Beyond - Legends Unaware PART II - remnants of the YV cont'd to fight (Solos, Horns, Jag and Elri Prann - Cal Omas)

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    I posted the first part of this like a year ago, let it sit on my computer and then last night I went insane and wrote the second part in like an hour... whoo-de-doo - if you remember it read... heres the link too the first part

    Jaina Solo (female human; Jedi Knight)
    Han Solo (male human; captin of the Millenium Falcon)
    Leia Organa Solo (female human; former Chief of State)
    Cal Omas (male human; Chief of State)
    Jag Fel (male human; Chiss Ambassador)
    Elri Prann (male human; criminal)
    Ryn the Ryn (male ryn; miner)
    Mirax Horn (female human; pilot)
    Corran Horn (male human; Jedi Knight)
    Valin Horn (male human; Jedi Apprentice)
    See-Threepio (male driod; protocol)
    Artoo-Detwo (male driod; astromech)
    Dzoak (male Yuzhann Vong; warrior)
    The Priest (male Yuzhann Vong; priest)
    Aloi (male chiss; twins sun sqaudron)


    "What a horrible nightmare!" shouted Threepio as he sprung to life on the long table in Corran's tent. Whislter gave a satisfied beep, and Corran offered Threepio a half salute. "Why, where am I?"

    "You're with us now Threepio, every things just going to be fine." Whislter agreed with his master, and let Threepio and Corran know it with a serious line of matter of fact beeps and boops.

    "Well thank you for reassuring me but --" suddenly it all fled back to Threepio. "Oh no! Where is Mistress Jaina?"

    "She went up to that moon that was making Artoo's sensors jumpy... why is something the matter?"

    "I'm afraid I was tricked, sir, I should have seen it coming oh this is horrible! horrible!"

    "What is it?" peered Corran.

    "I suppose Jaina never got around to telling you about Elri Prann did she."

    "Is this going to be long Threepio --"

    "Believe me, sir, I know what details to over look in a story."

    "You don't say?" yawned Corran, sitting down for a long one. He listened as Threepio recounted the story of Elri Prann as he had gotten it from the different members of the Solo family, it was a man fitting this image that had asked Threepio to hold the strange blue orb that fried his circuits. Threepio damned himself more then once through out his account, saying how much he should have known better then to trust a stranger, he reminded Corran and Whistler that at one time or another everyone's enemies in that tent had been strangers. Corran went through Threepio's story once or twice through his head, chewed on it for awhile and then left the tent without further word, Threepio looked down at Whistler.

    "Do you think humans will ever be normal?"

    Corran was half way to his speeder, when he rethought it all, he thought it through the way Luke might have, and sat down into the sand. He reached out quietly toward the moon, picturing it, feeling its plant life, its animal life, searching for those independent from the feverish ego-system. He found Han first to his surprise. Corran wrinkled his brow at this, he had assumed he'd find Jaina through there link in the force, or even Leia for her Jedi abilities. He questioned why he felt Han's presence, and then he dug deeper, and what he saw as Han on the surface was pain underneath. He heard his friend scream in pain, and then be silenced, he heard it over and over again in his head, and before he knew it he had thrown away Luke's slow and steady approach, he was in the speeder, racing toward the Pulsar Skate. He would have to lift off quickly, if he was going to stop Han's suffering, he would have to land even faster, and he would have to retrieve Han from where ever he was even faster then that. Corran's mind shut off he was a computer now, running down task list after task list in his mind. He wouldn't let anyone down this time, he remembered how he felt back on Zonama Sekot when he had let Tahari down. He never mentioned it then, but the look on her face when he failed to capture Nom Anor, when he failed to bring justice to Anakin and all the other Jedi that the now slain executor had, had a part in kill
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