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Art Archive Tom Hodges' 24 Hour "Draw-A-Thon"

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by TDHArtist, Aug 22, 2009.


Tom Hodges' 24 Hour "Draw-A-Thon"

Poll closed Aug 24, 2009.
Friday August 28 - Saturday August 29 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Saturday August 29 - Sunday August 30 3 vote(s) 100.0%
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  1. TDHArtist LFL Webstrip Artis

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    Dec 31, 2000
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    I am plotting an Event. I am going to do a 24 hour LIVE Draw-A-Thon NEXT WEEK!

    Now, the details on how to order your commissions will come by the end of the weekend. My main goal right now is to see what's the best viewing time for you to pop in and out throughout the broadcast, watching your sketches being done LIVE and packed and ready for shipping. Commissions will range in price from $10 to $40. If you spend $30 or more, you will get freebies!

    I'm doing this for the following reasons:

    1. I'm just about finished every and all commission I have lingering and they're about to ship by Monday.

    2. This is my "End of Summer" BASH!

    3. I'm raising money to do something special for my wife. We've been NON-STOP since January between Cons, projects, work and moving... we both need a bit of a break before the Fall which looks to be our busiest EVER! I'd prefer to not dip into savings or take away from money that goes for bills and whatnot.

    4. I'm nuts. LOL Plus, a lot of folks have been asking me about my method and what i do when I work. This will be what I would call "An Artist Alley table with no limits."


    I'm trying to figure out the best Days and time to do this late next week. I would like the input of you all as to when you would be able to pop in, snag a commission (they would start being able to be ordered on Monday, August, 24th at Noon EST). The Day choices are as followed:

    Friday August 28
    Saturday August 29

    Saturday August 29
    Sunday August 30

    All start times would be 5pm, and same with end times. There will also be simultaneous 1 day auctions for a batch of lingering art I have here ranging from Official art used by Lucasfilm, Sketch cards and Con leftovers.

    I want this to be fun and I want folks to really enjoy this because I plan on making this a regular event. This one is for personal reasons, next time I'll mix charity into it!

    So please, let me know what days you think you'd prefer this to occur and this Sunday, I'll post all the details!

  2. TDHArtist LFL Webstrip Artis

    Member Since:
    Dec 31, 2000
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    I will be doing a LIVE drawing session at 11am PT, less then an hour: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/tom-hodges-live

    90 minutes doing examples of what I'll be offering during the LIVE 24 hour "Dra-A-Thon"! Tune it!
  3. TDHArtist LFL Webstrip Artis

    Member Since:
    Dec 31, 2000
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    Details on the 'Draw-A-Thon"

    please excuse the "3rd person" it is written for the website:

    24 Hour ?DRAW-A-THON? Commission Guidelines/Rules:

    PLEASE read all of the following information before making your commission request.

    EVENT: Saturday, August 29 8pm EST/5pm PT to Sunday, August 30 8pm EST/5pm PT

    USTREAM Channel: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/tom-hodges-live

    You can order as many pieces as you like. Tom will not be doing any commissions over the price of $40, which allows him to do more commissions in the 24 hour timeframe. If you?ve seen Tom draw at a Con or watched his recent LIVE Test, you can see what he can do in time allowed, so don?t be afraid to order multiple pieces. The Commission scales are as followed:

    1. $10 Head Sketch. The Single Character sketch is on 7.5" x 5.5"; color card stock (chosen in accordance with the character) done in Pencil, marker and paint pen.
    2. $20 Head Sketch. The Single Character sketch is on 8.5" x 11" color card stock (chosen in accordance with the character) done in Pencil, marker and paint pen. This sketch allows a bit more character to be shown (just below chest and up)
    3. $20 Sketch Card. Single Character, The ONLY full color commissions being taken during the ?Draw-A-Thon?. Pen-Ink-Marker. These will be on 3.5" x 2.5" Strathmore Illustration Board Artist Cards. Plain on both sides, but Tom may adhere a special backing for the event.
    4. $40 Character Sketch. Single Character sketch is on 8.5" x 11" color card stock (chosen in accordance with the character) done in Pencil, marker and paint pen. This sketch is at least a knee and up view of the character of your choice.

    Incentives (FREEBIES!) to ordering over a certain amount:

    Order $30 or more and you?ll receive a free 8.5" x 11" print randomly chosen by Tom. He will choose in accordance to your commission. Example: If you choose to get a sketch based on a Venture Brother?s character, he will choose one of his Venture Brothers related prints.

    Order $100 or more and receive a free 8.5" x 11" ; print AND a copy of Tom?s 2009 Sketchbook with a corresponding quick sketch on the back cover!

    You do NOT have to able to watch in order to get commissions. Tom has received emails and messages stating how upset people were they would be away during his broadcast. You do not have to watch since all commissions will be recorded. You can go back to his USTREAM site and watch your piece be drawn later. USTREAM is also a free service and you do not need to me a member or pay to watch. It is accessible to everyone!

    Tom will have full access to his own reference library and the net during this event, NO character is off limits. If there?s an image available, it can happen! He does ask that all commissions be at least PG-13. Tom will not do nude or vulgar pieces. There is a chance children will be watching and Tom will be looking to be on his best behavior and so will the art. Tom will be able to answer questions about work he?s done, upcoming projects and just about anything YOU want to discuss. Movies, Music, TV, comics? its all fair game.

    All requests for the ?Draw-A-Thon? will be honored during that 24 hour period and will ship Monday, August 31th First Class/First Class Airmail. An additional flat $3 needs to be added to your order for Shipping & Handling.

    How to Order:

    You can begin order as soon as you?re done reading through this. Orders will be taken up until 2 hours before the Event Begins. Sketches will be done in the order the request was made. PLEASE put in the subject:

    24 Hour Draw-A-Thon

    Include the Sketch Request in the Message of your payment like so:

    Request (example):
    1(quantity) -$10 Head sketch(Price/Type), Yoda(character/characters)

    You would send $13

    If you wanted a multiple type of order:

    2-$10 Head Sketch, Dr. Manhattan/Deadpool
    1-$40 Sketch, Boba Fett
    1-$20 Sketch Card, Batman

    You would send $83, Tom would lean towards a Comic print as your freebie.

    Send Payments via PayPal to tom@tomhodges.com

    During the LIVE ?Draw-A-Thon? Tom will also
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