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    For those of you that were asking about the LARP Group I used to be a part of; I found a website that described things rather well.

    The Empire of the Elan is a theatrical live role-playing group that invites other science fiction groups to come and participate in an environment that promotes interaction between all the diverse groups at the local conventions. On occasion there are several visiting royals from other realms both within and without the science fiction community most notably the SCA. As with every Imperial Court, there will be other science fiction/fantasy groups with presentation, awards to members past and present, declarations of war, and announcements of betrothals and possible wedding vows. The Empress awards the dragon's Heart Award to members of the Science fiction community in the NW that have gone above and beyond the call of duty. The Elan Empire currently is looking to increase its ranks with people who love acting and stagecraft.


    You may want to get the Spokantina or your SW group listed in there as well!


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    I submitted our group!
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