Before - Legends Unfathomable (Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan) Part Three up: 1/28/06 Completed!

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  1. Fluff-Slayer Jedi Youngling

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    Edited, cleaned up, and otherwise battered: 3/18/06.

    I've decided this year to honor the hobbitish tradition of giving a gift on my birthday (the sixth, actually, but you know). Forgive me for my too-long absence.

    Edit: Heartfelt thanks go out to BrightFeather, who beta-ed it. You can thank her if it's coherent. [face_laugh]

    [:D], everybody. Enjoy!

    The exchange between them was quick and cordial; Padawan What's-her-name met him at the door at his first knock with the aforementioned canister in her arms. She smiled nervously and placed a fair quantity of strong-smelling teabags into the taller padawan?s waiting hands. Obi-Wan thanked her and hastened back to his room to prepare it.

    Thank goodness that their neighbors had had some to spare. It had been a poor turn indeed to arrive back and find their apartment?s store of his master?s favorite tea almost depleted, especially given current circumstances. Obi-Wan regarded the teabags for the treasures that they were and made a note to buy some soon?six of them would hardly hold up for long. He would go the moment that he could spare the time.

    He entered the apartment quietly, as he had become accustomed to doing, and treaded to the kitchenette. The kettle was awaiting him with anticipation, and it took merrily to the task of warming the water with which he filled its belly.

    While it did, there were other items that needed finding?the sweetener, which would be used in strict moderation (his master would not abide a cloying tea), the tarts that he would serve alongside it in hopes of their being eaten, and the painkiller that would dissolve in the smoky depths of the sweetish drink.

    The latter was most difficult to find. It resided on the countertop behind the empty glass that had held his master?s morning dose, which was coupled always with juice. The evening and afternoon doses were to be given with tea that he loved. That was not the healers? order?or even Qui-Gon?s, really?but Obi-Wan had accepted it as a rule. Anything that could be done to raise the man?s morale would be done, for it was in a sorry shape indeed.

    An outsider would not have known that anything was amiss. His master awoke every morning at the fourth hour, the way he had for years, and meditated as had always been his custom. He received Obi-Wan and the meals and cajolements that he brought with diplomatic tolerance. He agreed with Obi-Wan?s reasoning that he would have to eat to regain his usual stamina and deferred to the healers? unyielding insistence that he accept the analgesics, at least for a time.

    Everything seemed commonplace. Injury, even serious, was not an unusual occurrence, especially in the Jinn/Kenobi quarters. The two were frequently unwell, ill-treated, and in various stages of physical and psychological recovery. Bant and Garen had already allotted him the three-week reprieve from their visitation, the good turn that they granted him when he returned from a trying mission; when they were in residence, the neighbors were unnaturally careful about maintaining quiet.

    The difference was not in the physical appearance of things, nor even in their situation: rather, it involved the internal state of the two.

    Obi-Wan accepted that he did not?and probably could not?understand the situation in its entirety. Qui-Gon could be very complex; sometimes he was sure that he knew his teacher well, while others he felt like they were strangers. It was all a part of being Qui-Gon?s padawan?the others had probably gone through the same thing.

    That was what he got for being apprenticed to one of the most unfathomable Jedi in the Order.

    The kettle shrieked its completion of its task with joy. Obi-Wan jolted and hurried to pull it from the heat and stifle its noise before it disturbed anyone that just might be resting in the vicinity. He gave it a scolding look before emptying its contents into a cup.

    This part of the process was familiar. Steep the bag for roughly three minutes for a strong flavor. Now add the sweet
  2. Layren Jedi Master

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    Awwww that's the end?? You need more! This was too lovely to stop!
  3. oqidaun Manager Emeritus

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    Very nice, Fluffster, but I agree with Layren--there needs to be more. :D
    I love the way you characterize Qui-Gon. Very true to form.

  4. BrightFeather Jedi Youngling

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    Nov 13, 2005
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    I'm afraid I agree with the others. There are so many unanswered questions here. How did Qui get hurt? What exactly is wrong with him? C'mon, Fluff-Slayer, you can't just leave us dangling like this!
  5. Healer_Leona Squirrely Community Mod

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    No, no, no, that is not the end, It cannot be. It was very well done and I as well enjoyed the characterizations you gave us. Still, you know it's left us wanted much, much more and you'd do well to listen to our pleas. :D ;)
  6. Princess_Arulmozhi Jedi Master

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    Ah, that was quite a beautiful piece. Qui-Gon was excellent, and Obi-Wan was well etched. No mush, Fluffy? :D And what happened to Qui-Gon, and is he going to recover, and will there be more angst?

    I echo what the others said. Come back, and write more!!!!!!!!!
  7. kenobiwanobi Jedi Youngling

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  8. Stella_Ripple Jedi Youngling

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    Wow, that was excellent characterisation! But- you know what I'm gonna say- echoing everyone else, you can't leave it there!! (even if it is your story :p ) Come back and post!!!
    Please?! [face_praying]
  9. Gkilkenny Jedi Master

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    That was a lovely piece so much concern being
    shown by both parties.

    Obi-wan doing everything to make his Master safe and well
    and Qui-Gon trying to release his padawan from his burdens.

  10. Valairy Scot Backpacking One Pack a Day Mod of New Films

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    Ah, intrigueing! Looking forward to more, nicely done.
  11. KELIA Manager Emeritus

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    Awww...that was so sweet.

    I love how determined Obi-Wan was to take care of his ailing Master.

    Great Job

    =D= =D= =D= =D=
  12. maychorian Jedi Padawan

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    Oh, what a sweet, angsty hobbit birthday prezzie! Thanks so much! And many happy returns of the day!

    I really felt Obi-Wan's heartache in this, how much he longs to help his master, but feels helpless. I hope things turn out okay for them.

    Of course, this simply begs to be longer . . .

  13. Bastet Jedi Padawan

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    Aww, that was great! :D

    I loved how Obi-Wan was taking care of Qui-Gon, so sweet. [face_love]

    ?What exactly do you think will happen if you leave?? He received no answer. ?I assure you, my young padawan, I will not starve to death, bleed to death, brood to death, or otherwise become one with the Force if you step outside for a couple of hours. You have my solemn word.? [face_laugh]

    But now I must echo what others have said and say that I wouldn't mind seeing more of this too! [face_batting]

    Oh, and Happy Birthday, Fluff-Slayer! :D @};- @};-
  14. Jedi_Tigris Jedi Knight

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    Aww, that's so sweet! [face_love] Love how Obi-Wan didn't want to leave Qui-Gon's side while they were still recovering. Love all those descriptions too.

    I echo everyone else, I hope there'll be more to this! :D

    Happy Birthday! [:D]
  15. hyperspace_police Jedi Master

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    Excellent story.

    However, forced to agree with others...

    More:confused: [face_praying]

    Keep up the wonderful writing.
  16. judsta36 Jedi Youngling

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    Jun 19, 2005
    Loved this line!

    A lovely start... please continue! [face_praying]
  17. SakuraTsukikage Jedi Master

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    I have to agree with the others here, Fluff-Slayer. To not continue on this and answer all our unanswered questions is certainly a form of cruel and unusual punishment.

    However, I quite like it the way it is. You have Obi's devotion down so well, and Qui-Gon was great--both distant and concerned, but you get the feeling he really cares. I enjoyed this very much. Good job!
  18. Kestrel_Kenobi Jedi Master

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    Can't believe I missed this before...lovely.
    Great job and happy belated birthday!
  19. dianethx Jedi Master

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    You can't stop there. There has to be more.
    Good job with the concern that Obi-Wan has for his Master.
  20. Knock_Out Jedi Youngling

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    Dec 14, 2005
    That was great! You have it very well written and I just love the little preparation steps Obi-Wan had to take while making the tea. Awesome vignette!
  21. PadawanEstel Jedi Master

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    *sets up a chant* more! more! more! more!

    That was so bittersweet. I loved it. Happy birthday! My birthday's in December too!
  22. PadawanKaterina Jedi Knight

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    What?! :eek: That's it?! :_|

    *"More, more, more!"*
  23. JadeSolo Manager Emeritus

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    Hey! Where's the end? [face_laugh] I'd like to know why Obi-Wan goes to the gardens instead of a wild night out. :p

    For some reason that cracked me up. Love how you gave the kettle it's own personality. :D
  24. Fluff-Slayer Jedi Youngling

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    Yes, yes, okay, everybody. There's more, and this post is not the end--though the next one should be. Hopefully.

    Princess inquired about the possibility of mush.

    Mush? Me? Come now. [face_plain]

    Kyran Josel belongs to Layren. And of course Qui-Gon and Bant aren't mine. There's a conspicuous lack of my OCs in this post. :eek:

    Part Two

    Kyran was not, and never had been, the best of friends with his kitchen appliances. They seemed to have garnered some resentment towards him over time; the hotplate had burned him, the teapot had spat at him, and the entrée stubbornly refused to be pried from its pan without both arms, his neighbor?s spatula, and explicit use of the Force.

    Nonetheless, the end result was rather attractive, in his humble opinion. He admired it from a few different angles, added a bit more sauce as an afterthought, and then gathered the plate with dignity. The door yielded to his absent thought, and an empty hallway opened up before him.

    His feet knew their business well enough to navigate on their own. Force knew how often he had traced this path?countless times, innumerable times. Thousands. Trillions. How many, exactly?

    Not important.

    No, it wasn?t important. There were far more significant things to worry about.

    Upon reaching the door, he paused for barely a nano-second before stepping inside. No need to request entry. He would come in whether or not it was granted.

    The presence in the next room shifted, realizing his, and cheerfulness dribbled into him like liquid through a small funnel. Against all hope, barring all of the unhappy circumstances that had built up while he hadn?t been looking, it was good to be close to Qui-Gon again.

    Good to be home.

    A second door yielded to a wave of his hand, and he poked his head into the greater, deeper gloom of the bedchamber.

    ?Still bleeding, are you??

    Silence, for a moment. Kyran frowned and peered into the murk, trying to discern the state of his friend.

    The body upon the bed moved slightly?very slightly. ?No, actually. That?s the better news.?

    Ah, good. It would have been terrible to wake him, when he so needed the sleep. ?I come bearing gifts,? Kyran said, drawing the rest of his body into the room.

    ?Dinner,? Qui-Gon guessed. Discreet dread touched the edges of his voice, mixing with the amusement that only an old friend could evoke.

    ?Look, I?m not that bad at cooking. You needn?t sound like I?m delivering your death on a platter.?

    That earned a weary smile. ?Aren?t you??

    ?I most certainly am not.?

    ?A nice change.?

    ?You?ll eat it and you?ll like it,? said Kyran threateningly, turning halfway towards the door. ?Are there any dishes clean this time, or shall I have to impose upon the neighbors??

    ?I don?t doubt that the cupboard is impeccably stocked.?

    ?Where would you be without Obi-Wan??

    He recieved no answer to his question, rhetorical or not.

    Qui-Gon had been correct?every dish that they had ever owned was accounted for, minus the one saucer that his apprentice had broken at age fourteen. He spooned a ladle of the cooling food onto a plate haphazardly, sweeping the small resulting splatter into oblivion with a sleeve. There. Not even Obi-Wan would be able to spot a difference.

    Locating utensils had never been a difficult task in the past, but this time Kyran was baffled. He pulled open the usual drawer, then another, then a third to no avail.

    ?What, did you eat the forks?? he called. ?Haven?t they been feeding you??

    ?Try the second drawer to the left of the thin cupboard.?

    He did. There they were, glinting innocently at him.

    ?What are they doing there??

    ?Obi-Wan rearranged the cabinets yesterday.?

    ?Why would he want to do that??

    ?We can only guess. Boredom, perhaps. Restlessness.? He paused. ?Frustration.?

    ?Frustration.? Kyran sat on the bed?s edge and handed the plate over, looking thoughtful. ?Frustration with you, I gather.?

  25. Layren Jedi Master

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    ?Bedridden-ness has made you arrogant,? Kyran muttered, stifling a second yawn.

    ?It has not.?

    ?Right. I apologize. You were like that before.?


    ?I?d retort with ?you first?, but it seems you?ve beaten me to that.?


    ?Fine, fine. But I?m taking your couch.? Kyran rose stiffly and gave his left leg a ginger wiggle, mentally cursing his clumsiness for perhaps the fiftieth time. The healers had said that the sprain wasn?t anything serious, but it still gave him trouble when he stood or sat.

    Cheeky Ky! You have him nailed perfectly! Well done! =D=
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