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Tucson Tucson, Arizona - "Two Suns FanForce"

Discussion in 'SouthWest Region Discussion' started by BrotherHalo, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. BrotherHalo

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    May 12, 2003
    Welcome to the Tucson Fan Force or Two Suns Fan Force!

    We are glad you have found our forum and would like to take the time to introduce ourselves as a group to you.

    The Tucson Fan Force (or the Little Fan Force that could!) is connected to's message boards. We are therefore bound by the [link=]Terms of Service[/link]. Also the [link=]Official Rules and Announcements forum[/link] has a complete listing of words that are off limits to the boards as well as some other threads that you will find helpful.

    The Tucson Fan Force is not a group that is for profit or non profit. We have not applied for non profit status although it has been talked about. We do not have "dues" but if there is a cost we ask everyone to chip in what they can.

    Our Mission is first and foremost to have fun! Star Wars is a fun playground and we thank George Lucas for allowing us time in his sandbox. We are also a very charity driven group and we get together to do fundraisers and food drives and whatever we can to help the community.

    To be an official voting member of the group you have to post on these boards and attend a meeting. If you are under the age of 18 we do have a parental consent form that we will require to be filled out if you are going to attend events.

    We have a few official threads such as our:

    Social Thread - [link=]Wake up and smell the Jawa: Good Morning Tucson[/link]
    Costuming Thread - [link=]I wanna be a jedi /imperial/trooper and/or sith thread--- costumes[/link]
    Celebration IV Planning and Scheming - [link=]Celebration IV[/link]
    Other Conventions - [link=]CONS,EVENTS, AND PARTIES ,OH MY![/link]
    Non-Event Pictures - [link=]Let the Picture of the Day Make You Smile[/link]
    RPG Planning - [link=]RPG Planning thread - SW[/link]
    Local Sales - [link=]Local Sales and Good finds[/link]
    SW Literature thread - [link=]What Recent Star Wars Novel Have You Read? What was there about it that you enjoyed?[/link]
    Non-SW Literature thread - [link=]Non-Star Wars Literature "What are you reading" or what books/authors do you like?[/link]
    Collecting thread - [link=]Collecting[/link]
    Our "autobiography" type thread ? [link=]Getting To Know You[/link]

    Thank you, that made me compile a list of all the official threads for our RSA, [link=] [hl=orangered]BrotherHalo[/hl] [/link]. He is the moderator for the forum.

    Our Chapter Representative is [link=]firstsonofsolo[/link].

    While we do have official threads which you can feel free to jump into, if you have something not covered in those please feel free to post a thread.
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    Mar 24, 2005
    [link=]FAQ's for Fan Force[/link]

    This link will explain what Fan Force is.. and also answer other fan force questions.

  3. JediObiKat

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    Feb 15, 2006
    Two Suns Fan Force
    Club Constitution - Adopted October 2006

    Mission Statement
    I. Name and Date of Club Formation
    II. Policies
    III. Membership
    IV. Membership Dues
    V. Official Meetings
    VI. Voting Regulations
    VII. Misconduct
    VIII. Underage Members
    IX. Vehicle Use Policy Statement
    X. Promotional Release
    XI. Dissolution of the Club
    XII. Yearly Constitution Review

    Mission Statement
    We, the Two Suns Fan Force, are a non-profit club comprised of individuals who enjoy the Star Wars films and other aspects of the Star Wars franchise. Our club was created in order to give Star Wars fans in the Tucson and southern Arizona region a chance to socialize and engage in activities relating to the various aspects of the Star Wars franchise. We strive to keep Star Wars alive in the eyes of the Tucson community, and endeavor to give back to the community through charitable events. The Two Suns Fan Force is the officially recognized Fan Force chapter for Tucson, AZ.


    I. Name
    The name of our club shall be the Two Suns Fan Force

    II. Policies
    The Two Suns Fan Force is not affiliated in any way with Lucasfilm, Ltd., or its subsidiaries. The Two Suns Fan Force does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, religion, physical handicap, sexual orientation, race, nationality or ethnicity. All Two Suns Fan Force activities (events, meetings, positing, etc.) are subject to the official Fan Force by-laws and the Terms of Service agreement.

    III. Membership
    Membership is open to everyone over the age of 13 in order to comply with COPPA laws. To become a member you simply need to post on the boards. There are two classes of membership:

    Active Membership: Active membership is attained by meeting the following requirements in the period of every 6 months:
    - living in southern Arizona
    - posting on the forums regularly
    - attending 2 meetings
    - attending an event as a member of the TFF or attending 2 RPGs
    Active members have full voting privileges. Active members are also eligible to serve as officers of the club.

    Non-active members are more than welcome to post on our forum and get involved with the club, but they may not vote.

    Honorary Membership: Honorary membership is open to anyone regardless of geographic residence. Honorary members are allowed to post on our forums, receive our newsletter, and attend meetings and events of their choosing, yet are not eligible to vote on any club issues. Honorary membership may often be bestowed upon "celebrities" in the Star Wars community such as Star Wars actors, authors, those working for LFL etc.

    IV. Membership Dues
    We have no membership dues. Becoming a member is free, and as a member you will never be obligated to pay anything. However, some things do require money. In these circumstances, the Chapter Representative will collect money on a voluntary basis. Each member can choose to contribute or not, and can contribute as much as they feel comfortable with. The Chapter Representative will record who paid and what amount, so that if the total amount needed is not reached, every member who paid will get their money back.

    V. Official Meetings
    We will have a minimum of one official meeting per month. Additional meetings may be called when there is a need. Meetings will either be a pot-luck affair, or we will ask for a small donation to defray the cost of food and drinks. Occasionally an "Officers meeting" may be called for the officers of the only. The Two Suns Fan Force will make every attempt to pick a date for the meetings that will work for the majority of the member' schedules.

    VI. Voting Regulations
    All active members will be allowed to vote on any issues brought up at a General meeting or any issue being voted on the forums. A vote is won by attaining the majority of the votes (except for amending the constitution, which requires a ¾ majority). In general you may only vote if you are present at the meeting when an issue is being decided. If however an active member not in attendance feels strongly