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Time to Move On: SCFF Votes Unanimously

Discussion in 'Santa Cruz, CA' started by Kai_Vandekar, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. Kai_Vandekar

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    Feb 9, 2005
    Time to Move on: SCFF Votes Unanimously

    In the two plus years since the beginning of the Santa Cruz Fan Force, we?ve done a great deal, from meetings at conventions and museums, to volunteering at various conventions and events, to sharing in good times at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, and socializing and discussing our shared passion for our fandom online at the boards of We have made many new friends, affirmed old friendships, laughed a lot, and learned and grew. We became Ohana, a family, and opened our arms to people both from the immediate Santa Cruz area and from more far-flung locations.

    As those two years passed, our family grew and so did our interests, both within Star Wars fandom and in other, related fandoms. We have greatly valued our fellow members and people in other fan forces who became our friends and our allies through thick and thin.

    As with many things that have been successful and loved, Santa Cruz Fan Force has grown beyond its origins and changed in the growing. The officers and attending members of Santa Cruz Fan Force, in our official meeting this weekend in Santa Cruz, met to discuss the future of the group and where we?d like to see the friendships we?ve made progress. We have come to the conclusion that, as valuable as Fan Force has been and as much fun as we have had, it is time for us to move on and enjoy our fandom in other ways, while still keeping true to the spirit of fun and family that led us to form the Santa Cruz Fan Force in the first place, at Baycon 2005.

    While we hope to keep the friendships we?ve formed, and many of us plan to remain on the boards of in general, enjoying our fandom here, as of Sunday, July 23rd, 2007, the officers and members in attendance of the Santa Cruz Fan Force voted unanimously to dissolve Santa Cruz Fan Force (SCFF) as an entity on boards. Anyone who has enjoyed our boards and wishes to remain in contact, please feel free to PM Siri-Tachi with any questions as to how to do so.

    As we are closing SCFF, the t-shirt artwork we borrowed with permission from the artist reverts to her in full, all rights of reproduction and use; additionally, also reverting to the originators or owners are any writings, slogans, images, photos or identifying Santa Cruz Fan Force materials that contributed toward SCFF or might have appeared on SCFF boards. This does not include Fan Force materials that were already in use by other fan forces or FanForce in general. In so doing, no claims are made by former SCFF members on the term ?Fan Force.? Additionally, Travels With Yoda will continue at its own website at For any further information or to follow Yoda?s progress, please feel free to visit the site.

    We wish luck, good health, and happiness to our friends on all the other boards. May the Force be With You.

    Siri-Tachi, The Light Side of Command, SCFF
    Master--Kenobi, CR of SCFF
    Kai_Vandekar, Keeper of the Holocrons, SCFF
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