To beat the senate to the punch, the offical EUC Banner thread.

Discussion in 'EU Community' started by Wes_Janson, Oct 27, 2004.

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    Since the Senate is fianly (after a long time) getting to banner discussions, I decided a thread was in order.

    Heres the specs.

    Main banner image (foreground) - 764 x 110

    Main Background image - 764 x 110

    Curve image - 69 x 69

    Side Bar image - 32 x 465

    Left and Right adholders - 74 x 58

    Thoseare the standard sizes, though there are a few other banner formats.

    To get discussion started, what do you want in a banner ?

    And do you wnat just a single banner, or multiple ones so EUC can changed them randomly like 3SA does.

    Heres some of mine, and Im working on more. Keep in mind some are still lacking text.

    [image=] Han

    Tenel Ka




    Keep in mind, having characther banners would require having rotating banners rather than a fixed one.

    NP edit: I think we will be opening an official thread with more specific critera either here or in Comms in the near future. Please stop by and enter your banner ideas at that time./>/>
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