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Beyond - Legends Undeniably Evil : Chapter 18 you don't know what your missing: A summary

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by aalagartassle, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    My first ever FF or creative writing, apart from being forced to do it to pass an exam oh so many years ago at school.

    Diclaimer: yadda yadda yadda star wars George Lucus, he created it, he profits by it. I Do not..... except by the original characters which is most likely all of them!
    I'd be surprised if anyone reads this anyways. I failed nearly every english course.
    This is going to be a M rated story, theres gore and adult themes but in any case its best to advise there are some intense sequences that may require a more mature mind.

    It?s been 45 years since the Outbound Flight project had crash landed into an unknown planet within the Chiss redoubt. Jorus C?boath and his fellow Jedi are dead, what is left behind is a motley crew called the ?Survivors?. With no way out of the safe storage centre within the battered vessel the men and women of Outbound Flight dig in, letting one man Uliar control their destiny. Mutterings of change simmer below the surface; a council must be formed to help them survive. Their first platform is to rid the community of all Jedi paraphernalia; they hate the Jedi for tricking them to get aboard Outbound Flight; The Survivors found out that these guardians of justice did not want them but their children. The sinister Cboath handpicked all the crew who happen to possess high midiclorian counts; his plan was to train their offspring as Jedi. Now see what happens when a young girl, the product of the Jedi?s failed plan is corrupted by the power of the darkside.


    Undeniably Evil.

    Chapter 1 Turning Point

    Mishy Lakaylor wasn?t your typical seven year old female human child, although pretty and petite she was insolent, tempered and mischievous. She had a knack for mechanics and fixed most of the rundown household items at least once a month. At an early age Mishy did not exhibit the typical playfulness and bonding other children from most species tended to inherit from their parents and friends. Some say she had Tradoshan blood running through her veins, cold and calculating, she frolicked and chattered her gargled laugh when she took another child?s toy by her mind games.

    Countless times Mishy watched her older victims try to catch falling food from their lunch tray, she secretly leveled a finger at them and thought push. At times she was well mannered, especially after dinner she would fluttered her eyelids at her father Kenth whilst he asked her to put the dishes into the saniwasher. She carefully and diligently picked up every dish and scrap of food, balancing all cutlery and morsels into the back cubicle away from prying eyes.
    This was her place, a place of solitude.

    Time and time again Mishy had been sent to the back cubicle, sometimes she just wanted to get in there and be locked away from prying eyes. This was the only room in her habitat that had a lock, it was also the noisiest and dirtiest place, even the air scrubbers couldn?t penetrate the stench. Saniwashers, trash chutes and old food made this places aroma more than a little on the nose, but the solitude made up for everything. Most importantly this was a place to practice the Force, or what she had been told was the Force by some of the other people living as the Survivors of Outbound Flight?s maiden catastrophe.

    For five years Mishy had learnt how to push and pull objects to her and away with alarming accuracy. She was now concentrating on lifting cutlery with her mind into the saniwasher. Many a piece of crockery had slipped out of her control and ended up harmless falling on the clothes and blankets she huddled around the washer. Be that as it may there were so many chinks in the plates and glasses from slippage into the saniwasher slots that her mother thought she was actually throwing them into the air from afar.
    The trick was to first pull the push in rapid succession to create a bubble and continue this to create angles, more push on one hand made an object scoop up, more pull
  2. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    Each of these phrases were regular; once each word would send a slither of electricity shooting out to dance on her fingers.

    But not anymore.

    She knew who she was, I'm going to be a Jedi!

    Yarvis still had finished screaming at her parents,
    The Tirade had not subsided from Crabman, Mishy focused on the locking mechanism; click the lock sprung. A slight smile of pleasure spread across her face.

    ]That old Crab has got it coming, now what to do she thought slyly.

    Surely they will offer him a drink .

    Without opening the door Mishy pictured the next room; an orange tiled section for breakfast and cooking, hotplates in one section, food and utensils in another. A caf table seperated the sections. The tables harsh right angles made a perfect trap around hip height; it was augmented by a sole chair.

    His knee will force him to sit soon enough.

    Mishy set to work in her mind; first she literally smelt the odors of the room. Time and spatical awareness came after a slight warping of the pictured room. Mishy concentrated on the utensils; pushing with the Force. She moved the knives near the edge of the table. After that the little force user levitated an aloe mushroom; a particular opaque and watery cellulose plant towards the base of the chair, careful to hide it behind the leg.

    Her trap had been set.

    She could hear her mother pour the special drink to Yarvis, listen to his rumblings slowly dissipate as the amber liquid sloshed in his mouth. The old mans urge to sit and listen to Mishy's parents feeble excuses started. Mishy slowly pushed the plant away from the leg and into position. She sensed permeations in the air; a foot unavoidably about to contact with the plant, she thought the plant to be ice and it was so.

    Instantly their was a shriek of a man falling hard onto the floor; a large thwack echoed through the apartment. A mans skull had harshly struck the edge of the table. Mishy felt gleeful, her eyes went crimson. She sensed panic and anguish and drank it in, prizing the emotional flood the feeling offered to her.
    A vibration in her senses picked out that something was not quiet right. Her mother was shocked and screaming but there was an even an older presence dumbfounded and dazzled.

    Quickly she peered through the keyhole, everything became ultra white; she couldn?t focus. Something in her mind was screaming. Mishy saw what was happening, her irises dilated, her breath cut short, her skin paled to a midnight blue.

    She surged with uncontrolled power; shaking and screeaming she obliterated the door with a mind push. The hinges snapped and sherds of form plastic fell like hail. Mishy rushed out into the blinding light. A puddle of scarlet blood slithered across the room to eventually lick at Crabmans boots . A non responsive corpse lay near the table ; her fathers. His temple oozed blood, his neck lay at an obtuse angle.

    What have I she done,Mishy's mind screamed.

    Her only love, her protector.

    Mishy felt as cold as the storage freezer, she shook faster and faster like the clothes machine, an untamed inhumane shriek at earsplitting decibels came from her throat. Wind rushed around causing small dust motes and debri to twist and dance around her coveralls. Larger objects detached and were caught up in the mayhem. Blood began to be picked up and swilled around, the larger drops fell like a fierce rainstorm. Yarvis and Mishy's mother turned around from the corpse; their jaws dropped even further, their eyes widening in terror.

    Mishy's hair stood straight up on end, her hands were raised; trembling tendrils of electricity gathered in her fingers as she went taunt. She quickly released her misery in the direction of Yarvis. Bolts of crackling blue energy engulfed the old man, his whole body propelled backwards, slamming into the hotplates; His clothes and skin began to rip away. Innards started to steam. Screaming, she pressed her powerful fury, her clothes became windswept and start
  3. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    CHAPTER 2 Pirates and Perscribed drugs.

    The Deaths Head was a 250 crew modified Correllian Cruiser of clone war origin, she had extra shielding, long range scanners and instead of 15 escape pods it was replaced with numerous concussion and proton torpedo tubes. Armed to the teeth and enough hangar space to keep an assortment of 24 hyperspace capable uglies, 4 drop ships numerous speeder bikes complimented by 5 modified light freighters she was an antiquated force to behold. Her captain a male Zeltron named Decimian had the notoriety of gun slinging, holding grudges, getting the wages paid and the job done. To get this armada he resorted to be an agent to a Lord Tyrranus, a shady well spoken character that promised him safe haven and the vessel if he could crush the hangar doors to the space station at Jambim.

    He worked his way up to tug barge captain during the clone wars and made off with the ship when they were overran by separatists. Deciman was aided by an unscrupulous Hutt named Filba who was the quartermaster at the space station, it was the Hutt that packed the crusier with all sorts of contraband to make a handsome profit when the time came. Having full access to the cruiser and space station, Decimian simply stole the vessel with less than half its ground compliment and only one ARC when docked in orbit. In the ensuing evacuation he created so much confusion, announcing to the skeleton crew,

    "Secure everything and make your way to the escape pods".

    Deciman then jettisoned the garbage and the pods in front of the stations hangar doors . Furthermore he encrypted a bug into the computer mainframe whilst he typed coordinates into the navicomputer. When he left he spaced everyone he knew except for the slug who had inadvertently disappeared.

    The vessel had detached from the station with the flare of 15 pods clanging and bursting into flames. Through the hangers enormous bombs were detonated, hitting personnel, fighters and ordinance. The bright mini novas nearly split the station in two, space junk clotted bay doors exits and tractor beams holds on the vessel. Decimian was safely in the ships refreshers after booby trapping the bridge that was beginning to be engulfed in gas and flame. Deciman was secure with his remote bridge in hand, he jumped the vessel to the Transitory Mists. As the vessel emerged from hyperspace, she was boarded and every reaming clones life was quickly and harshly cancelled. Set upon by his partners the vessel was refitted and checked for every conceivable bug. All military encryption was just ripped out and the commboard replaced. Decimian made sure his slicers did the best job at making the vessel vanish. His men were well paid, respected and constantly drilled. Their very lives as freelance profiteers or commonly known pirates kept the assortment of species on their toes or claws.

    Though The Deaths Head was slower than most vessels in the Empire or New Republic now, her great shielding and captains hit and run tactics kept their overheads to a bare minimum. Decimian was shrewd, he never took on the empire worlds or republic planets front on. There were too many other worlds that had no idea, but again he didn?t leave them alone, he set scams up, bank jobs but no grapple and twist stunts with planetary governments. His Deaths Head was always behind some other planetoid when the armada made a bank bust on a planet and there certainly were never any survivors or escapees when capturing loaded ore or fuel ships.

    Life was good, the pay was fantastic, food was wholesome and they even took holidays! His second in charge a rather wily Gotal nicknamed Speckles was next to his captain at all times, he could anticipate an opponent and was rather handy in a brawl. Decimian had trained Speckles for ten years about how to get in and out without being detected. They looked after each other as though they were brothers. Speckles had warned Decimian not to wander to close to Chiss space, he spok
  4. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    Chas Uliar was livid as usual, the man portrayed no positive emotions. He barked and snapped calling himself the leader. He erred on the side of caution but this time he was justified.

    ?How many times did we put her in the lockup hmm, how many ?3 times? No wait 10 times no wait 20 times twenty times and did I not say she needed to be permanently put in the brig ??

    Major Ellan stood with her arms behind her back, a wide stance making her huge biceps twitched I'm again being berated, berated by this Kookwalian monkey lizard of a man, Men! She thought, what came out was a strong and determined,
    ?By all indication it was Mishy who committed these acts?.

    Uliar eyed her and had already arrived at his decision.He raged,

    ? She goes straight to the Zoo no nanny pansy baby lockup, the real Zoo she?s been there once before to frighten her into submission, but old Piers Zimby actually made her happy in there! No one is to be put in with her, she sees me and me only for two years. I'll feed her and water her i'll treat her with the Bota we found in the carbonite hold that went haywire instead of bacta before I throw her in but that?s it! ?

    Bota was largely an unknown plant drug found from the planet Drongar, it had many effects but mainly and antibiotic narcotic that sedated the patient, For the surviving crew on the ship it was a last resort as this particular batch of Bota was lovingly coined ?Bota blast?, from the extreme headache one got as a side effect. Uliar ranted still as he gnashed his jaws together as if devouring an imaginary piece of nerf steak, droplets of spittle started to form on the side of his lips.

    ? That?s it, no discussion, no backchat! I don?t want to hear it, three die because of her, no one else will on my shift!?

    The veins in his neck pulsed, he was hoarse but he didn?t stop there,

    ?I?m sick of the Jedi, anyone with unnatural abilities will be permanently housed in the nanny zoo, yeah that?s good,?

    he smiled as he calmed down. After an awkward silence he mumbled,

    ?that?ll keep em quiet?.

    ?Or insane,? mused Ellan.

    Uliar stared straight at her she expected a tirade but he lowered his head dejected.

    ?Good point, But I need You Major Ellan we need to protect the 60, no 57 other people still aboard this ship, We cant have these kids with massive advantages to be let loose, look what Mishy?s done, look what C?boath did, they are a danger that cannot be trusted, they act unnatural and how could they possibly act within the law? The only way to separate them and stay civil is to incarcerate them.?

    Ashanti stood solid, she had liked the stories of Jedi Jizler but other than that had no love for the Jedi, they were mainly self righteous men especially C?boath and the other masters. Men!. She Voiced her opinion,

    ?This is goanna hurt you sir when I say this so sit down and take it, because if you don?t hear it now , when it?s said by someone else you won?t know how to react apart from shooting them?.

    Uliar sat and not reluctantly he actually respected her. ohh Men... No Men
    ?What you propose is what the Jedi propose, take away babies. Babies so their parents will never see them again. You will be called every name under the sun and violence will inevitably ensue, taking away a love one, a baby is the cruelest thing you can do. what?s going to happen to the kids you lock up? Will they get an education? Will someone care for them? Who? Do you see the ramifications that your decision will bring??

    Uliar leaned back, he wasn?t hit with a wet Goober fish but there was shock in his face, it quickly vanished he didn?t look despondent he looked triumphant, he stood up wandered around Ashanti and whispered icily in her ear,
    ?Thank you, it will work, there are only 4 Force sensitive children on board and there mothers won?t leave them, well not all of them? he adjusted.
    Major Ellan was hit with the Goober fish, it smacked with villianary and it tasted with servitude to a dictator.
    Men, Awful Men!


  5. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    Chapter 3 Tight spaces.
    In the sanitized corridor of a newly formed space station a blue skinned humanoid with glowing red eyes walked with practiced military efficiency, wearing a form fitting military uniform identifying his syndic. He marched towards a similar but taller male that stood staring out into the void, arms locked behind his back his feet in a strict military stance he waited to be acknowledged.
    Saluting and speaking in heavily accented Chenth he spoke,

    ?Sir the first defensive screens are in place and are now at 100 percent battle ready?.

    Cho?bard?anthumby of the sixth ruling family informed Aristocra Cha?form?biaroo son of the latter great of the same name and household. Aristocra was surveying the orbitatal choke point within the Chiss redoubt. The higher ranking Chiss stood suited in an elegant white uniform, a sign of his leadership and commanding power. His bodyguards that lined the corridor and were currently holding their charrics in honor position but this had little to no effect on his outward presence, he inclined his head and in a bland but authoritative voice acknowledge the lead engineer.

    ?Excellent work Cho?bard?anthumby you have delivered this on time and within agreed parameters. The ruling families will acknowledge your families and syndics efforts and will so be noted for posterity and your honor?.

    Cho?bard?anthumby saluted and turned crisply on his heel marching back to his duties. After a long day tour examining all defensive positions within the redoubt Aristocra Cha?form?biaroo was indeed impressed with the overall layout of this station, he could find no fault with the emplacements and shielding of the platform. It had a natural position to intercept any intruder. A smile crept over his face as he mused,
    "What happens once the Dathwit, actually catches the Mizzle?"

    The Dathwit was ontop of the food chain found on many of the outer Chiss planets, an arachnid type of creature that possessed the ability to defend it?s lair. The only natural enemy was a small and threatened species of arthropod with quick and violent mandibles that drops its poisonous outer shell if entangled in a web and slides down the snare unharmed only to watch the Dathwit devour the husk and die.

    Staring out into the myriad of planets Aristocra Cha?form?biaroo decided that some sort of test was in order.


    Uliar lamented, it had been two days since he literally threw that womp rat of a girl into the Zoo. He was so infuriated that he nearly forgot to provide nutrients, bandaged her and applied Bota to her wounds just before he unceremoniously hurled her limp carcass into the cell.

    He thought a little starvation and only water would provide just the right message to his prisoner, You will be treated unfairly, you treated everyone else badly now accept the communities anger. I am the man in power, you will be remonstrated for you actions. His previous stiff spine slackened and he slumped forward, maybe he was to harsh, she was only seven, a little girl. His eyes continually darted at the pictures that were stuck to the Coroners report. What this Force sensitive had done was appalling she was even worse than that madman C?boath and as arrogant.

    Uliar's back rose to the sturdy and high position, I?m doing the right thing. He admonished himself for second guessing especially on this girl, but what about the other four? Uliar knew life of the administrator was going to be tough, he always planned ahead and this felt right in his mind, but the others were not going to be convinced so easily. It was time to call on his position, to achieve what had to be done, to tell the Survivors that this was the only way to guarantee no others would befall the fate that Yarvis Spring, Keith and Seshy Lakaylor and the other 10000 other dead souls that had been lost to the Jedi. He took out his electro stylus and began to write his epic masterpiece.

  6. LordDarthPaxis

    LordDarthPaxis Jedi Knight star 1

    Oct 23, 2010
    Wow, I was scrolling through the fanfics list and your name caught my eye. This is really well writting, and you use a lot of evocative words. I haven't had time to read over all of it but I'll certainly be back later to finish it off and give some feedback. Keep up the good work.

    Oh and I hope you don't mind if I borrow the name of one of your character's for a cameo appearance as a sort of homage to you :)
  7. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    all good mate, i'm using your mannerisms/knowledge for my Chiss characters and thier functions.
  8. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    It was a maze of storage units all exactly the same pattern and it went for ages, Mishy had been walking for a day . The infinite power that she had when she escaped had waned quickly, after 10 minutes she no longer sensed the crystals and only faintly recognized the cube, she thanked herself for memorizing what deck and ship she needed to get to. That in itself would take plenty of time, she thought two days, maybe five who knew. Mishy opened a large food supply crate and took as much rations as she could carry, next she went to the supply crate and took one large satchel and one small satchel, three glow lamps and power packs one pillow and 3 air masks. She made them fit into the large satchel in the small satchel went the hydration pills and medical supplies to keep her once open wound clean,
    some synflesh for latter she argued with herself.

    Having enough supplies for a week at least and by all accounts able to come back but with the chance they would catch her.
    She spoke to herself with regularity, ?I need to move up to a level they wouldn?t dare go to, no power only atmosphere and oxygen. But how??

    Mishy trudged on towards the next unit.
    Two hours later after picking her way through broken and torn crates wishing she had not packed so much as most of her necessities lay scattered in every single new room! Mishy sat down and replenished herself, she didn?t like food per se, it was a means to an end. She took no pleasure in what the grown ups called delicious nerf steaks and just as well, these ration packs were awful! The hydration pills were somewhat tricky, thankfully she read the label first
    ?take only two every 6 hours unless under extreme heat conditions? she kept on reading the packet it virtually said that if a human took more then two they would die by right of their cells exploding within.

    "Wow," she said out aloud.
    "Three little water pills could kill me but two would sustain me that?s creepy".
    A wave of cold uncertainty came over her, shivering she rapt her arms around her body it was a ghost touching her mind with ice. She put down her pillow acutely aware that when she slept only this unseen ghost would allow her to dream and survive

    ?The dream?.
    Its murky and freezing, supple arms clad in black skin tight sleeves, wisps? of blond curly hair ever so often danced at the corner of vision. An echo of hums penetrates the ears and in front is a slender electric red lightsaber, it dances, a twist here a chop their, it hits nothing. A beautiful ashen smell like pure fire with a hint of cloves beckons, the sword illuminates some more of the murk, the air becomes as hot as lava. Instantly an electric golden sword smashes down on the left side of the red, it?s swung with so much power and pace that a hum and crack is herd well after the gold sword slices through a metal pipe. In this small illumination a giant carpet of auburn fur is now closing in on the retreating black arms. A thunderous roar from the right can be felt and sensed. The red sword cannot be seen, it?s gone, not in the open splayed hands, the vision pans upward and sees white dagger teeth, determined blue eyes and the same gold auburn hair on the face of this colossal beast. The golden sword is in slow motion crashing straight down to cleave the middle of the vision, the vision turns black only the heaving of hot wet breath penetrates the darkness.

    Mishy slowly fluttered her eyelids, wishing away the aching in her body she starts to stretch. There was no trace of the cube anymore, but her resolve was unwavering and quickly Mishy ate some more rations and popped another hydration pill, just one to be safe.

    Thinking out aloud, ?there must be a way to get up level?.

    The tubolifts had been reached only to find them with no power, Mishy opened the door with a crate opener only to find the lift cluttered and completely blocked by debris. Mishy started picking her way through the mess but the casings and rubbish kept on falling every time a larger piece was moved , it was never-endin
  9. LordDarthPaxis

    LordDarthPaxis Jedi Knight star 1

    Oct 23, 2010
    Ok finally got around to reading it all and I gotta say, I like it.

    I think Darius became my favourite character the second he said ?Anything to get your attention.? That was just priceless. [face_laugh]

    I?m impressed with Decimian and how thorough he is to ensure he never gets caught. I might have to take notes.

    I also loved the use of bota as a medicine for the resource strapped survivors, as well as the potent side-effects that make bacta preferable. Different and limited resources are a must have for a good story set in the Unknown Regions.

    I?m also impressed with your portrayal of the Chiss. Very controlled and authoritarian.

    Also water pills that can kill a person? Wow, things were rough for the Survivors![face_worried]
  10. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    Chapter 4 Why Purge?

    It was an hour after the funerals, it was time to strike. Uliar called the emergency meeting.

    ?People hear me,? he exalted and waited for the murmurs to fade, this was the 15th time the whole habitats compliment of adults came together, they should have known the drill by now.

    ?It is time to face facts, the Jedi killed all but the original 15 Survivors, though we have bred to 60 , their arrogance and nearsightedness brought the wrath of the blue colored general against this flight. Jedi are suppose to protect, not direct, Jorus C?boath and the his so called masters were not generals, they had no idea how to fly these ships, they detained the captain and ordered the technicians to be locked in the storage decks to rot!He waitied for the mumur from the crowd decline,

    "Their so called proud traditions had no value on this assignment but still they were made leaders and alas they thought that they could defeat any being that stepped in their way. As Jedi they failed their first hurdle outside the sanctity of their cushy republic and they condemn thousands to die. I know I didn?t sign up for the Jedi to control my actions, take away my sons and daughters and deliver me to the so called 'Enlightened path'. I wanted a new life, a life fraught with tough decisions that I could have made, me and my family could have made. The Jedi took away that choice from me, from you."
    Silence ensued as the crowd reflected on what was said, Uliae continued,
    "As I stand before you I come to you as a friend and leader, I will not make excuses for my actions, only that my ideas are conceived out of necessity not a knee jerk reaction, but a continuation of persecution from the Jedi enforcers. Your children have a chance to survive and be free of Jedi persecution, that?s about one of the only real positives having to live in this place. But again the Force has reared its ugly head, in the shape of Mishy Lakaylor who has been in constant odds with this commune from the day she could walk! Not three days ago she took the lives of 3 innocent beings, her parents Keith and Seshy Lakaylor and Yarvis Spring , their lives came to an abrupt halt due to the unchecked power of a force sensitive. This girl Mishy, is only 8 years old and though bright and academic, she has been put in the brig 10 times for gross assault to children her own age or to the adult population. This does not take into consideration of her first 4 years when she was considered a troubled child one who had fits and tantrums. Mishy Lakaylor is now been incarcerated for at least 2 years outside the habitation area, she will be fed and clothed with rudimentary education and entertainment provided?.

    It was hard to believe, Uliar looked upon the crowd and saw a controlled and undeniable look of awe. They actually wanted him to do this, they had confidence in his decision, a few people murmured that it was the right thing to do, others had only razed their eyebrows in a slight show of dismay at the penalty for someone so young. As the murmur died down the assembly took notice of Uliar as he cleared his throat to add more.

    ?I ask you personally to look in your hearts and answer these three questions. Question 1, how much have the Jedi taken away from you? Question 2 Is it wise to keep force sensitive?s within the general population? And question 3, should we separate force sensitive?s so that they cannot maim, kill or upset the natural balance in the confides of this ship??

    A hushed gale swept through the room, parents turned icily frigid and swung towards each other, mouths set on overdrive to discuss this course of action. Uliar immediately had lost control of the crowd, they didn?t respond to his enchantments to settle down and act rationally, the congregation were like a packs of slashrats, coercing a parent away from their partner and verbally abusing them about how their child may cause this community to finally die. The packs ripped every decent argument from the defender, and they went for the kill h
  11. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011

    Mishy sat hunched on her new cot overlooking her new furnishings slowly chewing on a flavorless ration candy, her mind was indeed racing.

    ?I need to reach the crystals and Cube,? she said out aloud.

    What Mishy could remember was they were scattered throughout the 6 ships, there was one or two crystals in this ship and maybe 3 or 4 each in the other ships, her prized cube was 3 ships over in d1. Her eyes nonchalantly meet the red photoreceptors of a repair droid an m3578 with voice vocabulizer, it squeaked,
    ?Orders sir??.
    Mishy looked at its slight frame, this was not a robust droid but an interaction droid a tool to be used. She announced,
    ?Take me to the weapons blister?.
    The droid sat motionless but two ultra sonic beeps was herd in the next moment. ?Negative sir the blisters are not fit for human interaction?.
    ?Explain,? asked Mishy.
    The droid sent another beep out and was met again with another burst.

    ? Negative oxygen, Negative life support, Breached hull?.
    Mishy continued the tedious discussion with the droid about the spaceworthness of the vessels, constant questions were met with constant flash bursts, nothing good was coming from the droids vocabulizer. In the so called conversation Mishy asked about the turbolifts and their condition, it was met finally with a positive response of one can be operational in 10 weeks. Mishy obliged the droid to fix one turbo lift but not to extend its range to the storage core floor in this vessel, the droid started to trundle off, Mishy yelled to it,
    ?Status every three days?.
    The droid tootled acknowledgment . A mass exodus of the 20 droids left her to the quarters, after a time intermittently Mishy could hear other droids using the shaft to get to a destination. It was time to practice her push, pull technique and then apply it to spin, she had to remember how she created things to vortex, lift the enormous objects and after that she could in theory try to find the crystals and Cube. No noise, no distractions no person knocking on the door, no secrets just a chance to practice at the pace she wanted to, to focus for more than 1 hour here and hour there, this she hoped would go on for the next 10 weeks. Pure training.
    She began.

    Sweat poured from the little girl, she was a hum of activity, jumping here and springing there Mishy was a blur. She felt so alive and craved more interaction with her surroundings and herself. An endless sea of potential was being journeyed through, a mapmaker for her brain the young girl was memorizing how to flip forward, tumble spring and stick to the ceiling. Once upon the ceiling Mishy leveled a hand and with her mind unleashed a push of exacting nature, sometimes to mix it up Mishy would pull paper or small bolts towards her. Enjoying the ever increasing pain Mishy at last thought of Crabman, she let forth an almighty tendril of electricity that danced up the metal struts which occupied her room. Mishy howled in delight as she memorized how to create the spark that caused the worthless excuse of a man to die. She pictured Uliar and the electricity arced from her hands, smiling Mishy let go of herself and went on a rampage in the next room.
  12. aalagartassle

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    Jan 11, 2011
    Uliar hopped off his personal swoop and swaggered up to the small door, pushed the plate in and watched the door swoosh upwards he barely looked at the vocabulizer and blank smashed screen but had discharged two days rations into the galley girder that would drop from the ceiling beam in about two hours. He knew Mishy would be hungry, it had been a couple of days since he threw her in the zoo and had only given her food via drip only 2 hours before her real incarceration began. Hey eyed the locking mechanism cautiously and saw nothing untoward. He started his rudimentary education, choosing a high pitched sickening frequency to broadcast, his voice would morph into that of an old night witch while he spoke casually.

    ?Mishy? Mishy.. I bet your hungry,? he taunted.

    Uliar listened for a response. Nothing came back.

    ?Now Mishy you know you were the person who put yourself in this predicament?.

    he teased, ?Its now what the whole community wants, they don?t want you, they don?t need you and best of all they will forget you?.

    Uliar stretched his fingers and dialed the vocal setting to a more standard setting,

    ?Mishy answer me this, what did you think you would accomplish? No, no sorry let me rephrase that into child speak, what do you think you would get for hurting Yarvis? A candy? A book? A hug from your dad? Hmm I?m waiting,? he chided.

    There was only silence that came through the transceiver.

    ?Ahh well Mishy I guess this will be your homework, in three days I will be back, if you don?t give me an answer then ill have to give you detention?.

    He chortled to himself, after a minute pretending to take a bow before his imaginary crowd and raising his arms and cocking his head back hearing the imaginary roars of laughter and applause for his lame joke, Uliar turned the volume up and boomed,

    ? You will ANSWER ME?.

    He clicked off only to preprogrammed the rations once every two days. Sauntering out the door that swished back down he left merrily dancing with an imaginary princess towards his swoop bike. He straddled and gave a mock wave to the large door and kicked off back to the community.

    Major Ellan was sitting in the mess, she fumed hotter than her soup she was holding, her speech had swayed the crowd to the wrong conclusion. Ellan knew she was not an orator, lacking the finesse to convince them with platitudes, she was a forceful person, someone that saw results by the amount of sweat it took to gain the prize. How could you be so naïve she thought how could you not see this coming, she stabbed at her soup which retaliated with a customary backsplash down her trousers.

    ?Aww great,? she yelled and looked down at the newly forming stain.

    A learned voice approached,
    ?You know when you act, there is always a reaction good or bad,? Tarkosa admonished.

    His grey hair and thick black bushy eyebrows made him look almost comical. He stood awaiting an offering to be seated, Ashanti rolled her eyes and nodded, resigned to the fact that this man was not a favorite of Ulairs and could possibly want to oppose him on many issues.
    He looked at her in the eye and hastened,
    ?I know I know, my agenda is to make a law charter, yours is to uphold the current law through military codes, I get it I really do?.
    He rushed on in silent utterings only Ashanti could pick up on,
    ?But you can?t have one man make the laws all the time, he becomes a?

    A small hollow choke made her look up and he mouthed the words dictator. Ashanti didn?t recoil even though the decrepit old man was smelly and had that rust smelling manure breath. Tarkosa brightened when he understood he would not be getting the soup in his crotch for talking politics to her again. Ashanti admitted,
    ?I know, he?s becoming power hungry, he?s obsessed?.
    Tarkosa all business and shrewdness proclaimed,
    ?All the more to let him get what he wants but make sure certain conditions are met before we let him?.

    She stood and snapped more than a bit too loudly,

    ?What you want me to do is jump into bed
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    Jan 11, 2011
    Chapter 5
    Spending three weeks behind a gas giant would normally initiate a pirate crew to mutiny but the crew of the Deaths Head wasn?t space crazy and had no real cabin fever. After tallying the loot, Decimian divided the crew into 6 shifts. 1 days work per 3 days and 3 days straight every 2 weeks. Beings manned the essentials and fitted parts to the armada. After the 12 hours were completed the crew of that shift had at least 56 hours of anything goes without weapons in the empty forward hold appropriately called ?The Innards?.

    The hold was set up for a party, the usual drinking games, card games intoxicants were supplied at below cost rate. The offshoot to this frivolity was that if a being had even one drink they had to participate in ?Iron guts? during their one off 4 day holiday. To keep them on their toes he invented crazy races through the levels of the Deaths Head and challenges that if won wiped the persons drinking tab for the week; this was always highly sought after with only one exception, though the prize was fantastic.

    Every week his challenges would get more and more sadistic, by week 3 His ?Iron guts finals? race was the worst ill conceived drunken, nasty and hilarious game a captain could force his crew to participate. Only the best 20 from each week could enter. Notwithstanding it wasn?t the Correlian ale that one must consume each time they got to each of the 12 checkpoints nor was that it was held in the empty corridors and some sections zero g's. The nastiness was what was in the ale or what was next to it which also had to be consumed. The race started off nice at checkpoint 1, just swill ale and eat a handful of fudge. Everyone bustling, barging and tripping their friends, the slapstick comedy was always entertaining. But in checkpoint 2 it was slightly disgusting, another ale but in the glass was a piece of meat. By checkpoint 4 Chilli and exotic spices were added to rock hard biscuits, by checkpoint 7 most crew members were far to intoxicated to continue most had expelled the ale and food through any number of orifices and still they stumbled, threw up and banged down the corridor. By checkpoint 11 it was the chunky fish in the ale that made most turn yellow and finally at checkpoint 12 a being must consume a Fish chili Bantha balls milkshake followed by ale.

    The smell in the corridor was immense only droids were allowed to clean the mess, most of the crew didn?t want to participate but when the winner woke up he or she was given double pay and no tab for anything for the next campaign.

    Decimian made the shifts just right that everyone had a go in the end. Decimian thought it saved on beer and as much as a weeks drinking money for his comrades, he figured this that if a pirate could have 12 ales a night easily enough for 2 weeks he thought why not save three days rations of it per person as once they participated in the challenge no-one drank for at least 3 days after that, many had tried but succumbed to their body outright saying NO! Everyone knew the drilling would happen 5 days after the last challenge and a week later they went back to base.
    Decimian entered The Innards to a rousing reception of chinking plasform cups of ice cold ale with a blast of smoke to boot, intoxicants whisped around ?The Innards? and the odour of thugs he so came to adore gave off a delightful hedonistic perfume. Many of his brethren were around the tables of sabbacc or watching numerous cams highlighting the insect coliseum in the middle of the hold, waving on wildly and shouting for a deformed piranha beetle tearing into a sturdy but hapless insect that was just gore now, it?s teeth still gnashing. He was handed the microphone and tapped it to be certain it was in order.

    ?Kill the music will you Xex,?

    He waited till the crowd put down their drinks and the Sabacc table kept everyone?s cards in stasis.
    ?Fellow scoundrels, it?s been three weeks and you have been a most entertaining crew, our loot is safely stowed and accounted for, and we have yet again bedaf
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    Jan 11, 2011
    Perspiration covered Mishy for more than eight hours as she went through her exercises, in tune with her movements she started to dance and pretend to fly, hands stretched out, legs trotting possessed with unbound happiness, she was free and so glided to her cot and pillows in reality Mishy was a blur. She raced so even the most acute eye could hardly keep focus on the little girl. Humming a wayward tune she stacked tidbits onto the cot, it was time to push, she took two steps back and pretending to be a gunslinger, upholstering her finger pistol she shot at the rubbish shouting,
    ?pweuon pweon?
    Some paper and metal shrapnel pinged a foot or two backwards. Mishy frowned and thought back to the power that she had when Uliar threw her into the zoo, she was unstoppable. She thought of how her head was unlocked all at once, now it felt tight and constrained, she decided not to play anymore and restacked the shrapnel back in line with the other bolts and crumbled girders. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, cleared her mind and then thought of her father, how she killed him, she thought of Yarvis and how she killed him, she thought of Uliar and how she was going to kill him. Opening her eyes she looked at the individual bolts, they shot off into the bulkheads ricocheting across with a fantastic sizzle.
    "Focus on hate to bring out your best," she told herself .
    Mishy remembered Yarvis face the day she was caught and her pillow flew at her face, she instinctively ducked and stopped her thoughts immediately. She had failed to control, she needed a teacher and quickly. Mishy pressed on and practiced what she knew ever knowing that she had to find a new power quickly, otherwise Uliar might just kill her.

  15. Raphire

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    Dec 19, 2008
    Interesting. Mishy seems to be a well rounded character.

    I'm curious about Uliar though. You have some facinating characters here.

    I'm liking this so far. Add me to your Pm list.


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    Jan 11, 2011
    Tarkosa waited patiently for his sparring mate to return, they were old friends who butted heads against each other too many times not to give grudging respect. Over the last three years though they had divergent thoughts about the running of the community. He could hear the swoop turn around the silent stacks in the storage area, he knew Uliar was a shrewd technician and a great fighter but he a really short fuse; it would be best to bring the news to Uliar as if showing some sort of allegiance to the man. He entertained the thought that Ulairs course on the swoop was much like the mans overseeing of the community, turn here, back off there and never go over or move an obstacle, just find another way. Tarkosa had found the other way, he vowed that one man should not run the community and had his speech at the ready. The thrusters powered down Uliar caught sight of Tarkosa and gave him a nod of respect. The younger man strode at a slow pace that was easily matched by Tarkosa and his conversation, ?Didn?t we hop on this ship to leave the politics to the Republic??

    Tarkosa inclined his head, ?We did but that?s because it was corrupt and bloated that it became stagnant, with only 57 on board it can?t get bloated at least?

    ?Are you saying I?m corrupt,? shouted Uliar.

    ?No, no friend but you are making all the decisions without any repercussions if they are wrong, we now need checks and balances to move forward, get a council of 6 or 12 and debate what we are going to do, vote on it and then do it or try to persuade others to vote on it in the next time it comes up for debate?.

    Uliar stopped dead, ?you are talking about the Republic and committees as if it is already apart of the law??

    Tarkosa didn?t look frightened and said,
    ?There won?t be a coup, but rest assured you won?t be the only one running this community anymore?.
    With that Tarkosa stopped a full length in front of Uliar and shielded his passage. ?Make the council, be part of the solution not the problem, I'm your friend and I know right now it doesn?t feel like it but we will vote for the incarceration of the Jedi, You can have Mishy Lakaylor as your pet subject if you want but if you don?t form a council you will lose everything and may find yourself in a cell yourself!?.

    With that Tarkosa tried to pat Uliar on the shoulder, Uliar jerked away as if it was fire. Tarkosa sighed,
    ?Well my friend it?s your call, I suggest you speak to Ashanti, Darius and Shimal and Young Pressor, for they will be on the council by sheer popularity alone, see what they are thinking at least?.
    Tarkosa abruptly turned and let Uliar pass, who obliged, though he staggered and looked punch drunk.

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    Jan 11, 2011
    It was silent in Mishy?s room, she had been training for a good three days and felt the effects of exertion. Her whole body ached, her mind was numb and the unfilling rations tasted awful . A body shake sometimes slithered from her legs to fingertips from the newly stretched muscle tendons and immense pressure she was driving her body to create. Mishy?s mind was a still racing trying to think of how to create a swirl; an intense push then pull every half beat for 2 seconds followed by a slow and constant pull and push every two intervals in-between. It worked on flimsy but the bolts and rivets were not so obliging. A scritching noise aroused her from her thoughts, it was the vocabulizer droid that had a piece of wire stuck in the treads. Coming to a stop only a meter away from Mishy the droid announced,
    ?Three days have expired sir, an expected 17 more weeks to configure the turbo lift. Droid 7287-325 has expired and droid 7287-321 is working at 20% capacity?.

    Mishy looked at the droid, her eyes glazed from a recent workout.
    ?Bring both droids to me, find 10 other dead droids for spare parts, I want this completed as the highest priority and come here so I can get the wire out of your treads? she scoffed.
    The droid sent a burst transmission and scritched towards its new master. Mishy looked it over and lifted the heavy but durable droid up onto a bench where she proceeded to extract tidbits of detritus . She started to fuss over the droid and asked where there was some polish and cleaning oil and fluids. The droid answered and Mishy said she expected to see the cleaning equipment on the bench in the next two hours. Another burst was sent out and Mishy smiled,
    ?I will name you ?Static, and you will not call me sir but Officer Lakaylor?.

    ?Affirmative,? tootled the droid, ?Turbo lift estimate is now 18 weeks. 10 deceased droids will arrive shortly where shall they be stored??.

    Mishy thought for a second, ?Set up the next room as a maintenance room with work benches and storage capacity bring all cleaners and other maintenance items to this facility?.
    ?Affirmative, in which time period officer Lakaylor??
    ?Now, but do not use droids getting cleaning equipment or droids in need of repairs only use other droids with all other remaining droids assigned to turbolift reclamation to help ?, answered Mishy.
    The droid tootled and sent out another burst transmission. It replied,
    ?Estimated time of set up is 128 minutes, estimate time of turbo lift access is 23 weeks?.

    ?I think your logic circuit has blown Static, why is it going to take more time on the turbo lifts??
    The droid stayed silent for two seconds before it replied,
    ?Droids will become less efficient the more work hours used?.
    Mishy laughed out aloud and spat out ?You silly droid I?m the one whose going to fix you all. How much time at full capacity have you been working on the turbo lifts, I mean all the droids??
    ?Negative officer Lakaylor, no three droids can work on the same duty at one time as per last programmed action by Officer Reter?.

    ?How long ago was that? Mishy pondered.

    ?41 years 13 days 12 hours three minutes,? the droid answered flatly.
    So shocked Mishy let out a small electricity ball that shot up the steel bench she was working on. She looked stunned and then smiled,
    ?lucky those are rubber treads eh? Time to change the programming parameters, in two hours time bring one droid to the maintenance room then a droid every hour for the next 8 hours, then wait for 9 hours and repeat previous maintenance order , do this until I have repaired and serviced all droids that can be salvaged. Each droid will also bring a deceased droid of the same model with it.?
    It was going to be a long couple of days thought Mishy but patience is the price you pay when you have to rely on others and further your ambitions.

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    Jan 11, 2011
    Chapter 7

    Uliar was in a foul mood, he was about to be usurped and all because of a Jedi! How he loathed that word, every letter, every thought about them felt like rusty ice picks raking his bare back. A council, a firfek council, he thought, Dam Mishy is you going to suffer for this. He punched the control button in the Zoo?s operational centre. He thought what education are we going to give her? Yet again the Jedi have somehow became an even bigger thorn in my side, I just kept on rubbing the wound until everything good and bad flooded out, when am I going to learn they always bring bad news even when I thought everything was at last at peace?
    ?Mishy Lakaylor?.
    He bellowed into the microphone,
    ?Stand up and move to the centre of the room, I will lower a camera through the food drop, we are to communicate through this device?.
    Activating the holocamera he put it into the slot, using his own remote monitor he saw gloom, bent wires and steel. The auto adjust focus slowly got a clearer picture. He saw the travelator that the camera was laying on and found it odd that all he could see was a twisted path of metal, food packages and a chasm in the girder. The travelator started a slow forward movement to extend to the centre of the room. As the camera trundled along at a snails space, its carry case caught on the edge of the twisted metal. The treads kept moving making the camera stop at the very edge of the precipice and lean over. What he saw horrified Uliar, apart from the some food and water bottles strewn over the flooring, he saw the rest of the girder at the far end of the room. There was no sign of Mishy Lakaylor, no sign at all. He called up full illumination and panned the camera to take in the whole complex. After a moment the white phasing adjusted the foci of the camera, Uliar gasped. He saw no piece of evidence suggesting Mishy ever lived in this prison. Ulair swallow hard and kept searching the room frantically zooming in on anything that was an obstruction and prayed for some little dark spot that Mishy would be hiding in, the lights were too bright, there was nowhere to hide. Uliar felt a sensation creep through his bones, a cold and harsh wind went up his marrow, he broke in a cold sweat thinking Mishy was aboard the vessel, uncontrolled, untroubled and unequivocally calculating his demise. He needed time to think, needed time to plan an action that would take out Mishy without losing face between his new council. But Mishy he knew was already well ahead of this race for his very survival.

    Uliar powered the massive double sided door which shut behind him and he quickly slid the remote into his sleeve while pointing his blaster set for kill into the vacant housing. The lights were powered up to extreme but it was the silence that made him so nervous. Uliar knew he was no warrior, though he wished that he could have shot Jorus C?boath in the head so long ago! Only the sound of his heartbeat and own nervous footsteps could be heard echoing off the now bare walls of durasteel crates. His forehead was awash with sweat, it trickled down into his eyes as he looked around and saw smashed stools and furniture strewn everywhere, pillows of drapes that resembled curled forms of Mishy lay in a predetermined pattern that he could not understand. He quickly trod and flattened every piece of cloth even the ones that could not possibly hold a rock nats larvae let alone a seven year old child. At every phantom form there was one constant behavior of Uliar ; leveling of the blaster and the solid stomp of the fibers. Uliar thought she was just that sneaky that she may have still been hiding or camouflaged herself so perfectly that the infrared holocam view he used for the last two hours did not pick up the pint size killer. He crept around everywhere, whipping his weapon this way and that nearly pulling the trigger three times as he passed the fresher?s. Eventually Uliar tiptoed over to the smashed piece of track that was
  19. Raphire

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    Dec 19, 2008
    Uh-oh. I sense a showdown between Mishy and Uliar soon. :p

    Officer Reter? Have I met him yet?

    Great update!

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    i really need to edit abit more, my vocab and grammar are shocking, is thier an easier way to use bold, italics if i want to paste from a word doc, it really doesn't work from word to this and I miss so many mistakes.. soz. i run a million miles an hour and forget the most important part. punctuation.
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    The stench of oils, lubricants, cleaning fluids and soldered parts had finally got to her, she hated doing mundane work. It was time to pick up her trail and find the cubes and crystals. Mishy was only up to droid 22, this a cam droid that she desperately needed to be repaired to survey the service hatch outlet. Practicing while she was tinkering had kept her focused, using pull and push to levitate parts and constantly screwing and unscrewing bolts off droids with the force stopped her smashing every second droid from the frustration of being away from physical training. Somehow she even managed to lift the last two droids together at the same time and hold them for 30 seconds, she marveled at her developing powers. During the last 3 days Mishy had also been thinking about the Jedi?s weapons and the Cube, she had a fair idea where some of her prizes would be.
    Static patiently sat at her work desk and she eyed her companion,
    ?Where were the Jedi last seen in the vessels?? she asked.
    Static did not respond for awhile and after many burst transmissions it finally determined
    ? Unable to give a definite answer although Housing Jedi had been confined to each vessel in living quarters 1, room 1.?
    Mishy eyed the droid,
    ?Is there any Jedi weapons in the weapons blisters??
    ?Affirmative,? tootled the droid.
    Mishy brightened, ?Bring me as many as there are in this vessel, use only three droids for this mission. Do this immediately there is no higher priority, you will stay with me and show me Jorus C?Baoth's quarters. I want air masks a fusion cutter and supplies for the journey.?
    Static sent a burst transmission and a small rumble of droids on new treads and tweaked motivators dropped what they were doing and went to the next job. ?How long now before the lift is operational??
    ?6 days,? answered the droid, ?accounting for 10 droids working constantly.?

    ?Good that means I will have 9 droids and you to accompany me on my journey. No wait how long will it take for the first two weapons blisters to be searched??

    ?Approximately 1 hour,? came the droids response

    ?I'll wait just in case I?m right I think ill need some new toys for the journey. Recall all the droids for a quick service?.
    Mishy started to calm herself, she focused on her breathing and like a droid powered down to wait the hour, how she longed for a Jedi?s weapon.


    Chapter 8

    Uliar smashed his head through the control panel and blood swelled in his vision, it was silent next to the zoo apart from his own shuffling and whimpering, he brought the holocamera down from the girder and looked into the focus making sure it was indeed turned off . Summarily he destroyed the cam on his shin, instantly welting and chinking his bone with bits of shrapnel. Although bleeding heavily Uliar proceeded to fall on the ground and turn a circle as if some strange dance that one does when they have drunk to much intoxicants, one elbow, one ear and one leg staying firmly planted on the ground and the other arm and leg frantically spinning in a circle. Uliar hopped up, looked around and limped towards his beloved speeder bike, aimed it back in the general direction of d4 base and took off. It took at least 5 minutes to traverse on speeder bike through the corridors to get back to the habitat. He banged into a few crates here and there leaving a spotted blood trail for others to find.
    He croaked,?She?s escaped?.
    Masses of survivors watched around a makeshift cantina, their eyes instantly glued to the moving violation. Uliar looked awkward on his speeder, barely hanging on and tweaking the steering controls a little too much right or left haphazardly that most of the survivors noticed his driving style more than the croaking repetition of his lines he had rehearsed. Blood indeed still streaked down his face and his shin was now openly rebelling about the massive bits of glass remaining in his bones. His own lightheadedness made him formulate an on the spot plan, slowing down to a fast running pace he preten
  22. aalagartassle

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    Jan 11, 2011
    Chombardanthumby saluted and issued the order from the loud speaker, a flurry of activity ensued keeping perfect unison with his his beating heart . Arcrosti thought to himself,

    I think its time to pay a visit to our old commander, he may be over adventurous but loyalty runs in his veins. If he still lives, my cousin probably has learnt from his trials in the mists and would like a friendly chat about his escapades with the wild animals and the old republic alike.


    Panders a humanoid from the planet Rori in the Chommell sector had a hangover that was 5 days old now, finally the vibrocutter had finished with his bowels whilst the pulse emiiter in his ears had subsided to background levels. He was champion finally. Iron guts was the worst bet he took but what a profit it made in the long run. Having come 10th, 15th and 8th respectively he was in the market but at relatively large odds to claim the winner take all prize. Most pirates wagered on who would win, some even made bets who could vomit the most times ! The odds of Panders to win in the market was a juicy 33 to one. And a measly 2 to one on to finish. Of the bets laid by Panders ,only 2 were by him, 1000 credits on him to finish and 100 to win, his other investments had more meat .

    Panders had set a plunge. Having his sabaac buddies place small wagers on other competitors really kept the odds high and the scent low, but just before the race when a plunge for Grodo ?The invincible? a 3 time winner and twice runner up came in, everyone jumped onboard the Grodo ?Gravy train? or just took themselves to finish. Thousands were laid, in the last two minutes the frenzied emotion of the ring Poor old Roko was so happy to get so much money from others that he didn?t realize that even though he was tumbling the odds in on Grodo to even money , 3 distinct large wagers had been put on Panders at the death of 5000 a piece, the hard currency and the juicy odds were to make a fortune. He smiled to himself and thought,
    Ah Roko You really shouldn?t have tried to steal my ship now should you!

    Panders had the only working ARC 170 in the fleet and it was his pride and joy. Last bank Bust Roko had purposely volunteered as gunner and had brought along a nasty surprise for Panders in the form of a Tikulli worm. That day, had fortune not been on his side the blighter would not have bit into the ear chain that Panders collected from his kills . For the life of him he couldn?t sense it or feeling the highly venomous creature digging its fangs into the flesh, it was only when he was flying back that the creature actually reared up and showed itself behind a fresh Torganians ear, Panders thought the alien ear had metamorphosed and was actually seeking revenge.

    With lightning reflexes and a large shrill of falsetto he executed a snap role and the worm flew onto the console, his best friend and copilot a Weequay named Funsuhh clobbered and squashed the thing laughing at his pilot and calling him,
    Only after they set down and both analyzed the smashed goo did they recognize the enormity of their luck. One false move and click, lights out. Funsuhh turned from grey to white for a couple of heartbeats and then chuckled and punched his friend on the shoulder joint again yelling,
    It was Panders and Funsuhh?s dream to leave the pirate life and go semi legit, a life of smugglers was their calling. Ever since they came aboard the Death?s Head they were under the control of Decimian. Admittedly they learnt all the tricks of the trade and honed their skills of quick insertion and reversion. With the windfall of all the credits they won all they had had to do was wait until they got back to base, get paid by Decimian and collect the remaining 65,000 credits from Roko. They had sealed their winnings in the ARC and vowed that nobody would crack the security. Two more weeks and they could have ?Manumission with honors? as Decimian described it.
    Panders vacant stare continued at the site of
  23. Raphire

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    Dec 19, 2008
    Lol. I like Panders. I also really liked your discription of the hangover. Very detailed and unique.

    Also sorry it took me so long to comment. I've been busy with school. Just now got to Yours, Gkillkenny and Serindipiteay's Pms

    The droids also seem a little ominous. Curious to see what you do with them.

    Really enjoyed these two and I can't wait for your next post!

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    Jan 11, 2011
    In the medical room Uliar was lying in a cot surrounded by Tarkosa, Ashanti , Shimal and Darius feigning severe headaches and more pain than he thought could be associated with an assault from a seven year old girl, the flash awards acceptance speech and automatic entry into the illustrious Firebird Club swirled as his inspiration.

    ?She?s a witch I tell you, she came out of nowhere and actually flew towards me.
    I pointed the holocamera down the chute and well I couldn?t see her, yesterday she spat in my face and tried to rip my eyes out, so I wanted to be safe, I used the cam to pinpoint her position and the microphone to issue orders, Somehow she stayed hidden behind the fresher?s or somewhere and when I couldn?t find her I bellowed into the mic and there?s nothing. I opened up the door and stepped in and I hear

    ? Everyone will die, but you will be the last?.

    "Whammo she hits me with the camera and smashes me in the shin. I come too and she?s picking my pockets and now she?s got the stun cuffs I was going to use. I looked at her for an instant and I couldn?t breath I was flying through the air into the surveillance room and found myself eating control panels. I shut the door and barricaded myself in. Only after 10 minutes did I venture out and find my bike untouched and there was no sign of her. She?s loose. What are we going to do??

    Shimal laid him backed down and soothed his head,
    ?You need to rest, you?ve lost a lot of blood and those stitches will pull if you don?t settle, only two more hours and then you can move. Two nights and you can lead the search.?

    Ashanti cut in abruptly, ?I'm not having a politician technician lead the search, I?m the one to do it at the front, he can do logistics but he does not lead, he?s not built for it and well you can see for yourself, that this little Jedi may not be one to bring back alive, Tarkosa??.

    Tarkosa cleared his throat, ?lets get this council in, right here right now, no more idealizing democracy, its time for timocracy and we need to sign and settle this now, whose with me??
    Unanimously they agreed.

    Chapter 9

    In the eerie silent bulkheads of D1 Mishy squirmed her way with her party of droids towards C?boaths cabin, her breathing apparatus was running out of air again, it had been 3 hours and she needed to do a swap of tanks for the third time. The droids were waiting for her in constant motion, some trying to remove a piece of debri to clear the way others packing and repacking equipment whilst there was always two on special assignment to collect lighsabers from the various weapons blisters they passed. A light metal that was cold to the touch was presented to Mishy by her second favorite droid she named Finder. The handle was exquisitely intricate having some sort of scrolling cursive around the hilt. A solid block of metal that had one button and only one outpoint point. While studying this weapon Mishy changed the rebrethers? canister and thumbed her new toy with a deadly snap hiss, A electric blue shaft extended from the pommel about four feet, it was still so lite, like air, she waved the saber around with effortless ease, heat radiated from the blade though it looked ice cold. She had two working lightsabers one from D4 and another from D2 weapons blister, the droids had found three failed weapons which she discarded as they looked thoroughly destroyed.
    When there was no way but through a bulkhead or a crumpled pylon her lightsabers got to work at eliminating the problem. In her first attempts she just hacked away, but as the more time passed and more pylons blocked her way, Mishy started to refine her cutting skills and practice direct slashes and thrusts. Though she knew this weapon was a Jedi?s and thought that she should have the expertise to wield it properly she could not. Mishy spoke to herself ,

    "Practice, Study, Practice, gain, try, use, practice, refine, use, master!"

    As the monotonous work piled up it became slash, hold , slash
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    Jan 11, 2011
    Chapter 10

    ?Weapons check?.
    ?System Check?.
    ?Rations check?.
    ?Medic check?.
    Ashanti was locked and loaded, she carried her full arsenal of weapons and the hunting party of seven was all linked via commlink. Her strategy was simple; search and destroy ,the closed council voted on the measure with a 9 for to 3 against verdict. The three naysayers whoever they were though she could guess wanted the girl incarcerated again. Though Uliar and even Tarkosa dramatically used their oratory skills to persuade Ashanti and the others that this had to happen, Ashanti pondered that Uliar was genuinely scared and Tarkosa used this to cement the council.
    The other measure that was also put on the table but not voted on was the incarceration of all force potentials, though it was some two hours of bitter debate before it was obvious that the numbers were to even to make a two thirds majority decision. Ashanti wondered why Tarkosa insisted on her taking Protor and Caitlan who were not qualified to even find a fresher block, they were the up and comers of the council that needed to be in the thick of the action to justify their tenure, again they were probably the naysayers she thought.

    Everything a political shockball these days and Tarkosa wanted to be King Poodoo of this little enclave. Time was squandered in the fierce debate and it was Tarkosa himself that asked for a stay of proceedings until Mishy Lakaylor was to be found. She set out with her crew with high spirits that this little saga would be over in a few hours, after all where could Mishy go, it?s not like there were any new habitable areas, no one had the time to fix anything other than this level. No air no Mishy she thought and trudged out. Protor nervously followed,
    ?Hey why do I have to lug the med kit? It weighs a tonne?.
    From the back of the party chuckled Darrell or known commonly as daring Darrell,

    ?look at it this way pup, you are green as and probably the first one who will get shot so might as well be near the meds?.
    The whole troop laughed except for Protor who simply looked at his feet and thought they were probably right.


    It was nearing the last two days of the Pirates odyssey, all crews had been finely tuned and it was only the crews that failed the first or second drill which now had to be put through the ringer again. Speckles was on edge, and so he well should be thought Decimian, the Gotal had to run the drills and form analysis with his captain,
    ?Get that son of gun dark shield in the green or you?ll be floating back home? Speckles roared over the comm.
    The warning klaxon faded. Notwithstanding the boys in port shield array were going to find out the hard way that it was unwise not to check a reflux valve before giving the all clear. It was Decimian?s enviable task to set booby trap after staged accident to get the men prepped for emergency situations, most of the crew knew that there boss thought this was the best part of the trip, ?Decimian the voyeur?, ?Decimian the driller? and ?For firefek sake Decimian?, was his coloured nickname.

    "Crews complained about hard work that was what they had to do, otherwise they would get lazy and slip up, so many times we have to bang out on time or early, never late, what happens when we are late? we are dead! "

    ?Two and a half minutes boss,? Speckles commented.
    That raised an eyebrow from his captain, only the heavy breathing of the comm Crew?s from the intercom could be heard on the bridge. Decimian smirked,

    Suddenly all scopes went haywire and multiple vessels were wrenched out of hyperspace only 1 kilometer from the Deaths Head. Klaxons bellowed and sirens wailed, Decimian stunned looked at the Gotal his face ashened.
    ?Good one Speckles?.
    The Gotal spun and ordered into the com,
    ?All shields up and all crew to their fighters, this is not a drill I repeat not a drill, everyone get into your positions we?ve been had?.
    Decimian being a Zeltron could taste all the panicked pheromones from Speckles and his bridge crew.
    ?Fire up th