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TOR - podcast, editorials and news 11/12/10

Discussion in 'Games' started by Tal_N, Dec 11, 2010.

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  1. Tal_N

    Tal_N Jedi Youngling

    Dec 11, 2010
    If you are excited about Starwars: The Old Republic then you should join us over at We've been running since late-2009 with a weekly podcast discussing the weeks news and other topics with hosts Eric Musco and Samm Money. Our website is updated several times a week with editorials and the latest news about the game. This week our editorials and news include:

    [link=]TOR Update: G4TV Interview with Daniel Erickson[/link]
    News on G4TV's interview with Daniel Erickson on Crew Skills.

    [link=]Muscommunication: Failure To Launch[/link]
    Welcome to another week of Muscommunication! One thing that has been a fear of mine since I began following Star Wars: The Old Republic is the possibility that it might fail. This week we hit our 80th TOROcast, that is 80+ weeks of following a game that is still months away and I would hate to have followed it all this time to see it fall short. Let's take a look at where other MMO's have "dropped the ball" and talk about what SWTOR can do to not replicate them.

    [link=]Don't Be Surprized if you are Darth Predetermined[/link]
    Considering that in Star Wars: The Old Republic everyone is a Luke, that little-to-no content is player-driven, and that voice-acting will limit certain aspects of the game, we can expect that some features of our characters are pre-determined. Chief among this is how other characters refer to us, our titles, and our prominent toys such as our starships. It is my guess that how these things are named will be out of our control. That we will not be able to pick our ship names, our Darth titles, or any other title of our character. Or that, if we can choose these things, other characters will call us by generic aliases instead of our chosen names.

    [link=]Don't be surprized by 70s style![/link]
    The original Star Wars film premiered in the 70s?1977 to be precise. Sure, arguably the best film?Empire Strikes Back?came out in 1980 and Star Wars lore has exponentially grown since then, but that original 70s groove and retro-future perspective has endured as a component of the franchise, creating an atemporality that works as a signature style for Star Wars. This is something I hope to see reflected by BioWare for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

    [link=]Friday Update: Rebirth of the Sith Empire[/link]
    Happy Friday to everyone! This week we got a lore update in the form of another timeline. I am not surprised to see that this timeline talks a bit about the Sith and specifically the Sith Purebloods. It is good timing following the little bits of controversy over that from the recent inhabitants update. This is one of the longest timelines we have had in quite some time. More after the break.

    [link=]Kar'tayl: Lightsabers - Part 1 [/link]
    A weapon of prestige, power and skill. Many believe that this unique device is what has always defined the Sith and the Jedi, but in truth the Lightsaber was actually a late addition to both organisations due to a variety of reasons and, for a time, was shunned by the Sith in favour of more traditional blades.

    Remember to check out our podcast tomomorrow on Sunday December 12th! Or sign up for our forum to discuss our latest show or weeks editorials.
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