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Beyond - Legends Tionne's Yavin System Tour (EU, Tionne, Pre-The Golden Globe) PG-13 (Status update 3/19/2012)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by JediAlly, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. JediAlly

    JediAlly Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    Title: Tionne's Yavin System Tour
    Author: JediAlly
    Timeframe: Pre- The Golden Globe
    Characters: Tionne Solusar, Lyric, R2-D2, C-3PO, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo, et al.
    Summary: A recently published memoir sends Tionne on a survey of the Yavin system, during which she makes an unexpected discovery.
    Author's Notes: I while ago, I asked on the boards if there were any Tionne-centered fanfics on the boards here. Just a matter of taste. Aside from the Junior Jedi Knights and Young Jedi Knights series, she has only had a few brief mentions or appearances in the EU. I'm aware of some fanfics where she's Luke's wife. But that's AU, and that wasn't what I was looking for. No insult intended for those of you who write and/or enjoy Luke/Tionne fics.

    When I first read Lyric's World of the Junior Jedi Knight series, I felt that someone could make a good backstory explaining Tionne's visit to Yavin Eight and how Lyric came to be at the Praxeum. But I could never come up with a good plot that could explain how Tionne came to be on Yavin Eight in the first place. Did she make a random visit or what?

    Thankfully, Wizards of the Coast came up with a set of articles called Planet Hoppers, where they focus on a particular planet or system in the Star Wars Universe. And the Yavin system was one of the systems featured in the Planet Hoppers. And the set of articles on that site gave me the angle I needed. And this is the result. I also wanted to try and erase the most recent image we have of Tionne because of what happened to her in Inferno. Sorta like how Kyle chose to replace the image of his father's head on a pike with the more pleasant image of his father from the message his father left him on that data disk in Dark Forces: Jedi Knight.

    I gave this fanfic a PG-13 rating because of a scene in this fanfic. So sit back, and enjoy.

    Tionne's Yavin System Tour

    It was morning on the moon of Yavin Four, and an ancient temple was bustling with activity. Once a site of darkness, it had served as a symbol of hope for the galaxy in recent years. Twenty-two years ago, a ragtag band of brave men and women of the Rebel Alliance launched an attack against the moon-sized battle station called the Death Star. The first of several superweapons constructed by the Empire, it had destroyed the peaceful planet of Alderaan as a demonstration of the destructive power. A young pilot, Luke Skywalker, gifted with the power of the Force, managed to fire a pair of proton torpedoes down a secondary exhaust port that led to the station?s main reactor. Once the torpedoes struck the reactor, they triggered a chain reaction that destroyed the station. That act not only saved the Rebel Alliance; many now consider that battle to be the beginning of the end of Palpatine?s Empire.

    Eleven years later, the same man returned to this moon. No longer was he a brash pilot. Now he was a fully realized Jedi Master. As the last of the Jedi, he had assumed the responsibility of rebuilding the Jedi Order, which served as guardians of the Old Republic for a thousand generations before the rise of the Empire. Palpatine, also known as the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, engineered not only the takeover of the Old Republic and its transformation into the Empire, but also the destruction of the Jedi Order.

    He didn't return to this moon alone. He had found a dozen candidates for Jedi training, and soon after three more had arrived. Most of the members of this group were now Jedi Knights or Jedi Masters, and nearly all of them were out in the galaxy. From time to time, they returned to the Academy for further training or to help train those who had come since the founding of the Academy. One, however, had chosen to remain at the Academy nearly full-time and help Luke train others even as she received training from him.

    Her name was Tionne, and she looked human for the most part. She was a Rindaoan, a native of Rindao, a world in the Hadar Sector of the Mid Rim tha
  2. GrandMasterKatarn

    GrandMasterKatarn Jedi Knight star 4

    Feb 8, 2008
    Nice little insight into Tionne's mind. I don't recall there ever being an insight into her mind in profic (unless I'm mistaken).

    PM me if there's more.
  3. Tahi

    Tahi Jedi Knight star 5

    Jun 8, 2002
    This is awesome, JA. I can't wait to find out what this Rodian, Suz Tanwa, is up to.

    She had found friends, a family of sorts, and even love. Looking back on her past, she wouldn't have changed any of the happy moments. As for the dark moments, while she wished they had never happened, she had come to accept them, for she had drawn knowledge and wisdom from those incidents.
    That is SO like the kind of thing Tionne would think. You write her well, and it's great to see a Tionne-centric fic. I like the way you show how being Jedi can encompass a vast range of skills and abilities, and it's not all about lightsabers and katas. Where would any group be without its thinkers and historians to keep it grounded?

    In either event, we need to move fast. Otherwise, a new cult like the Krath could form, if it hadn't already. And history could very well repeat itself once again."
    As usual I find my own knowledge hugely inadequate!! LOL Who were the Krath? Boy, the more I read, the less I seem to know. [bangs head against desk]

    History has a nasty habit of repetition, as we all know. Looking forward to more of this. :)

  4. JediAlly

    JediAlly Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    GrandMasterKatarn - I made a post some time ago asking if there were any Tionne-centered fanfics. The only ones that turned up were a few stories where Tionne was Luke's wife. No doubt these were inspired by the perception given to some of us by the YJK series. And the Hand of Thrawn Duology was written after the YJK series was launched. And you didn't expect this to be a one-shot, did you? ;)

    Tahi - you'll learn more about Suz Tanwa very soon. As for the Krath, here's a quick recap from Dark Lords of the Sith - Satal and Aleema Keto were the heirs to the Tetan throne who created a dark-side cult that consisted of the youths of Tetan nobility. The Krath seized control of the Tetan system and launched the surprise attack on Deneba that resulted in Arca Jeth's death. That drove Ulic to avenge Arca Jeth's death by seeking out the Krath, learn their secrets, and destroy them from within. Only he took control, turned to the dark side, and allied himself with Kun.

    Now let's find out just what it was that got Tionne so riled up. And to be safe, I decided to split it up into two posts.

    After she received the requested files and schedule, Tionne went back to her room to read Tanwa?s memoirs and biographical file. Her reaction had triggered a disturbance in the Force that everyone at the academy had felt. When a student had come to ask what was wrong, she informed the student that she had just learned something that took her by great surprise. She then asked the student to inform the other instructors that she would inform them later as to what was going on. She then read her memoirs twice and studied the biographical file, looking for any telltale warning signs. By the time she was done and asked the other instructors to meet with her in the old briefing room, it was mid-afternoon. Being in the room brought back memories of how she and the others gathered here a decade ago to discuss how to defeat Exar Kun. Now the matter she was about to discuss something with the other instructors was equally important and had the potential to become equally dangerous.

    In addition to Luke and Artoo, there were four others. First, there was the elderly Streen, who, like her, was one of Luke?s first students. A former gas prospector from Bespin, he was able to sense the thoughts and feelings of others with great ease, yet had been unable to shield his mind from them. Since coming to the academy, he had learned to erect mental shields and manipulate the weather. He had also worked on translating a series of tables that had been recovered from an underground passage that had been sealed off by a collapsed ceiling. By translating these tablets, he was able to learn the Massassi language and gained insight into the mindset of the ancient Massassi. That included what led them to embrace the dark side of the Force. By the time he was promoted to Jedi Master shortly before the Black Fleet Crisis, he had successfully translated sixteen of these tablets, which have been known collectively as the Books of Massassi.

    Next was her husband Kam Solusar. The son of the Jedi Knight Ranik Solusar, Kam had received initial training from his father, but the Jedi Purge claimed his father and forced Kam into exile. Though he was captured by Executor Sedriss Qaga Lok and was a member of Palpatine's Cabal, Luke was able to redeem him. Kam had come to the academy under the same pretenses as she had - as an instructor and a student. Several years ago, he took a young woman named Octa Ramis as a Padawan learner and guided her to Knighthood. Upon completing her training, he was promoted to Jedi Master.

    Then there was Kyle Katarn. A native of Sullust?s moon Sulon, he had joined the Imperial Academy, but left when he learned the Empire killed his father, who had become the leader of a Rebel cell. Rather than join the Rebellion outright, he became a mercenary. Though he helped the fledging Rebellion by recovering plans of the first Death Star, bringing an end to Imperial General Rom Moh
  5. JediAlly

    JediAlly Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    "Yes," added Aqinos. "What of this moon and Yavin Thirteen?"

    "I presented things in this manner because of my concern over her findings. The corusca stones and the blaster are the least of my concerns. I am curious about the memento she got from her ancestor, but I'll worry about that later. It?s the last two artifacts that caused my earlier outburst." She brought up an image of Yavin Four. "She struck a mine the Imperials had placed in orbit and crash-landed. The damage to her ship was minor, and her droid, TU-5, managed to repair the damage while she went to search for the pod. Turned out that when she crashed, she shattered the pod on impact. Though it was destroyed, the artifact within was thrown free and was caught in a tree branch. It was a suit of armor, and according to the data crystal, Exar Kun once wore the armor."

    That caught everyone's attention. "What?!" she heard them exclaim.

    "As I said, the data crystal said the armor belonged to the Sith Lord who enslaved her ancestor. Tanwa did say, and I quote..." Tionne then looked down at the datapad as she read from it.

    The armor looks very nice. In fact, it's amazing. As well preserved as the blaster I found on Yavin Eight. I admit it matched the description my ancestor provided on the crystal of the crystal he said to have seen Exar Kun wear. But I have to wonder if it belonged to the man that was mentioned on the crystal. I mean, who was this Exar Kun? For that matter, did he even exist? Maybe my ancestor decided to embellish a few details in order to make the story more interesting.

    "As for whether or not the armor was Exar Kun's..." She then brought up another image. "This is the image Tanwa took for her own records. I know most of us here faced Exar Kun's specter, but I was more concerned about my survival than his fashion sense. If anyone among us would be know for certain, it would be either Luke or Streen. So you tell me - is this Exar Kun's suit?"

    Both Luke and Streen spent a few moments recollecting their memories of their encounters with Exar Kun and his statue at his private retreat, respectively. "I don't know, Tionne," Streen said at last. "I don?t recall his statue very well, but I?m fairly certain he wasn?t certain anything like that."

    ?I agree. In all my encounters with him, he wore some sort of padded armor ? not this. But that?s not to say he never wore anything like this.?

    Tionne wasn?t exactly pleased with their response. She had been hoping they would have been able to verify its supposed authenticity. ?As you said, Luke, we can?t ignore the possibility that this is Exar Kun?s battle suit. Whether or not it is, this armor might be tainted with the dark side. So could the blaster and the memento Tanwa had found. In any event, the armor definitely has me concerned.?

    "Wait a minute," Kam said. "This could possibly be Exar Kun's battle suit, and it has you only concerned?" He was wondering why his wife wasn?t taking this more seriously.

    "Yes." She then put Yavin Thirteen on the screen. "What she found here is what has me truly worried." She then put another image, and she saw everyone stand up in shock, uttering exclamations of disbelief.

    "Tionne, is that what I think it is?"

    "She found one of those?"

    She spent a few moments waving them down before she was able to speak again. "I know. I didn't want to believe it as well. But look at the symbols on it. They're all too familiar to us, and I don't have to translate them to recognize them for what they are and to know their origins."

    None of them offered any argument. "Did Tanwa realize what she found?" Aqinos asked.

    "Not exactly. She could tell it was made of the same crystalline substance as the ancient data crystal she had. So she knew it was designed for data storage and recording. She actually speculated its general identity, but she couldn?t confirm her suspicion because she couldn?t make it work."

    "We h
  6. GrandMasterKatarn

    GrandMasterKatarn Jedi Knight star 4

    Feb 8, 2008
    What is it? Don't leave me hangning. I beg you! [face_praying]

    :D great post. Can't wait for more.
  7. Tahi

    Tahi Jedi Knight star 5

    Jun 8, 2002
    Thanks for the info on the Krath. :) I learned a lot of history in this post, too. Is a lot of this from games?

    Actually - I'd love to know what happened to Tash and Zak. They just kind of disappeared in profic didn't they?

    I'm enjoying seeing Tionne at centre stage in this and directing the action for a change. The little "battle" between her and Kyle was great. She's no pushover, that's for sure. She's one of those quiet but strong people.

    Fascinating story about Suz Tanwa and her ancestor. I was also hugely interested in the Iron Knights and that whole history including their relationship with the Droids. I hadn't heard about the Droid Revolution either - so again I feel like I know very little about the early history of the SW universe.

    I liked Aquinos the Sunesi Knight. :) Very appropriate name, too - reminiscent of Thomas Aquinas and early church history. :)

    This is really filling some gaps in the canon story line nicely, and as I said, it's great to see Tionne being the main character. I'm curious to see what she's going to reveal next.
  8. -DDR-

    -DDR- Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 9, 2007
    Sorry I'm late getting here, JediAlly. Good to see a Tionne story....very underused character IMO.
    I'm liking seeing things through her eyes, and it's good how you show the way she uses what she's been taught to teach the youngsters. She's one of those women a lot of people underestimate. She looks fragile but she isn't and as you show here has pretty strong opinions and ideas of her own. Like the history too that you're bringing in. Cool story.
  9. JediAlly

    JediAlly Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    GrandMasterKatarn - Part of the reason behind ending it this way was to add in some mystery and suspense. Make you want to see the next part. And I'm surprised you didn't any comments about Kyle and the number Tionne did on him. "As for you Kyle, your definition of handling a matter 'delicately' is to jab an Imperial or a thug with a stun baton." "And don't get me started with how you define diplomacy. You've demonstrated that to the Imperials on many occasions."

    Tahi - The overall idea for this came from an article on the Wizards of the Coast website, and that article drew on Suvam Tan and his space station where you could buy very special armor, weapons, and other items in the KOTOR game. Tash and Zak have disappeared. About the only other time they were mentioned was the Insider Online supplement article Droids and the Force, which also introduced Aqinos and the Iron Knights. The Arkanian Revolution was a minor footnote mentioned in the same article, The New Essential Chronology, and The New Essential Guide to Droids.

    -DDR- - Glad to see you're enjoying the story. And you're right, Tionne is a very underused character. The only times when she was a prominent character were the JJK and YJK series.

    So... what got Tionne so worried? And what was her idea? Let's find out.

    Half an hour later, Tionne and Artoo were still in the communications room. She managed to schedule a meeting with Suz Tanwa, and that turned out to be the easy part. As she had expected, Luke and others agreed with her idea. Even Kyle had to concede with the brilliance behind the plan. Unfortunately, there was one problem. She needed to get in touch with someone in order to acquire the second part. And after getting the runaround and numerous transferences, she was told the individual in question was in a meeting that wouldn't be finished for several hours. There was the option of leaving a message, but Tionne had no idea when she would get the return call, and time was a luxury she couldn?t afford at the moment.

    There was another option she could use, but she was hesitant to do so. It was reserved for Luke?s use only, and she wasn?t certain that she should avail herself to this option. But she had been taught to know when to act, and now was the time to act. Having made up her mind, she activated the channel and placed the call. Now all she had to worry about was if someone would be there to receive it.

    Fortunately, her concern ended when a familiar face came on screen. ?Hello. Luke?? Han Solo said.

    Smiling, Tionne answered, "No, Han. It's Tionne."

    "Tionne! This is a surprise. Luke's usually the only one who uses this channel."

    "I know. But I've been trying to contact Leia, but I keep getting regulated to administrators and functionaries until they told me she was in a meeting and was unavailable."

    She heard a roar and saw Han look off screen to his left. "It's Tionne, Chewie." He then looked back at the viewscreen with concern on his face. "You've been trying to reach Leia? Did something happen to the kids?"

    When he asked the question, Tionne saw Chewbacca come into view. For a moment, she reflected fondly on the stories Chewbacca had told her, with Threepio acting as translator, about his own encounters with the Jedi before, during, and after the Clone Wars. His first encounter with a Jedi was with Obi-Wan?s master Qui-Gon Jinn, who helped his people establish a colony on Alaris Prime, a habitable moon of Alaris in the Alaris Expanse of the Kashyyyk system, after the discovery of Jedi ruins on the moon. Unfortunately, the Trade Federation had established a base on the moon with the intention of turning it into a way-station point for trade between Kashyyyk and other worlds like Bimmisaari and Kessel. It resulted in a conflict between the Wookies and the Trade Federation, who had the support of Trandoshan slavers. The Wookies were able to drive the Trade Federation and the Trandoshan slavers from the moon after a seconda
  10. GrandMasterKatarn

    GrandMasterKatarn Jedi Knight star 4

    Feb 8, 2008
    Oh I saw that alright. I didn't say anything because it's what I do when I'm playing as Kyle. His version of "diplomacy" is the same as mine.

    She presented to Han the same case she had presented to the others. By the end of it, both Han and Chewie were chuckling. "I'm not certain if Kyle appreciated your criticisms of his methods, Tionne. And given his reputation, upsetting him is about as wise as upsetting a Wookie."

    That is soooooo true. People never learn: Upset the Kyle and you'll have to deal will ALL of him!

    Great post, can't wait for more.

    Keep me updated.
  11. Tahi

    Tahi Jedi Knight star 5

    Jun 8, 2002
    But she had been taught to know when to act. And now was the time to act. Having made up her mind, she activated the channel and placed the call. Now all she had to worry about was whether or not someone would be there to receive it.

    Fortunately, her concern came to an end when a familiar face came on screen. "Hello. Luke?," Han Solo said.

    I did not see that coming!!! Cool.

    I didn't know that Chewie knew Qui-Gon. I laways learn a lot from your stories. :)

    I liked Luminara. Great character.

    Interesting history about those Jedi.

    "Then while Threepio is with me, you'll be able to spend some quality father-son time with Anakin. Broaden his horizons a little by conveying your experiences to him. Maybe even have him work with you on keeping the Falcon in top shape."
    Clever girl, Tionne. LOL Manipulating Han - good work.

    I agree about needing luck when dealing with a Sith Holocron. I'm justreading Jedi vs Sith at present - and funnily enough have just been reading about the various Holocrons. So this fitted in nicely. :)
  12. -DDR-

    -DDR- Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 9, 2007
    Okay so it was a holocron and a Sith one at that....uh-oh. Not good. I agree that we don't want any reincarnations of Sith Lords, or anything Sith come to that. Tionne is pretty determined to deal with this her way. Bet Kyle didn't expect to have Tionne winning points over him. ;) Good to see Tionne having a chance to shine. Nice change from the usual.
  13. JediAlly

    JediAlly Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    Ouch! A month had gone by, and it wasn't a pleasant one. I had to take my computer in to the shop twice. The first time was when it wouldn't start up right and I couldn't get anything on the monitor. Fortunately, they opened it up, pulled out the boards and what-nots, and put them back in. That was enough to solve the problem. Then I had to take it in again last Tuesday because I got a Trojan that made the computer not start the Windows Explorer program. This time, they had to wipe my computer. Fortunately, they were able to save the pertinent files I wanted them to save. And even if they didn't, I backed them up on my flash drive. During the downtime, I had a laptop, and I was able to do some work, but frankly I prefer a standard keyboard with a ten-key on the side and a mouse to the laptop.

    GrandMasterKatarn, many Imperials and dark siders learned that lesson posthumously. Having heard of and seen the results, I doubt anyone at the Praxeum need to learn it that way.

    Tahi, glad to see you were surprised. As for Chewie knowing Qui-Gon, that came from the Wookiepedia and from the Battlefront computer game. I never played the game, so I relied on the Wook for that one. If you liked Luminara, I guess you liked Cloak of Darkness, the episode in which she and Ahsoka went up against Asajj. The Jedi I mentioned have only appeared in Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader. T'ra Saa, K'Kruhk, and Dass Jennir are so far the only Jedi to have been introduced in the comics, have survived Order 66, and whose stories didn't disappear into EU limbo. As for the number she did on Han, it might have been manipulation, but I also think Han would be eager for any opportunity to get any of his kids away from Threepio.

    -DDR-, as I said before, there are hardly any fics on the boards here where Tionne's the main star. I know there are a few Luke/Tionne fics, but obviously they're AU, and I prefer to keep things IU. And the number she did on Kyle was aimed at showing how mischievous she could be and show the good banter that sometimes occur between the Masters.

    In a strange way, the problems with the computer proved to be a boon for this post. The timing for posting this next part couldn't have been better. This post is the reason why I chose a PG-13 rating. And the ending matches what some of you might be feeling tomorrow on Valentine's Day.

    Later that night, Tionne was sitting at a desk in her room reading her datapad. She had spent the time between her conversation with Han and dinner reading up on Rodian culture. She knew a few pieces of Rodian lore, which she sang when she worked in cantinas before becoming a Jedi, and she knew Kelbis Nu, one of the Jensaarai Corran and Luke encountered on Susevfi who later joined the Jedi Order, and Jovan Drark. But there were gaps in her knowledge and understanding of Rodian culture. After reading what DeeVee had sent her, she certainly didn't think of herself as an expert, but she believed she was familiar enough with Rodian culture that she wouldn?t need to worry about unknowingly insulting Suz Tanwa.

    Since dinner, she had been perusing through the memoirs again. Like before, she couldn?t detect any tell-tale signs that she had been affected by the armor or the Sith holocron. She liked to believe that the lack of signs meant either Suz Tanwa was probably not Force-sensitive and was therefore safe from their influence, or she didn?t have them long enough to be affected by them. But it could also mean that the influence they exerted on her was too subtle to be detected in her memoirs. She knew how Luke and Kam had been affected by their experiences with the dark side, but she never had a ?before? and ?after? holoimage of them to see the visible effects of their experiences. Kyp Durron provided her with the first living example of the lasting impact the dark side could have on an individual. Rosh Penin was the second. She sincerely hoped she would never see anyone else traumatized by the dark side in such a manner. Yet she h
  14. GrandMasterKatarn

    GrandMasterKatarn Jedi Knight star 4

    Feb 8, 2008
    Awww [face_love]

    I always wondered how those two ended up. Great to know that. And nice referencing Octa being trained by them both; I almost forgot that was in that poor excuse for a novel, FURY! (Allston nearly kills off Kyle, so I have a grudge against him and will not read his books until he properly depicts Kyle as Kyle!)
  15. Tahi

    Tahi Jedi Knight star 5

    Jun 8, 2002
    Awww - cute scene with Kam and Tionne. :)

    As for Chewie knowing Qui-Gon, that came from the Wookiepedia and from the Battlefront computer game. I never played the game, so I relied on the Wook for that one. If you liked Luminara, I guess you liked Cloak of Darkness, the episode in which she and Ahsoka went up against Asajj. The Jedi I mentioned have only appeared in Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader.
    Good old Wookiepedia. I use it a lot. I haven't read either of those books that you mentioned. I have them - just never had time to read them.

    he knew Kelbis Nu, one of the Jensaarai Corran and Luke encountered on Susevfi who later joined the Jedi Order, and Jovan Drark.
    I never knew that Kelbis Nu was a Jensaarai! Golly gosh - there's so much I don't know. :(

    It's good to see that Tionne is wary of dark side influence. I absolutely loved the background on Kam and Tionne's love affair. Very sweet. I can see why Kam would fall for her.

    Lovely post.

  16. JediAlly

    JediAlly Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    Yeouch! Getting back to this story and the others took longer than I had planned. This time though, it wasn't DRL that delayed me, it was a case of writer's block. I had an idea of what I wanted to post. It was a case of how I presented it. Now take this, and multiply it by three - once for each fanfic - and there you go.

    GrandMasterKatarn - I'm glad you liked my matchmaking story between Kam and Tionne. I always considered Tatooine Ghost and Survivor's Quest as Valentine stories of sorts, with Han/Leia and Luke/Mara being the main couple. They should have continued that, and one with Kam/Tionne would have been great, right behind Anakin/Tahiri. And whom do you think give the best depiction of Kyle as Kyle?

    Tahi - Like I said above, I'm glad you liked my matchmaking story between Kam and Tionne. I hear what you're saying about not having found the time to read stories. But I'm worse - The Republic Commando stories, Dark Nest, and LOTF are on my list.:oops: If you think you don't know things, just wait. And I'll be expanding on Tionne's view of the dark side in this post.

    I'm also glad no one felt I might have gone too far with the way I ended the previous post. It was definitely heated with passion, to say the least.[face_blush]

    And now we continue with a recap of how things have gone for the Jedi since JAT and I, Jedi. Considering the size, I'll play safe and split it in half.

    It was early in the evening the next day and Tionne was looking out the cockpit watching the fabric of hyperspace pass by her ship, the Lore Seeker, as it was heading towards Coruscant. After a light morning meal, she sent a message to Han and Leia, informing them that she would be expecting to meet Threepio at the water fountain in a plaza near the science building in which Suz Tanwa's office was located at 0900 hours the next day. She then gathered what she needed for the trip and said her goodbyes to the others. She remembered the brief farewell her husband gave her - "Go in peace, my love." It might not have been as expressive a goodbye as she has heard others say, but it was more than enough from Kam. Besides, he expressed his love for her more profoundly the night before.

    After she and Artoo took off, she asked Artoo to take over while she went to the cargo hold. She spent two hours going through a calisthenics routine she used to keep herself in form and top shape. Half of the routine consisted of lightsaber drills that she practiced while using a length of pipe. While she could have use her own lightsaber, as she did when she practiced in the hangar bay or on the landing platform at the Jedi Praxeum, she preferred not to do so within the confined quarters of her ship. The other half consisted of the self-defense lessons she learned a decade ago from Corran, Luke, Kam, and Keyan, a few things she learned from Tash and the resurrected Callista Masana Ming, and several Matukai katas she picked up. After eating a modest lunch, she spent the early afternoon practicing telekinetic exercises by levitating the various equipment and items that were in the cargo hold, after which she spent several hours meditating in the Force, leaving herself open to any visions or signs that might pertain to the task ahead.

    Having cleaned up and currently eating her dinner, she reflected on how much things had changed since Corran left Yavin Four after he destroyed Exar Kun's sanctuary. First, she thought of how the number of Jedi had soared. If she were to include the forthcoming class of children, there would soon be close to a hundred Jedi - Masters, Knights, and trainees - in the Order. And there were more than just the Jedi working to help secure the New Republic. In addition to Kirana Ti and Damaya, several more Witches of Dathomir had come to the Praxeum to learn the ways of the Jedi. The Jensaarai Luke and Corran had encountered still had an exchange program with the Jedi Praxeum. A few of the Jensaarai had joined the Praxeum, and a similar number of Jedi
  17. JediAlly

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    Oct 31, 2000
    When they parted ways, Hallena Devis joined them, having had her fill of the war. Callista wasn?t certain, but she had privately wondered if Hallena Devis had questions about the war, about the clone troopers, and about the Jedi?s role in everything. While they were at Yarille, Geith had pulled her aside and told him of an interesting conversation he had had with Master Djinn Altis. Master Djinn Altis had argued with himself from time to time, when he probably wanted to argue with Master Yoda. Geith had said that Master Djinn Altis called Master Yoda a fool. Master Djinn Altis seemed to have come to a realization as to why the dark side had been growing for many years. It was because they were letting it creep up on them. In denying passion, the Jedi had become complacent. The darkness wasn?t a separate entity ? it was a part of everyone. In denying themselves that the dark side was as much a part of them as the light side, they blinded themselves to it. He had known Dooku when he was a Jedi ? a good, principled man with honest passions. He wondered if in refusing to look at what troubled him and trying to find a solution to the troubles, the Jedi Council drove Dooku from the Order and the Republic. Master Djinn Altis believed that they all needed passion, especially the Jedi, because passion made them alive. Geith had also told her his own beliefs that the Republic government had co-opted the Jedi Order and that things would end in disaster for all of them.

    He wasn?t even a Jedi Master, yet Geith Eris called it even then, Callista had once said, Tionne thought. After Callista arrived at Yavin, she had pulled Luke, herself, Kam, and several others aside and told them that before they parted ways at the Kemla shipyards, Master Djinn Altis went to talk to Anakin. She didn?t know what they had talked about at the time, but after hearing what had transpired since the Clone Wars, especially about what happened to Anakin Skywalker, she believed she could fill in some of the blanks concerning why Anakin turned to the dark side. Callista believed that back then, Anakin was seeing, or at least had strong feelings for Luke?s and Leia?s mother, whomever she might have been. Chances were the two of them had kept this secret from the Jedi Council and from Obi-Wan Kenobi, knowing that it was against the Council?s teachings and the attachment could have given the Council ground to expel Anakin from the Order. Then Anakin had the fateful encounter with her, Geith, Master Altis, and the others and saw that they hadn?t gone to the dark side by embracing passion and attachments. Master Djinn Altis once told her that having passion and attachment didn?t lead one to the dark side; it was when these two things became obsession that the Jedi was in danger of falling to the dark side. This was true even for those who couldn?t sense the Force. In light of what happened, Callista believed that Anakin might have fared better had he been an Altisian Jedi rather than an ascetic one. She also said that Master Yoda and the Jedi Council took the wrong approach with the third precept of the Jedi Code ? there is no passion, there is serenity. Like Master Yoda, Master Altis believed that passion needed to be controlled. But Master Altis believed that passion needed to be channeled properly into constructive endeavors. The Jedi Council believed in suppressing these passions ? placing them in carbonite, so as to speak. Given what she knew of the Council, Callista believed that rather than giving Anakin much needed guidance, they restrained him too much. Anakin probably resented that, and Palpatine took advantage of the unintended conflict. Callista was also certain that Master Djinn Altis extended an invitation to Anakin to join should he ever be expelled from the Order or should he voluntarily leave.

    Callista?s explanation and analysis made sense then, and they still did. Unfortunately, as Corran once said, there?s no concrete evidence to confirm or refute Callista?s statements and beliefs. T
  18. Tahi

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    Jun 8, 2002
    Tionne and the others got the impression that the Fallanassi were interested in protecting themselves and their community even more than the Jensaarai did. Aside from that, he had been extremely reluctant to talk about them for some reason. She and the others had tried to get him to explain, but he was unwilling to elaborate. Despite this, it was evident he benefitted from his time away from the Praxeum. Beforehand, Luke had felt burned out and that his job was done. But when Luke returned, he had renewed purpose.
    I suspect we can blame Akannah for that. ;) Poor old Luke didn't do too well with the ladies for a while there.

    As for the Sorcerers of Tund, the last known member Rokur Gepta killed all the others when he learned everything he could from them, and Lando killed him. So that tradition was currently extinct,
    Oops. Thanks Lando. :D Sounds as if it was probably for the best though.

    Mara also learned this ability before leaving Nirauan. But many of these powers remain beyond their reach since experimenting with creating new Force abilities tend to be dangerous without some sort of guidance and/or exercising great care.
    So true - a pity Jacen didn't learn this.

    To prevent confusion, Luke, Tionne, and the others have decided to call Master Djinn Altis? academy Chu'unthor II, and though they have used Belsavis as a starting point, they had yet to find the Chu'unthor II.
    Did they ever find it?

    I love the story of Ulic Qel-Droma. It's one of my favourites.

    Thanks to his training, the young Jedi Jaden Korr played a key role in tracking down and stopping the Cult across the galaxy from the Outer Rim to Coruscant and Corellia. The battles came to a conclusion on the ancient Sith mausoleum world of Korriban, where he defeated Tavion. But she had managed to infuse the spirit of Marka Ragnos with enough Force energy that he was able to possess Tavion. During the ensuing duel, Jaden destroyed the Scepter of Ragnos, forcing Ragnos to leave Tavion's body. Unable to withstand Ragnos' presence in her body, Tavion died shortly thereafter. Jaden then sealed the entrance to the tomb of Marka Ragnos. For his actions, Jaden was made a Jedi Knight, and having successfully trained a student to Knighthood, Kyle was made a Jedi Master.

    Was that in a book? If so, which one?

    Tionne had come to believe that while it is possible to turn someone back from the dark side, it's not a question of if the individual can be turned, but whether or not the individual wants to.
    I think she's right. :)

    Emperor's Hand Roganda Ismaren and her son Irek, Emperor's Hand Lumiya, Emperor's Hand Sarcev Quest, Emperor's Hand Jeng Droga, and Emperor's Hand Cronal, also known as Blackhole.
    Crikey - how many hands did Palpy have!!! I'm thinking many hands do NOT make light work. 8-}

    Tionne is right about needing to know not only the facts about Sithdom but also the risks. They are insidious. ;) Sorry about all the puns - I feel very punny tonight.

    My goodness, my brain is hurting after all that info. You're the master of details. :) It also shows just how well-versed Tionne was in Jedi history and lore.

  19. GrandMasterKatarn

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    Feb 8, 2008
    And yet more of the Kyle's past is revealed and done with a better narrative than the new essential chronology. as for who gave the best portrayal of Kyle... it was... James Luceno and Troy Denning!

    Great posts, can't wait till next time!
  20. -DDR-

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    Aug 9, 2007
    Playing catch up here. No problems with your Tionne&Cam post. :) In fact I say lucky Cam. ;) And that was a comprehensive history in that last post. A lot to chew over in there. Having it come from Tionne's view is cool.
    Saw your note about "Invasion". Yup, it looks good although not sure we'll see Tahiri in it.
  21. JediAlly

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    Oct 31, 2000
    Tahi - Yeah, I agree that the con game Akanah pulled on Luke slightly colored his view of the Fallanassi. At least she felt guilty enough about it that she trained Jacen and sent a message to Luke that she did this as a means of making amends. Will Luke and Akanah cross paths again in FOTJ? The situation between the Sorcerers of Tund and the Jedi was the same as what existed between the Jedi and the Matukai and Zeison Sha. However, had Rokur Gepta not wiped them out, I think they might have become a problem for Luke's order. As for your comment about Jacen, I don't think that was the case. He received instructions from others, so they guided him insofar as to make certain he knew what he was doing when he performed certain powers to show he could do them. But the FOTJ will hopefully show what exactly happened that made Jacen turn out the way he did. As for Djinn Altis' academy, based on the Jedi vs. Sith guidebook, I'd say they have yet to find it as of Mara's funeral. But that's how I interpret it. Jaden Korr was the main character of the Jedi Academy video game. While he had a cameo in Fury, he's scheduled to be a main character in the forthcoming novel Crosscurrent. I based Tionne's belief about turning someone back from the dark side on Brakiss and how he felt like such a fool moments before the Shadow Academy exploded. Palpatine had shown that if something works, why have just one. That was the idea behind building a second Death Star - the first one did work. I think the Hands thought they were the only ones in Palpatine's service, and I included Irek on the list only because of his mother. He might have been an "Emperor's Hand-in-training", if you get my meaning. Fortunately, by FOTJ, the Ismarens and Droga have been confirmed dead. Quest and Blackhole are the only Hands who haven't been confirmed dead yet.

    GrandMasterKatarn - I only made a reference to Kyle. I can tell you I'll be referring to him at least one more time in a future post.

    -DDR- - Yep, considering Kam's past, he's one lucky man. Now he knows how Luke and Han felt/feel about Mara/Leia respectively. As for Tahiri appearing in Invasion, well the Solo kids are going to be in it. The new character Finn Galfridian is going to be trained as a Jedi. Which most likely means he'll be trained on Yavin IV. Which means he might meet Tahiri. You can't argue with that line of reasoning.

    Well, here's a short post. Consider it a prelude to the next one.

    The next morning, Tionne and Artoo were taking an airtaxi to the university where Suz Tanwa was teaching. After she landed at a public landing berth, she spent the night at a nearby apartment. Considering the forthcoming meeting, she performed a light calisthenics routine when she awoke and had a decent breakfast at a nearby diner. After she finished her meal, she got back to the apartment and got herself ready for the meeting.

    She had chosen have the meeting at 1030 hours local time because Suz Tanwa had no classes and no meetings scheduled. She decided to meet with Threepio at 0900 for several reasons. First, she would be able to reach out in the Force and sense the area for any possible taint of the dark side. If she were to detect any, it might suggest that Suz Tanwa had been affected by the Sith holocron. While she would sense the campus in general, she planned to do a focus scan in areas Tanwa frequently visited, such as the classrooms, meal areas, and meeting rooms.

    The second reason would be to give Artoo and Threepio a chance to catch up, knowing how long those two have been together. It would also give her a chance to talk to Threepio as well. She hadn?t had many opportunities to talk to Threepio. She wanted to talk to him about Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and gain Threepio?s impressions about him. She recalled his lesson about the truth depending on the point of view, and to her, the whole truth about something or someone could only be gained by taking in all possible points of view and finding a balanced summation.

  22. Tahi

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    Jun 8, 2002
    But the FOTJ will hopefully show what exactly happened that made Jacen turn out the way he did.
    I doubt it. I've lost faith in the books to live up to their promises.

    Artoo gave off what sounded like a moan at Threepio?s response.

    Turning to look at Artoo, Threepio said, ?Really, Artoo. I hardly see why Master Anakin should find his education so dreadful.?

    LOL Poor old Threepio.

    ?Like I said to Han, Luke, and the others back at the Praxeum, if I showed up with the protocol droid of the Chief of State of the New Republic and the astromech of the Jedi Master of the Jedi Praxeum, I?ll be showing Tanwa just how concerned both the New Republic and the Jedi are about what she revealed in her memoirs and the kind of trust and faith they have placed in me.?
    Tionne is becoming quite the political animal! ;)

    Enjoyed the droid dialogue. :D
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    Tahi - Usually I PM you, but I decided to hold off on that so you can mourn for your loss and find closure. When you start posting again, I'll PM you again. Sorry to hear that you lost faith in the novels, but I think there's one line from Outcast that you'll love. It's something Ben said that Anakin could definitely have benefitted from knowing in MHR - Girls are fun, but dangerous. I wonder who taught him that? [face_thinking];) I'm glad you enjoyed the droid banter, but unfortunately I think he's doomed to be on the receiving end of Artoo's puns and insults. You'll be seeing more of Tionne's negotiating skills, and I have a clever way of expressing her views of getting involved in politics. It's not in this post, but in the next one.

    And now we get to the much awaited conversation between Tionne and Suz Tanwa. But first, I want to say I was hoping to get this up sooner, especially in light of the forthcoming Jedi Academy Training Manual, which I was fortunate enough to pick up today a week before its scheduled release. Unfortunately, I came across two blocks - one in my other ongoing fanfic and how to handle the conversation between Tionne and Suz Tanwa. So without further delay...

    Her casual inspection took over an hour to complete, but she sensed no lingering presence of the dark side in any of the rooms. During her inspection, she talked to Threepio about his brief time with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Though Obi-Wan spent most of his time with Luke, he didn?t ignore Threepio or treat him any differently than he had treated Luke. A part of her held Threepio in special regard. He had inadvertently helped Luke understand Obi-Wan last lesson to him ? the lesson about not forgetting the common citizen while trying to help the New Republic government. Learning that lesson proved to be a critical key to defeating Grand Admiral Thrawn and in the eventual marriage between Luke and Mara. It was something her husband had come to believe as one of the things the Old Jedi Order had forgotten towards the end.

    For the past twenty minutes, she, Artoo, and Threepio had been waiting in the Xenoarchaeology Department. When she arrived, she reached out to the Force to search the area and found no taint of the dark side. Not only did she search the area, she also conducted a light cursory probe on the people whom she sensed were in the department at the time. Again, her search found nothing. She was almost completely certain that Tanwa hadn?t been affected by the Sith holocron. The fate of the lingering doubts would soon be determined.

    At the appointed time, Suz Tanwa emerged from her office and went to the receptionist droid. ?Has this ?Tionne? arrived??

    ?Yes, Professor Tanwa.? Gesturing towards her, the droid continued, ?She is right there.?

    Suz Tanwa turned towards where the droid was pointing and was taken back at what she saw. She thought she was looking at a giant Jawa, but she then saw seemingly human hands emerge from the sleeves. The individual then crossed his, no her arms and placed her hands on her chests. She bowed and then said, ?I offer greetings to a famed and skill treasure hunter of rare artifacts.?

    When she first heard Tanwa speak, she was pleased that she wouldn?t have to deal with a potential language barrier. Though she didn?t know any traditional Rodian greetings, she knew enough about the culture to come up with what she had hoped to be an appropriate greeting. The upturn of Tanwa?s mouth indicated that she had succeeded. She then saw Tanwa return the gesture of crossing her arms and bowing to her. ?You honor me with your greeting, Tionne??

    Taking her cue, Tionne reached up to pull down her hood and opened up her cloak. ?I am Tionne Solusar, Jedi Knight and instructor at Jedi Master Luke Skywalker?s Jedi Praxeum on Yavin Four.?

    Though she didn?t recognize her name, Tanwa recognized what she was and had a good idea as to why she was here. With a nod, she said, ?Greetings, Jedi Solusar. I had been expecting
  24. GrandMasterKatarn

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    Feb 8, 2008
    Great post. Can't wait for more.
  25. -DDR-

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    Aug 9, 2007
    I was sure I'd replied to that earlier post, but it looks as if I didn't. My apologies. I enjoyed the chat Tionne had with 3PO. Tend to agree with her that you need to take into account all points of view when summing people up.
    I can't imagine Tionne ever being mistaken for a giant jawa. ;)
    Liked the meeting between Tionne and Tanwa. A good move of Tionne's to offer Tanwa the chance to talk in her native tongue.

    Tionne sure respects history, my old history professor would like her. It's also true she'd make a good lecturer.
    Very interested to find out what Tanwa's secret was. Good cliffie.