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TIS - Chapter Seven The Battle for the Galaxy Continues

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Talon Squad Leader, Apr 20, 2000.

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  1. Idiots Array

    Idiots Array Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 3, 2000
    <<It's court martialing time!! Enjoy! >>

    "Please state for the record, your full name, rank, and serial number," Frohike asked calmly.

    Jaren stood at attention in the defendant't box, only half aware of what was going on. "Jaren Kai, Captain. New Republic serial number 20297377." This whole thing seemed to have been blown way out of proportion for a simple case of failing to follow orders. There had to be something else going on here.

    Frohike continued. "Please tell the court exactly what happened in the Corellian system two days ago."

    "Well," Jaren began. "Flight Officer Homer Starkiller, the newest member of Talon squad, had been captured by the enemy. Due to his knowledge of New Republic tactics and battle secrets, the location of Illusion squadron, in particular, Talon squad decided that rescuing him was top priority. We proceeded to board the enemy ship, knock out the engines, and effect our rescue."

    "Now tell me Captian," Frohike said as he began to pace the length of the courtroom. "Were you aware of the new mission orders your unit had been given when you decided to rescue Flight Officer Starkiller?"

    Jaren didn't hesatate to answer. "Yes sir, we were. And, as I said before, we believed that the knowledge that Starkiller posessed was too great to be allowed to fall into enemy hands. We acted accordingly."

    "What about the mission to Ostron? You have read the report concerning that fiasco, I assume. Thousands died because of the absence of Talon squad."

    Jaren thought for a moment before answering. "Sir, I have been briefed on the mission but have not read the entire report. I cannot believe that the mission failed because we were not there. The presence or absence of one squad should hardly affect the outcome of such a large-scale operation."

    Frohike smiled as he spoke. "I ask that that last statement be striken from the record. The defendant has insufficient knowledge of the Ostron mission and so is not capable of making a correct judgement."

    Mon Mothma seemed to agree rather reluctantly and the court recorder droid was instructed to alter the record accordingly.

    Frohike continued to pace, looking more and more smug by the minute. Something was going on and, whatever it was, it couldn't be good. "Captain Kai, you are originally from the Imperial world of Kuat, but you spent much of your youth on Coruscant, correct?"

    "That is correct, sir."

    "Is it also correct that your parents are still Imperial citizens? You also met Ysanne Isard herself if I'm not mistaken." Frohike turned to stare Jaren straight in the eyes but Jaren refused to flinch. He merely kept his gaze steady and wished the councelor would get to the point.

    "Yes, but I don't see the relevance of..." Jaren began, but was quickly cut off as Frohike continued excitedly.

    Frohike now turned to face the court and what he said next mad Jaren's jaw drop. "I have uncovered evedence that Captain Kai, during his time on Coruscant, was contacted by Isard. He spend time on Lusankya and is even now a double agent for the Empire! He has been selling information for years now and has even given them the location of Illusion squadron."

    "That is preposterous!!" Jaren shouted indignantly as the courtroom burst into chaos around him.

    By the time Mon Mothma managed to bring everyone back under control, Jaren was already being escorted from the courtroom in binders by a pair of New Republic Marines.

    *Cue suspensuful music*
  2. Mekial

    Mekial Jedi Master star 1

    Dec 9, 1999
    I'm confused. Are we all being court martialed, or just the ones that went to rescue Homer?
  3. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999
    <<Okay, here's how it is: the Talons went to save Homer, so we're all being court-martialed. Mulder has slipped falsified information into Frohike's hands, so we are being brought up on charges according to what the writer wants to charge their character with. If you don't want your character in court, just post something different.
    Besides that, I'm just waiting around until everyone gets to post...>>
  4. Darth Agent Mulder

    Darth Agent Mulder Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 14, 2000
    Darth Agent Mulder turned in his chair to face the Captain. "What's your opinion on the matter, Tooms?"
    Eugene Tooms straightened to attention. "I believe that the opportunity is ripe for the taking, my Lord. With the rebels busy with your planted charges, there will be no stopping any of our attacks."
    "A well-conceived thought, Captain," Mulder said. "Prepare a transmission to the Ladies Reyanna and Carre and Lord Greywolfe. Let's see how much damage can be done without rebel involvement."
  5. Darth Homer 327

    Darth Homer 327 Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 24, 1999
    "Officer Homer Starkiller." the attendant called.

    Homer stood up, and walked into the courtroom. He couldnt wait to hear what kind of crazy charges they would come up with against him.

    "Officer Starkiller, please tell us, what were you doing when you broke away from your companions, and went down to the planet of Correlia?" Mon Mothma asked.

    "Ma'am, the ship I was assigned to was in unkept condition, and there were no working shields." Homer responded.

    "So let me get this straight, you left during a time of war, without shields on your fighter, and allowed yourself to be captured by the Empire?" Mon Mothma asked.

    "I didnt allow them to do anything. I had to have a functional ship, and I had to get the parts for it." Homer replied dryly.

    "Well, according to this report I have, the parts you departed to Correllia for, were readily available aboard the Heron." Mon Mothma said.

    "That report is wrong." Homer replied.

    "And after a full inspection of your Y-wing, it was found to have stolen and illegal parts." Mon Mothma continued.

    Homer laughed disgustedly.

    "In light of your endangering your fellow squadron members, I have no other choice but to dismiss you from your duties with the New Republic." Mon Mothma said.

    "I dont care. Its obvious that the Republic is headed in the same direction that the Old Republic did." Homer retorted.
    "And as far as punishing the others, I hope you know, that you are giving up the best pilots, and the greatest people I have ever had the oppertunity to know. Sure, they went against orders, and I know it wasnt worth risking other orders to rescue me, but you certainly have no right treat them like they have committed a crime of some sort. If anyone should be punished, it should me, and me alone." Homer added.

    "Is that all?" Mon Mothma asked.

    "Yes." Homer replied.

    "And in light of the stolen and illegal parts, you are now placed under arrest of the New Republic." Mon Mothma said.

    As the guards moved to handcuff him, he briefly considered ignighting his lightsaber and escaping. He thought better of that, since all that would do is cause an even bigger uproar, and make him an even bigger criminal. And why defy their decision, he had knowingly purchased illegal parts. He would take his medicine, and hopefully get these charges dropped through a civil courtroom session. The guards took his lightsaber, and Republic insignias, and placed handcuffs on him.

    "Your hearing will take place tomarrow afternoon at 3. You are dismissed." Mon Mothma finised.

    The double doors opened, and the Talons were quite suprised to see Homer being led away in handcuffs. CiCi jumped up and ran over to Homer.

    "Whats going on?!?!" CiCi exclaimed.

    "Long story. After your hearing, come over to the detainment center, and I'll explain it to you." Homer said as the guards pushed him down the hallway.

    "I will!" CiCi said.

    The guards led Homer out the door, and into a speeder, as CiCi watched, not believing what she was seeing.
  6. Jedi-Jade

    Jedi-Jade Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 21, 1999
    Telia rolled over in her bed lazily throwing an arm across the portion of the bed her husband was sleeping at. But the coldness she felt was a harsh reminder that the most cherished person in her life was gone from her. It seemed worse that he was so close to where she was, yet, she was only allowed to see him for a few hours per day.

    It was hard times for the Talons. It seemed harder and harder for her to find reasons to get up out of bed.

    Telia looked accross the room to see the pile of baby things that had grown in their room. Before Jaren was put in jail, he even set up the crib. Things were happening so fast.

    Her stomach tightened. Telia had not experienced morning sickness before, so she just assumed that the stress was bringing it on. She layed back in bed hoping that this tightness would go away, hoping that the bad luck would go away. But it didn't. And Telia knew as long as Jaren was away from her, there was no chance of things looking better.

    She lied there alone. Feeling so small in a ever changing world.
  7. Laguna

    Laguna Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 26, 2000
    Quis stood nervously in the box, feeling their eyes upon every inch of her. It made her uncomfortable to say the least, she wished the others were here.

    "Please state for the record, your full name, rank, and serial number," Frohike asked. He sounded as though he were becoming tiresome of this interrogation game.

    "Quis Heartilly, Lieutenant, 21198694," she responded, pushing the hair from across her face.

    "Again for the record, Lieutenant, the name and occuption of your father."

    "Onas Heartilly. He was a weapons engineer."

    "He worked for the Empire, correct?"

    "Yes, that is correct. He eventually managed to escape and aid the cause of the Alliance."

    "That's a nice story," Frohike said icily. "You are also aware that during the time he masqueraded as a Rebel sympathiser he was in actual fact betraying the cause to Palpatine's Empire?"

    "What?" Quis couldn't hide her shock at such accusations.

    "Your father was a traitor, supplying Palpatine with superior technology and information on how to track down his Alliance contacts."

    "You lie," she spat with venom.

    "Oh no, Lieutenant. It is you who lie. You are after all continuing your fathers work are you not? A spy for Lord Mulder?"

    "That's preposterous. On what evidence do you base these accusations."

    "Take your pick, Lieutenant - intercepted encoded transmissions and security recordings - it's all there."

    Quis couldn't believe Frohike's accusations. It was outrageous.

    "Mon Mothma," she turned to the senior diplomat. "These accusations are absolutely false, you can't possibly..."

    "Silence," bellowed Frohike. "You shall keep yourself to answering my questions."

    Mon Mothma said nothing. Quis shot Frohike a rage filled glare.

    "Now, Lieutenant Heartilly, please tell the court of your relationship with Captain Quinn," Frohike obviously took pleasure in his work. The smile he almost supressed was a give away.

    "We're friends," she said.

    "Are you sure that is all?"

    "Yes, of course."

    "And you are aware of Quinn's murder of a number of civilians on Ord Mantell?"

    "That's impossible," she bit out. "I know him."

    Frohike snorted.

    "Enough of this," said Mon Mothma quietly. "Lieutenant Heartilly, you are hereby accused of treason and relieved of your duties."

    As she was escorted from the court room Quis could only think of Ken.

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  8. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999
    A court date. An honest to goodness court date. Trika would have never thought...
    Most of the Talons had already gotten their ridiculous charges. Some still waited, and some were about to go to their hearing, including Trika.
    So far, from what she could compile, six Talons were dismissed from the New Republic military. After this, who knew how many would be permanantly.
    One of the attendants opened the court doors and ushered her in. She took her seat in the defendant's box amidst the crowd of people who had come to watch.
    "Please state your-"
    "Lt. Trika Adair Kenobi, hacker, serial number 41082684," Trika interrupted the droid. She was getting more than a little tired of this.
    The weary man sitting to her right opened a book, starting the proceedings. "Prosecutor, you may begin."
    The prosecutor, Gavin Haaja, or the inspector, as Mon Mothma used, stood. "Miss Kenobi, you are charged with up to fifteen illegal hacking incidences. How old are you, Miss Kenobi?"
    Okay, easy enough. "I turn twenty next month, sir."
    "So when these alleged charges were done, you were about eighteen, correct?"
    "Those charges are false and were never done, Inspector."
    Haaja's eyebrows stiffened. "Answer the question."
    "Yes, if these charges were correct, I would have been eighteen," Trika gave up.
    "Where were you on the second standard month, fourth day of that year?"
    Trika shifted in her seat uncomfortably. "How am I supposed to remember what I did on a specific day?"
    "Answer the question."
    Thinking long and hard, she guessed. "I don't know. By that time, I was probably with Squadron-"
    "Perjury, Miss Kenobi, is-"
    "I don't know, Inspector," Trika felt her sarcastic side coming on strong. "Would you like me to go get my daily journals and find out exactly what I did 4/2/25 at 6:42:34 Core time?" A laugh erupted from the audience.
    "Order!" The judge yelled out, quieting the crowd. "Disrespect to authority is subject to dismissal without a fair trial."
    "Sorry," Trika muttered, and continued. "I was with Squadron, sir."
    "Where were you on that day?"
    "I don't know, sir. I can't recall."
    "Do you remember being on Llantris?"
    Trika's forehead beaded with sweat. "I've never been to that system."
    Haaja was just getting started. "If the jury would like evidence that Miss Kenobi was in fact, at Llantris on that date, they may want to see these documents, which prove that Lt. Trika Kenobi was on Llantris when she committed these crimes. The prosecution rests."
    The judge nodded. "This will continue at a later time. Dismissed." He slammed down a mallet and left, just as the attendants escorted Trika back to detainment.

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  9. Ty-gon Jinn

    Ty-gon Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 12, 2000
    Obi-wan Jinn now stood before the council, court-martialed.
    Mon Mothma was speaking. "State your name."
    "My name is Obi-wan Jinn, Leiutenant, serial number 19073677."
    "And you were, in fact, a member of the five-man team that invaded the Unnatural to save Starkiller after your entire squad went against orders."
    "Yes ma'am. The others were Mara Jade, Jaren Kai, CiCi Draven, and Telia Aris Kai. Telia, however, did not see much action as she was feeling a little under the weather."
    Mothma made a note of it.
    Frohike spoke up. "Is it true that you spent several years on the planet Dantooine as a slave under Kafal the Hutt?"
    "Yes, sir. When I was thirteen I was captured by Darth Mulder after my parents' murder. He sold me into slavery under one of his gangster flunkies."
    "And you escaped."
    "Yes, I hacked into a computer, found the time of the next departing shuttle, overrid the security system, and stole a small speeder off the shuttle. I made it to a spaceport, but I was captured by Mulder there."
    "But you got away from that."
    "Yes, I was used as bait for my brother- Jedi Knight Ty-gon Jinn, Captain- and was almost executed. But there was a commotion in that exact moment, and his gun missed my head. I was able to join Talon Squad shortly thereafter," Obi-wan said in a detatched, business-like tone.
    "And what became of Kafal?" Frohike asked.
    "I planted several thermal detonators around the place. They were set to go off last month."
    Frohike now produced several photos. "These are photos from Kafal's palace last month." The photos showed lots of rubble, not recognizable as Kafal's palace at all, and several hunk of seared flesh. "Are you aware how many civilians died in that explosion?"
    "I was not there at the time, so no, I am not."
    "Eighty-six, some men and some women, as well as five children."
    Obi-wan could feel a knot tying in his stomach.
    Frohike continued. "We have a reliable report that two men were New Republic agents, trying to infiltrate Kafal's group."
    Obi-wan couldn't hold down his outrage any more. "I thought we were court-martialed for our little side-trip to save Homer. Yet everyone who has faced you has had other charges arise. I seriously doubt your credibilty now, Council."
    Mothma finally spoke again. "You may want to save some outbursts like that. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law."
    A security officer handcuffed him and said "You're under arrest for the murders of Agent Biggs Teem and Agent Lando Bibble."
  10. Ty-gon Jinn

    Ty-gon Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 12, 2000
    Now Ty-gon stood before the council.
    Mothma was speaking again. "You were also aboard the Unnatural?"
    "Yes, ma'am. I was a member of Captain Kendrick's team, occupying the stormtroopers so the others could rescue Homer."
    "And you are Captain Ty-gon Jinn, Jedi Knight, serial number 190736528, correct?"
    "Yes ma'am."
    "And two weeks ago, your lightsaber started a fire in your base, is that correct?"
    "Yes ma'am."
    Frohike took his turn again. "Are you aware that the fire destroyed several New Republic buildings and vehicles not including Talon Squad's?"
    "No sir, because immediately after I got out of the building I was kidnapped by an Imperial mercenary."
    "And General Kevin Ski never took disciplinary action against you for destroying the base?"
    "No, sir, he understood it was an accident."
    "But you do admit to starting the fire that cost us thirty-five of our best ships."
    "Yes sir, if that is the number that was honestly destroyed. But it was an accident, you have to believe me."
    "Accident we'll believe. Therefore we won't charge you with arson. You are, however, dishonorably discharged from the New Republic. Dismissed."
  11. Ty-gon Jinn

    Ty-gon Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 12, 2000
    Darth Greywolfe finally once again met up with Carre. After a few well-timed force chokings, his fleet had been repaired in a mere four days rather than the three weeks they had promised.
    He now strode with the bounty hunter he had chosen. "My lady Carre, this is the Bounty hunter Jek Thosan." The hunter was a Deveronian, and carried himself proudly. "You may take him to Mulder."
    "Thank you, sir."
    The two began walking through the ship.
    "Now am I correct in under standing that you killed Malek Jade? Congratulations."
    "It's true," she said as the light caught a glint of blood on the zenji needle in her hair.
    "Now we have another relation to Mara Jade to worry about."
    "We've killed her entire family, what's left to destroy?"
    Greywolfe came to a heavy shuttle from his fleet. "Mara is right now on Coruscant being court-martialed. But you know how they say everyone has a double?"
    He opened the ramp, and escorted by stormies, out walked former Emperor's Hand Mara Jade Skywalker and her husband Luke.
    Carre was taken aback, but Greywolfe began barking out orders. "Seperate these two!" And by seperate, I mean seperate!"
    Five platoons of stormies accompanied each prisoner, and each prisoner was taken to a seperate ship. The ships took off- one bound for Anoat, the other for Naboo.
    "I will repair Mulder's mistakes in the Organa Solo affair," he explained. "He used her as bait for Talon Squad. I plan to use these two to manipulate the New Republic for all its worth."
  12. Ty-gon Jinn

    Ty-gon Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 12, 2000
    Keep Talon 15 open for me even though I've been discharged. I'm coming back!
    Also, 4 pages? Probably time to start Chapter 8.
  13. Talon Squad Leader

    Talon Squad Leader Former Manager star 5

    Dec 22, 1999
    Ty-gonn, you may not have noticed but I have been discharged as well. I will start a new chapter at 145 posts, so all of you guys keep posting.

    Also, and update on my sickness: I am now fine. Good, right? I don't know.

    My computer is still on the fritz. The browser (Netscape 4.08) works again due to my inspiring genius, but ICQ isn't at all. So I will be working on it tonight.
  14. LeiaB

    LeiaB Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 30, 1999
    "CiCi Draven", she replied to Mon Mothma. Her head was swimming in a mix of emotions. Her fellow squadmates, including the General himself, were being dismissed from active duty...and Homer, locked up in a cell...for what - she still did not know. She desperately tried to steady her voice, which was shaking due to both anger and anxiety. She somehow felt responsible for all this mess.

    "So you lead the team on this little insurrection on the Unnatural?" Mon Mothma coldly flug the question at CiCi.

    "Those who wanted to joined in did. One of our own was being held in enemy hands. We had no choice but to attempt a rescue," CiCi replied with her head held high.

    "You have a relationship with this man...I think you risked many lives by lettting your emotions get the best of you," the high council memeber spat back.

    "I have no regrets on my behavior. I would have done the same for any member of Talon Squadron." CiCi shifted her weight to her other foot and tried not too look nervous in front of the council members accusing eyes.

    "You are relatively new to the squadron Ms. Draven, our records indicate just over three months...and already disobeying orders. This is not the kind of loyality to the Republic that we like to see." Mon Mothma paused, "However, you past records indicate no discrepencies. Therefore, it the the recomendation of this council that you are suspended until futher notice - dismissed." Mon Mothma issued her commands and CiCi turned and walked out the coucil doors.

    The outside chamber was empty, but the council was not done. Several of her squadmates had been brought up on charges on other matters. She honestly did not have any idea what was going on. None of this makes any sense, she thought to herself as she headed down the hall to the detention area.

    Right now she could not get the thought of Homer in handcuffs out of her head. He was just recently a prisioner of Mulder - now to be a prisioner of the New Republic, whom she knew he ripped at her heart. She had to see him right away.

  15. RogueLead11

    RogueLead11 Jedi Master star 2

    Aug 19, 1999
    They'd come for him later that day.

    "The court has ordered that you be incarcerated until your trial date, for the safety of other military staff and the general public at large." The officer had sneered as he'd snapped the binders onto Ken's wrists. "Can't have a murderer wandering around, adding anymore kills to his record."

    A murderer.

    Sitting on the hard slab of duracrete the prison guards called a bed, Kendrick put his head in his hands. He didn't know what was worse: spending time in the hands of the enemy (which he had done before), or being locked away by the very same people that he'd been fighting and risking his life for as long as he could remember.

    His cell consisted little more of a bunk and refresher station. The door had a tiny barred window in it and if Ken stood on the bed, he could just see out into the corridor. Everything was gray: a cold, disheartening color.

    So this was the New Republic's way of rewarding more than twelve years of loyal service.

    He looked up as he heard footsteps outside. There was a slot cut in the cell door; a moment later a little metal dish containing his dinner was slipped through. "Push it back out when you're finished," someone called. They started to walk away.

    "Wait a minute!"

    The foosteps stopped and came back. A man's face - a guard, probably - appeared on the other side of the barred window. "What now?" he asked, scowling.

    Ken got up and went to the door. "Is there any news of the Talon Squad court martials?"

    "The Council's been booting them right and left. You and your friends are in a lot of trouble now, Quinn. So far your friends have committed practically every crimminal offense in the book."

    Ken ignored the guard's attempt to bait him. "What about a woman named Quis Heartilly? Has she been tried yet?"

    "Heartilly... Sure, I know her. The one convicted of treason, right?"

    "She's no traitor!" Ken cried.

    "Like her, don't you?" The man sneered, his face turning ugly. "A murderer and a traitor. Well, your type have got to stick together. Maybe you can hold hands at your execution..."

    Kendrick's hand shot between the bars. Before the guard could move, he was grabbed by his shirt collar and dragged forward. His prisoner yanked him so close their noses nearly touched through the window. "You will never," Ken said quietly. "Insult her again."

    He didn't get a chance to hear the guard's reply. Suddenly fiery hot agony raced up and down his arm and Kendrick was thrown backwards onto the floor. The back of his head crashed into the bed's metal frame. Through blurring vision he managed to see another wave of blue energy ripple around the window bars.

    "You alright, Wren?" He heard another voice say. A second guard had arrived on the scene.

    "Keep them electrified now," the first guard - Wren - snapped instead, pointing to the door. "And cut his food and water in half. We'll see how his attitude's improved after a couple days of half-rations."

    Their voices faded away as they left down the hall, leaving only the hum of the electrified window bars. Kendrick dragged himself to his feet. He hugged his arm to his chest - it still stung from the shock he'd received. Throwing himself onto his bunk, he stared up at the ceiling, realizing how alone he really was.

  16. Mekial

    Mekial Jedi Master star 1

    Dec 9, 1999
    "Mekial Yrisar, Lieutenant, 23794107."

    Frohike stepped up to the stand him a confident look on his face. "Lt. Yrisar, can you tell me what you did before becoming a member of the Talon Intelligance Squad?"

    "I was a pilot for Andreson Lomix. He owned a mining company on Stepula."

    Frohike placed an arm on the stand. "Stepula is your homeworld, am I correct?"

    "Yes, sir."

    "And it's also rich in the mineral vertex?" Frohike didn't give her a chance to reply. "Yes and you owned a small plot of land there, didn't you?"

    "I inherited it from my parents."

    "And when it was found to be on top of a good supply of this mineral, you sold it to Mr. Lomix. And then you gave the profits to the Empire."

    Rage filled Mekial. "What?"

    "Yes, not only did you give the money to the Empire, you stole the vertex back from Lomix and sold it to a smuggler for a neutron bomb. That bomb nearly killed thousands of people. Lucky for you, we found the bomb in time."

    She exploded out of her seat. "Thats outrageous! What proof do you have?"

    Mon Mothma turned to Frohike. "She has a point. What evidence do you have?"

    Frohike turned red. "None, at the moment, but I have a team of experts working on a very good lead right now. We should have all the proof we need in a week or so." He turned to face the young woman before him. "Until then, I suggest that the Leiutenant be put on suspension from the New Republic."

    It took all Mekial composure to keep from jumping up and strangling Frohike. "Those are the phoniest accusations I have ever heard!"

    Frohike turned to face her. "I have a very reliable source."

    "Yes, about as reliable as a drunk Hutt!"

    Mom Mothma held up a hand. "Leiutenant! We do not need your comments. Now sit down."

    Mekial sat back down and shot a poisonous glance as Frohike. Mon Mothma stood up. "Frohike has always proved to be trustworthy in the past. I have no choice but to temporarily discharge you." She turned to Frohike. "You have two weeks to prove your case. Until then, Leiutenant Yrisar will remain under New Republic supervision." She turned back to Mekial. "You will be assigned a guard to be with you at all times. If Frohike's accusations are true, you need not be given the chance to strike again."

    Mekial was escorted out of the courtroom by the guard that would watch her every move during the next two weeks.

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  17. Han Soho

    Han Soho Jedi Youngling

    Oct 3, 1998
    "For the records, please state your name, rank, and serial number."

    Aren't they getting sick of asking that question? I know I'm getting sick of hearing it... Admitting such feelings to the court, however, did not seem like such a good idea, so Mara Jade carefully controlled her impatience. Clenching her teeth, she spoke, staring directly at Frohike as she did so. "Lieutenant Mara Jade of Talon Squadron, New Republic serial number 58053073."

    Frohike gave her a hard look before continuing. "Do you understand the charges against you in regards to the Ostron mission?"

    "Yes, I do, and once again I fail to see how the absence of less than two dozen individuals made a difference in the outcome."

    Frohike dismissed her comment. "Nonetheless, your disobedience of direct orders led to the deaths of thousands. Were you, Lieutenant, aware of these orders when you chose to break them?"

    "Yes." Mara closed her eyes. "Yes, I was."

    There was a brief pause, and then Frohike went on. "You are a hacker, are you not, Lieutenant?"

    Mara glared at him. "I prefer the term computer specialist. But yes, if you must, I am a hacker."

    "And as a hacker," Frohike continued, stressing the last word, "do you know much about computer viruses?"

    What kind of a question is that? "Yes."

    "Enough that you could create one?"

    Mara blinked in surprise. "I... I don't know. I've never tried."

    Frohike smirked. "So you say. However, I have amassed evidence that would suggest otherwise. Are you familiar with a computer virus called #DMFR-5743#?"

    "The Daemonsfire Virus? Yes, I am." Mara's brow creased as she tried to remember what she'd heard. "It infected the computer systems on Kerani IV, completely demolishing them. In the ensuing panic and loss of order, over three hundred people were killed. Right?"

    "That is correct, Lieutenant. But you should know, shouldn't you? After all, you created it."

    Mara stared, incredulous. She was unable to control her outburst. "What the kriff are you talking about?"

    Frohike smiled, seeming quite pleased with himself. He proffered a handful of papers with computer printouts on them. "These documents trace the virus's creation back to a hacker going by the identity SecV/MJ. I believe you would recognize that alias as your own?"

    Horrified, Mara stared at the papers. She was unable to speak. These documents contained evidence for not only the creation of the Daemonsfire Virus, but various other computer crimes... all traced to the identity she'd used in Sector V Squadron. An identity she had not used in years... but had never gotten around to deleting.

    Now it was going to cause her a lot of trouble.

    She found her voice finally. "That's a lie! That's a kriffin' lie! All of it!" She broke off, realizing that this outburst had not helped her cause any.

    Calm down. With an effort, she forced herself to speak slowly and rationally. "Someone must have gotten ahold of my identity and used it to commit the crimes. Either that, or managed to plant evidence to lead to me."

    "Stretching there, aren't we?" Mara resisted the urge to smack that smirk off Frohike's face. Instead, she stretched out with the Force in his direction. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she felt the deception in his mind, but she doubted the court would except that as proof. It was her word against his evidence... and under such circumstances, they were not going to believe an eighteen year old hacker accused of computer terrorism, were they?

    She felt her shoulders slump in defeat. One hand went to her forehead, and she exhaled forcefully as she realized she was caught up. Only her stubborn pride prevented her from breaking down and crying.

    Mon Mothma's voice cut in quickly. "Lieutenant Jade, have you anything else to say in your defense at this time?"

    "No." The word hurt Mara's throat.

    Mon Mothma watched her for a moment, then spoke again. "Under the circumstance, Lieutenant Jade, we have no choice but to remove you from duty and detain you. This case will continue at a later time."

    Mara bit her lip hard, refusing to allow herself to cry as she was escorted
  18. Darth McClain

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    Feb 5, 2000
    After questioning Mara Jade, Gavin Haaja took a break to get some food. He stroked his black goatee. Haaja was the lead of the Coruscant Investigations organixation. Before forming to CI, Gavin Haaja had been a CorSec agent. Gavin left the resterant and returned to the courtroom.
    "Talon 2," Haaja called. This one was going to be hard. He and Cobra had grown up together.
    "Please state your name, rank..." H-78, the 3PO, was cut off by CObra.
    "Deli Dix, Captain. My ID is 56835097."
    "Do you know the charges against you?" Inspector Haaja asked.
    "Yes. Direct definace of authority."
    "That is correct. Now it says here," Fer Wug, another inspector from CI, looked at a paper. "You killed your brother."
    "It was a Human Replica Droid," Cobra said, starting to get angry.
    "How could you tell?" Fer inquired.
    There were many ways. "The corpse did not have synthetic skin. It was rubbery."
    "Can you prove that?"
    "Yes. Ask General Ski or any of them that were on that mission."
    "Is there anyone that is not in Talon Intelligance Squadron that can verify that?"

    "I can."
    The Talons turned to the back of the room. Mara and Kevin and some of the others gasped. "Netha? Is that you?" Cobra asked.
    "It is. Oord captured me. I escaped before he could bring me to Mulder."
    "Next," Fer said, dismissing Cobra.
  19. Darth Agent Mulder

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    Feb 14, 2000
    Darth Agent Mulder, Dark Lord of the Sith, laughed out loud.
    The Talons were in trouble.
    He was going hysterical, laughing while he played back the tapes of their trials, the angry Quinn throwing his insigna down, Jade crying, Kenobi caught on the stands, the General's look of defiance, over and over and over again. Their expressions: hurt, angry, sad, incredulous, and there wasn't a darn thing they could do about it. They were gone.
    Mulder sat in his private chambers, dwelling on the X-Files and the Dark Side. "They're gone," he whispered to himself, a feral smile playing his lips. "I've eliminated Talon Intelligence Squadron with the simple stroke of politics."
    Mulder touched a control on his seat. "Captain?"
    The voice of Eugene Tooms responded. "Yes, my Lord?"
    "Have we gotten a transmission from Frohike?"
    "He's got the Council believing every word he says."
    Mulder nodded. "Excellent. What of the rest of my plans?"
    Tooms took a while to pull up the right information. "The hackers responsible for the Daemonsfire Virus and the Llantris episode are reporting that there is no evidence or trace leading back to their work. Any attempt to clear Jade or Kenobi's name will be futile."
    Mulder raised a blue-black eyebrow. "And..."
    "Most of the other charges are clear of any traces as well. I have assurances that the rumors about the murders and traitorous schemes will flow smoothly."
    Mulder smiled. "Thank you, Tooms. Begin to terminate those planets that refuse to yield to our control."

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  20. Darth Homer 327

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    Dec 24, 1999
    Homer was now in the detainment center cell. He looked out the barred window, overlooking Corruscant.

    "If CiCi doesnt get charged with anything, she should be getting here soon." Homer thought.

    Homer paced back and forth, trying to find the logic behind all of this. Talons were getting dismissed and accused of crimes left and right. There had to be something behind it all.

    "Thats the problem with an intelligence squadron. Since we hide in the shadows of Justice, we are assumed as a bunch of criminals with skeletons in our closets." Homer thought.
    "This never would have happened in Illusion Squadron..." Homer trailed off.

    "Ash knows that Illusion Squadron are on Malastare. Talon Squadron are helpless to stop any attacks on Illusion Squadron. Mulder has us right where he wants us." Homer realized.

    "Starkiller! You have a visitor!" A guard standing outside the cell yelled.

    Homer turned around and saw CiCi running towards the cell. He walked over to the door of the cell, and put his face between the bars and kissed CiCi. After the long kiss, CiCi pulled back.

    "What happened? Why are you in here?" She asked.

    "That shield generator that Skeet sold me, not only was illegal, it was stolen. My trial is tomarrow, and I knowingly purchased illegal parts. I'll be under oath, and if I give false testimony, it will put me in bad standing with the Force. I need to get out of going to this trial." Homer said.

    "What will we do then?" CiCi asked.

    Homer closed his eyes and using telepathy, he spoke inside CiCi's mind.

    "You'll have to break me out of here. The Sith know where Illusion Squadron is, and with Talon Squadron inactive, they are defensless. Mulder is pulling the strings behind all of this, I can feel it. If we can get out of here, we can stop the Sith before they do anything, and we can clear everyone's names. You'll need to get the other Talons together, this is gonna be a team effort. I can supply us with some ships, I know someone that can get me a few fighters together. The hackers will need to shut down the computers here so I can get out. And we have to do this quickly, we arent garanteed our positions in Talon Squad back, even if we do succeed, and if we fail, we'll be in even worse trouble." Homer said to CiCi's mind.

    CiCi nodded.

    "What happened to you?" Homer asked.

    "They dismissed me. Thats all." She replied.

    "Is that all?" Homer laughed.
    "I'm really sorry about all this, its all my fault." Homer said.

    "No, its not. It's the Empires fault, we're all just trying to help." CiCi said.

    Homer kept an unsure, somber look on his face.

    "I love you." she said, leaning through the bars kissing Homer.

    "I love you too." Homer replied.

    CiCi turned and walked down the hallway, with a new mission, that might cost them everything, but what did they have to lose?

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  21. Jedi-Jade

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    Nov 21, 1999
    Telia was still lieing in bed later that afternoon when she suddenly sat up. She had a plan.
  22. LeiaB

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    May 30, 1999
    Reyanna received the message from Mulder and the Black Star Destroyer had immediately set a course for the core worlds, just outside of Corellia.

    Reyanna was discussing their coordinates with the ship commander when she sensed Daylek Skerro nervously approaching her. She had felt his presense moments before and turned quickly to face him.

    "What is it, Captain?" She commanded of him immediately.

    "My Lady," he bowed in her direction "Lady Carre wishes to speak with you before you board Mulder ship."

    "Very well, captain." She waived her hand and Daylek quickly exited the bridge.

    The ship came out of hyperspace at the exact coordinates Mulder had given her. She looked out the viewport and a beautiful planet hung like a purple light in the dark sky. Mulders ship floated in the darkeness even closer. He would want them to board immediately. She quickly headed down the corridor to meet up with Carre and Greywolfe. A growing number of bounty hunters were also showing up. Earlier, she had felt a strong disturbance in the force - on board this very ship. At first she thought it was Greywolfe - but now she knew there were more serious events taking place and was anxious to know exactly what Greywolfe and Carre were up to.

    She reached down and felt her stomach...the future was there...depending on her. It had always been her mission to rebuild her beloved Empire to it's full glory, now that took on a whole new meaning. Her son would have an Empire to rule. She would be certain of that.


    CiCi walked away from Homer with a new focus. She was going to get him right all the wrong she had caused. She new who she needed to find and immediately made her way to the towards the closest bar. Surely her Talon Squadmates who were not locked up would be there.

    Just as she was about to enter The Happy Dug she heard several beeps from an astrodroid behind her. She turned to see R2-DZ rolling towards her.

    "Hey there little guy....I know you miss your master, I do too. This is all just a big mess." She told him. Clearly the droid was confused and wanted to find Homer as much as she wanted him freed. He continued beeping frantically..."It will be allright R2, I plan on getting him out, and you can help!"

    She entered the bar with R2-DZ following closely behind her. She immediately found the two people she was looking for...the General and Ty-Gon Jinn. They were clearly in a state of shock about all that was happening...and were sitting alone in a corner table.

    "Hey guys, General." she saluted.

    "No need for that Lt. Draven, it would seem that Talon Squadron is no longer in my command." Kevin replied. He looked tired and weighed down with worry.

    "Well, we have a plan to fix that General. But I will need both of your help. Mulder is behind this...Homer feels he has planted false informaion about many members of the Squad." CiCi took a deep breath and decided to reveal her thoughts..."and I think someone on the high council is in on it as well."

    "Count me in," Ty-Gon added "anything is better than just sitting here...and I have nothing to loose. I want my brother out of there now...before this gets any further."

    "It will take some time, we will need to access the situation and see what orders the council has issued." Kevin jumped up from the table and took CiCi's arm and started leading her out of the bar, "We will have to talk to them one by so we don't draw any attention..."

    The three of them, followed by the droid, exited the bar. A new glimmer of hope in their darkened eyes.

  23. Idiots Array

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    Jan 3, 2000
    <<Looks like Mara cought on to the Icq # thing >>

    Telia had come to visit him earlier that morning, looking a bit tired, Jaren thought. She was obvously under a lot of stres with the hearings going on. He wanted nothing more than to hold her and feel the warmth of her breath on his neck, but the bars kept them apart, only allowing him to briefly touch her face and say a few words before the guards were hustling her away.

    She had said all the things she knew he wanted to hear: I love you, the trial is going well, you'll be out soon; but they both knew it wasn't looking good. Whoever had set him up had known exactly what he was doing.

    And now here he was in a New Republic cell. The same New Republic he had pledged to defend. After all that he had done for it's citizens, how could they actually believe that he would betray the oath he had taken?

    Cici was walking away from Homer's cell across the hallway. But the odd thing was not where she was going, but how she was walking. She walked with a renewed sense of energy that hadn't been there when she had come in. Something about her conversation with Homer had caused that change.

    Jaren looked through the bars at Homer. He was staring at the floor, lost in thought. He was up to something.

    "So Homer," Jaren said, trying to get his attention. "Did you have a nice chat with Cici?" With one finger, Jaren rubbed his upper lip, as if touching a moustache he had never had.

    Homer's eyebrows went up a bit as he caught the signal. "Yeah, she said that her punishment was that she had been dismissed. She's been kicked out of the squad." As he said the word out, Homer gave his nose a bit of a scratch.

    Jaren wasn't sure exactly what the sign meant, but 'out' was important. It could mean that Cici had some new evedence to clear Homer of the charges or that they were going to try to escape. He had to find out for sure. But how? Homer hadn't been in the squad long enough to pick up all of the hand signals and Jaren had to be careful, there were undoubtedly hidden holocams watching both of them. He also had to find a way to signal the other Talons in the adjacent cells.

    And suddenly, he knew exactly what was going on. Cici was going to talk to the General and they were going to bust everyone out of here. Jaren couldn't explain it; it was like someone was whispering in his ear. Homer had to be using the force to do this.

    Well, thought Jaren. That's one problem solved. Homer could let the other Talons in on the plan and Jaren could get to work. A New Republic commando was never without options.

    Jaren immediately began to survey his cell for anything that could be useful. The only features in the room were the refresher and sink, a bed with a thin matress, and a light fixture in the ceiling.

    He would need tools of some sort to get at the light and to get through the door lock. Maybe the dinner utencils could be of some use in that regard. In the mean time, he had to find that holocam and block its view of his cell.

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  24. Trika_Kenobi

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    Nov 4, 1999
    Trika Kenobi sat in her New Republic cell, watching the visitors, ranging from Telia to CiCi, walk in and leave. Everyone seemed to have someone to console them.
    Trika had already done everything she could to escape boredom. She had taken her one hundred or so braids out of her red hair and re-braided them all. Things were looking pretty grim.
    That's when CiCi and Homer's whole aura changed. Trika could feel it; it glowed like a beacon of light.
    Homer immediately began to tell people his idea.
    The Force-sent message alerted her. //'Sup?//
    //We need you to break us out of here.//
    Trika looked around, looking for something to aid her at the present moment. //They'd have to be either drunk or a complete moron to let a hacker near a computer. I don't even have outlets or wires of any kind in my cell.//
    Homer seemed to frown through the Force, musing on the idea.
    //But,// Trika added hopefully, //If you get me anything electronic, I can reverse the wiring in my cell and get myself a computer...//

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    Dec 24, 1999
    Darth Ash stared at his newly replaced mechanical hand. He was lucky he got away with his life. That Jedi Starkiller had taken on two Sith, and managed to get away unscathed. Even more to Ash's benefit, was that Darth Mulder did not seem to be mad over Ash's loss against Starkiller.

    "Even he couldnt defeat Starkiller. But next time I will be ready for him, and he will pay for this." Ash thought, looking at his robotic hand.

    Ash knew that Mulder was pulling strings in the New Republic, causing the Talon Squadron to be dismissed and arrested.

    "This is a prime oppertunity to strike against Illusion Squadron. And it might please Darth Mulder enough, that he might make me a Sith Lord." Ash thought.

    "You reqested for me?" a small captain aboard the Unnatural asked Darth Ash as he walked in.

    "Captain, ready me a vessel, I'm going to Malastare. I want a full Imperial attack fleet ready for my disposal when I arrive." Ash said.

    "Yes, of course Sir....but does Darth Mulder know of this?" the captain said with a shiver.

    "No, and make sure he doesnt find out about any of this until our attack on Illusion Squadron is will be a...suprise." Ash said with a wily grin.

    "Yes sir!." the captain said, and then spun around and walked out the door.

    "Before its over, Starkiller, and Even Mulder will bow before my feet." Ash thought to himself, as he placed his hand on the hilt of his lightsaber.

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