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To lose ones faith (JA/ Obi-torture,Qui-Angst, Dark Qui) Chapter 10 *Updated 11/22* Plus **Bonus**

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by FELICIA_ZEZILI, Sep 23, 2001.

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  1. Ginger_Jedi

    Ginger_Jedi Jedi Knight star 6

    Jun 4, 2001
    Cool post with a nice lil cliffy! :D Looking forward to the next post!! :)
  2. Jenny_The_Jedi_Girl

    Jenny_The_Jedi_Girl Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 16, 2001
    hey good story so far i hope the guy that attacked obiwan wasn't quigon?

    more more more soon soon soon

    FELICIA_ZEZILI Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 5, 2001
    I added another part to the last post its not alot but I thought it would look better there then in the next.
  4. Knight_Obi

    Knight_Obi Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 24, 2001
    More soon Felicia??? yes yes?? <giving puppy eyes> Is it working??? :)


    FELICIA_ZEZILI Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 5, 2001
    Who can say no to puppy dog eyes? All right I'll give you guys another post but your gonna have to wait until later tonight.

  6. Obi_Wanna_Cracker

    Obi_Wanna_Cracker Jedi Youngling

    Sep 15, 2001
    :) I'm delurking here.


    FELICIA_ZEZILI Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 5, 2001

    Qui-Gon ran out of the room. It was a setup. He should have known! He rebuked himself for not seeing it earlier and letting this happen to his Padawan. The anger he was feeling was burning inside him. No stop it. He told himself. If he was going to find his Padawan he had to be calm.

    He ran down the hall and came to the meeting room where he had been only a half hour ago. He burst through the doors. The room was empty when he entered but he heard a noise coming from the back room in the far corner. Qui-Gon walked over to the door it was half open and he could hear a voice. He stood by the door and listened to the conversation.

    ?I delivered the boy to you now I want you to keep your end of the deal. You promised us an army so we can make the supporters of the Monarchy that oppressed us for all those years pay.? It was Evzen and it was quite clear who the boy he was talking about was. Qui-Gon?s anger began to rise again but he quickly pushed it down and opened the door.

    Evzen jumped when the door suddenly opened and a look of pure terror came over his face when he saw Qui-Gon. Evzen turned off the com-link he was talking on and dropped it. He slowly began to take a few steps back wanting to put as much distance between him and the Jedi a possible.

    ?What have you done with my Padawan?? Qui-Gon demanded. Evzen just stared at him for a minute terror paralyzing him.

    ?I?I have no idea w?what you are talking about.? Evzen stuttered. Qui-Gon took a step closer. Evzen fearing the worst came clean. ?He took him!?

    ?Whose is ?he??? Qui-Gon asked. Evzen fell silent again. Qui-Gon took another step.

    ?The Sith! He said he would provide us with an army if we lure the two of you here so he could take Obi-Wan.?

    ?Where did he take him?? Qui-Gon asked urgently.

    ?I don?t know.? Evzen said. Qui-Gon to another step, ?I swear I don?t know!? Evzen said. Qui-Gon left the room and quickly went to make plans to lave as soon as possible.

    He had taken first transport he found, that was heading to Coruscant. He called head to the Jedi council telling them that the mission had been a set up and that Obi-Wan had been taken by a sith. The Council was shaken by this news. It was thought that the Sith were all wiped out. They assumed that qui-Gon had been mistaken when he called the man who took Obi-Wan a Sith. Qui-Gon himself hoped that he was wrong.


    Obi-Wan?s vision was blurry as he opened his eyes. He was in a small room lying on a bed. There was one window a good couple meters above him and there were iron bars over it. Over in the corner there was a door with a small window that also had bars over it. He tried to bring his hand to his face but found he could only lift his hands a few inches. Looking down he saw that his wrist and ankles were strapped down. Where the hell am I. He thought to himself. He tried to access the force but it evaded him. He began to panic. What was going on? Why couldn?t he use the force?

    The door opened and a figure walked in. He stood by Obi-Wan?s bed. He was looked to almost as tall as Qui-Gon with dark short hair and clean-shaven face.

    ?Hello Obi-Wan.? The man said.

    ?How do you know my name?? Obi-Wan asked. He could feel the waves of darkness coming from the man.

    ?I know a lot about you. I know that you are one of the most remarkable students in the temple and one of the greatest Jedi of your generation.? The man said.

    ?Who are you what do you want with me?? Obi-Wan asked still trying to use the force.

    ?I Am Darth Demogorgon and I have an offer for you Obi-Wan Kenobi. Join me and become my apprentice. Learn the true nature of the force.? Demogorgon said.

    ?I?d die before I?d turn.? Obi-Wan said with fierce determination. Demogorgon nodded.

    ?That is a very tempting offer but why simply kill you when psychological torment can be so much more effective.? He said with an evil grin. ?You see Obi-Wan right now you are on the planet Klaus in the Oles Mental institution. This place should have been shut down years
  8. Enigma_Jade

    Enigma_Jade Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 4, 2001
    HEHE! Yay, there's another good one! Sorry I haven't posted before, I just found this--and am I glad that I did! ;) This rocks! Keep up the good work!

    Post more soon!

  9. Ginger_Ninja

    Ginger_Ninja Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 13, 2001
    Oooohhhhhhh!!!! I NEED another post Felicia!!! Way cool! :D

    Ginger Ninja is here!! :p
  10. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    Hmm, very nice appetizer, now where's the first course?
  11. Kaylla_Norn_II

    Kaylla_Norn_II Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 4, 2001
    <munch> <munch> more please!
  12. Obi_Wanna_Cracker

    Obi_Wanna_Cracker Jedi Youngling

    Sep 15, 2001
    murmers: ...I will not beg, I will not beg...I will not, okay, I will.

    PLEEEEASE!! More!!!!UP

  13. KenobisGirl

    KenobisGirl Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 10, 2001
    Eeeeeek! Obi, don't turn! Wait, on second thought, doesn't Obi look great in black leather? ;)

    More soon please! :D

    FELICIA_ZEZILI Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 5, 2001
    I think he looks good in anything! Anyway the next post is tommarow for some reason I do my best writing during school, in history class.
  15. Maija Darklighter

    Maija Darklighter Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 3, 2000
    A mental instuition?

    LOL A good place for Obi...

    Boy am I sick

    FELICIA_ZEZILI Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 5, 2001
    A first course huh? Well how about tonight's special.

    Chapter 3

    They were strapping him on to the table. Two electros were placed at his temples to monitor his brain activity and one on his chest to monitor his heart rate.

    Obi-Wan had been going threw this type of ?treatment??as they called it, for the past week. Yesterday they had placed him in a tub filled to the top with ice and had left him in there for 10 hours. Once they had finally taken him out of the tub, his body was so numb and he had been biting down on his bottom lip so hard that blood began to trickle down his chin.

    A bolt of electricity ran threw him making his body lift off the table a few centimeters.

    ?Turn up the voltage.? Obi-Wan heard a voice say.

    They had also been giving him high doses of a certain drug called Xenos65. Obi-Wan had heard two doctors talking about it. Saying that the drug was used as a hallucinogen and was still in the teats stage. Apparently he was the guinea pig they would be experimenting with. When they had first started giving him the drug it brought back memories of his years as an initiate. How when a master would ever come to the temple to choose a Padawan that they would always choose someone else. It seemed so real all the emotions came rushing back. Disappointment, fear, anger.

    Another bolt ran threw his body. He closed his eyes for a moment.

    ?Turn up the voltage again.? The nurse nodded then adjusted the voltage. A few seconds later a bolt of electricity ran threw him causing his body to convulse.

    ?All right take him back to his room and give him another dose of Xenos65. We will begin again tomorrow.?

    ?Yeas Doctor.? The nurse said.

    Obi-Wan was wheeled back to his room and strapped into the bed. Before she left the nurse injected another dose of Xenos65 into Obi-Wan?s arm. Sleep came over him as the drug began to run threw his body.


    Master Nicia Veda walked out of the Jedi council chambers. She had just finished updating the council on their search for Obi-Wan. Kenobi. She walked own the halls of the Temple deep in thought.

    Records showed that a ship that Evzen said belonged to the Sith took off around 12:13. The Jedi had asked that the surrounding planets keep an eye out and earlier this morning Nicia had gotten a message that a ship matching the description had stopped to refuel on Elek.

    Nicia stopped at a door and knocked after a few minutes the door opened and Qui-Gon stood in the doorway. Nicia had known Qui-Gon when they were younger and still going threw training. They had never been close friends more like acquaintances but her heat went out to him. She too had lost a Padawan about two years ago during a mission. Once she had located her apprentice it was to late. Nicia hoped that it would not be the same for Qui-Gon.

    ?Nicia have you any news.? The council had ordered Qui-Gon to not get involved with the search saying he was still suffering from the lose of Tahl and was emotionally unstable.

    ?Yes. I got word this morning that a ship matching the description of the Sith?s ship stopped at Elek to refuel. Me, Adi Gallia and Siri are going to head up there to investigate.? Nicia explained.

    ?Nicia let me come with you?? Qui-Gon requested.

    ?Qui-Gon the council wants you to stay here I can?t??

    ?Nicia please.? Qui-Gon pleaded, ?I can?t lose him too.? Nicia was silent for a few moments. He cared so much for this boy.

    ?Qui-Gon I can?t go against the council?s wishes. I?m sorry but they are right. I see no good coming if you come with us.? Nicia stated in a strong voice that left room fro no argument.

    ?Fine if you won?t help me I?ll go myself.? Qui-Gon said and began to walk down the hall.

    ?Qui-Gon where are you going?? Nicia called after him.

    ?To find my Padawan.? He responded.

    ?Oh force, I got a bad feeling about this.? Nicia muttered to herself and went off to find Adi.

    To be continued?
  17. Jenn-Kenobi

    Jenn-Kenobi Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 3, 2001
    hum... where is the salt for the meal?

    How much does this sith know about Obi?

    Good work!

    FELICIA_ZEZILI Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 5, 2001
    All right here is the second part of chapter 3 enjoy

    Obi-Wan was back on Melida/Daan. To one side were the Young. To the other side the Elders. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Cerasi running. Obi-Wan knew what was coming. He tried to move but his legs refused to work.

    ?No!? Cerasi cried out. ?This cannot happen!? She reached the center between the two feuding parties. Obi-Wan watched in horror as a bolt of pure energy ripped threw her chest.

    ?No!? The scream torn from his throat, He dropped to his knees chanting over and over. ?It?s not real?It?s not real.? But then why did it hurt so much to see Cerasi die a second time. Why was all the guilt he felt when she had first died come back? Just when he thought he could take no more, the world around him became distorted and the next thing he knew he was outside a star ship. Qui-Gon stood a few meters from him.

    ?You can go with me now, or stay. Know that if you stay, you are no longer a Jedi.? He heard Qui-Gon?s words echo in his memory. Then he watched as he involuntarily gave his lightsaber to Qui-Gon. The Hurt and betrayal that was in his Masters eyes ripped threw Obi-Wan?s heart. How could he have hurt Qui-Gon like this? He didn?t deserve to be Qui-Gon?s Padawan. Suddenly everything went black. Obi-Wan looked around he could see nothing but a black void. He then felt a presence behind him. Obi-Wan quickly turned and was face-to-face with a tall Dark cloaked man. Obi-Wan could not see his face but felt as if he knew whom the man was. A green blade of a lightsaber shot from the man?s hand. The Man thrust the deadly blade towards Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan was then thrown from his dream back to reality?


    Liliana Licata stood over the sleeping form of patient 45-676. She checked the monitors and his IV. She looked down at the boy taking in his features. There was something different about this kid but she couldn?t figure out what it was.

    She sighed and went back to her work. Of all the force forsaken places?She thought to herself. I had to end up here. She had first come to work at Oles four years ago because she needed the money. Everything was fine at first then she began to notice certain things. Patients were given medications that weren?t even cleared yet and the death rate was way to high. When she started looking into these matters, her superior Doctor Cioffi had told her to mind her own business or she would regret it. Liliana had thought of quitting but was told if she left and told anyone what was going on at Oles Mental Institution. She would never be able to get a job in the medical profession ob any civilized planet again and at the present moment her finical situation didn?t leave quitting her job an option. Oh what she wouldn?t give to get out of here.

    Obi-Wan slowly opened his eyes and looked around. The room was well light and the beeping from machines was heard. Standing at the side of his bed checking the machines that monitored his heart rate, a dark skinned woman of average height.

    He was unable to move. So Obi-Wan concentrated with all his might. Slowly his hand began to move. Beads of sweat began to form on his brow. With every once of strength he could muster, Obi-Wan flung his hand toward the woman and grabbed her white coat.


    Liliana jumped back because of the sudden movement from the patient in the bed she was standing next to. How did he do that? He shouldn?t be able to move. This boy must have one strong will.

    The boy had a death grip on her coat. She looked into his blue/green eyes that seemed to be pleading with her. She managed to pry his hand off her coat and get out a pen. She placed the pen in his hand and set her clipboard under the pen. Slowly the boy began to write. Once he was done Liliana looked down at the board.

    ?Help me.? She read out load. She looked back at the boy. All her medical trainin
  19. ewen

    ewen Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 11, 2001
    So many wonderful posts with just awesome Obi torture.PEACE Ewen
  20. Jenn-Kenobi

    Jenn-Kenobi Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 3, 2001
    whoa... for the love of the Jedi, have Obi get help and fast!

    FELICIA_ZEZILI Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 5, 2001
    Sorry guys no post tonight I got alot of homework and stuff but tommorow I should have something up.

  22. Obi_Wanna_Cracker

    Obi_Wanna_Cracker Jedi Youngling

    Sep 15, 2001
    You are forgiven. But tomorrow, ple-e-e-ase.. <big sad puppy dog eyes>

    FELICIA_ZEZILI Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 5, 2001
    Hey Did any one read the summary for Jedi Quest on I wasn't thinking of getting the book cause I got a dislike for Anakin but now I'm kinda interested

    Anyway here is another post :D

    Chapter 4

    Nicia sat in the cockpit of the Anala, in the co-pilots seat sat Adi Gallia and behind them her apprentice Siri. Nicia glanced over at Adi. The Council member was anything but happy. Qui-Gon had deliberately disobeyed the council?s wishes. Of course it was not the first time and probably not the last.

    ?Do you think he is headed for Klaus?? Nicia asked trying to break the uneasy silence.

    ?If he got the same information we did.? Adi said calmly. Qui-Gon was at most a day ahead of them. After extensive questioning of witnesses, Nicia and Adi had come to the conclusion that the Sith was heading to Klaus. Neither Jedi have ever heard of the planet.

    Adi?s com-link buzzed. She took it from her belt and answered the call.


    ?Adi, its Mace. The council just received a transmission from Klaus. A woman who works in the Oles Mental Institution says that Obi-Wan has been held there for the past week. ? Mace informed her.

    ?Who was the woman?? Nicia asked.

    ? She didn?t want to give her name. I told her that you would contact her the minute you reached Klaus.?

    ?All right.? Adi said then cut the communication.

    ?Finally we are getting somewhere.? Nicia said relieved that they now knew where to find the boy, but still something in the back of her mind was bothering her.


    Qui-Gon stepped of his transport and immediately went to an air taxi and ordered the driver to take him to Oles Mental institution. Qui-Gon had gone start to Elek after leaving the temple and He had sought out information, rather forcefully until he got the answers he wanted.

    Once he was on his way to Klaus, Qui-Gon had contacted all his informants on that planet. Qui-Gon had been to Klaus once many years ago when Xanatos was still his Padawan. After a half hour one of his informants contacted him and said that witness had seen some one fitting Obi-Wan?s description being wheeled into a mental institution. Qui-Gon?s anger rose again when he heard this. He swore if anything happened to Obi-Wan, everyone responsible would pay.

    It was late into the night or extremely early in the morning, whichever way you wanted to look at it. There was hardly anyone awake. Liliana walked casually down the halls as though she were only making her rounds. She turned the corner, stopped and looked down the hall to make sure no one saw her. She then quickly went into the room.

    ?Did you contact the council?? Obi-Wan asked the second Liliana was in the room and closed the door behind her.

    ?Yes I talked to a Master Mace Windu. Do you know him??

    ?Yes I know him.?

    ?All right he said that they sent a team and that they would be arriving in two hours or so.? Liliana explained.

    ?How am I going to get out of here without being noticed?? Obi-Wan asked. Liliana smiled and pulled out a needle filled with a clear liquid.

    ?I have got that all planned out.? She said, ? This is Midi34. It will make you appear to be dead, even the machines will be fooled. When it will actually be more of an extremely deep sleep.? She looked at the needle and tapped it a few times. ? Then once the doctors confirm you dead they will take you down to the morgue. Once the Jedi come I?ll take them to you and then give you the antidote and then you guys can head out the basement exit.?

    ?You have this pretty planned out.? Obi-Wan commented. Liliana nodded in agreement.

    ?All right Obi-Wan I just need you to sit back, relax and I?ll see you in a few hours.? Liliana injected the drug into Obi-Wan.

    Within seconds the drug kicked in and Obi-Wan?s breathing slowed. The machines that monitored his heart rate began to beep more urgently. Lil
  24. TheSwedishJedi

    TheSwedishJedi Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 15, 2001
    One thing's for sure. Qui's not going to be happy when he hears Obi's 'dead'. Then he's going to get all mad and angry and we know what that does to a Jedi. I'd yell at him but this is too good.
    Can't wait for more. You get your inspiration in history? Funny, mine's in stat's class. :p

    ~Swede :)
  25. Abbi_Cee

    Abbi_Cee Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 3, 2000
    Finally sat down to read.

    Uh oh. I foresee a little Romeo and Juliet misunderstanding here. Qui-Gon is definitely not going to be happy if he thinks Obi is dead.
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