Before - Legends To Spare His Heart. Angst* MUSH. Qui & Obi. **Ch. 7* updated 0516. Mush - party and all's well!

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    Author thanks all who read and responded, and those who lurked and enjoyed.

    Gkilkenny: So glad you liked it.

    Kenobiwanobi: This was a beutifully happy ending to another flawlessly perfect post...amazing job, I really enjoyed this thank you!!!~ Thank you very much.

    Maychorian: Good luck on your finals!

    UltimateObi-wan_987: I'm so glad that those two actually decided to TALK to eachother instead of making incorrect assumptions - just goes to show you how dangerous assumptions can be, it almost ruined one of the best Jedi teams! Hmmm, should I be taking notes??? (Um, should you?)
    Thanks for writing this story, it certainly is one I won't soon forget! Thank you so much for reading.

    VaderLVR64: At last! Vadey sighs happily?aw, that?s a very sweet comment.

    Veloz: Very great job with these characters, and this was such a fantastic and touching story .. tnx a lot for sharing it!Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.

    Dianethx: That was really sweet. I loved that the Force was telling him to open up his heart or lose Obi-Wan forever. Both stubborn, indeed. In many ways, they are too much alike... Yes, despite the differences, they are much alike.

    LuvEwan: Any compliments from you, Dianethx, VaderLVR64 and Maychorian delight me as you are all such wonderful writers yourselves.

    -sithspawn - Blissfully mushy, light and airy ending... A beautiful conclusion to an amazing story. Thanks, for some reason, this ending always brings a huge smile to my face, rather than tears. It?s like I now know everything is fine ? the proverbial happy ending and no future heartache.

    Opal: you're writing is beautiful. I look forward to reading more from you. Thank you!

    Layren: Happy sigh I hope this week is better for you.

    Fifilla: Yes, they?re happy and so are we readers.[face_dancing]

    LilQui-Gon: Glad you read and enjoyed it. Thank you.
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    Aaaaawwwwww, it's nice to see them back together. :D
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    Yay for happy endings! Great job valairy_scot =D= ...

    Very heartwarming and beautifully written...Loved the ending. It was perfect.

    And in the hallway outside, a very relieved Jedi master sighed, and hobbled away, a satisfied smile on his face, as thoughts echoed behind him...

    ?My master.?

    ?Padawan, mine.?
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    beewtiful! *sniff* that was some well applied (and deserved!) mush for all. a great story, thank you!
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