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Gd Rapids, MI Two small events coming up

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by stiger1, Aug 11, 2007.

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  1. stiger1

    stiger1 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 6, 2007
    I know the first event is short notice, but I thought I would let people know about this event.

    Wiseman's Corner Grocery Store Grand Re-Opening
    3001 28th St. SW
    Grandville, MI 49418
    August 18, 12-2pm

    Family owned and operated grocery store celebrating their new location's reopening with a kid's day. They will have a fire truck on display, 40 foot inflatible slide (for the kids mind you, although feel free to do it), blue ice cream, giveaways, cook out, free baloons and candy (yes, I'm sure they'll let us have some).

    They'd like to have at least 4 characters. If you are worried about bringing your kids, bring 'em. They'll have a blast. I've been watching them set up for this over the last week and it is still some time off.

    If you bring anyone as costume support, please make sure they are wearing their costume support t-shirt. This is now a requirment.

    Our mission is to bring customers into the store. We may wander outside to drum up interest, but we need to bring that interest into the store.

    Plus, it is air conditioned inside! It has been decided NOT to have a display table. However, Blizz still has 501st balloons he'll give me to use at the event (Thanks!). The store will inflate and help pass them out. I'll bring tatoos and a few stickers. If anyone wants to bring any other goodies, feel free.

    The store's staff have not yet decided which charity to donate to, yet, but one of the employees really wants to do something for autism. They'll let me know what they decide.

    They also would like to do some advertising using us to help draw in more customers. If anyone has any clean graphics or good promo pictures they could send them to use (I don't have many, and my dial-up sucks) please send them to Thanks!
    The second event is a week after the first event.

    Official Web sites:
    Air Zoo:
    Scouts Camporee:
    Date: August 25
    Time: 2-5pm
    We will be there to set up around 1:00.
    Base of operations: Michigan Space Science Center
    Changing center: "New" Air Zoo building

    All costumers, support, and family members are required to sign a photo release form. Forms will be available at our table.

    Display will consist of 501st promo video and any other materials we'd like to bring. We will have 2-3 tables to display anything we'd like to bring (photos, props, etc), feel free. We will designate a table "Do not touch" for such items as needed. We will need someone to be at the display table at all times.

    We will also move around the entire complex in small groups interacting with the various patrons there. The scouts will be doing activities, so do not interupt the activites unless invited by the presenter. We may be asked to judge certain contests.

    Families are free to come for those members costuming.

    We have a request to perform a battle reenactment. If we are able to do this, we'll aim for around 4:00pm. Another option would be for us to perform a scene from one of the movies. We will that possibility that day, depending on the number and type of costumers available, and those willing (or able) to help.

    Discussion of dinner afterwards has been brought to my attention. Remember, it is a Saturday night.

    Costumers (committed and possible):
    Carl Nelson - Royal Guard
    Shannon Trombley- Rebel Trooper?
    Donavon Larabel - Imperial Officer?
    Phil Font - Vader
    Dad Vader? - Tie Pilot
    Brent Ashcroft - Sandtrooper
    John Blizzard - Clone?
    Mr. Fett? - ?
    Scott Sharky - Jedi
    Jay Gon Jinn - Jedi
    Rachel Orange - Jedi or Padme or ?
    Speedracer 29 - Scout Trooper
    Support Staff:
    Jay Gon Jinn - Jedi
    TD-866 - ?
    Kassi ? Padme or Officer
    Amanda ? Padme or Officer

    Support Staff Must wear support staff t-shirt.
    Alex ?

    Lou and family (?)
    Carl Nelson (2)
    Jay Gon Jinn (2)

    Additional updates forthcoming.

    If anyone can troop or
  2. Count_Scoobith

    Count_Scoobith Jedi Youngling star 3

    Feb 11, 2004
    Aug 17th-19th I'm in a paintball tourney... ;)
    Aug 25th, I might be able to help out with, I'll check my calender, it sounds like fun... :D
  3. stiger1

    stiger1 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 6, 2007
    So you didn't quit or fire the paintball team after all Count.
  4. Count_Scoobith

    Count_Scoobith Jedi Youngling star 3

    Feb 11, 2004
    LOL... no, it worked out kind of, the guys left the team. :(
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