TIMMYCON! - Episode II: Attack Of The Fans

Discussion in 'Chattanooga, TN' started by Dork-Vader, Oct 11, 2005.

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    Ok gang, here's the skinny on TIMMYCON!2- the little con that could!


    Nightmarez...STAGE FRIGHT!
    6600 Stage Road Suite 133
    Bartett, TN (Memphis)

    (From Nashville take the Kirby-Whitten exit, go right- west or north to Stage Road.)

    October 29, 2005

    Members of the MSCA(MidSouth Cartoonists Association), SMT/Memphis Star Wars Fan Force, and Youth Villages.

    Special Guest:
    Steve Stanley!

    What to expect:
    A little bit of everything and anything! Not to mention cake! (oops- I mentioned it!) There will be comics, toys, art, costuming, movies, trick-or-treating for the kids and more!

    TC!2 is being combined with Nightmarez Kidz Day this year. Lots of families will be out for both events. Last year we had 300-500 folks attend Kidz Day, and 200+ show up for TC!1. Should be a great turnout!

    It's a micro-con started by sci-fi and comic fans for fans!

    How much? It's free, but a $3 donation to Youth Villages will get you into the haunt!

    For more info check out-




    I know Todd will be busy with the Spirit shop, but if any of you feel like making a road trip come see us!

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    It shall be passed on....

    I know it looks like no one hardly posts here, but that's because everyone else is on our other message boards (Mos Nooga Cantina) at www.chattooine.com. I'll post this there. Thanks! Love the art!
  3. mr_nightmarez Jedi Knight

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    [face_skull]I wish I could make it for TC2...

    Oh well, Have Fun and take lotsa Pictures!
  4. Dork-Vader Star Wars Sketch Card Artist

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