There was silence as the door shut again. She squinted her eyes, making out her husband's dark silhouette in the candle light. He had the champagne in one hand and two glasses on the other. She walked slowly forward, his lips moving to the words of a song she couldn't hear anymore.

    When he got closed, and kneeled down, setting up the champagne, it was clear he was singing some other song.

    She smiled, endeared by the act. Luke singing? He was singing to her!

    "Wise men say, only fools rush in
    But I can't help, falling in love with you"

    She grinned. "Singing, Honey?"

    He shrugged. "I won't win any contests…"

    "Actually, I think it's adorable." Mara was absolutely beautiful in candlelight. "You are adorable."

    "Thank you." He smiled, picking up the champagne bottle. He stared at it as if expecting it to open itself, when suddenly the cork popped out. Luke picked up the glass and poured. "Champagne?" He offered.

    "You used the Force!" She accused, indignantly.

    "Then you don't want any?"

    "You know very well I do. Hand me my glass, Attendant."

    "As you wish, my love." He handed it to her.

    Mara lifted the glass, muttering, "Cheater," before taking a sip.

    "Perhaps, but you're worth it."
    When the water had begun to get cold and champagne a tad warm, Mara announced she was ready to get back to their bed. Luke raised an eyebrow suggestively, but fetched his wife a towel. She stepped up out of the bath tub, water running off of her alabaster skin. He gazed at her lovely form for a moment before wrapping her in the large towel, pulling her into his waiting embrace.

    He felt Mara shudder.


    "Definitely." She muttered, shaking her head. "Never makes sense does it, you take a warm bath, but the second you get out, you're cold again."

    Her forehead was wrinkled in that oh-so cute way he adored. He grinned at her frustration; holding her closer all the while.

    "Is this better?" He murmured against her wet hair.

    "Much." She responded, arching her body slightly. Almost as if she was trying to meld them together.

    She buried her face in the crook of his neck, trying to soak up the heat. "You know for a man who wears black because "he's cold" half the time, you're actually very warm…hot even."

    "Glad you approve."

    "Glad you approve I approve." She retorted, still smiling. "Now, about that ro-"

    But before she could say a word further, Luke bent down and scooped her into his arms, towel and all.

    "Luke." She hollered in protest. "What are you doing?"

    "Getting you to our bed," He explained. "I just thought this way, that I'd save you from the cold this way."

    Mara glanced his way, tossing him a dazzling smile. "Good thinking." She wound her arms around his neck, pressing herself closer to him. "I know I married you for some reason."

    "Hah, hah…"

    She smirked. "I'm serious. You think I'd marry just any man." Mara Jade….marriage? "I assure you, I make sure he has a brain."

    "So I pass all your tests," He quipped.

    "With flying colors, Farmboy." She looked back. "What about the water?"

    "Leave it; it'll still be there in the morning."

    She smacked his shoulder. "Very funny."

    "I do have my moments," He said with a smile and proceeded to carry her out of the refresher.

    Luke walked the last few feet to their bed and placed her gently down on it then startled Mara slightly by going down on one knee. "What're you doing?" Mara inquired.

    "Going to help you get dry of course."

    She rolled her eyes. "Skywalker," Mara ran her hand through his hair. "You don't have to do that."

    "Uh-uh uh. Mara, we've had this talk, and you promised me you weren't going to call me that anymore."

    She smirked. "I did no such thing. I said, I'd think about it." She lounged back as if to let him proceed. "I still maintain right to call you that when you frustrate me or tick me off."

    He gently picked up one foot with his hand and proceeded to dry her. "And do you plan to do that often?"

    "Only if you plan on getting on my bad side," Her lips turned up. "Now's not looking too good for you, by the way. I suggest you hasten your drying efforts, I'm getting..." She lifter her other foot and rubbed it along his shoulder. "…cold."

    "That's not going to work, Mara."

    He ran a hand up her calf then up to her thigh.

    Mara glared at him.

    "That's how you do it."

    "Tell me something, Farmboy," She made her voice low and sultry. "Do you want to play under the covers with me sometime in the near future?"

    "Yes, Ma'am."

    "That's better." Mara tilted her chin up. She was looking down her nose at him, her body practically revealed to his heated gaze.

    "May I?" Luke asked, gesturing toward her.

    She gave him a devilish smile, granting him permission. Luke got to work, gently rubbing at his wife's skin with the edges of the large bath towel. He inched further and further up, once he was satisfied with one portion of her body. He gaze stopped at chest level, slightly mesmerized.


    Luke turned his gaze up to star into his wife's startling green eyes. "Yes."

    "Nothing," A smile. "You seemed distracted is all."

    "Sorry. You're just…so beautiful." He breathed.

    "So you've said before." She watched as a foolish smile graced his lips and said, "I can take it from her, Farmboy."

    "Are you sure?"

    Mara pulled got up and continued to towel herself off. "Positive." She turned her head over her shoulder. "Do me a favor, Honey, and get me some fresh underwear and a nightgown."


    Luke got up and crossed back over to the dresser rummaging in it as Mara dried herself. He found a ton of silken garments in the drawer, various shades of color: baby blue, dark blue, emerald green, red, and black. Some were lacy and yes a tad more risqué while others were plane silk.

    "Luke, I'm dry. Where are my clothes?"

    "Sorry," He picked the very first one his hand touched: baby blue ones. Luke next selected a black nightgown; at least he thought it was. It was awfully short. He held the two items together, feeling the temperature rising within him. "Oh, boy…"

    Suddenly, he felt two arms wind themselves around his waist, a very naked body pressing against his. "So, can I have my clothes?"

    "What? Oh, yes." He turned around slowly to face her and gazed upon his wife's body once more. He could feel his heart picking up speed and his body heating up.

    Mara plucked the panties from his fingers and slowly slipped them on. Then, still watching him she slipped the nightgown on over head. The black gown was officially too short to be a nightgown; it was in fact a negligee—even he realized that. It had this straps and lace at the collar and along the hem. Luke could see her underwear, contrasting against the negligee. He'd always thought Mara had an exquisite body—even back when she had been threatening to kill him.

    Truth be told, Luke would frequently find himself staring at her leather clad form, sometimes catching a glimpse of her back side as she bent down. Yes, she was gorgeous woman with a body that was simply stunning, and that was only amplified when she dress in sexy lingerie.

    He gulped thickly.

    Mara grinned. "Getting excited are we?" She took his hand. "Come on, Honey, let's get back in bed. Let's talk."

    Luke was finally able to speak. "About what?"

    "Oh, your old girlfriends…"

    He hesitated.

    "You promised."

    "I did no such thing." He protested.

    "Well, if you don't tell me, I'll just go to sleep."

    "That's blackmail."

    "Maybe, but what's wrong if I want to know more about you?"

    "Mara, why would you want to know about those women? They're in my past."

    "It's because they're in your past that I'd like to know."

    He looked at the floor as if contemplating this.

    Mara's face fell. "I'm sorry, Honey. I pushed too far. Let's get to sleep."

    "No," He gripped her hand, pulling her to him. "I'll tell you."

    "Don't do it because you feel obligated."

    "I'll tell you because I want to."

    She searched his face. "Are you sure?"


    "Allright. But first," She ran her hands down his chest. "Let's do something about that...tension."

    "I'm good."

    She grinned. "Not yet, but you will be." With that, she backed him up to the bed, pushed him over, and straddled his waist, completely dominating him. She leaned down, whispering, "Oh, just to let you know. I like to have the upper hand."
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    Ahhhh...newlyweds. Young love is awesome. Luke is washing Mara's back in the cute. Fast forward 25 years and you will find him running in to utilize the toilet while she is soaking in the tub...not so romantic. o_O

    I do like singing Luke. He is adorable.

    Play that funky music Jedi! Lay down the boogie and play that funky music till you die! =D=

    Nicely done!
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