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FF:NZ TVs and DVD players

Discussion in 'Oceania Discussion Boards' started by Kitt327, Feb 12, 2002.

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    ACERIMMERROCKS Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 25, 2001
    Where could i purchase a tv out card and how much this is vitaul to my movie making
  2. Kitt327

    Kitt327 Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 23, 2000
    My fav TPM cutscene is probably the waterfall one. Neat stuff.


    Anyone wanting to recapture that TPM DVD release day excitement should read that thread :)

    The flatscreen is great, I love it. Last night, I got out the Special Edition 78 Superman DVD. It's great, got restored cutscenes, screentests, the works. I hadn't seen the movie in years too, so it was a lot of fun.

    The best DVD I've seen has got to be Apollo 13, because of the movie commentary by the real Jim Lovell and his wife. Their commments add so much to the movie.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.