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Story [Transformers/Beast Wars] Code of Honor (mostly Dinobot) updatated 8/4/07

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by SilSolo, Jul 26, 2008.

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  1. SilSolo

    SilSolo Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 5, 2004
    Code of Honor Alternate Prologue/A Twist of Fate

    Note: I thought about some of the first reviews I got way back, and I figured that I might put up an alternate beginning.

    By Master Solo

    Disclaimer: I don?t own any of this!

    ?When reality alters, the future alters with it.? The aghast Dinobot realized as he watched Rampage blow up the mountain peaks. How could he have been foolish enough to join Megatron, let alone twice? As he shook his head, he brought up his right hand to his forehead and sighed. Had he let his taste for conquest lead him to do a thing as unthinkable as following a leader who was insane enough to tamper with sacred time? If only he allowed himself to be satisfied with the rate at which he conquered world after world in his time. ?With the golden disk, Megatron?s powers are limitless! Dinobot to Optimus??

    The raptor was cut off in mid-sentence when a glob of plasma streaked past him, barely missing his shoulders. As his cursed himself for his inattention, he swished around to see Tarantulas, who was shocked and fearful that the shot missed. Not wasting any time, he fired a pair of eye beams at a rock just behind the Predacon. The twin laser blasts hit just beneath a boulder that loomed over Tarantulas, obliterating the support, which caused for the massive rock to descend upon and squash the scientist.

    ?Optimus here. What is it, Dinobot?? Asked the Maximal leader over the comlink.

    ?Code Red? situation extreme.? The warrior snarled.

    Meanwhile, Megatron stood on the other side of the valley with his Predacons, gazing exultingly at the race that he planned to obliterate.

    ?Destroy this valley and everything in it!? He ordered as he raised his hand like a symphony conductor. Seeing no reason to disobey, each Predacon began firing in his or her own way. Rampage started forward, his treads chewing up clods of earth as he fired blast upon destructive blast from his cannon. Next to Megatron, Inferno literally opened fire and started to roast the forest like a barbeque.

    When left with no choice, the terrified Neanderthal leader began to flee after shielding a younger member of his tribe from a potentially fatal hit.

    ?We?ll be there as soon as we can. In the meantime, fall back and wait for us!? Optimus ordered over the comlink.

    ?Negative. The question that has long haunted my existence has been answered. The future is not fixed; my choices are my own, yet how ironic, for I now find that I have no choice at all.? Dinobot refused. From that distant, almost pathetic little place, Optimus had no way of seeing the circumstances that were about to force the former Predacon?s hands. If anything, Dinobot was about to disobey those orders for Primal?s own good as well as for the warrior?s lost honor.

    That was his opportunity, yet it was hardly an opportunity. Dinobot thought as he watched panicked pre-humans flee their homes. He was obliged to partially regain his lost, violated honor or else he would have literally gone down in history as the worst of cowards and the biggest disgrace that?s ever joined the Elites? ranks. Destiny had one great test for each transformer, and his must have been that valley, for it, for the instant, seemed as if every moment in his life, every bit of training, every victory, every defeat, and every move had led toward that.

    Many blurred images from the harsh days of his training phase flashed through his mind, but not for the purpose of helping him with war tactics, as they usually were. He knew that such was the past, but wondered what the future was. When it all became clear, Dinobot withdrew his electron sword from its sheath. One of the first things he had learned was honor, and for that, he was about to battle again.

    The future was unclear, or rather, in swift motion, and it did not matter what the future would bring for him because he knew that if he were to pursue the most honorable course of action, he would last only long enough to ensure human survival. Normally, he would have scoffed at wasting time on an inferior race of flesh creatures
  2. YodaKenobi

    YodaKenobi VIP star 6 VIP

    May 27, 2003

    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    Okay, I'm a little confused because I'm not familiar with a lot of this, but it looks like fun :D Great job! =D=
  3. SilSolo

    SilSolo Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 5, 2004
    sorry I didn't explain this better. I just copied and pasted straight out of the stuff I posted on the Transformers website without thinking much.

    In the show Beast Wars, a buncha warriors went thru a wormhole and landed on prehistoric earth. They're divided into two factions: The Maximals and the Predacons. When they figured this out, the leader of the evil Predacons, Megatron, tried to change history so that his ancestors, the Decepticons from teh original G1 series, would win instead of lose.

    Dinobot, a guy who defected from the Predacons to the Maximals in the first episode, went back to the Preds a few episodes before this story, thinking that Megatron's more likely to win. He came out totally ashamed of his actions and went back to the Maximals, who were reluctant to take back the dishonored traitor. In the episode that this stems from, Dinobot proved his heroic core by dying to save the human race without waiting for back-up. I'm rewriting the rest of teh season to explore what would have happened if he'd have lived.
  4. SilSolo

    SilSolo Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 5, 2004
    Note before this chapter. I originally wrote this at least 3 years ago with an audience of Dinobot fangirls in mind. Since this is a totally different forum, I'm modifying this chapter from the original. If you're still confused, please say so. And it looks like, where I'm copying this from, took out all of the original formatting of the word documents, which I don't think I have anymore.

    Code of Honor

    Part 1: Transtermite

    Chapter 1: The Earthquake

    The crimson glow of dawn bathed an endless roll of golden grassland, giving the panorama an eye-burning, yellow-orange glow, save one spot. Some of the sun?s light reflected from the speck, but it was the color of darkly oozing blood. The dark spot, in truth, was a transformer named Dinobot.

    As Dinobot hunted in his powerful, robust beast mode, he could not help but ponder about past events. He considered himself a Predacon at core, or so he had thought until his latest actions proscribed him from ever returning to his original faction. With the role he had played in the destruction of the last golden disk, even if it was to preserve Predacon and Maximal alike, no sensible Predacon would count him amongst their ranks again, not even the forgiving Tripredacus Councilor Seaclamp. He had done what was necessary to regain his honor, his Predacon honor, yet ironically, in doing so, he had eliminated all chances of being recognized as a Predacon. No matter what calamities he had prevented when he removed the golden disk from Megatron?s grasp, the Predacons would view him as a traitor who destroyed the greatest treasure off all time. The Maximals, on the other hand, called him a hero, even though he had disobeyed orders.

    A hero. To Dinobot, he was quite the opposite. He had been a traitor, first to the Predacons, then to the Maximals, and then he had left the Predacons again. He had considered himself a traitor and an insult to his battered honor, yet the Maximals disagreed. Like so many other Maximal concepts, the dinosaur had trouble grasping the concept of being a ?hero?.

    The raptor snorted and shook his head as he quietly stalked a deer. He hated every last bit of it, yet his logic circuits told him that the only path before his feet was that of a Maximal. It was almost unthinkable that a cold-blooded lizard would belong to a group of mammalians and avians for as long as his deeds would be remembered. Once a deed was done, all that remained were consequence and destiny, neither of which the lizard could resist. However, the world before him appeared new, and he was just uselessly denying his fate. In protecting the future of Predacon, Maximal, and human alike, Dinobot had become seriously damaged and were it not for the Maximals, he would have been terminated. Terminated. That's what he intended to be ever since he defected back to the Maximals in disgrace after realizing the shame in allying himself with Megatron again and helping the tyrant to obtain the two golden, sacred disks. That's what he was supposed to be when he set out to take the entire Predacon team alone, with no time to spare.

    The dinosaur allowed a slight hiss to escape from his lips. There was a thing as foreign to him as being a Maximal. Even though he had betrayed them, the Maximals took him back and when he attempted to mitigate his deeds by providing the ancestors of those who would aid the Autobots in the Great War, he ended up owing the Maximals his body and spark. There was that attachment that was born from debt and because of it, he could never be Predacon again without shattering what was left of his honor.

    The raptor?s eyes narrowed as he prepared to pounce on his prey. That was another major difference between the dinosaur and his carnivorous allies. To Dinobot, one must eat or be eaten, sometimes both, but to his grudging comrades, especially Silverbolt and Cheetor, blood was to be avoided whenever it could be. Dinobot viewed himself as a foreigner whose honor could only be protected in an alien land because home was no longer home. Such was exile?s hono
  5. SilSolo

    SilSolo Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 5, 2004
    I will update soon. Soon, I swear. Might go with the original version instead of editting this time. I don't know.
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