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TIS - Chapter Seven The Battle for the Galaxy Continues

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Talon Squad Leader, Apr 20, 2000.

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  1. Darth Agent Mulder

    Darth Agent Mulder Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 14, 2000
    Darth Agent Mulder, Dark Lord of the Sith, paced the bridge of The Unnatural. Jeremiah Smith, Captain of the SSD, saluted and waited to be recognized.
    "Yes, Captain? I trust you've decided to disturb me with important news rather than repeats of old news," Mulder spoke to the air and not directly at the officer.
    Smith gulped audibly. "Of course, my Lord. We have word that all batteries are charged and ready for countdown."
    Mulder smiled, the gesture portrayed in his voice. "Excellent. Begin the count."
    Smith did so, alerting the command staff of the order.
    "The coordinates are perfect, correct?"
    Smith nodded. "Yes, sir."
    "And we've a good guarantee that Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker are on that planet?"
    Smith was hesitant. "Well, we did get the information from that alien bounty hunter, so it cannot be one-hundred percent reliable."
    Mulder mused on the thought another moment. "I suppose it matters not. After all, there are more than just a couple of Jedi on this planet. What was the exact count, Captain?"
    "Uh," Smith searched his records, "I believe, sir-"
    "No believing, Captain," Mulder interrupted. "I want positive numbers."
    Smith gulped yet again. Whoever had spiked the Dark Lord's drink this morning had done and excellent job. But it wasn't a drug, it was a firy passion.
    The passion of a madman bent on revenge.
    "Total number of Jedi on the planet of Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Academy totals to about three thousand, including those who have made their home specifically on the planet."
    Mulder nodded slowly. "Yes. Good. Fire at will, Captain. Fire at will."
    Jeremiah Smith gave the signal and the SSD opened fire. In less than an hour, the entire planet was dead.
    "Captain, send a team down there to scout the area," Mulder commanded.
    "What would they be looking for, my Lord?"
    Mulder smiled. "I want the dead bodies of Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker."

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  2. Darth Homer 327

    Darth Homer 327 Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 24, 1999
    "Correllia?" Homer asked.

    "Thats right, we jumped to Correllia. Is something wrong with that?" General Ski asked.

    "No, its just.... everything's fine. Thank you General." Homer smiled.

    "Anytime, officer." General Ski replied.

    Correllia, Homer had dreamed about Correllia last night. Something was going to happen there. The Force was guiding him there. He didnt know why, but if that was the will of the Force, thats all that mattered.

    Homer turned and walked off the bridge and towards the main hangar. He was now showered and fed. He had gotten a chance to meet some of the other Talons earlier too.

    As he enetered the hangar, his ship was right where he left it. R2-DZ was still in the droid socket. He beeped when he saw Homer coming. Homer lowered Deezy down.

    "You need cleaning Deezy." Homer said.

    Homer proceeded to polish the dirt and grime off the droid's surface. He and the droid carried on a conversation as he polished.

    Homer told the droid about how he was a Jedi, and how he was the newest member of Talon Squadron. The droid told him about it's short life, since it had recently had a memory wipe, he didnt know where he had been, or even how long he existed.

    Homer promised he would never erase the droid's memory. After he finished he stood up.

    "Much better." He smiled.

    "Deet Doot Whoop!" the droid beeped in agreement.

    Homer looked at his almost finished ship.

    "I'll be taking with you to Correllia with me tommarrow." Homer told the droid.

    "Whoop wheep?"

    "Yes, Correllia. The Shields need to be repaired on my ship. We dont have all the necessary parts here, we'll need to go and get them."

    "Wheep doot wheep doot."

    "I seem worried?"

    "Doot Doot."

    "Well, thats because I may not survive our trip."


    "It's hard to explain.... The Force... it told me something is going to happen there. I'm not sure what, and I dont know how."

    "Doot beep doot doot?"

    "I know because.... I feel it."

    Homer looked out of the hangar bay. last night the planet Correllia had been a flicker of light, now it was a huge mass before him.

    He walked closer to the edge of the bay. He reached out with the Force. It was there, that coldness he felt last night. The Dark Side. He instinctivly rested his hand on his lightsaber.

    Homer woke up from his deep thought and walked over to Deezy and instructed him to go shut down near his ship.

    Homer walked to his quarters to get some rest, Tommarrow was a big day.
  3. Darth Predator

    Darth Predator Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 23, 1999
    Are lightsaber fights common in this story?
  4. Talon Squad Leader

    Talon Squad Leader Former Manager star 5

    Dec 22, 1999

  5. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999
    Trika walked into the General's office while the other had a seat. "What's on your mind?"
    Trika opened two computers and began to speak as she started to type in commands and codes. "As a hacker, sir, I get access to a lot of things I'm not supposed to. This is all fair and good because it benefits the New Republic."
    General Ski didn't know exactly where Trika was going with this. "And-?"
    The hacker swallowed hard and continued. "Our original thoughts as to whether Mulder was working with the pirate group or not are answered with these," Trika flipped one of the computers around. "These are actual receipts of purchases between the two."
    Ski looked at them and shrugged. "Like you said, we already sort of knew that."
    Trika agreed with a nod. "Yes, but what I found after that was what disturbed me so much."
    She punched in a few more numbers and letters, coming to a stop and looking up at his eyes. "Mulder is working with bounty hunters, sir. I fear much of the galaxy as well as a few of our own squadron are in danger."
    Trika flipped the computer around, pointing to the large number on the screen. "The Jedi have bounties on their heads, sir. We're all in the same boat. We're in trouble."

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  6. RogueLead11

    RogueLead11 Jedi Master star 2

    Aug 19, 1999

    "Are you sure about this?" Peering at the doorway of Quis' quarters from the shelter of a nearby bend in the corridor, Kendrick glanced at Ric Ski, raising an eyebrow skeptically. "I don't think Quis is the type to-"

    "I'm sure." The other clapped him heartily on the shoulder. "Don't worry - she'll love it! All girls do."

    Ken frowned. "They do?"

    "It never fails. Believe me, I know."

    The frown deepened. "You do?"

    "Look, do you want to be able to talk with Quis or not?"

    "It's not that I can't talk to her!" Kendrick made a frustrated gesture with his hands. "It's just that whenever I want to say something nice, I... I freeze up! My mind goes blank! I can't think, and then something stupid comes out instead, like 'you dance good' or 'what nice weather we're having.'"

    "Nice weather?" Ric repeated, looking somewhere between amazed and disgusted. "You actually said that?"

    "On our last date." Ken winced. "Don't remind me."

    "Well, you won't have to worry about that ever again!" Ric gave him a shove toward Quis' room. "Just do what I told you before. And remember: look at the datapad."

    Ken took two stumbling steps forward. Then straightening his tunic, he strode to the doorway. He looked back at the young Ski, who was monitoring his progress from down the hall. Ric gave him a thumbs up and a grin.

    Rolling his eyes, Kendrick rapped his knuckles against Quis' door. After a moment, it slid back to reveal the room's occupant. She looked tired, but happy. "Oh, hey Ken. I just got back from bridge duty."

    "I was wondering where you were." He swallowed a lump in his throat. "Listen, Quis..." As surreptitiously as he could, he glanced at his belt, to the datapad strapped to his waist. The screen was angled toward him. As he glanced down, some words scrolled up for him to read.

    "Your eyes sparkle like the Rainbow Falls of Brigia," Kendrick said.

    "... Huh?"

    The datapad's message changed. "Every time I look to the stars, I see your smile shining there."

    Quis stared.

    The words scrolled down again, but they were starting to come too fast. "It would take a thousand poets a thousand years to write..." He squinted, unable to read them in time. "Umm... stuff... about your beauty."

    She peered at him. "Is there something wrong, Ken?"

    "Oh, nothing." The datapad was malfunctioning now. The screen had gone completely blank. Kendrick resisted the urge to hit the damned machine. He smiled at Quis, backing away. "Well, that's it for now, I guess. See you later." Not daring to look back, he practically fled back around the corridor. Ric was waiting for him, shaking his head.

    "Nice plan," Kendrick growled. "I'll be lucky if she doesn't report me to sick-bay for possible mental illness. Where'd you come up with those stupid quotes anyway?"

    The other shrugged. "Oh, various holodramas. Those romance movies on the Holovid. Stuff like that."


    "Hey, don't blame me. Your fault for supplying bad equipment." Ric gestured at the dead datapad. "Besides, I have a new plan now. This one is fool-proof. Trust me."

    Kendrick only groaned.
  7. Idiots Array

    Idiots Array Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 3, 2000
    Jaren stood with Telia at the bottom of the landing ramp looking dumbfounded. No one had shown up to wish them congratulations or anything. When Jaren had proposed it seemed like the whole squad had known within an hour; now, nothing. Maybe the General had assigned everyone to cleanup duty again. That had to be the answer.

    Pushing the thought from his mind, Jaren picked up his bag and slung his sniper rifle over one shoulder. He started walking toward the hanger door and stopped when he noticed that Telia wasn't following. "Tel?" he called. "What's wrong honey?" He could tell when something was not right with his wife. She might be a good actor, but he had known her long enough to pick up on her mood.

    Telia's eyes seemed to regain focus, like she had just snapped out of a trance. "Oh, nothing Jaren. Let's drop our bags off and go get something to eat." She wasn't telling the whole truth but he let it go. The hanger bay was not the best place to have a discussion.

    They ate dinner in the mess hall and had a moment of silence for Bullwinkle. Even though he seemed to have rather?interesting opinions on the matter of proper nutrition, he had been a good friend and morale officer and would be missed.

    When the door to their quarters had been securely closed, Jaren turned to Telia and took her hand. "Hey, I know something is not right. You mind telling he what's going on?" He spoke softly but with firmness in his voice that said he cared for her and wanted to help. "Remember that we just had the discussion about sharing information. We're a team and I want to support you but I have to know what's going on. Being married means you never have to face something alone. Remember that."

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  8. Darth Agent Mulder

    Darth Agent Mulder Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 14, 2000
    "Your report, Captain?"
    Captain Jeremiah Smith strode the bridge, looking at a data pad and frowning. "We have eight search parties in the general area that they were supposedly in, my Lord. None of them have come across the bodies." By now, the news had the officer shaking.
    Mulder merely shook it off. "Then they weren't there."
    "I-I'm sure that they're there sir. Our teams just need more time."
    Mulder silenced him with a raised hand. "No, Smith. They're not there. Recall all search teams and prepare for hyperspace."
    Jeremiah Smith just stood there for a second, bewildered at the change. No outburst, no sudden Force-choking. "Yes, my Lord." He bowed and walked off.
    Darth Agent Mulder stood, looking out of the viewport and shaking his head. They weren't there.
    Still, a couple thousand Jedi on one planet was enough to make him smile, even if he didn't get exactly what he wanted.
    Of course, there was always the next planet, and the next, and the next...
    And, if he ever got word from those bounty hunters, he could finally rid the galaxy of some of the more prominent Jedi. (hint, hint)

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  9. Darth Homer 327

    Darth Homer 327 Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 24, 1999
    "Requesting permission to depart to Correllia." Homer told General Ski.

    "Why?" The General asked.

    "My ship needs repairs, not all the parts I need are available on the Heron."

    "Well, now is not a good time for you to disengage from the Squadron. There are bounties on all of our heads. We're very vulnerable right now, I dont need my pilots going risking themselves worse than they already are."

    Homer blinked. "My shields are down sir. I wont be any use to the sqaudron without them."

    "If we're attacked while your on your way down, you'll be destroyed without any shields."

    "I can make it sir."

    "You'll need a gunner, just in case your attacked. And you'll need someone to cover your back."

    CiCi Draven was walking past the Generals office, the General called to her.

    "Liutenant Draven!" General Ski called to her.

    Her head snapped up. "Yes sir?"

    "I trust you've met Officer Starkiller?" General Ski asked.

    "Yeah, we met the other night. Hi Homer!" she replied with a smile.

    "Hello CiCi." Homer said.

    "CiCi, I need you to go down to Correllia with Homer while he gets his Shield generator fixed. You'll be gunning for him, just in case he were to run into any trouble." The General told her.

    "Alright, sure. When do we leave?" she asked.

    General Ski looked at Homer.

    "I'm ready to go anytime." Homer responded.

    "Alright, since you have no shields, I'm sending Lt. Mara Jade and Lt. Obi-Wan Jinn to cover you on the way down. They should be ready to go within the next hour." the General informed Homer.

    "Alright, thank you General." Homer replied with a two fingered salute.

    Homer turned and walked out the door along with CiCi.

    You said the other night, that you'd like to be my gunner. Looks like your wish came true." Homer grinned.

    "Oh yeah. Well, dont show off too much, its very dangerous flying without shields, especially in a situation like the one we're in now." CiCi said with seriousness now in her voice.

    "Dont worry, I can handle it." Homer said.

    "Okay. Listen, I have a couple things I need to take care before we go, I'll meet you down in the hangar in about half an hour." She said.

    "Alright, she ya then." Homer smiled and walked towards the hangar.

    Homer liked CiCi, he felt a connection with her. She was a sweet girl, he hoped she enjoyed his company as much as he did hers. After an accidental mind probe, Homer could tell she thought he was good looking. Had she been a Jedi, she would have been able to tell he thought the same thing about her. He foretold they would become good friends.

    Homer entered the hangar. He walked over to his Y-wing. Deezy was busy finishing up some welding spots when Homer walked in. Homer had replaced the control panel of his ship earlier, so replacing the shield generator was all that was left to do to his ship.

    Homer climbed into the cockpit. He hoped that on the way down to his homeworld, they wouldnt run into any trouble.
  10. Ty-gon Jinn

    Ty-gon Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 12, 2000
    Obi-wan Jinn was sitting at the computer console of the Heron. He had met Homer, and Mara was talking with his brother. A new ship had shown up on his screen- an SSD called Coyote. He now had to splice into the Imperial Network.
    "I'm in!" he announced.
    There were few options- he decided he would shut down the computers on the Coyote and anything on it.
    And now the job was done. He got up from the console to have a bite with Mara, CiCi, Ty-gon, and Homer.

    Greywolfe was talking to Mulder via a vidscreen. Suddenly, the engines on the Coyote stopped.
    "Mulder," he said frantically, "I can get you bounty hunters. But I need help. I need you to come pick me up and give me a lift." The screen died.
    A commander walked up to Greywolfe. "My Lord, we have assessed the damage. We are not sure what happened, but every computer and engine within 500 meters of this ship has gone dead except for one- the communication system of the Jackal."

    Greywolfe sat in front of the vidscreen of the Jackal. He had contacted a Dark Star technical consultant.
    The consultant was saying "I don't know what the problem could be. You might want to reload everything."
    "Everything?" Greywolfe muttered in disbelief.
    "It's your only option."
    "Okay, here we go."
    The system began to start the restore.
    Everything had been uninstalled, scanned, and deleted.
    The restoring began, and-
    The computer wasn't compatible with the consultant's restore program, and the consultant had not know it.
    "Holy Sith Monkeys," the consultant mused. "I don't know how that would happen! Your only option now would be to bring the ships to us."
    "I have no engines."
    "We'll pick you up."
    "I have someone picking me up."
    "Good. We can fix it when you arrive. Your fleet should only be out of commission for a month."
    "A MONTH!?" Greywolfe was furious.
    "Well, you do have one more option. Find a friend with a RL5-7327 disk and install that."

    The commander inserted the disk, and Greywolfe asked, "Okay, now what?"
    "Go to the disk."
    As Greywolfe did, the vidscreen died- the last piece of ship's technology in his fleet.
    Suddenly, his personal commlink- the one that only went to Carre- buzzed. "Are you aware that you just used the Dark Side of the Force to choke my technical consultant to death?" the harsh voice said.
    "Trust me, my lady Sondara, you're better off without him, the man was a dolt."
    The commander spoke again. "My lord, before the computers died, we learned that we have a new cohort. Someone else has taken the name Darth Predator. He will be taking Reyanna's place as the Talon Squad traitor."

    Ty-gon Jinn looked around. The squad had changed again. But Homer he trusted. Ric he trusted. And CiCi was a halfway good cook.
    He had yet to meet Talon 10.
    "Homer," he said, "It's good to have another Jedi in the squad. Welcome aboard."
    "I love this organization- you join and aoutomatically become an Lt."
    "Kevin's a great General."

    Obi-wan pulled Mekial aside.
    "Why me?" she asked.
    "Well, you still don't remember everything about everyone, and you're only now regaining your past status in the squad. I needed a detatched, impartial opinion on women."
    "If you had only been dating the amount of time I'd been dating Mara, would you be offended if he asked you to marry him so soon?"
    "Are you serious?"
    Jinn pulled out a large diamond ring.
    Mekial was a bit taken aback. "Ask Kaiba."
  11. Jedi-Jade

    Jedi-Jade Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 21, 1999
    The hot shower felt good beyond words. Telias stress had built up so much, that the she just stood there and let the water kneed away her pain. Jaren had picked up on her hidden bad mood, even as she tried her hardest to hide them. After a quick dinner, Telia and Jaren went back to their apartment. All Telia wanted to do was sleep, she had been feeling very tired lately. But Jaren wanted to talk, she had quickly averted his questions and told him that they would talk later, hoping that he would forget as the night went on.

    She turned off the water, and wraped herself in a robe. She felt lightyears better. She opened the bathroom door, and literally ran into a waiting Jaren.

    "Telia, lets talk." He took her hand and led her into their bedroom where they sat on the bed. "What's the matter? Are you still upset at me? Are you mad that the squad doesn't seem to care that we're going to have a baby? Tell me what I can do to make your hurt go away."

    "Jaren," she sighed, old habits coming into play, but she pushed them back. Determined to be truthful with her husband. "I think that I am just scared that our squadmembers won't trust me anymore. You were hurt that I didn't tell you, how do you think that they might feel? How will that play when we go into missions?"

    "They will be happy for us. They are our friends and they will support us, not judge you. I will even take the blaime for not telling everyone right away if you want. Will that make you feel better?" He sqeezed her hand and looked expectantly into her eyes.

    "Jaren," She smiled through her over-emotional tears. "I love you so much, and you are going to be such a good dad." She took his face in her hands and kissed him.

    "Lets go make a offical announcement of the baby. And tell them that we're looking for names." He got up from the bed, and looked ready to run down the hall yelling the good news.

    "Wait," She pulled him back down. "Lets wait until the morning." She mummered.

    "Right." He smiled back.
  12. Ty-gon Jinn

    Ty-gon Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 12, 2000
    Jaren and Telia were interrupted by a knock at the door.
    A messenger stood there. "Package for the Kai family?"
    "That's us," Jaren said.
    "Sign here."
    The messenger took the form and brought in a package.
    "Thanks," Jaren said as the man left.
    Telia opened the box, and found a baby's crib, a teddy ewok, and several pink and blue balloons. A card that said "Congratulations" and was signed "Ty-gon" hung from a balloon.

    Shorty, Ty-gon's pit droid watched as Telia found the baby gifts, then went back to Jinn.
    "She opened it- she loves it," the droid said in the only language he knew, Huttese.
    Jinn picked up the commlink and sent a transmission to Jaren. "I noticed no one had told you congratulations yet. Congratulations."

    Jaren was about to reply when there was another knock at the door. There stood the messenger with a box marked "Baby Clothes."
    The messenger spoke. "Delivery from Obi-wan Jinn, sign here."
  13. Han Soho

    Han Soho Jedi Youngling

    Oct 3, 1998
    With a smile, Mara Jade viewed the contents of the datacard she'd prepared for Jaren and Telia. It was a small gift, yes, but she hoped it was a meaningful one.

    She had spent a good three hours searching for the most extensive list of baby names she could find on the Holonet. Then she'd spent another halfhour downloading it and formatting it to datacard, and another hour going through the names and marking the ones she thought sounded the nicest with "Kai".

    Now she was ready to add the finishing touches. Her fingers moved quickly over her keyboard as she typed in a message:

    To Jaren and Telia-
    One gift that every child needs is a name, so here's a large selection to choose from. I've taken the liberty of highlighting the ones I thought were nice... hopefully this will help you decide on a good name for your baby. Congratulations! I'm so happy for both of you.

    She added an animated picture to the greeting, a picture that showed an adorable little baby bird hatching to keep with the Talon Squad tradition. It was a cute image, and Mara had to laugh softly as she watched it.

    She saved the changes to the datacard and ejected it, then tucked it into a basket along with a sky blue baby blanket and a cuddly stuffed toy. She crept out of her room and to the Kais' quarters, leaving it by the door for them to find in the morning, or whenever the next messenger arrived. She hoped it would be a pleasant surprise.

    Mara returned to her own quarters and sat down on her bed, her thoughts returning, as they were doing increasingly more often, to Obi-wan Jinn.

    Admit it, girl... there's way more to this than simply enjoying spending time with him.

    She sighed softly and pushed her hair back out of her face. All right, then, she admitted it freely to herself: she cared very deeply for him, and more than that... she loved him. And more and more, she was beginning to wonder if he felt the same way...

    But how did you go about admitting such feelings to the person they were for, especially if, short of using the Force to probe that person's mind, you didn't know if he felt the same way?

    Mara closed her eyes a moment, remembering as she did so that she was going to be escorting the new guy, Homer Starkiller, on his trip to Corellia. So was Obi-wan...

    Maybe by then she'd have figured out some way to tell him how she felt. Maybe.
  14. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999
    Trika supposed she had made her point clear. Packing her stuff up, she began a brisk jog towards her room, rounding the corner...
    ...and nearly crashing into Homer Starkiller.
    "I'm sorry," she apologized, loosening the bags on her arm so she could extend it. "Uh, you must be new-?"
    "Homer Starkiller. I'm filling in for Lt. Rinin." He took her hand and shook it.
    The mention of Rinin made Trika just want to cry, but she couldn't right now, not with things to do.
    "Trika," she said instead. "Trika Kenobi. I'm a hacker." It sounded lame, sure, but she was in a hurry. "I guess I'll see you around sometime."
    Homer agreed and left, going his way while Trika took off again toward her room. She entered and locked it, pulling out her computers and starting back into the computer systems.
    She wasn't hacking, though.
    "Since when does EBay go off the Net?" Trika muttered.
    Finally finding some wonderful new baby clothes, Trika ordered them shipped to Jaren and Telia Kai, first class.
    She shut off the computer and sat back, pondering the days events and wondering if truly the galaxy would ever be at peace...

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  15. LeiaB

    LeiaB Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 30, 1999
    CiCi had grabed her gear that she would need for the quick mission down to Corellia. She slung her pack over one shoulder and grabbed the baby book she had picked up for Telia and Jaren.

    She headed down the corridor and ran into Mara at their door. On the floor outside was a growing pile of baby gifts, cards and baskets. CiCi smiled at Mara, "Hope they don't leave in too much of a hurry - they have a few gifts to open!"

    Mara laughed, "Yea, too bad we didn't have time to throw them a party...there is just too much going on right now. We'll have to have a shower for them later."

    Mara and CiCi headed off towards the main hanger. They were to leave for Corellia in 15 minutes and were cutting it close as it was.

    When they arrived, Obi-Wan and Homer were already waiting by their ships. CiCi couldn't help but notice how Obi-Wans eyes lit up when he saw Mara enter the hanger He immediately stopped what he was doing and walked over to take Mara's pack.

    "I am so glad you guys are happy together, you make a great couple." CiCi winked at her friend and walked over to where Homer was already settling in the pilots chair. "I am anxious to get into the air with you Homer, I have been hearing about your reputation as an excellent pilot."

    Homer grabbed her hand and helped her into the ships gunner chair, "Lets just hope we don't run into any unfriendlies."

    CiCi gave Homer a quick smile, "Well, I'm ready for anything. Let's get going, shall we?"

    She was ready for anything...strange, but she felt so comfortale with she had known him all her life. Even better was the fact that he somehow made her feel safe, something that CiCi was definatley not used to feeling. She was very glad the General had choosen her to assist Homer on the mission.

    The controls of the ship suddenly lit up and the ships roof locked shut. Homer and Mara requested permission to clear the bay and moments later the two ships shot out of the hanger on their way to Corellia.

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  16. Darth McClain

    Darth McClain Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Feb 5, 2000
    "Colonel," Captain Spotty, Heron's CO, said tot he B-wing pilot. "You and Salvo Squad are being transfered to Galactic Voyager temperarily."
    "Oh?" Jik asked.
    "Yes. You are leaving now," Spotty said/
    Cobra decided to get Jaren and Telia a book, "Lightsabers and Baby bottles", that informed parents about the fun and joys of being a parent.
  17. Talon Squad Leader

    Talon Squad Leader Former Manager star 5

    Dec 22, 1999
    Kevin had listened to Trika's news and had perused the findings she had found. Bounty hunters. Jedi. Sith. He could not figure out the puzzle.

    He slowly paced his quarters, sctratching his face, and fondling his lightsaber. Jedi. Sith. What was the connection? His squad was now split up, some on duty, some on planet inspection of Corellia, and some on offtime. Now was not the time to muster the squad and move out in the Heron.

    He paced some more. He thought of his impromptu training. His mother, and his unknown father. He thought back the accelerated training on Yavin 4. Yavin 4. That was it! Mulder was moving to...Kevin gaped at the idea. He was on the move to exterminate the Jedi just as it had been done in the end of the Old Republic. He was using bounty hunters to do the job, and would eventually go to Yavin 4.

    The door to his quarters opened and in came Kaiba. She immediately saw his face, but didn't have time to ask her query. Emergency klaxons rang throughout the ship. His personal comm rang. He read the message and frowned. The pirates, thugs, bounty hunters, whatever they were had found the ship. An ambush had begun.

    He quickly grabbed Kaiba's hand, kissed her, and said, "Go your fighter." She immediately spun around, looked back longingly back at him, and disappeared. He picked up his commlink, and said, "Talon Leader to bridge, I'm on my way."
  18. Darth McClain

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    Feb 5, 2000
    On the bridge, Kevin ran into Tuurgn and Cobra.
    "Guys," Ski said. "We're going to Yavin 4, now!"
    "What?" the Togorian askek.
    "Bounty Hunters are after the Jedi!" Ski told them.
    Then Lieutenant Callisto entered the bridge and said ,"I'm going with you!"
  19. Darth Agent Mulder

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    Feb 14, 2000
    There it was. The Heron.
    Two fighters headed toward Corellia, already out of range for the tractor beam teams to catch. There was only two Jedi on those fighters though, so the majority, four of them, were still on the ship.
    Mulder smiled. They'd be no problem to capture.
    "Captain, what's the status of our venture to Yavin 4?"
    Captain Jeremiah Smith looked at his data pad. "Bombardment from the Darkness Falls due to start in two hours if the Jedi don't surrender."
    "Excellent," Mulder nodded, obviously pleased. "What's the status of the shields on the Heron?"
    "Uh, bombardment is doing considerable damage, but the shields are holding up."
    Mulder chuckled. "A few more minutes should do them in. Any escape pods/fighters need to be captured intact. Make sure Tractor Beam 2 knows that."
    "Yes, sir."
    "And," Mulder almost added as an afterthought, "let's make this quick and precise."
  20. Darth Homer 327

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    Dec 24, 1999
    As the Y-wings left the hangar, Homer already had a bad feeling about this. They hadnt been off the hangar bay 30 seconds when the radar started picking up enemy fighters coming in fast. Three Lambda class shuttles locked right on them.

    "Stang!" Homer swore as he cut the Y-wing sharply right.

    "Get down to the planet, we'll hold them off!" Obi-Wan shouted.

    "We cant take on Lambs without shields!" CiCi yelled."

    "Watch me! I'm not leaving them to take on three Lambs by themselves! You consentrate on the leader, we'll take care of the other two." Homer retaliated to Obi-Wan and Mara.

    Bringing the Y-wing into a spiral nosedive, Homer brought the ship beneath the two fighters. CiCi began firing at the underbellies, but they split apart in different directions. Homer took this oppertunity to pull up between them, and CiCi began fire ion blasts at the fighter on the right, but the one on the left fired at the Y-wing, forcing Homer to drop the ship lower, causing CiCi to miss her shot.

    Homer then tried a manuver that if done properly, would cause the enemy fighters to smash into eachother. Zipping around them, Homer did the manuver perfectly, but the fighters stopped just short of smashing into one another. These guys were good, there was no doubt about it. This was a losing battle, without shields they werent at all in a offensive position. It was time to abort.

    "Retreat Obi-Wan!" Homer yelled into the comm.

    As the ships jerked towards the planet, the Lambs kept up with them with ease. As the streaked closer to the planet, the Lambs were still gaining.

    On this night-time side of the planet, the only light was that of production facilities artificial light beams, placed high above the spires of their factories. The Y-wing shot under long dura-steel beams, and shot into the nearby forest. The Lambs had lost track of them for now.

    After they had gotten a good ways out of the Lambs reach, they landed on a small rocky area, and stepped out of their cockpits. Homer helped CiCi down.

    "Theres a city several miles down that way." Homer pointed.

    "We're walking, huh?" Mara said.

    "We dont need to get these things back out in the open til we get Homer's shield generator." CiCi said.

    "And those pilots were good. I hope they dont find us. We'd best hurry." Obi-Wan said.

    Homer and Obi-Wan began puting the camo mesh tarps over their fighters.

    Meanwhile, the three Lambda class shuttles landed near the facility where they had lost track of their prey. A man dressed in all black stepped onto the planet. He walked over to regroup with his fellow Dark Jedi.

    "This Jedi is strong. We musnt fail master Mulder, or we'll never become Sith Lords. We'll split up, we'll take speeder bikes. Dont come back until you've found them." the leader, Dirk Kensing told his partners.

    They nodded in agreement, and took off on their speeder bikes.

    "I'll find you Starkiller, if its the last thing I do." the dark warrior promised.

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  21. Idiots Array

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    Jan 3, 2000
    Jaren nearly tripped on all the baby clothes and books on his way out the door. "I guess they heard the news," he said sarcastically as he carefully manuvered his way around the gifts. They didn't have much time to spare so he and Telia quickly carried the gifts into their quarters where they could properly appriciate them later.

    Then they took off at a run to the bridge to get their orders from General Ski.

    <<Gotta go, I'll post more later. >>
  22. RogueLead11

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    Aug 19, 1999
    When the alarms started to sound, Ken knew they were in trouble.

    Looks like vacation's over.

    Ric was mid-scheme when the klaxons blared in warning. Both the men looked up, then stared at one another. "We're under attack!"

    Kendrick took off down the corridor toward the Heron's fighter-bay. He shouted back to Ric over his shoulder.

    "Go to the bridge and see what you can do to help your brother. Then come to the hangar. I'll be prepping my ship!"
  23. Trika_Kenobi

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    Nov 4, 1999
    Trika Kenobi was fully aware of the blaring sirens after the fact that she had fallen out of bed.
    "Bloody..." Trika muttered, coming to full consciousness and realizing exactly what was happening.
    The klaxons were getting louder it seemed, and Trika stumbled her way out into the hallway. The lights in the hallway flickered, then another hit rattled the ship.
    "Okay," Trika tried to rationalize it all while walking down the hallway, "either somebody is playing a very nice trick on me, or I have the felling that all is not well on the Heron," she attempted to drip sarcasm off ever word.
    The lights flickered again.
    "What the-?" Trika tightened the grip on her lightsaber, hoping that it was merely a malfunction, or a...
    Come on, Trika. Be logical. A malfunction when you and three other Talon hackers put the whole system together? Right...
    Trika jogged off towards the bridge, fighting back fear with the light side of the Force.
  24. LeiaB

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    May 30, 1999
    Reyanna was staring out the viewport down on the green planet of Svalbard. The Black Star Destroyer had just come out of hyperspace a few moments ago. Svalbard was just out of the core worlds system...not far from Corellia. They had gotten word that Mulder was in the area and had already had some success in tracking down many Jedi. Reyanna was suprised to find that everything was happening so quickly.

    The Lady Carre was already down at the main hanger giving orders to her flighter pilots.

    "Be ready to get up in the air in 2 minutes, the rebels will already be alerted to our presence." Carre stood in the center of her men - silver eyes piercing each one of theirs, "There will not be too much resistance. We have word that a group of rebels have a base camp on the far side of the planet. You will hold off any attack on this ship. Red and Green group will fly down with Reyannas shuttle and attack the rebel base. I will not tolerate any mistakes - dismissed!"

    Back on the bridge, Reyanna put her hand on the window and reached out...She was told it was a small base, only a 100 or so rebels..but she could feel a powerful force coming from the planet. Whatever Jedi were there would soon be taking their last breath.

    "My Lady, your shuttle is ready." Daylek Skerro, her squad captain, bowed quickly before her.

    Reyanna glanced at the man with her cold eyes, making him take a step back, "Very good captain, I am holding you responsible for the success of your men. No one leaves alive unless I say so. I want to bring the leader back as a present for Carre."

    Reyanna strode past Daylek with long strides and headed for her shuttle. She was anxious to have rebel blood on her hands again...and killing Jedi just made her job that much more enjoyable.
  25. Darth Homer 327

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    Dec 24, 1999
    "So your from here?" CiCi asked Homer as they walked towards the city.

    "Yeah, I grew up not too far from here."

    "thats wizard." CiCi said casually.

    "Yeah..." Homer trailed off.

    He was starting to like this girl, and he wanted to impress her. Homer strained his mind for something to say.

    "So...where are you from?" He asked.

    "I was born on Coruscant. I grew up on a rebel base called Sector V Sqaudron. Mara was there too." Se replied.

    "So you guys have known eachother a long time." Homer said

    "Yeah. But it looks like she's found a new best friend." CiCi replied with an almost sad smile, looking behind them to see Mara and Obi-Wan walking along casually talking.

    "Yeah, well I guess thats how friendship works. You know eachother for a long time, and then something more appealing comes along. Not that she wont be your friend anymore, just that if things do work out with her and Obi-Wan, that will change you guy's friendship." Homer tried to comfort her.

    "Yeah, I realize that...its just hard to accept. I'm happy for her... I just dont want things to change... between me and her." CiCi said.

    "Well thats understandable. But if ya need a friend, I'm here." Homer said.

    "Thanks Homer, your too sweet." CiCi said.

    "Your welcome. I sense some kind of connection between us in the Force. I think thats what has brought us together." Homer said.

    "Oh yeah, your a Jedi. You havent ever probed my mind have you?" She said jokingly.

    "No. Of course not." Homer grinned. He hadnt....on purpose. He really didnt have to, he could tell she was comfortable around him. She seemed to like him, but he didnt want to right out probe her mind. He would let the Force decide what cards he was dealt, he wouldnt spoil the game.

    Homer stopped suddenly.

    "Do you hear that?" He asked CiCi.

    "No. what is it?" She asked.

    "Speeder bikes." Homer squinted.

    Obi-Wan and Mara already had their lightsabers in hand, and read to ignight.

    "Split up! We'll meet up after you guys get the parts!" Obi-Wan shouted to Homer.

    Homer nodded and grabbed CiCi's hand, and pulled her off the trail, and into the deep forest.

    "Where are we going?" CiCi asked.

    "Out of sight of those speeder bikes for now. We'll have to take the long way around to the city." Homer answered.

    After a long hike, they came to a small clearing. Ahead Homer could see something in the distance. He reached out with the Force. He felt nothing. They walked closer. It was a humannoid figure. Dressed in black. A red lightsaber blade ignighted from the dark form. CiCi drew her blaster from its holster. Homer pushed her hand down.

    "I'll take care of this. Take cover" Homer told her.

    The dark Jedi's face could barly be seen in the darkness. the light from the blade revealed an evil grin on his face. Homer ignighted his orange lightsaber.

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