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Discussion in 'Community' started by Debo, Sep 20, 2012.

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    Oh hey, let me add Monty Python's Flying Circus to my list. #11 or something
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  3. Lord Vivec Force Ghost

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    Farscape is awesome, but it can't get to top 10. :(
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    I have two already existing top 10 lists for live-action and animated TV. I don't want to combine them because I'm not sure how I would do it and I'm lazy, so you just get two copy/pasted lists. In fact, you get my top 20 animated shows to get a decent range since I actually made a top 100 list.:p


    1. Doctor Who
    2. Monty Python’s Flying Circus
    3. Scrubs
    4. Pushing Daisies
    5. Community
    6. The Walking Dead
    7. The West Wing
    8. That Mitchell and Webb Look
    9. Firefly
    10. Boy Meets World

    1. Freakazoid!
    2. Megas XLR
    3. Dexter’s Laboratory
    4. Samurai Jack
    5. Justice League and Justice League Unlimited
    6. The Fairly OddParents
    7. Tom and Jerry
    8. Hey Arnold!
    9. The Powerpuff Girls
    10. Courage the Cowardly Dog
    11. Futurama
    12. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies
    13. Animaniacs
    14. Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!
    15. The Flintstones
    16. Ed, Edd n Eddy
    17. Wacky Races
    18. Batman: The Animated Series
    19.The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (Grim and Evil, Evil Con Carne)
    20. Codename: Kids Next Door

    I was going to do my favorite books the other day (I have a fiction list and a non-fiction list but unlike with TV I felt they needed to be combined, and I couldn't do that) but it didn't work out, so I was going to make a "Top 10 Most Influential Books On My Life List" with descriptions about why, but I couldn't get past #7. I might try to finish that one just for myself at some point.
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    1) I Love Lucy
    2) Cheers
    3) Law & Order/Law & Order SVU
    4) Rocko's Modern Life
    5) South Park
    6) Rescue Me
    7) Curb Your Enthusiasm
    8) Boomtown
    9) The Simpsons
    10) Roseanne

    The best of the rest: ER, Real Time with Bill Maher, Futurama, Boardwalk Empire, Family Guy, Unsolved Mysteries, RAW (WWE), Homicide: Life on the Street, Around The Horn, Pardon The Interruption, Inside the NBA, Family Matters, The Comedy Central Roast of..., Rugrats, Countdown with Keith Olbermann
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    Er, I copy/pasted the wrong animated list and my edit time is over. I did the one that only included Western Animation and not anime. Oops. So Mobile Suit Gunam Wing goes to #9, Cowboy Bebop goes to #13, and the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist goes to #16. Batman: TAS, Billy and Mandy, and KND get bumped to 21, 22, and 24 respectively (Baccano! is 23).

    You know, not that anyone other than me really cares.
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  7. Mustafar_66 Jedi Master

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    1. Lost
    2. The Wire
    3. Band of Brothers
    4. Battlestar Galactica
    5. Community
    6. Game of Thrones
    7. Babylon 5
    8. Breaking Bad
    9. The Thick of It
    10. Firefly
  8. soitscometothis Jedi Grand Master

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    For what it's worth, I love Gundam Wing, though I know hardcore Gundam fanatics look down on the series. I also think Cowboy Bebop is very cool, but that's not a controversial opinion by any means, and I like what I've seen off Fullmetal Alchemist (ep 32 was the last I saw).
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  9. Mustafar_66 Jedi Master

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    Gundam Wing was a great series. One of the few anime series' I actually liked.
  10. NYCitygurl Manager Emeritus

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    In no particular order ...

    1. Friends
    2. Gilmore Girls
    3. How I Met Your Mother
    4. Avatar: The Last Airbender
    5. The Big Bang Theory
    6. White Collar
    7. The Daily Show
    8. Sherlock

    I'm trying to figure out what deserves to be 9 and 10, but I can't. Nothing else is as good as those.
  11. Debo Jedi Grand Master

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    I'd like to know...


    I mean actors that ruin films for you. Actors that make you punch the air in frustration. You hear they have been cast in a film you were looking forward to, and you feel your stomach turn. You hate them.
  12. Point Given Mod of Literature and Community

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    The top three are in order, the rest are not.

    Shia LeBeouf
    Rob Schneider
    Adam Sandler
    Hayden Christensen
    Mel Gibson
    Gwyneth Paltrow
    Jennifer Aniston
    Meg Ryan
    Mike Myers
    Michael Cera
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  13. Juliet316 Chosen One

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    In no particular order:

    Mel Gibson
    Lucy Liu
    Kristin Stewart
    Robert Patterson (I have sympathy for him due to Stewart cheating on him, Twilight has ruined him for me in terms of acting)
    Cameron Diaz (I used to like her, but she's started to grate on me in the last few years)
    Paris Hilton
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Tom Cruise (I had forgotten about him until @harpuah and @tom put him on theirs)

    I can't think of any others at the moment that cause that kind of reaction for me.
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  14. harpua Chosen One

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    1. Dick Van Dyke
    2. David Hasselhoff
    3. Keanu Reeves
    4. Sandra Bernhard
    5. Madonna
    6. Kathy Griffin
    7. Hayden Christensen
    8. Tom Cruise
    9. Jennifer Lopez
    10 Owen Wilson.
  15. tom Chosen One

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    1. benedict cumberbatch
    2. david tennant
    3. ewan macgregor
    4. ian mckellen
    5. harrison ford
    6. Bruce willis
    7. kevin spacey
    8. martin freeman
    9. nathan fillion
    10. liam neeson

    sorry i just wanted to see if i could break the jcc. here's the real list:

    1. tobey maguire
    2. jake gyllenhaal
    3. maggie gyllenhaal
    4. tom cruise
    5. katie holmes
    6. colin farrell
    7. kevin spacey
    8. owen wilson
    9. kevin costner
    10. keanu reeves
  16. Juliet316 Chosen One

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    @tom, I think the Doctor Who and Sherlock fans would have combined to come at you with pitchforks and torches if your first list had been the real one. :p

    I toyed with putting Katie Holmes on my list, but she doesn't bother me much anymore since she divorced Mr. Scientology. (BRB, putting Mr. Cruise on my list since I forgot him)
  17. harpua Chosen One

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    It wasn't really necessary to tag me for that.
  18. MrZAP Jedi Master

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    I don't know about a Top 10, but my Top 3 are definitely:

    1. Julie Andrews
    2. Adam Sandler
    3. Keanu Reaves

    Reaves gets a pass for the first Matrix though.
  19. AmazingB Manager Emeritus

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    1. Kathy Griffin

    I think that's it. I can't really think of anyone that fills me with the requisite rage to meet Debo's criteria.

  20. Miana Kenobi Admin Emeritus

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    In no order:

    Vivian Leigh
    Kristen Stewart
    Megan Fox
    Seth Rogan
    Jonah Hill
    Andy Samburg
    Lea Michelle
    Michael Moore
    Michael Cera
    Miley Cyrus
  21. Juliet316 Chosen One

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    Julie Andrews? Really?
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  22. MrZAP Jedi Master

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    My 7th grade teacher made us watch The Sound of Music over and over and over and over. It put me off of her completely. I acknowledge that she's not a bad actress, but I still can't stand her.

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  23. VadersLaMent Chosen One

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    Will Smith.- Great in I, Legend and nothing else.

    Taylor Lautner.- They forced this poor girlie sounding dude into an action movie and he sounded anti-badass and the few minutes of Twilight I've watched made me wish to throw up every time he was onscreen.

    Steven Segal, -this guy has so many origin stories he might as well just go with alien from another world.

    Streisand, Barb.

    Martin Lawrence

    Wayans. All of them.

    Russel Crowe. - Just too much of a violent ass for me to enjoy his films anymore.

    Kim Kardashian - How do you act like yourself in a reality show that is not reality and suck at it?

    Richard Gere. - Never did a thing for me yet everyone loves him.

    Denzel Washington. - not something I can put my finger on but he just bugs me. I liked Crimson Tide though.

    This was a hard list to make; I just don't hate many celebs.
  24. Juliet316 Chosen One

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    Yep. That can do it. Regrettable, but understandable.
  25. anakinfansince1983 Nightsister of Four Realms

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    Hmmm...in no particular order:

    Elvis Presley
    Julia Roberts
    Kim Kardashian
    Leonardo DiCaprio
    Katie Holmes (avoided Batman Begins for years because she was in it)

    I would put Tom Cruise on the list but I really like most of his characters.