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Amph To Boldly Trek Where Many Geeks Have Gone Before-DS9: S&D, BtL, Favor the Bold & Sacrifice of Angels

Discussion in 'Community' started by The2ndQuest, Jun 25, 2006.

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    TNG 707: Dark Page
    -Premise: Lwaxana Troi visits the Enterprise, but she's preoccupied by a dark secret she has carried for years.

    -T2Q Comments: Mama Troi returns. Wow, terribly cheap and awul alien design (basically completely human with a fleshy mini-Lobot band) and, was that Kirsten Dunst? (yep!)

    This form of telepathy seems woefully inefficient- by that I mean needing to stare intently at the other for a long while in twice the time it would take to speak.

    I find it interesting that they'd do another episode around dream/mental imagery so soon after the Phantasms episode- though they somewhat acknowledge this in a scene with Data.

    While the Troi plot resolves, the aliens of the week stuff is left hanging again.

    For a Troi/Mama Troi episode, this one ain't bad- it's handled well, is only partially predictable, and it establishes Deanna's unknown sister (something I don't recall ever knowing about her). I don't want to say this is essential, nor do I want to say it's a Good Episode, but it's not as bad as an average episode, so, I'll give it some mercy and keep it in the Good Episode category, even though I don't expect I'll be rewatching this episode in the future more than once.

    Also worth noting that this is the only appearance of Troi's dad, and is the final appearance of Mama Troi on TNG, as well as Mama Troi'd final appearance onscreen with Deanna.

    DS9 206: Melora
    -Premise: An officer who normally lives in a low-gravity environment is temporarily assigned to the station; Dr. Bashir devises a cure that could rid her of her chair forever.

    -T2Q Comments: Though it's ultimately just an excuse to explain the presence of a normal-looking wheelchair, it is interesting that it establishes that Federation anti-grav technology is seemingly at least partially reliant on the type of construction used in the environment it is present in, and that Cardassian construction lacks some element or quality to make it compatible.

    I find it outright hilarious that they frame the shot so that they don't have to show how this alien with the silly nose-to-chin connecting face-piece is able to actually drink from the glass Quark gave him.

    "What if the first sign is the last?"
    "You people sell pieces of yourself after you die,, right?"
    "Then I'll buy one."

    Seems a little odd to give up her chance at walking based on her zero-G usefulness in a specific, isolated scenario- though, granted, she had her reservations prior to that. You'd think they'd use this character again down the road, but apparently not. Good Episode, But Not Necessarily Essential.

    Trivia: Melora Pazlar was originally going to be DS9's science officer based on the appeal of a character from a low-grav environment, but this was changed to Dax to reduce potential on-set logisitical complications. In the novels, she later serves aboard the USS TItan.

    TNG 708: Attached
    -Premise: After escaping imprisonment on an alien world, Picard and Beverly find that their thoughts are connected by brain implants.

    -T2Q Comments: I know I'm kind of a geek about this, but I'm disappointed they decided to cut off the Picard/Crusher discussion in the middle of the analogy about Australia and the global government formation and their place within the Federation- that sorta stuff could go on for a bit and still be very interesting.

    Partway through this episode I'm just really hoping there isn't some dark secret the Kess are hiding from the Federation about their relations with the Pritt- just for once it'd be nice to have the faction in question be on the level, despite cultural eccentricities and to show a broader vision of what peoples could be part of the Federation- putting to rest Picard's concerns about an ununified world being a Federation member and s
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    DS9 207: Rules of Acquisition
    -Premise: Grand Nagus Zek assigns Quark to initiate negotiations with a planet in the Gamma Quadrant, but Quark's new associate is not what he seems.

    -T2Q Comments: As you might guess from the title, this is a Ferengi-centric episode and the Nagus returns. This game of Tongo actually looks pretty fun.

    Brian Thompson! Apparently playing Shaak Ti's older brother...

    It's interesting to note that Dax's conversation with the Ferengi suggests a homosexual attraction before the is-really-a-woman notion comes up.

    First mention of The Dominion.

    The "women are just as capable as men" message is delivered rather bluntly, but, then, so is the Ferengi treatment of their women- which in of itself makes it difficult to sympathize with Quark in this scenario, not to mention it continues one of the aspects of Ferengi we'd rather not see them continue to reinterate so we could just excuse it as TNG Season 1 silliness, but, alas...

    However, it does evolve the Ferengi plotline somewhat, and the first mention of The Dominion is obviously of future significance, so I'm mixed- I think this one can go as Potentially Essential or Definitely Essential, we'll see how future references to this episode play out (so, for the Ferengi plotline we'll play it by ear ::rimshot!::), but for now I'll go with Potentially Essential, But Not Ncessarily Good

    Trivia: It was intentional to include the introductory namedrop of The Dominion into what was otherwise a comedy episode, with the idea being viewers would be tricked into thinking they weren't very important if they were being introduced in a Ferengi epiosde.

    This storyline was originally pitched as a TNG episode with Pel involved with Riker (geez, that man would date species that Kirk wouldn't touch!) and being discovered by Crusher who forms a sisterhood relationship with her. The producers, writers and director were not happy with the mixed results of the episode.

    [image=http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/memoryalpha/en/images/c/ca/Rabal_presents_the_deleterious_effects_of_warp_drive.jpg] [image=http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/memoryalpha/en/images/9/93/Warp_core%2C_Enterprise-D.jpg]
    [image=http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/memoryalpha/en/images/b/b1/Subspace_rift%2C_Force_of_Nature.jpg] [image=http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/memoryalpha/en/images/5/5a/Enterprise-D_surfing_distortion_wave.jpg]
    TNG 709: Forces of Nature
    -Premise: Investigating the disappearance of several ships, the Enterprise discovers two scientists who claim that warp drive is destructive to the fabric of subspace.

    -T2Q Comments: "Geordi- I cannot stun my cat."

    "I have not been entirely successful."

    I like that they're exploring the possibility of a negative environmental effect to the use of warp travel- it's always interesting when a technology that's taken for granted is, even if momentarily, able to come into question or become of concern- especially when we're talking about warping space.

    Interesting how the warp pulse effect resembles the warp drive effect of the TOS movies.

    I think these are new "D gets spun around" effects, which is nice given they could have reused stock footage from the previous 2 types of "slap waves".

    "...will have repercussions for years to come" i don't think this is ever brought up again so that is not an "entirely successful" prediction ;)

    I would like to know what the eventual results are to the reactions of other races mentioned here- Ferengi, Cardassians, Romulans, etc.

    Even though there is a severe disconnect between the rift plotline and the cat plotline (which I'm partially grateful for- I was dreading an overt connection/solution between the two!), I can excuse the cat stuff as what has been confirmed to be filler material for an episode that ran short.

    Good Episode, But Not Necessarily Essential. Though the production team rather disliked this one so perhaps I'm in the minority here, as I didn't find the environmental
  3. Darth_Omega Force Ghost

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    There's at least two more episodes featuring Terak Nor during Cardassian occupation.
  4. The2ndQuest Tri-Mod With a Mouth

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    TNG 710: Inheritance
    -Premise: Data meets Juliana Tainer, former wife of Dr. Noonien Soong and Data's "mother," but she holds a shocking secret that even she doesn't know she carries.

    -T2Q Comments: I know this chick playing Data's mom from somewhere..let's see here...she was in the DS9 episode "Dax" but under some makeup so that's not it...she was the mother in The Ewok Adventure, no that's not it... aha, she's Eloise Hawking on Lost!!

    ...and they are apparently using the plot of The Core for this episode. This alien dude looks like he's half Ferengi.

    Amused at the "fake" hands playing violin here. Reference to Loll from The Offspring here. Reference to three pre-Lore prototype androids...B4?. Why would the beam-down site be so far from the unit's location, especially with those pattern enhancers present? A reference to Data aging in appearance as part of his program- I think this is the first time that was mentioned. Maybe Spiner hasn't aged out of the role afterall.

    Another legacy of Soong. I think this kinda wraps up the last of Soong's story, chronologically, B4 not withstanding. And it's well acted and written- though the alien dude was pretty much unnecessary (his brief scene where he questions the ability of a machine seemed like it was going to spawn an annoying subplot, but it doesn't go anywhere thankfully); Definitely Essential.

    DS9 209: Second Sight
    -Premise: Sisko falls in love with a woman visiting the station, but she is not what she appears to be.

    -T2Q Comments: This episode takes place the day after the 4th anniversary of Wolf 359 (though the stardate apparently doesn't correspond). I'm gonna wager that that radiation gear's helmet was meant to be worn lower down the face so that you could actually see out of it.

    This chick also looks famiiar... aha! she plays Allison on Eureka. The view from an upper pylon is a nice change of pace. As much as I'm finding this episode to be dragging, I must admit this terraforming guy is very entertaining.

    We don't often get these hero shots of a non-Enterprise federation ship- like stock shots from an unaired Trek show- this is also the first appearance of the Nebula-class ship.

    The terraformer's concluding moment is quite good and a fitting conclusion to an entertaining character, but a "Forgettable" episode.

    Trivia: the technology used by this terraformer is based on the Genesis Device.

    [image=http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/memoryalpha/en/images/f/fc/WorfParallels.jpg] [image=http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/memoryalpha/en/images/8/8e/USS_Enterprise-D_convention_near_a_quantum_fissure.jpg] [image=http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/memoryalpha/en/images/b/ba/Riker_gone_mad.jpg]
    [image=http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/memoryalpha/en/images/5/5b/Wesley_Crusher_%28parallel%29.jpg] [image=http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/memoryalpha/en/images/3/38/TNG-ParallelsDisplay.jpg] [image=http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/memoryalpha/en/images/6/6c/Cardassian_helmsman%2C_Parallels.jpg]
    TNG 711: Parallels
    -Premise: After he returns from a bat'leth tournament, Worf is the only person who notices subtle changes on the Enterprise.

    -T2Q Comments: Ah, an episode I've been looking forward to for a very long time. That's actually a pretty sweet looking trophy.

    Back to this array..now I suspect it's only because they could reuse the stock footage but I do like the idea of them returning to a place visited before, as it seems too often they just move on and forget about a place, even one that is a Federation operation or installation- it brings a sense of the world to the forefront.

    Non-specific reference to the Worf/dying/spine thing, not direct enough to warrant an upgrade of that episode's ranking.

    "That would make my mother your step-mother."

    ::eyes bug out:: "I had not considered that...it is a risk I am willing to take."

    Deep Sp
  6. Zaz Jedi Grand Master

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    This one I haven't seen.
  7. The2ndQuest Tri-Mod With a Mouth

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    One other line I wanted to highlight from that episode:

    Wesley: (as Enterprises continue to cross over into the same reality) "Captain, we're receiving 285,000 hails."

  8. hansen Force Ghost

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    Parallels is probably a top five TNG episode for me. My favorite bit is how Wesley is just suddenly there without the show making a big deal about it. It's just one of many changes and doesn't get its own exposition scene.
  9. CaptainBinaca Force Ghost

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    One thing I remember from Parallels was toward the end when they are in the ready room and Wesley comes out of nowhere with some brilliant idea and Data says something like, "An excellent idea, Lieutenant." It was like a little nod to his Wunderkind past. And a nice bit of acting from Frakes when he sees Picard on the viewscreen, apparently for the first time since the Borg incedent. One of my favorite eps
  10. The2ndQuest Tri-Mod With a Mouth

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    yeah- it's interesting that this episode shows both outcomes to a Picardless BOBW resolution- one where Riker beat the Borg and one where he did not (assuming it wasn't the Lore Borg ravaging the one universe).
  11. CaptainBinaca Force Ghost

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    "THE BORG ARE EVERYWHERE!!!" It was such a quick sequence and so perfectly placed. I remember that being a true "Holy ****!" moment when it first aired. Parallels was one of the episodes I was thinking of when i sat in the theater watching Generations thinking, "They felt the need to end TNG to make that movie?

    And i always assumed that the world they were giving us a glimpse into was a BoBW loss for the Fed. The Lore-Borg as presented never felt lie much of a threat. Now there was a wasted plot concept
  12. The2ndQuest Tri-Mod With a Mouth

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    I agree that the Collective-Borg from BOTW is more likely (taking out Earth after Wolf 359 would have been an effective means of making the Federation "gone"), though I wouldn't rule out the Lore-Bog completely- Lore had motivation/desire to make the Borg specifically target the Federation, his Borg attacked extremely aggressively (which could account for them being "everywhere" in so short a timeframe) and had the transwarp conduits to use for unmolested travel (though I guess the other Borg use them too- but at this point we had only seen them using extremely fast Warp).

    As for Generations- I believe I read that they outlined/wrote both Generations and All Good Things at the same time, with the notion that one would be the finale and one would be the movie (which would explain Generations' uncharacteristicly large amount of Tv show plot elements and developments compared to the rest of the TNG films). So I don't think you can attribute the series being ended in favor of them.
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    DS9 210: Sanctuary
    -Premise: A group of refugees come through the wormhole in search of Kentanna, their fabled homeworld.

    -T2Q Comments: Having this guy play the DS9 theme is an amusing touch- but it also makes me wonder if any other Trek theme has actually been played as an in-universe piece of music?

    Is it really a good idea to beam 4 people off an unidentified ship coming through a wormhole from the other side of the galaxy right into the middle of your command center? They could have been 4 people suffering from an illness or, worse, 4 shocktroops from an unknown (or even known) race.

    Beyond the Darmok thing, it's nice to see the Universal Translator isn't all-powerful, still, their language doesn't seem to be all that exotic (nor the aliens themselves- we've gone from funny foreheads to bad acne and funny hair (CENTAURI hair, at that! Lord Refa has verds for you! And Vir will just need to borrow that for second, he'll be right back). At least the centauri have fangs and six...you know.
    [image=http://www.babylon5.ru/img/C_Refa_s3.jpg] [image=http://b5thoughts.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/vlcsnap-3675892.png] [image=http://b5thoughts.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/snapshot20091007193454.jpg]

    I recognize two of the "kids" here- one is the "WHAT THE **** IS INSIDE ME?!" guy from Alien Resurrection. So is that the universal translator at work? If so, I don't see how repeating the same phrase over and over would give it additional context to translate what they're saying- wouldn't variety be more useful?

    Dominion mentioned for a second time here, first time to the main command staff;.

    Aliens with slabs of rock on their head appear again! [face_laugh]

    Gotta love that table conversation/anointment being essentially "You wanna be our leader?" "Ok!" "Great! See ya!". Why do people always get up and walk away from the table like that in these kind of shows?

    I really hate recognizable-kid-whose-not-the-"WHAT THE **** IS INSIDE ME?!"-guy-from-Alien-Resurrection, very annoying with his forced anger and "HA!"s.

    Of course the "Planet of Sorrow" thing was a bit predictable... you know, there seems to be an obvious solution to this situation- put a limited Screean colony on Bajor to work the land they'd like to use, while the majority of the population (which would otherwise put a strain on Bajor's resources) goes to Drezdon where they can survive comfortably until the time when the Screenan colony's work results can be measured- if it looks promising, then more can come to Bajor, if not, then the Screeans can get passage to Drezdon instead of starving, etc.

    I like the down ending though, and I'm happy the annoying character(s) died, hehe. I also like that it deals with a grounded issue that would likely take place when connecting two places in space suddenly, in this case, refugee imigration. An effective-enough standalone that has echoes of things to come in the background implications; though a good episode, I'll place this one as Potentially Essential, despite the annoying character of recognizable-kid-whose-not-the-"WHAT THE **** IS INSIDE ME?!"-guy-from-Alien-Resurrection and a couple seemingly aimless plotlines (the Quark plotline never gets resolution, nor does the musician/forum plot, and the female-dominated society thing has no effect on the story).

    Trivia: the musician actor here appeared in The Trouble With Tribbles. A Bajoran minister in this episode was played by Armin Shimerman's wife and recognizable-kid-whose-not-the-"WHAT THE **** IS INSIDE ME?!"-guy-from-Alien-Resurrection is Walter Koeing's son, who also played Boner on Growing Pains and The Joker in the Batman: Dead End fan film. Apparently a detail here is that the Bajorans here clap like humans do, but in prior and later episodes, Bajorans clap palm to the back of their hand, making this episode a trivial oddity.

    DS9 211: Rivals
    -Premise: Quark fee
  14. The2ndQuest Tri-Mod With a Mouth

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    DS9 212: The Alternate
    -Premise: The Bajoran scientist who used to be Odo's teacher arrives with evidence of others of Odo's kind.

    -T2Q Comments: Continuing the subplot of Odo's origins/people. The mountains behind these ruins are pretty effective for a practical backdrop painting. For an open surface location with no weird energy or technobabble disturbances, it sure takes them a long time to beam away from there.

    It strikes me odd that, even with Dax incapacitated, Miles is the seemingly the next best in line to analyze the lifeform samples that were brought back- and then he still wishes she was awake to do so. Surely there are other science officers under Dax aboard the station?

    Though it's just a brief moment, I'm kind of glad they haven't completely forgotten about Julian's infatuation with Dax- though it's one of his more annoying traits, it shows a degree of consistency often lost with abandoned or subdued plotlines/character quirks.

    "I'm not going to try to explain what happened to you, Odo- because I haven't the vaguest idea", ah, so in other words it's the perfect Star Trek plot?

    So, the overall endpoint is a bit underwhelming- this comes across as a random excuse to turn Odo into a monster- and the artifact statue plot goes absolutely NOWHERE with NO resolution (perhaps they intended it to be a red herring, but it's not used as such very effectively), or even why it's removal caused the volcanic reaction, etc- I mean, why not combine the artifact with the shapeshifting locket from season 1? But the overall insight into his past through Dr Mora is interesting and relevant enough (combined with the "presents shapeshifters as potentially threating" and Mora's subsquent appearance later in the series) to mark as "Potentially Essential".

    Trivia: Mora was originally going to be played by Rene Auberjonois ala Brent Spiner for Data/Soong, but the time retraints for filming an episode wouldn't allow him to switch in and out of both makeups.

    [image=http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/memoryalpha/en/images/c/cd/Nikolai_Rozhenko_2370.jpg] [image=http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/memoryalpha/en/images/7/7f/Vorin.jpg]
    TNG 713: Homeward
    -Premise: Worf's adoptive brother violates the Prime Directive by saving a group of villagers from a doomed planet.

    -T2Q Comments: One of those "we'll have to let them die out because of the Prime Directive" type events, though I'm trying to remember if Worf's adopted brother has been mentioned before this. Also, they seem a bit too casual about surgically altering their appearance, especially for what would seem like a short-term mission.

    Wonder why a security team would be in charge of locating an energy drain/surge/whatever at a transfer link? shouldn't engineering crews be doing that?

    Seems like there should be a solution to this holodeck problem- wait till they are asleep again, transport them out, keep them in the buffer, reinitialize the holodeck, complete the transport back to same location, viola- solution!

    Now that I dwell on it, this plan is very much like the bad guy's plan in Insurrection to relocate a people unknowingly. This kind of concept is stuff I'd like to see in Trek more often, even if it violates the prime directive- a crew saving worlds using their technology.

    The reveal of the archdoor and corridor is done nicely- if a bit familiar from Moriarty's experiences, but minor things like the sound of the door opening can come across as ominous in such context.

    "Can I take this (the only surviving document of this peoples' history) with me?" "it's yours."... really?.

    Good Episode, But Not Neccessarily Essential

    [image=http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/memoryalpha/en/images/f/f6/Ronin.jpg] [image=http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/memoryalpha/en/images/a/a0/Camellias.jpg] [image=http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/memoryalpha/en/images/d/db/Ronin%27s_reflection.jpg] [image=http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/
  15. Zaz Jedi Grand Master

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    I remember Worf's adoptive parents, who are Russian, right? but not this episode.

  16. The2ndQuest Tri-Mod With a Mouth

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    Correct- we met his parents in an episode or two previously (most notably the post-Borg "Family" episode).
  17. The2ndQuest Tri-Mod With a Mouth

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    In a sad coincidence of having just viewed that episode the other week, Andrew Koenig has passed away. :(
  18. The2ndQuest Tri-Mod With a Mouth

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    Damn, I thought I already posted the next update. Guess that means it's time for a special double-sized catch-me-update!

    DS9 213: Armageddon Game
    -Premise: O'Brien and Bashir help to rid two races of their biological weapons, however both governments want to make sure no technical knowledge of the weapons can survive.

    -T2Q Comments: Oh god- that hair. One thing thats kind of both a detriment and unqiue element to Trek is that he Trek universe has a vast number of alien races- too many to keep track of/recount, even if the vast majority of them are human offshoots/funny nose/forehead human variants. That variety is unique and interesting to a degree but also limits the development of those races within the series and, in effect, limits the impact of their actions, accomplishments and role within a story- in this case, imagine if we had seen these two warring races come to peace in an earlier episode, or had seen what these weapons had done in a previous episode, and how that could have enhanced the "we're getting rid of them finally" moment in this episode's teaser?.

    Beyond that thought, here about halfway through and this has been a pretty tight episode- believable faked death and the reactions therein, Miles and Julian on the run (of sorts). The only flaw to these folks' plan is that, beyond Julian and Miles, the Federation has the knowledge and ability to create weapons as terrible as these harvesters, if not worse, so killing Julian and Miles wouldn't achieve anything. It'd be like killing the only two people who knew how to make an A-bomb, who happen to work for people who can make H-bombs.

    The Ganges is destroyed here.

    I like the ending alot, ha. A little disappointed that the on-the-run element wasn't maintained (the script was apparently altered after it was determined a multi-location chase story would be too expensive, so it was turned into a "one-set chase story"), but I rather liked this one a lot, and it kinda begins the Miles/Bashir relationship, but it's not exactly central to a plotline so I'll stick with (really) "Good Episode, But Not Necessarily Essential".

    TNG 715: Lower Decks
    -Premise: Junior officers speculate on the reasons for recent unusual actions taken by the command crew near the Cardassian border.

    -T2Q Comments: I like the lower-rank perspective and how we only get pieces of events lacking briefing room context. Though part of me would have liked the focus to be of non-Bridge personnel (truly "lower decks", as opposed to here where it's really "upper deck background players"- but I suppose that'd be too "A View From the Gallery" ;)).

    I forgot Jaxa was in The First Duty. Geordi asks for a 4 second burst from the phaser rifle, yet after the Vulcan moves and they have their conversation, he only gives the shuttle a quick shot. The double-poker table sequence is quite good, like the cuts back and forth.

    There's really not much to say- this is a great episode, part of me wishes she'd show up alive in a DS9 episode or something but that might detract from the impact of this episode's ending. But I always say how much I love the more grounded material in Trek episodes, and this certainly qualifies.

    As a sequel to The First Duty, of sorts, and overall quality, I'll go with "Definitely Essential".

    Trivia: Barclay was briefly considered to be among the characters but was dismissed for being too well-known. Had the series continued, Taurik would have been a recurring character (though he does appear as another Vulcan on Voyager down the road). Jaxa's death was originally more ambigous, and, in fact, an unproduced DS9 script was written that would find Jaxa in a Cardassian prison (ha, great minds...), though it would end up being the basis for the episode "Hard Time"- Moore said that they talked about it for quite awhile but ultimately decided that it would rob Lowe
  19. Zaz Jedi Grand Master

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    I like the DS9 episodes far better than the ST:ANG ones.
  20. The2ndQuest Tri-Mod With a Mouth

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    On another note, while cleaning out the basement in search of items damaged from flooding, I came across this little craft project:


    Must have made that in middleschool or cub scouts. Haven't seen it since then, that's for sure. Just a strange coincidence that it would reemerge now, with me half a season from finishing my first viewing of TNG since it's original airing (especially since I probably made this while roughly in the same place of the 7th season!).
  21. Zaz Jedi Grand Master

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    Didn't Patrick Stewart go to some restaurant in Italy where they served him with a replica of the Enterprise (I forget what it was carved out of)?
  22. The2ndQuest Tri-Mod With a Mouth

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    I hadn't heard that.

    DS9 216: Shadowplay
    -Premise: At a colony in the Gamma Quadrant, Dax and Odo investigate the mysterious disappearance of several colonists.

    -T2Q Comments: So this particle field interferes with sensor readings/energies and tricorder functions- but beaming down is perfectly safe?

    Odo's "If we were guilty we wouldn't even be here ight now. I'll prove it- computer, one to beam up." moment is great. How can this guy be so surprised at Odo's aforementioned beaming, yet casually go on to say scanning for transporter energies was the first thing he tried when the dissapearances began?

    Some subtle elements on the existence of Changelings in the Gamma Quadrant. Still some of the other lines don't seem terribly consistent with this being set in the Gamma Quadant- the people here are obviously not indigneous, or at least they're aware of the greater galaxy at large, as transporters, tricorders, stations, ships etc is not a foreign concept (ie: no prime directive issues here), which would, as the suggestions of Changeling myths implies, include aliens, which tend to be human-offshoots as these people are.

    So it's unlikely a child raised in that envirionment would ask "what happened to your face" when the majority of offworlders they've likely encountered would be human variants with something different about their face. Also, these people are seemingly entirely human, which would again be something odd to find on the otherside of the wormhole- certainly something less common than on the Alpha Quadrant side.

    This little girl is a pretty good kid actor.

    Headbands were still awesome when this was made. The romance story is cheesy in any decade.

    Figured he'd be real.

    Dominion name drop again, though this time implied to be potentially sinister.

    Anyone ever done a mashup of the Odo/top moment and the Michael Jackson "Do You Remember the Time" music video? [face_laugh]

    Overall, a very good episode that has a strong connection between it's various plots thematicly, with the Kira and Quark stuff tying together solidly, though the Bashir spying to practice Garek's techniques thing doesn't really go anywhere- I half expected to see him tailing Quark awkwardly.

    Some semi-important character points here, and the overall quality and small connection to The Dominion I think make this one at least Potentially Essential, but I wouldn't mind rewatching this one anyways so I'll give it an upgrade to Definitely Essential on my personal list.

    [image=http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20070607083311/memoryalpha/en/images/6/60/Plasma_stream.jpg] [image=http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080412011305/memoryalpha/en/images/f/f6/Galaxy_class_nacelle_tube_%28interior%29.jpg]
    TNG 718: Eye of the Beholder
    -Premise: Counselor Troi's investigation into the suicide of a crewman suggests a murder was committed aboard the Enterprise while it was being built, and that the murderer is still aboard.

    -T2Q Comments: This is a part of the ship we haven't seen before- the interior of the nacelles. Can't help but think that they should have been able to beam him out of there- lock onto his communicator, etc.

    Another mention of permission to exceed warp speed limitations here. Some steps in the Deanna/Worf relationship.

    I like that they use Troi for the investigation here- her abilities making her well suited to interviews and inquiries since she can sense one's truthfullness.

    Ok, more than just some steps in the Deanna/Worf relationship, ha!

    The interior of the nacelle doesn't seem t be long enough- I wonder if there are multiple chambers like this one, end-to-end? Yeah, though kinda predictable, the skeleton in the wall is kinda creepy.

    Hmm, so two steps forward, one step back with Troi/Worf?

    Good Episode, perhaps Potentially Essential since it evolves TroiWorf partially. Blended together, I'll give it a Definitely Essential classification, though your mileage may
  23. Zaz Jedi Grand Master

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    I'm pretty certain I've seen "Eye of the Beholder" but that's the only one I've seen, I think. I liked Whorf/Troi; but then he's one of my favorite characters.
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    Eye of the Beholder was the one episode from the final season that I didn't see during the original run in '94. After seeing it on DVD, it just depressed me more that they dropped the Worf/Troi relationship in the films. I don't know if it was actor's chemistry or what, but they were always more enjoyable to watch than Riker/Troi. I've gone on ad nauseum about why I think the TNG movies went off the rails, but this was one of the big ones for me. Never saw the DS9 episodes, but I pretty much skipped the first 2 seasons until my friends told me how much better it was getting.
  25. The2ndQuest Tri-Mod With a Mouth

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    TNG 719: Genesis
    -Premise: Enterprise crew members de-evolve into prehistoric creatures after a medical treatment by Dr. Crusher goes wrong.

    -T2Q Comments: Barclay! Horray!

    Did the nurse ever strike anyone else as being too happy all the time? She's so smiley.

    Tactical and weapon system upgrades- wonder if these ever factor in elsewhere. Couple new shots here (or, at least ones that haven't been used much at all to my recollection)- close up of the torpedos firing and a later shot of the upper hull as the shuttle departs.

    I'm remembering some of these scenes but strangely enough the plot isn't coming to mind. Troi on bridge watch for first time since promotion. The Enterprise really went to hell in only 2 days time.

    The Deanna-Frog...I'm not sure what to make of it- it's kinda creepy, really, the way she's acting, but also kinda silly...I can't tell which way the pendulum ultimately swings on this one.

    Interesting that the conversation initially centers around the development of life on Earth, given certain scenes in All Good Things.

    I do remember Spider-Barclay. "He transformed into a spider and now he has a disease named after him." I think that line sums up the episode pretty damn well! [face_laugh]

    Despite Barclay's presence, I'm gonna go ahead and say this is not essential- I kinda liked it, but I also tend to hate these kinds of stories (the unrealistic timeframe used to mutate and restore people (and the lack of residual effects) being one of many reasons), even the early Stargate episode with a similar premise.

    We'll go with Average, though there is a nostalgic factor here and the thought of a proto-Klingon is scary. A rare "with Barclay" misfire.

    Trivia: Only episode directed by Gates McFadden and the first episode to be directed by a female cast member (though a 1994 earthquake caused delays that prevented her from making her own cut of the episode. Final appearance of Barclay on TNG. Amusing little coincidence back in season 6's Realm of Fear, where Barclay mentioned that he "never minded spiders".

    DS9 218: Profit And Loss
    -Premise: Quark is reunited with his lost Cardassian love, but he learns that she is a member of the Cardassian underground.

    -T2Q Comments: Garek!

    It's always kinda weird when the extras don't react to the conversations taking place across the bar between Quark and Odo...

    The "fashion trends" discussion is great- though it could also be referred to as the "nothing but subtext" scene.

    Great delivery:
    "I thought you were a man of honor."
    "I'm a Ferengi, you should have known better"

    There's a bit of a Casablanca vibe to the scene between her and Quark in her quarters...

    By this point in the show, Sisko has got his "Do Not Frack With Me" voice down.

    "the station's security chief is a shapeshifter- you can never be too careful."

    "It hurts?"
    "Ohhh- she wants to know if it hurts. Of course it hurts, it's supposed to hurt- it's a phaser!"

    (thinking he's about to die) "I'll keep that in mind!"

    Great episode- Definitely Essential (even if there seemingly isn't any direct follow-up to Lang).

    Trivia: the Casablanca parallels were intentional- the original title was "Here's Lookin' At You...", but the title and some of the more obvious references had to be removed under threat of legal action. The actors were undergoing makeup when the earthquake of 94 hit, resulting in most of the actors leaving directly for their cars to check on family members without removing the makeup applications.

    [image=http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20070423190648/memoryalpha/en/images/7/75/Anthwara.jpg] [image=http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080408153515/memoryalpha/en/images/a/af/The_Traveler%2C_Journeys_End.jpg] [image=http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080517235014/memoryalpha/en/images/1/19/Ev