Saga Undercover Operations (a pre-ESB H/L story)--Author Notes and a Request for Help! July 1st

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by QueenOfAces, Jul 20, 2003.

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    Hey QoA, i just thought i'd let you know that i just found your story, and love it soo much i finished everything thus far in an hour and a half! I hope to be added to the PM list.
    As i've read that your a teacher if my teachers ask me where my homeowrk is for tommorow i may just say i was busy helping out a fellow worker!
    awsome job.
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    Hey, I can't handle all this Active Topic Notification stuff in my e-mail...takes too much time to sort through it all, and I'm trying to do my own fic project. Could you PM me when you update this story? Thanks.
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    Hope the writing is going well. Lord knows it can be a real challenge . . . :D

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    In honor of Lurker's Appreciation Week, here is the promised post! It was intended to be a short little bridge scene that led to a much larger post. However, it took on a life of its own.

    The bad news is that the post is shorter than usual. The good news is that this will not be the final post of the story!

    I must admit that it was very hard for me to get back into writing mode after a month-long layoff. However, I'll have a lot of time to write this week, so expect the conclusion to appear next week at this time. Yes, there will be a PM, and yes, I will send it out to all of you who requested it.

    Thanks for reading! Enjoy!

    Undercover Operations, Part LI

    Her head resting comfortably on her husband?s chest, Leia turned her thoughts inward, relaxing her mind. Through the Force, she found the damaged part of her brain, marveling at the healing that had taken place. There were several new pathways in the process of forming, yet, try as she might, she could still not access her memories of Ord Mantell.

    Setting frustration aside, she tried to use some of the techniques her brother had taught her. She was having trouble concentrating, however, as Han had apparently awakened from his light slumber. She could feel his hand caressing her hair, his lips brushing her forehead.

    Opening her eyes, she was greeted by a lopsided smile and a tight embrace.

    ?Remember anything?? he asked softly.

    ?No. The good news is that the healing has begun, but there?s still some blockage.? Smiling suggestively, she continued, ?I guess we?ll just have to keep working at it.?

    ?You know, I?m beginning to wonder if you?ve recovered your memory after all,? he teased. ?I bet you?re just using the lost memory scam to have your way with me.?

    ?Ha,? she countered laughingly. ?You?re easy, Han Solo. I don?t have to make up an elaborate ruse to have my way with you.?

    ?How dare you attack my virtue,? he yelled in mock indignation, jumping from the bed and covering himself with a sheet.

    ?Oh, Han,? she purred, following him out of the bed and placing her arms around his neck. ?You know I only like nice men.?

    ?I thought you said that I?m not a nice man,? he challenged, slowly closing the distance between them as he had on that day long ago.

    Caught in her own little game, Leia conceded defeat. ?So I changed my mind. How was I to know you had such fine qualities trapped beneath that mercenary exterior??

    ?You knew,? he said seductively, caressing her back with his hands. ?In fact, you were hoping to see some of those qualities up close and personal.?

    ?I was, was I? And what makes you think that?? she asked, her eyes locking with his. Gods, how did I ever resist him for so long!

    ?I saw the way you looked at me when you thought I didn?t notice.?

    ?As I recall, you were the one who spent all your free time ogling me.? I do love sparring with this man. He?s the only person who has ever been able to challenge me.

    ?Of course I did, Sweetheart. You?re gorgeous.?

    Blushing furiously, Leia was at a loss for words. Leave it to Han to use sincerity as a weapon. He knows that I can take his insults, but he?s also figured out that I can?t handle a compliment. Blast it!

    Moving his fingers to her chin, he gently returned her gaze to his. ?C?mon, Leia, admit it! You?ve been in love with me since the first day we met.?

    ?Han, your ego and the universe have a lot in common. They?re both infinite and expanding exponentially.?

    ?So you admit it!?

    ?I admit nothing of the sort. If you want to know the truth, I thought you were an egotistical maniac.?


    ?Don?t blame me, Your Scoundrelness. You were the one who came to that detention block with no plan for getting out,? she said, laughing.

    ?I told you that was Luke?s idea.?

    ?But, you went along with it. Plus, weren?t you the one who attacked a whole squad of stormtroopers by yourself??

    ?Weren?t you the one who said I had courage for doing it??

    ?Courage, yes/>
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    If it's not too late, I would like to request the PM, por favor :D

    As for the post... *fans self again* [face_love]

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    Great post! Looking forward to the next one!

    May I have the pm too, please?
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    Wow, I fear that I've been remiss in responding to all of your replies! Now that school is over, I've come out of writer's lurkdom!!!! :) Thanks for everything!

    WILFBIRD: It HAS been a very long process (especially since I'm a perfectionist), but I've enjoyed it immensely. As it turns out, I'm not quite ready to end this story. One more long post should do it, I hope!

    DRL can be a pain, but I wouldn't give up teaching for anything. You are definitely on the PM list (when I get it done). Thanks! :)

    HanSolosGal: 4 MORE DAYS 'TILL E3!'s been a LONG time since I've been able to post. Still haven't had time to see Episode III though.

    Thanks for all of the UPs and the Thumb Twiddling! ;)

    dm1: Thanks for the kind words, dm1. Teaching is a joy, but the paperwork is maddening at times. Even though I'm glad the school year is over (except for this stupid bus driving course I have to take), it was hard to say goodbye to my kiddos.

    How are your friends doing? What are they going to do about their house? Hope all is going as well as it can.

    You're on my PM list (when it gets written)

    Oh, and in response to your post to Katarina, I think it is so wonderful that you have such a strong relationship with your husband. It does my little single heart good to confirm my belief that good marriages do exist! I'm truly happy for you (if not a little bit jealous ;) )!

    Also, thanks for the cocoa! It hit the spot!

    GreatOne: Hopefully things are going well for your sister at the end of her year. Thanks for your support...your name is on the PM list.

    HerHighness33: An early de-lurker!!! I'm so glad that you have been enjoying my story. I'll definitely have you on the PM list when I'm ready to send it.

    Thanks for the UPs!

    mirax399: Believe me, this story is about 150 pages longer than I thought it would ever be! I'm glad that you are enjoying it, though.

    I'm also thrilled to hear that your teaching block went well. I'd love to hear more about it. Also, if you ever want some advice, feel free to ask. I love putting my 12 years of experience to good use! :)

    Yep, I'll have that PM for you (when I write it). Thanks for the UPs!

    owphoenix: I'm so glad you are enjoying it...sorry for the long wait. You're on the list.

    calgary: Glad you liked that last chapter. Yep, another PM!--I'll mark you down.

    KnightedRogue: I do love Sunday...sorry I didn't have a post for you that particular day!

    Yep, you are definitely on my PM list. Thanks for the kind wishes!

    Happy June to you too! The writing has been VERY slow, but I'm working through it. How are things with your story? I'm looking forward to an update when you get a chance!

    Jedi_Queen_Mx: Sorry for the wait. Thanks for the UPs!

    Kab730: You're on the list. Thanks, Kab730

    RogueSticks: Sticksy, you should know that you're always at the top of my PM list. Unlike the government, I strike deals with fanfic terrorists! :)

    PrincessDaisy2: Thanks, Daisy! As it turns out, I'm not quite to the end, but I hope you like my latest little post. You're on the PM list too!

    DancinSolo: Sorry I made you wait for that next post, but I'm glad that you've enjoyed the story so far. I love writing the banter and the mush...thanks so much for your kind compliments. The hijacking, however, was, by far, the most fun to write! Isn't Sticksy awesome!? ;)

    Also, thank you for providing such specific feedback. It's so nice that people take the time to comment on my work, but I particularly appreciate those who are specific about what they enjoyed (or even about what they didn't). See you next time!

    Thanks for the UPs! You're on the PM list!

    danish_head: Hello, again, danish_head! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I appreciate your patience!

    Congratulations on graduating from college a year early! That's a terrific achievement! Speaking of which,
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    hehehe... Lovely little post there, QoA! Loved how Han turned the 'teasing' back to Leia, and how she plans on 'paying' him back! Can't wait for the PM (when you have it written) :) :) :)
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    ooohhhh... yery well written. Would love the PM as well!
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    Leave it to Han to use sincerity as a weapon.

    I absolutely love that line. I can definately see H&L having the kind of relationship where teasing compliments are more the norm. :)
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    Nothing like good H/L mush to get the week started! :D

    I would LOVE the PM when you get around to writing it. Great Job!
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    In honor of Delurking Week, I thought I would pop in and tell you how much I am enjoying how this is playing out. :)

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    Just the thing to pull me out of exam week drudgery!

    What a delicious post....

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    It does my little single heart good to confirm my belief that good marriages do exist! I'm truly happy for you. They do, indeed, but people do need to realize that it does take work, as does anything worth the time. It's not all fun and games (and, well, other!), sometimes the going is very rough. If it's worth it, and no one is seeking to take advantage or abuse the other, then all those rough times actually strengthen the relationship rather than diminishing it. We have gone through some tough spots; we've had to learn to trust each other and ourselves. Arggh, he's gone til Friday this week!

    As for our friends, QofA, they are still with us, but the work has begun on the house. New floors were put in, and coating is being applied. There's still some negotiating going on as to the extent of the damage, but things are at least moving. Thanks for your concern.

    Thanks for the science lesson, I'd have to go back and review that a bit, but it seems you gave a very lucid explanation of that theory. My 10 year old did an "alphabet" book for school on Space, so it's right up his alley! I think that it might be an expanding, then collapsing universe, molecular biology is really more my area of expertise.(I deal in the very small, not the very large!)

    Finally, to the post: Wonderful!!! Oh, Han got her good; I can't believe that he actually had more control than she did, now she'll have to wait. I'm sure he'll make it worth the wait, though! [face_blush]

    PS: You're welcome!
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