So CO Timothy Zahn's new book promo in the Springs today

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    If you get bored today and would like a reason to get into costume with us, we'll be at the Colorado Springs Citadel Barnes & Noble promoting Tim's new Star Wars Book, Allegiance from 2pm thru about 5 or 6pm and handing out temp Star Wars tattoos.

    It's always a fun time and the more the merrier. If you do costume, ask for Kevin and I'll show you the changing room.

    Kev Christley

    Here's a map...,+CO&ie=UTF8&latlng=38843958,-104758801,2527634067782491915&ei=Na7ERbCQOJzCiQO2sYnuDw

    795 Citadel Drive East
    Colorado Springs, CO 80909
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