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TODAY IS THE DAY! Anyone care to share their own plan of attack?

Discussion in 'Literature' started by ShinagamiWing, Oct 29, 2001.

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  1. ShinagamiWing

    ShinagamiWing Jedi Youngling star 4

    Oct 21, 2001
    Well, here we are. Just a matter of hours before Star by Star officially hits shelves. Soon I'll be in line at my local Wal-Mart, clutching the text version of one of the best Star Wars stories I know in my own greedly little mits. But what about you? What are you going to do? Where will you go for it and what do you expect? Will they be sold out?! One would hope not! Hopes? Thoughts? Fears? Tell them to me, at least, I want to know!
  2. AdmiralZaarin

    AdmiralZaarin Jedi Knight star 5

    Jul 8, 2001
    I won't be getting it for ages. You see, I'm not up to it yet :p
  3. Boutros-Boutros

    Boutros-Boutros Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 5, 2001
    I plan to wake up shortly before sunrise, get my bike out, find an ATM and get enough cash for both Star by Star and Civilization 3. Then I will ride 10 miles across town in 5 degree Fairenheit weather over icy roads and bike paths to the Waldenbooks and Gamestop, Buy the aforementioned items, then ride back and read for a few hours before my first class of the day.(3:30 PM) It is *really* going to suck, but it will all be worth it when I start reading (or playing Civ. 3). I just hope it isn't too windy and I don't get frostbite.

    Ah, to live in Fairbanks with no car.
  4. DarthIshtar

    DarthIshtar Jedi Grand Master star 9

    Mar 26, 2001
    First, I'm going to go to the BYU Bookstore because when Rebirth came out, they actually had 5 copies on the first day and I got the last one. Then, I'll either start reading, holed up in the reading nook of our floor lounge or take the bus over to the University Mall to find it at B. Dalton. If it's not there, I'll go over to the Waldenbooks at the Towne Centre Mall. I love having my first class at 4 on tuesdays.
  5. ShinagamiWing

    ShinagamiWing Jedi Youngling star 4

    Oct 21, 2001
    Lunky DarthIshtar! I've got to wait until this afternoon to do a thing and pray they have some in!
  6. RingoJuna

    RingoJuna Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jan 18, 2001
    I'll crawl out of bed at around 4 in the afternoon, put a load of laundry in the washer, then head out in search of SbS.
  7. jastermereel

    jastermereel Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 19, 1998
    i'm going to get out of bed...have stuff and then go back to bed sometime tonight...

    i'm waiting for the paperback...
  8. JediTrilobite

    JediTrilobite Jedi Master star 7

    Nov 17, 1999
    Hopefully I'll get it soon. I don't know when yet. :(
  9. RikAntinney

    RikAntinney Jedi Master

    Sep 28, 2001
    I'll be living the torture of my amazon order not having been shipped yet. Do I pick it up at a bookstore and then return my amazon copy there when I get it in the mail?

    oh, the pain
  10. Master_Halcyon

    Master_Halcyon Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 10, 2001
    Ah to live at college with no car me and some friends are going out this weekend and I'll probabely get it then if don't break down and take the train to a mall that is
  11. Vergere

    Vergere Jedi Knight star 5

    Jul 19, 2000
    i sent my dad to the B&N to get it during his lunchbreak. then it'll be sitting at home waiting for me to get out of school :)
  12. Doogie76

    Doogie76 Jedi Master star 1

    Sep 5, 2001
    I went to bookstore between periods and picked up copy...couldnt believe it was over 600 pages...had to peek to map on last page and couldnt believe what I saw!!!
  13. Balance_Point

    Balance_Point Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 10, 2001
    My dad works and my mom takes a college class during the early afternoon, so since they have the only cars, I have to wait for my mom to get back before I can pick it up from the bookstore. Luckily, I have my copy reserved... ooh, I can't wait!
  14. Nighthawk_Andy

    Nighthawk_Andy Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 17, 2001
    I HAVE IT! uk reader's been out for a couple of days here, but i onyl found out it was yesterday, but anyway I HAVE IT!

    *breaths large sigh of relief*
  15. Amidala Starkiller

    Amidala Starkiller Jedi Master star 6

    Dec 11, 1999
    I plan to go by Hastings after school
  16. AthyraFire

    AthyraFire Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 28, 2001
    waiting not-so-patiently for Amazon to ship the order i placed in August. :(
  17. menilma

    menilma Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 25, 2001
    I hate living in sweden! why o why!?`my bookstore MIGHT have it tomorrow.. but then again there's a big chance I'll have to wait a month or two [face_screaming in outstanding misery]
  18. Charlemagne19

    Charlemagne19 Chosen One star 8

    Jul 30, 2000
    My mom is in Lexington today and she talked to a person at Barnes in Noble and asked if they had star by star.

    She said they did but they couldn't sell them until tommorow (today) so she's getting my copy now!
  19. chissdude10

    chissdude10 Jedi Youngling star 5

    Jul 26, 2001
  20. ShinagamiWing

    ShinagamiWing Jedi Youngling star 4

    Oct 21, 2001
    Sounds like we're all breathless in antcipation - good luck, one and all, may the force be with you as we begin Year Three (SW time) of the invasion!

    Now, I'm off to Wal-Mart...
  21. princess_of_naboo

    princess_of_naboo Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 9, 2000
    My Mom got back from getting it for me at about 10 AM and I have been reading mostly sence.
  22. Galleon

    Galleon Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 26, 2001
    Okay funny story

    As mentioned before my local bookstore has a tendency to look down on Star Wars though they carry them just release them a week or two late. Any how I'm in the neighborhood and I figure why not just check. So I go on in and look around and don't find any thing. Moderately PO'd I feel like having a good time so I go up to one of the Clerks and ask them if they have Star By Star. As predicted the answer was no. So I ask them if it's in the back. I don't know if the guy was getting ticked at me but with out a word he walks a way and comes back a few seconds latter with the book. Okay so I buy the book and go home and check my E-mail. Apparently a month or two ago one of my parents pre-ordered Star By Star for me on Amazon since the holidays are coming up. Unfortunately my parents aren't the best with computers and failed to realize that they were ordering under my own account. As a result while reading page 23 my email comes up with AMAZON order shipped e-mail. So tomorrow I got to go back to the book store and return the book and hope that if the clerk is working then he doesn't kill me.
  23. Bogga

    Bogga Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 12, 1998
    I bought my copy at Borders earlier today. I had a hard time finding them but eventually spotted them underneath the New Books table... oh well, at least I got one.
  24. AthyraFire

    AthyraFire Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 28, 2001
    why did your Amazon order ship already and i'm still waiting? :(

    i don't like this at all...
  25. Face Loran

    Face Loran Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 21, 1999
    My amazon order shipped yesterday
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