To The People Of The JC: Help Needed

Discussion in 'Big Brother House' started by Detective_Noel_Cesar, Jul 27, 2002.

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    Dear people of the JC,

    Will you be my Watson?

    A vicious crime has been committed, and the killer still runs free.

    To help me with my investigation, and eventually point The Accusing Finger yourself, you can PM me your questions. I will make sure your question will be answered by the relevant person.

    No more than one question per person, please.

    And remember to put yourself in the killer's place. Like I do. It's the best way to ascertain the facts of the matter.

    With best regards,

    Noel Cesar
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    Thank you for your questions.

    Steve Anderson: I'm curious about one small detail. This injury you've got: Does it require a cane for you to be able to walk or is it simply a precaution?

    He needs a cane. Or he'll fall.

    Fast Eddie: Why did you go immediatly to Noel upon finding epic? Surely, after a night of drinking like a fish, you don't expect me to believe that you actually remembered that he was a detective when he had only mentioned it once to you the night before.

    His criminal friends told him a few things about me, though "he has put his past behind him". He revealed that during the interrogation.

    Brooke Stone: Was Brandon the child of Jeff or had you been sleeping around? *braces for slap*

    She says it's Jeff. But he sure looks like a young epic.

    Crystal Othata: So, you dumped your boyfriend to dance with epic at the prom? Who was that boyfriend? Anyone we know? (That is not two questions. It just sounds that way. It's two sides to one question. Sounds cool. Just answer the darn question!)

    It was Steve.

    Quentin Quadratic: Did you come to the reunion purposly to frame Eddie?


    Holly Wood: The note that urges someone to confess: Was it actually written to epic?

    It was meant for Crystal. Holly is sure Crystal has killed epic, and wanted to threaten her into confessing.

    Melody Entropy: Have you deduced who's voice was whispering "I know who" in your dreams?

    It was her own voice.

    Theresa MacNamera: Tell me, those pills that you took at the hospital, was anyone besides the hospital supplying you with those after you left the hospital?

    She says this is irrelevant to the investigation. Sorry.

    Noel Cesar: Why do you continue to confide in Eddie seeing as how you appear to despise him?

    I need to keep an eye on him.

    Torrance Northcote: Where exactly did you see that handkerchief that Noel gave you before?

    It's her own.

    Hypothetically of course, what would Steve_Anderson gain by epic's death?

    He didn't understand the question. I couldn't reach him, so to speak. But I think Steve didn't like epic being Number One all the time.
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    You can now vote.

    Get your vote in before 5:30 pm board time.
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