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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by RuneEisahn, Nov 16, 2008.

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  1. RuneEisahn

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    Jul 10, 2008
    Prolouge:The Black Captain of Mordor rode into the Mountains of Rain and Night. After riding a boat into the sea, the Nazgul Lord found an island near Middle Earth. Stopping in a nearby village, he asked where he was and figuered out he was in the Kingdom of Araluen.

    After asking for the darkest area of the island, the villagers said that the Mountians of Rain and Night were the place to go, but said to bewhere because of the legend of Morgarath. Even though it's been seven years since his defeat by Horace, Knight of the Order of the Oakleaf, theres still been legend that his spirit still roams the mountains.

    The Witch King of Angmar wanted to see if it was true. So after riding for hours through the emense rocks, came upon a cave. Riding in with his black steed, the Witch King came to a wide range of open space. He remembered his masters words. Before Sauron had launched his attack on Gondor, Aragorn, now King Elessar, took the throne from Denethor.

    So, Sauron sent out the Witch King with these simple words. "Go out into the sea, go off into the horrizen and if you happen to find land, help us in our search for allies."[i/] he said. So thats what the Witch King did, but little did he know that Gandalf the White was also on the same type of mission.

    Upon entering the cave, the Witch King heard growling and in a swift instant, unsheathed his blade and used his dark sorcerry to catch the blade on fire. He watched in some awe at the cave of what seemed like THOUSANDS of creatures. The Witch King watched the clan, but noticed a sword in the middle of the pack.

    Riding towards it, he noticed a strange aura about it. "Hmm, I wonder?" the Witch King asked himself, before speaking a spell in a black language that was used once to resurect a Dark Elf. The sword glowed for a few minutes, before a figure began to appear through the light. He was very tall, very slim but strongly built, looked to be in his forties, and had an evil look about him.

    The Witch Kings black steed moved back for a minute. "Who are you?" the Witch King asked. "I am Morgarath, former Baron of Araluen Castle Gorlan, and now Lord of the Mountains of Rain and Night. And who are you?" he asked, his voice thin and creepy to anyone who didn't know who Sauron. "I am the Witch King of Angmar, Black Captain of Mordor and Second in Command to the Dark Lord Sauron. I come from over the never ending sea, hoping to find allies for my master." the Witch King explained.

    Morgarath smilled a wicked smile. "My master could also help in destroying your enimies." the Witch King said, edging the man on. "I guess i'll agree. I pledge my allegence and my Wargal army to your Master."Morgarath swore, picking his blade up and sheat hing it. "Good, very good."

    Gandalf the White rode on through the Country side, before seeing the spectacular beauty of Castle Araluen. The Capital of Araluen, the seat of King Duncans throne. Riding up to the gate, Gandalf bellowed, "I am Gandalf the White, messanger of King Elessar of Gondor."

    The Gate opened, to reveal three men, wearing Yeomans clothing and mottled cloaks in grey and green cloaks, short in stature, and walking towards him. "Ah, Gandalf, it has been to long since I have seen you." Crowley exclaimed.

    "Crowley, good to see you. You too Halt, Will." Gandalf acknowledged. Halt and Will knowledged. "I must speak to King Duncan." Gandalf bellowed. "Of course Gandalf, right this way." Crowley said, leadng the wizard into the Castle.

    Walking into the throne room, Gandalf noticed that several Barons, including Baron Arold and Baron Ergell and Battlemasters Rodney and Norris. Including Lady Pauline. And in the room, in the center, sat King Duncan. Gandalf, waking wtih his snow white staff, made it to the king and bowed. "King Duncan, my lord, I bring urgent news." Gandalf cried. Duncan raised an eyebrow. "Gandalf, what is it?" Duncan asked. "My lord, Aragorn, newly crowned King Elessar, has taken the war to Mordor. We ask for your alleigence in arms and support. Gondor has already gone through a>
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