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Beyond - Legends Time Spent in Paradise L/M - Update - 10/01 (Completed)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by EmeraldJediFire, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Hazel

    Hazel Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 9, 2010
    Hehe! Loved it.
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  2. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    That was a blend of sheer playfulness and appreciativeness and sizzle. You actually balance Luke nicely: the bold and the shy =D= And you also like to make Mara a blatant tease [face_laugh] She doesn't realize ... I think part of it is being playful, wanting to express/establish limits, but also I really don't think she realizes how truly, absolutely gorgeous!!!!! he finds her. Not the abstract, she's pretty but so are a lot of women, but head to toe, inside and out gorgeous. ^:)^
  3. EmeraldJediFire

    EmeraldJediFire Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 23, 2012
    Thanks to all who've been keeping up so far: Jedi_Lover, Briannakin, Hazel, Briannakin.

    So glad you're enjoying it. I love playing out the two sides of Luke (it is his honeymoon afterall). I don't think Mara's ever been to concerned with her own looks, Jade, so I think you may be right. Her being drop dead gorgeous is something any man would love to have, but to Luke its merely a perk.

    More sexiness coming up!

    “You know, for someone who didn’t learn to swim until nineteen, you’re not so bad.”

    “You think so?” Luke mused.

    Mara was laid out on floating dock, watching as her husband circled around her in long powerful backstrokes.

    “Mmmhmm. Forgive me for not noticing until now, but at the time we were kind of in dire trouble.”

    Luke stopped near her. “Forgiven, my love.” He then leaned up and pressed a kiss against her mouth. “I was busy preventing us from drowning so we’re both even. Now, why won’t you come join me in the water again; I don’t want that fair skin of yours to be burned.”

    She raised an eyebrow. “Oh really?” She edged forward, water still glistening on her skin. Her chest was precariously close to his face. “I’m sure…the sun isn’t what you were thinking about when it came to...” Her voice dropped low, and she leaned in close to his ear, whispering, “My skin.”

    Luke smiled and pushed back away from the dock.

    “Are you coming back in?” He asked.

    “What’s my incentive?” She asked lazily.


    Mara propped her chin up on her hands, watching his muscles ripple as he turned on to his stomach, his arms slicing through the water, propelling him away from her. She eased herself up onto her knees so she could get a better look at his flexing back

    “How far do you plan to swim?” She called out.

    “Until you join me.” He responded, turning onto his back.

    “Hmm.” Mara gave an amused, contemplative look. “So what’s my prize if I catch you?”

    “Whatever you want, Sweetheart.”

    The red-head got to her feet, a slight predatory gleam in her eye. “Now that’s what I want to hear,” She murmured, before diving back into the water.

    Luke raised an amused brow, smiling…that is until he realizes his wife was coming toward him rather fast. His smile faltered and he turned back onto his stomach. He may have said she could have whatever she wanted, but—he smirked—he didn’t say he was going to make it easy. He pushed off once more, arms cutting through the water as he propelled himself away from her. He could feel Mara’s presence spike— felt her excitement and mischievous nature—as she continued on after him.

    ‘You’re just making this harder on yourself when I catch you.’ She sent.

    ‘But isn’t the chase half the challenge?’

    ‘I don’t was more of pain in the ass when I was following you on Myrkr.’

    Luke could hear Mara closing in on him; he’d learn to swim well over the years, but had learned she was a much better swimmer than he was—point in case…she was fast.

    “Give it up, Farmboy, I’ve almost got you.” She called out.

    He had to admit things did look hopeless, but he didn’t feel like giving her the satisfaction of complying. He headed straight for the opposite shore grinning all the
    while as a litany of curses fell from Mara’s lips.

    “You are in so much trouble, Luke.”

    “Reallly?” He turned onto his back. “Are you going to spank me?”

    “Not exactly.” She said cryptically.

    Luke finally reached the edge, but before he could pull himself out of the water Mara grabbed a hold of the back of his shorts.

    “Not so fast, hot-shot.” Mara drawled, drawing herself nearer to him. She looped her arms around his waist, blowing into his ear. “I believe I won.” She then reached down and patted him on the butt, grinning.

    Luke turned his head over his shoulder, eyebrow raised.

    “You know if you’re going to touch the goods you’d better follow through.”

    “Right here?”

    He turned around and wound his arms around her waist then picked her up and set her on the edge of the lake.

    “You are serious.”

    “What you’re not up for trying something different?”

    “I think that point was mute when we tested out the shower.”

    “It was fun, wasn’t it?”

    “Mmmhmm.” She smirked slightly. “Now, are we going to see here talking or are we going to do something about it?’

    “Well, I thought I’d start with a bit of this...” He leaned into her, kissing the spot behind her ear. “Then…work my way downward.” He planted kisses along the side of her making a trail to her throat then down to her chest.

    Mara made pleased sounds in the back of her throat. The feel of Luke’s lips on her skin was setting her body aflame. She would her arms around his neck, threading her fingers through his hair as he slowly lowered her to the ground. His hand teased from her chest then down her side and came to rest lightly on her hip. With the other hand, he gently grasped the back of her neck and leaned back up to kiss her thoroughly on the lips.

    He could feel her shudder beneath his finger tips. Mara wasn’t about to remain pliant though—she kissed back with equal ardor, levering herself up slightly as her hand slowly made its way to his backside. His breath hitched and she smiled against his mouth. She patted it once more as she had before. As he leaned into her once more she let out a small yelp.


    “What’s wrong?” He asked with concerned eyes.

    “I think, I’m laying on a rock.”

    “Oh, sorry.”

    He backed off and brought her up into a sitting position. He peaked around her. Sure enough there was a small rock, unseen by him at the time. It had a small point edge. Mara picked it up. It would have been barely noticeable so she couldn’t have faulted him.

    “Guess that mood is killed.” She murmured staring at the little obstruction.

    “It doesn’t have to me. Why don’t we take this back to the veranda? There were some very comfortable looking loungers there.”

    Mara curled her lips into a smile.

    “Sounds great.”

    Needless to say, no more swimming was done the rest of the day—and Luke and Mara spent the afternoon and evening back in bed.
    Mara rolled over and checked the clock; she had fallen asleep after another bout of love-making. Her muscles felt slightly sore, her back a tad achy. That lounger hadn’t been as comfortable as Luke had thought. She had a painful kink in it.

    She rolled back over to check her spouse who was slumbering away.

    Mara carefully looked over his features; his face giving off a peaceful look. He was snoring lightly. The covers had slipped on about his and he had one arm laid across it while the other was tucked under his pillow. His blonde hair was gently tousled. Mara had the great urge to run her fingers once more through those locks—but she settled upon observing him or the time being.

    He let out a particularly loud snore, this time none too delicate, and Mara laughed despite herself. She had a feeling she’d be annoyed by it later on, but now it was quite endearing. It was one more example of how Luke Skywalker was more than a Jedi Master; that he was precisely as human as everyone else.

    Luke then reached up and subconsciously rubbed his hand against his nose as if fighting off an invisible tickling sensation. She smiled once more then lay back down on her side, facing him, and reached over to lay her hand upon his.
    Mara awoke once more, this time several hours later. It was pitch-black outside with the exception of the moon beaming brightly overhead. Had they really slept that long? She shrugged her shoulders and slid out of bed, this time the first one to head for the shower.

    She turned on the water, adjusting the temperature and the shower head so that it was pulsate. She even discovered a multi-colored lighting aspect she hadn’t before. She smelled a mixture of lake water and musk. The musk she could deal with, but the lake water had to go. When she had gotten it just the way she liked it, Mara stepped into the shower, sliding the door shut behind her.

    Halfway through lathering herself, she heard the door open and smile came to her lips.

    “So you decided to join me this time?” She murmured, continuing to scrub herself.

    “Seemed only fair.” Luke whispered huskily, his voice near her right ear.

    He slipped his arms around her waist pulling her to him.

    “Why do I have a feeling I’m not getting any cleaning done?”

    “Oh, we can clean.” He dipped his head and gently nipped at her shoulder. “You know….you scrub my back I scrub yours…and other places.”

    Mara let out an uncharacteristic giggle as her husband then brushed his fingers against her hip.

    And a shower that should have taken thirty minutes, lasted much longer than usual.
    Mara sat on the bed, drying her hair after the shower.

    “I believe that makes two showers I’ve had in one day.” She commented. “And it’s all your fault.”

    “I believe this morning was your doing, sweetheart.” Luke said, slipping on a tunic over his head.

    “You shouldn’t have showered without me.”

    Even though there was bite to her retort, he could hear Mara smiling.

    "Yes, Dear.” He replied finally.

    Mara glared at him. It was apparent she didn’t find his dutiful husband act a tad bit funny. He quickly changed the subject. “So, I was thinking we could, instead of that noon picnic how about a moonlit one.”

    “Oh?” She seemed to ponder this. “All right; you order this time.”

    “Of course.”

    She appraised him for a moment.

    “You know I already married you, you can stop with the wooing tactics.”

    “I know.” He simply said. “I’ll wait for you in the livingroom.”

    The chime went off and Mara got up to admit the food server; he was the same young man who had brought them breakfast and dinner the previous night. He held out the basket which Mara took and showed him back out—a basket which Luke took from her promptly afterward.

    “Didn’t I say you could stop wooing me?”

    “You did, but I want to do this, Mara.”

    Mara looked up into his eyes and saw the sincerity dwelling within. She knew he was telling the truth. Other times, she would have fought this gesture, insisting on her own ability to handle things for herself, but not now. For now, she’d let him pamper her like this, she’d indulge in his sense of chivalry.

    She took his hand as they started for the hill they’d found the previous day. She leaned against his shoulder as they walked, soaking in his warmth and basking in his Force aura that seemed to radiate love.

    It was nice once and awhile anyway.
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  4. Briannakin

    Briannakin Grand Moff Darth Fanfic & Costuming/Props Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Feb 25, 2010
    My goodness, Luke's skyswimmers must be in an everlasting supply ;p Not that I'm complaining. I love the love... And the loving :D
  5. EmeraldJediFire

    EmeraldJediFire Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 23, 2012
    Yeah, but it is a honeymoon. Maybe I did go a bit overboard. lol
  6. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Who says? [face_laugh] SQUEEEEEE! Oh delightful. They have a lot of basking in one another and making up for lost time to do so nah! [face_dancing] Thanks for vaporizing me quite totally. :D @};-
  7. Hazel

    Hazel Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 9, 2010
    Well, they are on their honeymoon after all ;)
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  8. EmeraldJediFire

    EmeraldJediFire Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 23, 2012
    I'd like to thank you for everyone who is reading Paradise and thank you for your patience Briannakin, Hazel, Jade_eyes

    Sorry, that I haven't updated in awhile, but I'm back on the ball. Paradise's next chapter should be out in a day or two. I've made up my mind to finish it in a few chapters.
  9. newdawn12

    newdawn12 Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 9, 2013
    I'm looking forward to it.
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  10. EmeraldJediFire

    EmeraldJediFire Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 23, 2012
    Note: Rejoice for a finally have a new chapter. As I said previously, I hope to finish this in a few more chapters...Enjoy!

    Thanks to: Briannakin, Jade_eyes, Hazel, and a special thanks to Bri and Jedi_Lover for kicking my butt to get this finished!

    “This really is beautiful, Luke.” Mara commented, from her spot on the small hill.

    Luke had finished lying out the picnic blanket, and glanced up. He followed his wife’s gaze; she had been looking out upon the moonlit panorama that surrounded them. The view had been spectacular during the day, but there was something about the scenery being bathed in a celestial glow that left one breath-taken.

    Hapes’ moon loomed large and luminous, hanging low in the velvet sky.

    “It’s gorgeous; I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so…amazing.”

    He gave a small smile. “Oh, I think I could name something.”

    Mara turned her head over her shoulder, her teeth flashing in a flirtatious manner. He could see a slight sparkle in her eyes and her hair was haloed brilliantly by the moonbeams. She was a vision of loveliness, he thought, one that outshone even the moon.

    “I outshine the moon huh?” An eyebrow arched. “Are you sure you’re not a romantic, Skywalker?”

    He smiled slightly. It was a strange feeling, being not only able to see your lover’s past and innermost thoughts, but also being able to hear what they were thinking right then.

    “I only speak the truth, my love.”

    She grinned. “I know—that’s what’s scary.”

    Luke did his best to take on a wounded expression. Mara knew she hadn’t hurt his feelings, because he now knew her better than anyone.

    She teased, “Did you really think I was going to change that much?”

    “No, and I wouldn’t have it for the world.” He touched her cheek gently. “You are perfect…just the way you are.”

    Mara reached up, lightly brushing her fingers against his. The look in his eyes was overwhelming, and Mara felt as if she was drowning in those clear pools.

    “Don’t worry.” He whispered, kissing her palm. “I won’t let you drown.”

    She blushed deeply.

    “Allright,” She laughed. “You’ve embarrassed me enough for tonight. Let’s put your sweet-nothings on hold and eat before it gets cold, shall we?”

    A merry light danced in his eyes. “You win this round…but you’re mine tonight.”

    “Is that so?” She arched a brow.

    It was his turn to blush.
    Once they had finished their meal, they look like looking out upon the scenery, bodies pressed closer together, wrapped in each other’s arms. Luke was absentmindedly gently stroking the silken flesh of Mara’s arms. His breath was slow and virtually undetectable except for the slightly motion of his chest she could feel against her back.

    He had positioned his legs on either side of her body, so that she was sitting between them. Her legs dangled off the edge with her feet swaying to some unheard tune. One hand was wrapped around his left bicep while the other languidly rested upon his knee. The wind blew suddenly and she shuddered, burrowing herself further into his embrace. He leaned in, his chin resting on her right shoulder, and whispered in her ear.

    “Do you want to go back to the house?”

    She turned her head, her eyes catching his. “In a bit; let’s just stay like this for a bit more.”

    They remained on the hill for a few minutes longer. Luke could feel the weight of his wife’s body considerably becoming more prominent. He could hear her shallow breathing, a sign she was drifting off to sleep. He brushed aside a tendril of hair, his fingertips ghosting across her cheekbone.

    “Mara...” His lips brushed against her ear. “Wake up, sweetheart, you’re falling asleep.”

    Mara came awake slowly, stretching slightly. His arms fell away from her, letting her body uncurl from its position. She got to her feet with Luke’s help refreshed from her brief nap. He chuckled and leaned forward to kiss her neck.

    “Looks like I wore you out.”

    She could hear the smug tone in his voice.

    “And you’re pretty proud of yourself aren’t you?” She said, turning around.

    “Well, I wouldn’t say proud.”

    She smirked. He was adorable when he was being modest. Her heart was swelling with joy; it made her happy to know he felt like this with her. The knowledge that he had been so unsure before they had first been together had upset her.

    “Well, I’ll let you have that one.”

    He stared at her with unabashed love in his eyes.

    “I barely deserve you, you know.” He murmured.

    “Yes, you do.” She whispered back. “C’mon, Farmboy.” She patted his butt. “Let’s get back to the house and continue our honeymoon.” A twinkle was in her eye.
    The continuing of their honeymoon had consisted of a bit of late night make-out sessions which eventually ventured into more love-making. They had never felt so alive until they were in eachother’s arms. Eventually by the second time, they were already tired once more.

    Mara found that her Farmboy had a lot of stamina—it paid to be a well-bodied Jedi—but even he had his limits. Well, she did too.

    They woke up the next morning, taking individual showers this time—Luke insisted they should shower together; it would save time. Mara knew better though, it wouldn’t save time, just take up more time and they wouldn’t get any actual washing done.

    She hated denying him; he had such an adorable forlorn look when she’d told him ‘no’, but she knew she was startlingly just as insatiable as he was. They had two more days—and plenty of time to play later, she assured him.

    “So, what do you want to do today?” He asked.

    She shrugged. “I don’t know; what do couples do of their honeymoon?”

    She caught a glimmer in Luke’s eye.

    “Besides that, Dear.” He had become positively amorous; a total 180 from the man she had known for ten years. “As much as I’d like to go at it like rabbits, you’re wearing me out.”

    Luke grinned once more.

    “Well, I’m out of suggestions then.”He quipped.

    She rolled her eyes.

    “Here’s my idea,” She said. “I say we contact whatever qualifies as the local tourist bureau and see if they have any suggestions.” She slipped on a light jacket, pulling her hair from out from under the collar. “Does that sound okay to you?”

    He chuckled. “Sure, no objections here.” He was humoring her, but it wasn’t a mocking humor. “Maybe, the curators for the guest house would have an idea or two. I’ll make the calls, see what I can find…maybe even get us a speeder to rent. I’d hate having to rely on Royal family.”

    “Sounds like a plan.” She smiled flirtatiously. “You make those calls, and I’ll finish freshening up.”

    Luke watched his wife retreat back into the refresher, hypnotized by the tantalizing sway of her body.

    After Luke had finished talking to one of the servants, he closed the front door and turned to his wife. She raised a speculative eyebrow, waiting for him to speak.

    “Well, do we have something to do?”

    “We do.” He confirmed.

    She placed her hands on her hips. “Are you going to tell me or are you going to leave me in suspense?”

    He smiled gently.

    “It appears, love, that Hapes has a fantastic botanical garden on the palace grounds. Normally, the it wouldn’t be open to outsider, i.e. the general public, but you’re very connected husband...” He winked scandalously. “…has been invited by the Queen Mother to tour the botanical gardens.”

    She whistled, highly impressed.

    “Not only that, but I’ve secured breakfast at the most sought after café in town.”

    Mara smirked. “You’re going to spoil me with all these lavish gestures, you know.”

    “The things I do for love.” He murmured with a smile

    Luke had also been able to rent a speeder in addition to securing a table at the café and a walk in the gardens. In fact, the speeder was complimentary on behalf of the Hapan Royal family. When Luke and Mara left the guest house, they found a stylish speeder parked out front. It was bearing the crest of the Queen Mother.

    She whistled again for the second time that morning.

    “Well, Teneniel isn’t sparing any expense.” Luke commented, running his hand along the fine chrome. He was admiring the speeder with rapt fascination.

    Mara was well aware of her spouse’s love of all types of ships and other vessels. His wonderment at this top of the line land speeder was no exception. It was a fully enclosed speeder with an auto-pilot system, central ventilation, and tinted windshields for privacy. If Luke had been anymore enraptured by the kriffin’ vessel he would have had his nose pressed up against the glass like some gawky teenager.

    “Oh, get in already. I know you want to drive her.”

    He raised a brow. “You’re letting me in the driver’s seat?”

    “Only because you look ready to burst.” She retorted.

    Luke smiled, crossing over to the passenger side, and popped the lock on the door. She peered at the inside of the cabin for a moment before, taking a step closer. Just when he thought she might step inside, he closed the gap between them and arched up on her toes to kiss him. It was long and slow; so much so that Luke let his hand drop from the door and encircled her waist to return the ardent kiss.

    “Mmmm,” she moaned, then flicked her tongue across his lower lip as she pulled back.

    Shooting him a sultry look, she got insider the speeder. Luke gave her an equally heated one and closed the door after her. It was a shame by the end of tomorrow their honeymoon would be at an end—but for now, he didn’t have to think about that.
    They arrived at the small cafe within the village Luke helped Mara out of the speeder before venturing inside. They were greeted by a tall, woman with tawny hair, she gestured widely.

    “Madam Skywalker—and consort— we’ve been expecting you.” The woman said, bowing her head. “Right this way please.” Luke paid no attention to the fact he hadn’t been addressed. However, would she address him anyway? He didn’t think the Hapans would be so forthright as to call him Master. No, he didn’t mind at all.

    After all, consort was better than nothing.

    The Hapan woman showed them to their table and introduced herself as, Illya.

    “If you have need of anything, please don’t hesitate. I’ll let you decide and attend to you in a few minutes.”

    Mara nodded, murmuring a thank you.

    Luke waited until Illya had left them alone.

    “So, I’m you’re consort,” He said with a smile. “Lucky me.”

    “You should only be so lucky.” Mara said snarkily.

    The tone between them was light and joking


    They shared a mutual glance before beginning to browse the menus.

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  11. Briannakin

    Briannakin Grand Moff Darth Fanfic & Costuming/Props Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Feb 25, 2010
    Great update. Very romantic scenes and dialogue. I just love Luke being called Mara's consort :p
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  12. EmeraldJediFire

    EmeraldJediFire Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 23, 2012

    I was debating to how to have them refer to him. Then I thought, they call the Queen's significant other a consort...and this is Hapan society so it would be an apt title
  13. newdawn12

    newdawn12 Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 9, 2013
    What a wonderful chapter, loved the romance, and the teasing.
  14. Jedi_Lover

    Jedi_Lover Force Ghost star 5

    Nov 1, 2004
    Nice romance! Yum! :D
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  15. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Great blend of romanticness and teasing. I just love basking in their mutual passion and joyfulness. :)
  16. Hazel

    Hazel Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 9, 2010
    That was wonderful! :D [face_love]
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  17. EmeraldJediFire

    EmeraldJediFire Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 23, 2012
    Note: Thank you for reviewing and reading: Briannakin, newdawn12, Jedi_Lover, Jade_eyes, and Hazel. The romantic scenes were fun to write. You can tell that they're enamored with each other and are just enjoying getting to know eachother on that level..I've no count of how many times they did ;) A ll, joking aside is here's the next chapter,I'm trying to make these chapters come out more regularly.

    After they had finished their lunch, Luke and Mara left the café and walked back to their speeder. Luke opened Mara’s door before getting into the driver’s seat.

    When he had sealed the door and they were alone once more, Mara turned to him, grinning. “Did you see the look on the woman’s face when you insisted on paying for lunch?”She chuckled.

    “Yes, I didn’t think she expected that, but I’m not comfortable getting a free meal at a public place.”

    “Well, I’m glad you gave in.”

    “The last thing I want to do is insult the Queen Mother.”

    “Well, from what I’ve seen Teneniel doesn’t seem to stand on convention. She’s Dathomiri right?”

    “No, she doesn’t.” He started the speeder. “Which is why, I initially was going to insist in the first place.” He shrugged. “But that’s neither here nor there now.”

    “Well, I’m not going to complain either way; a free meal is always nice.” She was smiling contently. “I noticed you didn’t complain when she offered you some hot chocolate.”

    Luke flushed.

    “It was just a surprise, and...”

    “Yes, I know how much you love that stuff.” She leaned over, running her hand along his thigh. “I’m only teasing you, husband-mine.”

    He gave her a startled look. “Husband-mine?”

    She pretended to look puzzled. “It’s a combination of my husband. Pretty bad huh?” She rested her head against his shoulder. “I think I’ll avoid using that and stick with honey. It’s less sappy.”

    He chuckled.

    “At least it isn’t Skywalker. That’s one pet name I’d rather not keep forever.”

    She ran a hand through his hair, finger tracing the shell of his ear. “No, Farmboy is your official pet name.”

    “Ah, okay, because I was confused for a moment.”

    She thumped his ear gently in admonishment.

    “That’s enough out of you.” She said with a grin.

    “Yes, Ma’am.”
    As Luke drove the speeder onto the palace grounds, they passed several check points and several security gates. They were expected, of course, and only had to show the minimum of idea required before they were waved through each point.

    “And that was the, what fifth security check point?” She commented.

    “I believe so.” Luke said, pushing onward.

    “Well, let’s hope it’s the last one. I’m starting to get tired again.”

    It didn’t take very long to get to the botanical garden and the main palace grounds after that. They hadn’t realized how long it was because they had mostly been passengers the last time they were shepherded up to the palace. Another speeder was parked the side of the drive, a Hapan woman leaning up against it. It was Astarta; the one who had been their guide the previous day.

    Luke pulled up beside Astarta slowly.

    “I take it your our guide again?” he said pleasantly.

    “In a manner of speaking, I’ve been instructed to point out the way.” She explained, her response if not entire cordial was respectful. “Then I’m to leave you alone, Sir.”

    Mara was a bit impressed. She would have thought that without Isolder here the woman would have snubbed Luke. But the servants whom he had spoke to earlier hadn’t given him any trouble—most likely because they had instructed not to do so. Interesting.

    She studied the woman carefully. “Well, show us the way then.” Mara said, her hand possessively resting on Luke’s bicep. “We’re looking forward to seeing the gardens.” There was practically a purr to her voice.

    Her message was quite clear.

    “Good; you may park your speeder in that shaded copse over there. We will be getting to the gardens on foot.”

    Luke pulled in where Astarta indicated and got out, waiting for Mara before they both walked over to the Hapan. She gestured once more and the newlyweds followed after her. Mara looped her arms through Luke’s her hand grasping his as she leaned into him.

    “Mara, I can feel your emotions. Whatever you’re thinking of...”

    “You needn’t worry your pretty little head, Farmboy, I’m sheathing my claws.” She snorted. “Honestly, I was a part of the Imperial Court for awhile, I know proper decorum. I won’t start anything that could ruin the Republic’s relations with Hapes. She just seems different from the other day—oh don’t look at me like that I said I’d play nice.


    “But, if she so much gets out of line with you; I will break her.”

    Luke knew she meant every word too.
    Here we are, if you go through that hedge maze, you will find the gardens.” Astarta instructed.

    “Hedge maze huh?” She looked inquisitively. “I haven’t seen one of those since my days in the Imperial Palace.” She grinned. “This will be fun I think.”

    “Yes, I think you’ll find the botanical gardens quite stimulating.” She nodded. “I’ll be heading off; if you need anything, you have our frequency.”

    Luke nodded affirmative.

    With that, Astarta was turned on her heel, heading back the way they had come. They watched her for a bit before turning their attention back to the maze entrance.

    Luke stroked her bare arm. “Ready, love?”

    “Never been readier.”

    They ventured into the maze, admiring the looming green hedges as they traversed through it. They were at least ten feet tall and the only thing Mara could see was the sky above. Their bodies were pressed close together as they soaked in the others warmth. Mara sighed, she had never been so happy in all her life than she was at this moment—well, excluding her wedding. She played with the band on her husband’s left hand as she leaned into his left shoulder. She twisted it ‘round and ‘round in a playful manner.

    They made their way through the twisting and turning maze, emerging a minute later into a splendorous atmosphere. The lush exotic trees loomed over their heads, large fronds of low lying plants scattered everywhere. It was clear in addition to the hedges; the garden itself was manmade; including various touches of the natural fauna of Hapes.

    Mara let go of his hand, stepping forward to absorb the breathtaking wonder that was before her eyes. Luke stepped ran his hang gently along a flower, cupping the low drooping bud.

    “It is stunning.” He agreed.

    She took a few steps more inward. It was just as large as she expected, but she hadn’t imagined the verdant beauty. Oh, she admitted she should have given the nature of the people of the planet. People who were concerned with personal appearance and beauty would of course have splendor surrounding them. She glanced up at the tall three and could see the palace’s walls from where she stood. She felt a brush against her arm; Luke had stepped past her.

    He looked back and gave her an encouraging smile.

    “Coming?” He asked with an evident smirk.

    “Of course.”

    Mara joined him, her movements graceful. She was statuesque in the way she moved; and Luke was mesmerized by her soft movements. Her lips quirked and it became evident to him that she’d been aware he’d been watching her.

    “Take a holo, Skywalker, it will last you longer.”

    “Longer doesn’t necessarily mean forever, Mara,” he took her hand gently between his. “But my time with you is a different thing all together.”

    Mara could feel herself turning red. She remembered what he’d said to her on the balcony on Coruscant. This love will be forever.

    “Forever, huh? Well,” she took a few steps back. “Let’s see what you’ve got. Try to keep up with me, Farmboy.”

    A light flashed in Luke’s eyes. I welcome the challenge, love.

    He followed after her like a lovelorn animal. They spent their time strolling through the gardens by gently touching every now and then and making subtle, yet amorous eye contact. Fingers intertwined, flirtatious bats of the eyes, and come-hither smiles. Luke would then lean over and kiss the side of her neck gently, nibbling. Mara let out a bubble of laughter as his teeth tickled her skin.

    That was as far as they made it into the garden.

    Luke backed her against a large tree trunk.

    “Luke,” Mara murmured, grasping his muscled shoulders.

    He pressed his body close, pinning her between himself and the tree. His hands effortlessly roamed her body as he continued to kiss the side of her neck; fingers drifting from her hips to under her ribcage. Eventually his mouth found her throat and Mara let out a very audible and very erotic moan.

    He felt her thigh brush against his hip as she drew her leg off the ground, practically wrapping it around him. Luke also noticed his hands weren’t the only ones roaming. Mara’s had fallen from his shoulders and were now falling over his broad back until they rested on his butt. He shivered as her mouth found his ear. “Mara…” he whispered, feeling his pulse spike.

    “Yes,” her response drew out another moan.

    “Is this going where I think it is?” His face was still pressed near her throat.

    She smirked. “Depends on where you want it to go.”

    At the tone in her voice, he lifted his eyes to hers.

    “Shh,” she shushed. “Let’s not talk; I’d much rather prefer to do, as I’m sure you would too.”

    He grinned, eyes dancing playfully, and then drew her to him again. He pressed his mouth to hers in a steamy kiss, hands roaming, bodies pressed tightly together, the subtle flick of tongues. Luke felt the weight of both their desire in the Force; it consumed them and drenched them.

    Throughout all this, there was a subtle sound in the background. It almost sounded like someone was clearing their throat.

    “Isolder.” a feminine voice scolded.

    As if splashed with cold water, the newlyweds broke apart. Their heads swung in the direction of the voice, their eyes locking on the two figures standing fifteen feet away: Queen Mother Teneniel Djo and her husband, Prince Isolder. Isolder was sporting a wide grin while his wife, Teneniel shot his a chiding look.

    Luke coughed nervously at being caught in the amorous act; one which he would have bet was leading to something more sexual. Mara blushed herself.

    “Hello, Queen Mother, Isolder.” He greeted, trying to sound normal.

    She waved him off. “Please. I don’t want you to stand on formality, much less when we have barged in on your….engagement.” She was looking at Isolder when she said this.

    Mara regained her composure.

    “It’s nothing, Queen Mother, these are your gardens.”

    “But it is your honeymoon.” Teneniel took Isolder’s hand in hers. “Perhaps, when you’re done, you can join us up at the palace,” she suggested, ready to lead her mischievous spouse away.

    “We’d love that.”

    “I’ll give word to Astarta then; I’d love for you to visit with our daughter.”

    Daughter. “We’d love that also.”

    “Good, then we shall see you both later.”

    Teneniel turned and headed out, her spouse keeping in step with her. Even without being Hapan, Mara couldn’t dismiss how regal Teneniel looked, how the feel of her energy in the Force commanded respect. She was stately as any Hapan woman here. When the royals disappeared from sight, Mara turned back to her own spouse.

    “Now,” she whispered, a mischievous glint in her eye. “Where were we?”

    *ducks flying objects* I know, I know
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    What profic author penned husband-mine? Ack! It just sounded so weird and OOC when I read it in the novel. I'm glad you had Luke call her on it. :p I much prefer Farmboy.

    It is funny that they got caught making out in the gardens. At least they were not caught with their pants down. ;)

    Nice update.
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    Isn't it? Yuch, just wanted to make fun of it. As for the make out sessions evolving, that might come afterward.
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    Very good, and very natural, I enjoyed the way you described their walk.
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    Great way to start my week. :)
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    Glad to hear. I know people have probably forgotten this, JL thought that it had ended lol, so I wanted to finish it.
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    Gorgeous details on the garden and I agree about the term of endearment ... when I read it I thought: Mara would never say that :p :rolleyes: I [face_laugh] at the interruption even in spite of the fact that I was melting at the ... loverly activities beforehand. [face_mischief] [face_dancing] SQUEEEEEEE! for that aspect and also the tenderness that permeates even the words and the incidental touches and fleeting glances. You know Mara never had a chance for a genuine relationship for a variety of reasons but actually, Luke is in pretty much the same sitch, because no other woman was ever as inspiring and exciting [face_love]
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    Thanks to all for reading and reviewing: Jedi_Lover, newdawn12, Hazel, and Nyota's Heart.

    After the other two had left, Luke and Mara found themselves engaged in locked in eachother’s arms once more. Their amorous tryst got so heated, that when they were done, Mara was picking leaves out of her hair.

    “Do I look dirty?” She asked, indicating her clothes.

    “Depends on what your definition of dirty is.” He responded cheekily.

    She gave him a mock scowl.


    “I learned from the best.”

    “Is that a compliment, Skywalker?” She drawled.

    “Of course,” He said, giving her bedroom eyes. “Your sharp tongue is what I love the best.”

    “You are such a sadist.” She chuckled.

    “So I’ve been told.”

    “It was Solo wasn’t it.”

    He wound his arm around her waist. “Does it matter?” He said huskily.

    She smirked.

    “Trying to use your Farmboy charm, eh?”

    He nipped at her ear lobe. “Is that…a bad thing?”

    “Not, particularly no.” She tilted her neck and he kissed it.

    “I find, what’s important now…is us.”

    Mara could feel herself melting beneath his skilled fingers. She squirmed slightly, a smile on her face. She felt deliriously happy. This was their honeymoon and she was enjoying every single minute of it.

    She was enjoying it so much; she almost let out another purr.

    His fingers were absolutely magic to the touch.

    “How about a massage later?”

    She arched a brow. “From you?”

    He stepped go slowly. “Sure, why not.” He ran a finger along her neck. “I don’t think I’ve given you anything to complain about so far, have I?”

    She stepped away.

    “Not particularly, no.”

    He grinned, offering his beloved wife, “Shall we continue?”

    “Why not?”

    The Skywalkers spent the next thirty minutes touring the vastness of the botanical garden. They strolled leisurely as they gazed upon the beautiful fauna. Once in awhile, they’d stop, and Luke would watch Mara smell one sort of flower or the other. She commented on a pink flower that had wide open petals—white nearest to the inside—and long stamen.

    “It’s beautiful,” she said to him. “But do you know what kind of flowers I like the most…”

    He shook his head ‘no’.

    “Velanie flowers.” She her hand drop. “They grew in the garden near the Imperial Palace when I resided there.” She took on a wistful look. “When no one was looking, I would slip out at night to catch them in the moonlight. They were beautiful in the moonlight.”

    “Well, maybe when we get home.” He cupped her cheek. “We can find some of those flowers—if you’d like.”

    She smiled, leaning her cheek into his hand.

    “You’re so sweet; but they’ll be hard to find, Luke.”

    “Yes, but I think you forget who you’re talking to—the man where impossibility is possible.”

    Mara chuckled softly. “Try, try not. Do or Do, eh.” She repeated the famous rhetoric with a certain glow in her eyes.

    He laughed gently.

    “Well,” She took his hand. “I guess I’ll be counting on you to follow through. Don’t disappoint me, Farmboy.”

    “I won’t.”

    They toured the gardens for awhile long, until they had seen all there was to see. Luke turned to his wife. She eyed him curiously.

    “What do you want to do next?”

    She shrugged. “Is there anything else we can do---besides the obvious?” She winked at him.

    He chuckled.

    “The Queen Mother did invite us up to the palace again. Do you want to take her up on her offer? If you don’t want to, we can just excuse ourselves; it’s our honeymoon after all.”

    Mara pressed her lips together as if considering his question. “We only got to visit for awhile. I didn’t get to talk with Teneniel as much as I’d like.” She had a wicked grin. “And I think the young princess is expecting a visit.”

    “I’m sure Tenniel is just saying that, I doubt Tenel Ka even remembers me.”

    “Well, regardless, the first thing in order is to look like we haven’t been playing in the garden.” Mara looked over her clothing.

    Luke chuckled.

    “I think that’s not going to exactly help. They already caught us once; I doubt they care.”

    She glared at him.

    “All right, we’ll get changed.”
    When Astarta had arrived and they informed her that they wanted to do, she informed them that all the arrangements had been made up at the Queen Mother’s residence.

    “Queen Mother thought you might want to freshen up a bit.”

    Mara was slightly mortified. She hated to think Teneniel Djo made arrangement for them to “freshen up”. It spoke a great deal about what exactly she knew. Luke placeda hand on his arm as they made their way to the Queen Mother’s private hangar. He sent her a reassuring feeling.

    ‘Calm down, love.’ Her husband chided her.

    ‘She thinks we had sex in her garden.’

    ‘Well, we are on our honeymoon.’

    She jabbed him lightly in the side.

    ‘Anyway, as I said before, I doubt she cares. She respects our privacy.’

    “Mara?” Luke spoke out loud this time.

    “Well, I do smell like dirt.” Force knew she hated being filthy.

    Astarta took them to the guest wing in the residence; she indicated where they could “freshen up”—there was that blasted word again—and left them to their own devices. Mara stepped into the refresher.

    “This isn’t a ‘fresher,” She said. “It’s a spa.”

    Her husband followed her, taking in the enormous room. It was three times the size of the one in the guest house.

    “That tub big enough to swim in,” He commented.

    “Don’t even think about it.”

    He smiled.

    She walked up to it and noticed that it was full. They had been expecting them.

    “Tub or shower?” He asked.

    “Tub I think. Astarta said we had a few hours and I’m dying to try out this tub.”

    She began to shed her clothing. Her clothes didn’t smell like dirty like she thought they would, but she was sure she did and that she had missed some leaves. She stepped inside the enormous tub, easing in. This was even more heavenly than the one at the guest house.

    Luke watched her disrobe. She was doing it slowly and he had a feeling she knew he was watching her. Honeymoons were wonderful, he decided.
    The couple finished an hour and a half later. Mara had a towel wrapped around her body and a towel on her head. Luke wore a towel around his waist. She admired his body, the sinew and the exquisite muscles. When Mara and Luke stepped outside the refresher into the dressing room, they noticed clothes had been laid out. She blinked. It was a fine silken tunic dyed light blue and tanned trousers.

    “They don’t expect me to wear these.” She held up the tunic and pants, examining them. Then again, she had just taken a bath and didn’t normally put on dirty clothes afterward.

    She’d accept the gesture from Teneniel this once.

    Luke also had clothing laid out--thank the Force they were not black. It was a simple brown trousers/grey tunic combo.

    She made a note to thank Teneniel for that.

    “Well, at least they’re stylish,” She was a tad suspicious how they’d gotten her measurements though. Mara shrugged and began to dress.

    When they were finished, Astarta met them outside the door to the room and lead them through the residence to a sitting room, much like the one they’d been in the previous day. This one was decorated more thoroughly, with large area rugs and tapestries and portraits on the walls. There was a big fire place with a marble mantle. On it an ornate crystal clock sat. The room had several eggshell –colored brocade chairs and a large comfortable looking couch of similar color and style. Both of which were situated on the large maroon area rug.

    “The Queen and the Chume’da will arrive shortly.” She said. “Can I get you anything to drink?”

    “Water’s fine.” Mara said.

    She nodded and left them by themselves.

    A different woman entered a few minutes later, bearing a decanter of water and two glasses. She placed the decanter on the side table and poured the water. She then passed them over to Luke and Mara. She disappeared as quickly as she’d come, leaving them alone once more.

    Teneniel arrived five minutes after that—but she was alone.

    “I’m sorry,” she excused. “ Tenel is in one of her moods.”

    Teneniel she sat down and turned to the servant woman. She requested a glass of simple glass of fruit juice. She then turned back to her company. “She’ll…join us, but I suspect it’ll be on her own terms. She was a bit peeved when I announced that you’d be here shortly; pre-teens.” She brushed her tawny hair aside.

    “That’s fine. If she doesn’t want to come down.”

    “Oh, no, she was looking forward to your visit—at least I think. I can never tell with her these days. The moment she passed ten seasons, she’s been unreadable.”

    “She’s just strong of mind like her mother, I’m sure.” Luke said kindly.

    Teneniel laughed lightly. “You did say she would be, didn’t you? If I recall.”

    Mara looked curiously between them.

    “I thought you didn’t visit often?” She directed this question at her husband.

    “Oh, this was before Tenel Ka was born; before I even married Isolder.” She set her lips thoughtfully. “How did he put it…Oh, yes, Luke said, quote, “You will give birth to a daughter first, and she will be strong and virtuous, like you”. End quote.”

    “Is that so?” Mara smirked. “A little bit of clairvoyance there, Farmboy?”

    He covered her hand with his. “Just a of Force insight, my love; I said what I felt.”

    “I know.”

    “It has proven to be very true; I’m not sure whether that’s good these days or not.” Teneniel smiled.

    The door opened.

    “Master Skywalker, it’s good to see you,” Mara could hear the warmth in her voice. “Mother, I’m sorry I was detained.”

    Tenel Ka’s convenient word for late.

    The girl was dressed in Dathormiri style clothing presumably; she has on an animal-hide knee length dress, similar ankle high boots, and a sleeveless lizard hide type tunic. Her hair was done in braids; they were wild and fiery red. Her chin was tipped up in a slightly defiant way. She was almost an exact replica of her mother. Mara could feel the girl’s fiery spirit in the Force.

    She could see where Teneniel and Luke’s assessment came from.

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    EJF, I love your attention to detail, as always. The banter is so fun and natural. TK is definitely in character for her age and personality. =D= Oh, I love that tub ... nice and roomy ... perfect for couples to share [face_laugh]