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Beyond - Legends Undeniably Evil : Chapter 18 you don't know what your missing: A summary

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by aalagartassle, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    Mishy straddled a piece of bulkhead, it had been 3 standard days and in her mind there was no way that the door was budging. She had enough rebreathers as the droids were sent to scavenge as much as they could find. With piles of tanks created another dilemma. Mishy still couldn?t fathom why no fusion cutter or lightsaber could penetrate the door or surrounding walls. There wasn?t even a hidden retinal scan or button to push. This lavish ornate door was unbreakable.

    Mishy tried to force push, pull and even electrify the door open with no success. On the bright side her droids had found a lightsaber charger in the garbage strewn over D1, so her now three sabers were fully charged. Mishy was utterly tired and dishelved, she tried to look through the door and pretended to see stacked shelves full of old tomes and pictures of lightsaber fights the Jedi master was so accomplished at. She imagined the cube that had brought her on this quest, a black and red crystal that opened before her and swallowed up all her self doubt returning her a fierce and assured person, someone to be respected and loved.
    Enjoying her fantasy Mishy wasn?t conscious that she had been staring at the door without blinking for an hour she had gazed until all reality left the corridor. Mishy became somewhat aware that she had floated in an opaque world of different colored hues, the young girl could not tell what was up or down and where one color started and the other ended. Mishy could only sense that their was another presence in this world. Furthermore there was a feeling of assururity and infinity surrounding the full spectrum of light. She became relaxed and surprisingly could see herself, a mirror image talking. Suddenly without hearing, the meaning of DUCK entered her mind and she was found her self being hurled behind the door in the Masters room. She saw it ?.the button to open the door locked inside the unbreakable alloy, unfortunately at the same time she was being propelled out of the room by some greater intense power. She began to strain.
    Mishy concentrated , she was sweating, her doppelganger self force pushed the door latch open as she exited. A fierce growl of some feral canine was echoing in her mind. A Heavy scent bore down in Mishy?s self consciousness. Blood was in her mouth and breaking circuitry near her nose. The little girl opened her eyes and saw the door starting to close infront of her.

    Panic set in and with the closest droid Mishy hurled it at the joint and jammed the droid in. The ornate door steadily crushed the squealing metal as Mishy jumped up and used the force to insert the whole torn bulkhead in the jam. The massive door moved backwards for a foot but steadily started to close again. The bulkhead became too creased, veritably atomizing it slowly .

    Fearing her chance was being squandered Mishy dove for the entrance and tumbled in. She reached out with the force for her lightsabers, valliantly they flung through the air and one travelled straight into her palm. The others clattering on the pristine animal skin carpet. A Slight whine could be herd from the bulkhead as the pressure was finally too much. Mishy now saw the mechanism that controlled the door and force pushed the leaver. Everything stopped and only the popping sound of burnt electrical circuits could be heard . Sweating more than she had ever done in her lifetime Mishy collapsed, her rippling body clung to the rug as she sobbed and finally raised a fist in triumph.

  2. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    Chapter 10
    In the calmness of space a light Chiss interceptorFrieserd cruised forward, the sergeant at arms was beginning to inform his superior through a crystal clear holo.
    ?Crahsystor we are in position with the vessel communications jammed, the enemy is alerted to our presence as per orders, flight 1 to 8 are awaiting your command, our space station is also aware. There is nowhere they can go?.

    Wenj'umb'erthedoo of the 1st ruling family stood on his bridge, the Cruiser Minnicatorwas a heavily armed war stallion. Ice of Csilla ran through his veins, he acknowledged the report with a salute crisp of strict military discipline. The huge vessel was a wonder to behold, in an attacking manner it housed 50 turbo strike lasers, complimented with various tubed missile ports, 5 heavy tractor beams 10 flights of clawcraft, two interceptors and coroner nets that could be propelled within 300000 kilometers of the target.
    ? Order flights 1 and 5 to harass and eliminate target one, set the Southern gem and Mazilinian on strafing runs with low percentage outcomes, there is to be only limited integral and structural damage to that ship. Orders are that only a reduction in the vessels shield integrity by twelve percent is to be achieved, after this has been executed fire for effect only".

    The sergeant couldn?t quiet keep the surprise of such incompetent military tactics off his face. Wenj?umb?erthedoo only bristled a small fraction,

    ?You have your orders like I have mine, execute these immediately?.

    Like a swarm of the ever growing Killicks the Claw craft flights 1 and 5 dove out of the attack ships and drove towards the sensor arrays. With precision that made aces look like novices the Clawcraft in unison barrel rolled and jinked to avoid the staccato guns of the heavily shielded war craft. Within twenty seconds the communications array were lost to the fighter?s deadly bombardment of laser and tubed missile detonations.

    Only then did a multitude of ugly craft divulge out of the vessel, like being stung, the huge warship started lurching along the plain of the gas giant with clawcraft taking out the entire first wave of patchwork fighters. Within the noiseless interior of the Minnicator Wenj?umb?erthedoo watched as the Southern gem and the Mazilinian swept across the top side and belly of the ship, firing with pinpoint accuracy on the hard points of the vessel, Wenj?umb?erthedoo looked ill at ease at such a belittling maneuver and recognized that the men in both Chiss vessels would wonder what it was to die like under utter stupidity. The Gem caught a hail of lasers on its back underbelly, large chucks of venting gas and detrius were being expelled from her innards. Wenj?umb?erthedoo shook his head and thanked himself for telling the commander of The Gem to evacuate all personnel within then belly section. The Gem looked lost and kept propelling forward just outside the margin of the gravity well for effect. Clawcraft group 1 surrounded the craft and formed a makeshift shield around the vessel as 2 escape pods were jettisoned for theatrics. With the Gem and Mazilinian out of position it was only up to the commander of the other vessel to spot their way out and punch for the blackness of space.

  3. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    In a hazy dream of klaxons and pyrotechnic displays Decimian bit through the cigar as his uglies were destroyed with military efficiency, his body was still rattled when he pondered on a thought Why in eternity are the Chiss taking out the communications first?
    He would never see the men that were going to try to kill him. It was not like the Chiss, those zealous beings who usually took prisoners and incarcerated the vessel. It was not like them by any means, they prided themselves as the ones that shot second and killed the one that drew the gun in the first place. Suddenly an image of an angry Han solo flashed in his mind. Decimian knew there was to be no negotiations in this foray . What have I done? He never took anything from these beings, well practically nothing, his crew only took on empire, republic or corporate controlled planets with a dabble for resources in the Chiss? enemies.
    A barrage from the portside battery knocked Decimian into reality, two enemy cruisers were about to rake his spine and belly in a textbook containment move. He was outmaneuvered trying to use the elliptical plane of the gas giant to run, there was only now one direction he could follow and that was straight ahead. He was not without hope though, the sturdy shields easily lapped the laser strikes, The pirate captain could do little against their overwhelming concussion like missiles from their fighters. Albeit the fighters themselves obliviously didn?t have anymore in their tubes otherwise he would be stopped dead in space. Speckles yelled at him over the wailing klaxons to bring out more uglies but as a captain he knew if they were launched it would be signing the pilot?s death warrants. Speckles was enraged and shouted,
    ?All batteries to target the belly of the charger above?.
    With bouts of red and green strikes the Chiss vessel?s belly cracked open and gushed whisps of flash frozen air with two escape pods being jettisoned soon after. A loud cheer erupted from the crew but was quickly cut short as the craft below copied the Death Heads maneuver. An internal groan bellowed from the Head, she had just lost her legs. All was quiet on the bridge as klaxons were silenced Speckles spat and growled
    ?They took out the landing struts?.
    Decimian looked at Sonia and weakly told her,
    ?Belay the last order?.
    Sonia with her eyes not leaving her console whispered, ?Too late Sir?.

    ?Run a scan ASAP find out what?s in that quadrant in front of us see if there are any habitable planets around.? Decimian was literally chewing on his third cigar, the Chiss had trapped him into position, there was only one way out. The enemy vessels were sniping at his flanks, rear, belly and spine his only option was to be ferried forward, scans had shown that the Chiss had laid out what looked like to be defensive mines and had some sort of interdictor field on two of their ships that severed all chances of jumping quickly. Every time he tried to change course a sharp and well executed response from the Chiss would continually revert to their mustering. The two ships that had raked his cruisers belly and spine were out of action but were replaced just as fast as two more ships reverted into realspace in front of him copying the same maneuver as the two previous ships had enacted, they drew themselves up and started attacking. Thinking hard Decimian told Speckles,
    ?Triangulate their jump point and set it into the navcom, this is our only way to escape, they?ve got us boxed in?.
    Just then from the back of the pack the massive Chiss Cruiser armaments lit up with a full barrage, it rocked the Deaths Head jarring everyone,
    ?Bully them out of the way, fire scatter volley Quirindri at their bridges, blind them to make way for the jump and lets hope they haven?t got backup that big when we revert?.

  4. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    ?She?s gone up the service shaft,? Major Ellan told her vigilantes.
    Ashanti's hard muscled exterior was a sight to see and really didn?t need the guns and flash bombs to accentuate her already powerful figure. There was no one small enough to shimmy their way up or down the shaft . By the look of the debris next to the turbo lifts Mishy had already tried and found out they were not working.
    ?How did she manage to survive? There?s no air up there,? inquired Caitlin.
    Indeed everyone in the group thought that this was impossible,
    ?The Force,? said two or three, which soon turned into four or five but Darrell, Ellan and Protor were not convinced and shook their heads. They exchanged glances and all knew that the droids had somehow fashioned a breathable atmosphere in sections of the ship.
    ?Those droids have been rebuilding the ship for human interaction for some forty five years now, so I?d guess that most if not all of the ship is now secure, Bloody Uliar and Tarkosa I told them to explore,? muttered Darrell.
    Protor chimed in, ?Look she?s got the advantage and we all know that, maybe if we could lock her in a ship by herself and forget the key we will have won. ?
    Ellan chided, ?Already tried that, remember Uliar did that although you weren?t privy to much information, lets just say she was going to be a caged animal that got poked with sticks by the same person every two days, I dreaded the day that she was going to be released I think Ulair?s corpse would have been lets just say parts of Ulairs corpse would have been found in different parts of the ship. So no, that?s how he got us into this mess in the first place?.

    Caitlin quickly butted in and told the sortie enthusiastically, ?Well we at least know where all the droids got to, maybe after this we might be able to take a few back and clean up the habitat abit. I can rewrought this droid to bring all the others back within a couple of days, all I need to do is caliber the frequency modules and overwrite the command procedures, with my data pad back home it shouldn?t take to long.?
    ?Well that?s something,? Darrel admitted, ?actually I?m warming to the idea, you?ve done your part pup, take Protor back with you and get working, keep commlink channel 5 open just in case. We are going to block all channels just in case Mishy sends some attack droids or something?.

    Protor protested, ?Hey I want to stay, you brought me to help?.

    Ellan looked at the two youths and admired their determination, enthusiasm and naivety all at once. ?You need to do your bit Protor, Caitlin and you can rewrite mainframes and discombobulate droid interfaces in your sleep. We have to take away her advantage if we are going to capture her, otherwise every droid we meet from now on will be a potential spy or worse, bomb. Besides do you really want to kill a little girl? Can you imagine yourself pulling the trigger or standing over her body saying to yourself I did that. Every night from now until you die is the potential to have numerous nightmares about killing a seven year old??.

    Protor looked at the ground and mumbled,
    ?I thought we were just capturing her?.
    Darrell retorted in a consoling manner obviously trying to strengthen their fortitude but failing miserably because of his glassy eyes and tough exterior, ?Look we say things and want things to be true and truthful, but sometimes reality gets in the way, I?m not going to die if Mishy points a gun at me, and I?m shooting. If she has a knife I?m shooting, If she?s unarmed I?M stunning straight away, not talking to her like you see in the holodramas it?s straight out hunting and sometimes it brutal. You can help us and it?s vital that you do, I hope, I don?t have to pull the trigger but I certainly wish I pull it before you two young ones ever have to, you?ve got to much to live for, now give us the med kit and make your way back, take the gun and be wary she maybe backtracking us to snipe at us at anytime?.
    In a lower tone Darrell whispered in Protor's ear,
    ?Besides there are only two guns left at t
  5. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011


    Static's trundled along to where his master was sleeping and issued a proclamation.
    ?Sir, the turbo lift is now functioning at 45 percent?.
    Mishy appraised the red photoreceptor as to why this was important enough to bring this up, she groggily nodded and was about to force push the insistent droid away when it also said, ?droid c653256 has detected beings found on level 4 d4 2.1 standard meters from turbolift Alpha?.
    This piqued Mishies interest straight away, she quickly shook the fog from her head and switched on. Looking for a chair to rest and to prop her cramping legs on she saw was an aged old throne with massive columns of ornate wood radiating power and ore, again it was covered in the animal skin that was so inviting and relaxing. She climbed onto the large throne and told Static to show her the cam.

    ?I felt it prudent to show you the last ten minutes vision before I revert it back to real time Officer Lakaylor,? interjected Static.
    A very narrow angle and grainy cam view was holovised from the droids sternum, Mishy could see the vast bulk of major Ellan and about seven other pairs of feet behind the huge woman?s frame. As the camera panned out Mishy could make out that all were armed and sauntered along with boredom, all except Darrell and Ellan herself who were taking in every little piece of evidence.

    The droid must have been in the service hole and emerged just a little bit to much for it to be noticed , A shout and two laser gun scopes were fast at targeting the droid, other beings dove behind crates and tried to find cover though it was obvious that the people had not had much practice. A young boy almost blew his foot off by not unclipping his blaster, he stood out in the open with his hand on the trigger frantically trying to wrench his weapon up from his holster. The scene was almost laughable as the old fashion tap dancer finally got to the stage exit off kilter and crashed behind some boxes, legs hung uselessly up and in the open.

    Ellan?s infrared bead was trained right in the camera?s recital and soon after 6 other beads of light were tracing the droid which stood motionless. Mishy shouted at Static,
    ?Shut down the Turbo Lift, Get the Droids out of there?!
    Static replied in its usual monotone voice,
    ?I was aware of your previous directive Officer Lakaylor?.
    But c653256 stood like a statute and the humans were now training their guns at the turbo lift and service hole listening intensely as the droids were trundling back to Mishy's compact.
    ?Why isn?t the cam droid moving?? Mishy was nervous, her eyes were focused on the little droids picture as she saw the group focus its attention between the service hole and stationary droid.
    ?Get that droid out,? Mishy screamed
    Static replied in its monotone voice characteristic,
    ?Negative all functions had been jammed and overwritten?.

    In the background of the camera shot, Mishy could make out a female not with a gun but with a ion blaster, the make commonly associated with pesky Jawa?s. Mishy gasped and watched in horror as large hands engulfed the droid, the picture became swirling and then a large eye peered into the view and stayed their appraising the cam. The cam tilited again and moved away slightly, the head of Ellan was in full view her lips moved slowly and Mishy knew that Ellan was talking to her personally.

    ?Clever girl, give up while you still can, we will capture you?.

    Mishy watched as Ellan turned off the cam and Static?s sternum went dark.

    She looked at Static ?Bring all droids to me at once and get them charged?.

    Static sent the transmission and then let its receptor wink out to conserve energy. Looking around at her surroundings and focusing on her lighsabres, she smiled a feral smile of self deprecation and thought out aloud,

    "I?ve never given up, why should I start now? Time to get that cube".

    Mishy looked around the room and sensed the cube behind an ornate door and again in a niche that looked as hard to open as the front door. She sighed, time was running
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    Jan 11, 2011
    Chapter 11
    Panders and Funsuhh were on edge, so close yet so far away, so much loot in the ARC and so much more to get paid. Panders was covered in sweat and grease, he realized that he smelt worse than a Bantha in rutting season. With a fleet of the feared Chiss engaging them, their heroic captain was able to find a jump point under fire. There had been no time to take a sonic, he was pretty sure the last thing the whole crews attention would be on was not be on how good or bad a being smelt at this point.

    The outside fighting had been fierce and it was only luck that saved the two from being obliterated, the port stabilizer blew just as they were prepped to launch, maybe it was Decimian?s last trick Funsuhh had told Panders and that took them out of action from the first wave defense. The two sentinents had quickly fixed the problem and stored a couple of remote detonators with pins as far away from the blastac, rat packs and spare blaster pacs in the side gunners chair, the rest of the limited storage space was filled with credits, a heavy repeater, basic tools, circuits and tough vac suits for an emergency.

    ?Wonder why captain hasn?t called us to protect? Only first flight got to go?, Funsuhh surmised.

    ?Yeah well I don?t see any of one flight returning now do you? I think they got obliterated out their?, Arrg we just jumped, yep they ain?t coming back, I hope it wasn?t Decimian busting the ARC because if it was our security systems really need to be upgraded. ?

    The Deaths Head was not silent in the jump, her crew who was still frantically tidying up loose ends.
    ?Remember we bang out with the third squadron,? Panders told Funsuhh.

    ?Ok, but we should at least stick around for some fighting?.

    ?How are you to spend the loot if your dead??

    ?Good point, I trust you?.

    ?Pass me the hydro-spanner?.

    ?I Hope Roko wasn?t in the first wave he still owes us a tonne?.

    All in all there was nothing to do but wait for reversion which would be really violent or a lucky escape, they both wanted the second option. The Deaths Heads massive frame hurtled through hyperspace, although bruised, battered the vessels fine shields had kept them from annihilation, the crew was negative 8 with the loss of three in the landing assemblage and 5 pilots that were massacred when they tried to defend against the Chiss?s precision fighters.
    Her ragtag bunch of pirates had fared well from their encounter but were very wary . Alternatively it was Speckles who bellowed over the loud speaker that deduced this was their first and final warning to stay out of Chiss space, the pirates themselves never took on any Chiss planets or their allies that were lurking even further away. The pirates only used the Chiss territory for safe haven to hide from their adversaries so they couldn?t be traced back to their base. The crew was buoyed by this revelation and got to work in hyperspace trying to repair the damaged struts, long range communications and running diagnostics on their battered but fully functioning shields.

    Decimian was still chewing on his cigars like they were sweet candy, for all the time he had been a profiteer he could not fathom how easy a target he had become. He mulled it over and thought that it was probably the first time a real force had been sent to deal with his zealous pirates. Over previous years there was always a patrol here or there that a planets government or the banking clan set up to rid themselves of his menace, but they never even got close, well no real space battles, a couple of executions for infiltrators and the normal shootouts with the police force or army that protected a cities treasuries.

    He thanked the stars during the drilling he ordered all maintenance to be carried out as well as all ground crew to prep every machine, spacecraft, At,Te , swoop, speederbike, charge every laser and service even every mousedroid. With all the furious activity and respectable danger sense it was only Speckles who spoke to him, except for one pesky cooking droid insisting that i
  7. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    What a sight encompassed them for 15000 kilometres , a massive space station square in the middle of the Deaths Heads vision whilst hundreds of emplacements lit up simultaneously.
    Asteroids 10,000 kilometers further to starboard gave bursts of flack fire from secret fortifications. The whole area was one massive stronghold though the pirates first scans recorded it as only partially finished. The spacestaion itself had no excessive storage facilities, no real civilian thoroughfares and many skeletal structures still under construction. Large swathes of the rectangled station still had massive ropes and girders lashed to adjoining partitions.

    Deciman commanded his troops in a quiet and shrewd manner.

    ?Forward shields and prepare for full throttle forward engagement, angle for the portside of the structure, stay away from the asteroids on starboard. Full focus of the shield rolling wave 1, return fire on compressor bank like structures deemed alpha and beta on my mark. Prepare to eject garbage from tube 1 to 3 and 5-17. Torpedo tubes 1 through eight are to be filled with flack and garbage whilst 9 to 16 with proton torps and 4 to have the live baradium head. Prepare ion cannons for surge pattern 3?.

    For the complete opposite Speckles hollowed the orders through the bridge and com area. He cut the mic and looked Decimian in the eye,
    ?You leave our back unguarded, if one of those ships pop out from hyperspace and start firing we are dead?.

    ?That we are devil man, and that?s what I?m banking on. But those vessels have done their job for awhile, they have brought us here. That flotilla could have hemmed us in to that gas giant and totally obliterated us, no they brought us here to test their defenses, the Chiss want to blood the space station and all their fortifications, it?s what military superpowers do on the sly. They will want to hold us close and then let us go, like a felinx playing with a mousil pup. I?ll play their game but on my terms, although they took out our communications because no one will be the wiser if we die. I?m certainly going to bloody their noses, that?s the only way we can get out of this, if we fight hard enough and do the right amount of damage and trickery they might just board us and then we will have hostages to negotiate with.?

    This brought total silence to the bridge, the revelation that they were only a spoke in the wheel for a government that by all rights didn?t need them alive to tell the tale spoke volumes to the crew, Decimian let everyone know with this enlightenment that he indeed had some sort of strategy albeit a Corellian risk. He continued in his mild manner finding himself looking into the young eyes of himself, the fastest man he had ever seen and the most trustworthy scoundrel he had ever fathered. He leveled a finger at Jarvis the thief, his son.
    ?Get Dedimacr and his pansy brother to juryrigg the communications array in the YT, tell them they don?t see their pay if they can?t do this within the next 3 minutes. Point the blaster a Dedimacr, he is the most stubborn and shoot those on stun if they won?t do what they are ordered, steal the ship. On second thoughts just stun Danteid straight away, take a gurney, two droids. Do it personally Jarvis don?t come back. You need to lock yourself and them in the YT, coordinates are the same from when we were sprung, and then make sure you drop a droid at the gas giant, then jump. straight to base, they are to be locked on with no failsafe. Good luck son?
    . After the awful silence..

    Decimian shouted,
    ?All the cooking droids to meet next to the trash chutes they may need to become angels. We have limited time, we hold for three minutes or until those ships pop from behind us, the big one has to collect their mines that should take more than 6 minutes and they will come sooner and forget the mines if we wield around or don?t engage ".

    Jarvis bolted for the turbolift, unhooking his commlink and blaster in fluid motions, he stopped at the lift doors and looked back, giving a nod to
  8. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    The Animal hair rug was the most comfortable bed in the universe, Mishy was dreaming and she knew it, it was the same dream she had been accustom to for most of her life but now her mind was picking it to pieces, she knew she wasn?t in possession of a red lightsaber, she knew those arms that were seeped in black were hers but there was no way she was old enough to be so defined. Though there was the refresher blocks that had the drip freezing, moist scent and texture to her dream, this was not going to happen soon. The dream changed for the first time in her little life, a male voice of great bass resonance so commanding but so silent echoed in her mind it spoke,

    ?You have realized your demise, now change the outcome, go to this place and prepare for your death, only by cheating death do you become all powerful?.

    A Strange vision interjected the walls of the dream, a blur of colors opened up the darkness, heat suddenly radiated from the floor and the beast that lurked in her dream was not to be seen, Mishy desperately wanted to view what the beast actually looked like, where the golden lightsaber came from, but her mind could not take in the gravity of the situation, she couldn?t understand and to her surprise a human skull clean and white took her whole vision. The eye sockets and nose slits were filled with a kaleidoscope of whorling colors, it was a beautiful artistic sight to behold, one long to be cherished as it spoke one final time in it?s basso continuo voice,

    ?Use your abilities, take control and lead. Continue my legacy and you will be rewarded with knowledge and power?.

    The skull then started to morph, gaining layers of tissue and blood covering up the whorls, the eyes a distant brown looked so menacing but slowly adoring as the morph continued adding to the resemble of an old man with powerful and confident features a silver white beard that was not cropped but looked like it belonged on the face as did the long managed hair that was kept away to heighten the high if not slightly pudgy cheekbones that were so noble. Finally the weathered and lined skin puzzled into place though obviously healthy for the age of the portrait it was a stomach twisting vision. Once complete the head did not speak but stared at Mishy with a slightly caring if not bemused minute smile, it slowly pursed its small featured lips and whistled a short high pitched note and vanished. In reality Mishies body was struggling and convulsing, her hands dug into the animal hair, she was screaming so uncontrollably that the echo effect was in itself a sirens song of shrieking love lost at the height of the fit. With her tone so incredible bright, rich and resonant it hung in the air and merged with the face?s whistle for pitch and wavelength. Mishies body suddenly went from convulsing to stable as fast a ship enters hyperspace, she opened her eyes and looked into the open door and spied a white cube that was encased in a small treasure box made from the same saber resistant metal. With geometrically whorls that looked very familiar sketched encircling both the case and the cube the ornate prize was so perfect .

    Mishy force pulled the cube . The cube floated into her hand and she admired it for its beauty, so small only about the size of her flattened fist it resonated with power and wanted to be opened, Mishy looked at the holocron so longingly but rose and put it back into it?s chest, she forced herself to close the lid and put it into her backpack. Another time, hopefully another place, she thought.

  9. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    Chapter 12

    Tarkosa sat beside Ulairs cot and winced as his sparring partner touched his bandaged forehead. The room was silent except for the machines pumping slow nutrients into a tube that was feeding Ulairs right arm. Uliar was looking pale but still had those intelligent eyes that were in constant motion scanning the ceiling.
    ?Isn?t it sad that your best friend is your only true rival?.
    ?Some long dead philosopher??
    ?Nope just a battered old fool who had his head stuck far too far up his bulkhead?.

    ?Oh, well there you go you finally smelt one that you dealt,? Tarkosa jibed and continued in somewhat a joking manner, ?This council will help you know, it will be able to delegate so we can free up more man hours and maybe explore a little, the radiation has got to be high but not significant enough to cause mutations especially if there are droids in other parts of the ship repairing it for habitation?.

    ?Yeah well Mishy still needs to be??

    Protor suddenly rushed in all arms and ears speaking double time almost out of breath?Mishies on another level and probably on a different ship?.
    The two occupants were startled seeing the adolescent rush in with Caitlin in tow her arms holding onto a droid as if it was a young sibling.
    ?What, explain,? Tarkosa spluttered.
    Protor at his same pace replied, ?Pretty boring for about two hours, we got onto her trail by looking at the crates she had unpacked?.

    ?Yeh,? Chimed in Caitlin excitedly, ?She?s got food, water and medicine to last ages?.

    ?Hey you said I could do this?! Protor spun around and protested,

    Caitlin waved a hand saying sorry and urged him to continue.

    ?Yeh well we tracked her to the turbolifts and found that she had tried to use it cause of all the debris that she raked out. Somehow she must have found a droid to take her up the service shaft cause we heard about 20 droids evacuate the lift chamber once we caught this little guy". He turned around and let Caitlin take the lead,

    ?It?s a service droid with a camera attachment, it?s been modified recently to work or spy, pretty basic stuff but I got this one through the line of sight droid ion gun. I couldn?t get any others as they took off to quickly plus I couldn?t see them. Anyway we can track this ones memory and find out where Mishy is and maybe which ships are indeed habitable. It?ll take two hours max.?

    Uliar bleated ?Go, get to work quick and make a copy of all the recordings I think the council we want to look at this for new opportunities?.

    Protor chucked the commlink to Tarkosa who caught it easily,
    ?Channel 5, we blocked all other signals just in case she programmed any death droids?.

    ?What death droids?? Uliar asked

    ?Don?t know, i'm not sure there are any, but she possibly could attach a bomb to one and send it care to yours truly?.

    ?Lock the door when you leave, ?Tarkosa said spookily.

    This brought a small grin from Uliar who said,
    ?What is she goanna come and get me??.

    Tarkosa walked to the door and followed the youths out,
    ?Yep, she will try; she hates you and think about what she might find out there, Jedi weapons!? He shut the door and locked it.

    ?Hey Major Ellan are you still alive?? was all Uliar could hear with the fading footsteps, he started to shake a little and perspire a cold sweat.
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    Jan 11, 2011

    With the military efficiency so ingrained into the psyche a Chiss communications officer alerted Chombardanthumby,
    ?They are running scans on our inner and outer defenses sir, It appears that Wenj?umb?erthedoo has exceeded the damage specifications you ordered, the whole starboard side and aft of the vessel is venting atmosphere and debri in a large swath. They have begun to move to the port side at full power and have their shields angled to soak up all fire, the enemy is going to concentrate their fire on the shield housing? .
    Chombardanthumby nodded, he knew that Wenj?umb?erthedoo would have been seething from the gambit and had already factored this revelation into his response, turning around, he opened his mouth and was just about to inform the crew to lower the level of precision laser strikes when the comm Officer shouted, ?The vessel is firing, Shield array is holding at 70%, they have bombarded it with proton torpedoes, Reverting power to shields?.
    ?Fire lasers and missiles, prepare the fighters to deploy,? answered Bardan.
    He continued to watch Ion cannons race towards his space stations shield, in a instant a massive incandescent explosion rocked the space station. All the crews blast visors automatically darkened to soak in the light, but still their were shrieks of agony from those who were watching the fight from the viewports.
    ?Damage report? shouted Chombardanthumby,
    Within seconds it was obvious that the whole shielding housing and a half section of torpedo banks were vaporized. The pirate ship stung the base with blistering rolling laser strikes, hitting the hangar bay and all other tubed missile placements on the port side.
    ?Hangar bay and missiles have been decimated, shields are damaged beyond repair on the portside,? shrieked the tactical chief. In a slight bemused and angered tone Barden barked the order to concentrate all fire on the vessel. Immediately huge swaths of light and streaks of propulsion trails centered towards the ship only to come up about 100metres short .
    ?Their shielding has retained integrity,? announced the comm
    ?They have an accelerator that extends for a hundred meters, no missiles past that mark although 54% of the lasers penetrated the outer shield only to be absorbed by the inner shield. No hull or shield breach! They are diving sir ,turning around to jump back, should I recall the flotilla to intercept their retreat??

    ?They are already on their way,? Barden replied with anger, ?Pepper their hull on their turn, hit the venting airlocks. I want to scuttle this vessel quickly before the honor is wrested away from me by the fleet commander, they are proving a force within themselves.?

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    Man! I missed a bunch! You've definately been busy!

    These posts were really good. Your writing has really improved since you started.

    Bravo and I can't wait for the next update!
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    Thanks Raphire[face_peace] glad to see someone reading. Make sure you add me to your stories PM too.


    A large cheer erupted as the Baradium missile hit its mark.

    ?Shields down and awaiting slaughter,? Roko hollered.
    The Deaths Heads guns? played a rapid deep resonating rhythm embellished with staccato and mordents of canister missile casings gonging onto the floor . The lively melody was accentuated by the thunderous but high pitch thump of the laser cannons, the lively percussion was music to the crews ears. Abruptly the vessel cut a tight angle, the song rested for what seemed an eternity.


    The crew changed into their vac suits while the Uglies and YT slipped out of the hangar using the repulors and deft flying to slingshot out and away with the Deaths Heads frame which blocked the view of the Space station. Within 2 beats a ghastly counterpoint erupted on the Deaths Head, her tail and side were bombarded with an onslaught of fire, each shield array was soaking up so much power that the integrity would be diminishing by the first stanza. The Uglies raced into the void closely followed by the YT transport, its course already predetermined.

    ?Fire? Decimian announced.

    For a space jock it made no sense to shoot at nothing, but so drilled by the master pirate the pilots and crews let loose a volley of ion cannons , lasers and missiles triangulated towards the void of space.

    With the warping of time space travel the flotilla reverted back into realspace, all 11 Chiss ships instantly gouted flame. Their shields which normally turned on automatically once reversion occurred could not stop the mines impetuous forbearing. Within a blink of an eye the flash blue of ion cannons splashed the central bridges of the gunships, haphazard laser strikes and missiles connecting with port and starboard paneling.

    A few luckier shots smashed bridges and gutted hangars. Three vessels were out, junked and vaporized with two more sustaining enough damage as to head for the safety of the asteroid belt. The YT sped past the stricken Chiss carnage , sandwiched between masses of laser energy that provided cover as it jumped. Clawcraft erupted out from all the vessels with about 80 pilots forming up in a precise diamond formation to redeem the Chiss distinguished fighting capabilities.

    ?We are running hot Decimian, our aft is nearly gone,? screamed Speckles.

    ?Turn and dive to their port, the tail Uglies will have to scatter, have you got anything to jump to Sonia?? asked Decimian as he surveyed the clustered space.

    ?Coming up, a narrow gap about 3 parsecs long of clear space from sector 1.24587 only.?

    ?Is that the only option??

    ?Apart from doing what you did for our son, nothing, the space around here is so dense with moons, suns and asteroids our only way to escape is to take 27,2446 or 1.24587 and 27 just closed up because of that monstrosity of a ship just reverted?.

    ?Ahh heck, they were quick, Give the Uglies the co-ordinates to 1.24, my condolences and information that we are willing to negotiate, tell em to talk to anyone who will listen, secrecy is out of the question.?

    With a sober outlook as Decimian?s tired eyes watched half his Uglies fire in a blaze of glory and the others scattering he twitched and regained his usual confident persona,
    ?Plot it to the nav and jump to 2. Release all remaining mines now!?

    Decimian was staring at his aft monitor and bit straight through his cigar, the clawcraft altered their course parting in the middle leaving the massive Chiss vessel sitting clear in space eyeing the Deaths Head. Decimian blinked and the vessel simply vanished.

    ?Jump,? screamed Decimian ?Jump now!?

    As stars elongated infront of the Deaths Head the massive Chiss ship reverted from its microjump. Coming into a fiery reception of the space mines from the Deaths Heads tail.
    Wenj'umb'erthedoo of the Chiss was again shaking his head as colors swirled and klaxons wailed.

    ?Clear those
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    Chapter 13

    Mishy walked leisurely along a gently sloping empty corridor. Her hoard of droids carried her possessions, most trundling along with her without any immediate need for a service. She didn?t know which ship or level she was on and it didn?t matter, it seemed over the decades the droids hade made this entire vessel habitable with oxygen except the weapons blisters. Mishy thought,
    boy, isn?t Uliar going to get it when the people find out they have been cooped up in one area for all this time, I feel a killing coming on!.
    She passed a viewing platform and through the window eyed the blackness of space, it looked along way away and she knew it would be. This was her first experience of seeing real stars, it was altogether exhilarating. Mishy stared mouth agape in amazement of the beauty and desolation of the void, tiny pinpricks of light winked at her in a vast network of undefined straight lines, some of those pinpricks took life away and other pinpricks nurtured life, she mused.

    Patterns emerged from the pinpoints of brighter stars and started to form shapes, she started to daydream to an end that animals and people emerged from the angles. It was beautiful. There was so much possibility. A frown covered her face it was also depressing, she had not ever been able to visit any of the star systems. Her father used to regail her with stories of Naboo and other worlds, the plants, animals, and many of sentient life forms. One of her favorite pastimes was to identify individual star systems and thier unique Flora and Fauna.

    Why do i have to be stuck here? she wondered.
    Countless times she had be told the story of the Crash, it was memorized by wrote, burned into her brain like all the other children. The story was not unlike various ancient civilizations using heroes and villains to remember their most important historical events, having competitions of prose and pronunciation for centuries after the turning point had occurred.

    Mishy, was the product of a villains or Jedi?s scheme to turn her into an abomination, her parents were mere flesh to produce a slave for an order that dictated the known galaxy and started to branch out into the unknown. The Survivors were the heroes and the Blue skins were both villain and hero alike, taking on a savior for stopping the Jedi but also a villain for the price the survivors had to pay, the eternal tomb.
    She walked to the next window that was on a less obtuse angle and caught a glimpse of the high cliff wall that was about 200 meters from the line of sight. So they were in a canyon on a world they couldn?t breath on.

    ?Static, find a place where I can get out of the ship, take me there and I want a lot of Vac suits and oxygen tanks waiting for me. Tell me, are there any other smaller ships in this place?, There must be? they would have taken fighters to screen or ward of other ships? ?.

    After 25 burst transmissions Static replied,
    ?this vessel contains an airlock, a dismantled vessel is on file but its location is unavailable?.

    ?What do you mean it?s unavailable??

    ?It has never been logged for service officer Lakaylor therefore there is no location parameters set?.

    ?Run a deep scan of the ships mainframe?
    ?Negative, access denied?

    ?Bypass it?


    ?Blast it Static find me that ship! Run a full scan of all the droids memory, I don?t care if it takes the next two years, find me that ship!?

    ?As ordered Officer Lakaylor,? Static stood motionless.

    Mishy started to saunter along and was pushing air and debri with the force when she noticed no droid was following her,

    ?What?s going on Static, why aren?t you following me??
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    The droid sat motionless emitting no transmissions; all the other droids stood idle matching their leader. Mishy rolled her eyes and trotted back to the droid, only then did she pick up on the slow emitting caustic smell. It smelt like the workshop her father had pottered around in, it reminded her of her life before the zoo. She used to help her dad fix the household items and taking an active interest in the development of droid repair assemblies.

    ?Belay last order,? Mishy yelled as smoke started whisping from Statics innards.

    Her interpreter droid looked as mournful as a droid could look, Static emitted a disjointed sentence through it?s dynamic vocabulizer. A few Whirrs and pings continued from Statics abdomen area, until the droid could control its circuitry senses.

    ?I.. pear.tu?ve.. ost untiom ov vocacil..nd ctrol of sellvendovee oda doids?.

    Static?s red eye flickered as if it gained an involuntary twitch. All the other droids dropped their loads and raced away through the corridors, bumping and clanging into walls, opening and closing hatches, picking up debri and placing it to the side only to bash it with their tracks.

    Static looked dead, the red photoreceptor was winking off and its torso and treads hung uselessly and drab in Mishies arms. Her droid finally emitted a death gurgle and fell silent, it?s eye winked out. All was silent in the corridor and Mishy was alone once again. The dying light of the droid transferred itself into Mishy, red seethed in Mishy?s eyes; she looked around at the departing droids, droids that she no longer could control.

    Igniting her green saber she hurled it down the corridor, its spinning circumference looking like a disc shape planet where it immediately bisected a startled droid. Mishy delved deeper into her fury and wanted her lightsaber back, instantaneously the saber turned a long arc and circled back to her palm. Her fury ignited, she stared at her belt, the other two sabers unclipped themselves and hung in mid air as if awaiting directions.

    She looked up to spot any more droids hanging around, there seem to be only the rations scattered along the corridor. Unsatisfied Mishy ignited the remaining two sabers and made them all circle around her at extremely fast revolutions. Her adrenaline still pumping the circle of death she created swiveled some two meters around her body, colors of hot murder reverberated with a fast hum. The Force dissipated a little; Mishy redoubled her efforts, she slowed the revolutions but made the sabers come close to ten centimeters from her body . The whorl of light exactly imitated the main colors found on the cube and within her revelations.

    She stopped the lightsabers in mid air and let them hang some five centimeters from her forehead, knee and tailbone. Standing as still as a statute holding the sabers in place for some 2 minutes more Mishy finally let the force dissipate from her will. She deactivated each saber one by one and clipped them on her belt with the force. With a glum look in her eye she chose to open up a small room that was adjacent to the set of windows she peered through earlier. Dragging a cot out and placing it under the window thinking to herself

    I might as well sleep under the stars, Uliar and Major Ellan will be a couple more days before they get through the elevators, best prepare for them and look around outside the ship, who cares if I?m in a room or a corridor, I?ll decide what benefits me.

    With that thought Mishy laid down on her back, she fumbled for a water pill with a force pull and instead of popping it, she balanced it to the ceiling , pushing it and pulling, pretending it was a starship making it?s pulse through the starry backdrop, visiting tiny flecks of light.
    A strange feeling came over Mishy as she lay on her makeshift cot, her spine went stiff and butterflies danced in her stomach, she had begun to sensed possible danger combined with joy and fear, something like what she craved from her victims when they came to her and asked her to stop picking on them
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    Hmmmmm. I'm thinking things aren't going well for Decimian. Can't wait to read more about him!


    ?Blast it Static find me that ship! Run a full scan of all the droids memory, I don?t care if it takes the next two years, find me that ship!?

    ?As ordered Officer Lakaylor?. Static stood motionless.

    Mishy started to saunter along and was pushing air and debri with the force when she noticed no droid was following her

    ?What?s going on Static, why aren?t you following me??

    Lol. These droids really are not cooperating with her are they?

    A strange feeling came over Mishy as she lay on her makeshift cot, her spine went stiff and butterflies danced in her stomach, she had begun to sensed possible danger combined with joy and fear, something like what she craved from her victims when they came to her and asked her to stop picking on them. Albeit this was far more intense, she believed something was coming.

    :eek: Just leave me on a cliffhanger why don't you! [face_laugh] Update soon please.
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    Thanks Raphire your all to kind:cool: .
    I hope you like the next coming Chapters Mishies going to shine![slowly]

    Caitlin and Protor sat hunched over a data screen, they had reviewed ten days of the spy droids footage in two hours. Caitlan came to the conclusion that Mishy would be caught just as soon as they could operate the service lifts. What she saw of Mishy was a girl that pushed paper and debri with the force but could not possibly strike Uliar down even with the luck of a expert sabaac player.

    "The girl is weak; even though Mishy is sighted on the footage exercising, those tiny muscles she is building upon are puny to say the least. She may be fit but there's nothing to say she could handle herself. I think I could blow those peices of paper farther"!

    Protor on the other hand watched fascinated by the little girl, she was dedicated and smart. She could fix droids and order the robots to do many tasks on the hop, that took audacity. But again he agreed with Caitlin.

    "Mishy Lakaylor is a little girl that doesn?t even have a blaster to defend herself, it will be all too easy. And I agree, your head is so full of hot air you would beat Mishy! Anyway What Ellan, Darrell said about her were atrocious lies, I think they just don't like us hanging with them."

    Caitlan teased "Well you did almost blow your foot off".

    "Ha,ha very funny freckle face" Protor retorted. It was the same name he had called her from their childhood.
    " What about Uliar, he got smacked by a Rancor, How did she do that?"

    "Dunno" Caitlan looked skeptical, "He is old and a ... Oh sorry Tarkosa I didn't hear you come in".
    Tarkosa smiled at what the teenagers were thinking and let them know it was funny but retorted in a strictly business like manner.
    "So, on the bright side as soon as the service elevators could be fixed and radiation sweeps enacted the whole of the flight could be utilized. It seems that many parts of the immediate vessel at least somewhat habitable."

    "Yeah I think Mishy was helping us gain access to the service lift, most of the footage is of 15 droids working on the service lift itself. Only occasionally the droids would trundle back to their service centre for power and a maintenance check, this is where we saw the Mishy show."

    Caitlin eyed Tarkosa and watched him use the comm, his face was a little disturbed by the thought that they had been cramped up in their habitat for some 45 years and only now realized that they could have ventured out further.
    ?Ellan, the droids that fled have partially repaired turbo lift three, I think you should return to base and collect supplies for a new mission,?
    ?What say again, a new mission??
    ?Open the lifts and get them operational, there?s power, atmosphere and oxygen on parts of D4, get that opened and we have a chance to get Mishy, but more importantly we may have a chance to get a signal or ship out to rescue us!?
    ?Really, what ship??
    ?It was only a rumor that Zimby told me about a Jedi that left before the Crash, but it could be true, and it doesn?t matter anyway a chance is a chance!?
    ?Yep, what if Mishy finds out, what then, she?s got control of heaps of droids and she can ask them questions you know. She might be already gone?.
    ?True, but I think she is going to stick around here I think Uliar best be protected at double standards. She was plotting to wipe him out, why else would she get the droids to open the lifts up? Anyway if we can?t get out of the hold then how are we going to find out??
    Ellan paused and then sighed ?Ok there?s not much we can do without the proper equipment, I want all the necessary kit waiting for me when we get back, I?ll leave Darrell and a few to set up camp here just in case Mishy pops her head out we have a chance to get her in the scopes, they can start clearing debri, OK??

    Darrell cursed in the background


    ?Can we get that spy droid back I have use for it, we may just be able to map out the ship before we open a shaft that?s got enough radiation to kill 100 Banthas."
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    Intense Post! I really liked both parts!

    However I think it is a big mistake to underestimate Mishy. Lol.

    Can't wait for the upcoming battle!

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    One battle coming up![face_beatup]
    Yes they should never underestimate Mishy![face_devil]
    Thanks for the positivr remarks:)

    Panders and Funsuhh were the last to leave the hangars, their vessel still had many bugs to decrypt, it was a miracle that the old girl actually lifted at all. Her R2 unit prepped a preflight check in the chaotic moments before the last short jump, the R2 unit 'Spanners' was an excellent calculator but couldn?t repair a light switch . The two beings were nervous but still smiling, especially when they put wings up and watched Roko running for their ride like a frenzied Bantha. He knocked over containers of fuel and lubricants in a vain attempt to reach the pair. Still Panders thought as he opened the throttle only to hear a small cough and splutter, he might be safer in a larger vessel with outstanding shielding than this decrepit although now highly prized vessel. As they made for space and the asteroid belt Funsuhh tumbled into the rear gunners seat and charged up the guns. The Yt?s in front of them were travelling in a haphazard formation with only 8 remaining fighters, Chatter was light between the crews as they knew any second now enemy vessels would be emerging from hyperspace to pulverize them. Panders eased up to circle around, ran a scan on the planet as the Yt?s dove for the belt and charged their repulors for the slingshots they were beginning to create.


    Caitlin and Protor fussed over their new spy droid pet, polishing this bit and that, servicing her innards and just idly wasting time until Major Ellan came back, as far as Protor was concerned this had been a great adventure if not one that had many unanswered questions, his mind constantly dawned upon a new thought only to loose it to a new more outlandish dream.
    ?Hey droid, check your memory for lightsabers will you??.
    The droid silently whirred and projected an image of a balding man in his thirties practicing lightsaber techniques at an astonishing speed. His acrobatics and grace set Caitlin?s heart a flutter, they were mesmerized by the caged fury of this mans effort. For a full minute the projector played, focusing on the lightsaber itself and the skills the human controlled, only then did it switch to a sight that looked like a destroyed cabin. Another droid holding in its appendage a set of lightsabers, curiously one of the hilts of the saber was exactly the same as the saber the man had clutched, a unique red stripe down the side gave it away. A cut away scene took centre stage and it was tiny hands enveloping the lightsabers which then lit up with the red stripped one igniting a blue hue. For a nanosecond both teens saw from the hue the distinct features of Mishy Lakaylor. The image faded. It was Caitlin that took out the commlink and slowly composed herself broadcasting in a whisper and to the point
    ?Mishies got lightsabers?.


    Chapter 14

    A full armada of Chiss vessels exploded from the corners of space around the Artewrer system, every conceivable vessel was charging for the Deaths Head. A stink of panic rushed the pirate consortium, the enemy vessels opened up their hangar bays to disgorge even more fighters. The odds were over 100 capital ships to the one seen pirate vessel. On the scanner Panders caught the unmistakable sound of two protocol droids transmitting their distress signals, shrieking viloently as long range cannons obliterated their metal bodies. He knew he couldn?t make the belt and his stomach sank as he dove back for the Deaths Head hangars only to see them close up. Funsuhh was roaring and cursing asking what was happening. Panders sweating, angled for the planet and grasped his trophy ears as tight as he could ever believe.

    Mishy awoke with the same feeling of something big was about to happen, she looked at her cube case and felt a certain calm emanating from her trophy. The cube relaxed her and she found it?s presence very comforting, her three lightsabers lay on her cot, one of the hi
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    The Deaths Head couldn?t jink or deftly rotate her massive frame to stop the mass of starfighters that now were sniping her engines. She was returning fire but was being overwhelmed. Large streaks of energy from two nimble gunboat size vessels added to her aft torment. The Deaths Head did not deviate her intended course, she had to stay on target to create her slingshot. If The Deaths Head failed this maneuver all hands would be lost by the foreboding fleet to her port.

    Deciman wanted to scream, this was just the first part of the battle and his shields were already riddled with power fluxes. He peered at the monitors, to starboard was a desolate planet one where he could ditch, though there was not enough oxygen to support life. On the port monitor was hundreds of Chiss ships, from interceptor class to huge bulk cruisers making up rapid ground and likely to get to their optimum range before The Deaths Head could slingshot to the relative safety of the asteroid belt. In between the belt and the Deaths Head lay 30 vessels forming a tight balustrade. The barrier was made up of flat transports facing their starboard side to lengthen their fence., the sled type behemoths had only one small laser canon but there were small gunships that were bristling with weapons filling in the gaps.

    The Deaths Head rocked as she was once again hit and buffetted on the fuel nacelles, the shields held but the ride was like a jumping on a Kybuck.
    ?Initiate blink cycle, all forward batteries to target small gunships indicated delta first then gamma on my mark. Shields to Port and double front. No starboard shielding until we sling, continue harassing those starfighters on our aft; drop some garbage from the trash chutes and a sonic mine on a forty five second delay now?.
    In slow motion the Deaths Head encountered the first flecks of lasers from both port and forward enemies, the light staccato of flashes reminded Deciman of the first winter snow.
    ?Jeez their keen? whispered Speckles as hundreds of tiny lights illuminated upon the shields. The Deaths Head pushed onwards.
    ?They will be in range shortly Speckles, prepare to sling.? Deciman reminded his second in charge.

    The smattering of lasers were soon whipped up to a blizzard of blue, yellow, red and green. Flashes upon then Deaths Head now became blinding, the vessel started to buck and dance as she shot from her planet whip, The vessels ever increasing velocity took her head on with the large wall of transport behemoths.
    ?Fire? shouted Deciman
    The Deaths Heads turbo lasers hummed to life and exacted pinpoint fury on two small enemy gunships. The two vessels obliterated into a fiery pyrotechnical display whilst other larger vessels were suddenly knocked from their stationary orbit as hundreds of asteroids hit their aft and port sections. Deciman relied on his aft monitors to note that the enemy starships were completely obliterated by the sonic mine mixed with the shrapnel of the garbage he had ejected. The Deaths Head overran the Chiss trench of transports, moping up the few small gunships remaining. A huge boom rocked the pirates ship as Roko let another sonic mine hit a transport. Asteroids constantly rained down around the Deaths Head creating a makeshift shield from the port side armada. The light and sound from the laser barrage they had been taking petered off but supplementary near misses from repulsor aided asteroids whizzed by them. More and more ground was being made towards the asteroid belt. The port side fleet again were out of range to be considered a serious threat.
    Sonia indicated to Deciman, ?Sir multiple singularities are being shot towards us by the large Capital ships to port?.
    ?What are they?? Deciman asked
    ?I don?t know sir, but they seem to be opening up like a net?
    ?Oh I don?t like the look of that? Deciman replied.

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    After four hours of lightsaber defensive technique by the irritable Avatar Jorus C?Boath Mishy was dishelved at how much she needed to improve. Though she had steadied her force use and found some balance, she could not focus her slash and pivot well enough for the Holographic Master Jedi. She looked to out the windows as she tirelessly practiced her pivot swing, rush and parry techniques. From the stars a flash of light about the size of her fingertip appeared only to disgorge tiny pinpricks that scattered toward a dark void. One pinprick however looped around the larger source of light and then steadily started to zero in on the doomed Outbound flight. Mishy looked at the Avatar and quickly force concentrated it off. The cube automatically levitated and locked itself in it?s box; so neat and efficiently.
    Mishy screamed in delight? It must be a ship to rescue us?.

    Frantically she ran through the corridor continually looking out the windows but also scrounging for the vac suits and respirators the droids had dropped. Using her exceptional speed and maneuverability the young girl performed her task outside the level a human could follow with the naked eye. She was a blur of brilliance that became faster with every continuing second. Within 10 seconds Mishy has traversed the 200 meter corridor collecting the suits, respirators and even a bag of supplies which was able to be placed on her bed. The fast moving female shape opened a satchel to stuff a case and medicine in. Mishy force jumped to the airlock kicking of bits of metal and running sideways around corridors.

    Unbeknown to the eager little girl multiple flashes of light suddenly appeared in the night sky and seemed to chase the first troop of newcomers. Flashes were constantly directed towards the slow moving fingertip of light. It was a battle. She caught the extra movement in the last window just before the airlock. Mishies heart sank, there was no rescue, this was a slaughter, so many vessels against just one seemed like overkill. To her surprise though the tiny pinprick that she noticed before had made planet fall and was now in direct visual range, coming towards her. The force made her heart race again, this was the big thing that was going to change her life!

    ?It?s a kriffin huge ship? Panders bellowed to no one, ?What are those, dreadies tied together? My ears what the, it looks like its taken a lot of damage.?

    The Arc was still chugging along though the fuel vein now had an intermitted cough which needed to be flushed before a hyperspace jump could be initiated. Funsuhh only grizzled and said in his thick accent,
    ?Hide now?.
    Panders assessed the new ship from a distance looking at the pockmarks around the engines and blisters,
    ?We?ve got to hide behind it, it?ll mask our presence and we may just be able to sneak away later!? .
    Panders came in heavy, quickly eased up in a tight arc wedging the 170 under one of the massive girders of the broken vessel, a shallow basin accommodated as their landing bay. Dust smothered the Arc as she neatly set down.
    ?Get the camo net, and check your suit for holes we need to take a walk and flush that vein; see if we can do a passive scan of possible hyperspace evacs, I hope we got all the data dump from the Deaths Head.?
    As Funsuhh unbuckled he was staring intently at the massive structure they were hidden under, at least 4 huge dreadnaughts; a Junkers dream, a dictator?s arsenal, a pirate?s haven.

    ?See light, window, something alive?.

    Panders felt weak at the knees, ?No need to open it up, stay on guard, I?ll clear the vein and have spanners scan for attack, aim the repeater at the air locks, were not picking up strays!?
    The two sentinents were armed to the teeth as they made their way off the ship and in silence put the camo net over the ARC. Spanners simply extended its retractable arm and held out its sensors, tracking for movement in the sky and surrounding dense environment of irregular boulders and strained tortured, twisted girders of the massive anomaly. While Pand
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    Jan 11, 2011
    The Deaths Head aft was an inferno, her damage irreparable, the engines had ceased five minutes ago, but still the onslaught continued. Many pirates had been cooked alive from the spreading destruction. The Chiss were not merciful, it seemed they were spurred on by bloodlust and continued to hammer the stricken vessel. All sections were now locked down in a vain attempt to stop the whole place being engulfed in flame. Speckles had a horn ripped out and Sonia lay lifelessly at her post. Her face crimson, her neck shaping an unfamiliar obtuse angle. Shouts of pain and sobs of torment was the only organic sound that emanated form the vessel, hundreds of detonations filled the corridors. The Deaths Heads guns lay lifelessly, pounded to oblivion, slagged to form a new husk over the annihilated hull. The Yt?s and Uglies that tried to hide in the asteroid belt were blown away clotting even more detrius in the asteroid belt. The Chiss had resorted to target the larger asteroids focusing on destroying everything within the field. Notwithstanding at least three vessels were captured in the mayhem. Coroner nets proved vital for the Chiss to stop the pirates repulsor slinging.

    Without any more shields, Decimian lit up one of his stashed cigars and inhaled, he lent down and passed it to his broken friend who in turned took a drag and coughed. Flack fire peppered the Death?s Head hull from starboard, port and aft.

    ?Never really did get use to those things? Speckles spluttered.
    Decimian was eyeing a gigantic vessel 5 times as wide and 5 times in length as the Deaths Head, all her guns pointing directly at the bridge, It hovered only a 100 meters away, but Decimian could do nothing, he couldn?t even ram the blasted thing and give the Chiss one last bloody nose.
    ?No, dare say your right. This is the end my friend, I certainly didn?t think we would go out like this?.
    ?How did you?? Speckles asked over the onslaught of multiple detonations from the starboard side.
    Decimian braced for the impact and righted himself only to say
    ?I thought the New Republic would hunt us down in about a year or two?.
    The lights collapsed as a ranged weapon from the large cruiser caught the bridge square on, Decimian and Speckles were lifted in the air like gnats wings and suspended there for what seemed a lifetime. A strange electrical wave enveloped the ship shorting out all remaining power and instantly smothering all fire, the bombing had stopped, all that was heard in the vessel was the rasping breathing of unconscious beings suspended in the fetid air.

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    Chapter 15

    Mishy watched the two aliens cover a strange but nimble vessel; she peered through an improvised telescope from the garbage that was strewn around the corridor. A droid waved an arm with an antenna dish attached. Above on the canopy a remote heavy repeater was aimed at her airlock. One of the aliens ducked under the screen whilst the other started to peer at the decrepit ship. Mishy froze as the alien sauntered over to inspect the windows, the face of a withered grey humanoid with long braids or ringlets adorned its shaggy head.

    The young girl could tell the aliens were tough, their casual disdain for danger and the obvious armament they carried was peared with their brute strength and tacky yet functional attire. The Weequay as Mishy remembered from her lessons slowly meandered the perimeter of the corridor. Within the blink of an eye a hand cannon was whipped out and aimed for the sky, Mishy could feel the faint vibration of some other craft strafing their position; maybe just maybe they would be saved. The alien sprinted to hide under the net, Mishy knew what it was like to be hunted, people made mistakes, they were so terrified at being caught they left many alternatives.

    Mishy's life was hard; it was easy to think of a way to stay away from the lock and heavy repeater. She walked back to a ground level window, made sure she could still see the vessel under the drapes and started to change into a over sized vac suit putting on her rucksack to hold her prized possessions, she pushed with her mind, felt the space outside, the sky above and a tell tale engine running at optimum coming around for another pass; She ignited her favorite lightsaber and plunged it into the window.

    ?Think they spotted us Panders? surmised Fuush after twenty five minutes of hiding. Another unseen craft had joined the original Chiss fighter and slowly moved around the gigantic junked vessel. The sound alone of the Chiss?s fighters was remarkable, finely tuned but earsplitting ion drives strafed the position in exact overlapping formation centering on the ARCS snake hole. It was obvious that scanning was underway.

    Panders retorted in a calculated sobriety? The Chiss might not have actually known about the vessel beforehand, it seems like a very cautious exercise to extract vermin like us, no I don?t think they know we are here. But we have to be ready to run in a split second, as soon as they refuel or land we punch to the preprogrammed jump points Spanners has inputted, and hope the damage the Deaths Head did to the stations power is enough to stop them emitting gravity wells. I reckon the Heads been scuttled or at very best being toed to the station. No one will be expecting a lone arc jumping past them especially after all this cautious scanning. Give it another 20 minutes at least, then we stow the repeater, net and kick dust?.

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    Mishy exited the doomed Outbound Flight project for the first time in her life; the hole she cut had taken two minutes to form due to the heavy shielding the dreadnaught had been encased within. What greeted her was a mixture of a windless barren world that exhibited a distinct lifeless scenario with strewn twisted metal that lay over the dead planets skin. Above was the roar of two vessels that strafed the whole ship. Mishy thought to herself I should just walk out and surrender, I?ll be saved first and get the drop on Uliar saying he is a tyrant. But that meant she would have to give up her possessions, her cube and lightsabers and that did not compute. What if they are the blueskins that could kill Jedi?

    Instead she scuttled behind a piece of twisted metal that had formed an unnatural bivouac over a large boulder. Mishy was about five paces behind the camouflaged vessel, she could see slight flutterings on top of the net as the beings crawled over the ship enacting some type of repairs. Patience, cunning and timing was the key for this extraction. Mishy unhooked two of her lightsabers and scurried to the foot of the ship where she literally attached herself to a landing strut, sticking with the force her small frame and grey ashed rucksack added a nice touch to her own camouflage. The spaceships continued their exacting sweep of the vessel, no doubt finding the life forms in the innards of the Outbound flights belly but not the 3 sentinents hiding under the sensor scrambling camo net of the ARC 170.


    ?What?s that vibration?? Darrel felt the bulkhead, ?That?s not power, ? Holding his ear to the bulkhead he listened intently.
    ?What are you talking about, I don?t hear anything? Shirley announced as everyone froze and tried to pick up on what Darrell was trying to find.
    ?Stop your Jokes Darrel, it?s wearing thin? Ellan snapped as she came into view, her bulky presence made even more impressive with the large jack she was lugging.
    ?No joke Major, theirs a shiver coming from the higher rooms and its not power, it?s a lot less constant, once every minute or so, like a pulse or something.?

    ?Maybe Mishy's got the droids powering up the consoles?? Ellan highlighted.
    Darrell took it into consideration but was not convinced?Maybe, but it doesn?t feel like power more like a faint wave?
    ?Well one way to find out?, Ellan nodded to Protor who extracted the droid off the holosled and activated it. Within a few seconds the droid scurried up the vent and vanished.
    Protor handed Darrell a datapad and switched it on. Numerous cams adorned the view, a map was slowly being etched in the top right side. Though grainy and sometimes out of focus it was clear that the droid was climbing vertically.
    ?I used the droids previous memory to show us where Mishy has been and where there are habitable areas of the ship compared to my current location, so if you don?t mind.? Protor announced over Darrell?s shoulder who slightly jerked his body away from Protors insistence to invade his personal space, he didn?t give the datapad back for a least one full minute.

    Darrell whistled ?Look at all that space, no more tin can existence anymore?, he let out a whoop of heartfelt joy and place the datapad reverently into the young man?s hands ?Good job boy, your definitely going places?
    ?Where can we go? Inquired Protor sarcastically.
    ?Up and hopefully outta here, a great start by all means?.