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Discussion in 'The Phantom Menace' started by Moleman1138, Mar 1, 2005.

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  1. Moleman1138 Manager Emeritus

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    Until the release of ROTS on 5/19/05, I would like to discuss TPM chapter by chapter on the DVD. There are 47 chapters to discuss over the next eight months, excluding Chapter 1: Opening Logos, Chapter 2: The Phantom Menace and Chapter 50: End Credits.

    Each discussion will last 5 days. At the end of 5 days, the following chapter will be posted.

    Chapter 40: Gungan Retreat
    DISCUSSION: March 2, 2005 - March 6, 2005
    DVD TIME INDEX: 116:40 - 119:04

    Back on the plains of battle, the Gungan shield generator explodes lifting the shield around the primitive army. Captain Tarpals whistles for a retreat. The battle tanks begin to cross the field. Jar Jar runs away, hiding underneath a fambaa pulling energy balls held in a cart. Binks holds onto the cart and the blue balls roll down the plains taking out some of the battle tanks. Jar Jar runs for his life, but is grabbed by Captain Tarpals and pulled onto a Kaadu. Due to a shot, Jar Jar flies throught the air and land on the turret of the tank. Tarpals, riding next to the tank, throws Jar Jar a small energy ball. The Gungan can't catch it and throws it at a battle droid coming out of the tank. The tank turns over sideways. Tarpals rides again next to the tank and pulls the clumsy Gungan off the tank. Back at the palace, droidekas sound the queen and her army. Padme surrenders. Back in space, Anakin's ship is hit, spins out of control and lands in the hangar of the Droid Control Ship. The ship comes to a bumpy stop at the end of the hangar. Droids approach the ship. Anakin is worried. END OF CHAPTER

    Back to the battle with the Gungans. Probably my least favorite of the four battles in this climatic battle for Naboo. Jar Jar makes more of a fool out of himself and the CGI is still average to say the very least.

    Jar Jar's role should have been a more serious role. Yes he was the comic relief of the film, but the kid should've grown up and taken some responsibility, now as "bombard general." I hate the energy balls and would take any of the Ewok tricks any day of the week. Luckily Captain Tarpals was used just enough to take some of the battle away from the centered Jar Jar.

    The surrender in the palace and Anakin's crash landing in the Droid Control Ship are two good cliffhangers that make this chapter somewhat decent. It's good to have the battle in the beginning or more say the middle go the way of the villains. That way we want the heroes to turn this around. But the good thing about this battle is that everything is pretty much dependent on everything else.

    Decent chapter. Could use more time for duel and less time for the Gungans. As I said Anakin and Padme save this chapter from an utter disappointment. Padme more than Anakin. Lukewarm action. Need to get back to Jedi vs. Sith.
  2. HL&S Magistrate Emeritus

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    This is the point where everything starts to go wrong in the battle for the heroes.

    Just one tiny issue with this chapter. Sidious told Gunray to wipe them all out. Yet instead they just take prisoners. The droidekas should have killed Padme and Panaka. The droids should have killed the Gungan Generals (especially them since they weren't needed for anything).

    The only one I excuse is Anakin being surrounded. The droids were probably confused that a boy just crash landed a ship inside their hangar.
  3. GRAND_MOFF_KEVIN Jedi Master

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    Yeah I wondered why they took prisoners. As for the chapter, I sorta liked the gungan battle though Duel of the Fates is much better.
  4. Jedi_Ford_Prefect Jedi Master

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    I don't have any issues with the droids just taking the Gungans as prisoners, at that point. Any of you ever see The Great Escape?

    Perhaps they were anticipating that all of them would be shot. Trying to escape.

    This post is dedicated to the forty.
  5. Lukecash Jedi Master

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    While writing TPM, Lucas was watching a lot of old Silent movies... in particular... Buster Keaton in the General.

    Some of Jar-Jar moves and comedy are actually based on Silent Movie techniques. In all the scenes are well paced, timed to great comedic effect...which was needed when one thinks of the losses that the heroes are suffering.

    The CGI still holds up, even to this day..where other movies CGI are far more noticable.

    As for Padme's impending death...remember The Trade Federation is cowardly...and they were still trying to make their actions "legal" Had they had any backbone, they would not have needed help from the Sith.
  6. lovelucas Jedi Master

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    lukecash - cool observation about the trade federation trying to keep things legit. but sidious also wanted amidala's signature initially. the jar jar on the battlefield just goes on too long and too ridiculous. captain tarpals is cool, tho. meanwhile back at the palace padme/amidala may look like she's surrendering but i don't think that's in her vocabulary. the pace(accelerating) and the multiple focus are classic lucas. we actually have 4 stories going on here similtaneously. and while we're watching 3 of the stories, we're worried and wondering about the 4th one.
  7. Tyranus_the_Hutt Jedi Padawan

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    The visuals in this sequence are, in my opinion, very good. However, the scene in general is a disappointment. As I have indicated previously, a little of Jar-Jar's antics goes a long way, and here they're simply distracting. The part in which Jar Jar runs down an elevated plane in an attempt to evade the energy balls, is an homage to "Seven Chances" in which Buster Keaton runs down a hill trying to get out of the way of some rolling boulders. The major difference here is that in the Keaton picture, this gag was funny - here it is merely cloying. I will submit that perhaps this scene in "The Phantom Menace" could have been funny had it not a) interrupted the flow of the battle sequence; and b) been the upteenth bit of "sticky situation" nonsense concerning a certain gungan. The brief scene in the palace which leads into the next chapter, helps to redeem the otherwise lackluster material contained within the one currently in question. This is primarily transitional "filler".
  8. Juke Skywalker Jedi Grand Master

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    Compare this sequence to the 'Hoth battle' from
    ESB and you have a crystal clear picture of
    everything right with the OT and everything wrong (So
    far) with the PT. It's tough for me to get emotionally
    involved with CG Squids running around what looks
    like my local park. And the fact that the Battle
    droids aren't the least bit threatening kills the
    drama even more.

    'Of course that's just my opinion. I could be wrong'
  9. DarthTunick SfC Part III Commissioner

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    Good solid chapter, with great effects. This is one of the few scenes in which I actually was laughing at Jar Jar antics.
  10. Moleman1138 Manager Emeritus

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    Thank you for all your participation in CBC (Chapter by Chapter). TPM Chapter 41: Qui-Gon vs. Darth Maul DISCUSSION will be made available 3:00 PM EST. Although the discussion timeframe has passed, you may still discuss this chapter at your convienience. However, we will be moving on to the next chapter.

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