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Discussion in 'South East Regional Discussion' started by mr_nightmarez, Oct 7, 2004.

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    TIMMYCON! started out as a running joke around Memphis FanForce about a year ago.
    We joked around for the next eight months, saying, "We can do that at TIMMYCON!", until one day Lin Workman went and made the thing a reality by nailing down a location. The SMT, who are friends and former sponsors of NIGHTMAREZ: STAGE FRIGHT, were generously loaned space by the NIGHTMAREZ crew, and the first-annual TIMMYCON! was made a reality.

    TIMMYCON!, the world's first Micro-Con, will be held on Saturday, October 23rd, 2004 from noon to 5 pm at NIGHTMAREZ: STAGE FRIGHT .!.htm

    TIMMYCON! will host a toy buy/sell/trade for local collectors of any toy line and comics. There will be local comic book artists in attendance with their creations, as well as members of the Mid-South Cartoonists Association who will be doing face-painting and caricatures. (There may be a small charge for caricatures. You've heard the term "starving artist", right?) There will be door prizes and a freebies/promo table. Other events may be added, so be sure to check back and see just what the hell we've come up with next.
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    Wow! That's great! Just went to the site and read up on it. That's awesome that something like this was put together by fans. That would definitly be a dream come true.

    And here I thought "Timmycon" was based on the South Park character.
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