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Beyond - Legends Undeniably Evil : Chapter 18 you don't know what your missing: A summary

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by aalagartassle, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    After sprinting at breakneck speed, Mishy finally jogged to recuperate. The steady pace still could not calm her nerves. The Blueskins she had been so well versed in lay just around the corner. One of her earliest memory's was when her father Kenth sat her on his lap and told the story of the Disaster of Outbound Flight; so versed in it that every man women and child aboard the doomed flight could recite it by wrote.

    Blueskins; how she loathed them.

    Around her pooled the blood of the fallen, unattached heads, torso?s and limbs littered the causeway. Shards of fabric stuck to the walls and parapets. Crenels of blasted laser turrets lined the corridor in a lifeless state of guard, their weapons exhausted, their relay boxes devastated. The constant smatter of laser fire could be perceived just ahead.

    Silently Mishy spoke into the link,

    ?I?m coming up to them?.

    The frantic voice of Chaemy issued a quick response,

    ?their nearly upon me, do something!?

    An upswell of fear, hatred and confidence surrounded Mishy; her wet hair began to curl to form what looked like serpents lacing down her nape. A Titan too beautiful to look at, to powerful to control; she hissed,

    ?Count to ten and turn the lasers off, this is it?.

    Mishy stole a glance around the last corner, through intense laser strikes she saw beings with their backs to her trudging under shields for cover; she noted they had no tail defense. She held her largest lightsaber and like a reptilian snake, slithered under the smoke to be no more than 10 meters from the foe. Arching her heels under the heavy ozone she sprung up. Time slowed and she spied $ beings under the cover of a maelstrom of laser strikes that were relentlessly smashing into scorching shields. Igniting the saber with a snap hiss, it echoed in her ear; Mishy judged the trajectory.

    The bombardment abruptly relented, Mishy gathered in her hatred and fear and hurled the saber like a spear aiming for the undefended back of the closest enemy on the left. The strike was fast and true impaling 2 Blueskins together, the back of their necks fleetingly craning upwards surprised by the intrusion in their spinal chords. The defense formation broke. The impaled Chiss crumbled, one of each of thier hands was sheered off trying to grab at the fiery intrusion. Both pitched forward and fell to the ground, toppling their shields. Detonators spilt to the ferocrete as the impaled lightsaber slowly drifted down the victims coxic causing devastating internal injuries. Rapidly the two surviving Chiss spun, heaving their heavy shields with them. Brusquely they yelled in a foreign language some type of battle cry.

    The surprise on hard lined bluefaces astonished Mishy, it was easy to see they were flabbergasted, the sight of a small wet human gave them pause for thought. Instinctively Mishy gave them cause to address reality as she ignited her two remaining sabers and flourished them around. The two Chiss drew weapons and began to track the young girl. A brief stalemate ensued, the Chiss unsure of how to deal with the new comer didn?t fire a shot whilst Mishy purposefully stood her ground and awaited the onslaught.
    Time slowed, Mishy perceived the intention of the Chiss and looked for options to counter the mayhem. Fire discharged, ever so slowly traveling towards her, the little girl was a hairsbreadth early, over rotating her sabers, she staggered to the right barely able to block the volley of powerful energy. Gouts of flame spewed in a one two combination from the muzzles of unique weapons, the timing awkwardly syncopated and staccattoed. Mishy somehow started to conduct to the tune, predicting the pattern, her sabers created a stunning defensive melody that counterpointed the devastating action of the Chiss. Within herself a voice, Jorus Cboath entered and commanded her in a deep basso continuo nuance,

    ?Dispatch them, go to higher ground?.

    With that the girl let out a primal scream, somersaulting vertically. A large flash bang lit up l
  2. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    Mishy?s red eyes widened whilst her pupils dilated, the sound of the detonator magnetizating onto a shield made her skin crawl. The Force on the other hand called for her to escape. Her fiery red cornias centered on the distance between herself and the blastdoor. Short legs pumped, increasing the gangly motion towards the goal.

    A timer issued a quick

    Simultaneously through the Force time slowed, she fell deeper into the unfathomable depths of power. In her minds eye that peered at her future she saw an abyss. So shocked at this revelation Mishy panicked. Awkwardly on the run, she clumsily ignited a saber and slashed off the backpack from the top straps. Luckily as the last cord was sheered off she yanked the falling pack one handed, tugging it from behind her back. The young force user whipped it up like a rusher in shockball, cradling it to her chest. Her now closed saber fell to the floor, skittering behind her sprinting form.


    The blastdoor began to shut once again as Chaemy could be heard in slow motion slapping the button whilst emitting a high pitched squeal.

    Mishy?s blood boiled, she knew she wouldn?t make the relative safety of the antechamber. The last minuscule part of the second stretched as she slid to the ground like a slide-tackle from the antiquated game of footballa, twisting to face the upcoming explosion and making her profile as slight as possible. The Force user sashayed against the ferocrete floor and stretched to hold her backpack in front of her head.

    The heavy blastdoor continued it?s predetermined sequence, hurtling towards the floor as Mishy?s feet bumped over it?s magnetization seal.


    A shriek of frustration and panic blasted from her mouth, through the Force she heard the detonation timer descend an octave in it?s countdown issuing a monotoned fermata as the link plunged into the explosive.


    A sonic shockwave bounced the eight year old, brushing her against the blastdoor that threaten to bisect her. The momentum carried her to part slide part fly. Within the moment, Mishy closed her eyes as incandescent light rushed into her field of vision. Heat licked her shoulders, eyelids and skin. The whole atmosphere erupted into a firestorm. Shrapnel dispersed into every exposed part of the young Force user, large finger size molten metal sliced through her toes and zinged along her profile, ripping at her jumpsuit. Mishy screamed in agony , her right arm resolutely held the backpack, it?s hidden case acting as an impregnable shield. Her left arm having lost the saber finally began to grip for the other side of the backpack, in doing so the whole arm was exposed to the fiery elements.The skin readily peeled off. A large chunk of superheated metal hit the center of the knapsack shunting the young Force user. Instantly her left arm snapped and collided with her forehead. Not even purple and yellow stars entered her vision as she was immediately encased in pitch black darkness.

    Chaemy yelled in hysteria as flame blew from under the ever closing blastdoor, bolts, screws and metal pounded the far wall, the heat from the explosion buckled the far partition. Banks of computer stations to the side of the blastdoor were rocked by the violent affront, their screens shattered. . Chaemy closed one eye and continued to scream, small bits of detritus converged around her, red hot dust cut off her olfactory sense and fire started to singe her furry body. The blastdoor was just about to shut when suddenly she tracked a limp body encased in flame skim under the door, slamming into the far wall. Finally the door slammed shut as the roar of the blast still echoed outside. Chaemy checked herself, frisking her own body as she peered at the unmoving and charred savior. A silver case cascaded from remains of the child and settled on a pile of ash, shrapnel and debri .The corpse was unceremoniou
  3. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    Chapter 17
    Picking up the pieces

    The pirate?s hidden base was eerily quiet, not even the ghosts of lost souls dare even make a sound. The fires had smoldered to nothingness whilst klaxons had faded away some two hours ago. Automations and back up drives shunted power to recovery or to isolate certain breached sections. Life-support continued and the recycled air slowly lost its atomized tang. Panders and Funsuuh slowly ventured out of their bolt hole. They locked the ARC170 and gawked at the sheer carnage that was left of the base. The two re-armed themselves by pilfering dead corpses and methodically stacked the rest of the artillery in neat piles opposite the exits. Listing repulsor pallets of equipment and foodstuffs littered many rooms, hundreds if not thousands of scorch marks pocked the corridors and ferocrete floor. Here and there lay a dead sentient, a victim of either Chaemy?s now defunct lasers or the Chiss incursion team. Very few, if any had lightsaber wounds.
    Panders whilst carrying a new DL-22 nonchalantly pointed it at a corpse and broached the subject to Funsuuh
    ?Wonder if her highness, the spoilt brat made it??
    Funsuuh rumbled a mixed grunt, neither giving a positive or negative response.
    Typical Panders thought, just typical, you want her to live.

    Panders bit his lip in anxiety,
    ?Where is Chaemy, she hasn?t answered her com -link since", he paused and checked his stolen chrono," well over two hours!?
    Funsuuh grunted again.
    ?Is that all I?m gunna get from you today, Grunts??
    Funsuuh grunted and smirked.
    The two walked towards Chaemy?s communication center, noticing increasing signs of struggle. Huge amounts of debris were scattered along the corridors, warily they both brought out their other sidearms and moved past many of their fallen so called comrades without picking them clean. Funsuuh put an authoritive arm over Panders when he caught the glint of gold, and credit chits.
    ?We get Droids to pick them, some may have unexploded bomb near them?.

    ?Well the Chunky Weequay finally speaks?, Panders sarcastically sniveled at his sidekick.

    A furtive glance and another smirk by Funsuuh lightened the mood. Notwithstanding the atmosphere was still palatable due to their unknown outcome of the skirmish. The two continued along the corridors, every two minutes they tried in vain to contact either Chaemy or Mishy. As they entered the mess hall a few antiquated droids trundled and beeped at them. Four rusting hulks brought out huge serving platters containing a mountain of untouched food. Both beings refused but again holstered a sidearm each and took an offered ale to quench their thirst. A headless burly Chiss lay crumbled near the exit.
    Funsuuh looked at the dead Chiss and then the laser turrets adding a hint of edginess to the atmosphere, he gulped down the last of his ale and said, ?Maybe both got killed? Be wary of Chiss, that only one I see?.
    Panders glugged down his ale and took another one, quickly emptying it?s contents. Wiping his mouth with his sleeve he uttered, ?Yeah I think your right! Hey maybe everyone?s dead, he brightened and added, ?Then we?ll own it all!?
    Another lighthearted grunt emanated from Funsuuh as the two gave their glasses to the serving droid which patiently waited for instructions. Both said nothing, they silently toured along the next atrium and corridor astounded by the amount of appendages and blast marks.
    ?Whoa?, Panders breath was taken away, Funsuuh craggily face lost most of it?s wrinkles by the surprise. The sight of at least 15 pirates obliterated behooved them, their forms strewn throughout. Heads pinned under torsos, bits of limbs and tentacles hung draped over turrets and cams. Sticky coagulated pools of blue, green and red blood coated the floor and ceiling. A kaleidoscope of liquid slowly trickled into a gutter where a slow stream ran into a lake of viscous fluids settling into a trough between the two corridors last entrance.
    The two held their breath and tipt
  4. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011

    In silence they surveyed the blast scarred shrapnel filled corridor. Splintered sections of ferocrete and the young flavor of death assaulted the two pirates. Like soap scum, dissipated smoke residue clung to top and bottom of the floor and ceiling. A film of blood and blue skin splattered the curves of the whole passageway.

    By some freak of nature, atmosphere and life-support continued to steadily clicked over. Chaemy?s laser turrets and camera?s were fried from a gigantic blast, its epicenter an open gout in the ground. Gold pieces of metal were imbedded near and in a rickety buckled blast door some twenty meters away from a huge fissure. Before Funsuuh?s large moleskin shoes lay a lone lightsaber, possibly untouched by the blast. It formed it?s own void of debri exactly the same size of it?s peculiar radius .

    The obese Weequay picked up the silver and intricately designed pommel, sniffing it he warily announced, ?Mishy was round here?.

    Panders gripped his ear necklace and ventured further into the quagmire of destruction. He had to admit if Mishy survived this then she probably deserved to live. He mused, I?ll still get her back though. The two continued past the large fissure, finding shrapnel and large sheets of metal with holes the size of fists punched through them. Four pulverized Chiss skulls milled around a still glowing conglomerate of balustrade and body parts. Grey matter in two inch sections slithered down the walls like small space slugs, coagulated blood their sticky trail. Three Chiss necks had clean cuts from a lightsaber, but there was no identifiable trace of either Mishy or Chaemy.

    ?Well that?s five,? Panders commented trying not to gag.

    ?Six,? Funsuuh retorted as he pointed a steady finger at the last identifiable cranium, some 10 meters away propped up against the closed blast door. Panders turned a shade paler than white as he followed Funsuuh?s pudgy finger. He spied one red eye peering back at him, the other hung uselessly out of it?s socket near what passed for a mouth. The blue forehead cratered with shrapnel and crushed to the width of a Muun?s skull. The face looked like a denizen with a perchance to piercings, the bottom neck cauterized with a clean cut.
    At that time Panders dry reached his two ales, he felt woozy, the corridor started to spin. Funsuuh unceremoniously put his arm under Panders shoulder and dragged him the rest of the way.

    ?Girl,? Funsuuh giggled.

    ?I just missed my footing, that?s all,? Panders retorted as his eyes unfocused and began rolling into the back of his head. His overbalanced legs collapsed.
  5. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011

    Underneath Mishy?s dream lit eyes, shades of blue were given up to an eerie fortress so sinister that light seemed to dissolve into the deep abyss around it?s perimeter. Within a yawning canyon a crag jutted out, the bastion precariously held onto an edifice by unseen forces. Mishy?s dream zoomed in; focusing on old stonework eroded by countless tides.

    Hewn black granite made up the bulk of the superstructure whilst basalt plinths created sharp and haunting substructures. Crenellations eroded to a flattened ditch, becoming no more than gentle walkways. Mysterious ocean life preyed throughout the sparsely decorated exterior, no creature or plant could make a permanent foothold; so unrelenting the food chain was. Within the eons old structure through shielded transparent windows, small sprites intermingled in the hollowed out vestibules and niches. Dormant furniture covered in faded sheets spread out through the various rooms. Large hallways with thirty foot high ceilings opened up on every side to quarters evacuated long ago. Eight Megalithic halls divided the heart of the mighty structure. Each vestibule lay motionless with no life or décor to inhibit its dreary nature. Mishy?s eyes retracted and moved back out of the palace, a field could be distinguished outside the keep, a gentle current swayed seaweed making it dance to an even tempo. Schools of fish flashed past her. Her eyes ascended to view larger predators roaming 200 meters above, circling with maligned intent.

    Her transduction complete, Mishy?s eyes fluttered to an apparent watery world, viscous solution assaulted her body except for her optical and olfactory senses. She gagged;. Bubbles danced in front of her face as a jolt of electricity freed her muscles. A breath mask of similar make to the one she used outside of Outbound Flight covered her eyes, nose and mouth. Automatically she rose reaching the apex of the liquid only a meter above her, her kicks were sporadic as pain engulfed her, she looked down and saw encrusted flabby white clean cuts, frightening lacerations in her feet and a partially knitted fleshless arm.

    A tapping noise piqued her attention. Through the liquid cellulose she could make out a far figure below and outside her watery chamber. She descended to the creature by expelling her breath and sinking. A small handle was affix to the seams of what appeared to be a large fish tank, automatically she grabbed onto it to remain submerged. Through the glass she made out a blurry little Chadra Fan holding onto a vocal communicator.

    Though highly distorted Mishy could hear Chaemy speak, ?I saved you little girl, you saved me?.

    Although husky, Mishy retorted ?Are they all dead??

    ?Yes, except for Funsuuh and Panders?. She paused, ?they don?t know where you are yet?.

    Another pause and intake of breath later Chaemy begun again, ?I suspect they will figure it out soon?.

    Mishy looked around, ?Am I in a healing tank??

    Chaemy cautiously looked around the storage locker, ?Yes; you need to be there for at least twenty days?.

    Mishy groaned inwardly, ?Where are my belongings??

    ?With me, I intend to give them to you if you promise to be a loyal apprentice?.

    Confused Mishy blurted, ?Apprentice? What sort of apprentice??

    Chaemy ticked off her points on sharp spiny figures. ?Mechanic, electronics, surveillance and in time tactician.?

    Confused, Mishy asked, ?and what do you get in return??

    ?What you, Panders, and Funsuuh agreed on, profits, most of them. I don?t alter deals. She paused again and added, ?Well not when people save my life?.

    This brought a cracked smile to Mishy, she warmed slightly ?Agreed, but I need my sabers and case.?

    Overtly and highly agitated Chaemy raised her arms in failure,? What?s in the case, its impregnable.?

    Calculating Mishy?s tone turned to ice, ?My fathers remains?, she lied.

    ?Oh,? Chaemy struggled, ?How? How did he die??

    ?Ask Panders,? was all Mishy retorted with, her eyes yawned and her face drooped to e
  6. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011

    I'm having internet problems and the last entry double posted. I suspect it will not matter in the slightest as noone is reading this story anyway.
  7. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    Maintenance droids scurried throughout the pirate?s base. Mops and buckets soaked up blood and intestines. Larger U33 load lifters slowly hauled tonnes of battered and busted metal to an antiquated smelter. Droids of all makes and models patched and sealed sections whilst three out of the four living sentients became even more intoxicated than the last day.

    Perched on his beloved ARC -170, Panders toasted his two ruffians swilling the expensive bottle of Abrax Cognac around his head. ?Pirates fortune?, he shouted on unsteady feet. Barely able to stand he downed a quarter of the bottle in two large mouthfuls. Bleary eyed he spied across at Funsuuh laying spread eagle on the landing ramp of the late Dedicarrs YT. Freshly regurgitated vomit slid down the access ramp; it formed an eddy that gave off a heady aroma.

    Without even opening his eyes, Funsuuh responded by grasping for his Lum bottle and unsteadily waved it around his head and half drank, half let the liquid pour out and intermingle with the vomit under him.

    He gargled, ?Pundates factune?, unceremoniously dropping the bottle, letting it roll down the incline into the pile of various alcoholic containers. He struggled to light up a death stick; still with his eyes stayed closed. [hic].

    A giggling high pitched squeal from the cockpit of an antiquated pleasure craft caught Panders by surprise, ?Fudantes Pirackes?[hic] Chaemy sang. Panders lost balance, slipping off the nose of the 170 before careening into a beer pyramid the trio had made the day before.

    ?STRIKE!? Funsuuh heartily murmured, his face contorted and craggily. He puffed away; his eyes still not opened.

    Panders laughed, his elbow bled from hitting the tarmac so hard. He heartily cursed but picked himself up one handed. swaying a little, he held the expensive liquor bottle up to the dampened light.

    ?Ha, didn?t shpill a drop, drink up penalties!?

    The other two groaned, this time Funsuuh opened his eyes to check, he knew he shouldn't have done that as reality assalted his senses. The Weequay proceeded to let out a spew burp; so resonate from the throat that a puff of smoke, vomit and beer escaped as he expelled it, ?Firefek!?

    Exactly at the same time, Chaemy yelled out in disgust of the penalty, ?Firefek!?.

    Panders pointed at them in glee, ?Ha, ha, double up! UNISON?.

    Chaemy shrieked, ?Pointer, that?s three for you?.

    ?Argggh , Ya furry little Slash rat,? Panders shouted, he beefed himself up and thumped his chest careful not to raise a pointed digit at himself. ?Still I win Iron guts, I can do this all week!?

    Panders guzzled the remaining bottle, ?Bombs away? he shouted and lobed the empty at Funsuuh?s Yt.
    The expensive bottle of cognac shattered.
    ?Hey you scratched my paintjob!?, Funsuuh blurted before he passed stone cold out.

    Chaemy swilled her drink, ?Isn?t it funny, Funsuhh?s dictation gets better the more he gets drunk!?

    Panders stumbled over to his best friend; he saw three figures and decided on a whim to pick the far left silloutte.He gave him a light kick in his pudgy belly, ?Well he is a fat Weequay, whaddaya expect??

    Funsuuh came to,?I heard that $%^&face,Funsuuh began to laugh, his whole body jiggling. "Not.. not like you can! Ha ha Mishy got You good!?.

    Panders took mock offense, he prized from his pocket a beercan and proceeded to shake it vigorously. He aimed at the furthest right silloette and popped the lid, spraying Funsuuh with the froth. Funsuuh giggled, too drunk to move, too intoxicated to illicit any other response except a hurt fashion, ?Ohhh, Hey, my deathsick, light me up another one mate please!?

    Panders took out two deathsticks from another pocket and proceeded to light them up simultaneously; he admired his handiwork as smoke rings zoomed into into the massive hangar. With smoke in his eyes, his crows feet wrinkled, he grew thoughtful. ?Chaemy, where is Mishy??

    ?Eat me Panders! I ain?t tellin", was all the response he got. The furry Little Chadra Fan stumbled out
  8. Raphire

    Raphire Jedi Knight star 4

    Dec 19, 2008
    UGH... Life is annoying... This is the first time i have gotten to sit down and actually read something in forever!!! But as a plus I finally finished page three of your story!

    Really liking it so far. You are really fleshing out your characters and I can definitely see some maturity in your writing from when you started. Keep up the good work and I will hopefully be all caught up soon!

    Bravo! Fantastic work so far!

  9. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    Thanks Raphire,
    I was tempted to give it up but the story will forever stay in the back of mind if I don't write it.
    It had been a very long fourteen standard revolutions in Acrosti?s mind. His agitation for once showed; fiery red eyes bored into the view screen, threads of his resplendent white uniform bore stains from beings spittle, blood and other bodily fluids. His malice focused on the worst offender; the Zeltron pirate named Deciman. This being would not crack; even when his bones did. Acrosti was used to this type of bravodo from the various sentients he had encountered from his distinguished career in the expansion region. Still he hated to admit that this beings breaking point would be death. Even so he reminded himself I have the full support of the ruling family to do what ever is necessary to extract information about the whereabouts of the pirates base and the lone ARC 170 that had slipped the net.

    They all had breaking points he told himself again; unfortunately he tended not to believe it for once.

    Acrosti again stared into the viewscreen and mused; Elite Six has perished; I?m sure.
    It wasn?t in their nature not to confirm a successful mission. There was no way to track their movements either; even the intercepted and thought to be tracked YT Transport Elite Six had commandeered failed to be pinged in a galaxy wide sensor sweep. Such was the predicament he now faced; he shuddered. Information on the black market was information already sold. In such a clandestine operation he felt his options were limited if not already exhausted. It wasn?t so much the whereabouts of the pirates base but of the redoubt and the technical data that had been dumped into the ARC 170?s R2 unit. He had little real chance now to cover it up. His best splicers and slicers had ripped apart the Deaths Heads internals trying to find out any information to the whereabouts of the ARC or the base. It had come to almost zero. The best they deciphered was outdated and useless hyperspace jump points, planets with excellent industrial performance but none with a shady or less reputable planetary system where one would set a base. Acrsoti mused again, his shoulders slumped. Maybe they are hiding in plain sight? He did not know.

    He watched medical staff treat the prisoners again. Eight victims had succumbed to their various wounds from the battle whilst five had perished by over zealous interrogators. All the while he pumped every session into the Zeltron?s cell. On a few occasions he even brought the captain to witness the torture himself or commandeered him to wheel the incapacitated back to their holding cells whilst they pleaded to him to give up the coordinates and encryption to the base. Maybe the slagging of his beloved ship would suffice to get the required information? He dismissed the notion quickly;it would only serve to drain all hope. Acrosti for once in his career felt fear.

    Fear of hope. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure.

    He spied the Zeltron again; Deciman gingerly lit up a butt of a cigar and took a long draw. He smiled at the camera, his teeth bloodied and broken. The Zeltron proceeded to blow the thick smoke ring at the camera whilst he gave a crooked wink and a sloppy salute.

  10. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011

    In a hidden bolt hole, immersed in healing fluid, Mishy?s brain was in somatic excitement. Her eyes were shut but her smile was broad and carefree. She had completed all training disks Chaemy provided. Within 15 days she been tested and subjected to teachings both weird and wonderful.

    In her final five days she made herself re-sit every test; In a way the universes history, though extremely subjective, filled her Hippocampus. Mathematics, science, and the arts followed with intricate details about construction, perspective, angles and persuasion. The Loord flash learning was knowledge based; with much further axioms to explore later on. However as comprehensive as these works were, they did not compared in any terms to the hands on warfare disks the Deaths Head Clone trooper programs created. Although strictly from a militaristic experience, Mishy found The Clone troopers programs far more engaging in regards to her immediate survival; especially when augmented with her already blossoming fighting skills. From different combat scenarios to survival skills, Mishy drank in the knowledge. She had even learnt to control basic piloting from ground cars to ATSE?s and even fighters like the ARC 170.

    Mechanically she knew how to fix and tune many of these vehicles. Furthermore learning about computer slicing was an extremely valuable tool to use for espionage. All in all she was satisfied with her accomplishments so far. It felt as if her brain was sated from it?s initial hunger of the last eight years. Mishy began to summarize her last month and found it amazing; She had managed to escape the Zoo, find a Master Jedi?s holocron, scrounge up 3 workable lightsabers. Force her way out of Outbound Flight and defeat her Nemisis, the Chiss. Ontop of that she would soon be in partnership with three cutthroat pirates owning a secret base with enough ships, weapons, and food to form a decent underworld business and not attract too much attention. All the while she would continued to learn from her Master and quest for knowledge, power and action.

    Mishy?s eyes opened, once again she was met with dark viscous cellulose. The healing Force user lazily swam to the top of the Bacta tank. The dam walls of knowledge burst, she let a blissful sign and casually pointed a finger into the void, flicking the lights on through Force manipulation.

    It was time to see a beautiful planet; one with many waterfalls and bursting resivors of knowledge.