Beyond - Legends Undeniably Evil; 5 years after her escape

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    It was nearing the last two days aboard the Deaths Head’s odyssey. All crews had the been finely tuned, only a few gunners had failed the first drill and as was custom had to be put through the wringer again.

    Speckles was on edge.
    And so he well should be!, thought Deciman.

    The wily Gotal was two points behind in their gentlemans bet of a nuddy run for failure to get 95% success in the drills they oversaw.

    Speckles roared over the comm,
    “Get that son of Gundark shield in the green or you’ll be floating back home”.

    The warning klaxon faded.

    Notwithstanding, the crew in port shield array were going to find out the hard way that it was unwise not to check a reflux valve before giving the all clear.

    It was Deciman’s enviable task to set booby trap after staged accident, getting the men prepped for emergency situations.
    It was Speckles job to contain the problem.

    Most of the crew knew that their bosses thought this was the best part of the trip, “Deciman the voyeur”, “Deciman the driller” and “For firefek sake Speckles”,were colorful colloquialisms .
    The captain smiled at the resoundind choas,
    Crews complain about hard work. They always do.
    These drills help everyone, otherwise you would get lazy and slip up.

    How many times we have to bang out on time or early?

    Never late boys, never late.
    What happens when we are late… we are dead!

    “Two and a half minutes boss” ,Speckles commented.
    The result raised an eyebrow from his captain.
    Only heavy breathing from the comm Crew’s was heard on the command bridge.

    Deciman smirked,

    “Better. I didn’t want to see your bony butt again anyhow”.

    Suddenly, all scopes went haywire while multiple vessels were wrenched out of hyperspace only 1 kilometer from the Deaths Head.
    Klaxons bellowed and sirens wailed, Deciman shouted to his stunned crew and looked at his Gotal counterpart, his face ashened.

    ”Good one Speckles”, the captain wavered in panicked jest.
    The Gotal spun and shouted an order into the comm,
    “All shields up and all crew to their fighters, this is not a drill I repeat not a drill, everyone get into your positions ...We’ve been had”.

    Deciman, being a Zeltron could taste all the panicked pheromones from Speckles and his bridge crew. To the crews credit they fired up and got ready to evade the authorities once again.
    The Gotal roared, “Fire up the turbo lasers and plot as an escape vector. Now!”

    Deciman eyed his old flame, the strtling blonde bombshell Sonia and whispered in quiet reverence,
    “Might want to relay to the landing crew that c16a wire had been incapacitated ,tell them to get a man to flip the circuit breaker again and undo the knot I tied into the coolant line and”, he squinted at the screen,” Show me the ships!”.

    Sonia ordered it without fuss; she became the nightmare Deciman so trusted. The Zeltron captain lit up a cigar and puffed on it creating a smoky haze to hide his own nerves.

    “Send word to base that we have run into difficulty and to prepare to repel enemies.”

    Sonia, his old admirer cooly announced,“Negative sir, we are being jammed to all outside broadcasts; we have all internal communication in the green”.

    Deciman swore and for the first time looked at the screen that illuminated the vessels up close. Seven jet black type interceptors, sleek and studded with weapons of about gunship size. Behind them was one massive cruiser.

    Paltry ,he kidded to himself,

    These aren’t any Empire or Republic types I have ever encountered.
    And then it struck him like a womprat being bisected by a swoop
    “Oh no ,Chiss”, he let slip.

    That left the room a veritable cesspit of pheromones.
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    Mishy straddled a broken piece of bulkhead and used it as a temperoary seat, she sat in concentration eyeing the unyielding door. It had been 3 standard days. She had Force pushed, pulled and electrocuted the door in a vain attempt to pry the alien metal portcullis open.
    In her mind’s eye, physically there was no way that the door was budging.

    With piles of discarded rebreather tanks scattered along the entrance she again kicked at them with renewed fury,
    I can’t fathom why no fusion cutter or lightsaber can penetrate that karkin door or even the surrounding walls. There’s not even a hidden retinal scan or button to push. This lavish ornate door is unbreakable.

    She bent up her Fury. Bottling it up to explode har way to salvation.
    Within the Force she whipped around towards the door, sending huge chains of electric fury at the joints, she ignited her saber and yelled in anguish as she threw the plasma ingnited energy towards the faceless board. The saber reverberated off the metal façade and clanged to the floor hissing with distess. Meanwihile electricity writhed up and down the gate with no impact, blue tendrils sparked and gave way to atomized carbon. She tried once more to Force push and create a dent, she pulled at the door with all her Force might, again with no success.

    Mishy openly wept again and tears fell into her mask, her distrorted demeanor illcited a response from Static,
    “Orders Office Lakayla?”.

    “Open the karkin door”, Mishy cried.

    “Negative sir, all previous attempts have produced negative results. Sir on the positive side Finder has acquired a recharger for your three sabers. They will be fully charged in two hours time, less you need them for more”, the droid went silent for a second sifting through it’s limited vocabulary to announce, “Peculiar repetitive activity”.
    Static had seen alot of repetitive activity by this human, alot of tantrums and alot of passion.

    Mishy slumped to the ground and half chuckled half cried about her situation.

    “Good one Static. Peculiarities is a new one”.

    Static replied upbeat, “Thank you Sir, I have assessed that you get madder when I try to answer you like a droid should”.

    Mishy choked on her laughter, “Yes repetitively doing something over and over again and expecting a different result is what my dad taught me never to do.”

    Static’s red photoreceptor went dark, it feebly asked “Is that your maker?”

    Mishy eyed the droid somberly, “Yes Static, but no more talk about my past I don't care how much we have travelled together, just go and charge three sabers, I need to rest”.

    Utterly tired and dishelved Mishy stared at the door, she tried to look through the entry and pretended to see stacked shelves full of old tomes and pictures of lightsaber duels the Jedi master was so accomplished at. She imagined the cube that had brought her on this quest, a black and red crystal that opened before her to swallow up all her self doubt. She imagined the cube would somehow almost magically give her a fierce personality and the Force powers of Master C’Baoth. Enjoying her fantasy, Mishy wasn’t conscious that she had been staring at the door without blinking for more than an hour. She had gazed until all reality left the corridor.
    She began to float in an opaque world of different colored hues. The young girl could not tell what was up or down and where one color started and the other ended. Strangely through the Kaleidoscope of colours, Mishy sensed another.
    A being of immense power and gravitus.

    A feeling of absurdity ran through her heart, infinity surrounded her, the full spectrum of light vanished into a cloudscape of fog and cloded terrain. A mirror image sauntered towards her, smiling and talking without making a sound. The doppelganger smiled and mouthed the word DUCK . The thought exploded into her mind so intensely that she awoke in instant. She found herself being hurled behind the door into the Masters room. And then she saw it ….the button to open the door just under her doppelgangers fingertips. The button, encased inside the unbreakable alloy she had desperately tried to cut through countless times.

    Suddenly she found herself being physically propelled out of the room by an intense Force power that dragged her from her station. She tried to hold her position however the ground developed into rustic air and vanished towards the every emerging corridor of the doomed Outbound Flight .
    Mishy cried in vain, she watched as her doppelganger also cry in vain.
    The two stared at each other in silence as they moved away. Mishy screamed with her eyes, her ever smiling doppelganger did the same. Her eyes pleaded within the mirror image. Which in turn made the same face. Mishy quickly gambled and made a chopping and pressing action which the dopleganger mirrored over the button.

    She flew backwards and smacked into the bulkhead some five meters from the door, sliding down unconscious into the dark. Oxygen seeped from her respirator and lay hissing onto the floor.
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    A fierce growl like a feral canine slowly echoed into her mind, donging sounds like a heavy percussive metal clapped to a compounded time tempo. The sound droned into a vision of a blackened corridor within her psyche. The echo bounced through her mind, forming into a distant single point of light. The instant the sound hit the sole pinpoint of light it exploded into a trillion purple and yellow stars that tore back up the causeway of her consciousness.
    Mishy regained her sight instantly, through her dazed and muddy vision large purple stars engulfed her view as a heavy arboreal scent bore down into her self consciousness. Blood spurted in her mouth whilst frying circuitry whooshed around . The impenetrable door started to close in front of her. Panic set in, but this time she was more competent and composed. She fluently shoved the respirator back into her mouth and drew breath. Privately thanking herself for remembering her almost fatal error some days ago.
    The door slowly and stoically continued to creaked back to flush, precious centimeters of the inner sanctum faded away with every heartbeat.

    Still dazed, Mishy spied an outline of a droid scuttling over to the ever closing portcullis, she instantly Forced pushed the panicked droid to jam the door. The ornate access steadily crushed the squealing metal with a devout hunger. Mishy Force jumped to right herself and sped towards the entrance at phenomenal pace. In slow motion the screaming droid creased and halved it’s surface area. The squawk of the utility almost sounded sentient as it sparked and slowly became atomized. The crushing fixture increased it’s pressure, like a Corellian blood hound slowly snapping the femur bones of its prey. Fearing her chance being squandered Mishy dove for the entrance, keeping her form as lithe as possible. Gracefully she tumbled through onto soft auburn and strangely pungent animal skin carpet that cushioning her entrance. She reached out with the Force for her lightsabers, which instantly flung through the air; connected with a flying Static who tooted and whizzed in slow anguished panic. It was still determined to hold its grip when the flying through the aperture. The little droid shrieked as it clanged, grazed and sparked through the ever closing fissure. Time snapped back to scale as Statics red photoreceptor focused without sympathy on the pulverized bot as it clattered with far less dignity onto the pristine animal skin carpet next to Mishy, the sabers in its viced grip. Both human and droid lay dazed, both dispassionately looking at the remnants of crunching metal and exploding mini gases from the dying wedged utility droid. The droid winked out, it became as slender as a Muuns head. It exploded as if a bursting nova star, leaving nothing but empty space and a blue hue that shimmered around the doors black hole. The gate finally hissed shut and sealed itself, entombing it’s new captors into darkness.

    For seconds that seemed like hours both droid and human did not move. Distant popping sounds of burnt electrical circuits could be herd as a muffled echo dreamed away . Slowly the red hue of Static's photoreceptor lit the ghostly room. It scanned the silent interior. Mishy followed the light in silence. The spotlight caught sight of shadowed tomes, dusty trinkets along stacked shelves brimming with literature. The light panned down and began to roam about fixtures. A large desk and set drawers positioned itself between simple but amply sized bedding and another closed room.

    Mishy followed the red dreary light again , it circled and centered on a monitor wall unit like a beacon.
    Static sent a burst transmission.

    The wall unit, silently started to wink into existence with green flashing lights of a harddrive starting up. . After 45 years of silence the little wall unit coughed and flickered with green and yellow light slowly increasing its tempo pulsing like a heartbeat.

    “Running diagnostics please wait,” it chirped in an overtly falsetto tone. The blackened silence seemed not wanting to answer the droids assertion,
    “Light, oxygen level below acceptable… prepping, please standby”.

    Instantly phosphorus cool white light illuminated the whole room as a slow venting system rejuvenated the chamber with unseen but welcomed oxygen.

    “Standby, standby, levels at ambient in 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.”

    Mishy smiled and raised herself half heartily . She slowly loosened the cumbersome respirator and breathed fresh ionized air. The sweet smell instantly gave her a mental lift, she beamed with pride at her accomplishment. An immense desire to rid herself of her clothing captured her thinking, she stripped off her ruffled jumpsuit and lay down semi naked, her rippling body simply clinging to the absorbent animal hair rug as tears of joy cascaded down her cheeks.
    She finally raised a fist in triumph.

    Chapter 10
    The Sargeant at arms took the holocall abroad the matte black Chiss interceptor named the Frieserd. The message was encrypted and broadcast to the whole fleet.
    Instantly, a crystal clear screen imaged a Blue skinned Chiss dominated the shot infront of a kaleidoscope of whirling colors of his syndic. .
    “Report”, was the only word the commanded inflected in a bark.
    Crahsystor, we are in position with the vessel communications jammed, the enemy is alerted to our presence as per orders, flight 1 to 8 are awaiting your command, our space station is also in ready. There is nowhere they can go”.

    Wenj'umb'erthedoo of the 1st ruling family stood on the bridge of the flagship Minnicator. The cruiser was a wonder to behold, in an attacking manner it housed 50 turbo strike lasers, complimented with various tubed missile ports, 5 heavy tractor beams 10 flights of clawcraft, two interceptors and coroner nets that could be propelled within 300000 kmkilometers of the target.
    Wenj'umb'erthedoo’s image remained impassive as he acknowledged the report, he barked his orders with hoarse and firm fury.

    “ Order flights 1 and 5 to harass and eliminate target one. Set the Southern gem and Mazilinian on strafing runs with low percentage outcomes, there is to be only limited integral and structural damage to vessel. Our parameters are to reduce the vessels shield integrity by twelve percent, after this has been achieved fire for effect only unless lighter vessels attempt to flee or shield.”

    The Sargeant eyes couldn’t quiet keep the surprise out. Such incompetent military tactics would invariably lose lives.

    Wenj’umb’erthedoo bristled only a small fraction, the menaced of his voice however ranged in decibels,
    “You have your orders like I have mine, execute these immediately”.
    The transmission abruptly ended.
    The Sargent’s crew competently looked at their instruments with added precision.
    The Sargent somberly issued the command,
    “Flights away as ordered”.

    Like a swarm of the ever growing Killicks, Claw craft flights 1 and 5 drove out of the Southern Gem and dove towards the enemy vessels sensor arrays. Staccatoed pulses of light greeted the pilots who with precision that made aces look like novices, in unison barrel rolled and jinked to avoid the pumping volleys of the heavily shielded war craft. Within seconds of missile lock the communications array was lost in clouds of sparking rain. The Clawcraft cut away and drifted behind the now fleeing vessel. The fighter’s deadly bombardment of laser and tubed missile detonations just began to pinch the vital drive parts of the ship. With military discipline most shots volleyed wide.

    The lead Claw craft commander acknowledged, “ Target one destroyed, firing for effect only, awaiting orders”.

    “Keep clear and engage only lighter vessels trying escape”, Wenj’umb’erthedoo’s stern voice came over the communications.


    As if on que a multitude of ugly pirate crafts divulge themselves out of the enemy vessel . The large vessel acted as if being stung, it began a desperate and lurching maneuver along the plain of the gas giant, firing distinctly at the oncoming Mazilianian and Southern Gem. Clawcraft, buzzed the uglies picking each enemy vessel with precision and ruthless efficiency. The entire first wave of patchwork fighters were gone within minutes.

    Within the noiseless interior of the Minnicator Wenj’umb’erthedoo watched as the Southern gem and the Mazilinian sweep across the top side and belly of the enemy vessel, The Chiss interceptors fired with pinpoint accuracy at the hard points of the vessel. Wenj’umb’erthedoo looked ill at ease at such a belittling maneuvers, he recognized with a sickening feeling all commanders are faced at one point in their careers that the men in both Chiss vessels may die wondering why they were sent in with such belittling tactics.

    The Southern Gem caught a hail of lasers blasts exploding on soft spots throughout the perimeter of its underbelly. Large chucks of venting gasses were being expelled from her innards as the Gem immediately veered over and away from the engagement.

    . Wenj’umb’erthedoo shook his head in disgust, privately he thanked himself for telling the commander of The Southern Gem to evacuate all personnel within then belly section. The Southern Gem looked lost as it kept propelling forward just outside the margin of the gravity well of the gas giant for effect.

    Clawcraft group 1 and 5 disengaged the enemy vessel again and surrounded the Southern Gem, forming a protection screen around the stricken vessel. Two escape pods from the Gem jettisoned for theatrics luring the enemy captain into a false sense of accomplishment. .

    With the Southern Gem and Mazilinian out of position it was only up to the commander of the other vessel to spot their way out and punch for the blackness of space, Or so Wenj’umb’erthedoo hoped.
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    In a hazy dream of klaxons and pyrotechnic displays Deciman bit through the one cigar he thought hinted to nirvana. Uglys jinked and dove around the Deaths Head trying desperately to limit the onslaught of alien interceptors . They jinked, dove and barrel rolled to no avail, their lasers smattered only one or two enemy shields. The ungainly uglies didn’t stand a chance, almost as soon as they engaged they were mercilessly hunted down and destroyed with military efficiency.

    The thought of foreboding entered the captains durasteel veins, it rattled around his spinal cortex as he pondered why in eternity the Chiss should take out the communications first. A bright flash hit the bridge, a pinpoint shot from a strafing fighter. The shields lapped the green beam up without troubling the power core.

    I’ll never see the men that were going to try to kill me. Its not like the Chiss, the zealous beings usually take prisoners and incarcerated the vessel.

    Speckles roared over smattered shots that momentarily shook the hull of the Deaths Head.

    “It was not like the Karkin Chiss by any means, they pride themselves as the ones that shot second and killed the one that drew the gun in the first place. We didn’t do SHAB to them.”

    “Stop reading my mind you horned two for one.”
    Suddenly an image of an angry wraith flashed in Deciman’s mind. He knew from that portent there was to be no negotiations in this foray .

    What had I’ve done? I never took anything from these blue shabblas, Maybe they are teaming up with Remnant, Republic or Corporate sector? Or maybe I’ve stumbled onto something really big?

    A barrage from the portside battery knocked Deciman into reality, two enemy cruisers were about to rake his spine and belly in a textbook containment move. He was outmaneuvered and outgunned, desperately trying to use the elliptical plane of the gas giant to run. There was only one direction he could follow and that was straight ahead. He was not without hope, the sturdy shields easily lapped the laser strikes but for how long?

    “Keep shields up to maximum, divert power to the aft, belly and forward shields”.

    Speckles roared the commands, “Control, shield the beast front, bottom and bum double up”.

    Deciman came to his decision, dejectidly he walked over to his second in charge, he lowered his head and spoke quietly to Speckles and his old flame Sonia who was always evesdropping.

    “No more fighters away, they seem to only want to contain us after their initial payload. I think they are mustering us. Get every transmitter, tracker, computer storage magazine, every droid, every nacelles and anyone who can remember more than 10 digits to store these coordinates now, we need some sort of leverage down the track.”

    On cue two interceptors started charged at the Death’s Head, unleashing volley after volley in tandem at the forward command and the belly. Deciman quickly whipped out a credicoin and flipped. Through the rocking and concussive strikes Speckles shouted through the comm, and purposefully winked at his Captain,
    “All batteries to target the belly of the charger above”..
    The coin finally fell into Decimans hand, revealing heads.

    Bouts of red and green strikes converged on the matte black interceptor’s belly, slowly chewing through it’s shields to finally penetrate it’s soft underbelly.

    “Gutted like a Fish”, Speckles roared as the top interceptor cracked open ,gushing whisps of flash frozen air and detritus.

    In unison a heartfelt cheer echoed from the crew.
    The whoop was cut short within the dying vibrato of the pirates merriment as the Deaths Head rocked and pummeled vertically, jumping up meters as if a repulsor sled moved over boulders. Missiles and lasers concussed the belly of the pirate vessel copying the maneveur.
    An internal groan bellowed from the Deaths head, slowly yawning with a sirens scream. The vessels legs became paralyzed, never to walk again. Explosions engulfed her landing gear and fire ripped at it’s surface stations.

    Suddenly all was quiet on the bridge, klaxons were silenced and hearts pounded in a deep morbid unison. Within space, the enemy glided above and below, the vessels deadly might silently passing the Head and converging on the other side to contain their own stricken vessel. Two escape pods jettisoned quickly from the enemy flank while the clawcraft settled in for a defensive ring around the wounded starship..

    Speckles spat on the ground growling,
    “They took out the landing struts”.
    The captain regarded the news somberly, he winced at Sonia and weakly spoke,
    “Belay the last order of the preceding drill”.
    Sonia with her eyes not leaving her console whispered, “Too late Sir, they are all dead”.

    The silence from both sides fermented for seconds. Stars twinkled, moons spun and planets revolved around their suns like there was nothing untowards in the great galactic game of life and death.

    As the fermata tapered and stopped a slow crescendo a hundred kilometers away formed, it began with a bright flash erupting from the Chiss’s flagship and hurtled towards the Deaths Head. The green light splashed onto the shields with thumping vigor. The Sonic boom perceived within the Deaths head was like angry thunder and a full range of timpani. The shot had enough intensity to pitch the Deaths Head a fraction off course, like a boat rolling in a violent sea. It slew down the shockwave but remained somewhat on course.

    Deciman’s heart pounded, he thanked his stars the cruiser was out of range. Slowly he became enraged as he eyed his predicament ,

    “Keep us away from that Rancor, Run a scan ASAP, find out what’s in that quadrant in front of us, see if there are any habitable planets around.” He chewed on his cigar, his salvia turning a murky brown.

    Agitatedly Deciman eyed Speckles,
    “Give me the Comm Speckles, they need to hear it from me”.

    Grudgingly and dejectedly Speckles perceived the Captains intent and hung his head down, he handed the Comm over and stood down from his console.

    With flatness in his voice, Deciman expressed into the internal communications, “The Chiss had trapped us into position of their choosing, there is only one way out. The enemy vessels are sniping at our flanks, rear, belly and spine. Our only option is to be ferried forward, scans had shown that the Chiss have laid out what looked like to be defensive mines and have some sort of interdictor field on two of their ships that severe all chances of jumping quickly. Every time we try to change course a sharp and well executed response from the Chiss will continually revert us to their mustering, with the loss of lives to boot. The two ships that have raked us are a screen, they will be replaced just as fast as they matched our maneuver. We have but two options, stay and fight and be destroyed or jump and cause a stalemate somewhere else. We have the coordinates of where we are, it seems they want to make sure we can’t take this intelligence without a fight.”

    Deciman was still speaking as two more interceptors reverted into realspace infron of the command bridge, copying the same maneuver as the two previous ships had enacted. The matte black vessels drew themselves up and started attacking.
    Above impact bursts, Deciman continued to shout, his desperation showing,
    “We are going to do the same maneuver again, the landing struts are gone but this time we are going to drop some markers into the void”.
    Deciman clicked off, the crew noted the distressed tone of the Deaths Head, her internal creaks and groans reverberated off her bulkheads. She was hurt but deliberately stayed resolute.
    “Speckles, triangulate their jump point and set it into the navcom, this is our only way to escape, they’ve got us boxed get ready to drop the voices.”

    Two interceptors came in hard and fast, raking the pirate cruiser, heat flashed the transpiratsteel viewports as the attack copied the previous assault. The spine of the Head was fine, her shields doubled, though the belly suffered another agonizing injury to her already debilitated toes. Speckles eyed Deciman “Baradium heads yet?”

    “No, get to the next engagement, we will lose here, maybe they will get too cocky and then we will let rip.”

    The manuver completed Deciman cringed, waiting for the intense volley from the flagship, As on cue from back of the pack the massive Chiss Cruiser armaments lit up with a full barrage, it rocked the Deaths head jarring everyone,
    Speckles roared, “Coordinates locked. Jumping and lets hope they haven’t got backup that big when we revert in five minutes”.

    “Read the future Speckles”

    “Smell the fear Zelly”.
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    Major Ellan croaked to the haggard group of vigilantes, “She’s gone up the droid service shaft”,
    Her hard muscled exterior was a foolishly and ineffectually stuffed into the shaft fit for a dwarf. She had discarded her guns and flash bombs which scattered off like lingerie accentuating her already powerful posterior as she wiggled to stop herself from becoming stuck . She peered up the shaft creasing and squirming her frame to find an extra centimeter.

    Darius woof whistled as he watched Ellan’s buttocks jiggle.

    A self depreciating laugh echoed from within the service shaft ,“Shaddup!”.

    Darius continued to whistle and gyrate his pelvis.
    Ellan winced as she bumped her head, “by the look of the debris next to the turbo lifts, Mishy had already tried and found out they aren’t working, this is the only way she could have escaped, that droid sitting on sentry duty we just napped is a dead give away”.

    “How did she manage to survive? There’s no air up there.” inquired Caitlin.

    Indeed everyone in the group looked bemused, many shaking their heads in disbelief.
    “The Force”, a stunned Protor let slip.

    Darius and Caitlan were not convinced, shaking their heads vigorously in unison. They exchanged glances while the echoed harsh voice of Ellan panting to extricate herself issued a miltaristic tone. “It’s the droids who somehow fashioned a breathable atmosphere in sections of the ship. Those droids could have been rebuilding the ship for human interaction for some forty five years now, so I’d guess that most if not all of the vessels are now secure”.

    Ashanti spat dusty saliva onto the ground as she wiped dust from her face,” Bloody Ulair and Tarkosa, I told them to explore.”
    Darius snided theatrically, “For once I agree with you my love”.

    Protor shuffled between the two lovebirds defusing the agitated Major and cheeky doctor.
    “Look, she’s got the advantage and we all know that, maybe if we could lock her in a ship by herself and forget the key we will have won. “
    Ellan chided, somewhat accepting of Darius charms as he raised a disarming eyebrow towards her, “Already tried that, remember Ulair did that. Although you weren’t privy to much information, lets just say she was going to be a caged animal that got poked with sticks by the same person every two days, I dreaded the day that she was going to be released. I think Ulair’s corpse”,she hesitated,” lets just say parts of Ulairs corpse would have been found in many different places on the ship. So no, that’s how he got us into this mess in the first place”.

    Caitlin quickly butted in grabbing Protors arm like a lovesick school girl bubbling to the sortie enthusiastically, “Well we at least know where all the droids got to, maybe after this we might be able to take a few back and clean up the habitat abit. I can reprogram this droid to bring all the others back within a couple of days, all I need to do is caliber the frequency modules and overwrite the command procedures, with my data pad back home it shouldn’t take to long.”

    “Well that’s something” Darius admitted, “actually I’m warming to the idea, you’ve done your part pup, take Protor back with you and get working, keep commlink channel 5 open just in case. We are going to block all channels just in case Mishy sends some attack droids or something”.

    Protor protested, “Hey I want to stay, you brought me to help”.

    Ellan looked at the two youths and admired their determination, enthusiasm and naivety all at once. “You need to do your bit Protor, Caitlin and you can rewrite mainframes and discombobulate droid interfaces in your sleep. We have to take away her advantage if we are going to capture her, otherwise every droid we meet from now on will be a potential spy or worse, bomb. Besides do you really want to kill a little girl? Can you imagine yourself pulling the trigger or standing over her body saying to yourself I did that. Every night from now until you die is the potential to have numerous nightmares about killing a seven year old?”.

    Protor looked at the ground and mumbled,
    “I thought we were just capturing her”.
    Darius retorted in a consoling manner obviously trying to strengthen their fortitude but failing miserably because of his glassy eyes and doctors bed side manner, “Look we say things and want things to be true and truthful, but sometimes reality gets in the way, I’m not going to die if Mishy points a gun at me, and I’m shooting. If she has a knife I’m shooting, If she’s unarmed I’M stunning straight away, not talking to her like you see in the holodramas it’s straight out hunting and sometimes it brutal. You can help us and it’s vital that you do, I hope, I don’t have to pull the trigger but I certainly wish I pull it before you two young ones ever have to, you’ve got to much to live for, now give us the med kit and make your way back, take the gun and be wary she maybe backtracking us to snipe at us at anytime”.
    In a languid manner Darius draped an arm over Protors shoulder and whispered in his ear ,
    “Besides there are only two guns left at the community, hate to see only Ulair and Tarkosa have the only two weapons heh?, Though they would probably kill each other!”
    Protor snorted and laughed half heartidly, “OK”.
    “And besides,” Darius whispered in a conspiring tone, “how am I to make a move with you and Caitlan hanging around, it must feel almost perverted watching me strut my stuff and having Ellan falling head over heels for me!"
    Protor, snorted in mild derision and dropped the kit slowly turning away adjusting his commlink, ” Channel 5 right?”
    “You got it friend, and you’re probably going to be on the council soon so this is a great way to start”.
    “What taking orders?”
    “ No, taking one for the team and becoming a player not a hustler like me.”
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    I'll tell you what it is most certainly very red :p

    I read the first five posts, I'll most surely get to the rest, and I like what I'm reading. =D=
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    Thanks Mando! I hope you like it :cool:
    Red= Sith + Senate chief of state. I can't see why black type needs to be in a story.

    Mishy awoke, her trustworhy droid stared at her as she lay curled on the strange animal hair rug.
    “Sir, the turbo lift is now functioning at 45 percent”.
    She appraised the red photoreceptor as to why this was important enough to bring it up. She groggily nodded and was about to Force push the insistent droid away before it also beeped, “droid c653256 has detected beings found on level 4 d4 2.1 standard meters from turbolift Alpha”.
    This piqued Mishy’s interest straight away, she quickly shook the fog from her head and switched on. The young girl spied for a chair to rest and prop her cramping legs onto. She came across an aged old throne with massive columns of ornate wood that radiated untold power. Mishy inspected soft cushions and headrests and found it was covered in the same animal skin that she had lain on and promotly fell asleep upon. She slowly climbed onto the immense throne, feeling regal and stately.

    She looked down upon her slaved droid Static.
    “Show me,” she commanded.

    “I felt it prudent to show you the last ten minutes of vision before I revert it back to real time officer Lakaylor,” Static interjected.

    Mishy sagely nodded.

    A very narrow angle of a grainy cam view holovised from the droids sternum, Mishy could see the vast bulk of major Ellan and about seven other pairs of feet behind the huge woman’s frame. As the camera panned out, the young girl spied the strangers were all were armed with various antiquated blasters and throw bombs. She gauged their stances, they kicked and poked around in boredom except for the Major and Darius. His beady and shifty eyes darted from one high place to another, then onto the buttocks of Major Ellan again. Most assailants had their blasters clipped and sauntered along with the flow of the group.

    The cam droid’s position must have been in the service hole and had emerged just a little bit to much for it to be noticed . A shout was issued and blue flame licked the outer frame of the viewing recticle. From the background two laser guns scopes were fast at targeting the centre cam, other beings dove behind crates and tried to find cover. It was obvious that the people had not had much practice, a young boy almost blew his foot off by not unclipping his blaster, he stood out in the open with his hand on the trigger frantically trying to wrench his weapon up from his holster, the scene was laughable as the young tap dancer finally got to the stage exit and fell off kilter crasheing behind some boxes; his legs hung up in the open without anymore movement.

    Curses and finally laughter ensued.

    Major Ellan’s infrared bead was trained right in the camera’s recital. Soon after 6 other beads of light were tracing the droid which stood motionless. Mishy shouted at Static,
    “Shut down the Turbo Lift, Get the Droids out of there”!
    Static replied in its usual impertinent monotone voice,
    “I was aware of your previous directive Officer Lakaylor”.
    But c653256 stood like a statute and the humans were now training their guns at the turbo lift and service hole listening intensely as the droids were trundling back to Mishy’s compact.
    “Why isn’t the cam droid moving?” She screamed.
    Mishy was nervous, her eyes were focused on the little droids picture as she saw the group focus its attention between the service hole and stationary droid. “Get that droid out,” Mishy screamed.
    Static replied lethargically, his red photorecptors almost dulled to pin pricks,
    “Negative all functions of that droid had been jammed or overwritten”.

    Within the background camera shot, Mishy could make out a female not with a blaster but with a ion gun, the make commonly associated with pesky Jawa’s. She gasped and watched in horror as large hands engulfed the droid, the picture became swirling, a large eye peered into view and stayed squinting and appraising the cam, it moved away slightly, the head of Major Ellan superimposed itself into full view, her lips moved slowly.
    Mishy knew that Ellan was talking to her personally. “Clever little girl aren’t you!, Give up, while you still can, we will capture you and it won’t be pretty”. Mishy watched as Ellan turned off the cam.

    Silence engulfed the room as Static’s sternum turned darker hue than pitch.

    Mishy looked at Static, “Bring all droids to me at once and get them charged we have work to do”. Static sent the transmission and then let its receptor wink out to conserve energy. Looking around at her surroundings and focusing on her lighsabers, she smiled a feral smile of self deprecation and thought
    I’ve never given up, why should I start now? Time to get that cube.

    Mishy looked around the room, within the Force she sensed the cube behind an ornate door and again in a niche that looked as hard to open as the front door. She sighed, time was running out.
    She desperately snuggled into the animal hair cushion and stared at the door. She knew through the Force that with her concentration and the chair it would be the key to her emancipation.

    Chapter 11
    A Cacophony of percussive dull thuds rang throughout the hangar bays of theDeaths Head. Panders and Funsuhh were on edge. They worked nervously around their beloved ARC soldering the last section of shield array onto the port stabilizer. We are so close yet so far away, so much loot in the ARC and so much more to get paid, thought Panders. He was covered in sweat and grease from the quick mechanical build he needed to complete. He smelt his stained underarm and realized that he ponged worse than a Bantha in rutting season. With a fleet of the feared Chiss engaging them everyone was sweating.
    There was no time to take a sonic this time, everything happened so suddenly.
    He smiled to himself, I’m pretty sure the last thing the crews attention will be on is not how good or bad a being smells.

    Whilst entrenched in the inner workings of capacitator values and stabilzers , Panders had heard the shouts of encouragement and anguish, quips about landing struts being gutted and uglies blown to mere atoms in seconds. But all he saw was a hydrospanner slowly adjusting a frayed unthreaded bolt.

    Fuunsh continued to commentate in broken basic, “The outside fighting been so fierce no one depart. Bang, gone, Bang, Boom, Bang Here they come. Bang boom”.
    Panders quipped,” I think I’ll interpret that as the silence of space has shown a brilliant show of marksmanship from the Chiss interceptors and the Heads getting pulveverised". He raised his ire,"like I can’t hear that!”

    A dull thud of earsplitting decibels from a thousand d flat chapel bells hit the Deaths Head with such force that maintenance, cargo, personnel and many unaware droids shifted some 3 feet to starboard.

    “Spoilsport”, Funsuuh barked over the reverb.

    “Maybe it Deciman’s last trick”, Funsuhh yelled at Panders,” This take us out of action, no first wave defense for us”.

    The two sentinents woked efficently, Panders quickly put the finishing touches on the stabilizer. With a patchwork of tape, pirates ingenuity and a few choice words he had the diagnostics in the green and found the new work running rather smoothly. In the limited time Fuunsuuh had hoarded . Along with their vast amount of cash Fuunsuuh had managed to find a couple of remote detonators with pins that were placed as far away from the blastac he had scavenged. Rat packs, spare blaster pacs and a camo net littered the side gunners chair. The rest of the limited storage space was filled with credits, a heavy repeater, basic tools and circuits finally complimented with tough vac suits for the emergency.

    “Wonder why captain hasn’t called us to protect? Only first flight got to go?” Funsuhh asked.

    Panders retorted, ,“Yeah well I don’t see any of one flight returning now do you fatty? I think they got obliterated out their”.

    The Deaths Head spontaneously lurched, it spasmodically chugged until a semidivine silence covered the vessel.
    “Arrg we just jumped, yep those boys ain’t coming back. I hope it wasn’t Deciman or Roko busting the ARC stabilizer to get to the loot, otherwise our security systems really need to be upgraded. ” He kicked the landing strut in confusion.
    The Deaths Head dynamics increased. Her crew frantically tidied up loose ends. Shouts of orders mixed with curses in noone in particular made a heavy din.

    “Remember we bang out with the third squadron” Panders told Funsuhh as they assessed the situation.
    “Ok, but we should at least stick around for some fighting”, Funsuuh stood firm.
    Belligerently Panders snickered, “How are you to spend the loot if your dead”?
    Slowly the cogs in Funsuuh’s brain turned, “Good point, I trust you”.
    “ Then put that hydro-spanner away and get suited up”.

    The large Weequay struggled to put his morbid frame into the largest of large suits, he squirmed and stated, “I Hope Roko wasn’t in the first wave he still owes us a tonne of credits!"
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    Back within the command bridge of the Deaths Head the captain could do little but pray for the boards to go green and wait for reversion into real space. Deciman stared for a full minute from the bridge viewport, Hyperspace; such a solitary existence, whorls of colors’, mists and auroras licking the edges gargantuan mechanical beasts. Shields can be charged and set up for engagement but they could not be deployed until we come out of the punch. Crews can be redeployed and slight mechanicals can be serviced. We are only going to be really lucky or get a violent reception.

    Speckles yelled,” Option number one boss”.

    This time Deciman merely nodded and didn’t tell his gotal to get out of his mind. Save the fighting for the enemy. We all want the first option.

    The Deaths heads massive frame hurtled through the narrow hyperspace channel, although bruised and battered the vessels’ fine shields had kept them from annihilation. The crew was negative 15 with the loss of three in the landing assemblage and 12 pilots massacred when they tried to defend against the Chiss’s precision fighters. Her ragtag bunch of brigands had fared well from their encounter but were very wary of the power of the Chiss.

    Speckles started to coalesce the pirates, he bellowed over the loud speaker. “This is the Chiss’s first and final warning to stay out of Chiss space. We have never taken any Chiss planets or their allies who are lurking even farther away. We have only used the Chiss territory for safe haven to hide from our adversaries so we can’t be traced back to our secret base. This is our chance to escape and we only have one shot at it”. He paused for a fraction of a second making all sensory devices hang on his every syllable ,” So lets get moving. Drill Meta Max Five is now a reality so get to it, all of you”.

    The crew were automatically buoyed by this revelation and got to work. A hive of activity belittled Decimans previous ruminations. In this reality of hyperspace all crews were trying to repair damaged struts, long range communications, they ran diagnostics on their battered but fully functioning shields. Diverse species sprinted hither thither to their assigned tasks. Deciman regarded the captains console with pride, though nervously he still chewed on his cigar like it was sweet candy. Red lights turned to orange, orange to green. The drills were a marvell of creation.
    . He continued to mull over his predicament. This is the first time a real force had been sent to deal with the Death’s head. Over previous years there was always a patrol here or there that a planets government or the banking clan set up to rid themselves of his menace., The task Forces had never even got close. A few space battles with underwhelming opposition, a couple of executions for infiltrators and the normal shootouts with the police force or army that protected a cities treasuries. The Chiss on the other hand were deftly coordinated.

    He thanked the stars as his charged lasers went green. With all the furious activity and respectable danger sense it was one pesky cooking droid that broke the Hoth ice, it insistently commed the bridge to inform the captain as per order 11; The overindulgence of food without order. Sonia over her com gave the code for the droid to go to the service bays for reconfiguration.
    Deciman choked on his laughter as he instantly found an angle.

    He spoke to Sonia, “That droid has given me an idea my love, just remind me of it if I forget.”
    Most of the crew assumed this may be their last meal and scoffed the kilojoules of steroid and vitamin induced war time meals. Many took far too many ration bars from the serving droids and stims were now an even greater commodity. Deciman laughed at the old adage, It was typical pirate behavior. Don’t fight on an empty stomach, make sure you have 2 stim packs with you at all times and have enough stimtac to patch your own intestines. Most also stole all the rat packs incase of they needed to escape. As a standing rule it would be every sentient for itself if the Deaths head was to be scuttled.

    At four minutes forty seconds the Deaths head suddenly decanted back into realspace.
    “Shields up to maximum, Speckles your wrong”, announced Deciman from the bridge command.
    “Wrong on so many levels!”.
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    Stars reconfigured to bright pinpoints as the Deaths Head was wrenched out of hyperspace. Her engines groaned and the nav computer spiked. The Deaths head literally screamed as she licked her wounds. What a sight encompassed them from 15000 kilometers . A massive space station was relayed on the scopes, it lay dead ahead from the Deaths heads bow. Hundreds of emplacements and batteries lit up from the static blue space station, lasers spewed red, green and blue gouts towards the Deaths head. Cobalt colored asteroids 10,000 kilometers further to starboard gave bursts of flack fire from hidden emplacements. The fire, though well out of range to be effective, cornered the Deaths head into a series of cycling shield maneuvers which Deciman expertly executed.

    Speckles screamed eyeing his charts and displays, “The whole area is one massive fortification!”

    Deciman fought for control as the Head was slightly pummeled by ever pinpointed shots.

    Through the chaos, the first scans of their surrounds came up on the display boards. It recorded the station as only partially finished, a provisional class two station that had weak points exposed. This brought a brief hint of joy to Deciman who tightly smiled and viewed the space stations excessive storage facilities and skeletal structures. Beams were still under construction with massive steel tensile ropes lashed to adjoining partitions and girders.

    This is my chance.

    Deciman viewed the main readout screen and brought out his laser pointer, he signaled everyone’s attention to their frontal screens instructing them in a quiet and composed matter.
    “Forward shields and prepare for full throttle forward engagement. Angle for the portside of the structure, stay away from the asteroids on starboard. Full focus of their shield arrays rolling wave 1”.
    Deciman pointed to the screen frantically.

    “ Return fire on compressor bank like structures deemed alpha and beta on my mark. Prepare to eject garbage fromconcussion tubes 1 to 3 and 5 to9. Torpedo tubes 1 through eight are to be filled with flack and garbage whilst 9 to 16 with proton torps and4 to have the live baradium head. Prepare ion cannons for surge pattern 3”.
    For the complete opposite Speckles hollowed the orders through the bridge and comm area. He cut the mic and looked Deciman in the eye whispering quiet menace, “You leave our back unguarded, if one of those ships pop out from hyperspace and start firing we are dead”.

    “That we are devil man, and that’s what I’m banking on. But those vessels have done their job for awhile, they have brought us here. That flotilla could have hemmed us in to that gas giant and totally obliterated us”, Deciman paused as he adjusted the shield programs again, “ no they brought us here to test their defenses, the Chiss want to blood the space station and all their fortifications, it’s what military superpowers do on the sly. They will want to hold us close and then let us go, like a felinx playing with a mousil pup. I’ll play their game but on my terms, although they took out our communications because no one will be the wiser if we die. I’m certainly going to bloody their noses, that’s the only way we can get out of this, if we fight hard enough and do the right amount of damage and trickery they might just board us and then we will have hostages to negotiate with.”

    This brought total silence to the bridge, the revelation that they were only a spoke in the wheel for a government that by all rights didn’t need them alive to tell the tale spoke volumes to the crew.
    Deciman let everyone know his intentions through the calm enlightened inflection of a holy preacher. The crew however were not crestfallen, indeed they were bouyed by the promise to scrap in the corridors of the Head. Many thought that this sort of strategy, albeit a Corellian risk was at least a way to go out in style.
    Deciman continued in his mild manner finding himself looking into the young eyes of himself, he winked a good eye at the fastest man he had ever seen and the most trustworthy scoundrel he had ever fathered. He leveled a finger at Jarvis, his son and threw a data packet at him.
    “Get Dedimacr and his pansy brother to juryrigg the communications array in the YT, tell them they don’t see their pay if they can’t do this within the next 3 minutes. Point the blaster at Dedimacr, he is the most stubborn and shoot him on stun if he doesn’t get Danteid to work. If that fails just steal the ship. On second thoughts just stun Dedimacr straight away, take a gurney, two droids and stuff them all in the ship, your getting outta hear and raising the alarm. Do it personally Jarvis don’t come back. You need to lock yourself and them in the YT, coordinates are the same from when we were sprung, and then make sure you drop a droid at the gas giant, then jump. straight to base, they are to be locked on with no failsafe.”
    The whole bridge fell silent as they monitored the staccotted shots bouncing into the Head, however, the distance was far two out of range for an effective barrage. Finally Deciman let go with anger, he Shouted to his departing son.
    “Good luck son, now Sonia get all the cooking droids to meet next to the trash chutes they may need to become angels. We have limited time, we hold for three minutes or until those ships pop from behind us, the big one has to collect their mines that should take more than 6 minutes and they will come sooner and forget the mines if we wield around or don’t engage .”

    Jarvis bolted for the turbolift, unhooking his commlink and blaster in fluid motions, he stopped at the lift doors and looked back, giving a nod to Deciman and shouted
    “Pirates fortune dad”.
    And then he was gone.

    “Sonia get the boys in munitions to tie the mines in groups of 5, have 8 sets taken to tubes 1-8 and 30 sets to be ready to be released behind us via all the airlocks and air vents Quadruple pressurized no traceable explosions, all ray shields to be deactivated on the starboard . I want the cycle released on my mark! Tell everyone on Starboard to put on vac suits they will be floating for half the battle with limited shielding, then tell the Portside to get their vac suits ready, but not on, we don’t need punctures incase those batteries from the station have more kick in them than ever. I want lasers tracked on ion cannon targets only, enough to compensate for the shield buildup and saturation we will be getting in two minutes. When we wield, attack plan epsilon except all shields are too angled for our backsides and starboard, limited front. After the ion cannons find their target all missiles to fire on vessel targets. Hit bridges and hangars, 3 flights to be prep and ready to hit and run at range targeting blind shots of the hangars on my mark then weild around and use cycled continuous laser strikes on section 27,2445 and 27,2447 of space, yes you heard me I don’t care if there is nothing there just order it done. . Uglies are to then draw back and harass the portside defenses on their way back to the hangar .. Two minutes max and I want the Corellian transport out and ready to jump with the uglies. Revert back to traditional delta but for the starboard side when we wield back. Run a scan for power output veins on that station during this mess and a scan for all habitable planets past the station plot them on the nav. I also want a complete scan of all asteroids, planetoids, moons floating debri within this system, see if there is a relative weak point with nothing around that we can jump, any direction, any range. “ Deciman wiped sweat from his brow and lit up another cigar. The enemies laser strikes had begun to find their range, now it was his turn.

    Sonia’s hands flew over the controls as the pit crew started their sequences; Deciman placed his hands over Speckles board and wished him and his crew pirates fortune.
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    The animal hair cover was the most comfortable blanket in the universe.
    Mishy was in deep sleep and dreaming. It was the same dream she had been accustom to for most of her life, however this time her mind was picking it to pieces.

    Look at me! I’m a Jedi
    But why do I have a red lightsaber?
    What beautiful arms I’ve got!
    Now to just try a see myself in a mirror… oh here comes that beast!

    It’s,, wow…..

    A Wookie…An auburn coloured Wookie,

    It’s huge.

    Oh no it’s spotted me, here it comes… wait the lightsaber I’ve thrown it,

    The dreams changing.

    Whats that smell? It must be the rug?

    What? I smell the rug?

    In my dream?

    Hey that must be a Wookie fur rug I’m sleeping with!

    Wait what’s that?

    A rushing tidal wave of icy water immersed her vision. The Wookie hooted at her, it’s voice a gurgle. Strangely, time slowed as the hoot mutated into a human male voice of great bass resonance,
    “You have realized your demise, now change the outcome, visit the place of your death, prepare for your passing child. Only by revising death do you become all powerful enough to change you departure”.

    A further strange vision interjected through walls of her icy dream. The Wookie faded into a whorl of colors that seeped up through a shadowed glint. Heat suddenly radiated from the floor where large foot falls retreated towards an exit door. Mishy desperately called to the invisible beast,
    “Don’t leave me Jedi!”
    Suddenly the Wookie appeared in magnificent multicolored hues. It frantically spun around in two separate parts, it’s head detaching from its body, while its arms tumbled around as fast as particle accelerators. In one paw was an ignited golden ligtsaber that fiercely bubbled as if underwater . It was obvious that the Wookie had been startled and was trying to sense Mishy in the Force. Funnily enough it had no obvious recollection that it was charging at the girl moments before. The tetracolored beast could not see Mishy, it searched for sound and sniffed the air. The Wookie shut it’s eyes and concentrated in the Force; Finally a look of serenity overcame the creature while wild colours dazzled into the background. The Wookie finally picked up on Mishy’s faint Force signature and smiled in self-depreciation acknowledging an unknown foible of itself and shut down its saber.

    As Mishy continued to dream, her mind started to swim, she tossed and turned as sweat dripped into the rug. She called out, her murmurs echoing in the errie chamber. In deftly silence Static’s red silhouetted eye was ever staring at its new master,
    “Curious”, it’s only drawn out response.
    Again the dreams vision abruptly changed; the Wookie vanished through the door, only to let in a lone human skull. The cranium was the size of a mature man from a low gravity environment. Somewhat squat but powerfully built the skull darted around like a nymph. It levitated with a regal purpose and then without warning dove headlong towards Mishy's vision and into her mind. A buzzing sound engulfed Mishy who screamed in anguish. The skull felt as if it was on a important inspection tour, allowing itself unlimitied and unmitigated access to Mishy's thoughts. It broke her at will.

    Mishy screemed uncontrollably as the skull delved into her memory.

    Clean and white, the skull gathered information at will, the young girl paralysed like a Tatooine wasp's victim; unable to move but able to see and sense. The skull started to shimmer into a golden hue at it’s cranium base, it had hit offending secrets and shames.

    It darted into the inner workings of Mishy’s mind with increased desire and vigour.
    The skull reappeared and super imposed itself to take up the whole of her vision. It was caked in a black viscous liquid while the eye sockets and nose slits spurted a kaleidoscope of whorling colors, streaming out powerful and hypnotic currents of Technicolor power. Hypnotising her immediately. It was a beautiful artistic sight to behold, one long to be cherished, unfortunately like a gargoyles stone ediface . The skulls teeth gnawed , thrashing it’s mouth like a junky going through cold turkey. It finally spoke in the same basso continuo voice of the Wookie’s, commanding her,
    “Use your abilities, take control and lead. Continue my legacy and you will be rewarded with knowledge and power” .
    The gore from the skull cascaded into nothingness, leaving a pure white cranium which began to slowly emit its own light and morph. Layers of tissue and blood formed over its head and chin. Legs and a body started to strand from his orifices, like a baby in birth. It sharply grew and reconfigured into a humanoid form. Liquid like whorls from the mouth soon became covered over streams of color which retreated into the eye sockets to form a brown murky paste.. The humanoid took shape , twisting and shouting out words in pure terror.
    Dark Side.
    Slowly the transformation continued adding skin and long greying hair to the growing body, it began to the resemble of an old man with powerful and confident features. A silver white beard cropped but ungroomed grew from his still skeletal cheecks. Long greying hair fell past the mans shoulders. The skinless but tendon riddled face screamed once more inarticulately to bring the final change. Weathered and lined skin broke through pores like eruptions of gaseous volcanoes, Jedi robes puzzled into place to reveal a Human Jedi Master.

    Jorus C’baoth stared at Mishy for some time, evaluating her. A slightly caring if not bemused smile crossed his features, he slowly pursed his small featured lips and whistled a short high pitched note at earsplitting decibels.

    The Jedi Master then quickly vanished into a soundwave .

    Upon her rug and still in a deep restless sleep, Mishy’s body was convulsing, her hands dug into the animal hair, she began to scream so uncontrollably that the effect was that it sounded like a sirens song of love lost at the height of an eternal embrace. The earsplitting wail became resonant and forced, it hung in the air and merged in harmonic unison with the Jedi Master’s whistle.

    The young girls body suddenly changed from taunt, sweaty and convulsing to a relaxed, stable and serene sleeping angel.

    After a fashion, Mishy awoke to hot teary eyes. Groggily she wiped them and spied around the room. A burning white cube hovered above a small treasure box. The box was familiar in sheen it was obviously constructed from the same saber resistant material as the front door.
    Instantly Mishy Force pulled the cube and box towards her. The trinket box flew into her grasp while the Cube lazily hovered infront of her, waiting for instructions. She spied down at the dark box and saw a familiar intricate design, geometrically coloured whorls sketched around a pure white skull .
    The cube hovered infront of her, Mishy gave a thought whistle the same frequecy as the Skulls beforehand.
    Instantly the cube dazzled an even whiter lumen, it rapidly began to unlocked itself.
    Light dazzled the room cancelling every shadow.
    The cube spun rhythmically and floated into her hand with all the grace and delicacy of a Twileck dancer. Mishy admired it for its simple beauty,
    So small but so powerful!

    Mishy looked at the holocron so longingly as it opened.

    A small but magnificent avatar lit the room in a shadowy blue hue.
    It spoke in a familiar deep basso continuo voice,
    “I am Jedi Master Jorus C’Baoth and you are my apprentice”.
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    I don't know what chapter this is and don't much care, noone reads it anyways.

    Tarkosa sat beside Ulairs cot wincing at the terrible wounds Mishy had inflicted on his friend. His evervessant sparring partner hesitantly touched the bloodied bandages around his forehead.
    The room had come to a silent interlude, both men had used up all their small talk and even a large philosophical argument about proton accelerators. Support machines pumped rhythmically to a slow tempo beggining to break the dry solitude as both mens attention were drawn to the constant hum with mild facination . Nutrients flowed from tube to tube mixing in and delivering it's payload by slowly snaking it's way intravenously into Ulairs grazed right arm. The once larger than life self-proclaimed leader looked pale, his skin started to hang, folding onto his cheeks. However intelligent eyes revealed a sharp mind. He stared at the ceiling calculating.
    “Isn’t it sad that your best friend is your only true rival”.
    “Some long dead philosopher”? Tarkosa morosely replied.
    “Nope just a battered old fool who had his head stuck far too far up his bulkhead”.

    Both men smiled pitifully at the ceiling.
    Tarkosa jibed, “OH, well there you go, you finally smelt one that you dealt”, his mood lightened. Automatically as if by reflex he politically went for the kill.
    “This council will help you know, it will be able to delegate so we can free up more man hours and maybe explore a little, the radiation has got to be high but not significant enough to cause mutations especially if there are droids in other parts of the ship are repairing it for habitation”.

    “Yeah well Mishy still needs to be…”

    Protor rushed into the room banging the door excitedly and speaking double time.
    The two occupants were startled and reeled backwards watching the adolescent rush in like a shockball forward. Caitlin the obvious captain quickly followed Protor into the room, her arms holding onto a droid as if it was a young sibling.
    Protor spoke rapidly unmindful of the two occupants private space, “Mishy’s on another level and probably on a different ship!”
    “What?, explain!” Tarkosa spluttered as he took stock of the situation.
    Protor at his same hasty and dynamic pace replied, “Pretty boring for about three hours you know, we sifted through the storage rooms for awhile and you know its all the same endless stuff, but finally we got onto her trail by looking at the crates she had unpacked”.
    “Yeah”, Chimed in Caitlin excitedly, “She’s got food, water and medicine to last ages”!
    Protor spun around and protested, “Hey you said I could do this!”,
    Caitlin scolded but waved a hand and made a shushing noise to her partners demands but let him continue in his break neck speed.
    “Yeah well we tracked her to the turbolifts and found that she had tried to use it cause of all the debris that she raked out ,somehow she must have found a droid to take her up the service shaft cause we heard about 20 droids evacuate the lift chamber once we caught this little guy”. He turned around and let Caitlin take the lead
    She cocked an eyebrow in ersatz,” All in one breath, I’m impressed!” she jibbed. Protor for all his enthusiasm smittenly looked back at her like an excited puppy.
    Caitlin rolled her eyes and spoke to her almost forgotten audience who were still trying to decipher Protors erratic fast paced dialog.
    “ It’s a service droid with a camera attachment, it’s been modified recently to work or spy, pretty basic stuff but I got this one by using the ion gun. I couldn’t get any others as they took off up the elevator shaft and service chute too quickly. There must have been at least 20 droids there, but I couldn’t see them.
    “Twenty droids!”, Ulair sat up excitedly, “Wow that’ll help us so much if we can get them”.
    They all nodded vigorously as Caitlan slowed the pace, “ Anyway, we can track this ones memory and find out where Mishy has been and maybe which ships are indeed habitable. It’ll take a day max at fast speed and I’ll tag each new location and any images of worth.”
    Ulair bleated, “Go, get to work quickly and make a raw copy of all the recordings”, triumphantly and a little sardonically he continued,” I think the council will want to look at this for new opportunities”.
    Protor chucked a commlink to Tarkosa who caught it easily, “Channel 5 to reach Ellan, we blocked all other signals just in case Mishy programmed any death droids”.
    Shocked Ulair asked Caitlan,“What death droids?”
    “Don’t know, i'm not sure there are any, but she possibly could attach a bomb to one and send it care to yours truly.” Caitlan spied the droid in her arms and affectionately spoke to it like a baby” If she can program this one she could do anything!”
    Tarkosa said light-heartedly, “Lock the door when you leave .“
    This brought a small grin from Ulair but a worried look ran through his eyes as he feinted his courage,
    “What is she goanna come and get me?”.
    Tarkosa walked to the door and followed the two youths out slyly speaking,
    “Yep, she will try; she hates you! Think about what she might find out there, Jedi weapons!” He winked at his comrade sarcastically and slowly shut the door and locked it.
    Ulair crumpled back into his cot, he put the sheets around his chin as fading footsteps echoed down the hall, he started to shake a little and perspire a cold sweat. His last inkling of chatter before the machines took over their rhythmic progression was Tarkosa heartily speaking into a comm,
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    With military efficiency so ingrained into psyche, a blue skinned and black sashed Chiss communications controller raised his of voice startling Chombardanthumby. Chombardanthumby; The officer on deck for want of a term aired confidence, in reality was a nervous wreck. He was not a fighter, this was his first and hopefully only real engagement. As an officer he built death machines and supervised the secret redoubts internal defensive capabilities. Although he took courses,Chombardanthumby’ s expertise in war was underwhelming. He was still Chiss, and as all officers had, he had passed the military engagement Sims with the standard 100%.

    He could effectively ward off this threat and capture the offenders.

    Or so he desperately hoped.

    “They are running scans on our inner and outer defenses sir, It appears that Wenj’umb’erthedoo has exceeded the damage specifications you ordered, the whole starboard side and aft of the vessel is venting atmosphere and debri in a large swath. They have begun to move to the port side at full power and have their shields angled to soak up all fire, the enemy is going to concentrate their fire on the shield housing” .
    Chombardanthumby nodded, he knew that Wenj’umb’erthedoo would have been seething from the gambit and had already factored this revelation into his response. Turning around, he opened his mouth and was just about to inform the crew to lower the level of precision laser strikes when the comm Officer shouted, “The vessel is firing, Shield array is holding at 70%, they have bombarded it with proton torpedoes, Reverting power to shields”.
    “Fire lasers and missiles, prepare the fighters to deploy”, answered Bardan as he
    watched Ion cannons race towards his space stations shields. In a instant a massive incandescent explosion rocked the space station. All the crews blast visors automatically darkened to soak in the light, but still their were shrieks of agony from those who were watching the fight from the viewports. The whole station started to pitch.
    “Damage report”, shouted Chombardanthumby,
    Within seconds it was obvious that the whole shielding housing and a half section of torpedo banks were vaporized. The pirate ship stung the base with blistering rolling laser strikes, hitting the hangar bay and all other tubed missile placements on the port side as soon as the shields fell..
    “Hangar bay and missiles tubes have been decimated, shields are damaged beyond repair on the portside” shrieked the tactical chief. In a slight bemused and angered tone Bardan barked the order, “Concentrate all fire on the vessel”.

    Immediately huge swaths of light and streaks of propulsion trails centered towards the ship only to come up about 100metres short detonating well before their intended mark.
    “Their shielding has retained integrity,” announced the comm
    “They have an accelerator that extends for a hundred meters, no missiles past that mark although 54% of the lasers penetrated the outer shield only to be absorbed by the inner shield. No hull or shield breach! They are diving sir ,turning around to jump back, should I recall the flotilla to intercept their retreat?”

    “They are already on their way”, Bardan replied with anger ,“Pepper their hull on their turn, hit the venting airlocks. I want to scuttle this vessel quickly before the honor is wrested away from me by the fleet commander; they are proving a force within themselves.”
    A large cheer erupted as the Baradium missile hit its mark.
    “Shields down and awaiting slaughter”, Roko hollered as the Deaths heads guns’ played a deep and rapid resonating rhythm, embellished with staccato and mordents of canister missile casings gonging onto the floor . This lively song was accentuated by the thunderous but high pitch thump of the laser cannons that militaristically drove the pirates aboard the death head to bob their necks in unison.;The lively percussion was music to the crews ears.
    Abruptly the vessel cut a tight angle, the song rested for what seemed an eternity.
    The silence of space was unnerving.

    The crew changed into their vac suits while Uglies and the YT deftly slipped out of the hangar using their repulors and nimble flying to slingshot out and away with the Deaths heads frame blocking the view of the Space stations scanners.

    Within 2 beats a ghastly counterpoint erupted on the Deaths head as she cut, her tail and side were bombarded with an onslaught of fire, each shield array soaked up so much power that the Speckles thought the hull integrity would be diminishing by the first stanza. The Uglies that had raced out into the void closely followed by the YT transport made up thousands of kilometers without detection but were now in the open and staging for a hyperspace jump. The Chiss spacestations guns were out of range.

    “All uglies; Fire!”

    Deciman announced his command as the Deaths Head cut a tight angle and duly volleyed into the blackness of space .
    For a space jock it made no sense to shoot at nothing, but so drilled by the master pirate,the pilots and crews let loose a volley of ion cannons , lasers and missiles triangulated towards a specific void of space.
    With the warping of time, the Chiss flotilla decanted back into realspace, 11 Chiss ships became instantly gouted in flame. Their shields which normally turned on automatically once reversion occurred could not stop the mines of the Deaths Head impetuous forbearing. Within a blink of an eye the blue flash of ion cannons splashed central bridges. Gunships evacuated atmosphere. Haphazard laser strikes and missiles connected with port and starboard paneling as vessels turned away. A few luckier shots smashed bridges and gutted hangars.
    Four vessels were out;junked and vaporized with two more sustaining enough damage as to head for the safety of the asteroid belt. The YT sped past the stricken Chiss carnage , sandwiched between masses of laser energy that provided cover as it jumped back down the hyperspace lane.

    Clawcraft erupted out from the remaining vessels with about 80 pilots quickly forming up in a precise diamond formation to redeem the Chiss distinguished fighting capabilities.

    “We are running hot Deciman, our aft is nearly gone,” screamed Speckles as the Head was buffeted from the rear.

    “Turn and dive to their port, the tail Uglies will have to scatter, have you got anything to jump to Sonia?” asked Deciman as he surveyed the clustered space.

    “Coming up, a narrow gap about 3 parsecs long of clear space from sector 1.24587 only.”

    “Is that the only option?”
    “Apart from doing what you did for our son, nothing, the space around here is so dense with moons, suns and asteroids our only way to escape is to take 27,2446 or 1.24587 and 27 just closed up because of that monstrosity of a ship just reverted”.
    “Ahh heck, they were quick, Give the Uglies the co-ordinates to 1.24, my condolences and information that we are willing to negotiate, tell em to talk to anyone who will listen, secrecy is out of the question.”
    With a sober outlook Deciman’s tired eyes watched half his Uglies fire in a blaze of glory towards the resolute clawcraft. The other half scattered, he twitched and regained his usual confident persona.
    “Plot it to the nav and jump to 2. Release remaining mines now!”
    Deciman was staring at his aft monitor and bit straight through his cigar, the clawcraft altered their course parting in the middle, leaving the massive Chiss vessel sitting clear in space eyeing the Deaths head. Deciman blinked and the vessel simply vanished, “
    “Jump,” screamed Deciman “Jump now!”

    As stars elongated in front of the Deaths head the massive Chiss vessel reverted from its microjump. Coming into a fiery reception of the space mines from the Deaths heads tail.
    The captain of the Chiss was again shaking his head as colors swirled and klaxons wailed.
    “Clear those mines, track that vessel and inform Arcrosti that Chombardanthumby has failed. We have some serious matters to discuss. Detain the one man fighters with coroner nets and bring the pilots to me, enough of this, they have penetrated our defense and now know what we are controlling. Call all outpost vessels to converge on ARTEWRER system and be on guard, the orders are to obliterate the vessel, hit the aft section of the ship when possible and have every craft in space ready, they are not to leave!
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    Chapter 13

    Mishy walked unhurried along a gently sloping non descript fading corridor. Her hoard of droids carried possessions, some puttered peacefully along; most for once without the need of any immediate service while others continually looked for ‘pieces of value’ for their master. The young Force user didn’t know which ship or level she was on and it didn’t really much matter to her, it seemed over the decades from the very destruction of Outbound Flight, the droids hade made most of the vessels habitable with oxygen; all areas apart from the weapons blisters which were openly ruptured.
    Mishy stared out through a transparent port hole, whimsically she cackled to herself,
    Isn’t Ulair going to get it when the people find out they have been cooped up in one area for all this time, I feel a killing coming on!
    She passed her time looking through the viewing platform. The glint of stars hypnotized her through the blackness of space, it looked a long way away; a very long way away.

    Faintly, Mishy flushed with excitement, as she finally realized why, it was her first experience sighting real stars! It was altogether exhilarating. The young girl stopped and stared at the myriad of exquisiteness. Her mouth slackened and went agape in amazement of the beauty and desolation of the void, tiny pinpricks of light winked at her in a vast network of undefined straight lines, some of those pinpricks took life away and other pinpricks nurtured life she mused. Patterns emerged from the pinpoints of brighter stars and started to form shapes, she started to daydream to an end that animals and people emerged from the angles. It was beautiful. There was so much possibility.

    A frown slowly crawled over her face as sighted more glints of suns, a depressing scrawl lowered her chin,
    I wonder if I will be able to visit any of those systems?.

    Her father used to regale her with stories of planets that had diverse ecosystems though her favorite was the planet of Naboo where the plants, animals, and many of sentient life forms converged forming an ecosystem unlike no other. Pure harmony.

    One of her other favorite pastimes was to identify individual star systems, though the limits to this was one run down holivised tutorial. Her eyes sunk as she continued to stare,

    Why do I have to be stuck here, she wondered?

    Countless times she had be told the story of the Crash of Outbound Flight.

    “Yes I remember,” she said morbidly to her nonexistent doppelganger.
    It was memorized by wrote, burned into her brain like all the other children and ‘Survivors’ on Outbound Flight. The story was not unlike the various ancient civilizations using heroes and villains to remember their most important historical turning points. The children and adults of Outbound Flight even had competitions of prose and pronunciation like the ancients had for centuries after the turning point. She remembered receiving 3 gold medallions for her memory of the story.

    Mishy smiled to herself, she now understood she was the product of a villains or Jedi’s scheme to turn her into an abomination; her parents were mere flesh to produce a slave for an order that dictated the known galaxy and started to branch out into the unknown. The Survivors were the heroes and the Blue skins were both villain and hero alike, taking on dual roles as a savior for stopping the Jedi but also villain for the price the survivors had to pay, their eternal tomb; Outbound Flight. How utterly dejected and minuscule she felt.

    Mishy shook her head to erase her turmoil away, she needed to stay positive if she was to survive. She glimpsed around the port hole to gauge where exactly she was and caught a glimpse of the high cliff wall that was about 200 meters from the line of sight. So we are in a canyon on a world I can’t breathe on.

    “Static, find a place where I can get out of the ship, take me there and I want a lot of Vac suits and oxygen tanks waiting for me. Tell me, are there any other smaller ships in this place?, There must be… they would have taken fighters to screen or ward of other ships? “.

    After 25 burst transmissions Static replied,
    “this vessel contains an airlock, a dismantled vessel is on file but it’s location is unavailable”.

    Shocked by the information Mishy’s tone rose,“What do you mean it’s unavailable?”

    “It has never been logged for service officer Lakaylor therefore there is no location parameters set”.

    “Run a deep scan of the ships mainframe”
    “Negative, access denied”

    “Bypass it”


    “Blast it Static find me that ship! Run a full scan of all the droids memory, I don’t care if it takes the next two years, find me that ship!”

    “As ordered Officer Lakaylor”.

    Static stood motionless.

    Mishy started to saunter along, feeling good about herself, she had done something positive today! Casually she pushed air and debri with the Force down the corridor like dust motes.

    She was in a world of her own and did not noticed that all the droids had stopped dead in their tracks.

    Mishy sauntered and dreamt of clashing lightsabers and drill practice with her new Master Jedi, someone she thought she could easily manipulate seeing how brash and controlling he was. She just needed to find the right angle.

    She turned a corner and felt in the Force a silencing as if her possessions were being ripped away from her. Instantly, Mishy brought her lightsaber up with a snap hiss. She eyed through the gloom in front of her and found nothing untoward. Without glancing down she instructed,
    “Static, backtrack to the last corridor, I sense something”.
    For a moment Mishy stood paralyzed to the spot, waiting for a tell tale sign of impending destruction. Was it Ulair or Major Ellan coming?

    A thought struck her trance, why didn’t I get an acknowledgement from Static?
    Mishy turned nervously and trotted back around the corner.

    She eyed a myriad of droids puffing smoke out of their craniums,

    “What’s going on Static, what’s happening?”

    The droid sat motionless emitting no transmissions; all the other droids stood idle matching their leader. Mishy darted back to the droid and picked up on the slow emitting caustic smell. It smelt like the workshop her father had pottered around in, it reminded her of her life before“The Zoo”, helping her dad fix the household items and taking an active interest in the development of droid repair assemblies.

    “Belay last order,” Mishy yelled as smoke started whisping from Statics innards.

    Her interpreter droid looked as mournful as a droid could look, Static emitted a disjointed sentence through it’s dynamic vocabulizer. A few Whirrs and pings continued from the droids abdomen area, its red photoreceptor winked on and off like a power surge,

    “I.. pear.tu…ve.. ost untiom ov vocacil..nd ctrol of sellvendovee oda doids”.

    Static’s red eye flickered as if it gained an involuntary twitch. The entire assembly of droids smoked involuntarily, many dropped their loads and raced away through the corridors, bumping and clanging into walls, opening and closing hatches, picking up debri and placing it to the side only to bash it with their tracks. Sparks erupted; droids fizzled down the hallway clanging out of sight to a new destination. A few stood motionless as if paralyzed by an overwriting parameter.

    Static, stood unmoving, the red photoreceptor winked off ,its torso and treads hung uselessly and drab as Mishy’s bent down and picked it up like a pet into her arms. She held it tight and whimpered as her droid finally emitted a death gurgle and fell silent, it’s eye winked out altogether.
    All was silent in the corridor and Mishy was alone once again. The dying red light of the droid transferred itself into Mishy’s consciousness. Red seethed in Mishy’s eyes; she looked around at the departing droids, droids that she no longer could control. Igniting her green saber she hurled it down the corridor, its spinning circumference looking like a disc shape planet where it immediately bisected a deranged and unpredictable droid.
    Mishy delved deeper into her fury and wanted her lightsaber back, instantaneously the saber turned a long arc and circled back to her palm. Her fury ignited; Mishy stared at her belt, the other two sabers unclipped themselves and hung in mid air as if awaiting directions. She looked around seeking any droids, any target but , all she saw was all the rations scattered along the corridor.
    Unsatisfied Mishy ignited the remaining two sabers and made the bright neon lights circle around her at extremely fast revolutions, her adrenaline still pumped in the circle of death she created. Vroom Vroom, Vroom spoke the sabers as they gain speed in the spinning vortex.. The sabers cycled some two meters around her body, colors of hot murder reverberated with a fast hum. The Force hit it’s apex and suddenly bent and dissipated a little; Mishy redoubled her efforts her red eyes glowed with appetite, she smiled a feral canine grin of exertion. The continued revolutions prepared the sabers to come to ten centimeters from her body . Hypnotically; the whorl of light exactly imitated the main colors found on the holocron cube.

    Transfixed by the action the lightsabers stopped in mid flight and hung some five centimeters from her forehead, knee and tailbone. The Force had slowed time, so slow she agreed with herself that if she wanted to move between the sabers she could.

    But this was not the time she spoke to herself, as sabers started to regain revolutions like a gradually increasing velocity train of Corellia. She stood as still as a statute holding the sabers in accelerated revolutions for some two minutes before she finally let the Force dissipate from her will.

    Utterly dishelved Mishy, deactivated each saber one by one and clipped them on her belt with the Force. With a glum look in her eye she chose to open up a small room that was adjacent to the set of windows she had peered through earlier. Morosely, she dragged out a cot and placed it under the window,

    I might as well sleep under the stars, Ulair and Major Ellan will be a couple more days before they get through the elevators, best prepare for them and look around outside the ship, who cares if I’m in a room or a corridor, I’ll decide what benefits me.
    Dam droids!!
    With that thought Mishy laid down on her back, she fumbled for a water pill with a Force pull and instead of popping it, she balanced it to the ceiling , pushing it and pulling, pretending it was a starship making it’s pulse through the starry backdrop of the window, visiting tiny flecks of light.
    A strange feeling came over Mishy as she lay on her makeshift cot, her spine went stiff and butterflies danced in her stomach, she had begun to sense some far away possible danger combined with joy and fear, something like what she craved from her victims when she toyed with their feelings. It felt like painful salvation.
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    Caitlin had reviewed 15 days of the spy droids footage in two hours, her eyes began to gloss over, she had come to the conclusion that Mishy would be caught just as soon as they could operate the service lifts. What she saw of Mishy was a girl that pushed paper and debri with the Force but could not possibly strike Ulair down even with the luck of an expert sabaac player. The girl was weak; even though Mishy was sighted on the footage exercising, those tiny muscles she was building upon were puny to say the least. Caitlan thought, she may be agile but there was nothing to say she can handle herself.

    Protor on the other hand watched fascinated by the little girl, she was dedicated and smart, she could fix droids and order the robots to do many tasks on the hop; that took audacity. Nevertheless, he agreed with Caitlin, Mishy Lakaylor was a little girl that didn’t even have a blaster to defend herself. It would be too easy.

    What Ellan, Darius and Ulair had said must be atrocious lies.

    On the bright side as soon as the service elevators could be fixed and radiation sweeps enacted the whole of the flight could be utilized, it seemed that many parts of the immediate vessel at least was somewhat habitable. Furthermore Mishy was helping them gain access to the service lift, most of the footage was of 15 droids working on the service lift itself, occasionally the droids would trundle back to their service centre for power and a maintenance check, this is where they sighted Mishy.

    Caitlin eyed Tarkosa and watched him use the comm, his face was a little disturbed by the thought that they had been cramped up in their habitat for some 45 years and only now did everyone realized that they could have ventured out further.
    “Ellan, the droids that fled have partially repaired turbo lift three, I think you should return to base and collect supplies for a new mission,”
    “What say again, a new mission?”
    “Open the lifts and get them operational, there’s power, atmosphere and oxygen on parts of D4, get that opened and we have a chance to get Mishy, but more importantly we may have a chance to get a signal or ship out to rescue us!”
    Ellans reply was insant and shocked,“Really, what ship?”
    “It was only a rumor that Zimby told me about a Jedi that left before the Crash, but it could be true, and it doesn’t matter anyway a chance is a chance!”
    “Yep on it, what if Mishy finds out, what then, she’s got control of heaps of droids and she can ask them questions you know. She might be already gone”.
    “Caitlan has put a stop to that, but true enough, however if we can’t get out of the hold then how are we going to find out?”
    Ellan paused and then sighed “Ok, there’s not much we can do without the proper equipment, I want all the necessary kit waiting for me when we get back, I’ll leave Darius and a few to set up camp here just in case Mishy pops her head out we have a chance to get her in the scopes and they can start clearing debri, OK?”


    “Can we get that spy droid back I have use for it, we may just be able to map out the ship before we open a shaft that’s got enough radiation to kill 100 Banthas.
    Tarkosa eyed Caitlin and Protor, who he knew were eavesdropping on the whole conversation “How long” he asked them. “Caitlin replied “It’ll be ready with every fandango sensor on it by the time the party arrives to collect supplies”.
    “Ok, You got it, Tarkosa out”.

    Tarkosa turned towards the two youths, “ You two make quite the couple, a dynamic duo if need be, you have found more, fixed more and accomplished more than most people thought possible. You should be proud of yourselves”.

    Caitlan blushed and Protor’s mouth bunched. Both youths looked smitten with each other and did not care what people thought about their blossoming tryst. Casually Protor put an arm around Caitlan and said, “She’s the brains, I’m the beau…Hmmp”, as Caitlan gave him a swift punch in the ribs.

    The Deaths Head reverted to silent space, its calm exterior was only interrupted by the heavy breathing of the bridge crew and the frantic straining of repulsors. A spectacular asteroid field 10000kms to port rolled past a puggish planetoid . The monitors lite up giving vital statistics of the system. Deciman eyed the planetoid, it was on a slightly elliptical orbit around a dying star some hundreds of thousands of kilometers outside the life zone. The planet had been pulverised by debri from the belt, its dreary blue stone colour masked it’s lack of water or atmosphere . Deciman tight smile gave away his foreboding, this place could not have won a certificate of participation in a Gamerreon beauty contest. Tight scans displayed that the orb was jam-packed with jutting cliffs, vast stretches of barren wastelands, dotted with impact creators’ from the asteroid belt.

    Deciman only sighed, a jump to doom.

    “Scan for any habitable planets, find another vector and swing onto the nightside of that barren son of a rock, we have to make a stand here and wait for them to hail us to negotiate, it will take at least two hours for my ace in the hole to be taken seriously and even then the Chiss could just cut their losses and obliterate us. Get half the starfighters and the rest of the stragglers to set repulors on full, hide them in the asteroid belt. Wait for my order and start slinging the pies in their eyes, I’m going to let them chase me, sling shot around the planet and then you knock them down when I give the go ahead; blink code 23 if my instruments have been knocked out.”
    As the order was executed Deciman looked at Speckles who then looked at Sonia who just looked down and silently wept.

    “At least out boy’s safe”, Deciman tried to say with sympathy,
    “He could prove the savior of us all”.
    With that Speckles launched five more ruse purposed protocol droids that had a constant hailing frequency, broadcasting a desperate declaration of their captain.
    The droids stammered to the blackness of space,
    “Gentle beings, I am Deciman and myself and my crew bid you peace. Make no assumptions that we are not in communication with the Republic to sell information on if any harm comes to the Deaths Head or it’s crew. However, If you let us pass we will wipe ALL devices that could show any location of the last 4 weeks. All witnesses are free of arms and will be treated in good faith to watch this event”.
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    Panders and Funsuhh chaffed at the bit, they were the last to leave the hangars. Their vessel, a decrepit ARC starfighter coughed and spluttered . It was a miracle that the old girl actually lifted at all. Spanners, her R2 unit had finally prepped a preflight check in the chaotic moments before the last short jump. Spanners was an excellent calculator but couldn’t repair a light switch and was slow as a wet week due to nonexistent servicing .
    Both Weequay and humanoid were nervous but laughed whole heartily as they put wings up and watched Roko running for their ride like a frenzied Bantha, the bookie and gunner knocked over containers of fuel and lubricants cursing in vain. Still Panders thought as he opened the throttle and blew a kiss to poor Roko that he may be safer in a larger vessel with outstanding shielding than this decrepit highly prized flying credit safe.

    We are still under captain’s orders we have to go.

    As the two made for space, accelerating towards an ungainly clump of asteroids to port, Funsuhh tumbled into the rear gunners’ seat and charged up the weapons. Panders deftly controlled the steering yoke, hastening slowly to survey the Yt’s ion trails and planet to starboard. The Yt’s travelled in a haphazard formation with only 8 remaining fighters as a screen, they were to hide in thebelt to charged their repulors for the slingshot that could knock out even the most fortified ship . Chatter was light between the crews, many knew at any second the enemy vessels would be emerging from hyperspace to pulverize them.

    We just have to make the belt.

    The Arc jolted and coughed, her internal compensator sluggishly revved and whined giving Funsuhh an awful case of vertigo. Panders eased the Arc watching the Yt’s make the belt. She came up to loop around the Deaths Head and the planet he spied upon on starboard. The Arc coughed suddenly again and her systems spiked, pinging many alternators and leaving them half blind. A slight reverberation from her port side stabilizer began to increase in dynamics.
    Panders hailed the Deaths Head
    “There’s no hope of making the belt, our stabilisers just gone into cardiac arrest, open up and let us back in”.

    The Deaths Head replied instantly,
    “Negative ARC 1, dive to the planet and come up firing when hailed, we are letting the droids go that will cover your descent”.
    Panders pursed his lips’ it was a sour pill to swallow, they were on their own.

    “Copy, coming around”.

    The brown planet loomed infront of the viewport, it was ugly but had a lot of cover for the old vessel to hide in. Funsuhh screamed, “Dive now, Dive Now!”, as two protocal droids ejected from the rear airlock.
    Panders held his ear necklace and prayed to the almighty for a seconds reprieve. He held his breath and counted to five.
    “Strap in you fat idiot, we are going in hot!”
    Sweat slicked Panders as he dropped the yoke into a tight dive towards the planet. The Arc gyrated and swerved uncontrollably as her systems screamed. With no atmosphere, entry would have been relatively easy for normal starfighters, but the Arc was not normal, she was an aging tincan. Buffeted from non existent winds, the arc dropped like a stone, a valley floor rushed up at them. Panders wrenched the steering yoke with all his might, systems blinked uncontrollably and electrics sparked. The Arc shrieked as a piece of metal snapped off the starboard wingtip. Smoke jettisoned into the nonexistent atmosphere, quickly thinning and forming a trail for any vessel to follow. The battered starfighter slowly leveled under protest as Panders coaxed the last bit of power from her. Metal screamed and conduits puffed smoke, but the Arc held together as she erratically cruised down to follow a natural ravine of gravel.
    Panders cursed and wiped his forehead, he looked at the wild or dead instruments and sighed.
    “Fuunsh get back up here! The whole systems stuffed! I’m going to land, we have to sit and hide. The scanners are gone we need to shut down and cool off. There’s something big looming in the distance that looks manmade I can’t tell the scanners dead but it’s huge. I’m gunna aim for it and glide in, a full system shut down once we land.

    Unbeknown to the ARC, A full armada of Chiss vessels exploded from the corners of space around the Anterwerpt system. Every conceivable vessel charged for the Deaths Head. The enemy vessels opened up their hangar bays to disgorge scores of fighters. 100 vessels rumbled towards the fleeing vessel.

    Two golden bodies jettisoned from the Deaths Head swam in the vortex making unmistakable transmissions of their distress to each other while giving a signal to the enemy vessels. Their pitful scanners acknowledged a swarm of vessels racing towards them.

    C2PE in it’s prissy and dignified voice shrilled to his partner.
    “Thank the maker we are saved!”
    Gentle beings, I am Deciman and myself and my crew bid you peace. Make no assumptions that we are not in communication with the Republic to sell information on if any harm comes to the Deaths Head or it’s crew. However, If you let us pass we will wipe ALL devices that could show any location of the last 4 weeks. All witnesses are free of arms and will be treated in good faith…….

    In a blink of an eye two exacting bolts flew towards the droids from a lead clawcraft. The bodies exploded in the void scattering metal like speckles of paint into the vast and lonely backdrop of space.
    C2PD last transmitted a signal to his counterpart in binary a nanosecond before impact was a little terse for a protocol droid

    , “ You always were a little dense”.

    Caitlin and Protor fussed over their new spy droid pet, polishing this bit and that, servicing her innards and just idly wasting time until Major Ellan came back. As far as Protor was concerned this had been a great adventure in love and just mucking around. He spied his blossoming girlfriend and raised an eyebrow. Caitlan gave him that innocent smirk of I know what your thinking and shooed him away. Protor feigned hurt but carried himself like an over acted high minded courtesan and looked at the new droid as if nothing happened . He turned on the charm in his youthful voice.
    “ Droid, check your memory for weapons, especially blasters and lightsabers ”.
    The droid silently whirred and projected an image of a balding man in his thirties practicing lightsaber techniques at an astonishing speed.
    Caitlan looked at her beau and snuggled up towards him to watch the show. Protor felt his skin tingle as they came into contact; he smelt her hair as she squirmed into his chest.
    The two settled in and watched the Jedi’s acrobatics and grace. Caitlin’s heart was a flutter for two reasons, she was mesmerized by the caged fury of this mans effort. The lightsaber danced in high twist and turns, sequences so exquisite that he choreographed style seemd like a dance of joy rather than a tactic to block, evade and or kill. For a full ten minutes the droids projector played on, focusing on the lightsaber itself and the skills the human controlled. The two lovebirds held each other tightly as they witnessed the spectacle. The projector ceased and whirled itself into memory sorting. Finally another episode started as the two lovebirds adjusted positions, this time Protor laid in Caitlin’s lap; she strted to rhythmically stroke his beautiful blonde hair. A grainy image appeared of a fast paced battle, large blasts erupted from the weapons blisters; large robotica hurtled into the screens at point blank range smashing through them and opening the void of space to the occupants. The droid craft lasers clinked onto auto fire as they self destructed in their last suicidal moment . Each combatant in the weapons blister were blown to smithereens or vented into space.
    Protor shivered, “This must have been the faithful day that Outbound Flight perished”.
    The two held each other closer having witnessed the deaths of the Jedi and 10000 other inhabitants.. Once more the cam stopped and started a new sequence. The image looked like a destroyed cabin or weapons blister it was hard to decipher with all the dust and debris randomly skewed everywhere. Another droid, a flattened sever model held out its appendage showing off a set of lightsabers. Curiously one of the hilts of a saber was exactly the same pattern as the saber the Jedi clutched in the previous sequence. The giveway was the unique red stripe on the pommel. A cut away scene took centre stage. Tiny hands enveloped the lightsabers taking it from the droids appendages. Within a second the saber lit up in a blue hue. For a nanosecond both teens saw from the shade the distinct features of Mishy Lakaylor. The image faded. Caitlin trembled and took out the commlink slowly composing herself. She broadcasted channel five and in a whisper and to the point
    “Mishy’s got lightsabers, I repeat Mishy has two lightsabers!”
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    Mishy awoke with the same exciting feeling; something extraordinary was about to happen. She considered her cube case as it lay securely next to her, it’s blue hue spartanly lighting the cloth backpack that kept it secure. It was an oxymoron of a device, a certain calm emanated from the holocron like the avatar inside was an old insane sage judging her every move relaxing her pulsating heart with calm and surety ; she found it’s presence very comforting. On the other side an uncontrolled fierce, canine hunger of fury and resolve wanted to burst from it’s inner workings. She was perplexed at what she had to do.

    Her three lightsabers lay on the foot of her cot, one of the hilts was almost as long as the other two’s combined although it was exactly the same weight. The only difference was that it was constructed of the same lightsaber resistant material of the impartible cube case. Using the Force, Mishy harnessed her energy and levitated a blanket to lay across the largest lightsaber which in turn covered another striped saber. Her last saber traversed to the palm of her hand and clipped to her belt.

    The young Force user sat upright and began to prepare for her daily routine of lies and sweat. It would be like this for as long as she stayed on Outbound Flight.

    I am determined to be the best, I will do what it takes.
    She fell into a deep meditative state crossing her legs stared at the stars. She began to envision her saber moves the Jedi Master had began to teach her, how efficient the strikes and footwork needed to be. It was an artform already, even though she had barely scratched the surface of technique. In her mind’s eye she envisioned herself moving like a falling star and jumping as high as a container room. However, as she ignited her weapon the meditative state collapsed.

    She frowned at her short attention span.

    More training would warrant a better understanding of what I had learnt so far.

    Mishy hungered for a powerful skill and future additions to her repertoire. She knew she could push or pull at the same time, she could use lightning, she could choke and crush. Her spinning defensive maneuver was good for theatrics and could work if she threw a saber at someone, let the saber hold and then boomerang back, but this seemed unlikely to happen until Ulair and Ellan eventually found her.

    Mishy pondered how much more practice she would need to take out Ulair and Ellan. It seemd within reach but daunting never the less.

    The cube case began to glow as if indicating it needed to be opened, Mishy spoke to herself.

    “Alright time to have my lesson, it can feel me in the Force now”. She took out the container from her rucksack. She hoped it was the same introduction again, she had the perfect story in mind to get the holocrons secrets.

    She concentrated, looking intently at the box. Through the Force, she remembered the haughty note emanating from the avatars mouth. That single frequency was both sheer terror and unobstructed joy at once. She beamed her thoughts towards the strongbox like a laser shot. The box opened, casting an intense white light, the cube floated from its resting place to land ontop of the closing lid. The whirling cube clicked into an unseen socket. A blue hue radiated from the cube, slowly materializing into the avatar of a man, old but solid in build.

    It was Jorus C’Baoth the Jedi Master.

    A deep resonating Basso Continuo voice vibrated the very passageway Mishy sat in, it seemed not to come from the box itself but from the corridors, behind her ears and from the windows themselves.
    “I am Jorus C’baoth, you will address me as Master C’baoth, as my padawan you will learn from my tutelage that was given to me from the Jedi temples of Coruscant. Be aware that I proclaimed myself Master Jedi at age thirty five, no council member opposed this. It is the will of the Force that will guide you as it has guided me. You will learn how to use your skills to help citizens of this new galaxy live in harmony and respect. Never foget that you are a Jedi and that makes you the righteous choice for all judgment.” The avatar looked intensely at Mishy, sizing her up and probing her thoughts with the Force.

    “ Your alertness I can sense youngling, your reflexes are sound but your footwork will need tuning. You will be strong though nimble, powerful though reserved, aggressive but at peace. I sense little fear in you, just the fear of failing yourself, which is an apt attitude to have at this stage.
    Have you constructed your lightsaber as of yet youngling?”

    “Yes Master,” Mishy lied.

    “Show me”, the small avatar of C’baoth demanded.

    Mishy unclipped her smallest lightsaber and ignited it with a fashioned snap hiss. A subtle green blade sprang to life. She held it defensively, whilst the miniature Master Jorus C’baoth examined it.

    “I see, you have followed the consul design, a powerful yet reserved combination. This is fortunate, this design will benift your slight frame and help you parry even the most powerful swordmaster. How many years practice have you had child?

    Mishy again capably lied, “Only a year, Master Zimby thought it best to construct our lightsabers first as there are many threats in this new galaxy, especially the Blueskins, whilst we are keeping them at bay all the Masters have perished. Our skills have deteriorated thus far because of it. Our last and final Master Zimby; had been blinded and had lost the use of his legs. He sent me on this mission to recover your holocron as set out by your “Tome of Outbound Flight”. I have traced you resting place to this desolate world, whereas your tomb has been lying here for hundreds of years”.

    The holocron sat silently as the Avatar seemed to think inwardly.
    “Indeed”, it finally said.

    “Well young padawan, your name is Lakaylor?”

    “Mishy Lakaylor, Master”, Mishy seemed to sneer at her last word but held her façade together.

    The Avatar seemed to grow in stature and rebuke the young girl , “Well Padawan Lakaylor , we will remake this new galaxy in our image. Your next lesson is to properly grip you saber; like this”
    A blue saber ignited from the Avatar and Mishy stepped back into a far greater world than she could possibly imagine.

    Space around the Pre-empire cruiser lit up like an aurora, The Deaths Head couldn’t jink or deftly rotate her massive frame to stop the mass of starfighters sniping her engines. She returned fire with savagery but was being overwhelmed. Large streaks of energy from two nimble gunboat size vessels added to her aft torment. The Deaths Head did not deviate from her intended course as she was buffeted from the rear; she had to stay on course to create her slingshot. The whole bridge crew knew if The Deaths Head failed this maneuver all hands would be lost by the foreboding fleet to her port.

    Deciman wanted to scream, this was just the first part of the battle and his shields were already riddled with power fluxes. He peered at the monitors; to starboard was a desolate planet one where he could possibly ditch to , though there was not enough oxygen to support life. On the port monitor was hundreds of Chiss ships, from interceptor class to huge bulk cruisers making up rapid ground and likely to get to their optimum range before The Deaths Head could slingshot to the relative safety of the asteroid belt. In between the belt and the Deaths Head lay 30 vessels forming a tight balustrade. The barrier was made up of flat transports facing their starboard side to lengthen their fence., the sled type behemoths had only one small laser canon, nevertheless there were small gunships that were bristling with weapons filling many of the gaps.

    Roko hollowered from his gunnery position over the open mic,” We ain’t gunna get out of this one boss, but I’m going in a flame of glory”. He continued to snap shots at the swarm of fighters attacking the stern.

    The Deaths Head rocked as she was once again hit and pummeled on the fuel nacelles. Klaxons called a swarm of ragtag emergency crew to caonatin the problem. Yet another wonder of the drills.

    The shields dipped, the ride was like a jumping on a Kybuck. All hell broke loose as they went towards the event horizon.

    Deciman calmly ordered his crew, “Initiate blink cycle, all forward batteries to target small gunships indicated delta first then gamma on my mark. Shields to Port and double front. No starboard shielding until we sling, continue harassing those starfighters on our aft; drop some garbage from the trash chutes and a sonic mine on a forty five second delay now”.

    The scene in space hesitated, in slow motion the Deaths Head encountered the first flecks of lasers from both port and forward enemies, the light staccato of flashes reminded Deciman of the first winter snow.
    “Jeez their keen,” whispered Speckles as hundreds of tiny lights illuminated upon the shields.

    The Deaths Head slowly pushed onwards.
    Deciman reminded his second in charge, “They will be in range shortly Speckles; prepare to sling.”
    The smattering of lasers were soon whipped up to a blizzard of blue, yellow, red and green. Flashes upon then Deaths Head became blinding, the vessel started to buck and dance as she shot from her planet whip, her aft blazed like a phoenix as the vessel’s ever increasing velocity took her head on with the large wall of transport behemoths.
    “Fire,” shouted Deciman.
    The Deaths Head’s turbo lasers hummed to life and lanced out into the void to exact pinpoint fury on two small enemy gunships. The two medium sized vessels obliterated into a fiery pyrotechnical display whilst other larger vessels were suddenly knocked from their stationary orbit as hundreds of asteroids smashed their aft and port sections. A huge explosion lit up the aft monitor, Deciman smiled through his cigar as he noted many enemy starships performing evasive maneuvers. Others didn’t get the chance and were completely obliterated by the sonic mine mixed with the shrapnel of the garbage he had ejected. The Deaths Head charged to overrun the Chiss trench of transports, their formidable barrier was in chaos from being outflanked, she moped up the few remaining small gunships with arrogance. A massed asteroid whizzed by the bridge.

    Deciman still smiling ordered the crew, “Issue stand-down orders and retrieve the fighters, now’s our chance.”

    A huge boom rocked the Deaths Head as Roko let another sonic mine hit a transport to close for comfort. Smaller asteroids continued to rain down around the Deaths Head creating a makeshift shield from the nearing port side armada. The light and sound from the laser barrage they had been taking petered off. Supplementary near misses from repulsor aided asteroids whizzed by them harassing the remaining fighters and transports. The crew was buoyed, more and more ground was being made towards the asteroid belt without a worrying shot by the massing armada.

    That being said, Sonia indicated to Deciman, “Sir multiple singularities are being shot towards us by the large Capital ships to port”.
    Deciman hesitated and then asked, “What are they, they can’t be in range”?
    “I don’t know sir, but they seem to be opening up like a net”
    Crestfallen, Deciman spied at the monitor and replied, “Oh, I don’t like the look of that”.
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    After six hours of lightsaber defensive technique Mishy was covered in sweat. The irritable Avatar Jorus C’baoth had some reserve, but finally accepted Mishy’s perfect parry, riposte and thrust.

    "More grace and footwork", it admonished.

    Her angles were beginning to form movements which in turn initiated strategy within a fight. However, Mishy was told yet again by the Avatar how disappointed he was and how much more she needed to improve. Though she had steadied her Force use and found some balance, she could not focus her slash and pivot well enough for the Holographic Master Jedi. She looked towards the lonely windows as she tirelessly practiced her pivot swing, rush and parry techniques.

    Jorus C’baoth finally encouraged the young apprentice, “Good Padawan, concentrate! Concentrate! Before you and all around you; use your environment”.

    Unexpectedly, from the unmoving stars a flash of light about the size of her fingertip appeared and raced into view, the light became larger only to disgorge tiny pinpricks that scattered toward a dark void. One pinprick however looped around the largest source of light, steadily started to zero in on the planet of the doomed Outbound Flight. Mishy regarded at the Avatar of Jorus C’baoth who stood in suspended animation , watching her footwork and waiting for a question or to finish the technique. She realized the holocron was only programed to respond to Force techniques and questions, it could not interact with the outside world, the avatar could not detect Mishy’s changed mood and it had limited actions and reponses. Using the Force, she concentrated and switched the holocron off. The Jedi Master’s blue hue frizzled out abruptly as the cube automatically levitated and locked itself back into it’s box neatly and efficiently.

    Her heart pounded with joy and surprise,
    ” It must be a ship to rescue us” Mishy screamed in delight.
    Frantically she ran through the corridor continually looking out the windows but also scrounging for vac suits and respirators the recalcitrant droids had dropped previously. Using her exceptional speed and maneuverability the young girl performed her task outside the level a human could follow. She was a blur of brilliance that became faster with every continuing second. Within 10 seconds Mishy has traversed the 200 meter corridor, collected the suits, respirators and even a bag of supplies which was able to be placed on her bed. The fast moving female shape opened a satchel to stuff her case and some medicine in. Mishy concentrated and set off quickly towards the airlock. She kicked out at bits of metal and ran sideways around corridors in anticipation. Mishy sprinted to the air lock to peer out the window. The eager little girl saw multiple flashes of light suddenly appeared in the night sky and seemed to chase the first troop of newcomers. Flashes were constantly directed towards the slow moving fingertip of light.

    It was a battle.

    Her heart sank as she watched the brilliant light show.

    “A space battle,” she reluctantly said to herself, there is no rescue from that vessel, this is a slaughter, so many vessels against just one seems like overkill.

    She remembered the story of Outbound flight, how the blueskin general used hundreds of small fighters to take out the Jedi and another unknown assailant. She remembered hearing her father tell her the story about how he was locked in the storage container for breach of the peace, how the Jedi generals and her avatar holocron Jorus C’baoth had taken command and was vanquished in a blaze of glory. Now she saw the blazes of light shot at the slow moving pinprick.

    “Another victim swallowed up by the blueskins”, Mishy mumbled . Wonder why they never came down and searched the site?

    To her surprise a pinprick of light swept into view at the corner of her viewing platform. The light careened towards the vessel at low altidude and began to wobble towards Outbound Flights aft, Mishy pressed her face against the window desperately trying to track the ever increasing pin prick of light. It had made planet fall that was for sure and suddenly swooped up before her in direct visual range, coming towards her at an incredible speed. The Force made her heart race again, this was the big thing that was going to change her life! It was a fighter ship, not very big one, but one she could possibly get to with the Force. Mishy prepped for her chance.

    “It’s a kriffin huge ship,” Panders bellowed to no one, “What are those?, Dreadies all tied together? My ears what the, it looks like it’s taken a lot of damage.”

    Panders face lit up and a wry smile came to his face, there would be no suicide battle today. The ARC-170 chugged and spluttered on occasion , the fuel vein had an intermitted cough which Panders keen sense knew needed to be flushed before a hyperspace jump could be initiated let alone any fancy flying. Funsuhh only grizzled and said in his thick accent,
    “Hide now”.
    Panders assessed the new vessel from a distance, looking at the pockmarks around the engines and blisters,
    “We’ve got to hide behind it or in it, it’ll mask our presence and we may just be able to sneak away later!” .
    Instantly, Panders gripped the stick and came in heavy,
    “Hang on back there,” he hissed through gritted teeth.
    He quickly eased up in a tight arc, wedging the Arc -170 fighter under a massive deteriorating girder of the broken vessel. A shallow basin on the surface accommodated as a makeshift landing bay. Dust smothered the Arc as her spluttering repulsors kicked up gravel and debri; finally she neatly set down.
    The two pirates spent the next few moments surveying the ancient vessel in silence, they marveled at the massive unknown design. It looked pre Empire by project, they were definitely seeing a Republic dreadnaught frame but they had never seen the intention before. It almost looked like a merchant vessel or some type of vagabond enterprise. Funsuhh stared a little longer in amazement, not quite hiding his awe.

    Panders spied his partner thinking to himself, That crazy moron wants to investigate under a battle; Karking Hell all we have to do is sit it out and go back to base and then we retire.

    “It’s a fat ship with all that storage in the guts, hey maybe you two are related?, Panders smirked and Funsuhh grunted in mock dejection, “Get the camo net, and check your suit for holes, we need to take a walk and flush that vein; see if we can do a passive scan of possible hyperspace evacs, I hope we got all the data dump from the Deaths Head.”
    As Funsuhh unbuckled he still sat staring intently at the massive structure , at least 4 huge dreadnaughts; a Junkers dream, a dictator’s arsenal, a pirate’s haven. A last ditch refuge. A lost ghost ship?

    Funsuhh chuckled to himself, he knew how to get back at Panders for his earlier quip.
    He pointed,

    “See light, window, something alive”.

    Panders felt weak at the knees, he hated ghosts and was very superstitious, His eyes surveyed the vessel, he couldn’t see any lights.

    Shabla!, he thought with trepidation.

    “No need to open it up, stay on guard.. I’ll clear the vein and have Spanners scan for attack, aim the repeater at the air locks, we're not picking up strays!”
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    The Deaths Head aft was an inferno, her damage irreparable, the monstrous engines had seized from electrical burst fire five minutes ago; still the onslaught continued.
    Many pirates were in the process of being cooked alive from spreading conflagrations . The Chiss were not merciful, it seemed they were spurred on by bloodlust and continued to hammer the stricken vessel. All sections within the Deaths Head were locked down in a vain attempt to stop the whole place being engulfed in flame.

    A bloodied horn embedded itself into a bulkhead, it had been ripped out from an attack that blinded most and left Speckles half impaled into the ceiling. Sonia lay lifelessly at her post. Her face streaked in crimson, her neck shaping an unfamiliar obtuse angle. Shouts of pain and sobs of torment continued from all stations on the bridge. Below decks, the vessels big guns lay lifelessly, pounded to oblivion, slagged to form a new husk over the annihilated hull. Roko’s face was ionized on the back of a used cartridge that littered the venting level.

    Yt’s and Uglies hiding in the asteroid belt had been blown away systematically, clotting even more detrius in the asteroid belt. The Chiss had resorted to targeting weapons on larger asteroids effectively making the rocks into grenades. Notwithstanding, at least three vessels were captured in the mayhem. Coroner nets proved vital for the Chiss to stop the pirates repulsor slinging.

    Without any more shields, Deciman lit up one of his stashed cigars and inhaled through bloody lips, he lent down and passed it to his broken friend who in turn took a drag and coughed. Flack fire peppered the Death’s Head hull from starboard, port and aft, like fly’s attacking a rotting carcass on a tropical day.

    “Never really did get use to those things,” Speckles spluttered.
    Deciman eyed a gigantic vessel 5 times as wide and 5 times in length as the Deaths head, all her guns pointing directly at the bridge, It hovered only a 100 meters away, but Deciman could do nothing, he couldn’t even ram the blasted thing and give the Chiss one last bloody nose.
    “No, dare say your right. This is the end my friend, I certainly didn’t think we would go out like this”.
    “How did you?” Speckles asked over the onslaught of multiple detonations from the starboard side.
    Deciman braced for the impact and righted himself only to say,
    “I thought the New Republic would hunt us down in about a year or two”.
    The lights aboard the Deaths Head collapsed in the blink of an eye as a ranged weapon thundered from the large cruiser. Blue electricity caught the bridge square on, Deciman and Speckles spasmed into the air; their hair smoked like gnats wings in a bug zapper. Here they suspended for what seemed a lifetime writhing in morose pain as a strange electrical wave enveloped the listing vessel, shorting out all remaining power and instantly smothering all fire.

    The silence of space rushed to receive the stricken vessel.
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    Mishy watched two aliens cover a strange but nimble vessel. She peered through an improvised telescope made from garbage that littered the corridor she had occupied. A domed droid within the craft waved a rectile arm with an antenna dish attached to it skywards. On the canopy itself, a massive unsightly remote heavy repeater aimed itself at her airlock.

    After the minutes of landing, the aliens had quickly covered up the craft with a net designed to look like the surrounding boulders; it was a Camo net. One of the aliens ducked under the net and was gone, whilst the other started to perform sentry duties. After three minutes it relented and strode up to peer at the decrepit ship. Mishy froze as the alien sauntered over; he was huge, a massive helmeted robotic movement wrapped in a bulbous like vac suit. He stoppped to inspect the windows, tapping along with a hand or the stock of his blaster.

    Tap, Tap.

    Within the battered helmet the face of a withered grey humanoid with long braids or ringlets adorned a shaggy head. It glided past Mishy without spotting her. Mishy could tell this alien was tough, it's casual disdain for danger and the obvious armament he carried was peared with his brute strength and tacky yet functional attire. The Weequay as Mishy remembered from her lessons slowly meandered the perimeter of the corridor, again poking the windows with the stock of his blaster.

    Tap ,tap. Bonk.
    Tap Tap Bonk

    The rhythm continued for another minute up and down her corridor.

    Within the blink of an eye the Weequays hand cannon was whipped up and aimed for the sky. Through the window Mishy spied the alien hesitating but hustling back to the craft, slowly worming itself under the net.

    A faint vibration gradually flowed into her presence and then she sighted it out of the corner of the window, anothe craft slowly strafing towards her position; maybe just maybe she would be saved after all. Then she thought about the alien that had sprinted to hide under the net. She knew what it was like to be hunted, people made mistakes, they were so terrified at being caught they left many alternatives as in the too hard option and generally slipped up. She wanted to get off the planet so desperately and become invisible, not noticed by society. She wanted to be free of everyone. This small craft with two men would be a better option than being rescued by a victorious navy.

    Mishy eyed the heavy repeater pointed at the airlock. She looked up and down the corridor and finally walked back to a ground level window, making sure she could still see the vessel under the dust. The young Force user started to change into a over sized vac suit. A yellow suit and helmet that was about double the size of her, she awkwardly tucked sleeves up and folded pants into a boots; but she still looked like a ballooned Bantha. Slowly she put on her rucksack holding all her prized possessions over the top and on her back as a backpack. She held a lighsaber in each hand.

    It was time to take the advantage and escape.

    Mishy, breathed deeply closing her small blue eyes. She drifted and swayed for two minutes until everything was still and calm. However, her heart raced and her brows knitted.

    Her thoughts focus on her training.
    The Jedi Master Jorus C’Baoth had torturously instructed her that serenity was the way to overcome her greatest fears, especially her ambition.
    Slowly she pushed with her mind within the Force. It resisted her, she pushed harder and harder, not giving the the flow an inch. Her heart and breath raced. Slowly the focus of the space outside, the sky above, the tell tale alien like figure high above emerged in her mind. The two beings in the covered craft became a wriggling mess of emotions. All had a spice of calm desperation. She felt the alien in the strafing craft switch away, communicating with a superior, it’s pilot listened was listening and reporting intensly. Suddenly the craft zoomed upwards and away powering its large ion engines to vector back into space, somehow she knew the orders would bring far more craft within the hour.
    Her window of oppurtunity just shrank tenfold.

    The young Force user opened her eyes, they had changed colour. A small inferno of lava bled into her cornias.

    She ignited her favorite lightsaber and plunged it into the window.
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    “Think they spotted us Panders?”Funsuhh hesitantly asked his companion .

    Twenty five minutes hiding under the camo net beneath a derelict hulked starcruiser had made the two privateers overtly nervous and twitchy. The two strained their ears as all sensors and electrical discharges were abruptly shut down. The unseen craft; an original Chiss interceptor, dangled sensor studs to troll along the gigantic junked vessel. The sound alone was remarkable, finely tuned earsplitting ion drives were in cresendo and glissando as the flight path hung around the long perimeter,. Once over head a marcato of thumping bass strafed the position, no doubt sensors penetrating the hull of the derlict vessel in exact overlapping formation. Once and awhile the vessel centered on the ARCS snake hole to find an irregular blindspot. It was obvious that scanning was underway making, Outbound Flight a new and exciting future excavation.
    ” The Chiss might not have actually known about the vessel beforehand, it seems like a very cautious exercise to extract vermin like us. No, I don’t think they know we are here. But we have to be ready to run in a split second, as soon as they refuel or land we punch to the preprogrammed jump points Spanners has inputted, and hope the damage the Deaths Head did to the stations power and tractor beams is enough to stop them emitting gravity wells. I reckon the Heads been scuttled or at very best being towed to the station. No one will be expecting a lone ARC jumping past them”. He sighed and continued, “especially after all this cautious scanning. Give it another 20 minutes at least, then we stow the repeater, net and kick dust”.

    Mishy exited the doomed Outbound Flight project for the first time in her life; the hole she cut had taken two minutes to form due to heavy shielding the dreadnaught had been encased within. What greeted her was a mixture rust, dust and debris. A windless barren world exhibited a distinct lifeless scenario, strewn twisted metal lay over the dead planet like a welted skin. Above was the roar of a vessel strafing the whole ship one last time. Mishy thought to herself I should just walk out and surrender, wave my saber at the scan ship. I’ll be saved first and get the drop on Ulair saying he is a tyrant. But that meant she would have to give up her possessions; her holocron and lightsabers.

    What if they are the blueskins that could kill Jedi?

    Instead she scuttled behind a piece of twisted metal forming an unnatural bivouac over a large boulder. Mishy was about five paces behind the camouflaged vessel, she could see slight flutterings on top of the net. Two forms crawled over the ship enacting some type of repairs. Soon they would have to rid themselves of their camouflage. Patience, cunning and timing was the key for extraction. Slowly she unhooked two of her lightsabers and crouched like a hungry feline. She slowly and deliberately stalked towards the foot of the ship where she literally pounced in the direction of a landing strut, sticking with to it with Force. Her small frame and grey ashed rucksack added a nice touch to her own concealment. The above strafe ship finally boomed out of the atmosphere towards space, no doubt reporting on the many life forms detected in the innards of the Outbound Flights belly.

    “What’s that vibration?” Darius felt the bulkhead, “That’s not power! “ . The doctor held his ear to the bulkhead and listened intently, like a stethoscope to a heartbeat.
    “What are you talking about, I don’t hear anything,” Ellan scolded as everyone froze and tried to pick up on what Darius was trying to pay attention too.
    “Stop your Jokes Darius, it’s wearing thin!”, Ellan snapped as, her bulky presence made even more impressive with the large jack she was lugging overshadowed the lightly framed doctor.
    For once Darius didn’t even notice the close proximity he was placed within of his lustful and sometimes agreeable temptress. “No joke Major, theirs a shiver coming from the higher rooms and its not power, it’s a lot less constant, once every minute or so, like a pulse or something.”
    “Maybe Mishy’s got the droids powering up the consoles?”
    “Maybe, but it doesn’t feel like power more like a faint wave”.
    “Well one way to find out”, Ellan nodded to Protor who extracted a retrofitted droid off the holosled and activated it. Within a few seconds the droid scurried up the vent and vanished. Protor handed Darius a datapad and switched it on. Numerous cams adorned the view, a map was slowly being etched in the top right side. Though grainy and sometimes out of focus it was clear that the droid was climbing vertically.

    “Mind if I borrow this sometime kid, always wanted another … um eye to see my beloved”.
    Protor winced as the shadow of Ellan’s arm cut through the two’s secretive conversation.
    She snatched the controller off them with a sense of shock and embarrassment, finally shoving it back to Protor with a withering glance and a surreptitious wink at Darius .
    Protor struggled to comprehend the exquisite mating ritual and stuttered to a proclamation, “I used the droids previous memory to show us where Mishy has been and where there are habitable areas of the ship compared to our current location, so if you don’t mind.”

    Darius whistled, “Look at all that space, no more tin can existence anymore!”, he let out a whoop of heartfelt joy and grabbed Ellan by the arm and danced a jig with heartfelt emotion. Ellan did not struggle, infact she embraced Darius with a loving bearhug. The two look at each other with promiscuity in their eyes.

    “Good job boy, your definitely going places!” Darius calmly stated, keeping his eyes glued to his Siren.
    “Where can we go?”, Protor sarcastically inquired.
    “Up and hopefully outta here, a great start by all means”.

    The two lovebirds chortled together.
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    Ultra white holding cells glared into corridors of a war battered Chiss spacestation. The scene looked like Csilla’s worst blizzard; beings not accustomed to glare had conspicuous crows feet rimming their squinting eyes, most held within the cells just shut their eyes to forsake the slow torture.

    The Chiss certainly had their ways to torment a prisoner.

    Every cell was filled with the expletives of dejected pirates.

    Arcrosti, a Chiss Chryastor, marched in his splendid white uniform. With military poise he looked like a blue headed phantom, the white backdrop of the cells blended with his uniform; a thin contrasting purple and black sash highlighting his syndic the only giveaway declaring to the viewer that he was indeed bipedal. With strict military purpose he marched up and down, peering into niches, watching all manner of beings rush the ray shield to rip his head off or enchant him to do a deal.
    Acrosti with scientific purpose spoke, “These are common pirates, just as I suspected. All in all a successful war game, don’t you think Bardan?”
    Bardan was three respectful paces behind Arcrosti, he paused and peered into a cell to view a Zeltron smoking a cigar; casually the pirate sneered and suggested that Bardan look behind the local dumpster behind a brothel to find his father. Somewhat perturbed Bardan gave voice,
    “With the loss of over 30 Chiss lives and 7 gutted vessels I don’t think it would be classified as an outright success, but these pirates did give us some valuable intel on how to construct our outer defenses around the spacestation’s hardpoints”.

    “Yes, indeed", Acrosti brightened,"expect the unexpected, the use of the asteroid belt is a very interesting maneuver, one we will use the simulators on . Light casualties on both sides was unavoidable, this spacestation may one day become the most valuable asset to the Chiss. It is best to find out what capabilities a level one station has before we upgrade to the ultimate level five.”

    “I concur, but what about the communications that we intercepted? The pirates are going to tell the New Republic what we have.”

    “We have intercepted every message, the data transfer indicates that the vessel we intercepted with Coroner nets at Chenthutti was their only escapee. An ARC 170 is the only unaccounted for vessel," Acrosti moveed back to Bardan and stood icily glaring at the captured being, casually he continued to speak for his own amusement, Still, it is so outdated that the pirates probably didn’t scratch it off their books.”. Bemused at the Zeltrons forced bravado Acrosti continued with absent minded thoughts, “Notwithstanding, a search is continuing and we have Eilte Six to dust over the debri at the base”.

    Bardan forced the issue, “I don’t trust the New Republic, if they get the information, they will spy.”

    Arcrosti kept an even gaze which Bardan knew as a commanding officer was a sign that there were greater forces at play than just keeping the Redoubt a secret.
    “I fully intend to let them in time, as well as the New Empire”.

    Though Bardan wanted to know what was going on, he could not directly ask, instead he changed tactics and whispered,
    “Was Mitth'raw'nuruodo still …. Accounted for when you went to visit him?”
    A knowing smile crept along Acrosti's face, “No, your mission like this one was a complete success, the generators failed as per instructions. Though I believe he is more resourceful than others think. I believe he made his way off planet. However, the ruling families have officially accepted his death and that is enough for us.” He paused and kept his gaze on the pirate who was still trying to stare him down.”Don’t worry, Mitth'raw'nuruodo is not the type to seek vengeance for a punishment he deserved."
    Acrosti finally stared down the Zeltron,
    “It’s getting time to interrogate. Keep them in isolated for five days, by that time their base will be destroyed. Elite six is on the job. After that the families have ruled that we find the captured combatants more suitable accommodation for the next five years.”

    Bardan felt a stab of pain and winced for the pirates who were going to encounter Elite six, a hit squad so attuned to their profession the enemy wouldn’t stand a chance. The incursion had probably already started; the Chiss ruling families never left anything to chance.
    Arcrosti continued his speech eloquently as if instructing a fighter wing,
    “I have just received intelligence that there is a large wrecked vessel of pre empire design in the Artewpt system on planet, H-34-5 , the surveillance team detected signs life onboard. This vessel directly correlates with the warship that Mitth'raw'nuruodo indicated involved itself with a direct assault on Chiss expansion fleet. The inhabitants of this vessel may very well be the key to a united Chiss Ascendancy, New Republic and Empire treaty or diplomacy, a barganning chip at the very least.” Acrosti let his inward thoughts open to his brother, “ I believe the Vagaari and the Far Outsiders will prove that the Chiss cannot stand alone in this galaxy; will need the support, though minor from the greater galaxy to hold our potential enemies at bay.”

    “ I will order boarding parties,” Bardan exclaimed with archaeological fervor.

    Acrostis rebuttal came stingily to Bardan, the curtness in his voice broached no argument, “No, not until our plans are secure, the families have ruled that our defenses need to be capable to withstand every threat. Those beings are not going anywhere, they have inhabited that vessel for 45 years so far, 5 or 10 more years will have little effect on them.”

    A waft of smoke caught the two leaders attention, the Zeltron centered himself within the room, arms hung loosely and his stance just itched for a fight. After another fierce stare and a cigar thrown at the ray shield, Arcrosti bemused again turned his attention to Bardan.
    “Now it’s time we fix that shield housing, we were running a bit on the short side from the encounter, have all hands available to get the station and fleet back on line. Clear the mines and start setting up extra patrols along the perimeter, no doubt if some communication got through the time would be right to destroy the station”.

    “And what of the pirate’s vessels?” Bardan asked.
    While turning and deliberately keeping his eye on the
    Zeltron pirate Arcrosti thumbed the microphone and uttered in Basic ,“Have them decommissioned”.
    Bardan crisply saluted and marched stoically to his console to inform the troops of orders.

    Arcrosti stared at the Zeltron’s face; it aged another twenty years.
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    It was far more than four hours before Mishy could sense the pirates emerge from their craft. Her new rebreathers still had two hours of oxygen left but this was nearly her last. The weather outside of the junked Outbound flight was extremely cold, the nightside atmosphere had a hint of dew forming into icicles . This was Mishy’s first taste of an outside world, it wasn’t much of a view, all she had accomplished was to clutch onto the ships calcified landing strut, watch barren rocks age that little bit more and push dust motes with the Force.. There was no life on this planet, no wind and the overbearing brown color in the dim light did little to enthuse the little girl about the greater galaxy and all its freedoms. Mishy’s senses sharpened as she anticipated the luming confrontation, how it would go and what was the desirable outcome.

    She thought to her innerself, 'One dead? Two dead? No I need a pilot. Or should I keep them both alive by and make them follow me? I don’t know? lets jst get in the ship with pure sabbacc, not the idiots array.'

    Silently Mishy detached her lithe form from the strut, slowly and inaudibly loosened her tight muscles and prepared herself for the coming confrontation. Her senses became acute and she believed she was ready in the Force. The young girl eyes became dilated with red corneas. Like a sand panther in ambush, she patiently watched nerf hide padded boots circled by her flank to retrieve a repeater. Simultaneously a hatched popped open and another pair of smaller boots in far worse condition lifted a dust pool on the other side of the vessel. Within the Force, Mishy sensed the pirates urgency and professionalism, she could even perceive the mechanical whirring’s of a droid unit actively prepping the vessel for a hot start. Surging in the Force with half trained fury , Mishy concentrated on her darkest anger; her fathers loss and her mothers last whimpering. In a blurr of motion Mishy attacked in silence, darting towards the hatch where boots were solidly planted. As a feline extends its claws ready to pounce so did Mishy ignite her favorite lightsaber and gave an almighty telekinetic 'push' of Force energy directed at a mans knee.

    A knee of the unseen man buckled, her lightsaber quickly flicked towards the man’s groin area shaving off his weapons belt as he fell shrieking into the camo net that he pulled down on top of himself. To the casual observer the depth of control that Mishy held within the Force was astounding. To A master it involved the element of surprise and the desperation and conviction of raw talent. Time elongated, Mishy within the Force sensed hands wrap around a weighted object behind her. She ignited her other weapon, instantaneously bending down to the ground and hurled the green blade. The pirate was quick to dodge and bend, the repeater he carried took the brunt of the attack and carved in two. Mishy brightened in the Force as she thought inwardly,

    perfect trajectory, score!

    The pirate to his credit was fast, faster than Mishy calculated, his side arm came up firing as he rolled to exact revenge. Time snapped back to scale as Mishy luckily batted away 3 intense and well aim shots in line with her heart, face and legs. The shots ricocheted off the vessels underside, smashing holes in and around the camo net that held a ghostly silhouette, the pirate underneath looked like it was emerging from a lake from an old horror holodrama . Mishy quickly scuttled behind the rising pirate who, still struggling to throw off the problematic net finally found the end to free himself. As soon as his head arose Mishy brought her blue saber up to wrap around the mans neck and pushed him down on his shoulder with the Force. His knees buckled again. She screamed towards her captive,
    “Time to leave, you and your friend can come or I can leave with your heads!”. Mishy eyed the flung lightsaber laying still aglow behind the circling Weequay, it dug furrows into the parched earth.

    The captured humanoid immediately stopped struggling, the blue hue and cold heat of Mishy’s lightsaber attracted his undivided attention, he blurted out a shocked curse through his brightened faceplate. His companion, pistol aimed forward for a head shot came into view, he was armed with a hand cannon; the DL 235, a pistol so powerful it literally could shoot through his accomplices abdomen , bust a hole as wide as a fist in Mishy face and obliterate the rock some twenty meters behind the trio. Mishy’s heart raced as she partially shielded herself behind her captures back . The two men eyed each other assessing the situation in silence. A standoff of five long seconds ensued .
    “Last and only chance, ” Mishy screamed through her faceplate as microseconds that felt like eons raced away.
    The large Weequay slowly nodded and frowned as he caught his offsiders tell. He lowered his weapon and dropped it to the ground and slowly raised his hands. Sensing a trap Mishy used her left hand that was placed on the kneeling pirates shoulder to pull her fallen lightsaber from the repeaters carcass. It flew, ignited into the air only to slap into Mishy’s awaiting palm, she quickly slashed at the tangled net that was resurfacing the ground around her feet without losing eye contact with the large Weequay
    Mishy screamed into her Comm, “What channel?”. Automatically she became patched in,
    A tootle cracked into her ears, she could hear an insistent droid tweeting to the original crew that takeoff was imminent, oblivious to the commotion that just occurred. Through the Force Mishy sensed the urgency and dismay that the man at her feet exhibited,
    “ That droid is guuna be the death of me!” he said.
    Mishy decided in a heartbeat that she should probably just kill them and leave, but she needed to learn about the outside galaxy first. Who best to achieve this than by scum and scum that I can best!

    Mishy surged again in the Force and lifted the heavy set Weequay off his feet, dangling him the air like a puppet, she noticed the terror and the surprise of the two beings as she turned him upside down and unceremoniously dropped him on his thick skull.
    Mishy icily spoke,“That’s for the 3 shots”.

    A deliberate slow raised hand from her captive gave off the open hand number five, a sure sign of surrender and panic. Mishy, levitated her lightsaber around the man’s neck and watched the Weequay’s jaw drop as he struggled to sit upright.

    Using her free arm she waved at the Weequay.
    “We go together or I go alone, you can stay alive or I will cut you down where you grovel, come over here now. No funny business”.

    The pirate under her spoke quickly, “What ever you say kid, just don’t do anything rash!”

    Mishy spoke regal like a queen commanding her court patrons,,
    “I’ll do what I please, it is you that needs to think what you should do very carefully. I want you lay down your arms…. slowly, unbuckle that dagger and grenade and leave them on the ground”, she looked at the toppled Weeqay who was scrambling to get in line, she said with contempt , “ you too ugly, disarm!”
    Mishy released her prisoner with a firm kick to his spine. He fell face first to the ground. She stood with her saber still ignited and oversaw the disarming of the two beings. Once the men had done what was instructed they stood in an ungainly manner next to each other . Mishy only looked at them with a callus smile, “You know I’m a Jedi, I can sense all the other weapons that you are carrying, now dump them now or I promise I will use each and every one of them on you before you die”.
    Oblivious to her bluff the men nonchalantly extracted various vibroblades and poison darts with a mixture of nervous trepidation and amusement. The Human chanced a snigger to his friend,
    “She would have to be here for the next decade if she was going to try that”.
    Mishy’s smile became a little lighter but she remained focused,
    “Make sure, where’s the cargo hatch?”
    The Weequay in a blunt manner answered, “Cargo hatch full, place all weapons inside with us, no need to take broken repeater and slashed net”
    “What’s in the hatch?”, inquired the little girl.
    Again it was the burly Weequay that answered, “Credits and booby trap, him only one with right combination.”
    Mishy eyed the two and knew this was a standoff,
    “I have a better idea then”.
    The beings pupils widened as their weapons were hurled away into the large gravel boulders, Mishy smirked behind her faceplate as both beings whimsically raised a hand to grasp out for their hard fought weapons. Quickly they thought better of it and put palms up in surrender.
    “You can buy new toys once you get me to the Outer rim”.
    The young girl extinguished both of her lightsabers and clipped one on her belt, She jumped and cartwheeled through the air landing in the forward hatch.
    “C’mon you two, there’s noone scanning us now, time to jump. I’m in the back so I can jam my saber through your throat if you think you can beat me”.

    With that Panders shrugged to Funsuhh and loped along to the hatch.

    As the two entered they spied the young girl sitting in the back looking comfortable, smiling callously extending an invited hand for them to take a seat. The men nervously looked at their seats to see the blastac ringed around their area.
    “Oh” ,Panders gulped, “Clever little girl”.
    Mishy spat out like the petulant child she was, “My name is Mishy and I’ll cut you a new mouth from your back if you say I’m a little girl again,” .

    The Weequay straddled over to the side gunner position without a fuss and grumbled ,“Me Funsuhh, him Panders, Chiss take out all ships except us”.

    Panders informed his offsider and the new crew, “They have finished their search Funsuhh, they should be cleaning up now I’m sure the Head didn’t make it", he added peevishly, “ that was our Battleship Mishy, the Chiss took us out." Panders continued,
    “Spanners lets take this out hot and jump to the predesigned co-ordinates”.

    The hatch shut and the men automatically took off their face plates, seeing this Mishy unscrewed her’s and let her blonde hair shake the sweat out.
    Nervous minds raced with murder but the Arc swiftly took off and made for space, automatically aligning itself for the sequence of jumps. Mishy spied the planet from above, the barren rock never looked so ugly.
    “Goodbye and good riddance to all of you", she said with unapologetic conviction.

    Both men tucked the information into the back of their minds, if the Chiss stopped them , they could go back down and hide in the population Mishy had spoken about. None dared to venture this remark. It was Panders that finely spoke, “Hope they got rid of all those mines or this is going to be a real short jump, Ok Hit.”
    The stars elongated and three minutes later reversed quickly. What they saw was an orbital spacestation under heavy repairs with the Deaths Head parked behind the Station , her frame crumpled and scarred. Defensive cruisers and fighters had little time to react as the Arc quickly accelerated away and jumped again. Within the confines of hyperspace it was Panders who cursed,
    “They’ve spotted us, Spanners do a micro jump towards Nirauan , it’s the closest thing we’ve got that has some free space inbetween. The Cavrilhu will want to know what’s going on. C’mon Spanners you’ve got two minutes to process otherwise we are dead”.
    The droid tweetled and indignant reply but the screen scrolled, “You owe me an upgrade”
    Funsuhh craned his neck at the screen “ And a rewire for your antennae, how come you can’t scan little girl”. The droid blew a raspberry and got to work.
    Mishy still sat back and looked nonchalant; the two pirates only looked at each other for a nanosecond and smiled.
    It was the little stowaway that spoke,
    “You will not deviate from the plan, take the predetermined jump points”.
    Panders laughed, “How do you know what we will do?”
    “Oh that’s easy” ,she said.
    In the blink of an eye her lightsaber sheered off one of Panders ears. Panders could not register the pain because of the shock and adrenaline coursing through his body. He spied his own ear lying on his lap surrounded by a kilogram of blastac, he was puzzled, he did’nt hear the snap hiss from the right side and now he never would again.

    In a deliberately slow and even tempo Mishy purred, “You will not deviate from the predetermined plan, you Panders can add your own ear to that collection around your neck, unfasten your necklace and thread your trophy onto your fashion piece”.
    Panders eyes started to water, the pain started to take hold, he began to whimper as he unclipped his necklace from his nape. Mishy’s lightsaber still extended and hovered , it’s low vibrato thrum kept pace with Panders pain receptors. The only interruption was the insistent droid querying what should be done. Funsuhh ordered the droid,
    “Revert back to predetermined flight plan. Make calculations from base back to the Cavrilhu just in case.
    “That’s better”, Mishy said as she saw Panders pierce his lobe and thread it to his necklace.

    “You can embalm your ear when we get back to your base, if you make it their alive, know this I am a Jedi. I will do everything I need to do to survive. As soon as we land you will surround me and walk me to your leader, your lives depend on getting me that far, after that it’s a new shock ball game.”
    Funsuhh opened up the dialogue for a change, “Why you so smart? What you goanna do if Deciman doesn’t like you?”
    “I take it that’s the Captain, well Funsuhh, you and your ship will be blown to the closest star, your cash will go up, your base will be ablaze and if he’s the captain I don’t think he will be attending to me anyhow, he would have been captured in the space battle. It doesn’t matter, I’ve got the cash and your scum, you’ll do anything to save your investment and others will do anything to profit by you. Your best bet is to go back to base and surround me,” ever so slowly Mishy shut down her saber. She put her mind to the Force and commanded, “Or join me and live”.

    Her last statement hung in the air for minutes.

    A shrug and grumble emanated from Funsuhh who added up the situation, Panders slipped his necklace on and stared into the lines of hyperspace, seething.

    Mishy babbled, “I promise you this, if you do as I ask for the next 10 days I will only take twenty percent of your credits, I could take it all you know, there is a course that has been set for my escape to the Cav-ril-hu whatever they are if this fails, but I sense that this base of yours will be much better for me to branch out and learn about the real galaxy before I attend to it. Oh and The reason I’m so smart is that my father taught me to be smart”.

    “Where father now?” Asked Funsuhh.

    In a deliberately bitter and icily retort Mishy hissed,
    “I killed him”.
    The two men looked somewhat horrified but in each others mind could just picture the little girl killing her father in over a thousand different ways.
    That was certainly a conversation stopper.
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    Claw; Chiss pilot of Elite six received a coded transmission from Acrosti, the commanders whereabouts remained a mystery but for all intenseive purposes was probably still in the battered space station found in the secretive 'Redoubt'.

    Destroy all evidence , no survivors.

    In Chiss terms this meant an extra rapid response incursion.

    The dilapidated Yt transport they were travelling through enemy territory within stunk of animal facieses and fermenting citrus. Also a little on the nose was a humanoid prisoner named Danteid. Covered in sweat and reeking of his own excrement, chained to the copilot seat he remained a gibbering mess. The necessary torture of this individual to extract codes and defensive secrets of the pirate base seemed excessive for a being that literally thawed Csilla when they boarded the vessel at Chenthutti iris 13. Danteid readily gave up all information to Coroner as soon as he saw his fellow companions being beaten to a pulp ,waterboarded and then beaten again .
    Within the cockpit of the YT the atmosphere was unmistakably intense, filled with the overpowering pheromones of Chiss adrenaline, paired with the unmistakable fetid stench of Danteid involuntary ejaculations.

    A sickly, thick asteroid belt hung from the front cockpit view, scanners beforehand measured the belt to be at least 100 kilometers in length and fifty kilometers thick. Huge boulders flitted this way and that, projectiles vomitied from the belts bowels travelled faster than the ey could see. The belt itself was an unmistakably a small planetoid that had an unfortunate encounter with a comet eons ago.

    The prisoners stutter and trilled voice also made the incursion a little surreal.

    “It’s co.cum..cumn up nnn now, don’t sc..a scan or the rocks will bombard us.”
    Maser, the sniper of the troop clipped the fretting pirate over the back of the ear, harshly he spat out,
    “Don’t for a second defy us, your life in the next few minutes hangs in the balance”.
    “Easy ,Maser,” Alpha Red chided his brother in arms, “he knows he’s a dead man if we don’t get what we want, besides a Yt and freedom is a great price for a small roll over”.
    “Coming up general,” Claw replied as the Yt idled up to a lone yellow and pallid pink asteroid which floated in an involuntary orbit. Before the cockpit, a large asteroid field lazily wafted around dead space, large blue green calcites and heavily tinged red ores floated in a dense formation streaking this way and that, with smaller asteroids impacting every 10 seconds, shattering each other and adding to the brick size nebular of expanding detritus.
    Alpha red thought to himself,
    This was the perfect cover for a rats den, entry into an asteroid belt by suicide. Comms and tracking devices that supposably litter the system to warn of approaching vessels and more surprises even within the base itself.

    A harsh rain buffetted the Yt’s particle shields as they edged into the swirling storm of rock.

    Danteid trilled, “Remember, no shooting and weapons on standby only.”
    Alpha Red, the general barked, "Input the code.”

    Coroner, the navigator and small arms expert inputted the code. Automatically many asteroids parted before them, creating a tube projecting two kilometers of unimpeded vision through the belt to flickering pallid pink asteroid. A few asteroids automatically locked on to the ion drives of the YT, swirling and sweeping around the channeled orbit, like a shark circling its prey ready to attack if it detected any unusual electrmagnetic discharges. The YT gracefully swum through the floating chum, its lateral line powered down to acceptable levels.

    “Repulsor field;ingenious! Your up little man,” Charric whispered. Charric was the complete solider, a true grunt. He was skilled in all forms of hand to hand combat. He understood tactics and was an excellent shot, his personal weapon of choice was his namesake but he carried more armaments than anyone thought possible, a gadgets being he readily sliced complex computer algorithms in his sleep.

    Dantedid stared at the comm board he spoke nervoulsly and under duress, “This is Danteid, coming in from Busta Boom,, ar um Panders won the run and Speckles is a horn blower through his head”. He cut the comm and looked down, dejected. More Asteroids parted and aligned themselves in a military guard of honor, although each asteroid packed muliple laser turrents and mines, receivers and scanners in case of any vessel coming in did not power down tracking devices and turrets and missle bays. The asteroids slowly scanned the Yt which steadily flew through the formation again opening up more pallid pink markers to finally course to a blackened spacestation in the heart of the asteroid belt. The Yt slowly and respectfully continued its journey at a subdued speed.

    Suddenly, a delighted voice cracled over the comm, “This is Elle, Danteid where is everyone else? We haven’t heard from them in over a week”.
    Charrics, vibroknifes and crunching knuckles swayed around Danteid's cranium as he hit the button to reply.
    “Arrg, um they are still in position ready to arr, make the jump. I’m um early cause, we had no umm more room in the Head… to um hold, the banks and ref refineries were ri ripe for the taking”.
    “Did you bring me back anything nice?”
    Forgetting where he was and what predicament he was in ,Danteid stared at Metas’s imposing features; this humanoid Chiss was elegant, suitably thin and wiry, he stood at 1.8 metres tall with refined chin with ruby red eyes. His skin was as blue as the waters of Naboo.
    "Um yeah yeah sure, its very pre, pretty”, Danteid continued as if hypnotised by the blue aliens features.

    “Blue and red as a matter of fact” Danteid said lustfully.
    “Ooh I can’t wait!” Elle replied, “I knew it was all a ruse, I’ll make it worth your while, I’ll change you like I said I would, It will be fun”.
    Danteid purred into the com, while staring into the eyes of Meta lustfully,“I told you I would get you something exquisite”.
    Elle shrilled with excitement, “I’ll come down to the hangar baby”.
    A quick swipe to the back of the head brought Danteid back into reality.
    “Um, No! No need, I’ll see you to- tonight at the party. Besides everyones comin in soon and you need to be at your post… Deciman and Speckles will go, ga, go, space crazy if they don’t get acknowledged”.
    Excitedly Elle spoke, “Oh yeah, Ok tonight, I’ll wear something special for you and then we can wear nothing at all!”
    “Now I can’t wait”, Danteid lied as he clicked off the microphone.
    The Chiss were smirking and their body language became relaxed,
    A pat on Danteids shoulder by Claw and a blowed kiss noise towards Meta made the team chuckle. Alpha Red chimed in, “You really play both sides don’t you!”.
    Danteid stared at Alpha and smirked,
    “Everything is better when…”
    Maser subetly clubbed his charric to the back of Danteids head, instantly knocking him out. He smiled at Meta and casually pointed out, “I think he had something for you Meta!”
    “Shuddup ya greenskin", Meta vehnemently swiped at his comrade. The whole crew laughed at the racist remark.
    “Right men, time to get into character, lock and load, destroy all comms then move to take out all resistance. Lethal intent for the first wave and then mop up all the non-combatants. If you get into trouble, blow your way out of harms way, no need for subtlety the base goes when we go. Claw, find us some more pleasant and if you can odorless transportation, keep this vessel as backup but only as a last resort, try to find something with holding cells if our orders change”.

    Elite 6 locked and loaded in relative silence. Charrics, Maser beams, an assortment of mines, bombs and grenades were checked for integrity, their clicking joints tapped at a haunty rhythm. As one Elite six stood and pressed their camouflage suits, becoming invisible. The beings blended so perfectly in with the terrain not even the most sophisticated tracking system could detect them. Only the shuffle of their quiet footsteps let anyone know they were making their way towards the access ramp waiting for the oppurtunity to once again use their superb skill sets.
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    It had taken two jumps to reach the Quelii system and another four hours of sublight speed to approach the pirates secret base, The ARC, for once had performed flawlessly; her engines had lost it’s cough and her internal air recycler had kept it’s integrity. Both Panders and Funsuhh had said little during the thirty hour trip, their caviler attitude was all but forgotten. Mishy had stared out into hyperspace, amazed at the faster than light motion; Finally she had seen something that her father had taught her work!
    The ARC slithered to its final destination. Asteroids encompassed her vision, huge floating monstrosities littered the field, some colored black as pitch while other clumps of rock the color of a pallid pink stalagmites. Others were far more striking, electric blue veins permeated from a black basalt core that seemed to spark with intent.
    Panders inputted a code as they sidled up to an asteroid with a motley yellow hue around a pallid pink core. It was the only asteroid of that colour within the field of view. He anticipated Mishy’s question and finally spoke,
    “If we don’t input our code, once we pass this point the repulsors on the base and certain asteroids will fire up and start slinging rocks the size of your precious fallen ship at us. Our captain has navigated and set up this field so that only permitted ships with the right code can enter or leave. Each asteroid has a remote sensor to detect the base and a communications satellite imbedded in the rock that can relayed information back to the base on a million different tangents. It’s a tough nut to crack!”

    As the trio traversed within the asteroid field, rocks jostled for position, some slowly circled the ARC close enough to reach out and touch. Asteroids leisurely twirled on their merry way.
    The ARC was a fruit fly in a mass produced orchard.

    The vessel passed another pallid pink rock with the same colored yellow hue. At once asteroids parted before them and lost their roll, coming up as an honor guard line with missile and laser emplacements radiating from every asteroids equator. A ambitiously large passage grew from the asteroids that led to a stationary mass within the center of the field.

    There was no attempt at humor as Panders swore, "Whaaa, thats not suppose to happen yet!", he patched the com as his heart pounded, “ARC 1126-712 to the heart, this is Funsuhh and Panders returning from mission Bankar boom, I won the iron trophy and Speckles is a hornblower through his head”.

    No response came from the base.

    Intermittent yellow lights flickered from a distance, It looked like a cavity within the base was trying to hide its treasured heat source. Seconds ticked away as the crew started to fidget within their cramped seating arrangement. Funsuhh called it plainly,
    “Not good, bang out!”

    “Run a scan,” Mishy demanded.

    Startled but confident Panders shouted,“No way little girl I don’t care if you try to take my last ear, all those rocks will come straight for us if we do that, even a passive scan will set them off, I think we better turn around and head for the stars”, he hesitated and spoke directly to Funsuhh,” something big has happened to the base as well.”

    In a quiet and controlled voice Mishy announced, “Continue to the base Panders, that’s an Order”.

    Panders and Funsuuh in unison turned to meet the young girls order, their mouths slacked by the audacity. Panders hysterically explained, his pitch augmented a full octave,“I don’t think you understand Mishy, no-ones answering and the lights are on with a welcome committee! That means the base has been breached! What if the authorities are still there? We go straight into their clutches.”

    Mishy lowered her pitch but not her intensity,” I don’t mind if you never hear again Panders, but you’ll do as I say!”
    A det pack unclipped itself from Panders seating and floated onto his lap, two pins followed from behind Funsuhh as he exited a curse. The contacts danced up to the pilots seat, hovering around Panders head like agitated Tantooine sand wasps. One pin plunged into the det. A common falsetto shriek emanated from the pilot.

    “OK, OK, Kid. I mean your highness, I mean Mishy, whatever you want you get. Geez!”

    Within the ensuing silence, the det pin dug itself out of the blastac and floated towards Mishy. She calmly tucked the pin away and stared out the window.

    “Take us in but do a flyby just in case”, she absently said.

    Through the slow hiss of overworked landing struts Elite six bounded down the ramp in silence preparing themselves to storm the hangar. Their perfectly coordinated flanking maneuver combined with blitzkrieg strategy would scattered the profiteers welcoming party. To begin with they simply slipped past the well wishers or cutthroats that attended the landing ramp, most of the pirates just wanted to gawk at the promised amount of treasure Danteid had alluded to. To the crew of the ill fated Deaths Head the ungainly bunch of reservists were the scum of the bottom of the barrell, so dumb they couldn’t be trusted, so weak they needed strengthening in the right environment. Still there was always an angle to run in Decimans camp. But these pirates sealed their own fate, they had not listened to Deciman’s procedure to secure and contain a new birth, the various aliens were too busy licking their lips or proboscis in anticipation for the awaiting loot.

    Coroner, Charric, Maser, Alpha, and Meta, in their light bending camouflage suits set up a pincer movement deftly encircling the hangar bay. Slowly Elite six attached movement charges to doors that led to other sections of the base. Once their first misson objective was complete the ballet of death started in earnest. The encounter started off like a famous magicians performance, a flash bang erupted from the landing ramp as the unconscious Dantied rolled down the gangway, a gushing scream from the crowd erupted as a klaxon above wailed immediately. It’s a pity, thought Meta as he shot a humanoid at boint blank range that the pirates clutching their retinas and screaming in pain can’t see the business end of Claw’s Charric floating in front of them, such an elegant weapon. Claw’s weapon professionally started to pump lethal rounds into the blinded quarry, silencing them in blood and gore one by one. A sharp crack emanated from the port side as Maser dropped a Gran through it's middle eye. The Gran had quickly recovered from the flash bang and was in the process of dive rolling to level a blaster at the lone solider on the landing ramp.
    “Thanks Maser,” Claw said through the com, “I’ve never seen a three eyed sentient before they ..”
    Alpha through the com interrupted, “Infrared dampeners now!”.
    Though this new technology was not overly trusted or enjoyed by the Chiss, who preferred to work in Infrared, the soldiers instantly switched to a 6400 color spectrum and dampened their heat signatures.
    “How many other beings can see in infrared?” Coroner inquired over the headpiece as he all but gutted a small rodent like creature that wore brown coveralls over it’s entire hairy body. The creature’s eyes dimed from a phosphorus yellow to a gray hue instantly.
    “Eight possibly nine”, Alpha retorted, “Mostly the dregs of existence or those that live in poor light”.
    “I take it we fit into the last category, well all except Meta of course,” came a stealthy voice.
    “Eyes on the prize trooper,” Alpha Red harshly spat at the wise crack as he shot a partially injured alien.
    “Whoya!” the incursion team unanimously retorted.
    Blood and smoke started smattering against the floor like a spring shower on Dantooine.
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