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  1. Diteeli Daalo Jedi Youngling

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    Okay, this is really bugging me to the extreme.

    I'm a lore fanatic; I DO NOT, by any circumstances, go against the established lore whatsoever. This brings me to my problem.

    I've been working on creating a Togruta character to RP with, but his skin colour has been driving me crazy. It seems to be established that Togruta have other skin colours than red (yellow and orange), but I don't really often see a lot of artwork depicting them that way. I know of a few characters who have been classified as having orange skin (Ahsoka Tano, Roshti) and one character (Ashara Zavros) having yellow skin, but I'm not comfortable with just a few examples. It makes me feel really uncomfortable, like being a black sheep (I know they're rather conformist, but I want to be similar to what they are).

    So, can anyone relieve me of my worries? Basically, I'd just need to see a significant amound of Togruta with non red skin tones (mostly yellow or orange) and have some official canon stating it is so.

    PS I've read many descriptions of the Togruta and some of them don't even mention these other skin tones existing. They just say that they have (bright) red skin with white markings.

    PPS I do love the red skin tone, but when I saw Ashara Zavros, I thought that her yellow skin was beautiful. I tried a compromise in my mind as having my character be reddish orange, but it's just not working :(
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    While I'm sure Ramza will move this: It fits better in the RPR forum. You might even find someone already answered it.
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    As far as what I know of the species yellow is not a regular natural collor for a skin tone, possibly I would think this might be similar to being from a different region that perhaps is less advanced then the more common orange/red dominated cities, thus why they are not normally represented offworld or referenced. That would be my initial line of reasoning for the rare one that is yellow for canonicity reasons. Another would be that skin pigmentation can be thrown off by different factors, maybe a genetic condition or disease that depletes the body of it's version of skin pigmenting cells as happens to some humans causing them to look paler.
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    And the probability that there is an albino Togruta is likely since the genetic disorder that is a lack of pigmentation affects all species at some point in its existence.

    Go to:

    In the side stats, under Members, is a list of Togruta. Most are red skinned, but some have yellow, orange and even purple and pink! The pink tone I would suspect could be the albino coloration.
  5. darth fluffy Jedi Knight

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    Huh. I have a Togruta character on another board and someone once said her skin was blue. Seriously. I pm'ed him about it and he said, "must've got Togrutas and Twi'leks missed up again."
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    Don't know if you were already satisfied with the answers @Diteeli Daalo but if you were looking for a G-Canon answer (GL was heavily involved), then the 3 part Slavers of Zygerria arc from Season 4 of The Clone Wars holds the answer for the pigmentation of both the male and female of the species. As you can see, it can be varied:

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