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Beyond - Legends Undeniably Evil : Chapter 18 you don't know what your missing: A summary

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by aalagartassle, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011


    The ultra white holding cells of the war battered spacestation was filled with wounded but cocky pirates. Arcrosti in his splendid white uniform marched up and down, peering into the niches, watching all manner of beings rush the ray shield to rip his head off or enchant him to do them a deal.
    ?These are common pirates, just as I suspected, all in all a successful war game, don?t you think Bardan?
    Bardan was one pace behind Arcrosti, paused and peered into a cell to see a Zeltron smoking a cigar, casually looking at him with a glint in his eye.
    ?With the loss of over 30 Chiss lives and 7 gutted vessels I don?t think it would be classified as an outright success, but these pirates did give us some valuable intel on how to construct our outer defenses around the spacestation?s hardpoints?.

    ?Yes, indeed, expect the unexpected, the use of the asteroid belt is a very interesting maneuver one we will use the simulators on . The Bardium missle and pressurized mine deployment may be old tricks but the captains stealth was commendable. Light casualties on both sides was unavoidable. This spacestation may one day become the most valuable asset to the Chiss. It is best to find out what capabilities a level one station has before we upgrade to the ultimate level five.?

    Bardan addressed Acrosti in clipped and precise tones,?I concur, but what about the communications that we intercepted? The pirates are going to tell the New Republic what we have.?

    ?We have intercepted every message, the data transfer indicates that the vessel we intercepted with Coroner nets at Chenthutti was their only escapee. An ARC 170 is the only unaccounted for vessel, it is so outdated that the pirates probably didn?t scratch it off their books, still a search is continuing.

    ?I don?t trust the New Republic, they will spy.?

    ?I fully intend to let them in time, as well as the New Empire?,
    Arcrosti kept an even gaze which Bardan knew as a commanding officer was a sign that there were greater forces at play than just keeping the Redoubt a secret.
    Though Barden wanted to know he could not directly ask, instead he changed tactics and whispered
    ?Was Mitth'raw'nuruodo still ?. Accounted for when you went to see him??
    A knowing smile crept along Acrosti's face, ?No, your mission like this one was a complete success, though I believe he made his way off planet the ruling families have officially accepted his death.? He paused and kept his gaze on the pirate who was still trying to stare him down.
    ?It?s getting time to interrogate. Keep them in isolated for five days, by that time their base will be destroyed. Elite six is on the job. After that the families have ruled that we find the captured combatants more suitable accommodation for the next five years.?

    Barden felt a stab of pain for the pirates that were going to encounter Elite six, a hit squad so attuned to there profession they couldn?t stand a chance. The incursion had probably already started to happened, the Chiss never left anything to chance.
    Arcrosti continued his speech
    ?I have just received intelligence that there is a large outdated wrecked vessel in the Artewpt system, the surveillance team detects life onboard. This vessel directly correlates with the ship that Mitth'raw'nuruodo indicated involved itself with a direct assault on Chiss territory. The inhabitants of this vessel may very well be the key to a united Chiss Ascendancy, New Republic and Empire treaty of diplomacy. I believe the Vagaari and the Far Outsiders will prove that the Chiss cannot stand alone and will need the support, though minor from the greater galaxy.?

    ? I will order boarding parties? Barden chimed in.

    ?No, not until our plans are secure, the families have ruled that our defenses need to be capable to withstand every threat. Those beings are not going anywhere, they have inhabited that vessel for 45 years so far, 5 or 10 more years will have little effect on them.?

    After another fierce stare and a cigar thrown at the ray shield by the Zeltron pirate Arcrosti a
  2. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    It was far more than four hours when Mishy sensed the pirates emerge from the exotic craft. Her new rebreather still had two hours of oxygen left but this was her last. A chill ran down her spine as it was extremely cold in the nightside atmosphere. As her first taste of an outside world, it was not impressive; all she could do was clutch onto the ships strut, watching barren rocks age that little bit more. There was no life on this planet, no wind and the overbearing brown color in the dim light did little to enthuse the little girl about the greater galaxy and all it?s freedoms.

    Pushing off the landing clamp Mishy silently loosened her tight muscles, with a wiggle here and a flex there she slowly gave back blood to her tendons that had otherwise stopped circulating properly. From under the fuselage the young girl calmly watched nerf hide padded boots circle her flank to retrieve a repeater, the hatched popped just above her and another pair of boots with larger pads and in far worse condition lifted a dust pool.

    Within the force Mishy understood the pirates urgency and professionalism, she could even sense the mechanical whirrings of the droid unit that was now actively prepping the vessel for a hot start. Surging, Mishy concentrated on her darkest anger; her fathers loss and her mothers whimpering. In a blurr of motion the force adept silently darted towards the hatch where boots were solidly planted. She ignited her favorite lightsaber and pushed out with the force. A knee of the unseen man buckled as her lightsaber came up to flick his weapons belt off and push him into the now falling net.

    It seemed like a choreographed maneuver that she had never learnt. Coming up and from under the vessel, igniting the other weapon she side flicked and threw the saber at the larger pirate who only just realized that an infraction was occurring. He was quick to dodge and bend, the repeater that he carried carved in two by the lighsabres perfect trajectory. His side arm coming up as he rolled to exact revenge, the flung lightsaber fell to the ground still aglow and dug furrows into the parched earth behind the pirate.

    Mishy slipped behind the original fallen pirate that was struggling to get up and out of the net, she brought her blue saber to wrap around the mans neck and pushed down on his shoulder with the force. She screamed towards her captive,
    ?Time to leave, you and your friend can come or I can leave with your heads!?.

    The man immediately stopped struggling, a blue hue of the lightsaber had attracted his attention. His companion came into view, armed with a hand cannon the DL 235 that could shoot through his accomplice abdomen , bust a hole as wide as a fist in Mishy and obliterate the rock some twenty meters behind the trio. Her heart raced as the two men eyed each other to assess the situation.
  3. Mechalich

    Mechalich Jedi Knight star 4

    Feb 2, 2010
    The following comments refer only to the first post. There will be constructive criticism, you have been warned.

    This is an unusual beginning. There is some promise to it, though the 'evil child' motif does not have a lot of appeal to me personally, I suppose it could to others, and Mishy is convincingly evil for her age.

    However, The writing here is very choppy. There are tense and agreement issues in many places, and tendency to use exhaustively passive voice, which sounds very out of place when describing the actions of a seven year old. There are also descriptive terms and adjectives that are incorrectly used, making it difficult to determine what is happening. Some spelling and basic grammatical errors also notably the use of 'Mishies' instead of Mishy's as a possessive.

    I do not feel the use of the short flashback here is necessary, it could be structured seamlessly into the narrative and would retain greater power as a result.

    Star Wars technical note: Would anyone really say someone had 'Trandoshan blood' among humans. Especially in a community where only a hadnful of individuals at most have ever even seen a trandoshan?
  4. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    ?Last and only chance,? Mishy screamed as microseconds that felt like eons raced away.

    The large Weequay slowly frowned, he hestitantly lowered his weapon and dropped it to the ground while slowly raising his hands. Sensing a trap Mishy used her left hand which was placed on the kneeling pirates shoulder to pull her fallen lightsaber from the repeaters carcass. It flew, ignited through the air to slap into her awaiting palm, she quickly slashed at the tangled net that was resurfacing around her feet from the ground.

    ?What Channel,? Mishy shouted through her faceplate.

    Through the Force she still sensed the jitterings and pathetic whines of a R-2 unit, a tootle cracked in her ears, she could hear an insistent droid tweeting the original crew that takeoff was imminent. Still connected to the flow of the Force Mishy sensed the urgency that the man at her feet exhibited, she decided in a heartbeat that she should probably just kill them and leave them, but she needed to learn about the outside galaxy first. Who best to achieve this than by scum.
    Again the young force user surged, she raised her finger towards a pirate, lifting the heavy set Weequay off his feet. Noticing the terror and surprise of the two beings she turned the leather faced humanoid upside down and unceremoniously dropped him on his thick skull. A deliberate slow raised hand from her kneeling captive gave the sign of number four channel.
    Mishy levitated her lightsaber again around the mans neck and watched the Weequay?s jaw drop to this feet. Using her free arm she punched in the channel and icily told the sentinents.
    ?We go together or I go alone, you can stay alive or I will cut you down where you grovel?.

    ?What ever you say kid, just don?t do anything rash,? tweaked Panders.

    ?I?ll do what I please, it is you that needs to think what you should do very carefully, I want you lay down your arms slowly, unbuckle that dagger and grenade and leave them on the ground, you too ugly!?

    Mishy released the prisoner and moved aside three paces from the pirates, her lightsabers still ablaze and within striking distance. Patiently she oversaw the disarming of the two beings. Once the men had done what was instructed they stood in an ungainly manner, the young force user only looked at them with a callus smile,
    ?You know I?m a Jedi, I can sense all the other weapons that you are carrying, now dump them now or I promise I will use each and every one of them on you before you die?.

    Oblivious to her bluff the men extracted various vibroblades and poison darts with a mixture of nervous trepidation and amusement. The human chanced a snigger to his friend,
    ?She would have to be here for the next decade if she was going to try that?.

    Mishy's smile became a little lighter but she remained focused,

    ?Make sure, where?s the cargo hatch??

    The Weequay in a blunt manner answered, ?Cargo hatch full, place all weapons inside with us, no need to take broken repeater and slashed net?.

    ?What?s in the hatch?? inquired the little girl

    Again it was the burly Weequay that answered, ?Credits and booby trap, him only one with right combination?.

    Mishy eyed the two and knew this was a standoff,

    ?I have a better idea then?.

    The beings pupils widened as their weapons were hurled away into the large gravel boulders, Mishy smirked at the two behind her faceplate,
    ?You can buy new toys once you get me to the Outer Rim?.

    The young girl extinguished both of her lightsabers and clipped one on her belt, She jumped and cartwheeled through the air into the forward hatch.
    ?C?mon you two, there?s noone scanning us now, time to jump. I?m in the back so I can jam my saber through your throat if you think you can beat me? was all they heard through the comm.
    With that Panders shrugged to Fuush and loped along to the hatch. The young girl sat in the back looking comfortable, like she was taking an air taxi ride. The men nervously looked at their seats to see the blastac ringed around their area.

    ?Oh,? Panders gulped, ?Cleve
  5. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    In a deliberately slow and even tempo Mishy whispered, ?You will not deviate from the predetermined plan, you Panders can add your own ear to that collection around your neck, unfasten your necklace and thread your trophy onto your fashion piece?.

    Panders eyes started to water, the pain started to take hold, he began to whimper as he unclipped his necklace from his nape. Mishy's lightsaber still extended and hovered next to his jugular. The only interruption was the insistent droid querying what should be done. Fuush ordered the droid to revert back to the predetermined flight plan and to make the calculations from the base back to the Cavrilhu.
    ?That?s better,? Mishy said as she saw Panders pierce his lobe and thread it on.
    ?You can embalm your ear when we get back to your base, if you make it their alive, know this; I am a Jedi. I will do everything I need to do to survive. As soon as we land you will surround me and walk me to your leader, your lives depend on getting me that far, after that it?s a new shock ball game.?

    Fuush opened up the dialogue for a change, ?Why you so smart? What you goanna do if Decimian doesn?t like you??.

    ?I take it that?s the Captain, well Fuush, you and your ship will be blown to the closest star, your cash will go up, your base will be ablaze and if he?s the captain I don?t think he will be attending to me anyhow, he would have been captured in the space battle. It does?nt matter, I?ve got the cash and your scum, you?ll do anything to save your investment and others will do anything to profit by you. Your best bet is to go back to base and surround me?. Ever so slowly Mishy shut down her saber.

    A shrug and grumble emanated from Fuush who added up the situation, Panders slipped his necklace on and stared into the lines of hyperspace, seething.

    ?I promise you this, if you do as I ask for the next 10 days I will only take twenty percent of your credits, I could take it all you know, there is a course that has been set for my escape to the Cav-ril-hu whatever they are if this fails, but I sense that this base of yours will be much better for me to branch out and learn about the real galaxy before I attend to it. Oh and The reason I?m so smart is that my father taught me to be smart?.

    ?Where father now??, Asked Fuush

    In a deliberately bitter and icily retort Mishy hissed,
    ?I killed him?.
    The two men looked somewhat horrified but in each others mind could just picture the little girl killing her father in over a thousand different ways.
    That was certainly a conversation stopper.
  6. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    Chapter 15 Elite Incursions
    Claw, the pilot of elite six received the coded transmission from Acrosti,
    Hit the base at your leisure
    in Chiss terms this meant a rapid response incursion. The dilapidated Yt they were travelling in stunk of animal facieses and fermenting citrus. Also a little on the nose was a humanoid named Danteid, who was covered in sweat and reeking of his own excrement. Chained to the copilot seat he remained a gibbering mess. The necessary torture of this individual to extract codes and defensive secrets of the pirate base seemed excessive for a being that literally thawed Csilla when they boarded the vessel at Chenthutti iris 13. Danteid readily gave up all information to Coroner as soon as he saw his fellow companions beaten and waterboarded. Notwithstanding within the cockpit of the YT the atmosphere was intense, filled with the overpowering pheromones of Chiss adrenaline peared with the unmistakable fetid stench of Danteid.
    ?It?s co.cum..cumn up nnn now, don?t sc..a scan or the rocks will bombard us.?
    Maser the sniper of the troop clipped the fretting pirate over the back of the ear, harshly he spat out,
    ?Don?t for a second defy us, your life in the next few minutes hangs in the balance?.
    ?Easy ,Maser?, Alpha Red chided his brother in arms, ?he knows he?s a dead man if we don?t get what we want, besides a Yt and freedom is a great price for a small roll over?.
    ?Coming up general,? Claw replied as the Yt idled up to a yellow and pallid pink asteroid
    ?Input the code,? Alpha Red the general barked.
    Coroner the navigator and small arms expert inputted the code, which sent the asteroids parting
    ?Your up,? Charric whispered, Charric was the complete solider, a true grunt. He was skilled in all forms of hand to hand combat. He understood tactics and was an excellent shot, his personal weapon of choice was his namesake but he carried more armaments than anyone thought possible, a gadgets being he readily sliced complex computer algorithms in his sleep.

    Dantedid stared at the comm board, ?This is Danteid, coming in from Busta Boom,, ar um Panders won the run and Speckles is a horn blower through his head?. He cut the comm and looked down, dejected. Asteroids parted and aligned themselves in a military guard of honor, although each asteroid packed laser turrents in case of any scanning of the base ahead the Yt steadily flew through the formation.

    A voice came over the comm, ?This is Elle, Danteid where is everyone else? We haven?t heard from them in over a week?.
    Charrics, vibroknifes and crunching knuckles swayed around Danteieds cranium as he hit the button to reply,
    ?Arrg, um they are still in position ready to arr, make the jump. I?m um early cause, we had no umm more room in the Head? to um hold, the banks and ref refineries were ri ripe for the taking?.
    ?Did you bring me back anything nice??.
    ?Um yeah yeah sure, its very pre, pretty?. Forgetting where he was and what predicament he was in Danteid stared at Mets?s imposing features, this humanoid Chiss was elegant, sutlitablely thin and wiry he stood at 1.8 metres tall a refined chin with ruby red eyes. His skin was as blue as the waters of Naboo, ?Blue and red as a matter of fact,? Danteid said lustfully.
    ?Ooh I can?t wait,? Elle replied, ?I knew it was all a ruse, your just a pirate with a heart?.
    ?Ya, ya got me?.
    ?I?ll see you at the hangar then!?.
    A quick swipe to the back of the head brought Danteid back into reality
    ?Um No, no need, I?ll see you to- tonight at the party. Besides everyones comin in soon and you need to be at your post? Deciman and Speckles will go space crazy if they don?t get acknowledged?.
    ?Oh yeah, Ok tonight, I?ll wear something special for you?.
    ?Now I can?t wait,? Danteid lied as he clicked off the Microphone.
    The Chiss were smirking and their body language became relaxed,
    A pat on Danteids shoulder by Claw and a blowed kiss noise towards Meta made the team chuckle. Alpha Red chimed in ?You really play both sides don?t you!?.
    Danteid stared at Alp
  7. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011

    It had taken two jumps to approach the pirates base, The ARC had performed immaculately, her engines had lost it?s cough and her internal air recycler had kept it?s integrity. Panders and Fuush had said little during the ten hour trip, their caviler attitude all but forgotten. Mishy had stared out into hyperspace amazed at the faster than light motion.

    Finally she had seen something that her father had taught her work!

    The ARC finally reverted into real space, asteroids encompassed the vision, huge floating monstrosities littered the field, some colored black as pitch while other clumps of rock the color of a pallid pink stalagmites. Others were far more striking, electric blue veins permeated from some asteroids from a black basalt core; most of these were the size of cruisers. Panders inputted a code as they sidled up to an asteroid with a motley yellow hue around a pallid pink core, the only asteroid of that colour within the field of view. He anticipated the girls question and finally spoke,
    ?If we don?t input our code, once we pass this point the repulsors on the base will fire up and start slinging rocks the size of your precious fallen ship at us. Our captain has navigated this field so that only permitted ships with the right code can enter or leave. Each asteroid has a remote sensor to detect the base and a communications satellite imbedded in the rock that can relayed information back to back to the base on a million different tangents.?

    As the trio traversed within the asteroid field the rocks were varied in size though some were close enough to reach out and touch, they leisurely twirled on their merry way, the arc a fruit fly in a mass produced orchard. They passed another pallid pink rock with the same colored yellow hue. All the asteroids parted before them and lost their roll, coming up as an honor guard line with missile and laser emplacements radiating from every asteroids equator. A ambitiously large passage grew from the asteroids leading to a stationary mass within the center of the field.

    There was no attempt at humor as Panders patched the com, ?ARC 1126-712 to the heart, this is Fuush and Panders returning from mission Bankar boom, I won the iron trophy and Speckles is a hornblower through his head?.

    No response came from the base.

    Intermittent yellow lights flickered from a distance, It looked like a cavity within the base was trying to hide its treasured heat source. Seconds ticked away as the crew started to fidget within their cramped seating arrangement. Fuush called from the back,
    ?Not good, bang out?.

    ?Run a scan,? Mishy demanded.

    ?No way little girl I don?t care if you try to take my last ear, all those rocks will come straight for us, even a passive scan will set them off, I think we better turn around and head for the stars, something?s happened to the base as well?.

    In a quiet and controlled voice Mishy announced, ?Continue to base?.

    ?I don?t think you understand, no-ones answering, that means the base has been breached what if the authorities are still there, we go straight into their clutches.?

    Mishy raised her pitch but not her intensity,? I don?t mind if you never hear again Panders, but youll do as I say?.
    A det pack unclipped itself from Panders seating and floated onto his lap, two pins followed from behind Fuush as he exited a curse. The contacts danced up to the pilots seat, hovering around Panders head like agitated Tantooine sand wasps. One pin plunged into the det. A common falsetto shriek emanated from the pilot

    ?OK, OK, Kid. I mean your highness I mean Mishy whatever you want you get?.

    The det pin dug itself out of the blastac and floated towards Mishy, again silence was achieved on the Arc as they traversed the last 2 kilometers ever watchful for the glowing source coming from the hangar bay.

  8. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    Through the hiss of overworked landing struts Elite six prepared to storm the hangar, their perfectly co-ordinated flanking maneuver combined with blitzkrieg strategy would scattered the profiteers welcoming party. To begin with they simply slipped past the well wishers or cutthroats that attended the landing ramp. Most of the pirates just wanted to gawk at the promised amount of treasure Danteid had alluded to.

    The ungainly bunch of reservists had not listened to Deciman?s procedure to secure and contain a new birth, they had not locked the various spaceworthy vessels of old transports, battered uglies and dilapated cruisers which littered the hangar . The various aliens drew nearer to the Yt transport as they licked their lips or proboscis in anticipation for the awaiting loot. Coroner, Charric, Maser, Alpha, and Meta, descended in total silence, their light bending camouflage suits set up a pincer movement as they deftly encircled the hangar bay, slowly attaching movement charges to doors that led from other sections of the base. A Gran rubbed it's eye stalks trying to focus it's spice induced imagination. It saw six beings with weapons quickly slide past many of his comrades, he couldn't understand why noone else was doing anything to stop them.

    The encounter started off like a famous magicians performance; a flash bang erupted from the landing ramp as the unconscious Dantied rolled down the gangway, a gushing scream from the crowd erupted as a klaxon wailed immediately. It was a pity for the pirates clutching their retinas and screaming in pain that they could not see the business end of Claw?s Charric floating in front of them. The weapon started to pump non lethal rounds into the blinded quarry, silencing them one by one. A sharp crack emanated from the port side as Maser dropped the Gran who was recovering from the flash and was leveling his blaster at the lone solider on the landing ramp.
    ?Thanks Maser? Claw said through the com, ?I?ve never seen a three eyed sentient before they ..?
    Alpha interrupted through the com ?Infrared dampeners now!?.
    Though this new technology was not overly trusted or enjoyed by the Chiss who prefered to work in infrared the soldiers switched to a 6400 color spectrum and dampened their heat signatures.
    ?How many other beings can see in infrared??, Coroner inquired over the headpiece.
    ?Eight possibly nine?, Alpha retorted, ?Mostly the dregs of existence or those that live in poor light?.
    ?I take it we fit into the last category, well all except Meta of course?, came a stealthy voice.
    ?Eyes on the prize trooper,? Alpha red harshly spat at the wise crack.
    ?Whoya!? the incursion team unanimously retorted.

    The small rodent like creature stared at the security screen, her nose twitched as she piqued the Yt landings ramp, all looked correct except for sloppily applied regs performed by the hangar crew. Chaemy was just about to comment over the P.A. system to get some semblance of professionalism when she spied a box like device placed next to the loading door.
    I didn?t install that? Chaemy thought.
    She looked at her pressure monitors Something is not right; there were permeations in the air, no way could air be blasted in the hangar equally in five exact directions.
    The little Chadra-Fan operator switched to infrared and chemoreceptive analysis which she had successfully upgraded into the antiquated security cameras. Chaemy spotted six new beings within the hangar. She had all but pushed the emergency button when a flash of brilliant light erupted from the Yt?s ramp, the twenty pirates covered their faces but were quickly felled by stun bolts emanating from the middle of the ramp, Chin the Gran fell quickly as a bolt exacted a small hole through his ear and right eye stalk. The six beings vanished again, but little Chaemy tracked their movements with her hypersensitive security chemical detector.


    She programmed the sentry heavy
  9. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    Fuush sighted the eruptions spluttering from the hangar doors, incandescent lights flashed to hurt his retinas making his brain sway a little. Flash frozen detritus blasted into the void from the magnetics field that shielded the huge hangar entrance.
    ? It?s another battle,? Panders whispered to his partner and new overlord. ?Look at the laser strikes, they are sure trying to outflank them in a round room! How utterly stupid?. He hesitated and remembered his ear, ?Should we wait til it?s over or buzz them??.
    Mishy sat nervously, she didn?t know what to do, This was the first time she had seen a laser or detritus being blasted into space, it paled her that she could be hurled into the void and be just another piece of debri, dead but twirling. Nonetheless The Force still told her that this place would be a safe refuge but she questioned the timing, maybe today was best to wait and let enemies fight it out and thin the place out abit. It would be better for her in the long run not to have to face to many adversaries at one time. Furthermore the worn out ones would be easier to control or dispatch. Mishy was fascinated at how quick a laser was, there was a chance that she would not be able to dodge or block one of these bright beams. A large blast erupted from the doors, swathes of panelling blasted through the shielding, Mishy wondered again
    How am I suppose to survive this?

    ?Wait for 15 minutes, hold orbit near the hangars, but away from sight, I want to be ready. Can we charge the lasers?,? she inquired nervously.
    Panders had the audacity to swivel around in his seat and look at her as if she was stupid,
    ?What planet are you from? Of course we can, the sensors can only pick up tracking waves, though I suggest we make our way in now or the blast doors will close?. Although . Panders thought out aloud, ?They should have automatically shut from the first explosion, I think the enemy has jurryrigged the system to keep it open. Right you are Captain?.
    The ARC banked towards the closest asteroid a sickly white and pink behemoth that looked as if had been placed their by unnatural forces, she picked a quiet place where her silhouette would only been found out if a vessel had extremely acute sensors which of course would obliterate the stalker failing that only a sun or extremely bright running lights would be able to make out her new residence.
    Mishy fumed, her eyes glowed red, she had no knowledge of convert scanners or lasers, her father had only taught her to fix droids and understand packet data or video surveillance. This was the first time she had been picked up on her utter lack of familiarity with the universe. Even more confusing was if she should punish Panders again, No, she thought that rebuke serves a purpose, get better.

  10. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011

    Grans, Kiffa, Twileck, Askajains and humans erupted out of the side corridors, their hands clutched a range of illegal weapons and contraband. Rushing the hangar with a roar of eager bloodlust the fifteen pirates quickly spread out to dispatch the intruding enemy.
    As one they gawked at the bodies littering the base of the Yt, they looked around bewildered not able to see a target. Men touched their ear pieces, listening intently to instructions , as ordered a blind shot was aimed towards a pile of crates. A massive detonation occurred, fuel containers made a fiery mini nova and crude flash bang of it?s own. Debri shot out of the hangar, casings rose tens of metres in the air only to detonate and spread the fireball to the next fuel dump. The multiple cluster bombs scorched everything, many of the already felled pirates suddenly glowed orange, embers licked from their follicles whilst their innards simmered in the heated environment. A blast door tried to close the hangar, but was subjected to Chiss technology. The door stayed motionless, clicking through its inner gears but never connecting to the drive train.

    Most of the living sentinents took cover behind and in vessels. Some patted out the cinders from their scruffy clothes. A Kiffa identified a whisp of air passing behind him an automatically fired, he hit nothing but a projectile exacted an immediate response by pinpointing a hole in his head. Great swaiths of laser beams erupted from all the defenders, they hit more crates and walls; metal crinkled and smoked. Elite 6 was still invisible to all onlookers, defty they made their way around the ignorant pirates towards the opened doors to unseen corridors. Alpha Red took Maser and Meta whilst the other 3 headed for the communications bunker.

    Unexpectedly the doors wooshed down after the Chiss fled the hangar. Klaxons were suddenly silenced, instead a kicking drum beat was heard over the PA system. Adrenaline rushed the Chiss. Percussive syncopated beats gradually heightened dynamics, a wailing angst ridden stringed instrument embellished the the over all tone color. Still resolute though slightly confused the Chiss continued with their mission, one squad going through a curving corridor whilst the other extracted their dets to place at certain weak points . The rhythm and stringed instrument heightened again, it connected the pirates, all their useless drills with this same rythm was about to pay off. Feeding off the known drum beat the ragtag bunch inspiried them to becomet co-ordinated . The instructions from their ear pieces didn?t quiet make sense but they did complied, as one all pirates in the base touched their tattoo?s of the Death?s Head found on their right wrist appendage. Their tutelage from their master commications and survelliance officer was short and too the point, do this or die from the emplacements now going active. The Tatoo?s changed colour from a sickly green to a bright purple and yellow, some of higher authority had pallid pink . Lower ranked pirates uttered curses under their breaths about being kept in the dark about the purpose of their tattoo?s of initiation. Others smirked at the audacity of Speckles, only him many thought, he really is a freak. As the murmur died down and the cymbals whispered, another message came through to the ear pieces of the 14 pirates trapped in the hangar bay . Quickly and silently the 14 unfastened all mines and trip lines that their unseen quarry had implemented but not yet harnessed. After this they slowly and surely secured the various births, whilst some cleared the unconscious but alive sentinents from the initial encounter to a now opened air lock, the dead lay still and were in situ for their afterlife. Fire slowly died though it still had enough kick to ingnite small detonations from spent fuel containers. This was the only noise that overwhelmed the
  11. aalagartassle

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    Jan 11, 2011
    Little Chaemy knew that she was being hunted, though a prisoner in her communication cell she felt a certain sense of invincibility as she released the cam droids and JK. Her new enemies had put on a very entertaining show. A pity, she thought, these guys should have killed the reservists instead of stunning them. While her lack of height didn?t frighten even a Jawa, she made up for it with sheer determination and an extremely quick mind. Callous by nature she even thought twice about telling the 2nd wave that entered the hangar to activate the stunned pirates tattoo?s. Oh well better get this over with, maybe Deciman will finally let me on the bridge as communications or systems officer.

    Mishy tugged at her oversized vac suit, it folded end over end becoming harder to move her scrawny arms and legs. She wondered how she had disarmed two very skilful pirates during her successful breakout. They were bigger and meaner than anyone she had ever encountered . Most importantly she had somehow managed to partially control them. She was under no illusions that the duo would cut her throat as soon as she dropped her guard and that time may soon be approaching.

    I need more leverage. Money is what they want, they can escape as soon as I?m off, I need a bomb or something to keep them here. Maybe all this commotion will keep them occupied if we go in now and I kill the ones destroying their base, maybe I?ll be accepted?

    ? Comm the base, I want to know what we are up against,? Mishy said with childlike enthusiasm.
    ?Don?t mean to be rude but why?? Panders asked,
    Mishy knew Panders had to ask, it was his personality, he had to defy and question.
    ?I?m; no we are going in soon, I want to know what I?m up against, maybe you two could just bang out as soon as you drop me off??
    Fuush joined in the conversation, ?Need to get to Roko?s safe first, still has most of our credits?.
    Panders in a scooping octave tone whispered,
    Fuush ignored him and turned around to the little force sensitive, ? He won it off Roko for Iron guts, we go be smugglers now?.
    ?In this 3 man fighter, what are you gunna smuggle, mites??.
    ?No we buy a transport with loot?.
    Mishy eyed Fuush, ?Why are you telling me this??.
    ?Yeah Fuush why are you telling her this?? ,exaceberated Panders hissed.
    ?Me think she good with sabers and magic, maybe help us and not take money away if we help her, she no idea about real universe, we do. Few pirates in base, maybe she take them out and we get bigger ship if everyone else dead. Maybe we have bigger ship and whole base to ourselves with all credits.?
    ?You greedy bastard,? Panders said with all the love a brother at arms could portray. A wave of silence descended the Arc again, Panders mulled over the odds, Mishy wondered what she was in for and Fuush smiled dreaming of being rich and powerful.
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    :D Thankyou whoever nominated this story, I'm surprised to say the least. I find it funny that it was nominated by at least three people. I think I have had only three people comment on it!:( Please feel free to comment, I think I take critizism fairly well and I am well aware of my atrocious grammar etc!:oops: Anyway back to it.

    Three elite soldiers bounded through a mold encrusted corridor, a few inbuilt cams dotted overhangs from the twenty foot high ceiling, curiously enough those cams seem to track their movements; albeit a few meters late. Charric?s own wrist beacon indicated that in two more turns they would chance upon the communications center. Only the insistent percussive beat gave them pause for thought. The Chiss made their way to the second last corridor with Claw at point, Coroner in the middle and Charric on guard. The three C's they liked to be called, brothers in arms for an eterinity their motto. They swung around the final blind corner and quickly moved into the last passageway. As soon as they entered heavy blast doors closed behind the squad crunching spider like carapaces with grating finality. Claw looked further in front of the team and saw an apparition blocking their way. It looked like a larger version of the spider like shells the blast door had so swiftly pulverized. About chest height it had a metallic gold gleam, a segmented body with large whip like appendages waving in the non existent air current. Cam droids floated behind it and a small rodent type creature could be seen even further at the rear, an appendage from the rodent leveled at the trio in a mock blaster fashion pulling a fake trigger just as another set of blast doors at the other end started to close with the mammalian retreating in the nick of time.

    The cam droids zoomed towards them, circling around them like scavenging avians around a carcass. The golden spider stood it?s ground but seemed to be eyeing off the trio.
    With further scrutiny Coroner commented, ? It looks like a droid in front. I think we?ve been had! Those cams are pinponting us?.
    ?Weapons out?, Claw instructed as various armaments were quickly retrieved
    ?Coroner aim for the head, Charric the legs and I?ll take the birds?.
    The first shot from Claw was true and sound, one of the twelve cam droids instantly gouted flame and fell from the ceiling, crashing to the scuffed floor. Coroner?s pinpoint accuracy seemed flawed as the spider like droid activated a force field just before contact, Charric?s grenade launch seemed healthy enough, a satisfying boom emanated the hall as dust and debri caused a mini nova around the victim. Through the fire the spider like droid moved with alarming speed hanging upside-down from the ceiling while it?s whole body coursed with a powerful force field.
    ?It?s using the cam droids for cover,? shouted Charric.
    Unexpectedly 8 foot from the ceiling and arranged in parrelle lines 12 niches opened extending large turrets. Gouts of red and green lasers erupted from their bellies and tracked the nimble Chiss, their acrobatical finesse keeping them untouched from the first wave. With no cover the trio had to blast every individual turret whilst evading the onslaught.
    Claw shrieked, ?This is gonna be tougher than we thou?? his last word lost over the cacophony of firepower.

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    Bolts of streamlined energy engulfed the Blue skinned Chiss. Alpha, Maser, and Meta had short notice to dive behind a 3 meter makeshift barricades exhumed from the rusting and now smoking tables of the pirate?s mess hall.
    Pinned down from five turrets high on the ceiling, steadily sweeping the room in a synchronizing strategic pattern. The only safe place was in the middle and low to the ground. Meta had always commented the middle is always the worst trail to be caught in. The turrets had centered the Chiss to their current predicament. Lying under at least 2 tables each there was not much room to maneuver. It was suicide to stand up and deliver the relatively easy retaliatory blast from the Chiss?s unique weapons.
    Alpha roared over the firepower, ?Our camo is no good except for the wets! Maser I want shots at the turrets when Meta and I take a walk?.
    A few well placed shots tested the durability of tables just within reach. Quickly Alpha and Maser cobbled together bivouacs that were strong enough to withstand at least a few rounds.
    ?Wait, put those on our flanks now,? screamed Meta as a hail of blaster fire smashed into the prefabricated metal.
    ?I don?t think they can spot us boss, this barricade and us would be toast by now. They don?t centre, it must be on auto fire at the moment with a predetermined strike pattern,? Meta informed them.
    ?What are you basing your assumption on?? Alpha barked.
    ?We are still alive, and the fact that half these strikes are aimed in what looks like a random pattern but infact keeps us from getting to any side corner or exit. Look at that turret on your 3 o?clock, its just hitting a pattern, it should have fragged us by now, only occasionally will it rake us, lets just say in 3 more seconds we have to dive to our sixes and then leap forward to avoid the other on our 9.?
    In unison all three leapt and were unscathed by the turrets fury, the two flanking barricades added more protection as they rolled back to their safe haven
    Maser snapped, ?Meta you genius, tell us when we get a break?.
    ?When you take out the one on our six and three?.
    Meta jumped up and used a table to ward off multiple strikes, he was like a ballroom dancer prancing around, twirling his scorching partner to give Maser the clearance to get a shot out.
    ?Right,? Maser whispered with determination, dumping his powerful Charric and gripping his snipers stock with fluid motions. The turret strikes had dazzled red retinas but he still looked through the scope ignoring the pain. The muzzle issued a large crack, instantly shooting a fast moving projectile centering on the power box at the rear of the emplacement. Incandescent light erupted from the turret adding to the unpleasant green laser strikes that still steadily rained down on the Chiss.

    ?Hurry,? Alpha quipped, he winced in pain, a sheered piece of table momentary buckled his shin grieves. Maser swung around to take the next target. Suddenly, his scope was stained by masses of blood spurting from the hole in the now lifeless brain cavity of Meta?s cranium. Meta's lifless body swayed slightly, his arms dropped a shield, his body crumpled under the weight and he slowly fell to the ground. A lightning shock sizzled through Maser's veins, ice built onop of his brain, he was frozen in shock. As a seasoned campaigner Maser finished the job but in a furious wail, he wiped the scope whilst still howling and purposefully discharged round after round into the one now fried laser turret. The bellow of sorrow outmatch the decibel level of the turret laser strikes.
    Alpha keened, ?That?s enough Mas, form up?.
    Instinctively Maser obeyed and held a table over his head with one hand and expertly removed the spent cartridge, slotting a new magazine into place, all the while he unemotionally stared at his fallen comrade. The laser strikes harshly fired onto parts of the barricade but the onslaught had diminished so that it felt like a blizzard from Csilla battering down on his emotional roof. Bewildered, Maser looked at Alpha who popped up and took
  14. aalagartassle

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    Panders whispered to the trio, his voice a slow crescendo making it was at least audible while his hands pointed out to the asteroids and the base as if conducting.
    ?We have the ARCS lasers, and Mishy, your lightsabers. That?s the only weapons,? he thrummed his fingers on the console in Aeolian scale formation.

    ?what to do,? he kept saying out aloud.
    After a slight interlude of semi silence, they watched the flames of the pirate base dwindle.
    Panders continued,
    ?Listen Mishy, if you want to know about the real galaxy before you attend to it, you need to know this we are prepared to kill you, I will get you back for my ear."
    He held up a hand to ward her quick rebuke.
    ?I?m also a creature that?s got patience, I?m prepared to let you live and maybe? he said sarcastically ?attend the galaxy for awhile if it can profit me and Fuush, I?m pretty sure you can?t fly spacecraft and go anywhere so lets cut to the chase. Me and Fuush are sitting tight while you clean up, you have to kill, not maim or knock them out I mean end their lives.. Everyone's. We don?t know who is in there but I know their skills are shocking, the people who aren?t on the Head really have no future.?
    ?Chaemy,? Fuush interrupted.
    ?Yeh well, maybe she?s a good un, it might pay to keep her alive. Do you know what a Chadra Fan is Mishy?".
    ?A little mammal, from the planet Chad,? Mishy retorted all too knowingly.
    ?Good you can identify her then, this one you need to be very careful of, if you can leave her last and let me and Fuush convince her, she?s kinda likes us though she?s loyal to Deciman so it may take abit to bring round to our side. Once we land I?ll have a chat to her, she?s locked in the communications array. So getting to her won?t be easy, there are lasers that she controls and all the Cams. If she?s not in the mood you?ll be toast."
    Fuush interrupted again, ?Cam?s probably toast, enemy already in have taken them out?.
    ?Maybe? Panders said, ?though the fires going out. they may have already lost, we will keep channel five open and direct you as best we can, it?s secure and can?t be jammed in there even by Chaemy. She?s got lots of droids and pirates to help her?.

    Mishy thought out aloud, ?Is there a map anywhere? I need to know what I?m doing and where I?m going?.
    ?No,? Fuush said.
    Panders took command again and answered sternly, "Look we have to secure the hangar and convince Chaemy to let us take over, that?s our job". He pointed a finger a Mishy,
    "You have to clear the rest, I?d say about forty maybe fifty spacebarves live here, it will take awhile to find your way through the base flush everyone out and do what you do. Though with the base being breached I think their maybe masses of bodies already. The ones that have already started will have at least taken out say twenty so it?s certainly doable and likely not impossible for you?.
    ?What if they Republic military?? Fuush questioned.
    Panders scolded Fuush, ?She?s still gotta do it, we can bang out and leave Roko?s loot, we will assess that later?.
    Mishy sat staring at the intricately designed pommel of her green lightsaber.
    ?I can do it, I have to do it?.
    The ARC slowly set her sublights on and drifted back to the hangar doors.
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    Sorry for missing so many posts. i worked nonstop this summer and it really took a lot out of me. Both my writing and reading took a huge blow because of that. but I'm here now and I will be getting all caught up in all of the stories I'm behind in. which is like twelve Lol. Can't wait tho!
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    All good mate! Hope it's worth your time.[face_worried]

    The trio approached the magnetic field and slipped into the massive hangar bay, Fuush exchanged a comlink with Mishy while Panders gripped his ears. He became sickened by the feel of his own fresh souvenir, immediately Panders fastened back onto the control yoke feeling violated. Fuush?s thumbs were again micro millimeters away from firing studs.

    In silence Mishy sat in the back preparing herself, she could feel a slight sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, she concentrated slowly, closing her eyes and thinking of her father, melding her anger to her mother then to Crabman and Ulair even a small Jorus C?boath and Panders managed to sneak into her mind to form into a knot of pure hatred. Mishy's blonde hair slowly strayed loose, starting to stand on end whilst she opened her now sickly orange hued eyes. She tugged at her backpack straps making sure there was a tight and snug fit. Mishy held her green lightsaber whilst also examining her two other sabers for ease of extraction. Grunting and keening to herself, like an overactive canine chomping at the bit, rearing to go she psyched herself up.

    Fast plans with scoundrels she thought.
    This may get me killed, they must have another stratagem to eliminate me and take it all, unless what they say is right they need me for a time.

    The blue repulsors glided around the battlefield, few bodies could be counted but extensive damage was apparent. Immediately Fuush activated all scanners and flicked a switch igniting powerful lamps illuminating the small battlefield.
    In awe Panders whispered,

    ?Look at all those ships, there?s enough for all different types of smuggling! Oh no there?s Dedicarr?s transport, wait there?s Dantied lying flat at the ramp. Dammit he?s the bosses son's bitch we gotta take him out now. Fuush shoot!?.

    Nothing happened.

    ?What are you doing?? snapped Panders

    Fuush didn?t loose sight of his quarry, but still didn?t fire

    ?Loose element of surprise if we shoot, land and let Mishy kill, we set down, aim for doors that?s all, stick to plan?.

    Panders glanced at his friend, ?OK,Ok, yeh your right to much adrenaline?, he the stole a quick look at Mishy and cursed to himself.

    ?$%^&* me,? was all he could say as he gawked at the little force user, a terrible sight to behold, a sheen of sweat covered her pallid puffy face, bared fangs and a scrunched up nosed accentuated her fierce demeanor, slight blue varicose veins rose to the surface of her forehead, but it was the eyes that did it for Panders; those orange eyes, slowly turning red like a dying sun, her pupils wide as black holes. Panders knew she was on a whole different level of perception. Quickly he turned back and never wanted to look around again.

    The ARC in a slow and refined touchdown set down near the Dedicarrs YT transport, Fuush?s cannons aimed for the exits, while Panders hit the canopy release button which slowly opened the transparent roof . He dared not look around but couldn?t help his mouth

    ?#$%^me,? he said again but cleared his mind and continued.

    ?Go get em, do it?.

    All Panders and Fuush felt was a gale of wind rise past each other as Mishy force jumped out of the vessel rotating and igniting her green lightsaber to dive roll next to Danteids body and slash at his exposed neck, lopping of his head. Mishy darted up the YT?s landing ramp and was in there for twenty seconds when Fuush looked away from the exit doors and asked,
    ?She lie, she can fly!??

    ?How the hell am I suppose to know? We only just met her a day ago and it?s not like were chums, but no I reckon she can?t otherwise we would be dead already, wait up,? Panders patched his comlink to Mishy, ?What are you doi?...?

    Mishy darted out of the YT and waved to the pirates with her comlink

    ?Two more in the hold, I think I can sense every living being, call Chaemy and tell her to open up. Don?t double cross me boys?!
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    Claw, Coroner and Charric barely evaded the pinpoint accuracy of laser strikes. In retaliation grenades, charrics and bolts had some effect on the twenty or so turrets. Like a crowded dance floor from a drunken discotech the confined corridor had a new environment of acrid smoke clouding the viewing of expert dancing Chiss who formed liquid moves around strobes of red and green death. Hails of blaster fire stuttered around whilst the golden spider like droid twisted and turned around the remaining turrets using it?s blue force field to stop the enemies well practiced routine. The cam droids had dispersed either littering the floor or sneaking out to access other parts of the base. Amid the chaos Claw barked orders.
    ?Aim at your 12 and peel right, thump another booma in quadrant 4, eliminate turret three, keep an eye on goldy it hasn?t attacked us yet?.
    ?Maybe it?s pure defensi??.?
    A high pitched shriek punched through their earpieces, Charric flew upwards, quickly ensnared and hung in the air. He became tangled by a tendril of electricity coming from the spider like droid. He struggled in its grip, trying to loosen a grenade from his belt whilst blue gouts of voltage snaked through his body. His thumb still locked and targeting, peppered the droid with laser fire. The force field flickered and some shots penetrated turning the appendages to a molten red. His desperate attempt made the droid even more agitated, it squeezed him into a smaller package whilst a limb burst from constant bombardment. Suddenly, silence descended, the turrets stop spitting death at the other two soldiers and swiveled to pursue only Charric. What felt like an eternity for Coroner and Claw they watched their comrade being flung all the way to the end of the corridor out of reach and range. The turrets erupted again, quickly flaying the captive, lasers ripped through him igniting his already electrified body, the force and pressure bounced him like a yo-yo. He became engulfed in flame. His charred and cauterized remains bobbed up and down holding little semblence of humanoid form. The eerily silent spiderlike droid still hung upside down, it retracted it?s tendril, unceremoniously dropping the carcass through the smoke far away from the two remaining Chiss. In the silence that ensued emplacements swiveled to seek out the remaining soldiers. The duo skittered backwards with eyes widened searching for any means of escape.


    Bottoms scratched, noses picked and the fetid smells of unwashed beings that would make even a Gamorreaen blush created a unlikely backdrop to the death in front of the reservist pirates.
    ?That?s a lot of fight?n in there,? an impressed Rodian shouted to his sidekick over both firepower and the constant drum beat to a meathead of a man called Dagger.
    15 pirates in an assortment of ill fitting protective gear had patiently stared at a solid blastdoor for five minutes, their attention focused only on the door, like waiting to get off an elevator. They had been instructed to stand guard behind the blast door just in case the intruders had bigger dets than one could believe possible. Chaemy wanted them to to get up close and hear the cacophony of sound that penetrated most of the interior of the base, she said this would show them that they were not so hardcore and if they kept boasting and prostrating about their lies of bravado she would turn the turrets on them. Braincells she said were a scarce commodity for this lot.

    ?What?s takin Chaemy so long? Dammit I got thirty seconds and then I lose 10 creds. She?s normally an A to B girl! It should have been over 2 minutes ago,? the Rodian keened.

    ?Ten to one Chaemy dies!? a Jawa called out.

    ?I?ll take that, 20 creds.?

    ?I'll... [hic] I'll take 50 creds.?

    Money was exchanged and intoxicants were again consumed, no-one had taken their eyes off the door. 15 drunken, spaced out pirates; the bottom of the barrel remained focused on the somewhat slightly shifting and swaying drab door.

    Dagger, blade and pistol in hand
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    The Force gathered around Mishy, everything she saw or felt had small opaque lines running through it, it was enough to want to nudge or grasp the lines to form a new structure. Mishy was sensing everything at the molecular level, solid objects still had mass and therefore atoms; molecules all revolving around nucleotides to form a solid state. Inert objects had very slowly moving molecules but were extremely dense. Whereas when Mishy spied upon her own arms and legs her molecular structure was ever changing virtually tangling up with different mass particles to form a meiosis cross mitosis structure. Over this structure was some sort of halo, a blue green energy field that was weak in her shins and thighs but extremely radiant around her torso arms and face with more wriggling green and blue lines floating around. The dim light of the corridor she found herself in did not impede her vision, her sense in the force accentuated everything, sound could be witnessed and anticipated due to the fact that air was being pushed from her mouth and she could feel and see the molecules disperse in a wave pattern. Her lightsabers were the hardest to look at, they radiated the power, dense by being fluid, light by being heavy and loud by being soft. She looked further along the corridor and saw recesses within straight lines, electrical conduits and swivel like structures ; She thought turrets are hidden behind those slide doors. One recess however was much larger forming an airlock, within that she faintly recognized the signatures of 12 pirates all armed with dense ball like structures and many pistols.
    Mishy brought up her Comlink,
    ?There?s laser turrets and 12 pirates up ahead, have you contacted Chaemy yet??.

    Panders whispered into the link slightly bemused,

    ? She said she?s a bit busy right now, there are 5 no 4 commando?s that are tear?n up the joint. They have camouflage suits on and are armed to the teeth, one duo is about to be pulverized and the other is offline at the moment. She wishes you a most honorable death as you won?t be needed. I?m not sorry for your impending death Mishy but I think she underestimates you, so I leave you with this, keep your comlink, things may change, there are only 45 sentients left within the base.?

    Mishy screamed into the comlink, ?I said don?t double cross me!?.

    Silence reigned for what seemed an eternity as Mishy ignited another saber feeling unseen eyes converge on her. It was Fuush that could be heard through the piece seemingly jostling with Panders the strain in his voice was easy to recognize,

    ? We not hhhhm, we do our jobs arrrg , no more, no less ,you get to communications and finish of??.f j..?

    Static ensued. Fuush seemed to have been cut off.

    A mechanical sound of cogs quickly biting into new teeth gave Mishy the tip that the niches were opening, remembering what the dead Jedi Master C?boath said about her defenses she gathered in her fury and prepared for the onslaught.
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    Time slowed but her senses seemed to intensify, she disengaged her sabers though she still clutched onto them. Mishy opened her arms wide as to seek a quick death . The turrets started from the far end of the corridor opening up one by one, spitting bright green and red darts of laser death towards her. Three emplacements raked the corridor, filling the atmosphere with ozone discharge. The carbon scoring was intense whilst two sets of blasters continued bombarding solid lines around the exits. The ferrocrete walls and floor started to chink and gout sharp splinters. Strikes started to lance towards Mishy?s position. Within a heartbeat Mishy closed her profile, ran and jumped. The Force accentuating the leap so as to bound over 2 turret positions. She stuck high on the ceiling watching the turrets continue a predetermined strike pattern. A cam slotted to the far end tracked her movement, she shouted at it,

    ?Chaemy you don?t want to do this, listen to me I am much more than you can possibly imagine?.

    The lasers intensified in it?s fury but all Mishy did was watch the ratchets try to aim above their peak levels.

    ?Chaemy hear me, I?m not here to destroy you. Fuush and Panders vouch for your skill. Don?t die when you can have so much, your captain and all its crew have been slain. Your prize battleship is lost, this is what?s left. I intend to share it with you Fuush and Panders only?.

    The lasers continued.

    Mishy continued, ?OK, you will see I?m not to be trifled with?.

    Mishy unstuck a hand and Unleashed a powerful arc of electricity towards the closest turret frying the electronics. She slid down the wall igniting both sabers rolling at the bottom and lanced out at the opposite turret impaling the system within a millisecond. She ran as other turrets started to track her, forward of her position the emplacements tempered themselves high and low in a crisscrossing pattern. The young force user saw the opening and jumped through horizontally, spiinning her body and deflecting the two bolts that were sure to kill her. Instantly she shot upwards as being exploded from a cannon to be in the axis of the two turrets and quickly slashed in a backhanded manner sheering them off at the barrels. Continuing with the motion Mishy immediately shut down her sabers double flipped as gravity took hold to fall to the ground and casually walked.

    She eyed the cam.

    With a blast door infront of her and two pairs of turrets still on auto fire blocking access this was a risk. She mono-tonly spoke at the Cam,

    ?shut them down?.

    The lasers did not, but neither did they turn and track her.

    Mishy casually looked at the now seen airlock and turned to raise an eyebrow at the cam. She drew her arms into her chest, balling her fists and propelled them at the door. A burst of force power obliterated the durasteel hinges, the heavy frame buckled inwardly and dropped to the ground. She looked again at the Cam and pointed her left hand at the room. Three spheres? floated out and she made them juggle before bringing them towards her, taking one and pocketing it whilst she brought the other two closer as to inspect them. Before long she flung them back into the room. With her other hand she extended it towards the broken door and lifted it back in place. Nonchalantly she trotted towards the cam and far turrets again igniting her sabers. Mishy pointed them at the cam and hissed,
    ?I told you so?.

    A massive boom erupted behind her, catastrophically clearing the lock of anything living and shaking the whole facility. Shrapnel bounced down the corridor towards Mishy who quickly jumped to the ceiling and made her sabers trill around executing a resolute and impregnable force field. The resulting fiery blast disintegrated the turrets and surveillance Cam,exploding away even the closed blast door.

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    Jan 11, 2011
    Two invisible figures glided through a deserted antechamber, glistening droplets of sweat fell on the floor slightly giving away their position. Alpha and Maser ran nonstop, hurdled debris, dodged turrets that threatened to obliterate them and shot more than a few pirates . It was a nightmare to say the least, their extension guns were also fast losing grip as they jettisoned themselves to the ceiling again and again. From years of solid scrimmaging or by luck alone it was Alpha that chanced to use the antiquated device. For a team that worked mostly on stealth it was a unique experience to blast everything as they levitated over the turrets maximum elevation.

    Poor planning for someone so obliviously intent on killing everyone.

    Alpha quickly dispatched another panicky pirate, this one he noted was female and not a partially attractive one. Clothed in gaudy beast leather he noted she was slender in her abdomen area, her arms rippled with muscles , red and green mangy hair covered her but it was the piercings and tattoo?s on her pink skin that dismayed him. To think she may have even enjoyed the pain that was offered by the needles that injected the ink. Various winged creatures and skeletal figures adorned her torso and arms, the teeth of these denizens were made out of metallic piercings. She lay awkwardly from the sudden death but for one final second he noted an insignia of a battleship that glowed on her right arm, the same as everyone else he had shot.

    ?We have to get them out, I?m tearing this hell hole down as soon as we do,? Alpha shouted over his shoulder. ?Where coming up to a partial causeway, two more corners and we?re there. Get the big stuff out, we leave nothing to chance.?

    ?I can?t get a feed to them, they have us jammed real good,? quipped Maser.

    Alpha showed a blue cube , a massive det the size of his double fist,
    ?Don?t worry about it I?ve something in mind that?ll get their attention?.

    The two invisible characters whizzed around the last corner and were rocked by a far away detonation. The innards of the complex gyrated, the foundations of the base creaked, cracks ran up the seams and unbeknown to the Chiss an airlock capitulated within itself.

    At least Meta?s sacrifice was not in vain, both acknowledged to themselves.
    Again what they saw of the pirates was almost comical, an assortment of 15 dimwitted so called sentients with their backs unguarded steadying their balance after the massive tremor to just stare at a blast door, no looking around for possible danger, nothing.
    ?Hey my Tatt?s turning pink, what does that mean? Measer heard.
    What? Why would a tattoo turn pink?
    ?Don?t go into the sonics when your around princess,? some smart mouth retorted.

    No guards.
    No perimeter.
    No fortifications.
    No chance!

    Maser laughed to himself.He knew he was losing it, his mind was slowly taking action about Meta's death. Dumb and not very funny.
    He was about to unleash his charrics fury on the group when he saw 10 turrets swivel towards him
    Not again, he inwardly whined.
    Instead he launched his extension gun. With his infrared vision he chanced a look at Alpha who sailed a blue det towards the dim witted pirates as he to propelled himself in the air and over the slow tracking turrets.
    As the highly visible det clanged to a stop, magnetizing to the blast door and the first laser strike emitted from the closest barrel all fifteen pirates body language changed from boredom to super alert,
    Must be the spice, Maser laughed to himself.
    A massive explosion devastated the blast door and the standing sentients. The first row was instantly vaporised whilst the rest had segments of their bodies hurled like shrapnel down the corridor.
    The Chiss leaned into the fragments of flash fried gore, the feeling of pelting sleet from Csilla came to Alphas mind , Maser on the other hand shouted at the blast like a madm
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    Jan 11, 2011
    Not for the first time had Chaemy overestimated her ability, confidence was the key but sometimes she thought, bravado was fool hardy. She had just clicked off with Panders and Fuush fully aware that Deciman and the rest of the crew were now lost.

    It had gone from good to bad in five minutes but had deteriorated from bad to worse in the following two. Her eagerness to trap the original intruders so close to her had been error number one.

    Being a Chadra?Fan she didn?t design her turrets to cover the very heights of the roof, thinking it was impossible to traverse through corridors unless on foot. Her blast doors were extremely flimsy, the incursion team had larger detonators than expected and she had wrongly guessed their mission was to take the base, only now she realized it was to blow it up, that was error number two.

    Error number three was her poor strategy with her so called fighting force; the pirates she had to admit were the bottom of the barrel but did what she asked of them. Her ace in the hole had failed miserably the JK had been lost to a sniper and now she was virtually blind and defenseless.

    Last but certainly not least, error number four was a loose psychopath killing her only reserves, this bold little girl had sapped Chaemy of her confidence in the last five minutes, having watch her decapitate poor Danetid and then run at phenomenal speeds to gain entry to the entire base. In one minute she witnessed the little girl casually jumped up over the range of the turrets and spurt strands of electricity that fried the circuits in her battlements only to finish the others off with some type of laser sword. The child confused her, this couldn?t be a Jedi or a student Padawan. No Force user she had known would have the audacity to flick two thermal detonators into the airlock full of stunned pirates or kill any other unarmed or unconscious being.

    Chaemy chuckled, Maybe I?m in love.

    She turned serious, and had a conversation to herself.

    Maybe I better do what Panders and Fuush say?
    What am I without this rock?
    At least they respect me! Look at all that stuff, all ours!
    What if that girl kills the incursion team? She becomes the boss. What if the incursion team kills her? I?m probably next or even before!
    Hmm she?s probably easy to manipulate. I?ll have to be careful, she looks dangerous.
    Better have her than being dead! Ok one last thing to save my sorry soul.

    With that Chaemy moved a small keg of liquid towards a monitoring pressure valve, she pressed a big red flashing button then unsealed the valve pouring the contents into a system. She then replaced the seal and hit the button twice to make it flash green. The Chadra-Fan sat back at her desk and watched 4 soldiers look up and one girl sardonically smile as water vapor from fire sprinklers filled the base. Chaemy opened up a line of communications with Panders and Fuush

    In a bitter and heavily accented basic ,she said into the comlink,

    ?I?m in Ok, how are we going to play this??
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    Jan 11, 2011
    Panders and Fuush sat within the darkened enclosed canopy of the ARC-170, their silhouettes flickered as they watched lasers on autofire light up the hangar. Hardpoints aside, there was minimal destruction. No vessels were going to be permanently damaged due to the relatively weak blasts, notwithstanding an accumulation of carbon scoring started to cake some of the older vessels. Fuush counted the amount of man hours it was going to take in maintenance. Panders spoke to Chaemy through slitted eyes,

    ?Call on your reserves and get them to soften those intruders up, fire whatever you got at them, we can easily pawn a ship and refit this place later.?

    Chaemy hesitated, ?There?s not many left maybe 10 tops, and those intruders are Chiss! I?ve just highlighted them and everyone else with superstick?.

    ?Radioactive stuff?? Fuush questioned.

    Panders put a hand and muffled the link whispering to his buddy, ?No, it?s harmless nothing a sonic won?t cure?.

    He continued back to Chaemy, ?Well that?s the leverage you need for Mishy. Lie to her and say you?re the only one with the cure. Use it. Panders hesitated and ran a hand over his cauterized ear stub ?she will kill you if you don?t. Run encrypted channel 5 beta redesomic and you should talk to her yourself. Fuush and I are sitting tight our guns are at the doors.?

    Chaemy brightened over the link, ?Good I don?t think all our dregs are so pliable, they might try and bang out. I see on the monitors you?ll have to stand by your word ,a group of four is coming your way.?

    Panders eyed the exits, ?We will see that they don?t, and no more turrets, shut them down!?

    The little Chadra-Fan shrieked, ?No way, those Chiss are too close, I?m just pointing them down the last corridor on autofire. I?m only hoping that Mishy gets here to stop them, otherwise we are all dead, they?ve got shape chargers with enough kick to turn this place into dust. Oh yeah ya little cowards if you come out, touch your Deaths Head Tattoo, otherwise the turrets will still track you.?

    Fuush blurted into the comlink,? tell Mishy, more leverage.?

    ?Yeh, Hey?? ,Chaemy paused not knowing how to form her question, ?is she a Jedi??

    Panders gripped his ears and whined,?I doubt it, she?s to ruthless, maybe she?s a rouge. She wants this bolt hole. Before you meet her eye to eye and you?ll know what I mean when you see her, tell the kid you can teach her about security and reecing.?
    ?We are all up to our necks aren?t we?? Chaemy questioned
    Fuush continued in an animated form gesturing wildly with his arms waving around like the Corellian sea anemone, ?Get blown up? Could!, Get shot down! Shouda! , get killed by girl! She let us live! Already suppose to be dead! what we get is Mishy and we get rich by keepn her alive.?

    Panders looked at his sidekick rolling his eyes, ?Your overly fond of her, why??
    Fuush looked at Panders, his craggily face finally lit up, ?Me want to be dad again!?
    Chaemy through the link sniped, ?You?ll be bringing up a murderer?.
    Panders continued listing on his fingers,? And a liar, and a thief and a con artist and a?.
    Fuush stopped him midsentence with a powerful slap to the forehead eliciting a muffled squelch. ?She be one of us then, she be better than us soon, better profit by it now or be killed?.
    Panders huffed, ?Jeez ya think you know a guy!?
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    Jan 11, 2011
    Chapter 17 Pinnacle

    Panders sniggered into the comlink,
    ?Well whadaya know Chaemy, someone smaller than you has outdone ya!?

    A wave of nausea attacked the little Chadra Fan's grey matter as she sat watching her last battlements being systematically wiped out by the invaders. Each blast by the snipers well timed shot sent a small aneurism smashing her already feeble interior. She didn?t know what was worse, finally having the eyes to see her enemies or actually glimpsing the kit which they carried. Massive detonators, unprecedented firepower and every incursion weapon and trinket known and unknown to spacers galaxy wide. The concoction she poured in the fire suppressive system cast grainy mirror shadows on everything that had living or dead cells, this even included the bacteria that encrusted the passageways. The cytoplasm of blood could be seen as it dripped from many parapets. The Chiss and their special camouflaging technology seemed to be very organic.
    Being sick of hearing Panders and Fuush snicker she closed the link and opened a channel to the little girl.

    ?Mishy this is Chaemy, you have passed your test, you can be now one of us?.

    Static ensured for a few seconds. Suddenly the heated voice of Mishy erupted over the comm,

    ?I told you I wasn?t to be trifled with, you are going to pay for that?

    Not in the least taken back by the rebuke Chaemy looked through her monitors, she watched in horror as her turrets erupted with a wall of twenty lasers bombarding the last corridor, within the attacks a Chiss sniper exterminate one more turret from her arsenal. Chaemy gulped , her throat constricted around the sandy texture of her oesophagus. Sweat dripped from her short and stocky snout as she spied two other blueskinned figures rifling through their packs to find ordinance that would roll. A few more turrets the nervous Chadra Fan thought, and they can storm the bunker. Time is short, I have to sweeten the deal and quick!
    ?I know, I know but you needed to be tested, I can?t trust you until you prove yourself.?

    Mishy stopped in her tracks and put her full attention on the link harshly spitting,
    ?Like you, you need to be vetted, You?ve let everyone take you down! Why should I save you? What do you offer??

    Perfect, Chaemy thought.

    ? Ok, Ok now look that stuff that?s covering you like water. Really look at it.. Go on I can see you on the monitor. Well this stuff is actually a radioactive material which will give you some serious side effects in 15 minutes and kill you in about an hour.?

    Mishy screamed, ?What? You will die you little fu??

    ?Just let me finish? Chaemy interrupted ?I have the antidote, and there?s not much of it. I also sprayed the Chiss with it, they are now not invisible. They too are coming for me. You know they will take it if you don?t get here first. ?

    ?Chiss?? Mishy faltered. ?Like blueskins??

    ?The one and the same.? Chaemy sharpened. ?You got a problem with that Jedi??

    ?How many are there?? Mishy nervously whispered

    ?Four left,? Chaemy paused and gauged the frightfulness in the little girls voice. She decided not to continue with lots of ordinance and blasters!

    Frustrated, Mishy whimpered, ?Am I far away from you? I don?t have a map?. She was fast becoming agitated at the prospect of fighting a nemesis and being covered with radioactive material in the space of five minutes.

    ?Not too far away, you have to go through a mess hall and a few corridors. At speed you could make it within a minute, Just pick up a hand with a tattoo on it so the lasers don?t fire at you, they will still be on but I?ll secure their guidance so you can run under them easily.?

    ?Just shut them down,? Mishy shrieked.

    "I can?t, for one I?ll soon be taking out all the other vermin in the base! Chaemy dithered again ?once you?ve reach me that is. Besides they need time to cycle through again and that can take twenty minutes once the power is switched off. The worst thing is it?s the last stronghold standing betwe
  24. aalagartassle

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    Jan 11, 2011

    Claw wheezed through broken ribs, his body armour had staved off more than a few hits, nevertheless some of his bones were liquefied via the pounding.

    ?Those lasers are laying down suppressive firepatterns only, they aren?t tracking a thing anymore?.
    Maser sighted his weapon at the next objective, without a clean shot he stole a glance at the squad , pulled a gnarly hand from his belt and waved the appendage around.
    ?That?s why we?ve got these", he paused and again sighted his weapon. Again the onslaught kept the Chiss pinned, soon, very soon, Maser thought.
    "The communications and reactor are just beyond that blast door, four more bartizans and we storm it". He jerked his thumb in the vicinity of the blast door, "get what we can spare to stick to that access blast door".

    Coroner hissed as another volley of strikes ploughed into the small of his balustrade.
    ? Be prepared for some resistance on the other side, that little Chadra Fan is the one that?s causing us all these problems?.

    ?Well I got dibs on ripping it?s throat out,? Maser spat as he put the hand back into his belt. ?You can injure it,? he mused, his voice deepened and became as hard as durasteel, ? I kill it. Slowly?

    The trio looked at him with sideways glances, there was no objections but there certainly was no acknowledgement of how it was going to go down. Being an elite Chiss incursion team meant running in different terrains, meeting and killing different species and by and large seeing more of the galaxies ces pits than anyone cared about acknowledging. Regulations by Chiss standards had to be very loose indeed. With the amount of work the team been assigned to, the ruling families turned a blind eye to the methods and protocol of the squad. The morals and fortitude of elite 6 had slowly dissipated through countless contacts with evil that they themselves were becoming the very thing that they fought against. In each individuals private way the soldiers accepted their predicament and found this was probably the reason why few elite warriors could successfully integrate themselves back into Chiss society even within the field of protection.

    Alpha brought sanity back to the team as he scattered the contents of his satchel onto the rough and unyielding ferocrete surface ?Lets get set up then, get the dets , I want flash bangs ready too. Lock and load storming in three minutes ?

    ?Whoya,? the squad echoed in unison.
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    Jan 11, 2011
    Slightly swinging above the trajectory of the few remaining turrets Maser again looked into his blood caked sniper scope, point three of a rotation and yet another cannon would be vaporized. Claw and Coroner were holding their improvised balustrades at the rear of the final blind corner. Anticipation was palpable, the stink of Chiss pheromones were so caustic for Alpha Red that his 6400 bit spectrum light goggles consequently fogged to a point that he unceremoniously ripped the uncomfortable piece off his face and threw them into the mayhem of the automatic laser strikes. Within a second small shards of glass fused with molded steel to erupt and danced before the quartet, piroretting to the drab ferocrete floor.

    Maser quipped swinging himself around the corner and firing,? Last one?.
    A bolt of pure hatred hit a relay box, sparks flew as the laser turret detonated within itself. The fortifications mechanical life ebbed away, dry laser shots dissipating and puffing smoke eking through the nozzles; the decrescendo ping of melting innards gave it?s final death knell. Maser smiled for a microsecond but other turrets continued automated volleys.

    Elite Six scrambled under shields into a small Chelone formation, a technique successfully implemented on the basis of amphibious and mammalian land tortoises from Avidich. Claw and Maser formed the lead shield cover, protecting the horizontal strikes whilst Alpha and Coroner lifted shields above the squad?s heads to fend off vertical annihilation. Each step was met with intense laser strikes that smashed into thick plates, a red hot glow slowly established alluding to the event horizon within the centre of the shields . Step by step the quartet pushed against a maelstrom of energy. Relentless in their goal, Claw could almost feel the blast door a few meters infront of them. The ringing in his ears intensified as all strikes were moving towards the top of the formation

    ?The Apex is coming up, squat down and take it,? Alpha winced.

    ?Whoya,? the team grunted

    Step by step their goal was coming up, behind the smoke the blast door loomed like a cliff face. Countless defunct turrets hung uselessly idle with only 3 sets still in operation the intensity ebbing away with each step. A grunt of surprise issued from Claw as he trod on the remains of a spider like droid. Hyperspectral compound eyes of gold plate stared at quartet, like a monarchs treasure it?s gold finery seemed out of place in such a battle. Under the barrage of laser strikes Maser kicked a segmented limb whilst he forcefully turned a heel on one of the extremities of the mechanical beast; a splinter his only reward.

    All knew what lie ahead, their fallen comrades smoking smell attacked their olfactory senses as laser strikes hurtled into their defense, only Chiss hearts broke. As one Elite 6 hung their heads and closed ruby red eyes, no one could see or hear the wails that emanated from under the formation as they prayed for their lost brother. One foot infront of the another the squad advanced, a slight smattering of strikes kept the formation tight. Through a peep hole Coroner saw the lifeless torso of his brother, he winced at sight of the head detached some two meters from the spinal cortex. Alpha?s heartbeat thrummed in his ears blocking out the insistent laser strikes on the shell above his head, tears mixed with grit from Claw trickled down his chin, with no way to wipe them off for fear of obstructing the tortoise like formation he looked down through watery eyes. Maser half huffed and half shrieked as his fallen comrades body fell upon his forward facing shield having to unceremoniously push the carcass to the side of the corridor in order to continue.

    At that point something very strange happened, a cold snap of icy wind buffeted their calves. Lasers stopped and for a heartbeat the corridor seemed to melt and fall away into an abyss.